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Has your booty always been an area you wish you could grow? Well, become the booty queen with this science backed programming to get you from pancake to peach in 12 weeks.

- 12 Week Glute Focused Workout Program
- Nutrition Recommendations
- Supplement Recommendations
- Extra Cardio Options
- 6 Booty Growth Secrets
- Education... and more!

Gym Required*

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Booty Builder Program

Has your booty always been an area you wish you could grow? Well, become the booty queen with this science backed programming to get you from pancake to peach in 12 weeks.

- 12 Week Glute Focused Workout Program
- Nutrition Recommendations
- Supplement Recommendations
- Extra Cardio Options
- 6 Booty Growth Secrets
- Education... and more!

Gym Required*



12 weeks


12 weeks to a strong
& lifted booty


I would like to start off by saying thank you for downloading my
eBook. I have put a lot of hard work and knowledge into designing
this program just for you. If someone finds it valuable to ask for a
copy, I hope they will find it valuable to download it themselves. That
being said, this information is copyrighted.

No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means
(electronic, photo-copying, recording, or otherwise) without prior written permission of the
publisher. It should go without saying that you cannot post this document or the information
on any kind of website, social media included. You are more than welcome to advertise this
eBook on your social media site, but please be sure to attach a link to (or tag) to my webiste
where they can download it.

See your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program. If you are takin any
medications, you must talk to you physician or registered dietician before making any
behavioral changes. If you physician recommends that you don't do resistance training for
any reason, you must follow your doctor's orders.You must have a complete physical
examination if you are sedentary, if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or
diabetes, or if you are over 40 years old. This eBook is designed for healthy individuals 16
years and older. The information in this program is meant to supplement, not replace, proper
nutritional training. All forms of exercise and nutritional modifications pose some inherent
risks. The publisher of this eBook advises readers to take full responsibility for their safety
and know their limits. The exercises in this eBook are not intended as a substitute fora ny
exercise routine or treatment or dietary regimen that may have been prescribed by our
physician. Do not perform any exercise unless you have been shown the proper technique
and instruction by a certified personal trainer or certified strength and conditioning

Always ask for instruction and assistance when lifting any form of weight.

The publisher of the eBook cannot be held liable or legally
pursued on any outcome using this eBook or any content for
changes made to personal dietary habits.

TableCof ontent

5 Welcome!
6 Cardio
7-8 Nutrition Recommendations
9-11 Supplement Recommendations
12 Progress / Equipment
13 Are You A Beginner?
14 Your Schedule
15 Warm-Up / Cool-Down
16 My Booty Growth Secrets
17 Cardio Options

12 Week Booty Builder Program
Exericse Index

I've been an athlete my entire life and after I
finished playing college ball, I let myself fall
into a dark place- no exercise, continuing to
eat whatever I felt like, ignoring my insecuri-
ties, and experienced a substantial weight

health, wellness, and fitness saved my life. I
learned the tools and spent time learning the
information I needed to lay the healthiest foun-
dation for myself, my future, and my future
family.. This self-discovery changed my life
forever. I never felt like i was on a diet, I was
never again on that hamster wheel of yo-yo
dieting and extreme workouts that I hated. I
found self love and appreciation for my body
and treated it as such.

Once I felt how powerful that was, I knew my
purpose was to help as many women find that
same realization.

You deserve to be in a body you love.

Wheaxt ptoect...

I have spent years perfecting & Studying what workouts are effective for
glute bulding not only for me, but for my clients as well. I have used this
program myself and tailored it to be simple, but educational, & Realistic
while helping you build the best booty you've ever had..

You ABSOLUTELY can get the firm, lifted booty you've always wanted,
but there are no shortcuts. You will need to put in the work to get the
results. Let me make this VERy clear:

No Effort = No Results
40% Effort = 40% Results
110% Effort = Dream Booty

am here to help you every step of the way- I want to give you all the tools
possible to build that booty you've always wanted.
Don't be scared to eat, don't be scared to push weight.


Proper nutriton is necessary!


are necessary for booty growth and
developement. Let me make this clear: YOU CANNOT


.75-1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. If you are
130lbs, you want to consume close to 130g of protein per day.


4-7 grams of protein per lb of body weight, the rest of your
cals should be allotted to fats.. Your body will tell you if
you need more carbs during this time, here's how to listen:

Questions to ask yourself during workout:

Was I able to lift my normal amount? Could indicate low glycogen stores.
Was I more tired than usual? You may not have enough energy readily available. Carbs
are a fast-acting energy.

Questions to ask yourself post-workout:

Do I feel shaky? Blood sugar could be low. Consider eating a carb immediately
Do I feel like everyday tasks require much more energy? This may indicate you
are not eating enough carbs, tricking your body into conserving energy.


On this page, I want to clear up some definitions you hear a lot in the
supplement industry, go over dosages, and when to take them.

Whey Concentrate: This whey protein uses a different refinement and filtration systems. It is not as refined
as the other to options listed below. They usually have a lower amount of protein and higher in
carbohydrates. This whey is usually the culprit of bloat, and if you are sensitive to lactose, skin breakouts in
some users. There are different versions and qualities out there and you usually can base your better quality
protein on the price. For example: You can get a giant 5lb bag of whey protein concentrate at Costco for a
fraction of the cost of a 1st Phorm's whey concentrate - 1st Phorm has a higher amount of protein (85% of the
powder is protein), where as the giant bag is 35% protein.

Whey Isolate: Whey protein isolate is created when whey concentrate (the most basic form of whey
protein) is micro-filtered removing basically everything that isn't protein. This means you are left with
more pure protein without fats and even lactose.

Hydrolyzed Whey: Hydrolyzed whey goes through an addition process where the protein is exposed to
heat, acid or enzymes that break down the bonds hold amino acids together. Protein makers typically
claim this process 'pre-digests' the protein which enhances bioavailability, making it digest faster and
increases protein synthesis. If you are hyper sensitive (can't have any) to lactose you can use this kind of
protein as long as its 100% hydrolyzed whey.

Branch Chain Amino Acids: There are 20 different amino acids that make up the thousands of
different proteins in the human body. 9 of these 20 are considered essential which means they cannot
be made by your body and we must get them through our diet. Of these 9 essential amino acids, 3 of
them (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are considered branch chain amino acids or BCAAs. They increase
muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness (think of them as the building blocks of muscle), reduce
exercise fatigue, and prevent muscle breakdown. You do not need to supplement with BCAAs if you are
getting the proper amount of protein and most proteins have added BCAAs to their formula, the same
goes for preworkouts.

dosing per 1 serving
Protein Powder 30g Post-Workout
BCAA's 1g/20lbs Pre & Intra-Workout **These are guidelines and
Omega 2500mg With Breakfast recommendations based on research.
CLA 3000mg With Breakfast, or 1000mg ea. meal Always consult your doctor

Preworkout/Fat Burners: If you are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, take half the dose first and
see how your body responds. Gradually over the course of a week-2 weeks up your dosage to the full
dosage as your body gets used it. It's also super helpful to cycle on and off your fat burners. 2 weeks on,
2 weeks off.

SuppRleecommmeendnito Click the pictures to learn more

11-DB Goddess

1stphorm designed this supplement to be exactly what we need as women to accelerate fat
loss. Unfortunately for us gals, our hormones & genetics cause fat to store differently on our
body (hips, butt, thighs, and lower midsection), we have water retention, and bloat. 1-DB
Goddess balances out our hormones, increases energy levels, reduces stress, improve your
mood, decreasing cravings, and helps you lose fat. **Pair with Thyro-Drive and you have a
highly effective fat-loss combo.**


30 million Americans suffer from an under active thyroid (including yours truly). If you live a
high stress life and tend to under sleep, this supplement is a wonderful addition to your stack.
It optimizes thyroid function by delivering raw materials to your body in order to stimulate the
production and release of T3 & T4. This increases your basal metabolic rate (metabolism),
increases core body temp, which in turn leads to a dramatic increase in daily caloric expendi-

Level-1 Protein

Many supplement comparison review sites have named this protein powder the best protein
on the market based on taste, ingredients, and formula. Inside this tub is a sustained assimila-
tion protein which is a combo of Cross-Flow Micro-Filtrated Whey Protein Isolate, Low-Tem-
perature Micro- Filtrated Whey Protein concentrate. It's specifically formulated to deliver the
highest quality proteins in a sustained release which mimics the digestion rates of whole foods.
Which means this makes the Level-1 shake an awesome meal replacement when you're on the
go. 1stphorm has integrated glutamine which helps your muscles deal with the stress of being
consistently broken down in the gym and there are also 5g of BCAAs in every scoop to help
recovery and build muscle. Adequate protein intake is imperative for fat loss, muscle building
and tone. I would
consider a protein a must in your stack.

Phormula-1 Protein

I wanted to give you options when it comes to your protein, because there is no such thing as
one size fits all! This is a 100% hydrolized whey protein which means the protein isolates are
predigested making them fastacting when you drink it post workout. The idea behind this is:
the quicker you can get fuel to your muscles the faster they will recover, the faster they will
build, and the faster you will see fat loss (if this is your goal), and muscle tone. It only has 3g of
carbohydrates so this is perfect if you're on low carb programming. Phormula-1 also comes in
an all natural version as well.

Vegan Power Pro Protein:

To all of my vegans: I didn't forget about you! This is a leading vegan protein on the market
today. It is a pea protein and rice protein with a green superfood complex, and digestive
enzyme blends to make sure you are getting as many health benefits per scoop. It is 100%
vegan, natural, non- GMO, no artifical flavors/sweetners/colors, no gluten, no dairy or soy. It
has very few carbs, and is perfect to take throughout the day or post workout to promote
muscle repair and lean muscle growth without the grittiness or chalkiness that comes with
most vegan proteins. If whey protein makes you break out, this is also a wonderful alternative.


The kind of multi you take matters. First and foremost, you want to find one that is
designed specifically for females. The M-Factor Goddess is a pharmaceutical-grade
multi that ensures you are receiving the micronutrients your body needs to function at
peak ability. M-Factor will increase energy levels, protect against premature aging, and
it stimulates natural hormone function. This is a foundational supplement - meaning
this is an absolute 'yes' when you're building out your stack.


There are so many things that trigger inflammation in your body and it will actually
hinder your results. But more importantly, inflammation can cause long term diseases,
cancers, and dysfunctions. If your diet is not rich in essential fatty acids, you should
throw this into your stack as well. It's considered 'brain food', slows age related memory
loss, reduces your risk for heart diseases, helps clear up your skin, helps your hair grow,
helps with muscle recovery, increases fat break down to help with fat loss, and
improves your overall health

Micro Factor Packs

This option is awesome because your daily vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients
your body needs to function at peak ability for the day are prepackaged and are easy to
throw in your bag when you're on the go. (Where my busy babes at?) There is a multi, an
omega, a probiotic, an antioxidant pill, a CoQ10 (more antioxidants), and a fruits & veg-
gies pill in each pack. In order for your body to reach its full potential, it needs to have a
solid foundation of all the essential nutrients on a daily basis and Micro Factor does just

Opti Greens & Reds Health Stack

This is the gamechanger of all game changers. It was the first supplement I tried from 1st
phorm and it changed everything for me personally. The combo promotes gut health
with probiotics and anti-inflammatory ingredients, no more bloating, they help you
digest food, improves immune system and function, increases energy, full of powerful
antioxidants to arm your body to fight environmental stressors. It also makes sure you
have a healthy glycemic response which helps you optimize the carbs you digest to be
stored as muscle energy and not as fat. If you don't get both, choose 1, drink it over ice.

Project-1 Pre Workout

Pre-workouts are tricky because the jittery, 'cracked out' feeling is really glorified in the
fitness industry, so naturally everybody pumps their pre-workouts that make you feel
crazy. That jittery feeling normally comes with an energy crash as well. I stopped using
pre-workouts altogether until I found Project-1. It is clinically dosed with the ingredients
you need to increase energy, focus, strength, and performance in the gym. It's a gradual
increase of energy so it doesn't hit you all at once, increases your focus, and no crash, no
jitters, no 'rock gut', no heat spells. It also has BCAAs in order to stimulate protein syn-
thesis during your workout.

EquiRpemcommeennd tio

A full gym is highly reccomended. There are always alternatives to movements, however,
hypertrophy (or muscle growth) occurs faster with heavy, challenging lifts. The point is to
break down that muscle tissue so it can grow bigger & stronger. This happens with heavy

Click pictures to take you to where to buy

I always have my clients purchase
a glute band, they are very
effective adding resitance, and
perfect for your booty burnouts
(you'll need in program) at the end
of a lift.

Ankle straps for cable kick backs,
cable abductions and adductions.
some gyms don't have ankle straps.
cable kick backs are very
important for grown glutes
without growing hamis or quads, so
these are an important piece of

You'll also need access to: Cardio equipment
free weights
squat rack
cable tower
abduction machine
exercise ball
some leg machines

CardRioecommend io

This program is designed to gain lean muscle in your legs and
glutes. With that muscle gain, if you are following proper nutrition,
your metabolism will increase and you'll lose fat as well. Cardio can
immensely effect and speed up this process.

wHow tyooaudrdwceaigrdhioliinfting se ions:

This eBook has 4 HIIT cardio blast workouts, 1 on the treadmill, 1 on
the stair master, and 2 plyometric fat burning, HIIT workouts that
can be preformed anywhere- no equipment required.
When you mix your weight lifting sessions and your cardio in the
same session, I recommend to ALWAYS complete the weight por-
tion FIRST and then HIIT to end your workout so you can use your
glycogen stores (helps with energy and muscle function/protein
synthesis) to lift your heavy weight efficiently & effectively.


BNego ipnrobnlemesrist?a!
This program is designed for those who are eager to learn. If you are still
struggling with form, please look up how it is done correctly via youtube.
You are able to adjust this program to fit your own fitness level by choosing
your own weight. This is supposed to be a challenge, but be aware and listen
to your body.
I recommend trying a new exercise with very little or no weight until you
grasp form and feel comfortable performing that exercise.

Hothwe dproopIerchwoeiogshte ?

We want you to be struggling on the last 2-3 repetitions of every set you
complete. IF you feel like you are able to do 2-3 reps beyond what the
workout says, please increase your weight. If you cannot complete the listed
reps and sets please come down in weight.

Whastup'seraset ?

This just means you will be performing two exercises back to back and then
you get to rest. You will see supersets in your workouts.

OuSr e6crets Our Booty-Building Secrets
You Need to Know Before You Start


Eat to grow muscle. You know the strong, round,
lifted booties you see on athletes? They eat a
balanced diet full of protein, fats, and carbs (yes carbs)
to fuel the growing process. Don’t be scared of good
carbs, your body needs them, and if you’re working hard,
you will see gains in all the right places if you eat carbs
post workout.

Slow & Controed

Use SLOW & CONTROLLED movements. The slower
you go, the more muscle fibers you have to recruit.
You tap into the deep muscle fibers that need to be
worked too. It makes the exercise harder, but you get
more bang for your buck.

Time Under Tension
TIME UNDER TENSION or TUT. At contraction hold for 3-
5 seconds. SQUEEZE those cheeks together. (If you don't,
you're waisting your time.) I will mark which ones work best
for TUT throughout your workouts. You will see 'TUT' on
your workouts.

Stress is your friend

STRESS YOUR BOOTY OUT. It’s not going to be easy.
You have to learn to love the burn, want the burn,
beat the burn. Know 'the burn' means you’re doing
it right, and those 3 reps you’d rather die than push
through? Well that is where you actually will make
the most progress, not only physically, but mentally
too. That is what separates the girls that make their
flat booty grow, or from those who give up and don't
get the results they want.


to push yourself. If you do not feel pushed after a workout,
that is on you. These are proven hundreds of times over to get
results - you need to make sure you're honest with yourself. If
it's not hard enough, grab more weight, push yourself harder,
add weight on your back, add bands for more resistance etc.


Hypertrophy is extended stress on the muscle using
heavy weight. You will see this in your BIG LIFTS
phase of this program. You are pushing more
weight, but with lower reps. Again, add resistance
if you don't feel like you really have to push the last
1-2 reps of each set.

1%WRhat Mdoes that mean?

1%RM stands for: Percentage of your 1 rep max.
You'll see this in your programming in one of the columns.

Increasing strength = increasing size, this is the fastest way
to booty growth.

With that being said, you need to focus on getting
stronger which means continuously increasing your 1
rep max over the next 3 months.

How do I determminy e1 rep max?

do an amrap test

- Warm up using 50% of your guestimated 1 rep max. we are
going to go up in weight, down in reps.

Bar x 15, 50% x 8, 60% x 4, 70% x 3, 80% x 2,
90% for as many reps as you can

- make sure to use a spotter for safety. this is important - take
your gym buddy

- document your amrap results and plug it in here to find your


All information and advice appearing on this eBook is the result
of my studies and my own personal experience. This is not
intended to replace medical advice. Before beginning this or any
other nutritional or exercise regimen, consult your physician to be
sure it is appropriate for you. Your participation in any nutritional,
dietary, or exercise plan will constitute your agreement to release
and hold harmless Powefully Fit LLC from any claims arising out
of same.




SplitYour Workout

This workouts are to be performed 3x a week in 'blocks'
they will switch up every month, but stay similar.

The reason we don't have a ton of exercise variation from week to week
is because it actually slows your progress. We want to add volume (or
more weight) and increase strength which also increases size. That's the
quickest way to a bigger booty.

This booty program is split into 3 months. You will be completing all the
exercises in sets & super sets, 1 month at a time. Complete all the sets of
the single exercise before moving onto the next exercise unless it's a
superset or circuit (which will be labeled).


I'm going to stress the rest factor... It is just as important as exercise- on your rest days
you can make it active rest & recovery doing things like: yoga, walking, hiking, etc.
Listen to your body.




1. Treadmill Hiit 2. Stairstepper Hiit

5min warm up 5min warm up
30 second sprint (level 8+) 1 min quick climb (level 8+)
1 minute rest 1 minute rest
REPEAT 12-15x REPEAT 12-15x

3. Plyo Hiit (A) 4. Plyo Hiit (BT)

180 degree jump squat Burpee
Jump Rope Plank w/ Alt. Reaches
Star Crunches Pop Squats
Ski Side-Side Jumps Sprint in Place
Mountain Climbers Cross Body Mountain Climbers
Plank Jacks Bicycle Crunches

Complete each exercise for Complete each exercise for
30sec, REST 30sec in between 30sec, REST 30sec in between
exercises. exercises

REST 1 min after completing all REST 1 min after completing all
exercises in circuit. REPEAT 5x exercises in circuit. REPEAT 5xT

Block1 Month m1onth 1

Back Squat 3 5 75%-80%
Dead Lift 3
12 ea. leg
1) Single Leg Banded 12
Glute Bridge 20

1) Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Abduction Machine 4 10 leaning forward, 10 leaning back

Block 2 REPS %1RM Notes
Glutes (HYPERTROPHY) SETS 15 Use short bars for weight
Don't bend back, keep core tight
Hip Thrust 3

Banded Barbell Hip Thrust 3

Superset 3

1) Cable Pull Throughs 15
10 ea. leg
1) B-Stance Hip Thrust 15 ea. leg

Abduction Machine 3

ADD to Upper Day REPS %1RM Notes

Hip Thrust 2

Banded Barbell Hip Thrust 2

Block1 Monthmon2th 2

Back Squat 4 6 80%-85%
Dead Lift 4
3 15
Superset 20
30 15 leaning forward, 15 leaning back
1) Leg Curl

1) Banded Frog Pump

Abduction Machine 4

Block 2 REPS %1RM Notes

Barbell Hip Thrust 4

DB Goblet Squat 3

1) Cable Pull Throughs 15
12 ea. leg
1) Single Leg Glute Bridges 15 ea. leg Use short bars or DB for weight
Don't bend back, keep core tight
Cable Glute Kick Backs 4

ADD to Upper Day REPS %1RM Notes
Glutes (METABOLIC) SETS 30 Use DB for weight

Banded Sumo Squat Pulses 2
Seated Banded Abductions 2

Block1 Monthmo3nth 3

Back Squat 2 3 90% Make sure to warm up. These 2 sets are working sets,
so work up to these 2 sets of 90% of your 1RM
Barbell Glute Bridge 4
8 Use TUT here, squeeze for 2-3 seconds. Drive through
heels, and squeeze cheeks together

Superset 3

1) B-Stance Hip Thrust 10 ea. leg Use short bar for weight, and a plate or 2 for foot lift
1) Elevated Glute Bridge 12 ea. leg
10 Go to the heaviest weight you can get full range of
Abduction Machine Drop Set 2 motion and complete all reps. From there, drop down
REPS %1RM 10lbs or the next weight break and do 10 more reps.
Block 2 Repeat until there is no resistance left on the weight
tower. No rest until you've gone through the entire
Glutes (HYPERTROPHY) SETS towerl.


Hyper Extensions 3 15 Use weight if capable
10 ea. leg Use short bars or DB for weight
Single Leg Hip Thrust 3
40 Use short bars or DB for weight
Superset 3 20 Don't bend back, keep core tight
12 ea. leg
1) Banded Side-to-Sides

1) Banded Frog Pumps

Cable Glute Kick Backs 3

ADD to Upper Day REPS %1RM Notes
50 total
Glutes (METABOLIC) SETS 30 Supersetting these 2 creates more of a
Banded Side-to-Sides 2 Hold and squeeze glutes for 2 seconds
(Light) KB Dead Lift 2

Exercise Index

Exercise Index

Exercise Index

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