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drirelease Company Presentation

drirelease Company Presentation


Comfort is our promise!

promise, vision & mission

drirelease custom blend technology

drirelease fabrics offer an engineered drirelease Custom Blend technology is not a surface
blend of multi-denier, multi-staple length application or chemical treatment. Performance properties
synthetic, hydrophobic (water repelling) are built in, not “dipped in”, lasting the life of the product
fibers combined with natural, hydrophilic and never changing.
(water absorbing) fibers. The built-in
combination efficiently and naturally pulls HYDROPHILIC FIBERS
moisture and perspiration away from the
skin and pushes it to the exterior of the
fabric where it can evaporate quickly.

drirelease Custom Blends are engineered to
mimic mother nature, providing a soft natural
fiber feel without compromising performance
and comfort.

drirelease custom blend benefits

Our innovative solutions keep customers cool, dry, fresh and comfortable — whatever the application — in high-
performance athletic wear, sportswear, intimates or sleepwear. Because the comfort of drirelease Custom Blend fabrics is
not from chemical finishes, the benefits are absolutely permanent. It will not wash out over time. The brilliance of DR fabrics
is the engineered combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers that allow them to engage with moisture naturally to
dramatically improve how wetness is pulled from the skin and released into the air.

drirelease custom blends

drirelease Custom Blend technology is available in a wide range of classic and fashion-forward blends. Comfortable classic
cotton, Merino wool that never feels damp against the skin, silk that’s machine washable for summer cool and winter
warmth, easy-care natural linen, soft and smooth Lyocell, E.C.O. (Environmentally Correct Origins) with BCI, organic cotton
and/or recycled polyester, and customizable blends that meet your specific needs developed in the DR Comfort Lab.

drirelease custom solutions

In addition to drirelease Custom Blends, we have developed more comfort solutions to support your active life, no matter
how far you go. From mountains to beaches, from winter to summer, from raining to sunny days, we always keep you
comfortable and protected.

drirelease DENIM dries faster drirelease LOFT is a range of drirelease DUO is a range of
and helps to regulate the skin innovative performance knit innovative dual performance
temperature, keeping you cooler fleeces that offer durable mid knit and woven fabrics that
for any fashion, work, travel or layer and outer layer fabrics for offers wicking on one side and
leisure commitment. Permanent heat retention with wicking and water and stain repellency on
and eco-friendly because it fast drying characteristics. the other. Inside wicks, outside
doesn’t use chemicals for repels!
moisture wicking and fast drying
will last even longer.

drirelease Geo Cool technology

drirelease® GEO Cool uses proprietary hydrophilic active particles derived
from metal oxides that have THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY 3000% greater than
that of polyester polymer. The active particles are added during dyeing of
filament polyester fabrics or yarns and are locked into the fiber structure to
provide permanent performance for the life of the fabric and garment.

Moisture management (wicking) is inherent to drirelease GEO Cool as the
active hydrophilic particles effectively transport moisture through the fabric
and provides the energy to drive the moisture out by absorbing the heat
from the body. drirelease GEO Cool is a unique and adaptable technology
that provides thermoregulation by effectively managing heat and moisture
transfer in the fabric, thus providing superior comfort to the wearer.

All drirelease fabrics undergo certification testing to ensure performance
standards are met. The cooling benefit of drirelease GEO fabrics is verified
using the Kawabata Evaluation System instrumentation resulting in at least
5% improvement in instant cooling (QMax) versus the control.

drirelease DriFil technology

WHAT IS drirelease® DriFil? FILAMENT
An innovative new technology from drirelease which
optimizes both the comfort and durability of performance MULTI-DENIER AND
fabrics. drirelease DriFil is an engineered high performance MULTI-STAPLE LENGTH
yarn consisting of a blend of multi-denier + multi-staple HYDROPHOBIC FIBERS
length polyester, a touch of hydrophilic fibers, and a
protective wrap of continuous filaments. HYDROPHILIC FIBERS

Fabrics utilizing our engineered blends provide
superior wicking, faster drying, excellent abrasion
resistance, and greater overall peak performance
when compared to other technologies on the market.


drirelease comfort lab

Looking for new textile solutions? drirelease Comfort Lab is where the future happens, from developing innovative
technologies to establishing global supply chain solutions, trusted by the best brands in the world. Always at the front, DR
became a valued resource to brands and fabric mills for up-to-date advancements in trends, technology, materials designs,
product developments, performance tests and supply chain solutions.  As a company,  DR is built on a foundation of
scientific inquiry, research and innovation in textiles technology. Our global supplier network ensures the production, quality
and availability of our blends and textile solutions. DR is a leader in providing solutions to textile and apparel industries!

global solutions provider

At drirelease, we believe that one of our core services is assisting with global supply chains to help clients meet ever-
tightening manufacturing turns and deadlines. Over the past two decades, we have built a global network of licensed yarn
spinners, diverse fabric mills and versatile apparel factory partners. We are proud to have introduced many clients to partners
within this network. Whether lending support to quickly get your vendors up and running with DR, or helping you source the
best fabric mill, our team offers unparalleled technical know-how through the entire process. We work with retailers and
brands of all sizes to ensure their garments provide the best performance.

brand enhancement

Adding drirelease tags, neck labels, heat transfer labels or stickers to your product expresses to your customers that you’re at
the leading edge of performance fabric technology. Plus, the proven science behind all DR blends will help to strengthen
your brand by capitalizing on the consumer’s confidence in our engineered solutions. Available free of charge, the hangtag
system highlights many key benefits of DR blends with market-specific translations that allow for easy communication on a
global scale. DR innovative fabric blends and established brand equity adds quality and value to those items that incorporate
our materials. Do not miss the opportunity to increase the value of your products. If you are using DR — display a hangtag,

label, or sticker. You can also contact us directly to develop your own DR custom tag or label.

hangtags system

An essential aspect to the drirelease brand identity is our
hangtag system. Designed to offer our partners maximum
flexibility and in-store impact, the tags literally layer valuable
consumer information to add value to your garment. The tags
unique shapes are based on the DR logo’s rounded-edge cube
drawing a customer’s attention and helping to create consumer
preference. When all three tags are combined, the result is a
stylish addition to your product’s retail display that also offers
valuable consumer information.  Although the drirelease tags
have a confident visual presence, the simple design is sure to
enhance and not detract from your own brand image.

blend hangtags

trade shows


OutDoor by Ispo Entrance Window – Munich – 2019

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Window Cling - Denver – 2019 Performance Days Bistro Window – Munich – 2019

sales tools Saucony Sales Presentation Card (5x7)

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DDyynnaafiftitSSaallees PreesseennttaatitoionnCCaradrd(5(x57x)7) Saucony Sales Presentation Card (5x7)

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Comfort is our promise!

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