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Ayden Iandoli - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (1)

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Published by Ayden Iandoli, 2019-05-21 11:13:52

Ayden Iandoli - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (1)

Ayden Iandoli - Bad Day FINAL REVISION and EDIT (1)

Bad weather?!
Written by: Ayden Iandoli

One morning, Crystal got up at six so she could
feed her dog, Cooper, and her cat, Shadow. She left
her house at around seven to get to work by eight.
She is twenty-two years old, and she owns a 2018 gold
chrome Audi A7. It was the perfect day to take it out
because it was spring, but it felt like summer weather,
or so she thought. Within minutes it started to snow
and rain. On the radio, it said there was a 5% chance
that it would rain, but snow, it didn't say it would snow.

She was so worried she would be stuck, So she
pulled out her phone to call a tow company and found
that her phone didn’t have service. “Ugh just what I need
today” said Crystal. She thought about her boss, Jared.

Crystal’s boss Jared never gets mad, even when
she spilled her coffee on him or the time she was late.
She remembered, “I have someone I'm supposed to meet
at 9:00.”

About a 1 hour of waiting and a car pulled up
behind her car.

“Are you ok?” he Asked.
“No,” I said. “ I needed to be at the Mayo clinic by
“Well I could bring you there or I could call a tow
company to pick you up,” he said to me.
“Really thank you,” I said to him.
“No problem.” He said.

​ The towing company got there twenty minutes
later, picked her and her car up then dropped her off
at the clinic. When she walked into her boss Jared’s
office she saw him hiding under a desk. He had a big
fear of thunder. They talked, and he let Crystal go and
work but had to pay fifty dollars to the towing
company for keeping her car there And luckily she
didn’t get fired.

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