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Published by Haziqvivoy25, 2021-12-08 06:39:30

Memorable Day of My Life





GEEC1052-Effective Communication in English


No. K/P : 020520030851

Angka Giliran : 2021242310291

Program : PPISMP

Ambilan : JUN 2021

Unit : X15

Nama Pensyarah : Kanakambal A/P

Velusamy IPGKIpoh

Tarikh Hantar : 6/12/2021

Saya mengaku bahawa tugasan kerja kursus ini adalah hasil kerja saya sendiri kecuali
nukilan dan ringkasan yang setiap satunya saya jelaskan sumbernya.

Tandatangan Pelajar:___HAziq____________Tarikh : 6/12/2021


Markah Markah

Tandatangan Tandatangan

Cop Cop

Tarikh Tarikh

Saya mengesahkan bahawa maklum balas yang diberikan oleh pensyarah telah saya
rujuki dan fahami.

Tandatangan Pelajar:______HAziq___________Tarikh : _____________________




To think that everyone will have their examination results are better than they
expected is kind of next level of grateful situation. I’ve experienced it once back then
when I was in high school. Then, until now it was still my most remembered day of my
life. It all started in the year 2019 I took my first class as a new form five student or
new Sijil Pembelajran Malaysia (SPM) examination candidate in my school. Having
completed my studies there, I was very stressed because of various things to the
point that it affected my studies as a science stream student but thankfully because of
my hardworking at the last minutes of my studies, I’ve managed to get a good result.

Around 8.00 am of 10.3.2020, the meaningful day of my life. Father, Mother, my
whole siblings of 5 including me went to my school by father’s car. I still remembered
back then, why my father want to join us too even though he was busy with his work
as a lecturer at the local university. Not only dad, but mom also want to join us even
though she was still busy working as a laboratory assistant at the local hospital back
then. Because of that too, I’ve decided to not allow them to follow us because of my
results might be bad because I can’t sure that my results is good back then since I’m
not good when it comes to answering examination. I’m not saying that I was a stupid
student back then, but I was just not into the method of examination back then, where
you must do a lot of reading and remembering, just for the sake of examinations and
not because of we want to learn and understanding it by their concepts, methods and
so on.

“I might end up getting a lot of fails, mom, dad” these were the words I said to
my father and mother after realising that they want to follow me to my examination
result day.

“Don’t worry, lets see what you truly got. We will be proud of you even though
you don’t get what your friends get. You’ve tried your best my son” my father said to
me calmly after seeing me not allowing them to follow us. These words may be looks
simply but for me, these words show to me that my father and mother was worth to
see my both failure and success since they were my parent and has looked after me
since I was born. Because of this too, I allowed them to tag along.

About an hour of driving, we finally reached our destination. It means it was
around 9.00 am at that time but results will be announced around 11.00 am by our
school. So, we need to wait for a while. So, I decided that I want to stay at school
while my other my family members go to somewhere else to have a breakfast. I
choose to stay because I want to have a talk with my friends since we didn’t meet
since we finished with our examinations around December last year. So, we just
count it as a short reunion for us before the most anticipated moment come.

“What kind of results you think you will get, zik?” ask my friends to me. This
question is one of the repeated questions from m y close friends and best friends. I
can’t even think of any better results back then since I didn’t hope that much from any
examinations that I have attended from my entire life.

“To all students of Sekolah Menengah Seni Machang, you need take your seat
in the main hall right now because your SPM results will be pass out to you later.”
Said the emcee of the ceremony. We can hear it from our meeting spot and totally got
us trembled.

After a several minutes of walking to the main hall, I can see my father’s car
arrived. After he parked his car, my whole family went straight to the main hall and
pointed their finger towards the main hall. Which means, they asked me to go straight


to the main hall instead of waiting for them to reach the main hall. Then, after I met
with them in the main hall, we found some chairs to sit in the hall. After that, we heard
speeches from our school’s principle. The principle just announced a very shocking
fact from our results which is we just beaten the highest school record of SPM results
with the most As in our school’s history. That speech just gives me hope for my

“All students can go to the next section where you can get your examination
result slip”. The emcee announced that we can move to our slips receive place.

“Dear god, please give me a good result for this examination” I’m praying to God
because of I don’t want to upset my parents.

After a long queue and minutes of non-stop of prayer spitting from my mouth,
finally its my turn to take my examination slip. My teacher handed me the slip with the
brightest smile I’ve ever seen from her face. Then, she told me that I got 7As for my
examination. Suddenly, I burst into tears because of my inability to hold it back then.
My friends also burst into tears since most of them experienced the same thing as I
did. For the last moment of being a student there for 5 years we met, we burst into
tears together for the last time. This memory will forever be playing in my head. Not
only that, after the farewell speech with my friends my father took me to my favourite
restaurant and shared that happiness moment with my family. It’s such a relieved and
happy when my whole family was happy with my result. The tears, the nerves, the
happiness, the release, etc during that day. I will remember and treasure that day until
the end of my life.


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