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Published by Hayden Keens, 2018-12-13 11:06:08



GAMING by Hayden


Table of contents

System types Page four
Evolution Page five
Gamers Page six

Xbox pc ps4


This is my gaming slideshow and I made one of these because
I know a lot about gaming and I think this is a fun topic
for people to learn about and write about. So I shared what
I knew about gaming and what I learned in this slideshow.

System types

There are many types of systemes for gaming but these are the main
ones.Xbox,pc,and playstation. The difference between all of them is keyboard and
mouse which is the easiest because you just press a key and click a mouse to
move forward or shoot. Xbox and playstation are both consoles but xbox is better
and easier because on the controllers all the stuff is closer together, but on
playstation the controller is very long so it’s hard to play. Both systems have their
owners and playstation=sony all keyboard and mouse is the
Easiest because you can have as many thumb buttons as you would like so it can
make it super easy.


Is keyboard and mouse which all pros use when gaming.
In tournaments they only let you use pc because most pros
use it and the tournament owners like pc the most.
Smallest console
Xbox one x=11.9x9.0x2.5 inches
Xbox is very reliable and know one can hack into your
account because when you signin you have to put a code.
Is ok it’s a good price but people can hack into your
account because there isn’t a extra sign in password also it
happend to my friends account it got hacked.


The begging of the 2000s was when gaming consoles with
high tech internet and games got released. The first one to
come out was the playstation. Playstations are a popular
console that creates a new thing every two years almost.
Most console gamers use ps4 because its cheaper.


Gaming is a professional sport that people do for a living.

The average streamer who isn’t that popular gets from $5,000
to $15,000 dollars a month. But famous streamers can get
over a million dollars from all their sponsors.

So gaming can be a person's job but you would have to play
for like eight hours a day to get a decent amount of money a
day. The bad thing is that if you play for a long time a day
for like six months your eyes could have problems. So you
have to limit yourself a day so you can stay healthy.


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THE END!! buttons `Joystick xbox button

The joysticks make you turn,
The buttons make you move,
The triggers make you shoot,
The xbox button makes you
Connect with others.


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