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IV th The Monthly Newsletter BPWS Sector16,
Magr Al Dhabi Plot No:12,
Issue ‫بهافن لؤلؤة مدرسة الحكمة‬
Volume –IV Falaj Hazza
September 2019 PB No:85327
Total Pages 10 Al-Ain,UAE
[email protected]


Director’s Message

And I say team because I believe that the hood. We believe that the best thing we can

teachers, students, staff – non teaching and do for a child is to allow them to do things

administrative and parents are an important for themselves, allow them to be strong ,

a key along with management to take the allow them to experience a multitude of

school forward , to open new vistas of suc- emotions in life in their own special way,

cess in our shared vision and mission. allow them to discover their individuality

Helen Keller rightly said – Alone we can and confidence in self. We do this by con-
do so little and together so much. I believe stantly engaging them with information and
that everyone in team BPWS has a role to satisfying their curiosity and quest for
play and hence I believe in the strength and knowledge, beyond the four walls of the
power of our team. Having said that I deem classroom. Creative teaching and Interac-
Ms. Divya Rajesh Ramachandran is a it an honour to be an active part of this tive learning is our vision where students
Chartered Accountant by profession with are an integral part of the process instead of
over 14 years of qualified experience. team representing the management.
She is a senior partner in a well estab- being just passive listeners. We guide them
lished firm based in Cochin with Great teams do not hold back with one an- on how to think instead of teaching them
Branches in Kollam, Trivandrum and other. They are unafraid to admit their mis- what to think. We strive to provide an envi-
Bangalore. She did her schooling in Indi- takes, share their weakness and voice their ronment where children learn and create
an School Kuwait till Grade 8 and then concerns. They trust in the power and un- happy memories in the process.
moved on to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, derstanding of the team. It is as simple as
Elamakkkara, Cochin. She is married to this – when members of the team cannot I would like to also congratulate our par-
Rajesh Ramachandran who is also a unload their opinions or if they feel like ents for supporting us for our Kalakshetra
practicing chartered accountant and the they will not be listened to – those mem- program – It is a wonderful program
founder partner of the firm she practices bers do not really get on board with the planned in line with our beliefs. We have in
in. They have 3 children , the eldest pur- team. And so I would like to reiterate that store a lot of activities in the coming
suing his graduation in Pune, the young- months and constantly look forward for the
er two studying in Al Ain. She is an avid all of us aasreolitdogpelathtfeorrminTfoohrueoruorvniceshisoilwndrheoonf
reader and music enthusiast and pursues providing posuuprpothrtefirromhoeuarrptsaroenutts!i!n!!o!!u!r endeavours.
dance, photography and writing when
time permits. from where they are trained and prepared to TTEhAis CnHewEslRetSter is ample evidence to our

A wonderful welcome back to school to en- spread their wings before they fly out into vision and mission – where we have taken
tire Team BPWS !!!
the big wide world. I assure you we are ev- a responsibility to mould our children into

er willing to learn and listen – and grow to- future global citizens who are mentally de-

gether as a team. veloped, physically strong , socially adjust-

Every school these days talk of a holistic ed, emotionally balanced and technically
growth for a child. We do too. But more talented.

than that at Bhavans Pearl we have realised Thank you.

that the key to a being fulfilled individual is Divya Rajesh Ramachandran
ensuring a happy and memorable child-

Let’s continue the Journey---

Happy School Days..

It’s that time of the year when schools are getting ready to re
-open and begin the second term of the academic session.
While all will make a fuss about going back to the school
routine after a long and enjoyable vacation, it is this same
school routine that gives them the much needed focus and
stability we all long for. Seeing friends they haven't seen in a
while can make the first day a good one. BPWS welcomed
the students back after the summer vacations on Sunday Sep
1st’2019, with great eagerness and warmth.

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 1


The ones who pour their hearts out !!!!!!TEACHERS

Teacher’s Day is a special day dedicated to all teachers and cele-
brated every year to honor the teachers and appreciate their spe-
cial contributions towards education. In India Teachers Day is cel-
ebrated every year on 5th September to commemorate the birth an-
niversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The day is observed

with much joy by the students, who organize several events to en-
tertain their teachers. Students give gifts to the teachers, sing
songs for them, felicitate them and do lots of similar things to
show their love and respect. Teachers at BPWS felt the same emo-
tion from all the students, as the students presented a lot programs
and shared their gratitude towards teachers.

Moon Mission- Exploring the Unknown

Chandrayaan-2 is the second lunar exploration mission devel-

oped by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), after

Chandrayaan-1. It consists of a lunar orbiter, the Vikram

lander, and the Pragyan lunar rover, all of which were devel-

oped in India. The main scientific objective is to map the loca-

Where the lamp of knowledge burns, tion and abundance of lunar water via Pragyan.

there is no darkness at all!!! The mission was launched on its course to the Moon on 22 Ju-

September 8th was proclaimed as the International Literacy Day by ly 2019 at 2.43 PM IST by (GSLV Mk III). The craft reached
UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on the Moon's orbit on 20 August 2019 and began orbital posi-
November 17, in 1965. It was first celebrated in 1966. Its aim is to tioning manoeuvres for the landing of the Vikram lander.
highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and Vikram and the rover were scheduled to land on the near side

societies, now celebrations take place all around the world. In 2019, of the Moon, in the South Polar Region at approximately 1:50
International Literacy Day focuses on ‘Literacy and Multilingual- am on 7 September 2019 and conduct scientific experiments
ism’. Literacy is the light that guides us all, in the simplest terms lit- for one lunar day, which approximates two Earth weeks.

eracy can be defined as, the ability of an individual to read and write In order to increase awareness and interest on ISRO and its
in any language. It is extremely important for an individual to be lit- space missions, a quiz competition was conducted on Sun-
erate in order to carry out a smooth livelihood. The day mainly em- day,8th September 2019 for the students of Gr ade I to IV.
phasizes on the importance of literacy, as well as the adult education It was the first Quiz competition in our school and the active
to the people all over the globe. The students of BPWS learn the im-
portance of education every day. Grade 4 students performed an in- participation of the students made it a grand success. The win-
formative assembly educating others about the importance of being ners were awarded by the Director.

literate and educated. Following the thought process of reading and

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 2


Life becomes a festival when Gaiety and culture blend…

Onam is the most popular festival in Kerala and is celebrated
with great pomp and show. It is believed to be the National fes-
tival of Kerala. Onam is celebrated each year in the month of
August-September which according to the Malayalam calendar
is the first month of the year called Chingam. The festivities of
the Onam last for ten days in which old and young participate
with equal enthusiasm. The word Onam is believed to have
been originated from the Sanskrit word Shravanam which in
Sanskrit refers to one of the 27 Nakshatars or constellations.
Thiru in South India is used for anything associated with Lord
Vishnu and Thiruvonam is believed to be the Nakshatra of Lord
Vishnu who pressed the great King Mahabali to the underworld
with his foot. The festival of Onam is dedicated to the King
Mahabali who though was an Asur (one with more negative
thoughts in his mind) by birth but was a Sur (one with more
positive thoughts in his mind) by virtue. It is said that Kerala
never witnessed a better time than it witnessed during the rule
of King Mahabali. He was the most just king ever. None of the
needy ever returned empty handed from his door. The myth of
King Mahabali says that the king sacrificed himself along with
everything else he had in order to stand true to his words. Thus,
as a reward for his sacrifice he was blessed to be remembered
by the people of Kerala and all his followers for eternity in the
form of Onam festival. BPWS believes in celebrating all festi-
vals with great passion and exuberance. Onam was celebrated
with the same thought at our school with lots of cultural pro-
grams showcased by the students and teachers and fun filled
games for the kids to add more warmth to it.

है जिससे देश की शान ——-मेरी जहंिदी महान

जहन्दी जदवस प्रत्येक वर्ष 14 सितम्बर को मनाया जाता है। वर्ष 1918 मंे गाधां ी जी ने सहन्दी िासहत्य
िम्मेलन मंे सहन्दी भार्ा को राष्टर्भार्ा बनाने को कहा था। इिे गाांधी जी ने जनमानि की भार्ा भी
कहा था।

वर्ष 1949 मंे

स्वतांत्र भारत की राष्टर्भार्ा के प्रश्न पर 14 सितम्बर 1949 को काफी सवचार-सवमर्ष के बाद यह सनर्षय
सलया गया जो भारतीय िांसवधान के भाग 17 के अध्याय की धारा 343(1) मंे इि प्रकार वसर्षत है:

संिघ की राष्ट्र भार्ा जहन्दी और जिजि देवनागरी होगी। संघि के रािकीय प्रयोिनोिं के जिए प्रयोग
होने वािे अिंकोिं का रूि अिंतराषष्ट्र ीय रूि होगा।
इिी महत्वपूर्ष सनर्षय के महत्व को प्रसतपासदत करने तथा सहन्दी को हर क्षेत्र मंे प्रिाररत करने के
सलये राष्टर्भार्ा प्रचार िसमसत, वधाष के अनरु ोध पर वर्ष 1953 िे पूरे भारत मंे 14 सितम्बर को प्रसतवर्ष
सहन्दी-सदवि के रूप में मनाया जाता है। एक तथ्य यह भी है सक 14 सितम्बर 1949 को सहन्दी के
पुरोधा व्यौहार राजेन्द्र सिंाहा का 50-वांा जन्मसदन था, सजन्ोनंा े सहन्दी को राष्टर्भार्ा बनाने के सलए बहुत
लंाबा िांघर्ष सकया । स्वतंात्रता प्राप्ति के बाद सहन्दी को राष्टर्भार्ा के रूप में स्थासपत करवाने के
सलए काका कालेलकर, मैसथलीर्रर् गुि, हजारीप्रिाद सिवेदी, िेठ गोसवन्ददाि आसद िासहत्यकारोां
को िाथ लेकर व्यौहार राजेन्द्र सिंाह ने अथक प्रयाि सकए।

सहंादी सदवि के अविर पर कक्षा 4 के छात्र – छात्रोंा ने प्राथषना िभा प्रस्तुत की तथा कक्षा 2 व 4
के छात्र – छात्रोंा ने नृत्य प्रस्तुत कर िभा मंे उपप्तस्थत िभी लोगोंा का मन मोह सलया,वही ां

कक्षा 1 ,2 व 4 की बासलकाओंा ने गायन का अभूतपुवष प्रदर्षन कर िभा में चार चााँद लगा सदये ।

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 3


World First Aid day to save the life of an injured person.

World First Aid Day is observed on every second Satur- - The second aim is to handle the condition of an injured person
day of September to raise awareness that how first aid can by giving first aid and try to avoid infection.
save lives.
- The third aim is to take the patient immediately to the hospital
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent before any mishappening.
Societies (IFRC) introduced World First Aid Day in 2000.
So, we can say that first aid help is important and plays a
Each year, more than 100 Red Cross and Red Crescent Soci- crucial role in our lives but appropriate training and knowledge
eties around the world organise events and ceremonies on the is necessary while giving first aid to an injured or infected per-
second Saturday of September to raise public awareness of how son.
first aid can save lives in everyday and crisis situations. The
IFRC believes that first aid should be accessible to all – includ- To spread awareness about the importance of First Aid,
ing the most vulnerable, and should also be an integral part of a BPWS conducted a session with the KG students on 15th Sep-
wider developmental approach. tember 2019. The session was conducted by the school nurse
showing what a First Aid box is and why it is important to keep
The term 'First Aid' means the help that is provided to any- one at home. They also learnt about the contents of a First Aid
one who is suffering from disease or damage. Its primary goal is box and how they can be used at the time of an accident and
to protect the life and keep the condition from worsening. sometimes it is also effective in saving lives of people.

In an emergency, even ordinary people can help and can
save someone's life by providing first aid. We mostly have First
Aid Kit in our home and in fact we should carry it while travel-

World First Aid Day: Objectives

- The first aim of World First Aid Day is to do necessary actions

Bhavans Jr. Sculptor day

Clay has many uses. One of them is that  helps to develop visualisation and of clay and were asked to make models
it teaches your child essential skills that interpretative skills on the topic of Fruits and Animals.
can help him/her to be better at academ-
ics, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, cre-  allows children an avenue for self- The main objective of the competition
ativity and more. expression was to stimulate the imagination of the
children and enable them to give a better
One important benefit of clay modelling  helps to build confidence because shape to their creativity and develop
is the role it plays in early childhood edu- there is no “right answer” in art so speaking skills. The little students used
cation. children can feel pride in their artis- their brilliance and wings of imagination
tic creations blended with the perceptions and gave
Uses and benefits of playing with clay shape to it. The students actively partici-
Keeping this in mind, BPWS had con- pated in Clay Modelling and gave shape
 Improves hand-eye coordination skills ducted a Bhavans Junior sculptor event to to their imagination and creativity.
 Encourages trial and error promote learning, creativity and enhance
 Develops fine motor skills imagination in our students. This event
 Teaches creativity was conducted on 16th September 2019
 Encourages play-based learning wherein students participated enthusiasti-
cally. They were given different colours

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 4


Protect Ozone Layer- Save Life…

The ozone layer or ozone shield is a region of Earth's stratosphere that absorbs
most of the Sun's ultraviolet radiation. The ozone layer absorbs 97 to 99 per-
cent of the Sun's medium-frequency ultraviolet light, which otherwise would

potentially damage exposed life forms near the surface.
In 1976, atmospheric research revealed that the ozone layer was being depleted by chemicals re-
leased by industry, mainly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Concerns that increased UV radiation due to
ozone depletion threatened life on Earth, including increased skin cancer in humans and other eco-
logical problems, led to bans on the chemicals, and the latest evidence is that ozone depletion has

slowed or stopped.
September 16th was designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for

the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.
Students presented an informative assembly and to create more awareness a quiz program was con-
ducted for the students of grade I to IV on Monday, 16th September 2019.All the students actively

participated in the competition and the winners were awarded.

Role play on Community helpers

Community helpers are people who live derstand.” Albert Einstein in order to play or what to do when some-

and work in our communities. They do Fosters social and emotional development thing goes wrong - all of this needs cogni-
many different things to help us every day. - Empathy is developed though role play. tive thinking
They provide us with goods (products we
use) and services (things they do for us). Here at BPWS we had collaborated com-
Some examples of community helpers are: munity helpers and role-playing for the lit-
doctors, nurses, chefs, bakers, astronauts, tle ones to acquire knowledge in the most
soldiers, teachers, dentists, mail carriers, fun way. This event was organized on 12th
bus drivers, coaches, babysitters, fisher- September 2019.The students of KG came
men, plumbers, firefighters, farmers, librar- dressed up as their favourite community
ians, and volunteers. helpers and spoke a few sentences about

Community needs many people to help it Children learn to sympathise and under- It was a great platform for the young chil-
to function well and make the world a bet- stand certain emotional situations. When dren to showcase their talent. They also
ter place to live. Educating students children pretend to be someone else, or learned more about other community help-
about the community help- use objects as something else, they are ex- ers from watching and learning from their
ers and the kind of roles they play in our perimenting with different social situa- buddies.
daily lives, is highly impor tant. Indeed, tions as well as different emotions.

they remind us of how inter-connected we Improves communication and language -
all are when we live in a community. Pretend play helps to understand the pow-

Importance of roleplay: er of language and how to use these words

Encourages creativity and imagination – in various scenarios. It also encourages

“Imagination is more important than

knowledge. For knowledge is limited to

all we now know and understand, while

imagination embraces the entire world,

and all there ever will be to know and un-

Issue IV September 2019 them to listen to what is being said. Volume 04 Page 5

Develops thinking, learning and problem
solving skills - The very nature of imagi-
native play means that children will have
to decide what they are going to play,
whom, what the rules are, what they need

[email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020


It’s not over until you win!!! Bhavans Fest

Competition is a key which leads us to great success. A competition means an occasion when
two or more people compete to give their best. But in student life a competition is done when a
student competes with other student in studies, sports or co-curricular activities etc. They begin
to work hard and prepare themselves. The competition provides the best environment in which
the students can compare their skills, abilities, knowledge with the others. This competition gives
courage to the students. It is a part of a student life which can’t be avoided. A healthy competi-
tion will lead to good results. Bhavans Fest is one such program which is an ongoing process
with various competitions at different levels. This month the students took part in Drawing and
coloring competition and Poem Recitation (Hindi) competition. This program always motivates
the students to perform better than the last time.


Drawing & Colouring Competition Poem Recitation

Annapoorna Aayush Ameya Niharika Aishwarya Annapoorna 1 st


1 st II nd III rd 1 st II nd III Sai Krishna


Space Quiz

Sai Krishna Gopika Darsh Ajeet


Read-A-Thon Annapoorna Vishva dev

Navya Parvathy Niharika 1 st Sai Krishna

1 st

Parvathy Udhay Book Buddies

Niharika Sai Krishna Megha Darsh Ajeet

Megha Sai Krishna Darsh Ajeet

1 st II nd III 1 st II nd III


CATEGORY 1 Getting into the character

Navya Udhay CATEGORY 2
Sai Krishna

Issue IV September 2019 Niharika Parvathy Navya Sai Krishna DDaarsrshhAAjejeet t

[email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 6


“Get Out Quick, Before The Smoke Gets

Mock Fire Drill

Let us touch lives with Peace….. Everyone in a school needs to take part in regular fire drills, as it
helps them to fully grasp the building’s escape routes and the in-
The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed structions they must follow. In particular, fire drills help young
around the world each year on 21st September. Established in students and those still maturing to become accustomed to the
1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day pro- process and recognize that they need to take fire safety serious-
vides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace ly. This can help to reduce confusion, panic, and any disorderly
above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of behavior. It also helps familiarize teachers and other responsible
Peace. people with their role during an emergency. All school staff have
a duty to help students evacuate the school during a fire, so it’s
The International Day of Peace offers a cessation of violence vital for them to know what steps to take. If they can practice re-
and conflict throughout the world, and the related importance of maining calm and organized during a fire, they’ll be ready to en-
achieving the broadest possible awareness and observance of sure everyone’s safety when it really counts. A mock fire drill
the International Day of Peace among the global community. was conducted at BPWS on 26/09/19. The drill started at
10:30am. The entire drill was completed in a span of 2:32
As a part of International Peace day, the students at BPWS con- minutes. This is a remarkable change with respect to the earlier
ducted a special programme in the assembly. Children spoke mock drill timing. Everyone had gathered at the assembly area
about the importance of peace and harmony in the present safe and sound. Once every little thing was done, all of us were
world. There was a song sung by our students, dedicated for again briefed by the OSH (Occupational Safety and Health)
peace and harmony. Team.

Through this event, students were made aware about how to
achieve peace and harmony in their life and to provide the same
to others around them.

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 7


Kids with their little Stories…..

Storytelling is an ancient and valuable art that ex-
tends around the globe. As long as there have been
people, there have been stories. You are surrounded
by stories every day. The lessons teachers give in
school are often stories. Songs tell stories. Pictures
tell stories. Movies tell stories. When you tell a
friend about something that happened to you, you
are telling a story.

Stories are powerful. They can teach morals
— the values that the author of the story thinks peo-
ple should live by. They can teach history. They can
entertain us. They can make us think about things in
ways we’ve never thought of them before. They can
make us laugh. They can make us cry. Telling stories
is a large part of what makes people connected to
each other.
Keeping the importance in mind and to give our stu-
dents an opportunity to enact a story which will
build their confidence, get along with others. BPWS
had organized a Story-telling event on 26th Septem-
ber 2019.
The students of KG 1 A got an opportunity to enact
the story of Cap seller and the monkeys. The stu-
dents of KG 2 enacted the story of Elephant and his

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 8


A healthy life needs a healthy heart!!!

World Heart Day is a campaign established to spread awareness about the
health of heart among common people all through the world. It is celebrat-
ed annually all over the world on 29th of September. A particular theme is
decided for each year’s celebration in order to focus on the main subject
and make it effective. World Heart Day is an effective way established by
the world heart federation to aware people around the globe that heart ail-
ments are the leading cause of death. World Heart Federation, in collabora-
tion with the WHO, spreads important news about heart diseases and main
risk factors to the public worldwide. Students at BPWS presented an edu-
cative assembly giving information about the importance of the day and
various measures to have a healthy and happy heart.

Like the Rivers let us always go forward!!!

World Rivers Day is a celebration of the
world’s waterways. It highlights the many
values of our rivers, strives to increase pub-
lic awareness, and encourages the improved
stewardship of all rivers around the
world. Rivers in virtually every country
face an array of threats, and only through
our active involvement can we ensure their
health in the years ahead. World Rivers Day
organizers encourage all of you to come out
and participate. In particular, consider start-
ing a Rivers Day event of your own, which
might range from a stream cleanup to a
community riverside celebration. In 2005,
the United Nations launched the Water for
Life Decade to help create a greater aware-
ness of the need to better care for our water
resources. Following this, the establishment
of World Rivers Day was in response to a
proposal initiated by internationally re-
nowned river advocate, Mark Angelo. On
this important day students of Grade 4 pre-
sented a thought provoking assembly, to ed-
ucate everyone around, about the im-
portance of the day and the measures to
protect our Rivers.

Issue IV September 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 04 Page 9


Building a culture of innovation True Warriors...True Competition!!!

Making lives easier is not, however, the only role technolo- The House system is of great importance to school life. Its func-
gy plays in our lives. Technology is playing an increas-
ing role in education. As technology advances, it is used to bene- tion is to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among stu-
fit students of all ages in the learning process. Technology used
in the classroom helps students adsorb the material. BPWS is one dents and encourage it within school. ... Houses may compete
such organization which goes hand in hand with technology. The
school is equipped with the latest teaching techniques to enhance with one another at sports and maybe in other ways, thus provid-
the level of learning. To add further, a session was conducted for
the teachers on 28/9/2019 by Mr. Girish Nair to explain the usage ing a focus for group loyalty or teamwork. Throughout the year,
of the panels installed in our classrooms. Technology is very im-
portant in education to create a new and innovative practical syl- students receive points which contribute to the house competi-
labus, improve the security of students, students’ data manage-
ment and analysis and performance reporting and teachers train- tions. The child will receive house points as rewards for things
ing programs. The session was helpful for the teachers as it gave
an insight about how new technology can be utilized in the best such as good behavior, good work, and good attitude. At the end
possible way to teach students.
of the year, all points are counted and the winning house for the

year is announced and awards are distributed. There is a wonder-

ful sense of camaraderie generated throughout the school with the

house system.

We at BPWS have chosen special House Names for our students

based on different Warriors:
They are Samurai, Trojans, Spartans and Knights

The definition of a warrior is someone who is brave and experi-
enced as a soldier or fighter. A warrior is someone who battles with
whatever situation they happen to be in. Traits that warriors have
are determination, leaders, & be brave. We would want the same
qualities of determination and confidence to be inculcated among
our children, tomorrow when they face the world. We have select-
ed the main warrior from each house who will head the team and
motivate the members to perform well and grab the win for them-


The Monthly Newsletter BPWS Sector16,Magr Al Dhabi Editor : Priya Paul
Plot No:12,Falaj Hazza Designer & Photographer : Nayana & Pranesh
AlAin,PB No:85327UAE
Issue IV September 2019 Volume 04 Page 10

[email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020

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Intercare Interiors