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V th The Monthly Newsletter BPWS Sector16,
Magr Al Dhabi Plot No:12,
Issue ‫بهافن لؤلؤة مدرسة الحكمة‬
Volume –V Falaj Hazza
October 2019 PB No:85327
Total Pages 09 Al-Ain,UAE
[email protected]



Family-like school and school-like family.

Lots of studies are conducted on the effect of parental involvement strengthen bond between parents and their children.
on their child’s education. All these studies show that family en-
gagement in school improves student’s academic achievement, in- Thus, parental involvement in school, stress that the family needs
creases participation in co-curricular activities, reduces absentee- to understand that the child is a learner for whom the importance
ism and enhances parents' confidence in their children's education. of a school, homework and learning in general needs to be pointed
Such children tend to posses better social skills and show im- out, while the school is to make every child feel special, accepted
proved behaviour with others including their peers. Parental in- and included as it is within the family.
volvement in school will help to develop a strong relationship be-
tween the students and teachers. Students’ academic performance The child is the reason for the connections between home and
is enhanced when parents and teachers cooperate with each other school. The needs of the child are the priority and the child’s
for the children. Studies shows that family involvement in school needs form the basis of the partnership between the parent and the
has led better homework completion. It also helps students to feel school. If children feel cared for and encouraged to work hard in
that, their parents are interested in their education, which in turn the role of student, they are more likely to do their best academi-
helps to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. Such in- cally and enjoy their school life.
volvement helps school to understand their students better, espe-
cially their family, financial and cultural environment which influ- We encourage our parents to visit the school and spotlight the im-
ences their behaviour. Involving in school activities helps to portance of family engagement in education.

Mr. K T Nandakumar


Arabic Assembly by Dr. KawKab Elzaki

Remembering the Mahatma

“Peace is the most powerful weapon of man-
kind. It takes more courage to take a blow than to
give one.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

October 2nd is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti
to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
One of the biggest political figures in India's strug-
gle for independence in 1947, Gandhi was the man
behind the Satyagraha movement and the civil dis-
obedience, based on non-violence. This year marks
the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
BPWS kids were dressed up in White representing
the value Gandhiji taught, which is peace and non-
violence. KG 2 kids came dressed as various other
political figures who worked with Gandhiji in the
fight for freedom. They spoke about Gandhiji and
how he fought for the freedom of India, through
non-violence. Special Assembly was held in the
school, students performed various events on the
occasion. KG students made Indian Flag and paint-
ed it with tricolour with hand printing.

Report By Kayenat Ansari

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 1


“Achieving the good Victory”

Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra or Dashain is a major Hindu
festival celebrated at the end of Navaratri every year. It is observed on the
tenth day in the Hindu calendar month of A shvin or Kartik
Vijayadashami is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently
in various parts of South Asia. In the southern, eastern, northeastern, and
some northern states of India, Vijayadashami marks the end of Durga Puja,
remembering goddess Durga's victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura,
to restore and protect dharma. In the northern, central and western states,
the festival is synonymously called Dussehra (also spelled Dasara, Dasha-
hara). In these regions, it marks the end of "Ramlila" and reminds God Ra-
ma's victory over the Ravan. On the very same occasion, Arjuna alone deci-
mated more than 100,000 soldiers and defeated all Kuru warriors including
Bhishma, Drona, Ashwatthama, Karna and Kripa, a significant example of
victory of good (Dharma) over evil (Adharma). Alternatively, it marks a
reverence for one of the aspects of goddess Devi, such as Durga or Saras-
The festival also starts the preparations for Diwali, the important festival of
lights, which is celebrated twenty days after Vijayadashami.
BPWS conducted a sangeetharchana (Ragamrutham) with students and
teachers. Students started their new learning of various musical instruments.
Bhavans Kalakshethra( Extra-curricular) programs for drawing, keyboard
and Basketball were started on the same day.

Report By Nayana Sasidharan

Let everyone have a home– World Habitat Day

The United Nations designated the first Monday of October of
every year as World Habitat Day, to reflect on the state of our
towns and cities and on the basic right on adequate shelter. The
Day is also intended to remind the world, that we all have the
power and the responsibility to shape the future of our cities and
towns. It was in 1986 that the United Nations first celebrated
World Habitat Day. The host city was Nairobi and the chosen
theme for the year was "Shelter is My Right". The UN General
Assembly decided that this should be an annual event and the
first Monday of October was chosen. The day is celebrated in
many countries around the world and various activities are orga-
nized to examine the problems of rapid urbanization and its im-
pact on the environment and human poverty.
Grade 1 students at BPWS presented an assembly giving infor-
mation about the importance of the habitat day.

Report By Nayana Sasidharan

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 2


A step forward towards Learning!! Prepare and prevent- Don’t repair and repent

Report by Priya Paul Report by Priya Paul

Knowledge society is a learning society with knowledge and School buses are the safest vehicles on the road, and one of the
competences evolving continuously. Teachers, as the most safest modes of transportation overall. In fact, children are much
important asset in such a society, need to be lifelong learners. safer traveling in school buses than in any other vehicle, whether
Technology should also be used to help teachers’ access, they’re going to or from school, a field trip, or a sporting event.
compose and manage their learning under various circum- The safety inside the bus is of the utmost importance for all, deal-
stances. This involved the creation of an information and ing with students. For school buses to continue being safe, there
learning electronic community, as an opportunity for teachers are certain school bus safety rules and tips that drivers, parents and
to form new professional competences for using the system students should be aware of. The rules and safety measures are
of digital resources .A session was conducted on 7/10 /19 by something which should always be followed while in and around
Mr. Amol Dnyandev Jaybhay and Mr. Aditya Marjive to help the bus. Our safety standards for school buses are above and be-
teachers learn the LMS in the best possible way .The details yond those for regular buses. To make the students aware about
on mark entry and Report card generation and mark attributes the Bus safety Rules and regulations a session was conducted by
etc. were explained in an effective way. The session helped Mr.Pranesh Radhakrishnan which gave a deep insight to the stu-
the teachers to enhance their knowledge regarding the topic dents about the rules to be followed and safety measures to be re-
and how the same can be used by them for imparting best membered at all times.
teaching prospective.

Bhavans Kinder fest

When done right, competition can help your children learn skills they'll use throughout their lives.
Competition helps kids learn that, it is not always the best or the brightest who are successful, but rather those that work
hard and stick with it, children who engage in competitions, earn critical and social skills through interacting with other
children and also learning the value of hard work and developing self -esteem and self-efficacy.
Keeping this in mind BPWS organised Kinder fest for the students of Kindergarten. It was conducted during the dates from
6th to 13th October, where students got an opportunity to take part in various competitions like:
Story telling- Storytelling provides children with a window to a new world. It gives them the opportunity to learn new ideas and
information; without realising it, they are learning valuable life lessons, through hearing an engaging and exciting story.
Action song-To develop confidence and familiarity with the English language among the younger pupils. To develop skills of inte-
grating scripting of music and movement with language.

Recitation-It helps the students to practice pitch, voice inflection & volume. Through this, a child can understand the words with dif-
ferent meaning but similar sounds.
Solo dance- It increases self-confidence and self-esteem in children. It helps kids overcome stage fear and face audience without any
Hand writing- It improves their fine motor abilities and visual-motor performance.
The participation from the students was large in number and the efforts taken by the parents were commendable.

Report By Kayenat Ansari

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 3



1 st II nd 1 st II nd


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Issue V
October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 4



1 st II nd III rd 1 st II nd III rd

Annapoorna Abhin Ameya Gopika Jaden Megha

1 st II nd III rd 1 st II nd III rd

Annapoorna Jaden Darsh Rajesh Darsh Ajeet

Parvathy Udhay

Washing away the germs-The right way शिशित छात्र ही देि की शदिा का शिर्ाारण करते है ।

Children come into contact with germs every day. Proper hand- शकसी भी भारतीय के शिए गर्ा और ख़िु ी का िण था जब यएू िओ (U.N.O.) िे
washing can help stop the spread of many illnesses. Handwashing 15 अक्टू बर, डॉ. एपीजे अब्दुि किाम के जन्मशदि को विश्व छात्र वििस के रूप
is easy, inexpensive, effective, and can help prevent sick days and मंे मिािे की घोषणा की. यह शर्श्व इशतहास में एक उल्लेखिीय शदि के रूप मंे दजा
trips to the doctor! BPWS conducted Hand wash day to make chil- हो गया.
dren aware of the importance of washing their hands properly. This किाम जी एक र्ैज्ञाशिक और एक इंशजशियर के रूप मंे प्रशसद्ध हंै. डॉ. अबुि
day was conducted on 15th October. The School nurse demonstrat- पशकर जिै िु ाअबदीि अब्दुि किाम या डॉ. ए॰ पी॰ ज॰े अब्दुि किाम (A. P. J.
ed the right technique and steps to wash hands, so that it is cleaned Abdul Kalam शजन्हंे शमसाइि मैि के िाम से जािा जाता है, भारतीय गणतंत्र के
thoroughly and germ free. The students were then asked to repeat ग्यारहर्ें शिर्ााशित राष्टर्पशत थे. उिकी मृत्यु 27 जिु ाई 2015 को हुई िेशकि करोड़ं ों
the process and wash their hands as demonstrated. Teachers helped शदिो में आज भी र्ो शजन्दा हैं. किाम जी िे हमेिा अपिी ज्ञाि और शििा के
and supervised each child so that they learn and follow the right माध्यम से छात्रो से जुड़े रहे और उिके भाषण, र्ो खुद छात्रो के शिए एक प्ररे णा
steps. This was conducted as a campaign to make students aware थे.
of different illness that can spread through their hands and how we
can stop it by just taking care while washing hands properly. शर्श्व छात्र शदर्स दुशिया भर के छात्रों के बीि बहुसंस्कृ शतर्ाद, शर्शर्र्ता और

Report by Kayenat Ansari सहयोग का उत्सर् है. डॉ. एपीजे अब्दुि किाम के अिसु ार, छात्रों के जीर्ि में
उद्देश्य होिा िाशहए, ज्ञाि को सभी सभं र् स्रोतों के माध्यम से प्राप्त करिा िाशहए,
कड़ी मेहित करिा और समस्या से कभी भी हार िहीं माििा िाशहए, हमेिा
समस्या को हरािा और जीर्ि में सफि होिा िाशहए.
‘Black Color (कािा रंग)’ भार्िात्मक रूप से बरु ा होता है िेशकि हर “ब्लकै
बोडा” शर्द्याशथायों की शजन्दगी को “ब्राइट” बिाता हैं.इसी प्रकार भर्िस पिा
शर्स्डम स्कू ि के किा 2 के ब्राइट छात्र - छात्रों िे शर्श्व छात्र शदर्स के अर्सर पर
प्राथािा सभा प्रस्तुत की तथा छात्राओं िे शर्श्व छात्र शदर्स र् भारत के पूर्ा

राष्टर्पशत डॉ. ए पी जे अब्दुि किाम की जीर्िी के बारे मंे बताया ।

Report by Ritu Sharma

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 5


Fast drive could be the last drive!!!! Together, WE CAN END WORLD HUNGER!

The conduct of students on a bus has a direct relationship to their World Food Day / End Hunger Day is an oppor tunity for the
safety. One of the first steps a school bus driver must take towards global community to unite in an effort to help raise awareness
controlling student behavior, is to set a proper example. The driv- about the global problems of hunger. World Food Day was
er should always practice good driving habits, take personal inter- adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1980 to
est in the job, keep abreast of all advancements, that take place in commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organi-
pupil transportation and take excellent care of the equipment. zation (FAO) of the United Nations in 1945.
Secondly, the attitude towards the job and towards the students is A special assembly was conducted by the students which created
critical. The driver must realize that, it is more important to be awareness about the importance of Food. Sharing gives us an op-
“respected” by the students than to be “liked” by them. Our safety portunity to bring smiles on others faces.
standards for school buses are above and beyond those for regular World food day was a great success, as our parents also took up a
buses. To make the drivers and conductors aware about the Bus great initiative by sending food, which was distributed in the
safety Rules and regulations a session was conducted by nearby labour camp. The campaign was a great event. BPWS
Mr.Pranesh and Mr. Sajithran which gave a deep insight to the family is happy spreading smiles on this event.
drivers about the rules to be followed and safety measures to be
remembered at all times. Report by Swapna Sajesh

Report by Priya Paul

Copying the good things from others

National Look Alike Day was created as a fun day to look like another per son. It is a fun holiday invented to celebrate identical
twins, clones, copycats and anyone else who you look like or who looks like you. The unofficial holiday with unknown origins en-
courages people to dress up and look like someone else. This person could be someone you look up to or a celebrity you are a fan of,
or a character from Disney you really love. At BPWS, we celebrated this fun day by conducting a special assembly on 17th October.
The students were dressed up as different characters and wore same headbands:

KG 1 A as Baby Shark

KG 1 B as Mickey mouse

KG 2 as Minions

Students gave various dance performances according to their characters and also gave strong messages like save water animals, Be
happy and believe in magic.

Report by Kayenat Ansari

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 6


Leaning on the strong pillars to become the best of our character

“Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” —Abraham

Our children’s character is molded by their decisions and affects every aspect of their current and future life. As parents and teachers,
we’re responsible for their upbringing, and we play a vital role in helping children develop their full potential. Character development
is the basis for personal growth and is the foundation for lifelong learning. Character is the bedrock on which solid relationships are
built on. Character shapes us as neighbours and citizens. Keeping the importance of this in mind, BPWS dedicated an entire week to
build positive and good character among the students by celebrating Character Week. This week was celebrated between 20th to 24th
of October. Students were taught the six pillars of a good character, Responsibility, Respect, Care, Fairness, Citizenship and trustwor-
thiness. They learnt about these values by watching the moral stories, that represent these values. Students were shown PPTs and they
had to enact it out. They were given story cards for story mapping activity. They learnt about different famous personalities who pos-
sessed these values. They enjoyed and learnt these values in fun and exciting way, which will help them to build good character from
this early stage in life. Special assembly was organized each day by the students to learn more about a good character.

Report by Kayenat Ansari

Joining hands to be STRONG !!!!!!!!

United Nations Day is devoted to, making known to people of the world, the aims and achievements, of the United
Nations Organization. In many countries around the world, people celebrate United Nations Day with national cos-
tumes, flags, and music performances. The United Nations are famous for their work in disaster relief, humanitarian
aid, peacekeeping, and international unity.

The aims and objectives of the U.N. are:

(i) To maintain international peace and security.
(ii) To develop friendly relations among nations based on the principle

of equal rights and self-determination of all people.
(iii) To help solve international problems—economic, social, cultural

and humanitarian.
(iv) To promote respect for human rights, dignity and freedom.
The students of grade 4 presented an informative special assembly to create awareness about the importance of this
day. They sung a beautiful song to add charm to the event.

Report by Priya Paul

Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 7


National Unity day (also known as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas) is celebr ated ever y year on 31st of October by the people all across In-
dia. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who really unified the country. Rashtriya Ekta
Diwas or National Unity Day was introduced by the Government of India in 2014 with the aim of celebrating this event every year on
31st October.
The aim of introducing this event is to pay tribute to the great man, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, on his birth anniversary by remembering
his extraordinary works for the country. He really worked hard in keeping India united. Celebration of this occasion annually helps
youth of the country, to be aware of and provides an opportunity to everyone, to maintain the integral strength of the nation. It makes
Indian citizens realize that how national integrity helps in defeating the actual and potential threats for unity, integrity and security of
the nation.
Students at BPWS presented a special assembly that revealed the importance of National unity day and took the special oath. They also
participated enthusiastically in doing the March part.

Report by Nayana Sasidharan


Issue V October 2019 [email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020 Volume 05 Page 8


The Monthly Newsletter BPWS Sector16,Magr Al Dhabi Editor : Priya Paul
Plot No:12,Falaj Hazza Designer & Photographer : Nayana & Ashok
AlAin,PB No:85327UAE
Issue V October 2019 Volume 05 Page 9

[email protected] pearl wisdom school-2019-2020

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