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Marine Construction Magazine JJSmith Issue 1 2019
Over 30,000 readers, we pride ourselves on covering what we believe to be topics of “actual usefulness” to our readers. Yes, we are a little unorthodox but…we like it like that. The bottom line is, if you are in the Marine Construction or related industry…you’ve come to the right place.

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Marine Construction Magazine Issue 1 2019

Marine Construction Magazine JJSmith Issue 1 2019
Over 30,000 readers, we pride ourselves on covering what we believe to be topics of “actual usefulness” to our readers. Yes, we are a little unorthodox but…we like it like that. The bottom line is, if you are in the Marine Construction or related industry…you’ve come to the right place.

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Ever get the feeling you are By:Stephen S. Saucerman
on the Hook for something
Irecently retired after forty years in construction, where I
and can’t let go? worked primarily as a commercial general construction
cost estimator. Estimating is a great career (ok, being
Meagan Markle is better) but I’d be lacking if I didn’t confess
a complaint or two. No, it’s not the relentless, unforgiving
deadlines, nor the paralyzing stress of bid day, nor even
that the cold fact that the position is inherently the go-to
‘lightning rod” for blame every time the owner can’t figure
out why:

Company money is evaporating at such an alarming
rate (while that same owner is on the phone to …) The
local marine supplier - livid that his new personal jet ski
delivered to the office warehouse is Emerald Green when he
specifically told the salesman Aquamarine!

This is just a typical construction office. Instead, I’m
referring to an aspect of being an estimator that I found
particularly vexing: the lack of information available to me
to successfully perform my job. I’m not talking about the
‘back-of-napkin’ and one-page, crayon client sketches that
form the very foundation of conceptual budget estimating.
That’s a whole different article and completely different
meds than what I currently have stockpiled.

I’m referring to those architecturally-stamped, paper

behemoths stuffed to just short of ‘mine shaft explosion’ with
more working drawings, spec books, addenda, clarifications,
geo reports and intern body parts than you can shake a stick
at. By the way, we were all talking at lunch and this whole
‘stick shaking’ thing you keep doing is kind of creepy. You’re
scaring Janice in accounting. Knock it off.

These bulging and ink-reeking architectural bundles are
known in the industry as bid packages. They’re commonly
deployed in construction competitive-bid scenarios where
competing prime contractors bid against one another in the
hopes of being the low bid out of twenty-eight. Of course,
this is like striving to be the fastest lemming in the group, but
I’ve found it’s best not to think about it too long.

Bid packages are created by architecture/engineering
firms (A/E) and Satan who are often employed by the building
client. The building client is a thirty-two-year-old, white male
named Scooter (or Skippy) whose dad left him everything to

52 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

excel in life except common sense, human empathy and all that this administratively-abbreviated* bid period is but a
semblance of transferrable skills. mere warning shot of the unbridled carnage and chaos to
The day the bid packages are released is called the actual “WHAT DO YOU CALL 1,000 ARCHITECTS AT THE
date of distribution (ADOD). You’ll note that this date varies
markedly from the advertised date of distribution (ADOD … So, bid it you will and now the documents are scattered
er … the sequel) listed in the last construction activity report; all asunder over plan table, desk and floor. You begin with
the same report you used to base your decision on whether the specification manual. As usual, the language is angry,
to bid this project or not. The official time difference between partisan, threatening and strained through a thesaurus,
ADOD and ADOD-the-sequel is two weeks later. The bid but you’ve long grown accustom to it in a ‘Stockholm-
date will always stay the same. This means the period for Syndrome-y’ kind of way. You peruse the passages and
bidding the project has now shrunk from three weeks to one. marvel in their pristine incomprehensibility. You immerse
yourself in deviously-constructed clauses, lop-sided phrasing
“How can this be”, you might ask aloud (but given that and the perfectly twisted, sociopathic skirting of responsibility.
you’re all alone in the room makes it just as weird as that Secretly, you wish you could live in their world.
‘stick-shaking’ thing earlier … seriously, what is wrong with
you?). Well, the answer is quite simple: A/E’s are magic. This isn’t construction anymore … it’s art. You continue on,
Time, space and dimensionality don’t apply to architects painfully (but the good kind) straining through legion after
or engineers. Besides, the bid date is the date the A/E legion of frenzied indemnity clauses, sociopathic liquidated-
promised client - and there’s no way the A/E is going to damage scams, and masterfully-crafted yet opulently-evil
look bad – so it’s pretty much set in stone. If the package language describing exactly why the A/E:
is released irresponsibly and outrageously late, it’s up to
those unfortunates bidding the job to ‘create’ enough time ¡¡ Is not responsible for the design of this project.
to properly bid the project.
¡¡ Is not responsible for mistakes, mis-information, mis-
This bending of space-time is an ability few estimators application, mis-sissippi or any letters and/or numbers
possess and of which only a handful have mastered (Einstein of any kind contained in the bidding documents.
took one look and said, ‘oh, this is just nuts’). But alas, this
is also accepted architectural protocol. It should never be ¡¡ Is not responsible for any of his poor life decisions and if
questioned and never, ever be pointed out to the A/E (or your anything should go wrong with this project:
own boss) that the practice is technically insane. Besides, it’s
best you save your strength, because it turns out... ¡¡ He doesn’t know you.

SPECIAL NOTE: *the A/E staff voted and ¡¡ He doesn’t know the client.
decided ‘administratively-abbreviated’
was better than the original choice, ¡¡ He’s never been even been to that bar.
UNFINISHED-AND-DOOMED-AND- ¡¡ His real name may not even be Steve.
VERIFIED-AND-WE-ADMIT-IT-WE- JUST- Hence, there’s little doubt that if anything goes wrong -
GAVE-UP-AND-THREW-TOGETHER-WHAT- from the coffee pot breaking down to something REALLY
WE -HAD -AND -YEAH- OUR- CLIENT-IS - absurd like – say - the most powerful nation on earth electing
TOTALLY- SCREWED -BUT-HE -DOESN’T- a morally-vacant, intellectually-invalid, Cheetoh®-colored,
SEEM-TO -KNOW-ANY-BETTER- SO -WE - reality TV star as its president (wouldn’t that be crazy?) – it is
MAY-PULL-THIS-OFF-AND-BESIDES-WE’RE- coming out of the contractor’s pay request.
P R E T T Y- S U R E -W E - C A N - B U R Y- I T- A L L - I N -
J U S T-T H O U G H T- O F - S O M E T H I N G - O M G -
YOU’RE - GONNA’-LOVE -THIS :-LET’S - With the spec book mercifully completed, you turn to the
CHARGE-THE-CLIENT-FOR-RE-DESIGNING- plan pages, but they’re not any better. Discrepancies and
OUR- OWN-MISTAKES -AND -THEN-ACT- inconsistencies spring up like dandelions on Mountain
LIKE-IT’S-NORMAL-PROTOCOL-AND-IS- Dew® (note to Pulitzer Committee: my email address is
THIS-A-GREAT-COUNTRY-OR-WHAT?” … [email protected]) and you suddenly resist an
which everyone present agreed was a bit overpowering urge to get in your car and drive over to the
‘wordy’. A/E office with the express purpose of INTRODUCING THEM
AND HOW IN THE HEL … oh … sorry … really, I’m fine now
… let’s carry on.

“But Steve”, you may ask. “Surely there are procedures set
up to answer questions you have during bid period … aren’t
there?”. Well first, when did we get on a first-name basis?
Secondly, the answer to your question is, “well … sort of”.
There are generally two accepted ways for questions to be ISSUE #1 - 2019| 53

I wouldn’t worry about it. It works on Paper. office staffer suddenly crucial to the whole process but whom
you’ve not heard of prior to this moment] and we’ll see if
addressed during bid time. The first and far more sensible we can … ah … you know …. [click … mmmmmmmm]”.
method of course is to simply call the A/E firm and speak to The line goes dead. You call back, but the person has
the person who created the plan/spec in question in order to mysteriously fled the office and – surprise - left no idea of
discern their reasoning and motivation behind the detail in when he’d be back. You’re not going to get your answer.
question. This never happens. So, like the many mighty estimators before you, you gather
yourself, regroup, steel your senses … and play Scrabble®
DO YOU HAVE ANY GREY POUPON®? online for the rest of the afternoon. I mean, there’s no use
You see, A/E’s are very important people. Just ask them. being stupid about it.

They don’t like answering phones and they didn’t spend four IS THIS ARTICLE STILL GOING?
years (of daddy’s money) building cardboard Pizza Huts® But how did such a crazy, partisan bidding environment
to not lord their hallowed degrees and total mastery of all
things architectural over lesser, unworthy souls such as mere come to be? Well, as with all things diabolical, there are a
[sniff, oh my] estimators. Besides, the A/E has learned from host of nefarious reasons … none of them good. First and
tragic past experience that: without question the most vital is that the client and A/E got
to the party first. There’s not much more to it. Working as
Phone calls often have an actual live, breathing person on a cohesive and concerted team (think ‘Boris and Natasha’),
the other end of the line. They did not sign up for this. the client and A/E created this construction opportunity
and that alone means they can do, say and demand pretty
It’s very hard to say you ‘never received the call’ when you much anything they please - no matter how impractical
can actually hear the person breathing on the other end. or outrageous. They know they can create a specification
This is why A/E’s prefer email. manual (and language contained therein) that’s laughably
partisan and lop-sided and – still - contractors will flock to
The person who is on the other end of the line and currently bid and build their project. “But why”, you may ask?
in need of assistance is about to expose some inaccuracy,
mistake or fault in your documents and – well – you just Because it’s the only game in town.
don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
Yes, it’s depressing (if you’re a builder) but true. In most
Because of this, the A/E immediately resorts to the tried and local/regional construction markets, building contractors
true doctrine employed by all designers that ‘all questions are forced to bid less-than-quality bid packages in order to
must be writing and must be submitted to the A/E office 10 make ends meet. Competitive bid is for many the primary – if
days prior to bid!” You then calmly and rationally point out not ONLY – avenue for work in their locale. This is especially
the glaring and obvious problem with this protocol is that true for contractors newer to the industry; those who haven’t
this particular package ONLY CAME OUT NINE F#[email protected]&^G had time or opportunity to establish a supporting client base
DAYS BEFORE THE BID DATE(!) and - of course - this obvious and repeat business. But I apologize. This last bit was almost
and easily realized reasoning opens the A/E’s eyes where he informative and if you’ve made it this far in the article, you
immediately sees the error of his ways and relinquishes …. know that’s not what I’m going for here. Back to my rant:
Here’s what happens instead (*this actually happened Now, for all you young whipper-snappers out there who
more than once to me): instead of admitting to absurdity, the
A/E will virtually always come back with something along the think you know everything yet are renting your appliances by
lines of, “yeah … ok … well … let me talk to [insert name of the week, yes, I’m fully aware this piece makes me sound old
and out-of-touch and that – nowadays - it’s rare to receive
paper bid packages. Everything is cyber-this and cyber-that
and bid packages are distributed via online plan rooms in
electronic format and – gosh oh gosh – we just can’t believe
how much easier everything got.

Well to this I say, “pfffttttttttt”. I’m not that old! I was there
for that too … and I took notes. Here’s how electronic
plan rooms and the internet improved the construction
bidding experience: remember those (formerly) pesky large
and readable sheets that showed the whole picture of not
only what you were bidding but also everything around it
so you could better understand the complete context and
surrounding influences on your bid item?

Well, thanks to cyber technology [new wave music plays;
crowd of 30-somthings chant, “ooooooohhh” while never
once breaking eye-contact with their phone], you can
now calculate your impossibly-intricate, million dollar cost
estimates right from a computer screen 15” across on a

54 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

good day of which a maximum of 3.28 square millimeters and antiquated crutches and bask in the newfound, life-
is actually available to you, allowing a total of 1/2264th of a altering assurance that there is genuinely no hope for your
plan page to remain visible at any one time. own future or that of mankind so why even try?

NO, IT DOESN’T GET BETTER There, now don’t you feel better?
It gets better. Do you also recall when you could use
highlighters for clarity, scribble notes next to takeoffs for I know it seems like I’m been a little hard on the design
future reference, and lay out related sheets side by side to
cross-check vital details? Well, forget that noise! If you’re community. Please understand, I’m only doing so because I
truly a 21st-century-kind-of-estimator, you shouldn’t need embrace a sincere and studied belief that all architects and
those things. In today’s yahoo, connected construction .99854 of engineers should be: 1) tarred, 2) feathered, 3)
world, you’ll learn that it’s better to look good than be good tarred again, 4) rolled in Italian breadcrumbs and 5) shot. I
at what you do. I mean, how do you think the Kardashians don’t think this is an unreasonable stance. I’m also 61 years
became the 7th rated commercial civil contractor in North old and wearing cow slippers that ‘moo’ when you walk. So,
America (look it up)? what do I know. Still, I’m sure there are some namby-pamby,
anti-American wheat flakes out there who’ll insist I’ve been
But in the end, I too became an advocate of all things
cyber. Come join us. You’ll like our world. The sky is paisley
here and office chairs are made out of bubble-wrap. Before
long you’ll know the word and free yourself of old beliefs



Are you kidding
me? ISSUE #1 - 2019| 55


Roads & Bridges
Tunnels · Pillars/piles

Parking garages
Diaphragm walls
Airports · Ship Cleaning

· No dust · No vibration
· No micro cracking
· Removes unsound concrete
· No bond interface damage
· Highly rough and bondable surface
· No impact tools
· Improved safety

TOLL FREE: 877-SLABSAW OFFICE: 281-579-7229 AFTER HOURS: 281-753-1105


56 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

ABSORBVIBRATORY DAMPER n Easily and efficiently
reduces damage

n Maximizes the
safety of the crane
work being done

n Decreases
extraction time

n Minimal set-up
and maintenance

n Extends the life
expectancy of
the crane

n Can be used on
all model cranes

To purchase, contact Jay Mooncotch, 708-774-5562, [email protected]

Full Service Rental / Bareboat Rental > Retnal Tab

TUGS Captain Required!

600 HP 350 HP (377) 905-1170
Twin Screw Twin Screw
Truckable Truckable
Sleeping Quarters 3.5’ Draft
4’ Draft

P.O. BOX 600191, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32260
PHONE: (904) 631-8309
E-MAIL: [email protected]


58 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

J&J BoatWorks, Inc.

25 Cubic Yard Hoppers

25’ X 12’ X 6’

2 Hoppers per truck load
$28,000.00 EACH

All 1/4” Steel hulls with 1/2” Hopper
slopes and a 3/4” thick hopper floor. We
have Hoppers in stock For Sale, Rent, or
Lease Purchase available.
Other sizes can be custom built as needed.

OFFICE: 812-839-3273
CELL: 812-599-8774
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Your True
Project Partner

Nucor Skyline is a premier steel
foundation supplier with a worldwide
network of manufacturing and
stocking locations.

High-Modulus Wall Systems
■ Pipe-Z Steel Wall Systems
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■ Box Pile Wall Systems
■ Wide Flange-Z Wall Systems

Standard Sheet Pile Systems
■ NZ Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Piles
■ PZ & PS Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Piles
■ AZ & AS Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Piles
■ SKZ, SCZ, SKS & SKL Cold Formed

Steel Sheet Piles

Anchor Systems
■ Threaded Bar and Accessories
■ Multi-Strand Anchor Systems
■ Hollow Bar Systems
■ Double-Channel Waler Systems

Durability Options
■ Marine Grade Steel
■ Multiple Coating Systems

See how Nucor Skyline can help with
your next project.

Visit or
call 888.450.4330.

Exclusive Distributors of Anker Schroeder
within NAFTA and Caribbean Countries

© 2019 Skyline Steel, LLC.
Skyline Steel, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation,
the largest producer of steel in the United States. ISSUE #1 - 2019| 61



MARKETPLACE. We feature all equipment, including,
but not limited to, pile driving, drilling,

cranes, attachments & parts, trucks,
trailers, and more!

From steel sheet pile to timber products,
TO GET STARTED! list any material, new or used.

[email protected]




December was a true seminar month for our physical properties are the only reliable indicator of the quality of
ShibataFenderTeam. Together with our Indonesian agent, PT a rubber compound that is defined by international standards.
Suprabakti Mandiri, three seminars were prepared which took SFT’s Berthing Energy Calculation Tool, supporting clients during
place in Surabaya, Jakarta and Bandung. the berthing energy calculation process, was a useful example
to explain the first and most important step in the fender design
The experienced team from Suprabakti did a fantastic job in process.
preparing the seminars and inviting all major clients to participate
at these unique events. Mixed groups of contractors, owners and The unanimously positive feedback we’ve received from the
consultants, all in all more than 100 participants, carefully listened participants in Indonesia, especially highlighting the relevance of
to Mr. Chris Millwood, fender expert at our office in Malaysia. The the topics, proves the value of our approach and encourages us
discussed topics ranged from different types of fenders, fender to keep organizing our seminars in the future. As a result, several
system design, fender testing, rubber compound and berthing in-depths in-house seminars were requested by participants which
energy calculation, among others. will be timed for early 2019.

SFT does not only focus on the rubber fender itself, a component As one of the world’s leading fender specialists, we consider it
whose production Shibata has mastered and refined over decades our responsibility to do our part for the industry by sharing our
of experience, but on the bigger picture, which includes all fender know-how with engineers and end users alike. With 50+ years
components and their dependence and interaction between each of experience in fender production, +100,000 fenders in service
other. Rubber compound, its raw materials and importance for around the world and 90+ years of experience in the production of
a high quality product were explained on the basis of SFT’s first rubber products, ShibataFenderTeam Group is the perfect partner
White Paper. Besides others, it finds that in fender manufacturing, for fender themed seminar sessions.. n

64 | ISSUE #1 - 2019


4,400 – 25,000 LBS.






Learn more today by visiting our website:

[email protected]

800.825.3379 | ISSUE #1 - 2019| 65

A Dock Cleat that what?

“ BoT RoP”

A Retractable Mooring Line
501-690-3255 | [email protected]

66 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

Offering routine drilling &
grouting solutions to the nation’s

Marine Contractors

everyday drilling problems

805-693-8880 • [email protected] • www. ISSUE #1 - 2019| 67

We are looking
for Distributors!

eAxsisat“iMnEgaleroivnreantCeewonYdtoroaucckrtosCroyrroaupfiteh”rasv.eAanhiogphpqourtaulintiyt,y to offer your customers improvements to their
hand crafted Hi-Tide Boat Lift is not only an

improvement to any home owner or marina facility, but an increase in ones assets that will last for

years to come.

Just some of the advantages to being a Hi-Tide Boat Lift dealer are:

- Inside sales Support - Service Training Program

- Credit For Qualified Customers - Unparalleled Warranty Response

- Factory Direct, Fast Shipping - Increased Customer Contact
800-544-073-55wDwawy.haiW-tiedee.kcoTmech Support Staff ...and more!

Hi-Tide Sales, Inc. | Fax: 772-461-2298 | Email: [email protected]

For information on becoming a Hi-Tide Boat Lift dealer in your area please contact:
Hi-Tide Sales, Inc.

4050 Selvitz Road, Ft. Pierce, FL. 34981
Phone: 800-544-0735 • Fax: 772-461-2298
Email: [email protected] Website:

68 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

“Elevate Your Craft”

We are presently looking for Dealers & Installers

“Elevate Your Craft”For information on becoming a Hi-Tide Boat Lift Dealer please contact:
Hi-Tide Sales, Inc.
Phone: 800-544-0735 • Email: [email protected]


Hi-Tide Sales, Inc. | Fax: 772-461-2298 | Email: [email protected]


Hi-Tide Sales, Inc. | Fax: 772-461-2298 | Email: [email protected] ISSUE #1 - 2019| 69

Two-Part High Build
Coal Tar Epoxy


PROTAL™ 600 CTE LOW VOC Environmentally Friendly
Alternative to Coal Tar Epoxies
A Coal Tar Epoxy with a low VOC of 0.4 lbs/gal (50 g/l).
Excellent resistance to water, seawater, wastewater,
alkaline water and acidic water.
Call: 281-821-3355
Denso® North America releases three high build (up E-mail: [email protected]
to 26 mils WFT in one coat) spray applied coal tar
epoxies, standard, low VOC and environmentally
friendly alternative for long-term corrosion for sheet
piles, marine piles and more.

70 | ISSUE #1 - 2019 ISSUE #1 - 2019| 71


Bidders Wanted!
Jill Schmidt, Project Manager, Development
[email protected]
Release Date: December 10, 2018
Deadline: April 15th, 2019

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is seeking Expressions of Interest from entities
interested in leasing and redeveloping Pier D in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for maritime uses.

BNYDC envisions that the selected tenant for Pier D will have the unique opportunity to leverage public
funds toward rebuilding and fitting out the pier to support maritime operations on the city’s waterfront
within the thriving manufacturing ecosystem of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The City has allocated capital
funds intended to be used for design and construction of a new pier suited to the selected tenant’s
needs. In anticipation of this partnership, BNYDC will handle permitting and approvals for demolition
of the existing pier and stabilization of its bulkhead so that the site is turned over ready for new

BNYDC seeks expressions of interest that align with its vision for Pier D, which has four principal aspects.

` Reconstruction for maritime use
` Job creation through construction and operation of the pier
` Resilience to storm surges, floods, and other aspects of climate change.
` The ability for the tenant to oversee construction. Although BNYDC may be open to other


72 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation that serves as the real
estate developer and property manager of the Brooklyn Navy Yard on behalf of its owner, the City of New
York. The 300-acre industrial park on the Brooklyn waterfront is home to over 400 businesses employing
more than 9,000 people and generates over $2 billion per year in economic impact for New York City.
BNYDC’s mission is to fuel New York City’s economic vitality by creating and preserving quality jobs,
growing the City’s modern industrial sector and its businesses, and connecting the local community with
the economic opportunity and resources of the Yard.
For more information on the opportunity and an overview of proposal requirements, download the
Request for Expressions of Interest at: All
proposals are due on APRIL 15, 2019, at 3 P.M. by PDF to [email protected] For questions please
contact Jill Schmidt at 718-907- 5958 or [email protected] ISSUE #1 - 2019| 73

High modulus
combined steel wall
solutions for failing port
and marine infrastructure

74 | ISSUE #1 - 2019 855-JD-FIELDS ISSUE #1 - 2019| 75


Lexington, KY - Mike Ogle, Link-Belt’s manager of North American Sales, has announced the top five distributors for 2018.
These distributors were selected on the basis of overall performance in the marketing and sales of Link-Belt cranes. Their ability to
sell cranes is not only a reflection of a superior product but also their outstanding customer service, long-term financial stability and
solid reputation in the industry.

¡¡ Link-Belt’s top five distributors for 2018 (listed in alphabetic order):

¡¡ Atlantic & Southern Equipment LLC, Lake City, Georgia, U.S.A.

¡¡ Holt Crane & Equipment, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

¡¡ Nixon-Egli Equipment Co., Ontario, CA, U.S.A.

¡¡ Pinnacle Cranes, Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

¡¡ Rudd Equipment Co., Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A.

“Our distributor network is tops in the crane industry. We congratulate each of our top five
distributors for being focused on their goals in 2018 and for bringing positive momentum into
2019,” said Ogle. n


…we have ALL your “Interior” STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS required for your next COFFERDAM
Project; from your Walers to your Corner Braces to your Struts. We have it all!

Contact: Daryn Ball of Boyer Equipment, LLC, at: 281-598-0378
Email: [email protected]

8904 Fairbanks N., Houston, TX., 77074
Website –

76 | ISSUE #1 - 2019


Short Auger Marine Pre-Drilling

Anchors Rock


301-662-6552 1-877-41-DRILL

Sales Tooling Rentals Training Consulting

Drill & Excavator ISSUE #1 - 2019| 77

78 | ISSUE #1 - 2019 ISSUE #4 - 2018 43

Coastal Pile Cutters International, Inc.

Constractors are always looking for ways to cut cost and finish their project on time and within
Budget. View our website and see how we can cut days even weeks out of your bridge, dock and
pier removal projects. Cutting piling, pile caps, and tie beams above and below the water line
without the need for divers makes quick work of your removal process. Time is money.

Let Coastal Pile Cutters International, Inc show you how we can improve your bottom line.


Positioning the shears in the vertical position to cut Once a tie beam is cut the final cut is made at mud
the tie beams. line to remove the piling and half of the tie beams.

Coastal Pile Cutters International, Inc. looks forward to bidding on your next bridge,
dock, or pier removal project. Pricing depends on size and quantity of the pilings.
There is no project to big or to small.

Coastal Pile Cutters International, Inc. We are the

Contact: James Todack, Operations Manager Pile Cutting
281-339-9990 Industry Leader

Email: [email protected]

40 years of Buying and Selling Quality New and Used…

n Steel Sheet Piling n Large O.D. Steel Pipe (36”+)
n H-Piling n Steel Plate
n I-Beams n Road Plate
n Steel Pipe (8” – 36” O.D.) n ….and more!

We are NOT some internet site listing Steel Products along with everything
from Bobcats to Air Compressors, Cranes, Marine Equipment to RV’s
adding a commission on everything we sell. That is not us.
We buy and sell quality New and Used Steel Products
and that is the end of that!
My name is Michael Kaye. My Cell Phone number is: (215) 534-5200
Mk[email protected]

M.T. Kaye Steel LLC., P.O. Box 515, Yardley, PA 19067.
Michael Kaye - President (215) 534-5200

80 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

The Nations #1 Geotech Drilling
and Barge Support Firm


Boyer Equipment, LLC. can design a FULLY OUTFITTED Drill Barge
to perform your “over water” Drilling Project; from the Drill, Truckable

Sectional Barges, Spuds, Truckable Push-Boat and more.
And YES; we have the EXPERIENCED Crew to perform the work if needed.

Offering “Turn Key Service”
Barge Design - Mobilization - Perform the Job – Demobilize

Boyer Equipment, LLC., 8904 Fairbanks N., Houston, TX. 77074
Daryn Ball at: 281-598-0378 or [email protected] ISSUE #1 - 2019| 81

1. The hoist operator must make sure protection is used
and the area around the hoist is protected. Check

for overhead wires, debris in the hoisting area,
slippery or unstable ground, frayed cables, broken

GUIDELINES welds, bent struts, proper slings and safety hooks,
the counterbalance, outriggers, faulty mechanical
parts. Never assume that the equipment is in the same
condition as when you last left it.

2. Make frequent daily inspections.

3. Do not exceed the rated capacity of your hoist. Only

properly trained personnel are authorized to operate

hoisting equipment.

4. Know the standard hoisting signals and use them. Do

not take directions from more than one person.

HOISTING OPERATIONS 5. Never hoist a load over anyone’s head. Workers on

What may be one of the Top 5 Activities involved in the ground must stand clear and see that others do
Marine Construction whereby the potential for an accident not walk under the suspended load. Hard hats must be
to occur is the use or should we say…the misuse of basic worn by any workers in the hoisting area, whether on
Hoisting Methods. While the following piece is short in the ground or overhead.
content, it touches on some of the primary concerns when
working with or near a Hoist. 6. Erect guardrails (minimum of 42 inches high, 200

pounds of force, minimum of 4 feet on each side of
hoisting area). Erect warning lines to isolate the hoisting
area. Use tag lines to help control the loads being
hoisted. Protect yourself by using a safety line/lifeline,
when in an unprotected area or when installing, using,
and dismantling a hoist.

82 | ISSUE #1 - 2019


All lifting appliances and items of lifting gear should be
examined and tested by a competent person-

a. before being taken into use for the first time;

b. after erection on a site;

c. subsequently at intervals prescribed by such

national laws or regulations;

d. after any substantial alteration or repair.

1. The results of any examination and/or test of a

lifting device or lifting gear should be recorded
and, as required, made available to the competent
authority and to employers and workers or their

2. Every lifting appliance having a single safe working

load and every item of lifting gear should be clearly
marked with its maximum safe working load.

3. Every lifting appliance having a variable safe

working load should be fitted with effective means
to indicate clearly to the driver each maximum safe
working load and the conditions under which it is

4. A lifting appliance or item of lifting gear should not

be loaded beyond its safe working load or loads,
except for testing purposes as specified by and
under the direction of a competent person.

5. Every lifting appliance and every item of lifting

gear should be properly installed so as, inter alia,
to provide safe clearance between any moving
part and fixed objects, and to ensure the stability
of the appliance.

6. Where necessary to guard against danger, no lifting

appliance should be used without the provision of
suitable signaling arrangements or devices.

7. The drivers and operators of such lifting appliances

as are prescribed by national laws or regulations
should be:

I. of a prescribed minimum age;

II. properly trained and qualified.



1. Hoisting of piling shall be done by hooks provided

with a means to prevent accidental disengagement or
a shackle shall be used in place of a hook.

2. No pile driving equipment operator hoists piles in the

leads when a worker who is not directly involved in
the pile driving operation is on the superstructure of
the pile driving equipment, or within range of the pile
if it falls. ISSUE #1 - 2019| 83

3. No pile buck is to remain or Hoist towers shall be rigged only under the direct
ride on a load or part of a load supervision of a qualified individual.
being moved, raised or lowered
by any pile driving equipment. A copy of the hoist operating manual shall be available
at all times it is operated.
4. No pile buck is to be on the superstructure of any pile
Hoists shall be inspected in accordance with the
driving equipment or within range of a pile if it falls, manufacturer’s recommendations.
provide of course the worker is not directly involved in
hoisting of the actual pile. a. Prior to initial use of any hoist or winch the unit shall be

5. Taglines shall be used for controlling unguided piles inspected by a qualified person to ensure compliance
with the manufacturer’s inspection guidelines and ANSI
and free hanging (flying) pile hammers. standards.

HOISTS AND WINCHES b. Prior to initial use on any pile driving project, and

Hoists shall be designed and constructed or installed monthly thereafter, a periodic inspection shall be
in accordance with the requirements set forth by ANSI conducted by a qualified person. Periodic inspections
standards. shall cover those items specified by the manufacturer.
At the minimum, periodic inspections shall cover all
Any and all hoists, winches, masts, guys or braces, sheaves, racks and pinions, guy ties, bolt connections,
counterweights, drive machinery supports, sheave miscellaneous clamps, braces, and similar parts.
supports, platforms, supporting structures, and accessories
shall be designed by a licensed engineer. c. The supervisor on site shall be notified at least 24 hours

prior to any of the above inspections and may wish to
accompany the contractor’s inspector.

84 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

d. Pre-operational inspections (start-up procedures) shall b. The drum end of the rope shall be anchored to the

be conducted by the operator prior to every operation drum by an arrangement specified by the crane or
(shift) of the hoist. rope manufacturer.

MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Obviously riding on material hoists or other hoisting
equipment not meant for personnel handling is prohibited.
a. Replacement parts for load bearing or critical
While hoisting equipment is in operation, the operator
components shall be either obtained from or certified shall not perform any other work and shall not leave his/
by the equipment manufacturer. her position at the controls until the load has been safely
landed or returned to ground level.
b. Maintenance and repairs shall be conducted in
Not more than one cage or bucket shall be operated at
accordance with the manufacturer’s precautions and the same time by any one hoisting machine or operator.
Operating rules shall be established and posted at the
Whenever a slack line condition occurs, the proper operator’s station of the hoist. Such rules shall include
seating of the rope in the sheaves and on the drum shall signal system and allowable line speed for various loads.
be checked prior to further operations. Rules and notices shall be posted on the Crane Cab Body
or crosshead in a conspicuous location, including the
Hoisting ropes shall be installed in accordance with the statement “No Riders Allowed.”
equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.
Air-powered hoists shall be connected to an air supply
a. There shall be at least three full of sufficient capacity and pressure to safely operate the
wraps of cable on the drums of hoist. Pneumatic hoses shall be secured by some positive
hoisting equipment at all times. means to prevent accidental disconnection. n ISSUE #1 - 2019| 85


Expertise Defined: “Practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from
direct observation of or participation in a particular activity”.

When a firm has been in business for almost 50 years participating in just one
area of Marine Construction there can only be one end result…“Expertise” .

Model 2510 • 25’ x 10’ x 4’ • 200HP Model 2512 • 25’ x 12’ x 4’ 6” • 400HP Model 2514 • 25’ x 14’ x 5’ • 600HP

with Quarters

Model 2516 • 25’ x 16’ x 5’ 6” • 750HP Model 2520 • 25’ x 20’ x 6’ 4” • 750HP Model 2523 • 25’ x 23’ x 6’ 8” • 975 HP
Deck Barges
Sizes up to 120’ Inland Boat Works has been
constructing and perfecting high quality
Push-Boats and Barges for over 46 years.
In addition to our numerous models, we
can customize virtually any boat to fit
your specific needs. Remember, here at
Inland Boat Works, we don’t just want

to sell you what we have…
we want to build you what you need.
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In 2016 we were awarded with the supply of fender systems for which is why they are often used for container and bulk or general
the entire new port of Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi International cargo terminals. For the ship lift entrance we delivered PU Corner
Seaport, on the east coast of the Caspian Sea. Our client, the Fenders and Wheel Fenders. We also delivered about 80 recess
Turkish construction company GAP Insaat led the 1.5 billion USD bollards and 170 T-Head Bollards with different capacities.
project. Turkmenbashi International Seaport is now the largest
Seaport in Turkmenistan. Our fenders were inspected by the third party inspection company
RINA and all of the delivered fenders were successfully certified.
Among the new ports features are a shipyard as well as ferry,
container, and dry bulk terminal – and we have delivered fender The opening ceremony of the new port took place in May 2018.
systems for all of them. More than 300 Cone Fenders were delivered The president of Turkmenistan and many officials attended the
for the container terminal, ship yard the ferry terminal festive ceremony as well as one of our board members together with
and general cargo terminal. Cone Fenders have a high shear our client and the engineering companies. It was very impressive
stability and an outstanding energy absorption per fender weight to experience an entire port being completely equipped with our

Major challenges during the project were the time pressure due
to a delivery within 1 year and the coordination between all parties
involved including our client and several engineering companies.

The purpose of the project was an extensive upgrade and
development of the port in connection with the new silk road
initiative. The Caspian Sea is not connected to the world’s oceans
but it still is an important thoroughfare.

Turkmenistan is a major link in the new silk road, and the project
will strengthen the further development for the country.

We were proud to be part of such a far reaching important
project. n

88 | ISSUE #1 - 2019



Permanent Projects

Materials delivered from several stock locations inside
and outside the USA or directly from production. We also
offer various pile accessories, connectors, coatings and
fabrication jobs.

Temporary Projects

We have wide variety of sheet piles and other materials
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Our engineering department helps to find the most
efficient materials and construction solutions for your
project. We provide shop drawings and the required
project calculations.

International Supplier

Meever USA is part of a global organization focusing on the
production and supply of piling products. We are privileged
with a very wide range of piling products delivered from
and to any place in the world.

WWW.MEEVER.US • T. +1 646 727 7582 m•[email protected] ISSUE #1 - 2019| 89


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20’ X 8’ X 3’ J-Boats in stock now!
20’ X 8’ X 3’
Our 20’ J-BOAT 20 ’x 8’ x 3’ is $18,000.00
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Prices above are for STANDARD HULL PACKAGES.
Standard hull package includes; 4-18” solid steel cleats,
flush mounted deck hatch(es), single outboard motor
bracket, 36” tall push knees, and a steel console.
Outer hull is sand blasted and painted with marine epoxy.
We can also custom build other sizes as needed.
We also have 30’ x 12’ x 3’ Fuel Barges in stock.
These fuel transfer barges carry 2,000 Gal.
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o1v.e2Jr.Dfw1og0Frewe([email protected]cMaifpdptdiA.e!eicl)Nsil-ndokUmsggA.ocdcLotaopomtya-!



s a Marine Contractor one need not express the concern
ALL should have when working with “Rigging” in the

A marine environment; for if the rigging is incorrect,

you can be assured the potential for an accident to occur is
dramatically increased. Following are some basic guidelines.

RIGGING The following basic guidelines must be followed for all
types of rigging:

¡¡ It is essential to determine the proper style, size, length,
diameter and thickness of sling needed for the application
prior to use. Select the sling best suited for the job.

¡¡ Never tie knots in slings.

GUIDELINES ¡¡ Rigging equipment must not be loaded in excess of its
safe working load.

¡¡ Hooks must be provided with safety latches.

¡¡ Know the limitations of the lifting device

¡¡ Determine the center of gravity of the load.

¡¡ Protect sling from sharp surfaces.

¡¡ Protect load from rigging, if necessary.

¡¡ Allow for increased tension caused by sling angles.

¡¡ Equalize load on multiple leg slings.

¡¡ Maintain load control. If required, attach tag lines prior
to lift.

¡¡ Keep personnel clear of lift area.

¡¡ Lift load a few inches and check rigging.

¡¡ Start and stop the lift slowly.

¡¡ Watch for obstructions and power lines. Maintain at least
10 feet from energized power lines at all times.

¡¡ Use proper hand signals when communicating with crane

Selection of the sling is only the first step in the rigging
process. The next step is learning how to safely use it to hold
and move a suspended load. There are four primary factors
to consider when lifting a load safely. These are:

¡¡ Load Size, Weight, and Center of Gravity – The
center of gravity of an object is that point at which the
entire weight may be considered to be concentrated. To
make a level lift, the hoist hook must be located directly
above this point. If the hook is too far to either side of
the center of gravity, dangerous tilting will result, causing
unequal stress in the sling legs. Load imbalances must be
corrected immediately.

¡¡ Number of Legs and Angle with the Horizontal
– The smaller the angle between the sling legs and the
horizontal, the greater the stress on the individual sling
legs. This increased stress effectively decreases the weight
that can be safely lifted with any given sling size. Large
(heavy) loads can be safely moved by keeping this angle
as large as possible and, when necessary, distributing the
weight of the load among more sling legs.

94 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

¡¡ Rated Capacity of the Sling – The rated capacity by the manufacturer. These signs indicate that the sling may
of a sling varies depending upon the type of material be unsafe and must be removed from service immediately.
the sling is made of, the size of the sling, and the type
of hitch. Workers must know the capacity of the sling, WIRE ROPE
and can obtain this information through charts or tables Wire rope is composed of individual wires that have been
available through the manufacturer. The rated capacity of
a sling must not be exceeded, under any circumstances. twisted to form strands. Strands are then twisted to form a
wire rope. When wire rope has a fiber core, it is usually
¡¡ History of Care and Use – Mishandling and misuse more flexible but less resistant to environmental damage.
of slings are the leading causes of sling failure. Following Conversely, wire rope with a core that is made of a wire rope
the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper care and strand tends to have greater strength and is more resistant to
use are essential for maximum sling service life and safety. heat damage.

SELECTION, USE, AND When selecting a wire rope sling to give the best service,
INSPECTION OF SLINGS there are four characteristics to consider: strength, ability to
withstand fatigue (e.g., to bend without distortion), ability
Workers involved in hoisting and rigging must exercise to withstand abrasive wear, and ability to withstand abuse.
care when selecting and using slings. The selection of
slings should be based upon the size and type of the load, Strength – Strength of wire rope is a function of its size
and the environmental conditions of the workplace. Slings (e.g., diameter of the rope), grade, and construction, and
should be visually inspected before each use to ensure their must be sufficient to accommodate the maximum applied
effectiveness. Improper use of hoisting equipment, including load.
slings, may result in overloading, excessive speed (e.g.,
taking up slack with a sudden jerk, shock loading), or sudden ¡¡ Fatigue (Bending without Failure) – Fatigue failure
acceleration or deceleration of equipment. of wire rope is caused by the development of small cracks
during small radius bends. The best means for preventing
Factors to consider when choosing the best sling for the job fatigue failure of wire rope slings is to use blocking or
include size, weight, shape, temperature, and sensitivity of padding to increase the bend radius.
the material being moved, and the environmental conditions
under which the sling will be used. The following guide may ¡¡ Abrasive Wear – The ability of wire rope to withstand
be useful in selecting the appropriate sling: abrasion is determined by the size and number of the
individual wires used to make up the rope. Smaller wires
CHAINS bend more readily and offer greater flexibility, but are
Alloy steel chains are strong and able to adapt to the shape less able to withstand abrasion. Larger wires are less
flexible, but withstand abrasion better.
of the load. Care should be taken when using chain slings
because sudden shocks will damage them. This may result ¡¡ Abuse – Misuse or abuse of wire rope slings will result
in sling failure and possible injury to workers or damage to in their failure long before any other factor. Abuse can
the load. lead to serious structural damage, resulting in kinks or bird
caging. (In bird caging, the wire rope strands are forcibly
Chain slings must be visually inspected prior to use. During untwisted and become spread outwards.) To prevent
the inspection, pay particular attention to any stretching, injuries to workers and prolong the life of the sling, strictly
nicks, gouges, and wear in excess of the allowances made adhered to safe and proper use of wire rope slings. ISSUE #1 - 2019| 95

Wire rope slings must be visually inspected before use. material, shock loading (e.g., excessive speed, rapid
Slings with excessive broken wires, severe corrosion, acceleration or deceleration) of slings should be
localized wear, damage to end-fittings (e.g., hooks, rings, minimized. However, it should be noted that synthetic
links, or collars), or damage to the rope structure (e.g., kinks, web slings can absorb heavy shocks without damage.
bird caging, distortion) must be removed from service and
discarded. ¡¡ Temperature Resistance – The lifting capacity of
synthetic web is unaffected by temperatures up to 180

Wire rope slings must be visually ¡¡ Economy and Long Life – Synthetic web slings have a
inspected before each day’s use. low initial cost and a long service life. They are unaffected
by mildew, rot, or bacteria, resist some chemical action,
The operator should check the twists or lay of the sling. and have excellent abrasion resistance.
If ten randomly distributed wires in one lay are broken,
or five wires in one strand of a rope lay are dam­aged, Synthetic web slings must be inspected before use and
the sling must not be used. It is not sufficient, however, should be removed from service if found to have acid or
to check only the condition of the wire rope. End fittings caustic burns, melting or charring of any part of the surface,
and other components should also be inspected for any snags, tears, or cuts, broken stitches, distorted fittings, or wear
damage that could make the sling unsafe. or elongation beyond the manufacturer’s specifications. n

To ensure safe sling usage between scheduled
inspections all workers should participate in a safety
awareness program. Each operator should keep a close
watch on those slings he or she is using. If any accident
involving the movement of materials occurs, the operator
should immediately shut down the equipment and report
the accident to a supervisor. The cause of the accident
should be determined and corrected before resuming

Fiber rope and synthetic web slings are used primarily for

temporary work, such as construction or painting, and are
the best choice for use on expensive loads, highly finished
or fragile parts, and delicate equipment.

Fiber rope slings deteriorate on contact with acids and
caustics and, therefore, must not be used around these
substances. Fiber rope slings that exhibit cuts, gouges,
worn surface areas, brittle or discolored fibers, melting,
or charring must be discarded. A buildup of powder-like
sawdust on the inside of a fiber rope indicates excessive
internal wear and that the sling is unsafe. Finally, if the rope
fibers separate easily when scratched with a fingernail, it
indicates that the sling has suffered some kind of chemical
damage and should be discarded.

Synthetic web slings are commonly made of nylon,
polypropylene, or polyester and have the following
properties in common:

¡¡ Strength - Depending upon their size, synthetic web
slings can handle loads of up to 300,000 pounds.

¡¡ Convenience and Safety - Synthetic web slings
adjust to the load contour and hold it with a tight, non-
slip grip.

¡¡ Load Protection - Unlike other sling materials,
synthetic web is less likely to mar, deface, or scratch
highly polished surfaces.

¡¡ Shock Absorbency - Regardless of the construction

96 | ISSUE #1 - 2019


SERVICES • E Buildings
• MCC Buildings
• Project Construction & Management • Living Quarters
• Full Service Engineering & Design • Piperack Modules
• Marine Loading Terminals • Utility Modules
• Fixed Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities
• Worldwide Procurement

Complete with Onsite Construction & Installation Services!

919 Bishop Road | Ingleside, Texas 78362
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The Historic Fishing Bridge was built in 1937 in the 1.2 cu ft per kit. The epoxy grout, due to its outstanding flow
heart of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. It was characteristics, was able to completely fill in all voids, cracks and
once an attraction for fisherman from all over the country checks in the piles. Finally, the tops of the Jackets were sealed off
due to the abundance of cutthroat trout. It is now one using a special brown color SeaShield SplashZone UW Epoxy.
of the featured attractions for hundreds of thousands
of Yellowstone Park tourists on an annual basis. The All together the project included 1,440 LF of 17” dia. SeaShield
structure is supported by 162 each 15” timber piles that, Fiber-Form Jackets and 575 kits of the SeaShield 550 Epoxy Grout.
over the years, were beginning to see deterioration from Installation took place during the late summer of 2018 and was
water line to mud line. The SeaShield Series 500 System completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule. The contractor was very
was selected as the system for complete encapsulation of pleased with the ease of installation of both the Fiber-Form Jackets
all piles. and the 550 Epoxy Grout.

The project included the complete encapsulation of all 162 The Series 500 System provides excellent compressive, flexural
piles using 17” dia. SeaShield Fiber-Form jackets that yielded a and tensile strength, as well as outstanding bond strength to the
minimum ½” annular space. The jackets were constructed 3/16” timber piles. The system also provides weathering protection,
thick and to a special brown color to closely match the existing including outstanding abrasion and UV resistance. The system
piles. The annulus was then pumped and filled with the SeaShield will provide many years of additional service life to the Historic
550 Epoxy Grout. The epoxy grout kits consisted of 3 gallons of Yellowstone Fishing Bridge. n
2-part epoxy and 2.5 ea 50 lb. bags of Part C Aggregate yielding

98 | ISSUE #1 - 2019

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