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Published by minnim, 2019-05-07 03:08:53


TyDpEeSfIaGcNesU S


Around Me

Typography Is
ArtCreated With

Words A


"In typography, a typeface (also known
as font family) is a set of one or
more fonts each composed of glyphs that
share common design features."

- Wikipedia

"A typeface is a set of characters of the
same design. These characters include
letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and
symbols. Some popular typefaces include
Arial, Helvetica, Times, and Verdana.
While most computers come with a few
dozen typefaces installed, there are
thousands of typefaces available. Because
they are vector-based (not bitmaps),
typefaces can be scaled very large and still
look sharp. The term "typeface" is often
confused with "font," which is a specific
size and style of a typeface. For example,
Verdana is a typeface, while Verdana 10 pt
bold is a font. It's a small difference, but is
good to know."


Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life
Typeface in everyday life

Typeface in everyday life
Typeface in everyday life

Typefaces are everywhere

Typefaces can be found all around us. They're in
business cards, billboards, magazines, advertises
flyers, etc. It is hard to look anywhere in the city
without seeing one. Typeface is an important tool
for branding. We see a certain kind of font and
our mind goes straight to the brand or the
business that uses that font. It is clever and
effective way to make sure the brand will be in
peoples minds

For example:






Times New Romana


League Gothic

Comic Sans

Typefaces are divided to two
categories; serif and sans serif.
Serif typefaces includes small

details at the en of all the
letters. Sans serifs lack the


Digital format of typeface has
been the dominant format
since 1980. Image of each

character on digital fonts are
stored as bitmap font or a
vector font.

Emojis are a type of typeface
that has become more popular
amongst the people. Using them
is like going back in time to the

agent Egypt with their
hieroglyphs. First invented in
Japan, Emojis are nowadays
commonly part of smartphone

and computer systems.

Typefaces and Me

Typefaces has become more and more important
tool for me in my everyday life. When I was

younger just learning to use microsoft word for
school projects and presentations, fonts, colors,
their sizes and forms were just fun way to make
the presentation to look more vibrant. It would

take me good half an hour to make a headline
while trying to decide how to make it look just
right. Then it was just to impress the classmates
with my word skills. Nowadays it can take me
just as long to find the right fonts and looks for
the headline and for presentation since I have a
message I want to send, not just with my words,
but the looks of them. I need make my text look

professional, but also take the customer in
consideration. I have to make sure my choices

represent me and my perspective but also
respects the task that I have been given.  

The quick


jumps over

the lazy


Is a sentence that uses every letter of the english alphabet, perfect
for testing different typefaces

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