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Like It Ruff, Vol. 8

Like It Ruff, Vol. 8

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The Wr it e One
2018/ Volume 8/ W INTER

HAPPY Photo credit: Copyright © 2018
HOLIDAYS Bing Search Ruff Writing,LLC.
All rightsreserved


Photo - INTRO







W hen I first had theideaof creating LikeIt ,Ruff, I wanted to showcaseinterviewsof various
individualsfrom music artiststo actorsto comediansto motivational speakers. I set out to make
contact with thesepeopleand createarelationship beforeasking for theinterview. Turnsout,
therearesomepretty cool industry folk out there. All theway down to thepublicists. I haveso

many interviewslined up, I had to createmoresectionsof themagazine.
W hen I first started writing, I wasan emcee. I wroterhymesand performed rap. Then, I ventured

into stand up comedy. I wanted to continueentertaining people, but I grew out of therap artist
scene. I tried my hand at making folkslaugh. Turnsout, I'm pretty good at it. But, I still wanted to

write. And not just jokes. I wanted to write, articles, storiesabout people, placesand things. I
found TheGood Men Project. I started writing articlesabout onceor twiceamonth. I graduated

to writing asaweekly columnist. I perfected my craft and owemuch of my successto what I
learned whilewriting for TheGood Men Project.

I started my own freelancewriting company which quickly grew into thismagazine, LikeIt, Ruff.
And I decided to start each issuewith drink reviews, 'M-Bibe' and then an interview, followed by
thebook of themonth. Blessyou with alatest concert review, and someexclusivepictures. Then,
play alittle game of the'Dozens'. Well, not really theDozens. Just alittlejokey jokesection. Then

I thought, nobody tellsmeabout any real placesthat I visit. Let mestart by reviewing someof
theseregular spotsfor usregular folks. Ain't no reason to bereading about aplaceyou arenot
going to. 'Been Around theW orld' isdedicated to thetraveler who goes to placesliketheDC
Harbor, theNational Museum of African American History. Nothing extra. Lotsof local spots.

Averagehopping, on an averageperson salary.
Now. On theheelsof asixth edition, yes, volume6 issueof LikeIt, Ruff, I havemadeafew
changesand additionsto themag. For starters, I haveanew cover format. Hopeyou likeit. I've
added moviereviews. Check what Ruff likesin thetheaters, today You'll loveit.
Expect moremusic reviewsand variousinterviewsfrom guest authors.

Please, read and enjoy. And moreimportantly, share!


Par en t com pan y Ru f f Wr it in g, LLC. t o Dr op ?Lik e It Ru f f ?
New Name of Magazine ? The Write One

Nor t h er n , VA: Nearly three quarters after Ruff Writing, LLC. launched its
signature magazine, Like It Ruff will change its brand name to The Write One.
The Write One will soon take on the branding of its parent company, Ruff
Writing, and assume its new identity immediately.

Like It Ruff magazine was originally developed by Ruff Writing?s CEO, Saliek
Ruffin. The company?s CEO has agreed to drop its licensing agreement and
remove the name Like It Ruff from the company branding. The CEO said that the
company had been planning this name change along with other major strategy
changes. Ruff Writing also manufactures video marketing products online.

When asked about the magazine name change, the Assignment Editor of Like It
Ruff shared that this re-branding solidified the commitment of Ruff Writing and
its intentions on becoming the industry?s greatest voice of the voiceless. As well
as being the #1 go to media company for entertainment and travel.

Ruff Writing is a media company that can help enhance a business?stakeholder
value with the help of editorials and video marketing. Ruff Writing, LLC. released
its first video marketing packages to the market in the Spring of 2018 and in the
Fall of the same year, released its Special Edition of Like It Ruff to commemorate
its love and respect for Walt Disney World, Orlando, which will appear under the
new brand, The Write One.


I ntroducing acomic strip created by Ruff W riting

to 'spark' conversation.
Spark-Ski and Dutchessaretwo 18 year old Black
teensliving in theinner city, who often have
conversationswith each other about issuesof the
world today.


verb im·bibe\ im-?b?b\

Sak e V S Beer

Photo credits:


Photo credits:

By Saliek Ruffin

SakeVSbeer isnot necessarily true. It isbelieved that Sakeisa
Japanese rice wine.

So, how can onecompareSaketo beer?Isit truly acomparison or simply a
pairing, son?

Sakeisgood by itself, but it issaid to bemoreenjoyablealongsideof agood
beer. Ever heard of theSakebomb?Pour that Sakeshot straight into your brew.


Some people write rhymes, songs and poetry. Other people write novels, documentaries and
fiction. I have always been one with the ability to do both. And with the experiences I have in
writing rhymes and writing books, I give birth to you, ?Rhymes With Funny. A Poetic Comedy.?

Nothing in this book actually rhymes with the word funny. I?m simply writing rhymes with a funny
twist. Hence, ?Rhymes With Funny.?And speaking of funny. Isn?t hence a funny word? Well, it is to
me. One of those words, folks always using, and to see or hear it being used, I always giggle. And
think to myself, ?They trying to sound smart. Hence. Humph.?

Some words they fit with what you trying to say,
Others, they should just be kept away.
Hence, therefore, thus far and such,
Some smart dumb asses just use them too much.
I, too, am guilty, charge me a fine,
Don?t matter how much, I aint got a dime.
Happy Reading ~ Freak Saliek




The Wr it e One
2018/ Volume 8/ W INTERl

ARETHA Photo credit: Copyright © 2018
FRANKLIN Ruff Writing,LLC.
Stephanie Pfriender All rightsreserved
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TRIBUTE John McCain 1936-2018

1936 - 2018 Copyright © 2018
Ruff Writing,LLC.
All rightsreserved


t hesear emov ies youshoul dsee...

Well. It'sbeen areally good season for new movies.
First on thelist of Ruff'srecent findsin thetheater isCrazy Rich Asians. I loved thismovie. Thismoviealmost
completely confirmed my forever thoughtsof theAsian culture. They got money. And lotsof it. Not only wasthis
movieinterestingly enough to go see. It wasagreat comedy. Rachel Chu did an amazing job playing thenaive
girlfriend of Nick, played by Henry Golding. They go to awedding in Singaporeand Nick also attendsabachelor
party. They spend lotsof money on lotsof fashion for thetrip. Nick'smother doesnot likeChu and shehasahard
timefitting in. Finally, shefitsin. Thefamily endsup being therichest Asiansin all Singapore. A must seeif you
areinterested in Asian cultureand somegood laughter.
Next up, I went to seeSearching. An internet moviebased on someof thedangerson theinternet. Onedanger in
particular, kidnapping children. Thismoviewasso good and twisty in theplots. Just so I don't giveup too much of
themovie(hatespoiler alerts), I will say this. It wasaheartfelt movie. Asaparent, I couldn't imaginegoing through
what David Kim went through. And to think, it wasall asick, twisted, sinister plot. Go seeit. Now!
TheHateU Givewasan excellent movie.. W ith all thepoliceshootingsin thiscountry, I thought thismight not be
agood timefor such asubject. Boy, wasI wrong. A story of apoliceshooting that bringsout thebest in ateen. See
thismovieand you may gain alittleinsight on 'TheTalk' amongst Black familiesinsidetheir households. I had The
Talk with my sonsjust asRussell Hornsby hasTheTalk with hisdaughter. Hiswasabit moremilitant, yet relevant
for it'stime.
If comedy iswhat you arelooking for, 'Nobody'sFool' isyour movie. Star studded cast and oneheck of amovie.
Tiffany Haddish, TikaSumpter, Omari Hardwick, and W hoopi Goldberg makefor another Tyler Perry hit.
Overlord wasunexpected.W asn't ready for thisone. My wifesaid 'Let'sseeamovie.' And Overlord wasit. Turned
out to beagood war movie. Never really ever wasthewar movietype. But thiswassortadifferent. If war moviesis
your thing, Overlord isyour movie. PictureNazi marriesaZombieand hastonsof babies. Sort of on thoselines.

And my most recent theatrical excursion was'Creed 2'. Great movie. Perfect
sequel. Had meon theedgeof my seat all night.Niceto seeSly back asRocky
and young Creed doing histhing. If you can remember theoriginal Creed and
Creed 1, theson, you will simply lovethissequel.


Cal endar


The Equalizer 2
The M eg
M ission Im possible


W hite Boy Rick 9/14
A Sim ple Favor 9/14
Night School 9/28


The Oath 10/12
Hallow een 10/19
The hate U Give 10/19


Bohem ian Rhapsody 11/02
Nobody's Fool 11/02
Robin Hood 11/21

M ov i e goer and A M C A -Li st member


Tarik Edmondson G
Saliek Ruffin, LikeIt, Ruff andRuff Writing, LLC. I
CEOInterview E
August, 2018 s
Black, independently owned footwear company that deals p
directly with manufacturer and will providethisservice
for everyone.
F v

THEW RITEONEMAGAZINE TarikEdmondsonInstagram

Good afternoon, thisisSaliek
Ruffin of Ruff W riting, and
I?m super excited to beherewith
acclaimed entrepreneur Tarik
Edmondson. Tarik isgoing to be
sharing histhoughtsand ideas
on entrepreneurship and Black
Welcome, Tarik Edmondson...
For completeinterview, please
visit thelink below.
https:/ / negast/




AlternativeDisputeResolution ("ADR") tribes. Mediation hasalso becomea
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SETTLING DISPUTESOUTSIDE outsideof thecourtroom. ADR typically Arbitration isaversion of trial involving
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AN ARBITRATOR TO SETTLE havebegun experimenting with ADR Thepanel then issuesawritten decision,
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THEW RITEONEMAGAZINE tailored to theneedsof all parties, award isnow enforceableunder both state
likelihood of aspeedy settlement, and federal law. In 1958, theConvention
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theparties?reputationsand relationships. Foreign Arbitral Awards, or the"New
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awidegamut of case-typesranging from
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negotiationswith NativeAmerican Indian




https:/ /
Sadaf Nayab, Law Student, 2nd yr. BALLB,
Jamia millia islamia.





How to useyacht cruisesto becomemoresocially popular. Or theenvy of somefriends, at theleast. Royal Caribbean and
Carnival cruiselinesused to bethehappening thing. Back in theday when you wereyounger. Yeah, maybe.

But, now you'reolder. Morematureand haveafew moredollarsin thebank. So theclassof peopleyou tend to associate
yourself with now, do different things. So, now, you do different things. That weekend cruisevacation on Carnival, hasnow
turned into a7 day cruiseon ayacht. Everybody'sdoing it.

Everybody who'sgot money. That is. Your friendsdescribetheyacht to you. They tell you thedifferenceit makesto cruisethe
sameseason ayacht. They even tell you that theseyachtstravel to different placesthan theordinary cruiseships. It soundsso
intriguing. You havethetalk with themissus. You two agreeon acruise. A timetable. And asavingsplan. It'sonly afew grand
morethan Carnival.

But, theguyshavebeen raving about thisyacht thing. Every day it'sthesamething. Seven nightshere. Ninenightsthere. A
cruiseto Greece, Italy, Portugal. And not theaveragedestinations. Theseareyacht cruises, so you cruiseto exquisitepaces. Just
likeCarnival and Royal Caribbean havetheir own islandsand cruises. Theyachtshave their own privatedestinations.

For about fiveto ten grand, sometimestwenty. You can cruiseto beautiful Italy, Greece, Turkey. Anywherein theWest
Mediterranean. Enjoy apeaceful, serenecruiseacrosstheMediterranean and 'ball out'.

All your friendsaredoing it. It'stimeyou start doing it. So get out that tuxedo Beprepared for somestepping and somemore
stepping. Becauseasgood asyou'regoing to look. 'All aboard!'

But, thetux won't befor theentirecruise. Dressiscasual. Elegant casual by day. Casually elegant by night. Show up to show
out! Casual and sophisticated. Thesecruisesaredefinitely for thegrown and sexy! Send thekidsto Ma's. And comeaboard for a
good looking time.

Ask anyoneaboard theyacht. Isthisacruiseline?Theanswer in short. No way! Thisisayacht. Themost elegant, sophisticated
cruising experiencearound. And yacht cruising 'just ain't your typical cruising'. Theyacht boastsnot just elegance. But. Privacy,
serenity and sanctuary. Averagecruiselinesmay offer you your own suiteor balcony. But, whileaboard ayacht. It'salmost like
your own condo! Equipped with all thesameamenitiesand sometimesmore. Small spacebig enough to entertain in.

Most yacht cruisesgo to thesamedestinations. Greece, Italy and Portugal. Now, although thesemay very well bethemost
exquisitedestinationsout. Let'sjust say you don't wish to visit either of thoseplaces. You'vegot choices. Thailand. TheVirgin
Islands. Even Croatia. Two different Croatias, to beexact. Black and Red. And what'sthedifference, you ask?Well, apparently.
It haseverything to do with theroutessailed during 'Yacht Week'.

'Yacht Week' isaweek of sailing board ayacht for seven daysin Croatia. By far, thebest yacht cruiseI haveheard of. Now, I
must warn you. Cruising on ayacht isnot only different in sailing experience. Cruising ayacht, certain Skippershavetheir
guestsswab decks, help with thesailing and/ or cooking. Yes. Of course. You get to sun bathe, enjoy new friends, danceand
drink and play sports, even. Someof theCroatian cruiseshaveshipswithin theship. W hole, entirecitieswithin theship.
Amazingly adventurous. Guaranteed to bethebest seven dayswith your best buds. Ever.

And just asany good vacation. If you'reinto it. All inclusivedrink packages. thefancy restaurant deals, and even for theladies.
Thespaand wellnesspackage. Pamper yourself. You deserveit! Besides. Thecruisewasplanned with just that in mind. Right?

And if you happen to beon thecruisewith thefamily. Mom couldn't comethrough for you. There'san all inclusivedrink
packagefor thekidsthat includesvirgin cocktails. And if thekidsarewith you. Tell meyou took advantageof thekidscruise
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To keep theexperienceunique, you haveplenty of waysto relax, havefun and pamper yourself. Croatia, I feel istheplaceyou
want to be. Theblack and red routesarenot that different except they departurefrom different locationsand different days.
They both sail thesameroute. And I'm not so surewhat thefascination Croatiahaswith colors. But, there'stheBlueCavesand
theGreen Caves.

Haven't had that much fun yet?Try thetheatersor thecasino. Full casino and great theater. Musicals, danceshowsand plays.

Now, thebiggest thing that makesYacht Week rock. Meeting all thecool folksfrom all around theworld. Peoplefrom
everywhereand all walksof life. Not adull at all There'sdeck games, sportssection, Everything. You must beat least 20 on
someyachts, unlessspoken of long beforesetting sail. Theaverageguest isat least 25. Great maturecrowd.

Beforebooking your trip makesureto haveapassport and any other travel documentsyou may need. Themost important
thing I could say right now. Also. Croatiahasit'sown money. Convert!


Photo credit:

New music isalwaysapleasureto have. Aslong asyou havetheright music.
And for my Hip Hop heads, I am going to sharewith you someof thenew
music releasesthat Ruff like.
Thismonth I haveto admit, I found someheat in thesestreets. But I found
somegood music from somealready established artistsin and around the
industry. First, I got aquestion. W hat do you think thecurrent stateof
Hip-Hop is?Do you think today'srappersarereally adding to thecultureor
just theopposite?
Asfar asmy opinion goes, I'm at acrossroadsright now. OneminuteI'm
disgusted with theart and then thenext minuteI'm super excited, once
again. And then, BAM. Someartist pushesmeaway from theart, once

Old school to thenew ison therise. But wait. Foolishnessison therise, too.
I mean, what isKanyesmoking?Hesmoking that ish. Or hedrinking that
Kool Aid. Oh, yeah! Fasho! Heback in thenewscalling Ronald Chump a
father figure. Really?Not even worth my journalism. Next!


Speaking of Old School artists.
Juicy Jstaysrelevant ashe
drops'Gunz N Butter
alongside New School artist,
A$AP Rocky.

"Gunswith thebutter Photo credit: https:/ /
Gunsfor my brother
Camefrom thegutter W u Tang at it again. Jumping on yet another
Cocainein thebuttocks remix with anew school artist by thenameof
Raiseabox cutter TeyanaTaylor. Boy. Can shesing! Thetitle
Play undercover of thesong is'GonnaLoveMe' and sheisso
Paint in thehummer right about that. I loveher on thisjoint.
Skatewit' your mother." Definitely gottalook out for thisyoung lady.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


How about 3 seasonslater, after hisreleasefrom prison. Westill banging
hisjoint, 'Stay W oke'?I know I am, how about you?Meek Mill getsbusy
with Miguel crooning over theinstrumental in thebackground. So dope!
Glad to seethebrother out and making movesagain. I likeand appreciate
thejam and how hedropsscienceon usabout theINjusticesystem and
how thecardsbeen stacked against usBlack men. W oo! Preach!
Check out 'Stay W oke' at
https:/ / watch?v=IIUz_kkruFc

And let'snot forget how Em cameat thewholeindustry on some
'differencebetween meand you' ish. Eleven minutesof Marshall Mathers
freestyle. Sick! If you havenot yet, go download the'Kick Off'.
https:/ / watch?time_continue=5&v=TGW hv8JMyr8



ruf fwri t i [email protected] comcast .net
www.ruf fwri t i THEW RITEONE MAGAZINE

Can't find the
write things to

Ruff Writing
offers fast,
r em ar kab le
gh o st w r it in g
services and
co n su lt at io n .
Ruff Writing
offers writing
and editing
services to
businesses and
m or e.

Call for more






Ph o t o Play-lists, Politics and People.
cr ed it :
The Write One dives into waters where few journalists dare to go. Covering topics about
today's society, politics and prose. Bringing you
the newest and hottest music, reviewing the
greatest and latest books .Taking you on trips
around the world that are sure to delight and
fascinate your every interest as a world traveler.

What places to go, which people to see. What
music to enjoy. The Write One will quench your
thirst for real news about real artists and artistries
of your interest.

Our intention is not to satisfy our readers nor is it
to please our readers. Rather our intention is to
amaze our readers. Go. Read. Be amazed.

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