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Published by Supakdee Wannatong, 2022-07-11 12:21:08

E-Book The Weather

E-Book The Weather



Hello, everyone.
I am Boodo and here's
my interesting story.


This is my hot day.
I make a banana milkshake.

1.Put the banana in the jug.
2.Mash it well.
3.Mix in the milk.
4.Pour it into your glass.


What do you do when it is cold?

1.I wrap up well.
2.I keep warm inside.
3.I drink warm water.
4.I play outside.


When it is raining these are some of the things you may see.

Raindrops Puddles
on plants. forming.

A rainbow Frogs enjoying
in the sky. the weather.


When it is windy these are some of the things you may see.

Flags blowing. Fly your kite.

Windmills Ships
going round. sailing by.

Let's learn some words.

The weather (ภูมิอากาศ) Grammar
hot = อากาศร้อน What's the weather like?
cold = อากาศหนาว It's________________.
rainy = ฝนตก
windy = ลม Exp.
What's the weather like?
It's rainy.


อลิช พร๊อคเตอร์ และคณะ, the weather
ภูมิอากาศ,ครีเอชั่น ฟอร์ คิดส์ จำกัด

Thank you

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