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Published by Concept Publishing, 2019-01-07 10:17:53

Media Sales Group

Media Pack 2019

1 in 7
people are gym members
Source: UK Data, Fitness Industry Report
– May 2017
Would you like to reach 1,000,000 health club members?

As publishers of bespoke digital reward books that can be downloaded at 196 clubs across the UK, we can now provide you with an exclusive partnership with clubs on our high pro le banners and digital screens.
Who does your brand need to reach?
• Active Lifestyle, Sports, Health & Fitness
• 16 – 45s, male & female
• 52% female & 48% male
• ABC1 tech savvy, online shoppers
UK Marketplace
The last decade has seen a massive increase in Gym and Health Club memberships at all levels with year on year growth; to the predicted gure of 10 million+ or 1 in 7 of the population; a sector worth almost £5 billion in 2018.
Developing Campaigns
Flip books and discount coupons are obviously not new; however we have combined these, added web links, embedded video les and designed mobile optimised editions. These are sent directly from the club to members and can be additionally downloaded from a QR code on our banners and screens across 266 locations.
New quarterly editions
2019 will see the continued expansion of Digital Voucher Book campaigns working with all our distribution partners on a Quarterly basis starting with new editions in January, followed by you guessed it, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Digital campaigns designed around you
Cost e ective advertising
Our digital voucher books are unique, by providing very targeted advertising directly to health and leisure club members, with measurable analytics determining the return on investment.
Voucher advertising is now available in our publications across 2019 and 2020. Each voucher is carefully sourced to re ect member interests and aspirations with carefully designed campaigns that deliver valuable discounts with traceable redemptions.
With a small entry cost, we allow all advertisers to bene t from the distribution partnership with leading health club brands. Our audience are receptive to a range of products including: nutrition, entertainment, apparel, technology, holidays, supplements and healthy eating.
Who uses these Voucher Books?
We have exclusive agreements with 18 Leisure Trust Groups and private health clubs with 266 locations. Each club values the electronic edition as it is a key communication channel
and delivers unique member rewards on behalf of the club. Our audience has
an average age of
35 with disposable income to spend. The vouchers are redeemable over a 3 month period and are limited to a maximum of 30 with minimal competition per sector.

Advertising Rates
Month duration/ Number of vouchers
Target audience
Campaign schedule start date
Total (ex VAT)
3 - 1 voucher
April 2019
6 - 2 vouchers
July 2019
9 - 3 vouchers
October 2019
Month duration
Views per day - 10 second intervals
Views during campaign
Total (ex VAT)

Downloading the new voucher books could not be easier
Health clubs email their own editions to opted in members on a quarterly basis and we have demonstrated up to a 72% open rate as these are sent from a trusted source.
In addition, we provide freestanding D6 Digital screens in club receptions. This is a highly visible mechanism to target the entire footfall on a daily basis and the e-books can be downloaded on multiple occasions by simply scanning the unique QR code with
a smart phone camera.
Digital Banner Advertising
With our multiplatform campaigns, your brand can deliver involving or branding campaigns to over 100,000 people each day. Advertising is available in speci c locations, subject to availability.
• Targeted electronic campaigns and digital voucher inclusion
• Ad dimensions 1080 x 1920 px
• Only ve brands permitted per club every six months
• Change your creative every month • Inclusion of a QR code if required

“This voucher book looks FAB!!! I think in terms of o ers and design - every page looks so clean
- this is the best book yet!
Sue Madigan
Publicity/PR Manager, Pendle Leisure Trust
2nd February 2018

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