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Published by Lisa Jordan, 2021-01-06 13:23:00



In Loving Memory of May 14
Saturday, January 9, 2021 ~
Viewing: 2:00 PM Service: 3:00 PM
December 15
Marshall-March Funeral Home 2020
4308 Suitland Road

Suitland, Maryland 20746

The Lasting Memory

Irvin “TINY” Holley

IF YOU KNEW HIM, YOU LOVED HIM | Irvin Holley, affectionately known as “Tiny,” departed this life on Tuesday,
December 15, 2020. He was born on May 14, 1957, to the late James and Ida Holley in Washington, DC. Irvin was educated
in the St. Mary’s County Public School System and graduated from Great Mills High School in 1976.

After graduating, Irvin enlisted in the U.S. Army in August 1976, where he served as a Radio Mechanic, until his honorable
discharge in March 1979. His service included tours throughout Europe and the USA. Transitioning from the military, he
entered a civil service career in the Office Services Departments of Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis, LLP, and Oliff & Berridge,
PLC, both located in Alexandria, VA. Irvin completed his civil service career with Pitney Bowes Inc., retiring in 2017.

While at a friend’s birthday party, Irvin met the love of his life, Loretta. They were united as one on July 3, 2003, in Alexandria,
VA, and have been inseparable ever since. Irvin valued his relationship with his family. He and Loretta opened their home to
host many cookouts and parties throughout the years, for no special reason… just because. Irvin left a lasting impression on
everyone who was blessed to be in his life. All who knew him, knew that he had a loving heart and cared deeply for his family
and friends. Irvin accepted Christ at an early age. He later joined Ark of Safety Christian Church in Upper Marlboro, MD,
under the leadership of Bishop C. Anthony Muse.

Irvin had a humbling personality and charismatic smile. It was hard not to laugh at his playful sayings and facial expressions.
He formed tight bonds with loved ones and extended family/friends along the course of his life. At any given time, you would
hear him speak about how he valued the many family gatherings as a young boy in St. Mary’s County, MD. He reminisced
about boating, crabbing and fishing outings at Mom Beck’s (grandmother) in Cornfield Harbor, with his mom, siblings, and
many cousins. Along with his late sister Barbara, he would be one of the first to call family on holidays and birthdays to extend
well wishes.

Irvin had a passion for good food, cooking, music, dancing, traveling, and his favorite football team -the Dallas Cowboys-
which he proudly verbalized. Irvin loved watching game shows, most notably, Let’s Make a Deal, Wheel of Fortune and Family
Feud. He also enjoyed action movies and playing cards – Bid Whist and Spades. If there was a party, he was the life of it. He
would get cleaned up, put on a stylish outfit and some good smelling cologne, then he was ready to go! When the music started,
you would immediately hear him shouting “Yeah boy,” before attempting to sing the song. We can’t forget his famous seated
dancing…seated only because his knees were not as young as they used to be. Some people called him the “Dance King.”

He especially treasured the countless occasions spent with his close buddy and nephew-in-law, Carl. They had a love-dispute
relationship, similar to his relationship with his twin brother, Irwin. Even though they often had loving disagreements on
topics that went back and forth, and sometimes continued throughout the day, they had genuine, unconditional love for one

Irvin was preceded in death by his parents, James “Dot” and Ida “Liz” Holley, and sisters Audrey Holley and Barbara Hewlett.
He leaves to cherish fond memories, his devoted wife, Loretta Holley; Daughter - Tiara Glover (Kamal); Twin sons - Kendall
and Kendrick Holley; Stepdaughter - Chanda McGhee; Siblings - Jean Burgess (George), Audie “Buddy” Holley, Patricia Holley
(Chiquita), twin brother Irwin “Big Boy” Holley, Cheryl Duncan (Toney), Pamela Williams (Ted) and Vickie Medley (Mark-
deceased); Grandchildren - Sharif, Kayla, Jaiden, Malaysia and Myles, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

We Love you, Brother Irvin! Known to family and friends as Holley, Tiny, Twin, and My Dude

Order of Service



Old Testament: Job 19:1, 23-27
New Testament: Romans 14:7-9, 10-12

Pastor Chester Bigelow

I Really Miss You – 3 Winans Brothers

Zorina Pritchett

Zorina Pritchett

It’s All God – Soul Seekers feat. Marvin Sapp

Pastor Chester Bigelow



Friday January 15, 2021 10: 30 AM

Cheltenham Veteran’s Cemetery
11301 Crain Highway

Cheltenham, Maryland 20623

GMloriay’sHGuresabtaesntdJ...o y

Her Grandkids

Every day of my life I will remember the life we had together.
Holley used to say, “Babe, I got you.” I said, “I know.” Irvin
was my best friend, my love, my strong tower. I never had to
look behind me to see if he were there to catch me. We had
seventeen loving years together. Seems like they just flew by
because we never let the grass grow under our feet. We were
always on the go. Some days, we would have a party on our
patio, for no special reason other than the sun shining on
both sides of the street.

First time we met, Holley said, you are beautiful. If you ever
come back to Maryland, you are going to be my wife. He was
forward and bold like that, and he knew something I did not.

So, before I returned to Maryland, I wrote a prayer to God. I
asked God to control my marriage. I asked for a marriage
where my husband and I walked together in His grace and
glory. I asked that in my marriage my husband and I live by
faith in His word. I asked the Lord that in my marriage
through His grace and mercy, my husband and I be grounded
in His word, in love, in trust, and in faithfulness to Him and
one another. Amen

God gave me my heart’s desire.

Today, Holley would tell me to “Stand Strong Soldier”.

I love you!

A huge portion of my heart lies here with him.

Babes, continue to be my strong tower, until I see you again.

Meet me at heaven’s gates.

I will miss your wit, I will miss your charm, I will miss your
smile, just want to hold you in my arms.

Thanks for loving me unconditionally.

Love you forever! ~ Loretta _❤

...My Heart

To Our Father, with Love.

Our love was OURS! Something that from the outside
looking in, may be hard for others to understand. At
times it was even hard for us to try and figure out. But
it was there, unchanging, never wavering. We tried…
tried to give our best. Tried to learn and love one
another, through life’s joys and challenges.

We could have been better! We could have been more!

We could have been a whole lot more!

That ‘could have’ never will take away my love for you
and the love you had for me.

It was special, it was unique, it was US.

The day you entered eternal rest, my hope for what
could have been died with you. My love for you is
eternal and will live on. So, I will cherish every good
memory. I will hold your love in my heart and mind
the rest of my days. I know we gave it our best,
especially at the end, so rest. Rest in power and rest in
the love I will always have for my father, as grief is the
price we pay for love.
~ Love, Tiara_❤

Twins Share an Unbreakable Bond

Dear Brother, your memory will never fade.
Now that you are gone, you’re no longer here to share
the bond we had together - a bond of love and care.
Yet somehow, something tells me you are watching over
me. Now, from worldly cares, you are finally free.
I miss you so much, and my tears I cannot hide.
Yet, within my heart, I feel you always by my side.
Ever since you went away life has not been the same,
yet it comforts me to know, that one day we’ll meet again.
~ Love, Your Twin Brother - Irwin Holley❤

Dedication to Our Brother

In Loving Memory… I Miss You Always, Brother

My heart has been left broken since the day you had to go.
And the memories it reassures dearly are in the tears that still flow.

You’re in my thoughts every day and that’s how it will always be.
For you may be up in heaven now, but you’ll always be with me.

If only I could have the chance to see your face once more.
Or to hear your voice one final time. Just like it was before.

The day that heaven calls for me will be a relief from all this pain.

I’ll run to you with open arms and we will meet again…

~ Love, Your Baby Sister - Vickie Medley_❤ Tiny, I miss you so much, laughing together, crying together, eating…

Oh boy! I don't know who put away more food you, Big Boy or me. I

will miss your phone calls, hearing you say that you love Toney and I,

and wanting to check in on the two of us. The times you came down to

visit, we sat back, reminisced on the old times and how we have come

to a place in our lives that we are both so grateful to be, and to know

that God has truly blessed the both of us. I remember all of us together

at the Townhouse painting, we had a “painting” good time! I remember

the cookouts at your house when you had both Pam and Loretta hand

dancing… one on each arm... oh what I time we had! Through the years

you always said, "I am in God's Hands." That was such a true statement!

I will always love you, Tiny ~ Your Sister, Cheryl_❤

We Miss You Precious memories never fade. ~ Love, Patricia_❤
Our hearts still ache with sadness,

and many tears still flow.

What it meant to lose you,
no one will ever know.
We hold you close
within our hearts

and there you will remain.
To walk with us

throughout our lives,
until we meet again…
Cherishing the memory of
our dear brother, Irvin

~ Love, Jean, Audie, Patricia, Irwin,
Cheryl, Pamela, and Vickie_❤

Uncle Tiny | Thank you for always being there as an
uncle and father figure. I’m truly going to miss seeing
you and the talks on the phone. I will always remember
and carry everything you taught me. You will always be
love and missed. Fly High Unc and continue to watch
over us. ~Love, Warren and Ursha_❤

My dearest Uncle, your worth can never be told. Irvin | We’ve had many fun times just sitting
Your memory, the greatest treasure, your heart pure as gold. around talking about “whatever” came to our
We call you TINY, but what the contradiction… minds. We always agree to disagree with each
other. Insults and compliments were treated the
à Immeasurable - your love same. You get mad, you get over it. In your words,
à Limitless - your care and support “Holla at cha” or “get out my house.” I think you
à Epic - the life of the party just enjoyed saying it, because I never left when
Enormous you are, indeed, Uncle Tiny! you said it. We would just exchange a few choice
Like a father, a big brother, and always a best friend you are. words and move on to another subject. Enjoying
Today, again, I say THANK YOU for showing me being our favorite beverages and talking a whole lot of
kind, gentle and warm equals strength, and how your inner “Whatever;” that’s what we did.
light and care always taught me the right way.
I love you, Uncle Tiny. ~ Amour_❤ I’m truly going to miss you my Friend/Brother/
Younger than me Uncle in-law.
Simply Being Irvin | You had a resilience to face
life on your own terms. Styled with self-confidence; Rest In Peace, Irvin aka Tiny! ~ Carl
an infectious smile and charm. Your presence could
light up a room and you serenaded with laughter.
There was no false pretense with you, but
authenticity. You showed kindness and concern to
those who would receive. “Hey”, “Take a seat” and
“How You Doing?”… that was my greeting.
Thank you for loving my best friend with
unconditional love. Thank you for being there when
I needed you. My memories of you are ingrained
with gratitude for our friendship. I came to love and
respect you as simply being Irvin. ~ Zorina_❤

Family is Everything

Life of the Party

Family and Friends

The family of Irvin Holley gratefully acknowledges the many kind
and beautiful expressions of sympathy and love shown
during this time of bereavement.
May God forever keep you in His care.

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