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Detroit LFG Campaign Guide

The guide. Read it. Love it. Live it.

The Campaign Guide 

Inspired by: A Players Guide to Sanctus, Detroit LFG Campaign Setting
Original written & influenced by Craig D, David B, Alan H, and Kunal V

Updated by: Chad S
With influence from Jim W, Becca W, Adam L.F., Beau W, and Lennon

Updated by: Dev W
With influence from Jim W, Becca W, Adam L.F., Beau W, and Lennon

Release Version 2.0
October 2019


What is Detroit LFG? 2 STEP TWO: CHOOSE A CLASS 13





The Regions of the World 6 STEP SEVEN: DETAIL YOUR



VOREL VUR KORTH 8 Appendix A: FAQ 15

A WORLD OF MAGIC 8 Appendix B: FYIs 16



Adventuring in the Detroit LFG World 9












Create a Character 12

It Starts with an Idea 12


Campaign Guide.  players meet up every other week to continue the plot
from the prior session. We’ve all seen the memes out
A DOMAIN TO CALL YOUR OWN. there about D&D - people have a hard time keeping a
consistent schedule. So that’s where the LFG’s
Born from the need to reshape the adventure we call structure comes in!
D&D​ into a playstyle that works with busy,
working-class adults,​ Detroit LFG​ has grown to THE HYDRA DM
become something that fits with everyone’s schedules
and lives. This s​ pecial format​ for Detroit LFG gives us a few
advantages to your regular, run-of-the-mill campaign.
What is Detroit LFG?  Plus, it’s a style of play that allows people the ​flexibility
to adjust their time commitment to the group.
Lovers Of The Game.​ LFG​ stands for “​ Looking-For Multiple Dungeon Masters.​ The LFG is a format that
Group.”​ It’s an organization that anyone who is supports multiple DMs. Many DMs, many-headed,
“looking-for” a group to play with can join and not BAM​. It’s a Hydra!
have to rely on the same 4-5 people on a regular basis Multiple Places to Adventure​. Each DM brings with
to play the game we all love so much. them a separate region that they are in control over.
Ever-changing Parties.​ Your party may consist of
Our Mission Statement  different characters and players, depending on who’s
We at D​ etroit LFG​ want to promote an accepting, Multiple Characters.​ You are allowed to make as
diverse collective of​ Dungeons & Dragons many characters as you want with this style of play.
Enthusiasts,​ emphasizing a c​ ooperative gaming
environment a​ bove all else. Detroit LFG will always be 2
an ​open and safe space​ for players, and will always
have a focus on growth and acclimating new players
into the group and providing an immersive experience
through the world the D​ ungeon Masters​ create and the
characters the​ Players u​ se to drive the story of this
world. Every Dungeon Master and Player agrees to
bring focus to the table, and to allow all players to have
a voice in not only their sessions, but also the future of
the group, as we try to adapt to new ideas, new
material, new members, and a concept of growth
towards betterment of the group.

The Structure of the LFG

Detroit LFG is not the type of D&D experience most
people are used to. No, we don’t have the same 4-6


As we are an organization, we also feel the need to have UNLOCKABLE CONTENT
a ​“council”​ to help the group function. Every
full-fledged DM is automatically a council member. To make sure that new players can ease into this new
There are other specific roles as well (some of which style of campaign and play, we restrict new players to
may be combined under one person, or held by multiple only the ​Player’s Handbook (PHB) content​ when
people): they first create a character, as well as the ​“Standard
Array” for Ability Scores​ (more in the Character
The Community Manager.​ This is the individual(s) Creation Guide).
responsible for scheduling sessions and meetings, and
takes responsibility for administrative tasks. To promote a ​community of engagement,​ and to start
new player’s off with the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple,
The Scribe.​ This is the individual(s) responsible for Stupid) method, we have created a system of
taking notes at a meeting, creating documents, surveys, “Unlockable Content”​ to keep players pursuing goals
and more. throughout their time in Detroit LFG. The unlockable
content we have thus far are:
The Welcome Captain.​ This is the individual(s)
responsible for welcoming new players, helping them ● Variant Humans:​ Unlocked when you get a
get directed where to go, and managing the new Human to Level 10.
member survey.
● Dragonmarks: ​You can unlock the
The Architect.​ This is the individual(s) responsible for Dragonmarks when you get a character with
the website, our social media presence, and more the appropriate race for that Dragonmark to
public-facing things. level 10.

COUNCIL MEETINGS ● Non-PHB Classes, Subclasses &
Backgrounds: U​ nlocked when you​ g​ et any
Throughout the year, we will have ​Council Meetings character to Level 7.
to go over any s​ uggestions or concerns​ that have been
brought up, or if any books have been released, or a ● Non-PHB Races: ​Get enough “Renown” with
new edition arises. that specific race on a character you already
have. (Sidenote: Renown is essentially your
COUNCIL MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO experience points with a race/group/area/etc.)
● Point-Buy System: ​You can do the
If you are a member of Detroit LFG​, you are “Point-Buy” System when you get a character
welcome to come to the​ Council Meetings.​ It’s best if to Level 10.
you come if you’ve put in a suggestion as well, so you
can explain your reasoning. Council Members are
typically present at the meetings, as they are required to “Points of Light”​ refer to an area that is designated as
“safe”​ where you can find rest without worrying about
be there unless something else comes up. any dangers throughout the night. These are usually
cities, where your characters come back to after a
mission or adventure. Typically, you will end your
session in a​ Point of Light,​ but sometimes you cannot


or will not, and therefore you must schedule a session 16  5 
that will start from where you last left off outside of a
Point of Light.​ 22  6 

If you do not end your session in a​ P​ oint of Light,​ you 28  7 
are unable to: level up, trade items, collect downtime,
play in other regions or areas, do downtime activities, 34  8 
and more.​ If you are unable to play​ the “Part 2” of you
mission, you can message your DM and let them know, 42  9 
and then your character will have assumed to have
walked back to a Point of Light alone. 50  10 

58  11 


The way that we ​“Level Up”​ in our Campaign is via 76  13 
Checkpoints (CP)​. ​ Leveling Up​ can only happen
between adventures, and only if you are in a designated 86  14 
Point of Light.​ Further, you can only go up 1 Level
after a session - if you earned enough CP to go up 2 96  15 
Levels, you’ll have to play in another session to go up
that 2nd level. 106  16 

DMs will award a number of c​ heckpoints​ varying from 118  17 
1 to 4 ​depending on what happened in the session and
the choices that were made. If your characters 130  18 
completely failed their mission, but you had fun doing
it, you may get 2 CP. If you killed a dragon, saved the 142  19 
village, and you made choices that were effective and
clever, you may get 4 CP. 1 CP is typically only 154  20 
awarded if the session ends early for some reason, or if
the session goes against our Mission Statement in any  

The Checkpoint System is as follows: TRADING 

Checkpoints  Level  Characters are allowed to trade​ magic items, wealth,
and non-magical items​ received with one another. The
0  1  other character must be in the same location/​Point of
2  2  Light​ as your character. T​ his trade must be
6  3  witnessed/approved by one of the DMs​ in the campaign
10  4  and can be denied for reasons known or unknown (your
character may not know an item is cursed, for


All items must be traded for items/wealth of equal value DM and they can work with you on figuring something
to ensure fairness and balance,​ and the benefits and/or out. Downtime may also be necessary to use to do
detriments will be taken into consideration as well. things such as healing from a grievous injury, removing
a curse or disease, etc.

DOWNTIME  *​You can also expend weeks of downtime equal to
your level (if you are level three, that would be 3
Whenever you finish a session and end it back in a weeks of downtime) in order to earn 1 CP.
Point of Light,​ your character is awarded ​5 Days/1
Week of Downtime automatically​. You can also earn SESSION SUMMARIES 
extra downtime​ by writing Session Summaries, which
will be detailed later. ​Downtime​ accumulates on your At the conclusion of every game session players are
character during play, and can be used for many strongly encouraged to write a brief​ adventure
different activities between adventures. ​ These summary.​ This summary should detail the events, from
Downtime Activities Include, but are not limited to: the perspective of the character, and you can share them
on Discord in the “summaries” channel of the region
● Buying Magic Items ​(Ask a DM) you played.
● Carousing
● Crafting an Item ​(Ask a DM) Summaries do not need to be a narrative, or obsessive
● Crime in detail. They do need to share critical information that
● Gambling other characters would know after chatting with your
● Pit Fighting ​(Ask a DM) character at the tavern. Remember, s​ hared knowledge
● Relaxation can be the key to an excellent plot.​ You don’t have to
● Religious Service be a great writer to share your character's experience.
● Research Additional rewards may be available for a well written
● Scribing a Spell Scroll summary at the DMs discretion.
● Selling Items
● Training As a reward for your session summary,​ y​ ou get to
● Work pick from the following​: an extra 5 days of downtime
● Build a Stronghold ​(Ask a DM) for that character, an extra renown for each renown you
● Perform Sacred Rites earned in the session, or 50 gp x what your character’s
● Run a Business ​(Ask a DM) level was in the session.

These are all found in the​ “Downtime” ​Section of the DESTINY DICE 
PHB​, pg. 187, and ​Xanathar’s Guide to Everything​, ​pg.
126.​ If you don’t have the book, look in the At the start of every game session​ your character will
#players-resources​ channel on​ Discord​, or ask a have one point of Inspiration represented as the
DM/Council Member​ to help you out! You can post “Destiny Dice.”​ Inspiration can be used to gain
your Downtime desires/outcomes in the​ #downtime advantage on a single Attack Roll, Saving Throw, or
channel on Discord.
Downtime is not limited to the above activities - if you
have an idea for the use of your downtime, consult a

Ability Check. Destiny Dice last for one session and together, no longer concerned about nation, race, or
can only be used once. They do not accumulate. culture as a reason to divide. This retreat was known as
the E​ xodus​. The shared need to cooperate and survive
brought them together, and eventually to Sanctus. A
small island in the heart of a great sea.

The Detroit LFG  Some say the Gods lifted Sanctus from the sea to
Setting  shelter their people as a reward for working together in
the Exodus. Others say it was nothing more than dumb
A World Reborn.​ ​Gone are the lands of Faerun and the luck. The truth of why and how is not known.
Forgotten Realms. Gone are the lands of Eberron and Regardless of why or how, the refugees found each
the city of Waterdeep. These are no more in the setting other, and Sanctus. It was accepted that only by
of D​ etroit LFG​, as the that once was has ended by way working together could the peoples survive.
of d​ estruction​. Each DM has created an entirely new
region, and each one is ripe and ready to be explored by Millenia have passed since the Exodus to Sanctus.
new Heroes of the Realm! None of the founding survivors remain, but their
descendants have thrived on the island, pushing its
The Cataclysm  resources to the limits. In the modern age it is not
cataclysm and war that threatens the peoples, but
Long ago, the world was in a​ Golden Age.​ The races of overpopulation.
the world lived in harmony with each other, economies
prospered, kingdoms allied. Threats of old were To address the overpopulation, the C​ ouncil of Sanctus
dormant. The world was at peace. encouraged the exploration the greater world
generations ago. As the first explorers set out, they
Then the ​Cataclysm​ happened. No one knows when it discovered new lands beyond Sanctus that were no
occurred in the distant past, nor ​what actually longer in the throes of devastation, and were ready for
happened​, but the world fell to darkness. War, famine, the first settlers to come through. These new lands
and disease thinned populations. Great and destructive grew new cities and kingdoms, and before long, the
forces began to tear at the shape of the world, folding settlers discovered that there were many races who
the lands over upon themselves. The old mountains fell survived the Cataclysm, either through dormancy or
and new ones rose to replace them. Oceans receded sheer perseverance. Other races are entirely new - born
from their original shores and rushed into lands that fell of the Cataclysm.
beneath the seas. Great evil creatures walked the land
and caused devastation. What is known is that the Golden Age was ended by the
Cataclysm​ ​as many dangers and great evils have been
The forces of the light​ and civilization attempted to awoken. Now sheltered in Points of Light, or areas
counter the chaos, but the overwhelming nature of the where the common folks of these lands can feel a sense
cataclysm quickly set them into retreat. A few different of safety and security, Heroes rise from amongst the
races of lucky peoples began to search for sanctuary people to go back out into this world to explore,
discover, protect, and fight against whatever evils have
risen since the Cataclysm.


The Regions of the World  the problems that occupy their intimidate attention,
goblins, roaming bandits and of course, dragons.
It has been h​ undreds of years​ since the first wave of
explorers have gone throughout the lands, and thus new Even with the knowledge of the world at the major
settlements and civilizations have sprung up libraries fingertips, they have all lost contact with each
everywhere. However, only a handful of these other. Nine in all, these huge repositories of knowledge
settlements have become part of the travel network that have been forced silent by a great evil. What evil could
runs through the seas separating these lands. have such power? The adventurers must hunt down the
clues and put a stop to the evil that is causing this
For maps of these regions, see Appendix C. disruption. This is no easy task when the landmass they
are traveling in is 4,000 miles North to South, and
SANCTUS, t​ he Sanctuary 2,800 miles East to West.

Sanctus​ itself is both an island and a city. The island is The story the players find themselves in is filled with
sizeable enough to support the numerous peoples that mystery, intrigue, political subterfuge and thousands of
have thrived here after the cataclysm reshaped the NPC's to interact with. It is time to test your metal and
world, but too small to support their growth. The City see if you can brave​ the Wayward,​ for its secrets are
of Sanctus is a safe haven in the world, but the safety hard to unlock and the price for mistakes is high. On
has led to many desiring more beyond its borders. the other hand, the reward for success is telling all of
There was a time of chaos recently that led to a great your deeds and becoming some of the most powerful
conflict. After a war between good and evil just individuals in the land.
recently, the island was once again made safe, and
adventurers now leave Sanctus’s borders to search for THE CALDERA
The Caldera​ is a huge volcano at the northern end of a
THE WAYWARD massive continent that is partially collapsed into the
sea, leaving a broken ring of peaks sticking out of the
The land that is home to some of the most formidable water. Inside that ring is a peninsula and a beach that jut
creatures that most do not dare challenge. It is also out from the un-collapsed wall of the old volcano.
home to some of the largest settlements outside of There is a fort city called Bar Eilistraee on the
Sanctus. This section of the world is home to Humans, peninsula that is now the home of a few hundred people
Elves, Dwarfs and nearly every kind of humanoid you of various races. The Cliffside wall of the old volcano
may want to talk to. contains a dwelling built before the fort called Gathol
Vergadain. Both of these were built by a group of Drow
It has been many years since the Cataclysm occurred and Duergar who fled the underdark to escape the
and there are large sections of the Wayward still cataclysm.
unexplored. Some of which have been lost to time and
forgotten by most, but there are pockets of civilization Gathol Vergadain opens into a series of valleys that are
they are safe enough to find rest and a warm meal. This home to a large group of Tabaxi and good aligned Fey
section of the world is mostly unaware of the problems creatures who live cramped into the High Vale due to
with Sanctus and is blissfully obtuse to the problems the presence of 4 hostile groups of goblinoids in the
across the vast ocean. The reason for this is because of Middle Vale to their south.


Beyond the goblinoid groups is the Lower Vale and the A WORLD OF MAGIC
Plains, both of which are under the control of
elementals and their allies. Magic is ever-present in our campaign. While some
areas are more keen on magic than others, and some
Far beyond them, thousands of miles to the south are may throw you to the gallows just for performing a
the remains of two ancient empires, one Elven, the cantrip, no one can deny that magic is a force that will
other Human. never leave these lands. However, magic can have
unintended consequences, and the characters must
ARCANUS recognize that magic is powerful, dangerous, and could
have unintended consequences.
Arcanus i​ s a massive continent that has mostly been
cutoff from the rest of the world for millennia. Known One thing to note is that we are very RAW when it
as “The Gateway” to many ancient, powerful races, comes to magic - that is, Rules As Written. If a magic
such as dragons, giant, archfey and more, Arcanus is a item requires verbal and somatic components, your
land where the veil between the planes is thin, and character better be able to speak, and better have a free
those planes bleed over into these lands, causing hand open. If it requires a 300 gp diamond to be
distortions, crossings, conflict and more. Riddled with consumed, you better have a 300 gp diamond to use. If
a history of wars between the forces of different planes, it requires material components, you either need your
Arcanus has now been cut into multiple sections: Vorel arcane focus, or the materials for that spell.
Vur Korth, a sub-tropical area that is also a Kingdom
full of Outsiders that are the descendants of the first TRAVEL BETWEEN REGIONS
travelers from Sanctus to settle in these lands, is the
area most welcoming and familiar to adventurers. To To get to any region in our setting, your character must
the north is The Beyond, which is the only land outside travel by sea. ​No matter which region you travel
of Vorel Vur Korth currently known. from nor to, it will take 7 real-time days. ​ So if your
character plays in Sanctus on Sunday, that same
This is not a land to just wander around. During a full character cannot be used in the Caldera until the
moon, you might find yourself being hunted down by a following Sunday, otherwise they will take points of
pack of werewolves. You may slip into the FeyWilds Exhaustion​ equal to how many days fewer than 7 you
and find yourself coming back to the Prime Material waited. So, if you joined a session that was 5 days after
Plane five years later. Monsters from beyond slip the character you are using played in a different region,
through, and cause chaos amongst the denizens. If they would get 2 points of exhaustion. This Exhaustion
you’re not careful, you could be caught up in the chaos cannot be removed via any means, not even magical.
of the planes. They call it “The Rush Disease.” There are certain
magics working in the seas that makes all travel the
To keep the balance in check, the Keepers of the Light same no matter where you go, and thus nobody knows
try to create stable relations between the natives and the exactly how big the world is, for they are unable to get
Outsiders, and maintain the Hesjing Lighthouse, whose an accurate judge on distance between lands.
powerful, ancient magic prevents any rifts from tearing
the fabric of reality apart. These same magics prevent any other mode of
transportation between regions - including
Do you have what it takes? Visit Arcanus today!

teleportation, traveling through another dimensions, PLAYER-DRIVEN 
and more. By sea is the only way.
While the DMs are the ones that create the world and
THE OTHER PLANES handle the plots, i​ t’s really the players that drive
Detroit LFG’s setting.​ Players can reshape the world,
Due to the magics separating the regions, the areas of overthrow governments, slay powerful evils, and more.
the planes they are connected to are also entirely In Detroit LFG, we expect players to be the ones to
different. People believe the ​Cataclysm a​ ffected the come up with ideas for adventures, to use their
planes as well, c​ reating a rift between the planes​. characters ambitions and motivations to drive the story,
Therefore, the FeyWilds that you can access in Sanctus to help move the setting along into the future.
is completely different than the FeyWilds you can
access from Vorel Vur Korth. Players are expected to schedule sessions, join sessions,
talk to DMs, go after renown, join and create factions,
The Nine Hells, Shadowfell, the Astral Plane, etc, all build strongholds, argue with shopkeeps, start a shop,
share this same state of separation. If you play within sell, buy, talk to NPCs, follow plot hooks, create plot
one DM’s region and enter the FeyWilds, they may hooks, and more. ​DMs offer the sandbox - the players
have an entirely different Queen of the Summer Court, are the ones who shape the sand, if you will.
for example.
These separate points do not mingle, and thus any
information in one is not applicable to the other. This Sessions are broken up by T​ ier.​ A Tier is a level-based
also means that if you enter the Nine Hells to venture to indicator of difficulty, where a low-leveled character
another region, you will be unable to do so - you will would not be able to take on more difficult sessions.
only be able to appear in the region you entered from. The Tiers are as follows:

Adventuring in the Detroit  ● Tier 1 -​ Levels 1 to 4.
LFG World  ● Tier 2 - L​ evels 5 to 10.
● Tier 3 - ​Levels 11 to 16.
The world of Sanctus and beyond is ripe for ● Tier 4​ - Levels 17 to 20.
adventuring!​ ​ Heroes​ are needed everyday tasks both
big and small! It’s very easy to start adventuring - just A Tier can have a “​ .5”​ added onto it to indicate that the
schedule or join a session! By the way,​ there is no session would be deadly for lower leveled characters of
maximum or minimum​ to how many sessions you can that tier. For example, a T​ ier 2.5​ would likely be
be apart of - you can be in as many as you’re able to! deadly for a Level 5 character.

Any character who joins a session that is above their
tier​ may receive 1 extra CP​ for the session if they
contributed to it enough. Any character who joins a
session that is below their tier m​ ay receive 1 less CP
for the session. This is up to DM discretion.

* If you’re attempting to join a session that is outside
of your Tier, make sure to get permission from the


players in that session AND the DM before you 1. First, ​check to see what DMs are available in
attempt to join. the coming month or so via the Calendar.​ If
a DM is available on a day you are free, then
JOINING A SESSION  you can schedule a session in that region.

Joining a session is easy! 2. Figure out what you want to do ​- if there is
an available plot hook page or document, use
1. First,​ look at the calendar or the session box that.
in #expedition-hall on Discord. ​Find a
session schedule for a date you’re available. 3. If there isn’t one, or there aren’t any that
interest you, t​ hen reach out to the DM who
2. Decide what character you want to use runs the region you’d like to adventure in.
based on the Tier and the mission objective, Let the DM know where your character would
and your own objective. like to adventure and when you’d like to have
the adventure session.
3. Use the “@” tag feature ​to @Lennon
(Lennon is the current Community Manager). 4. Once you’ve settled on a date and mission
His name should pop up. Press enter. It objective, g​ o to #expedition-hall and
should tag him. @Lennon (make sure it tags him) and tell
him the following:
4. In that same message, g​ ive him the following - The character you’re bringing.
information: ​Your character, their level and - The region you’re bringing the
class, the Region you want to play in, and the character to.
date. - The Tier of the Session.
- Any extra info - like more roleplay,
5. BAM!​ He’ll add you ASAP. You’ll get a less combat, etc.
calendar invite - ​accept it and you’re - The Date & Time you want the
good-to-go. session to be.

*T​ here are a few things to note: 5. Once you have all of that, Lennon will create
the session,​ then you should accept the
- If you’re already scheduled in a session within calendar invite.
48 hours of that session, you’ll be waitlisted to
make sure others get a chance. WHAT CAN I DO IN A SESSION? 

- If you’re playing in that same region within 7 First, ​check to see if there are any plots available​ and
days, you’ll be waitlisted so others get a open that you might be interested in. Second, if that
chance. doesn’t help, message a DM directly and work with the
DM to come up with a mission objective.
- Make sure your character isn’t breaking the
“Travel Rule.” But it always helps to come with ideas of your own!
So here are some examples to help get you started:
● Try to get Renown with a race, faction or area!
No open spots in an adventure within your tier? Have a ● Try to find ingredients to a magic item!
specific task or mission in mind? Try starting your own ● Try to explore a new area!
session! ● Try to pursue a character goal!


● Try to talk to other players about plot hooks run out of stock. Try not to do the “haggling” too often,
they’ve discovered! or you’ll drag the session down and spend too much
time shop.
● Try to do work for local businesses!
● Try to do something for a faction you’re in! Any ​magical items,​ you must ask your DM what is
available. If you want something specific, you can ask
These are all excellent ideas to get you started, but once if they have it. Feel free to haggle for magic items.
you’re in the swing of things, session planning and
plots come much more easily. You’ll even find your BE COURTEOUS OF OTHERS 
character getting swept up in plots as they level up
because they’ll encounter bigger and bigger threats! As part of the​ “Cooperative Gaming Environment”
that we promote in our mission, we just want to remind
THE RAIDS OF LFG  everyone that you should play in a way that is courteous
to others. Make sure everyone gets a fair shot at
Every so often, a DM will have a more expansive story shopping, make sure you’re not wasting too much time
arc that will build up to a ​big, climactic battle. ​ These on your own endeavors, don’t run off on your own, take
battles are long sessions that have up to ​10 players bathroom breaks right after your turn in combat, be
joining in where they players will take on a strong conscientious of what is happening.
threat and possibly go up against an army. The Raids
are very risky events, but the reward is great! Be aware, be focused, share the spotlight and remember
your hero is one of a group of protagonists, not the sole
Characters will walk out with new items and weapons, protagonist of the story.
double the usual checkpoints, and lots of renown! If
they survive, that is. LOOT & THE ENDING OF 
These Raids will be drawn-out battle sequences of epic
proportions, with powerful foes, amazing scenery and As a way to keep the cooperative gaming environment
more. The DM usually goes ALL-OUT. Plus, snacks healthy and having good flow, D​ Ms will more often
and drinks are more than welcome! than not give the Loot for the session at the end.
This could be done in person or in a group chat on
Keep an eye out for any Raids that may be on the discord. Giving loot at the end of the session ensures
horizon! Usually raids are Tier 2.5 or higher, so that people aren’t spending too much time trying to
prepare accordingly! figure out what an item does in-game, and it also
prevents people from taking too much time deciding
SHOPPING  who gets what.

For the most part, assume that​ any equipment and Also, the DM will either share in-person or via Discord
items i​ n the P​ layer’s Handbook ​are all for purchase in the fallout or consequences from a session, if there are
the shops of major cities. To keep things moving any. This is a good time to take down notes for future
efficiently, be very decisive in what you want. If it’s plot hooks as well, or to decide how your character
equipment, assume you can buy it, and use the PHB reacts.
price. ​Tell your DM “I want to purchase 20
arrows.”​ If the DM says “Okay!” or something of that 11
sort, you deduct the cost of 20 gp from your currency
and you get 20 arrows. The DM will tell you if they

CHARACTER DEATH  It Starts with an Idea 

Your characters may die​ - some probably will. That’s Really, the b​ est characters are the ones you get
okay, and part of the game. Typically, it’s permanent, excited about. ​ Sometimes it’s easiest to do a character
unless a DM feels too guilty over the death (which is that represents yourself, or sometimes it’s easiest to
unlikely). create a character completely opposite of you. First,
create an idea that you really want to ​roll with​ (pun
If your character dies,​ post their death in​ #necropolis.​ intended). The first character is always the hardest!
Further, your character cannot share information about But, luckily, you can make as many as you want, so
the session they died in. You are sworn to secrecy, even if this one doesn’t work out, you can make
unless other players whose characters survived share another.
the news of the session first. That way, no information
is meta-gamed. Generally, we assume a character If you need help creating your character or need advice
shares information at the local tavern if they survive a on what to pick, feel free to drop a line in
session. After death, that’s mostly unlikely to occur. #character-help​ on Discord.


DMs will oftentimes make h​ ouse rules​ to improve the The following races are available for new players:
play at their table and help better their DM style. There
are also variant rules in D&D 5e that are optional that Human Half-Elf
we have included. Make sure to check with your DM Halfling Gnome
in a session about any House Rules they have so you Dragonborn Tiefling
can stay on top of it. Half-Orc
Dwarf Elf
The one Variant Rule to note is this​ FLANKING.
Essentially, if two allies positions themselves within 5 The ​subraces detailed in the Player’s Handbook may
feet of a creature on exact opposite sides of that be chosen if desired. T​ he human variant (PHB p. 31)
creature, they have advantage on all melee attacks. may not​ be chosen. Other races, variants and subraces
may become available and unlocked based on their
Create a Character  discovery through the course of play and the
accumulation of sufficient renown. This will be tracked
You know all about Detroit LFG - now it’s your time to and accomplished for each individual player.
make your Hero of the Realm. Below is the ​Character
Creation Guide​ that you need to get started on any
new character.


The following races are available for new player::
Ability scores are assigned from the s​ tandard array​:
Bard Barbarian 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.
Rogue Wizard
Warlock Sorcerer Assign these scores to your six abilities as you feel best
Ranger Fighter represents their strengths and weaknesses. Every 4th
Cleric Druid level you gain in a character class grants you a +2 to
Monk Paladin one Ability Score of your choice (to a maximum score
of 20), or +1 to two Ability Scores of choice.
As your character gains levels they can choose from
subclass options​ (path, college, domain, etc.) as listed When leveling up, your character may opt to take a
in the ​PHB.​ Other classes and subclasses may become Feat r​ ather than increasing their Ability Score(s), as
available and unlocked based on their discovery described in the PHB on p.165.
through the course of play and the accumulation of
sufficient ​renown​. This will be tracked and Unlockable option​: If you have a character that
accomplished for each individual player. reaches lvl 10, new characters you create can use the
Point Buy system.
Multiclassing​ is allowed as your character gains
additional levels. It is best if this reflects the choices STEP FOUR: CHOOSE A 
and journey of your character rather than a seemingly BACKGROUND 
random decision. As an example, a Fighter that chooses
a Wizard level when they advance may have quested A background not just helps inform your backstory, but
for the Wizards Academy, worked closely with an it also potentially gives you character extra skills,
adventuring wizard, etc. features, languages and more. ​ You can only choose
backgrounds from the PHB to start out​, but upon
Spellcasters can choose their spells from all printed reaching lvl 7, backgrounds from alternate source books
resources. Feats could also be chosen as you level up, are allowed, but the ones specific to a campaign setting
which can also come from all printed resources. - like House Agent in Eberron - won’t really work with
our setting, and thus aren’t usable.
*​Artificers are unlocked at Level 7. Artificer items
MUST be returned to the Artificer at the end of a If none of the backgrounds seem to really fit, you can
session. work with a DM to maybe rename one or tweak one
available to you to make it fit your character.

The initial backgrounds available are:

Acolyte Charlatan
Criminal/Spy Entertainer

Folk Hero Urchin


Sailor/Pirate Soldier purchase your own starting equipment from C​ hapter 5
Hermit Noble (p. 143-161) in the P​ HB​.
Guild Artisan
Outlander Starting funds by class:
Class Funds Class Funds
Paladin 125 gp
Barbarian 50 gp Ranger 125 gp
Rogue 100 gp
STEP FIVE: CHOOSE AN  Bard 125 gp Sorcerer 75 gp
ALIGNMENT  Warlock 100 gp
Cleric 125 gp Wizard 100 gp
Choose your character’s a​ lignment​ based on your
character’s motivations and philosophy of life. These Druid 50 gp
are the available alignments for Detroit LFG:
Fighter 125 gp
Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Monk 13 gp
Lawful Neutral True Neutral
Characters that change to an unavailable alignment, by CHARACTER 
any means, ​become NPCs​ until their alignment is
changed back to one of the available alignments. This Who is their Deity? What color is their eyes and hair?
should both be rare and include significant guidance Do they have a backstory? Amnesia, okay, that works.
from one or more of the DM’s. What drives them? How tall are they? Any scars?
Birthmarks? What is their biggest flaw? Their best
“Though we recognize that most players are able to personality traits? What accent are you going to use?
portray characters who run a wide range of Do they have a trinket (​PHB pg. 160​)? Siblings? A
motivations, we’ve decided to restrict alignment lover? A tragic backstory? Trauma? Make your
choices to keep groups from becoming too character your own. Don’t be scared to let the character
self-destructive.” kind of create themselves as they go - sometimes it’s
best to keep their details pretty light and add more as
- D&D Adventurers’ League you play them.


Choose your character’s ​equipment b​ ased on their As you play, you’ll need to track your character and
class package in the PHB. Alternatively, take the maintain a good record of practically every aspect of
starting gold appropriate to your class (see table) and them. This group runs on the ​Honor System ​when it
comes to most things regarding your character, but we


also have receipts for sessions and are able to pick up No. If you believe that your situation warrants special
when things don’t make sense. Play honestly and consideration, speak directly with a DM.
fairly, and make sure you’re keeping track of
everything, including the following: Can I multiclass into a Xanathar or Ravnica class
with my character after hitting level 7?
● Your Checkpoints
● Your Level Yep! You can even have another character that is level
● Your Items & Magic Items 2 take a non-PHB subclass.
● Your Curses, Injuries, etc
● Your Renown Can I use my own homebrew ___________ (class,
● Your Currency race, items)?
● Your Location
● Your Downtime No, as a general rule we try to stick by RAW (rules as
written) and published content from WOTC, for now.
*If your character is given a HOMEBREW magic
item, make sure to get a card or paper for the name Can I use Unearthed Arcana content?
and info about the homebrew item from your DM.
DMs sometimes forget, so it’s up to you to stay on top No, you may only use source material that has been
of this. printed. Unearthed Arcana usually changes overtime
because it’s playtested, so it’s too unstable for a group

Your heroes will generally gain ​renown​ with races, Can I become a DM?
factions, and more. Renown can be used to unlock
races, but also to gain access to areas to create Maybe! Go ask a current DM and then they can talk to
characters with, or to just get benefits for the character you about our process. We just want to make sure that
with the renown. For example, more renown with you’d be ready for that commitment, and have the
Sanctus may lead to the Council respecting your know-how and skills to be good for LFG’s community
opinion on current events more! of players.

Appendix A: FAQ  Can I advertise another campaign I’m in on the
Can I transfer items from one of my characters to
another? That would kind of be poor practice. It’d be best to just
message people you’ve bonded with directly.

Why is Dev so handsome?

He sold his soul to Satan.

How do I figure out what plots are going on?

DMs usually have a channel or spreadsheet with
available plots. If you don’t see one, or nothing strikes
your fancy, message a DM directly.

Why are there so many rules?


D&D is a game of rules. Plus, if we don’t have move at least 10 feet on foot immediately
consistent rules, then the group would probably be a lot before the jump.
more chaotic and confusing. Rules help keep things
consistent and controlled. ● We don’t typically track rations and water and
such - this is assumed.
Can I join the council?
● Don’t let the Healer die.
Sure! Let’s talk!
● Running away is always an option! Except
What apps do people use to track their character? when it isn’t.

People use things like, the Fifth
Edition Character Sheet App, Fight Club for iOS, and
more. If you need something - ask a friend or DM, they
probably have an app for that.

Appendix B: FYIs   

● If you need to find an ingredient for a magic
item, you can always use the Research
downtime to try and find a location.

● You probably shouldn’t try to steal from stores
in our setting, just because you’re trying to be
a “good guy” for the most part.

● A Nat 1 isn’t always a “critical fail” in fifth

● Nature is for knowledge, Survival is

● Drinking a potion is NOT a bonus action.

● You don’t always have to walk everywhere -
find a horse or a caravan or a ship.

● When you make a long jump, you cover a
number of feet up to your Strength score if you



Appendix C: Maps 

The Wayward




The Caldera


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