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Journal of Azure Pelleas

Journal of Azure Pelleas

4th Passing of Rynn

Master Mervayne has been relieved of duty, after being
deemed incapable of mounting a sufficient defence of
Kindle. In his stead, our forces are to be led by Pinescroft
- son of Pinescroft - and his elite entourage.

Though Kindle lies beyond the protective shield of
Stormguard, our hearts still belong there. Though none
below the rank of Pentanus know of the darkness that
creeps t’wards these walls, the men are gladdened by a
true son of Stormguard in command.

Prime Quadtrat: Primus Azure Pelleas

Duty: Wall defence.

II Quadrat: Pentanus Gaius Tubruk

Duty: Wall defence.

III Quadtrat: Pentanus Lyra Maidenfall

Duty: Wall defence.

IV Quadtrat: Pentanus Dalrich Bestenburg

Duty: Protection of civilian camp at Kindle Castle.

V Quadtrat: Pentanus

Duty: Protection of civilian camp at Kindle Castle

Kindle Scout Unit: Eizak Sleet

Duty: Advance scout

Quadtrats are bolstered by civilian
volunteers, who have been drilled by
their Pentanus and armed with shields
and spears.

…Probably a good idea to copy this from the field guide,
now Mervayne himself isn’t around to make sure the
men are in good form…

The Mervayne Square

The Mervayne Square represents a simple, but effective
defensive formation for militia equipped with shield and

Five soldiers, including a Pentanus, make up a Quadrat.
Ten Quadrats make a Line, led by a Commander, who will
typically command an elite ‘Prime Quadrat’ of their own.

Soldiers of a Quadrat are arranged in a square, with a
central position usually held by the Pentanus. See

Standard Formation

The two forward positions – or Foreguard
– maintain a vigilant shield wall, while
the rear positions – or Rearguard - have
the flexibility to attack from range, or if
under siege, maintain shield defence of
their own. The Pentanus takes a central
position, to command the Quadrat and provide ranged, or
frontline attack as needed.

Attacking Formation

When assaulting the enemy, the
Rearguard form a line with the
Foreguard, bringing more spears to
bear. The Pentanus commands from
behind the line.

5th Passing of Rynn

The men are restless. They know something more than
bandits are heading this way… and gods be told, from
what the scouts report, I’m nervous myself.

Mervayne always used to say that Kindle was the finest
castle on Argenta – before the Wyvern War of course.
The men think it’s cursed. This land hates men, and
anytime we raise Kindle, some gods forsaken darkness
comes to raze it.

But Mervayne is gone, and we have a job to do. We may
be few, but I’d stake my life on any one of these fine
bastards. The people of Kindle are relying on us.

We will hold the walls until the last, and if we cannot,
then we shall hold the river. If that is to be our final
stand, then we shall make it there. There is nowhere else
to retreat.

Praise to Fathom for delivering the four adventurers to
our walls. A son of Stormguard; a man that can read the
land better than even Eizak; that young lass that has
bested every one of my scouts, and that quiet one…
there’s something peculiar about him… if you know what
I mean. Gods, who am I talking to?

Pinescroft says aid is coming from Stormguard. I highly
doubt it, but I’d give all my gold to the temple if

I saw the banner of those Lutherians
on the horizon. I hope its true… Or
we might not last the night.

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