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Woodward Academy Summer Camps_FLIPBOOK 2020

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Woodward Academy Summer Camps_FLIPBOOK 2020

Woodward Academy Summer Camps_FLIPBOOK 2020

Main Campus Woodward North
College Park Johns Creek

Table of Contents From May 26 to July 24,*

A Letter from the Director of Summer Programs .............1 Woodward Academy Summer Camps
Get to Know Our Staff ......................................................... 2 offer enrichment, athletic, academic,
What Kids & Parents Are Saying ........................................ 3 and activity camps that are open to
the public and accessible through our
MAIN CAMPUS exceptional bus system. Join the fun!

Odyssey Day Camp ............................................................ 5 8
Have fun all summer long
Swim Lessons .................................................................... 6
Athletic Camps ................................................................... 6 180

Enjoy sports at any level Camp Offerings
Enrichment Camps ............................................................ 7
Expand your horizons Campers
Academic Camps ............................................................... 8
Catch up or prep for the coming year
WACtivity Camp ................................................................. 9 Woodward Staff

Stay active and engaged all afternoon 120�
Woodward North Camp .................................................... 10 2
Enrichment, Athletic, and Campuses
Academic camps in Johns Creek
WN WACtivity Camp ......................................................... 11 Bus Riders
Exciting afternoons in Johns Creek 8
Bus Stops
Meals ................................................................................. 12
Morning Supervision *All camps are closed the week of July 4.
Extended-Day Supervision

Bus Schedule, Stops, and Map ........................................ 13

Camper Credits ................................................................. 14

Registration (On Back)

Contact Information

Dear Campers and Parents�

We’re so excited that Summer 2020 is just around the corner!

This summer, we’ll debut a new enrichment camp for 4 year olds. Fabulous Fours will be offered at
Main Campus and Woodward North, in response to families who asked for the opportunity for their
younger kids to experience all that WA Summer Camps have to offer.

Our littlest campers will spend their mornings engaged in fun and
academically enriching activities with Woodward faculty members
who specialize in understanding the needs of four year olds.

Meanwhile, kids ages 5 to 17 can choose from a wide array
of academic, enrichment, and athletic camps where they can
learn and grow while making new friends. New camps this year
include Shark Week, when campers will learn all about what
makes sharks unique, from their skin to their teeth; Slime City,
when kids will make multiple types of slime and use it to conduct

Jump Start Geometry, which will teach
terminology and concepts to lay a foundation for a successful
academic year.

Now is the time to begin planning, so please take a look at
this magazine for a glimpse into what awaits campers in
Summer 2020. For all camp descriptions and to register,
go to
information and FAQs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me
directly as well.

I can’t wait to see you this summer!

Dr. Jamy Lea Juhan, Ed.D
Director of Summer Programs
[email protected]

• 404.227.5403 (cell)

Go to for all camp descriptions,
instructors, camp listings week by week, and other helpful
information and FAQs.

Follow us @WACamps!


“I enjoy camps because everyone involved has a summer
mindset for growth. We are all excited, relaxed, and
ready for something new and engaging to shape our
lives. As a community, we share this special and unique
time to grow, bond, and learn in ways that build lasting
relationships and lifelong memories. In addition, we get
to have a whole lot of fun, eat great food and snacks,
and play some wicked fun games!”

— Ryan Heming

Mr. Heming has taught and coordinated instructional technology in the
Primary School for 18 years. When he isn’t teaching computer, library,
and maker skills, he can be found mountain biking, playing ice hockey, or
jumping into glacial rivers in Iceland. Your child can join Mr. Heming this
summer for MineCraft EDU and Robot Wars, Bot Battles, and Game camps.

“I love making games out of everything we do in
camp, and I enjoy having extended periods of time
to work on STEAM projects with my campers.”

— Chuck Marshall

Mr. Marshall joined the Summer Camps team in 2017. He hosts a
variety of camps each summer including Introduction to Robotics,
Robot Warriors, and YouTube Juniorversity. Mr. Marshall teaches
STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) in the
Woodward Academy Middle School.

“The most enjoyable aspect of camp for me is the campers! Experiencing
their enthusiasm and willingness to explore creative activities makes every

me why I ‘give up’ my summer to host camps.
I always respond by quoting Rumi, ‘Let what
you love be what you do.’”

— Jasmine Wakeel

Ms. Wakeel is the Primary School After School Care
Director and a 2011 Woodward graduate. She hosts
a variety of camps including Slime City, Candytopia,
and “Nailed It” Baking Challenge.


What Kids � Parents Are Saying

“We are a new Woodward family, so basketball camp and
academic camp introduced our son to his new school
and allowed him to get comfortable with all aspects
of the Academy. Everything from riding the bus every
morning, making friends, eating in the cafeteria, and
meeting teachers prepared George to jump right in and

again next summer, and I would highly recommend
them to new or returning families.”

Carolyn Patterson, Mom of George (3rd Grade)

“My son loves Woodward Summer Camps. For years, he struggled
with learning how to swim. After only one week of swim camp,

the team at Woodward had accomplished in just one short week!
WA Summer Camps offer so many great classes that allow
the kids to learn while having fun. Marquis makes new friends
every year and speaks highly of the staff. We continue to have
positive experiences, and my son can’t wait to come back again
next summer!”

Katrina Bivins, Mom of Marquis (5th Grade)

“As a parent, I love the variety of the Woodward Summer More on the next page
Camps. My two daughters, Sophie, Class of 2024, and
Audrey, Class of 2026, have very different interests, yet |3

didn’t want to miss. Sophie (pictured) loved the expert
coaching in the Triathlon Camp as well as the extra
instruction she received in math camp. Audrey had a
literal blast in science camp. She came home each day
telling us about the objects she learned to propel!”

Ronda Zents, Mom of Sophie, (8th grade) and Audrey (6th grade)

What Parents Are Saying continued

“We loved having the option to choose different camps
each week to keep it fresh! Everyone was so friendly and
helpful, which made my son excited to go to camp each
day. We can’t wait until next year.”

Leticia McCadden, Mom of Jace (Kindergarten)

“I loved learning to code, and I made two apps during camp!”

— Elizabeth McGivern (5th Grade)

“We loved the convenience and versatility of Woodward
camps! Our daughter enjoyed seeing Woodward
classmates and making new friends while coding, learning
robotics, and participating in recreational activities.”

— Deb Houry, Elizabeth’s Mom

“Woodward Summer Camps allow for kids to have a
balance of both enrichment and fun. From coding video
games to swimming to learning new math concepts, our
son has had a well-rounded experience.”

Fonda Martin, Mom of Pierce (1st Grade)

“I loved science camp because I got to do all kinds of
fun experiments and learn the science behind them!”

— Evie Semaan (5th Grade)

“My kids loved the Woodward Summer Camps! What’s
not to love: entertaining and engaging teachers; caring
and supportive student helpers; not to mention the kids
raving about the food!”

— Jane Semaan, Evelyn’s Mom


June 1 - July 24
(Weeks 2-8)

Fill your summer with fun! Led by our experienced counselors Main Campus, College Park
and staff, our juniors (grades K*-3) and explorers (grades 4-6)
enjoy activities, entertainment, and crafts. Campers also can look Rising K *- 6th
forward to visits from exciting entertainers from around town.
Swim lessons are optional. 9 a.m.-4 p.m.


Carnival Days | Outdoor Water Activities | Athletic Tournaments | INCLUDES: Free morning supervision
Fitness Games | Artist Visits | Magicians | Animal Trainers | 7:30-9 a.m.; hot lunch; snacks
Daily Pool Time | And more! both morning and afternoon.

CAN BE PAIRED WITH: Swim lessons
(additional $50 per week fee, see page 6);
extended-day care (additional $25 per
week fee, see page 12)

*Must be 5 years old to attend Odyssey Day Camp $25 off


Add swim lessons to the May 26 - July 24
day! During our Odyssey
Day Camp or WACtivity Camp located on Main Campus, campers (with WACtivity Camp)
can work with swim instructors individually and in small groups,
divided by skill level. June 1 - July 24

(with Summer Odyssey Day Camp)

Main Campus, College Park

Rising K *- 7th

$50 per week

CAN BE PAIRED WITH: WACtivity Camp-Main Campus; Odyssey Day Camp

*Must be 5 years old to attend Swim Lessons

Athletic Camps May 26 - July 24
your skills in your favorite
sport—our camps are open to every athlete. Experienced Woodward Main Campus, College Park
coaches and counselors provide individual and small-group instruction
catered to beginners, experts, and every skill level in between. Rising K *- 12th

CAMPS INCLUDE: Morning (9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
Afternoon (1-4 p.m.)
Triathlon | Golf | Tennis | Football | Soccer | Baseball | Full-Day (9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.)
Cheerleading | Lacrosse | Basketball | Swim and Dive |
Half day $300 per week
And more! Full day $350 per week

INCLUDES: Free morning supervision
7:30-9 a.m.; hot lunch with morning
camp or full-day camp

Academic, or Enrichment Camps
on Main Campus

*Must be 5 years old to attend Athletic Camps


Enrichment Camps May 26 - July 24

Expand your horizons, build valuable skills, and explore new Main Campus, College Park
passions with our enrichment camps. From technology to dance,
robotics to cooking, these unique opportunities make a summer Rising K *- 12th
truly exceptional.
Morning (9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
CAMPS INCLUDE: Afternoon (1-4 p.m.)
Full-Day (9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.)
E-Sports | MinecraftEDU | Young Surgeons | Broadway Bound! |
Candytopia | Eagle Eye Photography | And more! Half day $325 per week
Full day $400 per week

INCLUDES: Free morning supervision
7:30-9 a.m.; hot lunch with morning
camp or full-day camp

Academic, or Athletic Camps on
Main Campus

*Must be 5 years old to attend


Academic Camps May 26 - July 24

Improve key academic skills or get a jump start on the upcoming Main Campus, College Park
school year with our incredible Woodward faculty and staff.
From writing and reading skills, to math and science work, to SAT Rising K *- 12th
prep—these academic camps will prepare you to the fullest and
push you to the next level. Morning (9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.)
Afternoon (1-4 p.m.)
CAMPS INCLUDE: Full-Day (9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.)

Actions with Fractions | Summer Reading | Boot Camp | Half day $325 per week
Study Strategies for Success | PSAT/SAT Prep | Full day $400 per week
Fun with Phonics | Summer Math | And more!
INCLUDES: Free morning supervision
7:30-9 a.m.; hot lunch with morning
camp or full-day camp

Enrichment, or Athletic Camps on
Main Campus *Must be 5 years old to attend Academic Camps


WACtivity Camp May 26 - July 24

(Woodward After-Care Camp) Main Campus, College Park

Is your child enrolled in an Enrichment, Athletic, or Academic Rising K *- 12th
Camp that ends midday or mid-afternoon but you need a later
pick-up time? Maybe they’re taking the afternoon bus home? 1-6 p.m.; 3:30-6 p.m.
Our WACtivity Camp is a perfect option. Campers are divided into $55 per week for 3:30-6 p.m.
age groups to enjoy a variety of exciting and enriching activities. $110 per week for 1-6 p.m.
$125 per week for 1-6 p.m. +
ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: afternoon bus (see page 16)

Cooking | Wacky Science | Arts and Crafts | Technology Play | INCLUDES: Afternoon snack
Group Games | Scavenger Hunts | Sports | Daily Pool Time |
And more! Athletic, or Academic morning
camps as well as Swim Lessons
(additional $50 fee, see page 6)

*Must be 5 years old to attend WACtivity Camp


Enrichment� Athletic� and Academic Camps

Sharpen your math skills for the coming year, become a robotics expert, solve mysteries, or learn how to
dance—no matter what your passion is, there’s something for everyone at Woodward North this summer!
Choose from a variety of enrichment, athletic, and academic camps for rising grades K *-7.

May 26 - July 24

Woodward North, Johns Creek

Rising K *- 7th

9 a.m.-12:30 p.m., or 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Athletic: Half Day $250; Full Day $325
Enrichment and Academic:
Half Day $300; Full Day $375

INCLUDES: Free morning supervision 7:45-9 a.m.; hot lunch with morning camp or full-day camp.


Math Review | Let’s Make a Movie | Odyssey of the Mind | CSI Camp | Dance | Writing Workshop |
Watercolors | Golf | Tennis | Basketball | And more!

*Must be 5 years old to attend Woodward North Camps

10 |

WACtivity Camp May 26 - July 24

(After-Care Camp) Woodward North, Johns Creek

Is your child enrolled in a Woodward North Camp that ends midday Rising K *- 10th
or mid-afternoon but you need a later pick-up time? Woodward
North After-Care Camp is a perfect option. Campers are divided into 12:30-5:30 p.m., or
age groups to enjoy a variety of exciting and enriching activities. 3:30-5:30 p.m.
$45 per week for 3:30-5:30
ACTIVITIES INCLUDE: $110 per week for 12:30-5:30

Technology Time | Arts and Crafts | Indoor/Outdoor Sports | INCLUDES: Afternoon snack
Games | Puzzles | Music | Movies | Outdoor Water Fun |
Reading | And more!

*Must be 5 years old to attend Woodworth North WACtivity Camp

| 11

Meals Every morning or full-day camp at both Main Campus and woodcwaamrdp.sedu/
Woodward North includes a hot, healthy lunch made by our
exceptional dining staff. In addition, WACtivity campers at both
locations enjoy an afternoon snack. All meals and snacks are included in camp fees.

Sample Summer Camp Menu


Available Daily: Drinks:
2%, skim, or fat-free milk
Grated or cubed cheese, hard boiled eggs, chicken, or tuna salad Orange juice
PB or PB & J sandwich on wheat bread Water
Cheese or turkey/cheese sandwich on wheat bread (individually wrapped)
Fresh apples, oranges, bananas, or fruit salad (e.g. watermelon, strawberries, grapes)
Yogurt, applesauce, or pudding cup

Morning Supervision May 26 - July 24

anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Main Campus, and Rising K *- 11th - Main Campus
7:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Woodward North. During this morning Rising K *- 6th - Woodward North
block, campers enjoy games, contests, and other fun activities
before the rest of their day begins. 7:30-9 a.m. - Main Campus
7:45-9 a.m. - Woodward North

Any morning or full-day camp

Extended�Day June 1 - July 24
Main Campus, 4-6 p.m.
Add on Extended-Day Supervision if your child is enrolled College Park $25 per week
in Odyssey Day Camp and you need a later pickup time.
During this afternoon block, campers enjoy relaxing Rising K *- 6th
activities to top off their day.
CAN BE PAIRED WITH: Odyssey Day Camp
12 |

Bus Services

Hundreds of campers get to and from Woodward every weekday during the summer, and your child can, too.
We’re pleased to offer extensive bus services to and from Main Campus in College Park. With three buses and
eight stops to choose from, everyone has a way to get to Woodward.

MORNING BUS: Any camper enrolled in a morning camp or full-day camp on Main Campus can ride.
AFTERNOON BUS: Any camper enrolled in an afternoon or full-day camp on Main Campus ending
between 3:30 4 p.m. and 4 p.m. can ride.
COST: $30 per week, for a one-way pass (sign up with registration), or $7 for a one-day, one-way pass
(available in Campus Store)

Bus Map

2 GA-400 141 SUPERMAN

I-75 Sandy I-285 I-85 1. Woodward North Campus – 6565 Boles Rd.,
Johns Creek/Duluth, 30097 (in front of school)
GA-400 3
2. Abernathy Square – 6615 Roswell Rd.,
4 5 I-85 Tucker Atlanta/Sandy Springs, 30328 (by Hardee’s)
I-20 I-20
I-75 6 I-285 3. Lowe’s Home Improvement – 4950 Peachtree
8 Industrial Blvd., Chamblee, 30319 (front parking lot)
I-285 Atlanta
4. Paces Ferry Center – 2451 Cumberland Pkwy.,
I-75 / I-85 I-20 Atlanta, 30339 (Publix)

WA 5. Trinity Presbyterian Church – 3003 Howell Mill Rd. N.W.,
Atlanta/Buckhead, 30327 (Moores Mill side of church)
I-85 I-285
Park 6. North DeKalb Mall – 2050 Lawrenceville Hwy.,
Decatur, 30033 (in front of Leaping Lizards)
7. Northlake Mall – 4800 Briarcliff Rd., Atlanta, 30345
I-675 (in front of Macy’s)

This map is not to scale. 8. Ansley Mall – 1700 Monroe Dr., Atlanta, 30309
(in front of Kroger)

| 13

Camper Credits Check
for more information about:
Odyssey Day Camp
Early Bird Credit with complete descriptions,
instructor information,
Register for Odyssey Day Camp schedules, and costs
by May 1 and receive $25 off! Locations and directions
Camp nurse, health, and
New Camper Credit medicine
What to bring
Enjoy a $25 credit for each Lunch menus
camper you refer! To reward Summer program policies
families for spreading the word
about our summer experience,
Woodward Summer Camps
offer a credit when your name
is submitted at registration via
online referral.

Registration for all camps is available at

No refunds after May 15, 2020. After this date, please contact

Payment Plan: Pay in full at time of registration OR pay a

Payment dates for the monthly plan are:
January 31, February 28, March 27, April 24, and May 22.

See full details online.

[email protected]
Follow us @WACamps!

14 |

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