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All Bio - Full Eng 1

All Bio - Full Eng 1

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Supreme Bio Trading Ltd.


All Bio is the world’s first, 100% certified
organic plant biostimulant


All Bio is not the fertilizer and pesticides

Fertilizers Pesticides



All Bio - core functions & benefits

All Bio is a biological stimulant which enhances metabolic efficiency of plants,
prompting them to absorb nutrients more efficiently, speed up the growth. In
addition, All Bio increases plant strength, immunity to infection and removes the
need for harmful growth agents which are currently used on a worldwide basis.

Bio for All: Directions:

All Bio focuses on four specific aspects: • Reduce use of chemical substances;
• plant-specific nourishment,
• soil improvement, • Support organic plantation or food safe
• growth accelerator, plantation;
• crop resistance against disease , fungal
• Improve uptake efficiencies of the
infection and pests plants; and

• Reduce growing costs. 4

What are Plant Biostimulant?

Inorganic compounds Amino Acid from Plants

Good Bacteria Good Fungi Extracted Seaweed Chitosan & Biopolymers


Functions of Amino Acids Biostimulant

“Plants biosynthesize amino acids” - They get them from general plant nutrient, but
it consumes energy because of very complex procedures.

Amino Acids effect on Plants Directly absorb into
- Protein Biosynthesis plant via foliar,
- Resistance to abiotic stress
- Photosynthesis stomata and root
- Stomata Activity
- Chelation Amino Acids effect on Soil
- Phytohormones • Increase microbial activity
- Pollination and Fruit • Microbial balance in the soil



Biostimulant in benefits

• Promote plant to resist environment stress( drought, hot or cold temperature,
transplanting stress etc.) and promote the ability to anti-disease.

• Increase the organic nitrogen content in soil, stimulate plant growth, increase
the yield and quality.

• Promote the growth of the root and regenerate the damaged root.
• Improve the structure of the soil; increase the buffering power of the soil.
• Neutralize both the acid and alkaline soil; regulate the pH-value of the soil.
• Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduce nutrient leaching and

protect the groundwater.
• Increase the effectiveness of the herbicide, pesticide and fungicide, immobilize

or reduce their harmful residues.
• Support the plant with needed amino acids and peptides and save the

biological energy required for their synthesis.


Biostimulant in actions


We are proud to be difference

All bio is a naturally extracted amino-acetate product, performing as an
additive to promote plant growth.
All Bio nourishes plants and as result they become vigorous, fast
growing and strong, thus fighting disease and insects.
All bio is according to International standards 100% certified “Organic
Plant Biostimulants “
All Bio is in a powder form for mixing with water at a ratio of 1gm per 1
liter of water.
All Bio powders can be added to the water to create “mixtures” which
meet the specific needs of the agronomist


All Bio is an “Amino Acid Biostimulant”

28.8 % in


All Bio is the World’s First
“Certified Organic Biostimulant”.

- All Bio -

- All Bio - - All Bio -


All Bio is the World’s First
“Certified Organic Biostimulant”.


Our Pride

• All Bio has been on novelty stand and nominated for The Product
of the year at BIOFACH2019, Germany

• All Bio has been certified on multiple international standards
• All Bio has been enhancing quality of life and delivering great

result for many organic farms


Biostimulant is a new trend plant input

Biostimulants Market by Active Ingredient
(Humic Substances, Amino Acids, Seaweed
Extracts, Microbial Amendments), Crop Type
(Fruits & Vegetables, Cereals, Turf &
Ornamentals), Application Method, Form, and
Region – Global Forecast to 2025

PUBLISHED ON : Apr, 2019

Key companies in the biostimulants market are
BASF (Germany), Isagro (Italy), Valagro (Italy),
Bayer (Germany), Italpollina (Italy), Koppert
Biological Systems (Netherlands), Acadian
Seaplants (Canada), UPL (India), and Biolchim

Various strategies such as acquisitions,

joint ventures, and new product launches

were adopted by the companies to enter

the biostimulants market. 14

Biostimulant is a new trend plant input

On the basis of form, the liquid segment is projected to
witness higher growth in the biostimulants market.

On the basis of active ingredient, the amino acids Most biostimulants are available in the liquid form.
segment has been estimated to occupy the major
share, in terms of value, in 2019. However, dry soluble formulations are also being made
available, owing to their ease of handling and increased
Earlier, biostimulant products were majorly offered as a shelf life.
single active ingredient, which imparted specific
functions such as stress tolerance or enhancement of Suspension concentrate formulations are the most
crop quality. However, due to intense research on this commonly available liquid form of biostimulants.
market, formulations for blending multiple active
ingredients have been developed by players such as Major companies that manufacture liquid-based
Valagro (Italy). biostimulants include Ilsa (acquired by Italy-based
Biolchim), UPL (US), Koppert (Netherlands), BioAg Alliance
[Monsanto (US), and Novozymes (Denmark).


Biostimulant is a new trend plant input

Global Biostimulants Market Insights, Forecast to 2025

Report: May 2019


A plant biostimulant is any substance or microorganism applied
to plants with the aim of improving nutritional efficiency,
abiotic stress tolerance, and quality of crops, regardless of their
nutrient content.

Organic biostimulants are essential in encouraging natural
methods for the future of the agricultural industry.
Biostimulants can boost soil microflora, which in turn helps to
create nutrient absorption. Others increase plant antioxidant
activity and boost inner defenses against environmental stress
and pressure from disease. 16

Biostimulant is a new trend plant input


The size of the global market for biostimulants will rise to US$ 160 million by
2025, from US$ 110 million in 2018 to a CAGR of 5.5 percent over the forecast
period. 2018 was regarded as the base year in this study and 2019 to 2025 as the
forecast period for estimating the size of the market for biostimulants.

Agricultural biostimulants include various formulations of compounds, substances
and other goods used on plants or soils to control and improve the physiological
procedures of the crop, making them more useful.

The growing demand for organic food and advantages such as greater returns
and productivity rates are driving the worldwide market for biostimulants
mainly. In crops, biostimulants are used to boost general productivity by
modulating growth, division, cell metabolism, and enhancing nutrient and sugar
transfer apart from transportation and lipid biosynthesis.

Increased demand for quality agricultural products, organic products, and
increased requirement for high productivity and yield are anticipated to boost bio-
stimulant consumption in Asia-Pacific, particularly in China, India, and Japan.


Biostimulant is a new trend plant input

The report classifies the Global Biostimulants Market into sections based on the application, type,
and region.

1. Global Biostimulants Market Segments Based On 4. Global Biostimulants Market Consumption
Type Segments Based On Region
Acid-based Biostimulants
Extract-based Biostimulants United States France
2. Global Biostimulants Market Segments Based On Canada UK
Application Mexico Italy
Fruits & Vegetables China Russia
Turf & Ornamentals India Rest of Europe
Row Crops Japan Brazil
3. Global Biostimulants Market Production Segments South Korea Rest of South America
Based On Region Australia GCC Countries
United States Indonesia Turkey
Europe Malaysia Egypt
China Philippines South Africa
Japan Thailand Rest of Middle East &
Other Regions Vietnam Africa

All Bio – ahead of other biostimulants

at least 10 years


Certified All Bio Certified • 4 years ahead in certification processes
organic raw certified organic • 18 years product research & development
organic biostimulant • Test for over 100 farms over 3 years
material biostimulants production • 480 acres certified organic herbal plantation
(Thai Herbs) process • 1,000 tons concentrated active material
organic reserve
formulae • 10,000 tons products can be produced now


All Bio – ahead of other Biostimulants
at least 10 years


All Bio – ahead of other Biostimulants
at least 10 years


All Bio Markets

Farmer Market Urban Market

Industrial grower Garden lover
Small grower Hobbyist
Decorative service industries Children
Garden and lawn market elderly


OUR Before High heat, curing in 3 hours After
Thailand Bad soil – improving growing expansion in one month

Grow faster – 28th day to reach the market size

Before After

Without All Bio With All Bio 23

Durian Palm Tree Tested and used in
VDO over 100 agriculture
plantations across

the country and


Testing on palm trees and durian tree in Johor Bharu, Malaysia



Mulberry Testing on various trees and fruit trees in Thailand Coffee

Thaila 25

Dragon Fruit

More grain weight after using

Without All Bio With All Bio

Bad soil – improving growing expansion in one month


All Bio None Without All Bio With All Bio 26

Zucchini – flowering every pot at the same time (38th day only)

Singha Park, Growing faster
Grow faster 33%
Improve leaf quality

Without All Bio With All Bio27

IndonesiaEvery plants grow faster 33%


To disrupt the industry – All Bio Hydro-Organic can
replace A-B fertilizers

Every plants grow faster 33%


Papaya Tree

Every plants grow faster 33%

Longan Tree

Marigold Flower
(1 liter)
Flower 2gm
Booster 2gm
Anti-Disease 1gm
Anti-Insect 1gm
Spray 3 times (7
days apart)

Improving flowering yield from 700 Grade A Flowers to 1,500 Grade A Flowers

Logan Tree

Soil Enhancement 2
times before

Fruit 2gm, Booster
2gm, Anti-Insect
1gm, and Anti-
Disease 1gm
Spray every 5-6 days

Improving conditions of longan trees


Soil Enhancement 1
time before plantation,
Vegetable 2gm, Booster
2gm, Anti-Insect 1gm,
and Anti-Disease 1gm
Spray 5 times every 7


Soil Enhancement 2 time
before plantation,
Fruit 2gm, Booster 2gm,
Anti-Insect 1gm, and Anti-
Disease 1gm
Spray 3 times every 5-7 days

(preventing disease and
insect during raining, add
spraying Anti-Insect 1gm and
Anti-Disease 1gm every 3
days apart

Old leaf
New leaf - bigger


Improving conditions of mangosteen trees

Rice Fields Not use All Bio

Use All Bio

Rice Fields

Rice Fields

Four stages to spray All Bio – Rice Formula

Sweet Potato

Pre-Order Organic Logan

4 August 2019

Our customers announce for
pre-order “organic longan”

after using All Bio

Coffee Tree

Solving disease and virus on
coffee tree leaf

Coffee Tree


Actions in Flowers

Rice Field

Differences after 4 days

After before

Gotu kola Tree

From old soil and has
less output, All Bio
improves the tree
conditions in 5 days.

Compare roots


Cucumber Tree before

Average size is bigger
than before, more yield

Red Onion Tree After
Less damage to the onion, more yields before


Pineapple Tree

Solving fungus and insect


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