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Home & Style Fall 2021

Home & Style Fall 2021

Thank You
Lethbridge and southern Alberta
for making The Kitchen Centre

“Best Kitchen Store”

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We offer the materials, colours, finishes and
accessories to fully realise your vision.
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Established in Lethbridge since 1989,
TKC has built a reputation as an exceptional kitchen
designer and cabinet maker in the Southern Alberta
region. Servicing award-winning home designs,

customers can put their confidence in our
skill and experience.

220 - Stafford Dr N


2 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021


Fall 2021


4 12 18

4 Signs it is time to overhaul 12 Budget-friendly dining 16 Must-have features in

your kitchen room renovation ideas your bathroom

Remodeling a kitchen adds value to a If the kitchen is the heart of the home, Veteran homeowners recognize the
home. then the dining room may be akin to one value of remodeling their kitchens and
of its arteries. bathrooms.
6 3 tips to quickly deep
14 How to reduce risk of 18 Making the best of a
clean your living space
allergic reactions in the small dining space
Great tips to give your living space a kitchen.
deep clean in no time. Some homeowners may aspire to
Kitchen safety requires a broad range of have expansive dining rooms replete
8 Designer advice for efforts to prevent injuries and illnesses. with seating for 12 beneath a stunning
choosing the right white

Ready to repaint but not sure how to
pick the perfect neutral?

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Lethbridge, AB T1J 2H1. The contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may be used only for personal, non

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Signs it is time to overhaul
your kitchen

RMetro News Service
emodeling a kitchen adds value to a home. Remodeling
Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value Report” indicates mid-range kitchen
remodels cost about $66,000, and homeowners can expect to

recover about 60 to 80 percent of that cost at resale.

Homeowners may wonder if remodeling their kitchens Breakers are triggered: If the lights go dark from a
is worth the investment. But homeowners should not just
consider cost, but also the current conditions of their kitchens tripped circuit breaker every time you try to microwave and
when deciding if a renovation project is the right move to make. run the toaster oven at the same time, your wiring is likely not
These signs indicate it may be time to renovate a kitchen. up to the task of handling the workload and could be out of
date. A kitchen remodel will assess wiring load needs and an
electric overhaul may be necessary.

4 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021

Lack of storage: where it’s most needed. A carefully

One of the biggest hassles designed remodel can improve

homeowners encounter in lighting with under-cabinet lights,
their kitchens is a lack of pendants, overhead lighting,
storage space. If making a meal and even natural light to make

involves a Jenga-like stacking the space attractive and more
and rearranging of kitchen functional.

tools, or if an avalanche occurs Frequent run-ins: The
whenever you search for an

item, you might need more notion that you can have too

storage. A carefully planned many cooks in the kitchen refers

redesign can achieve this, even to having too many people trying
in a smaller kitchen. to pitch in or offer their opinions.
However, it also can apply to when
heart of a home. They need to meet

Outdated appliances: Even if the needs of the family that resides in too many people are gathering in a

your appliances are not avocado green that home. A remodel can add space as small space. Redesigning a kitchen can
or mustard yellow relics of the 1970s,
they might still need to be replaced. needed. On the flip side, when a couple improve the efficiency of a space and
According to CRD Design, appliances
are only expected to last around 10 to 15 becomes empty nesters, kitchens can make the room feel larger.
years. If appliances have become unsafe
or energy hogs, it could be time for a be redesigned and downsized to reflect
their new needs and desires, such as the Aesthetic appeal: Many kitchen

addition of a wine chiller or espresso remodels have been inspired by

Need Trusses???station.
Poor lighting: Task lighting is
unsightly kitchens. Cosmetic changes
can lead to big improvements.

Kitchen renovations can add instant

Family is expanding (or essential in a kitcGheinv,ebuutsoladecr ahollmaensd letauppsehalealnpdyhoelup acdodmresps liesstueesytohautrtepnrdoject
may not be equipped with lighti•nRg esidentiatlo&plCagoumemouetrdcaiateldArpopolmicsa.tions
shrinking): Kitchens often are the

• Floor & Roof Trusses • New Homes • Shops

DOWN SIZING Need Trusses???• Garages • Sheds • Renovations

Give us a call and let us help you complete your project

Made Easy • Residential & Commercial Applications
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• Garages • Sheds • Renovations

Chief Mountain Truss Company

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality

CprhoideufctMs aonudnstearviinceTsrinuasstimCeolymmpananneyr

We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality
products and services in a timely manner

Contfarecte mtreanfosirtiaosntress 403-653-1556126410206103A1 vA-ev6eWW5,,3CCaa-r1drds5tsotn5o, nA6B, AB
Fax: 866-844-8095
Henry Sullivan chiFeafmxt:[email protected]

REALTOR® [email protected]

403-315-4287 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 5



3 tips to quickly
deep clean your

living space

Bridge Vacuum cleaning supplies is We’ve all experienced the panic that
celebrating 50 years of growing and serving ensues when a guest lets you know that
they are stopping by and our home may
Southern Alberta with this area’s biggest not be as spotless as we would hope.
vacuum and commercial equipment repair Below are some great tips to give your
shop, as well as selling all types and makes living space a deep clean in no time.

of vacuum available excelling in Central 1 The area behind the couch can be the place of no
Vacuums. They have grown, adapted and return for items like hair ties, pet toys and anything else
have become a large supplier of wholesale small enough to make its way back there. Along with
this, it is a hub for dust bunnies, so get them out before any
and retail Janitorial supplies. Also, they guests arrive. Move furniture away from the walls to get to the
have a vast variety of commercial cleaning baseboards and give the space around them a quick clean.

equipment, they stock all sort of unique 2 Open up your curtains and blinds to make everything
cleaning products that are new to industry look cheerful and fresh. But with all the sun shining
making Bridge Vacuums’ show room very through your home, any dust or debris on your
windowsills will be extra noticeable. Be sure to give the areas
impressive to browse. You can count on a quick dust to make sure any large particles are removed.
exceptional customer service as the skills and Don’t forget to clean the inside of the windows to get rid of any
fingerprints or leftover dust.
service that have been proven for 50 years.
Started by Lloyd, evolved by Ed, and steered 3 Give your floors a deep clean with an effective wet/dry
by Riley the Parker Family can help solve all vacuum. The Tineco iFloor 3, which is available at Best
your cleaning needs and look forward to the Buy, is great for cleaning any hard-sealed floor with no
next 50 years serving Lethbridge and area more effort exerted than giving the floors a once-over with a
regular cordless vacuum. Turn on maximum cleaning mode to
925 2 Avenue a N, Lethbridge help you get those sticky, stubborn messes. Once done, check
out the dirty water tank to see the messes you were completely
Call (403) 328-7107 unaware of. News Canada

or visit us online at

6 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021

M&K Specializes in providing high quality celebrating
Modular and Manufactured Homes with the over

best service for our customers. 64
A name you can trust • Established 1958
Visit us online for more information

including pictures, videos and factory tour!!

1-800-334-7059 • (403) 329-0622
2930 Fairway Street South, Lethbridge, Alberta

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 7

Designer advice for choosing the
right white paint

RNews Canada Know your exposure: exposure, opt for warmer whites.
eady to repaint Look for options with cooler tones
but not sure Overall lighting and the orientation to counterbalance south and west
how to pick of your room are the most important exposures, such as Decorator’s White
the perfect considerations when choosing paint OC-149.”
neutral? Benjamin Moore colours, especially when it comes
colour and design expert to selecting the right tint of white. If you’re in a space with limited
Sharon Grech shares her Whether your room faces north, east, natural light such as a basement or
top four tips to help you south or west, there is a white paint small den, consider Chantilly Lace
choose the perfect white designed to bring out the very best in OC-65, a bright designer favourite to
paint for your space. your space’s natural light. bring an added sense of space and
light to any room. Continued on page 9
“If you have a north or east

8 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021

“ consider the colour of the furniture and flooring in your
space — if you tend towards warmer hues, opt for a
If you have a north or east white paint with a warm undertone to create a cohesive
exposure, opt for warmer feel.
whites. Look for options
Express your sense of style:
with cooler tones to
counterbalance south and From modern to traditional, white paint can bring out
the best in a range of design styles. Express your personal
west exposures, such as taste and give your neutral space a warm and inviting feeling
Decorator’s White by adding texture with throw blankets, cushions and rugs in
OC-149. natural fibres. To accentuate architectural details and add
extra dimension to neutral walls, Grech suggests painting
” details such as trim, mouldings and even furniture in a high-
gloss sheen to add a striking contrast to matte or eggshell
Pay attention to the undertone: walls.

When selecting neutral paints, one of the key differences Test before you paint:
to keep in mind is the undertone. From pink to green and
everything in between, you can find a white paint with an Sharon’s top piece of advice? “Always test a few variations
undertone to suit your space. When selecting a white paint, of white paint on your walls before painting the whole
room.” A white paint that looks perfect in the store
could look totally different once it’s in your space. Once
you’ve found your perfect tint, make sure to prime your walls
if you’re painting over a bold colour. Choose a paint like Regal
Select interior paint to achieve professional results and flawless

Thank you
To our loyal customers and
friends for voting us


We are proud you have chosen
as best furniture store in
Lethbridge. This would not be
possible without the support
of our customers and the
dedication of our staff.

3215 - 32 Avenue South • Lethbridge


HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 9



A Gold Star Experience


"The sparkle is bouncing off the serene lake waters, through the massive windows and up to
the top of the grandest ceilings of this luxurious home; the most beautiful reflection. Fitting
really, as I sit and reflect on our Premium Homes division, how it came to be, what it has
become and where we'll go from here.
Here at Real Estate Centre, we pride ourselves on innovation, forward thinking and going
above and beyond expectations. Being a brokerage with roots strongly established in the heart
of Southern Alberta, the seeds sewn in agricultural real estate across Western Canada have
quickly lead us to our place as a front runner in residential marketplaces throughout our province.
As the demand has grown from clients to showcase some of the most exquisite homes, so has
our desire to provide an equally exceptional experience.
I'll never forget walking into the most stunning, custom built, Golf Course home and thinking
this deserves more. Don't get me wrong - we take great pride in the services and products
provided to ALL of our clients. We are incredibly confident and proud (no matter what the
address or listing price), however, in order to appeal to a luxury buyer, we owe it to our sellers
to engage at the next level.
...And so a star was born! Before that beautiful golf course home hit the market, our team was
fully immersed in building a boutique brokerage brand, which would become Premium Homes.
A division of Real Estate Centre that would catch the most refined eye and be the indication
of a home worthy of a coveted gold star.
And ohhhh how they sparkle. Luxury homes, hidden gems on the water, swimming pools,
executive estates, class, elegance, leisure, beauty, masterful design, craftsmanship, upgrades,
quality, location, chef's kitchens, dream closets, mountain views, lake front... properties like this
deserve extra attention and we have cracked the code.
The most decadent marketing materials with rich finishes of soft touch black matte and gold
foil are a perfect mix of style and elegance. Illuminated signage, widespread print and online
advertising, websites, photography, videos, virtual tours, premium events, staging consultations.
Every chance to attract attention to the most intricate of details of these properties has been
executed. And it's working. We are achieving success with leads from coast to coast and
everywhere in between. It's a great big world out there and we pride ourselves on working local
in a global marketplace.
These homes are extraordinary and so should be the stage that they are set upon.
Welcome to our vision of refined Real Estate. Welcome to the
Premium Homes experience."


Julie Jenkins


10 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021


Find the perfect fit with REAL ESTATE CENTRE
PREMIUM HOMES. Count on our professional agents
to design a plan tailored to meeting your goals.
Premium Homes provides upscale advertising
materials personalized to suite your unique
property. With luxurious open houses, an expansive
marketing spread, a reputable brand representing
you, and all the extras, discover what a NEXT LEVEL
REAL ESTATE experience feels like today.

[email protected]

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 11

dining room

IMetro News Service
If the kitchen is the heart of the
home, then the dining room may
be akin to one of its arteries.
The mood created in the kitchen
spreads to the dining space where
family and friends gather to eat and
enjoy one another’s company.

Dining rooms can get lost in the home renovation shuffle, as

many homeowners tend to focus on renovating kitchens and

bathrooms instead. Homeowners do not have to invest a lot of

money in renovations to give their dining spaces awe-inspiring

makeovers. Here’s how to do so on a budget.

Lighten and brighten: Dining rooms were once very the very best display pieces and see if the cabinet can be
refinished with paint or a lightly colored stain.
formal spaces. Dark woods, large pieces of furniture, over-
the-top chandeliers, and other details could be found in Improve lighting: Make the chandelier the statement
many homes. But now that houses are being built with open
floor plans, dining rooms can blend with other spaces, which piece of the space. Go for a bold color or an innovative design.
have moved to lighter colored walls, flooring and furniture. Then add accessories throughout the space that coordinate
A fresh coat of vibrant paint can work wonders and it doesn’t with the chandelier.
cost much. If you can’t remove a floor, cover it with a brightly
colored area rug. Add bench seating: Those who need additional seating

Switch things up with slipcovers: Slipcovers can be may not have to get entirely new furniture. Swap out some
chairs for benches, which can fit a couple more guests than
changed each season to dramatically alter the look of a dining chairs.
room for little investment. Slip covers also protect chairs and
can be easily laundered after spills. Create depth with color: HGTV says that using various

Add floating shelving: Floating shelves provide much- shades of the same color in a space can add depth. Coordinate
drapes, walls, seat fabrics, and accessories for a cohesive
needed storage or display space without the need to invest in design.
another piece of furniture. Depending on the shelving, they
can work in modern design schemes or even farmhouse dining Renovating a dining room doesn’t require a large investment
spaces. of time and money. A few simple steps can give dining spaces a
whole new feel without busting homeowners’ budgets.
Clear out the clutter: It might be time to say “so long”

to that large curio cabinet and the knickknacks within it. Curio
and china cabinets used to be de rigueur, but plenty of people
now prefer more open and airy dining rooms. For those who
want to keep the cabinet, try decluttering inside to only include
12 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021

Commercial & Residential

403.327.9576 [email protected] Follow us on:
1021 - 3rd Avenue N, Lethbridge, AB T1H 0H7

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 13

How to reduce risk of
allergic reactions in the kitchen

KMetro News Service
itchen safety requires a broad range of efforts to prevent injuries and
illnesses. Kitchen safety should involve efforts to keep kids away from
sharp objects and hot surfaces. Attempts to prevent foodborne illnesses,
which can prove dangerous and potentially deadly, also must be part of
maintaining a safe kitchen. The relatively recent rise in food allergies has
added a new variable to the mix as well.

According to Food Allergy Research & Designate certain utensils hands also may unintentionally touch
Education (FARE®), a group dedicated and dishes for people with food surfaces, potentially triggering allergic
to improving the life and health of allergies: Another way to reduce the reactions in others.
millions of people with food allergies,
a food allergy reaction sends someone risk for allergic reactions in the kitchen is Wash hands. Cooks should
to the emergency room every three to designate certain utensils and dishes wash their hands with soap and
minutes. FARE® also notes that, exclusively for people with food allergies. water prior to touching foods:
between 2007 and 2016, treatment of This can reduce the likelihood of allergic
anaphylactic reactions increased by 377 reactions and serve as a safety net if This reduces the risk of contamination
percent. dishes aren’t thoroughly cleaned. caused by allergies lingering on cooks’
hands. Cooks should wash their hands
The increase in food allergies Don’t invite too many cooks prior to touching any food they haven’t
underscores the importance of into the kitchen: Having too many already touched. This may require cooks
prevention. Individuals can take various to wash their hands multiple times
steps to keep their kitchens clean and people in the kitchen at one time can when preparing a single meal, but it’s an
reduce the risk of allergic reactions in increase the chances that people with effective way to reduce the risk of allergic
their homes. food allergies will eat food or touch a reactions.
contaminated surface that could make
Avoid cross-contamination: them sick. This is especially so for Taking steps to reduce the risk of
children with food allergies, as kids may allergic reactions when preparing and
The Food Standards Agency in not be aware of all the foods they should cooking meals is a vital component of
the United Kingdom notes that avoid. Guests with allergens on their kitchen safety.
cross-contamination occurs when
bacteria or other microorganisms are
unintentionally transferred from one
object to another. The FSA notes that
the most common example of cross-
contamination occurs when bacteria
is transferred between raw and cooked
food. Cross-contamination poses a
threat when cooking for people with
food allergies and people without
such allergies. In such instances, cooks
must make sure foods never touch
and that cooking surfaces, including
cutting boards and pots and pans, are
thoroughly cleaned before preparing and
cooking for people with food allergies.
Prepare meals for people with food
allergies first as an extra precaution.

14 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021



(NC) A strong roof protects the structural integrity of

your home and family, your roof.
but because your roof High winds. These can lift

is constantly exposed to shingles and force water and the roof and in gutters can
also hold moisture and cause
changing weather and debris underneath. rot and poor drainage.

environmental conditions, Melting snow. When Missing or torn shingles.
it’s bound to age. Here are temperatures rise and climb,
some common causes of refreezing of water can block This makes it easier for
roofi ng wear and tear. drainage into gutters and remaining shingles to rip or
allow water to sneak into be blown off , which in turn
The sun’s heat and roofi ng materials and inside makes it easier for moisture
ultraviolet rays. They age to enter and damage the
interior roof structure. Make
roofi ng materials, especially your home. sure to invest in shingles
with advanced protection
on west- and south-facing Tree branches. Branches capabilities.
surfaces. blowing in the wind or falling

Rainwater under shingles. from trees can cause damage

This causes rot and threatens to your shingles. Leaves on


• Certified Red Seal Journeymen •WCB Coverage
• All Asphalt Shingles, • No Job Too Big or Too Small
Full 2-Ply Torch Weld Waterproof • Owners on the Roof
Systems on Flat or Low Slope Roofs, Rino Mucciarone
Tar and Gravel, Roof Repairs
• 6 Year Workmanship Warranty - 43 years Red Seal Journeyman
• Roofing Industries Best Material Walter Duda
• Full Liability Insurance - 44 years Journeyman
• Servicing ALL of Southern Alberta Andrew Pickering

- 17 years Red Seal Journeyman
Derek Quintin

- 18 years

Let Our Experience Work For You!
[email protected]
Your Flat Roof Specialist
phone 403-380-1008

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 15

Must-have features in
your bathroom

VMetro News Service
eteran homeowners recognize the value of remodeling their kitchens
and bathrooms. Kitchens and baths tend to appear dated more quickly
than other spaces, such as living rooms and bedrooms, which can

always be revamped with some fresh paint and new furnishings.
The home improvement pricing renovations, it’s a good time to consider Freestanding traditional sink
resource Home Guide indicates an improvements that will improve function or tub: There’s something elegant
average bathroom remodel costs and add design appeal for years to come.
anywhere from $5,500 to $15,000 about a freestanding tub or pedestal
depending on the size and scope of Floating vanity: Add an airy feeling sink. Such features can lend a classic
the renovation. However, a bath redo vibe to a space. However, freestanding
can increase a home’s resale value to the room by creating space between fixtures also come in modern or eclectic
and can return as much as 68 percent the vanity and the floor. A floating vanity forms, so there are options for any design
of homeowners’ investments. As can be a counter with a vessel sink or style.
homeowners plan their bathroom even have cabinets, as long as the vanity
doesn’t extend to the floor. Continued on page 17.

16 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021

Frameless showers: Switch to a walk-in shower option,

which improves aesthetics and makes it easier to “age in place”
in a home. Pair that frameless shower with clear glass shower
doors so sightline in the space remains unencumbered.

Natural textures: Create a calm and serene sanctuary in

the bathroom with light, natural hues and materials. Nature-
inspired colors on tiles, walls and vanities can add to the spa

Dual sinks and vanities: With a double vanity, two The floating vanity can add an airy feeling to
the room by creating space between the vanity
people can share the space and easily use the bathroom and the floor.
without getting in each other’s way. One vanity with two sinks
works, but homeowners can create even more personal space
by dividing vanities and mirrors.

Small textured tile on shower floors: Small textures pipe. This will reduce the risk of clogs and overflow leaks.

are appealing and add safety. The added texture and grouting Install a window: Natural light and air flow can reduce
will keep feet from slipping on wet floors. Also, opt for mold-
resistant grout to make cleanup even easier. the risk for mold and mildew growth, and windows add some
aesthetic appeal to a space. Just be sure to choose frosted
Special shower heads: Invest in shower heads that privacy glass.

can run the gamut from creating steam showers to rainfall Additional considerations for a bath remodel include heated
effects. Some showers will have multiple shower jets to offer an floors, well-placed and attractive storage options and a toilet
invigorating experience. enclosure (water closet) for added privacy. These and other
bathroom renovation ideas can add value and improve the
Improve drainage: Increase the diameter of the drain appeal of the room.

pipe in the bathroom from the standard to a two-inch drain




240 Stafford Drive North

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 17

Making the Hosts may not be able to expand their dining spaces,
best of a but there are some clever ways to maximize every inch of a
small dining small dining room and even some smart solutions for those
space who don’t have dining rooms at all.

Metro News Service Create the illusion of more space: Eating areas

S ome homeowners may can be made to feel larger with a few tricks. A mirror on the
aspire to have expansive wall will reflect light and make the room appear larger. In
dining rooms replete with addition, a large-scale patterned floor or oversized artwork
seating for 12 beneath on the wall may make the room appear more spacious.
a stunning chandelier. That kind of
space certainly makes hosting dinner Maximize seating: Chairs can take up a lot of room in
parties easier. However, modern
homes typically have small dining a dining space. To maximize seating availability in smaller
rooms that require homeowners dining rooms — or in spaces where you need to create a
or renters to be resourceful when seating area — look to built-in banquettes or bench seating.
entertaining guests. These ideas can help create an instant cozy nook and save
on space in the process.
18 HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021
Let space lead furniture choices: Depending on

the size and shape of the room, select a table that will fit
comfortably. A round, pedestal table may take up less real
estate in a smaller room than an oblong or rectangular one.
Also, if you have a narrow, galley-type dining space, select
a narrow table and low-profile chairs. Again, benches may
work well in narrow spaces.

Utilize the kitchen island: Many modern homes

have no dedicated dining rooms but kitchens that open
up to living rooms. Homeowners with kitchen islands can
utilize large islands as dining areas, and they’re easy places
to enjoy casual meals when stools are pulled up to the

Install a drop-leaf table: Drop-leaf tables do for

dining spaces what Murphy beds do for guest rooms. A
wall-mounted drop-leaf table can be dropped down for
entertaining and folded back up when the space needs to be

Lighten up the color palette: Make dining spaces

seem larger with brighter colors. Brightly colored decor,
furniture and flooring can do the trick.

Invest in storage pieces: A simple buffet can store

silverware, table cloths, wine glasses, and more, but also
serve double-duty as a bar or server for a buffet.

Petite dining spaces can be functional when space is
maximized and design tricks are called into action.

Small Town Service....
....Big City Selection

furniture · mattresses · appliances · lifestyle | delivery · disposal · installation | in-store · online · social media

101 Centre St E
Vulcan , Alberta T0L 2B0

[email protected]

HOME & STYLE - Fall 2021 19

Windsor Plywood 15% Off*

ICneleLbreattihnbg r46idYegaer!s Present this voucher

Locally owned and operated, Windsor Plywood specializes in and get 15% off your
supplying you with unique or hard to source finishing items for inside
and outside your home. Our philosophy remains the same since we next purchase.
started in 1975, focus on our customer’s needs and provide them with
outstanding service! Stop by to see our incredible selection of doors, *Some exclusions apply. Valid at Windsor Plywood Lethbridge only.
mouldings, softwood & hardwood lumber, finishing lumber, plywood Excluding King, Kreg, Festool, Shaper Origin, and Fein products. One coupon per
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See store for more details. Cash sales only. Expires November 30th, 2021.

Offers valid until November 30th, 2021 • Visit us online at

23 ST N. 9 AVE N.

3103 - 6TH Ave. North, Lethbridge NORTH 30 ST. N. 6 AVE. N 43 ST N.
28 ST. N.

Need an expert? Call: 403-327-8506 MAYOR MAGRATH DR N. 5 AVE N.

We strive for accuracy in our advertising, if a printing error occurs, it will be corrected through pnroetciefidceanticoenoavteor uphr osttoorse. Ps.riRceasin&chaveacilkasbmilitayywbilel viassryubedy sdtoe2rpeAe.VTnEaNdx.ienSsgaroennsottoicnkclauvdaeildabiniloituy.r
carry. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All items may not be exactly as shown, description takes
Toll Free: 1-888-236-4184 • Fax: 403-328-5560Some
items may be cash & CROWSNE T HWY

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm • Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm • Sundays: CLOSED prices.

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