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Published by Trinity Gantt, 2019-05-09 11:16:40

Copy of Foods PE; trinity gantt

Copy of Foods PE; trinity gantt

Trinity Gantt- Performance Essay

In Foods 3, We have made lots of things and learned specific methods to use while making

Mozzarella Cheese-​ We made mozzarella cheese as a topping to put onto our pizza dough. We
put the milk, citric acid, and renant into a stock on high heat until it reached 90 degrees on the
thermometer. Heating it this high, broke down the proteins and separated the milk into curds
and whey. I found the mozzarella cheese recipe interesting in how it could be made so easy
and it actually taste like store bought ones.

Chicken Salad-​ Next, The chicken salad recipe was a little more tricky of a recipe and required
full attention. We had to control the temperature of the food so that it stayed out of the danger
zone. We had to poach the chicken by putting the raw chicken breast in a stock pot full of water
and baked on medium high with the lid on. We also had to put the mayonnaise in on the chicken
while hot so that it would take up all the moisture. I didn’t really like this recipe because, the
chicken was grounded up too fine and had too much mayonnaise on it.

Sauerkraut-​ In addition, Sauerkraut was my least favorite to make. The method we used to
make this was fermentation. Fermentation and pickling and different though. Fermentation only
consist of putting salt in a jar, while pickling you add vinegar. We stored the sauerkraut in a
large jar which lasted about 7 days.

Breakfast- ​ Furthermore, For our breakfast unit we made french toast. We used the foiling
method to make sure the middle would be cooked throughout. Also we heated the griddle no
higher than 275 degrees and sprayed the griddle right before placing the bread on. I like this
recipe also but though it took a while to make due to having to do the foiling method for 15 mins.

Homemade Ravioli-​ Moreover, Homemade ravioli was one of the most complicated recipes we
attempted to make. We had to cut dough into fourths and when putting the dough through the
pasta start from number 7 and go all the way down to 1, folding in half each number. Also we
had to make sure we didn’t put too much of the ricotta filling in the middle so it wouldn’t fall out
when being placed in the stockpot full of boiling water. The ravioli was kind of bland by itself, but
with the shredded parmesan cheese it actually tasted pretty decent.

Pizza Dough- ​ Finally, The last and most recent item we made in class was homemade pizza
dough. We learned the effectiveness of yeast. We used the knead method on the dough. This
made the dough have a chewy and light texture throughout. Another method we used when
making pizza dough was the cold water and overnight method. This was simply to help let the

yeast rise fully all through the night. The pizza dough was fun to make and I liked it because it
was really fast to make.

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