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Published by reneecarranza9, 2019-04-28 15:28:25

12 low organized games

12 low organized games

GamesCoach Renee Carranza KINE 1151-P01

Renee Carranza - Kine 1151-nP01

Table of Contents Warm

1. Switch Up
2. Survivor Island
3. Tucked Tag • Take two laps around
4. Swarm Tag the court
5. Capture the Flag
7. Tic Tac Toe • Dynamic and static
8. Kickball stretches to loosen up
9. Sleds muscles (ex. Touch
10. Frisbee Golf your toes, high knees)
11. Monkey in the Muddle
12. Guard the Pin



Instruction: Split the group in half and
place them on opposite sides. One
side starts with the ball. The team
passes the ball around while two
players from the other side try to take it
away. Connect 3 passes and switch
the ball over to the other side
Objective: switch the ball over as
many times possible to earn points

Key Skills: Communication and foot

Equipment: One soccer ball and cones

Space Requirement: large space split
in half

Time: 10 minutes

Survivor Island

Instruction: Split the group into 4 teams and
assign each group to a hola hoop in a
quadrant, which have an equal amount of
bean bags. One player from each team is
allowed to guard their hoop while the rest of
the players try to steal bean bags “food”
and return them to their team’s hoop. If the
guard tags someone in their quadrant, the
player is frozen until a teammate high fives
them and they have to return to their

Objective: Try to get as many bean bags as
possible on your island

Key Skills: teamwork, awareness, strategy

Equipment: bean bag, 4 hola hoops, cones

Space Requirement: large area of your

Time: 15 minutes

Tucked Tag

Instruction: One player is it and the rest of
the players tuck a pinnie into their
waistband, with most of it visible and
accessible. The person who is it tries to pull
the pinnies out of waistbands. If your pinnie
is untucked, you join the other player as it.

Objective: try to not get your pinnie pulled
and be the last player standing

Key Skills: awareness

Equipment: pinnies, cones

Space Requirement: large area of your

Time: 5 minutes

Swarm Tag

Instruction: 3 people are chosen to be it.
Those who are it toss the ball between one
another to try and tag the other players.
The person in possession of the ball can
only pivot in place and the ball can’t be
thrown at players to tag them, they must
be touched with the ball that is being held.
If you are tagged, you are it and team up
with the others who are it.

Objective: try to be the last player

Key Skills: teamwork, throwing, catching

Equipment: a ball and pinnies

Space Requirement: half a basketball court

Time: 10 minutes

Capture the Flag

Instruction: Two teams are on two
different sides of a court. A bean
bag is on each side. The team tries
to steal the other team’s bean bag
while also defending their bean bag,

Objective: steal the other team’s
bean bag

Key Skills: teamwork, awareness,

Equipment: bean bags, cones

Space Requirement: basketball court

Time: 5 minutes


Instruction: Create a tic tac toe board with
hola hoops. Split the class into two groups
and have them stand behind the marker.
Each group has 3 bean bags of the same
color. One player from each side runs to
the board and places a bean bag down in
a hoop. The next player goes once the
previous player returns to the marker

Objective: try to get three in a row

Key Skills: strategy

Equipment: 9 hoola hoops, 6 bean bags of
2 different colors, marker for starting point

Space Requirement: small area of your

Time: 5 minutes


Instruction: Split students into two teams.
One team kicks while the other defends.
One player is at home plate and kicks
the ball when the opposite team rolls it.
The runner run the bases and tries to not
get tagged by the defense. When 3
players get tagged out, offense and
defense switch.

Objective: Make it all the way around
the bases without getting tagged

Key Skills: teamwork

Equipment: 4 bases and a soccer ball

Space Requirement: large area

Time: 20 minutes


Instruction: Split the equally class into
groups, each group is a team. All the
teams are behind a starting point and try to
cross a line. The team forms a line and
each player stands in their own hola hoop.
To move their team’s sled forward, the
player in the back steps into the hoop in
front of them. The empty hoop is passed to
the front, making sure that each player on
the team touches the hoop. Once the
hoop gets to the player in front, that player
places the hoop in front of the line and all
team players shift forward

Objective: the whole team crosses the line

Key Skills: teamwork, communication

Equipment: hola hoops

Space Requirement: basketball court

Time: 5 minutes

Frisbee Golf

Instruction: Make a hoola hoop a target.
Each player tries to throw their frisbee
into the hoola hoop. The amount of
throws it takes for a player to get their
frisbee into the hoop is their score
Objective: get the lowest score
Key Skills: hand-eye coordinaton
Equipment: hoola hoop, frisbee
Space Requirements: large area
Time: 15 minutes

Monkey in the

Instruction: The class creates a large circle
with two people in the middle. The outside
of the circle tosses the ball around and tries
to keep the ball away from those in the
middle. If those in the middle catch the
ball, the person who threw it is in the middle
as well.

Objective: try to be one of the last two
platers standing

Key Skills: teamwork, communication,
throwing, catching

Equipment: dodgeball

Space Requirements: small area

Time: 10 minutes

Guard the Pin

Instruction: Groups are divided into 6. 5
players stand in a circle with a bowling
pin and player in the middle. The players
on the outside try to pass the ball around
and knock down the pin while the player
in the center defends the pin. When the
pin is hit, the player who knocks it down
switches with the player in the middle

Objective: try to knock the pin down as
fast as possible

Key Skills: teamwork, communication

Equipment: dodgeball and bowling pin

Space Requirements: small area

Time: 10 minutes


Instruction: Split the class into two even
groups and place them on opposite
sides of the basketball court. Place the
balls in the middle of the court. When
the game starts, players run and try to
grab the dodgeballs. Players throw the
ball across into the opposite side of the
court and try to hit the other team. If
you get hit, you get out.

Objective: be the last player standing

Key Skills: dodging, throwing, catching,
hand eye coordination

Equipment: dodgeballs and cones

Space Requirement: basketball court

Time: 10 minutes

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