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How to create a Facebook Event from a personal Facebook page

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Published by Krisjohnsongreenclean, 2018-12-16 16:33:52

How to Create a Facebook Event from Personal FB Page

How to create a Facebook Event from a personal Facebook page

Creating an event from a Facebook Personal Profile
Facebook help area: and

1. Go to your Facebook Homepage. Click “Home” on the upper right-hand corner of the

2. Click on your “Events” from the left-hand column:

3. Click “Create Event”

4. Choose “Create Public Event” or “Create Private Event”.
You can only choose this once, so be sure you select which option is best for you.

If you select Public: Anyone on Facebook will be able to see the event, even if you are not
friends with them. Norwex Compliance states that no promotions are allowed on public events.
Only Norwex Corporate pricing is permitted in public forum marketing and advertising. Norwex
Home Office monthly specials may be distributed; however, you may not offer other sales on
products, specials, shipping, loyalty points or any type of discount to solicit new business or
recruit new consultants.
We recommend you select Private: Only people invited to the event will be able to see it. If you
choose not to invite someone, don’t worry – they’ll NEVER be able to see anything about the
event in their feed, and they will never get any notifications about it. Ever. Norwex Compliance
note about private events: If you create a private event you may share any specials, discount or
giveaways you have created for your event guests.

5. Fill out event details and add an event banner. See Norwex options here: You can always edit the
event details if you think of other things you want to change or add.

Private Events: Complete event details and decide if you will allow others to invite friends or
not. IF you check the box to allow other people to invite their friends, keep in mind that this
gives you less control over “privacy”. Now, anyone could potentially be invited. But again –
only those who are invited can see the event.

6. Once created, go ahead and invite your friends. SEE OUR RECOMMENDATIONS
ABOUT PERSONALLY INVITING MEMBERS instead of simply adding them.
Incorrectly inviting people can result in spam behavior. Although you can choose to
invites from your list of friends, groups and events we recommend making the invitation
process more personal.

You can also choose to add co-hosts. Go ahead and click “Edit Event”, and then you’ll see where
you can invite other friends to co-host the event. If you make someone a co-host, they’ll be able
to invite their own friends and edit all event details.

Public Events: The options for public events are a little different from private ones – you’ll
notice that the initial event creation screen doesn’t give you the option to allow guests to invite
people. Because if you really think about it, that would result in total anarchy!

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