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Boning Xia - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft (1)

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Published by Boning Xia, 2019-05-22 09:59:21

My Colonial Ebook

Boning Xia - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Draft (1)

Welcome to
the 13

By Bonnie Xia

Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the13 Colonies
2 let's go to eat Food
3 Colonial Clothes
4 Farming
5 Toys and Games
6 Let's go to where I live-----Town
7 Let me take you to my School

1. Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

People from Europe came to the New World and
they were ruled by the King where they came
from. The King of England ruled 13 colonies.
People came because they wanted freedom of
religion, they wanted adventure and they
wanted to have a better life.

Im here

2. Let's Go to Eat Food

Food in Colonial America included many vegetables
and meat. The vegetables were from the garden and
the meat was from hunting or the farm. They had
breakfast, dinner (called lunch), supper (called
dinner.) In Colonial America people did not drink
much water because in Colonial America water was
not clean so they drank beer because the people
threw the chamber pot in the river. In Colonial
America food was easy to make and it was yummy.


3.Colonial Clothes

A long time ago clothes were different. They liked
pink and blue and ruffles. Girls wore a mob cap,
mules, wigs, masks and puddings (babies wore too.)
Women wore garters, masks, wigs, stockings. Boys
wore tricorn hats, buckles and breeches. I like
colonial clothes.



Colonists grew their own food. People lived in
towns with gardens. Some farms made things for
themselves and sold extra crops to others at
markets. People used tools to help them plant and
harvest crops. Farming was very hard work! A
plantation was a big farm. A plantation owner
had a lot of money because they had slaves to help

5.Toys and Games

In colonial times many children played games
like hoops, nine pins and a lot more. In the
winter it is cold outside so we played at home.
We liked to play board games and nine pins. In
the summer we liked to play hoops. In colonial
times we did not have many toys. We needed to
use our imagination. Toys and games in colonial
times were good.

6.Let's Go to Where I Live-Town

A town grew where more people moved into an area. The
towns people worked together to be a team. At my town
we has Selling wine, selling meat, selling clothes it is busy
at my
town People have their own jobs. I like it vera
Beer maker making beer ,Farmers plant vegetables Doctor
doing medicine…...

Im here

7.Colonial School

School in colonial times was different and the same
as today.In colonial times school was just one big
classroom. All grades k-12 were in the same room.
In Colonial times I just learned math and writing
and if children did bad things they had to wear a
dunce cap on their head. Many girls did not go to
school. I do not like that. Today we go to school
together, not only boys. Girls can also go and do not
has dunce cap We have a lot of classrooms

Here are some games you can play



games games

Good - bye

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