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Extra scores_1003,1038,1044

Extra scores_1003,1038,1044

People who speak 1. William Clifton Dodd claimed that Thai people are
related Tai languages from Central China in the tai race: the elder Brother of
the Chinese. And Vichitr Vadhakarn supported this idea.
The origin of The idea is Thai people are from Altai Range Mountain.
Thai people 2. Thai people might have been living in Sichuan
province even before the Chinese.
Example of 3. Archiba lR. Colguhon, explorer , believes that Thai
vassal state people spread around southern China and northern
Southeast Asia.
4. Some scholars believed that Tai people were forced to
move southward by the Mongol armies.
5. Dr. Somsak Pansomboon and Dr. Prawet Wasi
introduces the theory of “Thai originated in northeastern
Thailand, Indo-Chinese region, or Malay Peninsular.”
6. Paul Benedict, introduces Thai people might be
in current Thailand.

(南洋) Thai-Chinese junk trade was continuing Vassal (n.) a holder of land by feudal tenure
from Sukhothai Kingdom and its important on conditions of homage and allegiance
“ was the system that business since the 17th century. The main
trading port is Ayutthaya, Bangkok, they are the center of the The tribute is the gift for
others vassal states need to sent the tribute to China. Chuntaburi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat world, The emperor are Son trading in exchange
Tributes may be animals, forest products, as well as pottery. Thani, Pattani, Songkhla, etc. of Heaven, and states who
According to Chinese worldview, their country is the center want to communicate and “So, we weren’t their vassal states”.
of the world, and their emperor are the son of heaven. China has everything that we can imagine. trade with China must send
Moreover, they also provide the sea bans, others state So, if we are able to trade with them, it will the tribute and accept important why
couldn’t enter China’s sea. Therefore, if you want to trade be our opportunities to gain more profits. China’s superior status.
with them, the only way was Tribute. So, the purposes of we denied the vassal states status.
“So, the states who sent tributes to
”Siam was for providing trade and foreign relation. Chinese were their vassal states”. 1. Siam never wanted China to

Tribute is payment made assure our security.
periodically by one state or ruler to 2. Siamese kings had never
another, especially as a sign of officially admitted the superior
status of China 3. The officer who
的物品。 was responsible for preparing

บรรณาการ คอื สิง่ ทสี่ ง่ ไปให้ดว้ ยความเคารพนบั ถอื หรอื tribute was Phra-klang.
If we send the tribute to the emperor, they 4 times a year once every
will provide us seal of rank, which can three years
guarantee our status. For example, in
Sukhothai period, there are a lot of groups. once every two years
So, if we is accepted by the emperor, we
will be beyond others. once every 10 years

It was a guarantor of security for the lesser states
and could be called upon for military assistance.

Sukhothai, who was known as xian, decided to send its first tribute, which

is wild products such as eaglewood, ivory, areca, pepper, aloe, to China in

1292. And, in 1294 send a second tribute and was

“the first unified Thai nation, center of recorded in “History of Yuan”
Thailand. Our relationship with Yuan court
is state to state relation. In 1282 Yuan court Thereare several arguments about this topic ,
sent the emissary mission to Xian but crews but the most reliable argument at that time was
were murdered in Champa.” that the king would not desire to go abroad for
at least a year, just for sending a tribute.

Economic and cultural ties, the Emperor allowed a number of Chinese ceramic artisans to build ceramic kilns, which is called Turiang, in Sukhothai and Sukhothai
Sawankhalok and transferred ceramic making techniques to the locals. Early Sukhothai ‘s porcelain is a Chinese style, because it looks like celadon, so we Ayutthaya
can assume that those styles may come from China. And next sangkhalok porcelain became a main exporting product. Thonburi
“Ayutthaya was taken as the second great kingdom of Thailand King Taksin required investment two times but it was denied because he
and the rule state for 417 years before fell by the invasion of hesitated about his background. Finally the investment was approved and sent Thonburi
Burmese armies in 1767. Ayutthaya welcome international trade, to Siam with Thonburi envoy in 1782, but King Taksin already passed away. On
merchants, and citizens. Morover, in this period, we contact with this day, trade with China is very good, King Rama3 as a Chaosua in that time Thonburi kingdom existed only 15 years, so
many nations such as China, Japan, France, Holland, Persia, etc. is he makes the best income. Doing business in the past but not yet reign. there is nothing much in this period.
“ Bangkok became one of the most crucial international trading hubs in Asia. Firstly, King Taksin was a Thai-Chinese
descent, and in his reign, Teochew Chinese
Due to the new reign, which is led the rebellion King Mongkut faced the threat of the Western colonization and was called the Royal Chinese, who helped us
fighting against Yuan army by Zhu Yuanzhang, Ming the last tribute mission of Siam to Qing court was robbed and fight Burma. Back to that time, King Taksin
dynasty send envoys to tell the city of tribute that it is murdered by the Tai Ping in 1852 by Rebellion army. Qing court sent two tributes to China asking for royal
a modern reign. We will have a virtuous ruler and try later sent envoys to Siam required another tribute mission, but investiture but it was refused by Qian Long.
to create a new picture of China. Therefore, China’s was refused by King Chulalongkorn and that was the last tribute
capital was moved from Dadu (Beijing) to Nanjing. There are three reasons why tribute relation is ended.
Firstly, Siam is forced to open a country and allow the
In 1370 Lu Zongjun was the first envoy to Ayutthaya, it was the first King Ekathotsarot has international trade with Chinese, Malay, Muslim, foreigner to trade freely with us. Next, selling things with
time that China called this country Xianluohu or XianLuo, combination Japanese, and the Western traders. The Chinese migrants in Ayutthaya were foreigners gain more money than China. Moreover,
of Siam and Lavo. Moreover, Hongwu required Siam to present the exempt for corvée (unpaid labor for local officials). Next, King Songtham sending tribute to China where it was in the middle of
tribute to Ming court once every 3 years. succeeded in hiring a Japanese bodyguard and trade with Japan, which turmoil was insecure. Lastly, Siam want to go towards
replaced China in Ayutthaya trade. In 1632 King Prasat Thong killed the Tianjin port, like a foreigner, but Qing refused. The reason
Ming dynasty is afraid of the The Yongle, the third emperor Japanese group and drove out most Ayutthaya Japanese inhabitants why Siam wants to go towards Tianjin port is because Siam
Mongols coming. Therefore forbid of Ming who usurped the wants to be as equal as Western nations.
people to set sail .The only ships that throne from his nephew, . During the Qing dynasty, there were 2 more marine
could enter were tribute ships. So, order to build the great vessel
the only way to get profit is from its name “Bao Chuan” was led bans. The first time was in 1647-1684 began with prohibition of all private
trading by boat. Ayutthaya tributes to by Zheng He. The Treasure maritime and moved away from the sea at least 30-50 miles. The second time
China were Gold, elephant, red- Ship has a 317 fleet and in 1717-1727 could cause Chinese security problem. During these periods,
crowned crane, five color parrots, 28,000 crewmen and its Siamese trade didn’t suffer much from the prohibition. Moreover, Siam
camphol, rhinoceros' horn, etc. expedition in 1405. exported more rice. In that time Siam, thanks to the marine ban, Sino-Siam
trade grew steadily, especially during King Narai reign
It is not clear what the emperor was built for. However,
It was a bad boat to take the throne, so he tried to Improve is a heavy object
your self-image .The boat is stealing to show that it is not that is used to counter the ship.
the child of Heaven. So I tried to make it big and If we go to sell and not carry it
memorable. Before this, the emperor Zhu Yunwen had back, the boat may collapse.
escaped and Zhu Di wanted to make sure that he would Just weigh the boat
never come back to troubles again.

He has raised the Chinese tax, so the Chinese Before the Xinhai revolution, Sun Yat-sen had The world has separated into 2 camps, Capitalist and Communist.
came to protest for three days. According to been visiting the overseas Chinese in Bangkok Due to the ideology, Thailand and China were in opposition.
that strike, the Thai perspective mindset about for asking the financial support and spreading Vietnam has been divided into 2 countries. China accepted North
the Chinese has changed. King Rama V has said his idea of three People’s Principles (Nationalism, Vietnam, but Thailand supported the U.S. and Southern Vietnam.
Chinese in Siam is one of the component parts Democracy) And These three People’s Principles Thailand along with the U.S. and also other allies established the
of the kingdom. have resisted the nationalism principles of SEATO to protect its members from the Communist threat.
Thailand. The fall of the Qing Dynasty made Thai
It is the article that criticize the Chinese in concerned this will occur in Thailand as well. In 1955, Indonesia hosted the Asian-African Conference or the Bandung Conference. Initially, the
conference has changed the attitude of the Thai government to Communist China in some
Siam. There are many critiques about After the war, the Chinese civil war was out breaking ways. And Thai representatives and Chinese representatives, Zhou Enlai, have secretly met to
again. In the end, the Communist Party got the talk about the possibility of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand. During the
Chinese in the article. victory, Kuomintang moved to Taiwan. Thai conference, Zhou Enlai has made the speech, the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. Zhou
government accepted the status of the Taipei Enlai also explains in the meeting that China comes to Bandung to seek unity and not quarrel, to
government as the representative of China. seek common ground and not divergences.

Zhou Enlai confirmed to Thai that China would not intervene in other countries’ internal
politics. After the Conference, the Thai P.M. organized the underground diplomatic mission
to China. The Thai P.M. agreed to establish relations with China, but due to the global
political tension, they needed to do it secretly.

King Rama VII had been invited to a Chinese In 1969, Nixon Doctrine or Guam Doctrine stopped supporting South Vietnam and In the 1971 United Nations General Assembly meeting, Dr. Thanat
school in Bangkok. After King Rama VI passed let the Asian nations responsible for defending themselves. After that, the U.S. has Khoman asked permission from the Thai government to vote with the
away, this was a good chance to change things, withdrawn its troops from Vietnam and other Asian nations and shifted its majority, he was denied. However, He ordered the Thai representative
but he doesn’t change things much. Because diplomatic policy orientation towards China. to the UN to start contacting the Chinese representative. In 1971, Thanat
there was a Siamese revolution in 1932. had been sending signals to China that Thailand wants to live peacefully
Thai-Chinese Relations was worse since Sarit with China. In 1972, there was a ping-pong competition organized by
After the epic revolution in enacted the policies of anti-communist and support China. Thailand was invited to join, Thailand joint and sent Mr. Prasit
China, the Kuomintang of the U.S. The Chinese government has responded by Kanchanawat to Beijing. Zhou Enlai and Prasit have met each other and
China believed the relation setting up the Voice of the People of Thailand radio talked about the possibility of the establishment of their diplomatic
between Siam and China station to attack the Thai government. However, the relations. In 1973, there was an oil crisis, Thailand asked for China’s help,
would be improved, but it doesn’t. The new conflicts between China and the Soviet led to the China agreed to sell oil to Thailand at the friendship price. In 1975,
Thai government launched the law against the new of Thai-Chinese relations. Thailand had a new P.M. which was M.R. Kukrit Pramoj. He adjusted
Chinese in Thailand. Surprisingly, most of the Thai policy towards China.
revolution promoters were all Thai-Chinese.
On July 1, 1975, in Beijing, M.R. Kukrit and Zhou Thailand and China have an interest in
The Thao-Chinese relation was aggravated. have signed a Joint Communique on the resisting Vietnamese expansion in Indo-
The Japanese pressured Thailand to allow their establishment of diplomatic relations. It is a new china. After this incident, the Chinese
troops to pass. And Japan will not fight and give us era of Thai-Chinese relations. Thailand is the 101st government diminished its support to
back the land as well. country that accepts the Chinese Communist the Communist Party of Thailand.
government, and was the last country the Joint
In 1945, Japan announced its surrender. To gain Communique signed by Zhou Enlai.
international support, Siam signed the Treaty of Amity
and Friendship with ROC. After the war, the Chinese After the Indo-China war, Thai-Chinese relations have improved.
have celebrated their victory which made Thai be In 1989, Mr.Chatchai, Thai P.M., has visited China and stated the
pungent with that. In 1946, King Ananda (Rama VIII) statement “Thai-Chinese are brothers.”
and his brother (King Rama IX) visited Yaowarat road to
decrease the conflict between Thai and Chinese.
However, the situation has not improved much. In early
1952, the Thai government banned aliens from living
within 10 km. to the river, railways, bridges, or dams.

He is known as the father of Hatyai. He was a Hakka. He
has developed a small city in the past and became the
city of Hatyai. During King Rama V reign he was hired as
a foreman by one of the railroad subcontractors to build
the southern line of the state railway

Chinese immigrants who came to Siam He was born in Suratthani. His grandfather Due to the war and difficulty of China
will live together and seperate by their was coming from Fujian. He became a mainland, the Chinese have migrated to
dialects, hometown, or surnames. The famous philosopher in Thailand and aboard. other countries to survive. And Southeast
Chinese were not protected by Siam Asia was one of their destinations. The
Laws, so they set up their own laws to He was born in Ranong and later assigned as overseas Chinese population in Thailand is
protect themselves. The Ang Yee has Trang governor. During his governing period, approximately 14% of the entire population.
obviously emerged during the reign of Trang has rapidly developed. He brought a Which means Thailand is the largest country
King Rama III. The first Ang Yee’s riot in rubber plant from Malaysia to grow in Trang.
Phuket when two Chinese groups went He was earned money to build the first town that Overseas Chinese were living.
on a fight over the water. Then, 9 years hall in Thailand.
later, there was a second and worse riot. 华商
here were many miners who started the 潮州 is the largest 客家. Their forebear was occupying the land
riot. They were burning and looting all group was called the Royal bordering Henan, Hubei, and Shaanxi provinces. They came businessman
over Phuket Town. But, at last, the Thai Chinese. They immigrated from to Siam after the struggle of staying in Guangdong. In Siam,
military has stopped the riot. the north of Guangdong and they worked as silversmiths, barbers, tailors, etc. The famous 华工
Shantou. They began coming cuisine which is Yen-Ta-four was coming from them. 华侨labor
黄 to Siam in the late Ayutthaya
แซ่อึ้ง period. King Taksin, who is the 广东. They were a smaller group of overseas descendant
郑徐 only one Thai-Chinese king, is Chinese in Siam. They were good at artisan cooking and
แซ่แต้ 林 แซ่โคว้ 吴 one of Teochew trading. And Timsum is brought by them. 华裔
แซล่ ้มิ แซ่โง้ว
刘李 海南. They appeared in Siam with small junk, so they cannot reach Chinese lineage
แซ่เล้า แซ่ลี้ the Philippines and Indonesia. They are the pioneers in opening up for
陈 commercial development by agriculture and pig farming. The Hainanese have
แซ่ตง้ั special skills in fishing and boat building and also cooking. The famous cuisine
named rice steamed with chicken soup is coming from them.

แซเ่ ตยี ว (Fujian) 福 建. They were mainly sailors and merchants. And a big
number of Hokkien lukchin entered the government services. And the famous
王 cuisine they brought is Hokkien noodle.

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