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16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback_Issue 3_2016_V5_SINGLES

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16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback_Issue 3_2016_V5_SINGLES

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback_Issue 3_2016_V5_SINGLES

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 1

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Products CSJ Feeds at a glance

HERBS CHAMP! Protein Fat Crude Crude Protein Source
Ash Fibre
Billy No Mates! 325g & 1kg Champ Adult! Beef & Lamb
Come On! 300g Little Champ! 20% 9% 8.5% 3% Beef, Lamb & Chicken
Eezy Peezy! 300g Sooper Dooper Champ! Beef, Lamb & Chicken
Focus! 250g Old Champ! 26% 11% 8% 2.5% Beef & Lamb
Get Over! 250g
Heal! 250g ORIGINAL 28% 12% 8% 2.5%
No Ake! 100g
Phantom Raspberry! 150g Lamb Senior (wf)* 18% 6% 8% 4%
Resist! 200g Herbie Nuts
Seaweed & Parsley 200g That’ll do!/Hi Lost! Protein Fat Crude Crude Protein Source
Remove Seaweed & Parsley 350g Lamb & Rice (wf)* Ash Fibre
Skinny Herbs! 250g Complete Tripe! 17% 7% 6% 4% Lamb
Steady! 250g Fit n Fast [No rice] (wf)* 20% 10% 5% 2.5% Chicken
Thistle Work! 200g Herbie Rings 21% 12% 8.5% 2.5% Chicken
Turn Back Thyme! 250g No Grainer (grain free) 22% 10% 8% 2.5% Lamb
Puppy 22% 13% 8% 3% Fresh Tripe
SKIN PRODUCTS Rocket Fuel! 23% 11% 5% 3% Salmon
Hike On! [No rice] (wf)* 24% 10% 6.5% 2.5% Chicken
Ekoneem 50ml 27% 22% 6% 3.5%
Ekoneem Shampoo/Soap Bar COMMAND 28% 13% 6% 2.75% Tripe, Chicken, Duck & Salmon
Skinny Dip Shampoo 250ml PERFORMANCE 30% 14% 6% 3%
Skinny Cream 200ml 31% 20% 5.0% 2.5% Chicken
Skinny Spray 250ml Chicken
Skinny Cream 100ml Salmon & Beef

SUPPLEMENTS Protein Fat Crude Crude Protein Source
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Gravy Works! 500g CP18 (wf) 18% 8% 7% 3.5% Lamb
Lap-it-Up! 2kg CP21 (wf) 21% 12% 6% 3% Salmon
Salmon Oil 500ml CP24 (wf) 24% 14% 9% 2.5% Lamb
STORM® Canis 300g & 1kg CP27 (Puppy) (wf) 27% 16% 7.5% 2.5% Lamb
Skinny Dip 500g 30% 20% 7% 3% Salmon
16% 12% 3.5% 3.5% Salmon
TREATS CP30 (wf) 23% 5.5% 4.5% 6.5% Pork & Duck
22% 11% 6% 4% Turkey & Poultry
Dem Bones 500g CPXtra (wf)

Fishcuits 185g CP Porky Pooch (wf)
Fruit n Mutt Energy Bars CP 7 Plus (wf)
Pemmikan Bars 400g

Meaty Treats - Dinner Bait 120g

Meaty Treats - Gnaw Rolls 100g

Meaty Treats - Training Tips 100g

Meaty Treats - Fish ‘n’ Hips 100g

Your local stockist

01745 710470

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News, views and feedback from handlers, trainers, breeders and CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Thanks to Sarah Caldicott Photography for the great shot of Laochin Scoobie New web TV
series ‘A Way
with Dogs’ hits
our screens

Joe Hipwell
talks to
Richard Preest,
Cocker Spaniel
Champion 2016

Mark Laker,
KC Agility Team
GB Manager,
looks to the

Scotland plays
host to ECF

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 3

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

Passion, new projects,
Contents prestigious events and
new packaging...Welcome letter from Ceri

Page 1 - 2

Wales WAO Team

Pages 2

Pages 3 - 8
It’s been yet another Meanwhile, we’ve been busy working
Sled Dog Sports incredibly busy year for us on a very exciting project to hopefully
and for all of you by the further promote ‘my’ sport of
Pages 9 - 11 sounds of things. Every year, sheepdog trialling. We have produced
we’re sponsoring more our very first filmed sheepdog trial
Canicross events, handlers and teams which we staged on our family farm
and its exciting visiting the in North Wales and have called
Pages 12 - 14 events, seeing the results ‘A Way with Dogs’. It showcases
and watching the dog sports 9 of the top handlers in the country
Flyball grow. who compete over a very tricky
course set on the Welsh hillside
Page 14 Every sport demands passion, under the critical eye of judge,
concentration and patience and 2 x World Trials Champion and 4 x
Sheepdogs we’re right behind all our handlers International Supreme Champion,
all the way from juniors to Aled Owen.
Page 15 - 16 seasoned seniors.
Welsh sport has had a great
A Way with Dogs I remember the excitement myself of year in general – not least,
when I started training and entering as demonstrated by our
Pages 17 - 18 competitions for the first time. I was inspirational national
1 lucky enough to have my dad, football team at the
H. Glyn Jones behind me with years World Cup!
Sponsorship of experience, but nothing quite
prepares you for your first time Carrying on this theme of success,
Page 19 representing your country. the Wales International Gundog
Team attended The Game Fair and
Search & Rescue To ensure the future of all dog sports, came away with some silverware,
Organisation & IPO everyone must try to encourage new while following on from Aled Owen’s
and young handlers and so we were success in 2015, Kevin Evans won
Page 20 especially proud to be able to support the International Supreme Sheepdog
the Junior Team representing the Championships that were staged
Wales Gundog Team at Great Britain and YKC (Young in Tywyn.
The Game Fair Kennel Club) at the European Open
Junior Agility Championships held This prestigious event was last held
Page 21 in Slovakia earlier this year where there in 1968 when my dad, won the
they won two overall Bronze medals. Farmers Cup.
UK Gundog Team What a wonderful experience for
these youngsters and great for the Congratulations are also due to the
Page 22 sport! Wales Team that competed at the
World Agility Open Championships
Joe Hipwell & Richard in May winning a Silver medal as well
Preest talk Gundogs as the individual successes too. A very
proud Team Manager, Stuart Harmes,
Pages 23 - 24 provides a short report for us.

Show Dogs

Pages 25 - 26

Disc Dogs

Page 27

Advice, Testimonials and

Pages 27 - 34

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 4

, Wales World CSJ Agility
d Agility Open Team

Bethan Fitzgerald in full flight Th e Wel sh WAO Team

Beth Fitzgerald also had an “As Team manager for the Third year running
amazingly successful year when for World Agility Open Team Wales, I would
she managed to win Gold at the like to congratulate the entire team on a very
European Canicross Championships successful year.”STUART HARMES
and then brought home a Silver
medal from the World Dryland Many stand out performances I do hope that the whole team
Championships… held in Canada. from some talented partnerships: enjoyed their experience and we look
And yes, you guessed, Beth was born We achieved podium places forward to planning the ‘Try Outs’ for
in North Wales! as a team (second place) and two Ermelo, Netherlands, next year!
overall individual medals!
A couple of our sponsored racing sled Congrats to Susie Josty and Oz Thanks again for all of your 2
dog mushers, John and Mary Carter, and Rosie Cavill and Dare on their support both as a team, and
Satanta kennel of racing sled dogs great performance, bronze and to our Sponsors without
have had an exceptionally busy year: silver medals! And to all who ran whom, the costs of these
John is President of the British Sled in the Team events: international events would be
Dog Sports Federation which prohibitive for many team
encompasses all sled dog sports such The World Agility Open is a members - so thank you CSJ,
as sled, dryland, bike-joring and wonderful event, and you all I hope we did you proud.
canicross. In October 2015, the represented Wales admirably.
European Canicross Federation We had some new and young team Stuart Harmes
Championships were staged at members this year, and one thing Team Manager WAO Team Wales.
John’s home - Bowland Trails in I love about this event is that it
Blairgowrie, Scotland. provides opportunities for people
The event was deemed to be a huge to experience agility on a world stage
success and has set the bar for future - and proudly represent their Nation.
Championships. Seemingly, John People from all walks of life, and
enjoyed this ‘experience’ so much, indeed people with all sorts of dogs!
he is very much involved in the Representing your Nation is an
staging of the European Dryland honour in any sport, and I do hope
Championships in Thetford in that the lasting memories from 2016
November 2016! will be cherished, and performances
and skills built on.
As usual, time stands still for no one,
and so we have been busily CSJ
developing new packaging and new Main sponsor of
products so I will stop talking right The World Trials,
now so you can start reading. I hope Netherlands 2017
you enjoy this newsletter and please
contact me if you have any comments
or questions.

CSJ Founder
[email protected]

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 5

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Agility

Behind the scenes
at Agility Team GB


So what goes on behind the There are three key criteria we have However, many countries have
scenes at Agility Team GB to consider: a similar system, which is based
to prepare for the world class upon try-out days and then a final
Agility Championships? 1. The AWC is open to pedigree dogs selection day/weekend. This assesses
only and the EO is open to all dogs. people over a period and takes into
Without giving any ’trade secrets We need to consider this in our consideration:
away’, here’s an insight into the selection process.
work that goes on to prepare the l Different course designs;
National Team ‘Agility Team GB’ for 2. At the AWC a team are allowed
the European Open (EO) and the FCI nine individual runs. Out of team l Different weather, ground
Agility World Championships (AWC). of approx. 20 dogs and handlers, conditions, the situation on the day
we need to consider which nine i.e. running orders;
These two events are different in their stand most chance of a podium
format, although both attract the place. l Dog and handler fitness level on
similar pool of top handlers from different days
over 40 countries. One of the first 3. At the EO, a maximum of 50% of
things we do is our homework on the team can be dogs from the large In the UK handlers can qualify for
the championships: height category. This rule can limit the National Squad by winning
3 the size of the overall team if points throughout the year at Kennel
l Who’s judging – judges have their there’s a shortage of eligible small / Club show case events e.g. Crufts
medium dogs. qualifying classes; Championship
own unique styles and preferences classes. Points are awarded to dogs
to how they use equipment and the Once we’ve done our homework we who finish in the top three places,
type of courses they design. have a better understanding of what the dogs with the most points at the
We need to get inside the judges’ we’re preparing for. end of September get invited on to
head to understand what they’re the squad.
looking for and likely to design. The selection process to decide who
is going to be on the teams is like The squad train from December
l What surface is the competition many other countries - a moving through to April ready for final team
going to be run on? – The AWC is beast. After four years in the role and selection in May. We select one team
usually held on carpet, so that’s fine talking to other Team Managers, I’ve for each championship (EO and
we know what to expect; although realised there is no perfect system; AWC), some dogs are in both teams.
the standard of carpet varies. you have to continually tweak it.
The EO can be on grass outside,
indoor equestrian arena (sand) or
outside arena. We need to prepare
on a similar surface and take this
into consideration when selecting
the team.

l Have there been any rule changes?
From time to time the FCI update
their rule book, as we do in the UK.
There is a big update coming in
2018, so we need to start thinking
about the implications of this.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 6

CSJ Agility

Our squad training days are held I certainly see the junior programme Team GB has spent the last four
at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) as a way forward for the future. years building on the foundations set
and designed to help handlers Getting these young handlers by previous Team Managers. We are
prepare for the final squad day in involved with top international now going forward with a strong
April. NTU is one of the leading competition will be a way of Coaching Team,
universities in the UK for canine developing some of them for a future a development structure for juniors
research, so this is a great in the adult squad. and a core of experienced
opportunity for the students to carry international handlers dedicated
out research on these elite agility Going forward my focus is on: to win medals.
athletes. Their work gives us valuable
insights into canine performance and 1. How we ‘spot’ and develop dogs Being part of the
access to fantastic facilities. and handlers for the future; we need National Team is a
to be constantly looking for new great honour for me
The final part of our preparations talent, as is the chance to
happen at the Performance Weekend; work with top dogs
a chance for dogs and handlers 2. How we develop juniors through and handlers.
to perform the junior team into the adult squad
and, There are incredible highs when it
We’ll bring an international judge goes right and some low moments
in for the Performance Weekend and 3. Winning medals at international when it doesn’t, that’s sport.
we structure the competition to run competitions
on a similar format to the actual Mark Laker
championships the handlers will Dog agility is getting increasing more
be competing at. Myself and the competitive, faster and professional
Coaching Team are looking for at the top level.
dog/handler partnerships who have
performed best over the squad days 2016 TOP PERFORMANCE RESULTS
and manage to bring it all together
on this weekend. 4

For the first time in 2016 we entered Championships Individual Event Team Event
a team of junior handlers into the
European Open in Slovakia for AWC 5th (Large) 7th (Medium Team)
EO 7th (Large) 2 (Large) teams in the final
The competition was attended by
over 450 young handlers from across Junior 3rd (Small) 3rd (Large)
Europe and by teams from USA,
Canada and Russia. The standard
was equal to the adult competition
and the judges didn’t compromise Q&ACeri’s
on their course; these were some of
the toughest agility courses I’ve seen. Question: How do you keep your
dogs’ teeth clean?
Our handlers produced some
fantastic runs bringing back bronze, Answer: I have luckily never had a problem
silver and gold medals across all with any of my dogs’ teeth – and their ages
heights and categories. range from puppies up to dogs in their teens.
They eat their CSJ Kibble and get a variety of
The juniors will have two try-out our treats including Gnaw Rolls.
days where they will compete on
international style courses designed 10 year old Moel Skip
to test the young handlers on the
type of courses they can expect to get
at the championships. A team of
approx. 20 juniors will then be
selected to represent Team GB at the
championships in Luxembourg
in 2017.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:17 Page 7

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Agility

World Agility Open
Championship (WAO)


Agility - the largest sport They decided who could participate The World Agility Open
in the canine world in the sport (they didn’t allow dogs (WAO) championships
without a pedigree, for example) and
Over the past two decades, what they could participate in. The World Agility Open (WAO)
agility has become the largest In a few countries, multiple agility championships is the first
canine sport in the world. If you organizations developed, but in many international agility event created
ask anyone why they do the sport of these cases, handlers who tried and managed by agility competitors.
with their dog, you’ll find that to participate in one could be banned It is not run under the auspices of
the answers centre around the from competing in the other. any agility organization. Without the
following: encumbrance or politics of a large
In 2011, Greg Derrett and organization where agility is not the
l It allows the dog to fulfill his I decided that agility needed only concern, this WAO organizing
natural hunting and chasing an alternative world committee of two can make decisions
desires championship that was free quickly and in the best interest of the
of politics. event and the competitors.
l It’s great exercise for both you
and the dog We wanted to allow mixed breed dogs Each year the event has grown in
to participate and we wanted to let size, but we have faced a great deal
l It gives the dog mental stimulation the agility handlers in each country of opposition from the kennel clubs
5 and teaches him how to problem set up the criteria that decided who in a number of countries as well as
was qualified to represent their world organization that hosts the
solve and work with the handler country at a world level. Our goal original agility world championship
was to showcase the highest level event. When we went to Belgium to
l It provides training and analytic of agility training, human/canine hold the WAO in 2012, for example,
challenges for you partnership, and athleticism. Belgian handlers were threatened
We wanted the best of the best to with being banned from participating
l It’s fun and exciting attend, both human and canine, in agility in that country if they even
and we wanted them to make their attended the event as a helper.
l It allows you social time with national teams based on skill and Our Belgian judge was banned by
like-minded dog lovers and trainers results, not based on breed or his own Kennel Club for judging at
favoritism in the selection process. our event. Other judges were
l It allows you to strengthen your threatened with being banned when
bond with your dog and connect we invited them to judge.
with him at a completely different
level - the melding of mind and
energy of two different animal
species that allows a handler/dog
team to communicate and perform
in perfect synchronicity (and often
at a high rate of speed) is addictive!

No wonder so many people
across the world want to do

But in some countries, during the
development of the sport, politics
became involved in the mix.
Committees of people from the
breed/conformation world, who have
never participated in agility, took
over administrative control of
competitive agility.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:18 Page 8

CSJ Agility


Some of the feedback from the 2016
event that was just held on 13-15
May is typical of what we’ve heard
each year:

“What an event. A true world
championships that embraces all
breeds, all sizes, and rewards those
dogs and handlers that display the
best in strategy, consistency, and of
course speed! I have loved standing
on the start line every year.”
– Jo Tristram, Team England

Winn er : Ab igail Beasley with Dreamer, 2 nd Rosie Cavill wi th Dare, 3r d Mar c Raba da with Z eus “This event was amazing. Thank you
for all your dedication to making it
perfect! The organization was second 6
to none.”
– Loretta Mueller, Team USA

“Loved the format of WAO. Loved the
atmosphere. Loved the courses, the
equipment, the footing, the weather,
the music, the dancing, and the
cheering. Just a fantastic event all
around! Cheers to all involved! Gold
medal performance.”
– Sarah Mairs, Team Canada

Winner : Euan Paterson with Sweep, 2nd Lee Gibson with Sadie, 3rd Shaun Hunt with Phix Gemma Haycock with Ruby But there is no way any of this would
be possible without a sponsor like
These bans intimidated people in CSJ. Hosting an international event
other countries where the Kennel is a monumental organizational and
Club made similar threats against financial endeavor. Entry fees alone
handlers who tried to participate cannot cover the costs of such an
in the WAO. But by us supporting the event. CSJ gave us their support in
people who were willing to stand up 2015 and 2016, and is returning for
to the agility organizations in their 2017 when the WAO will take place in
countries and come to the WAO, Ermelo, Netherlands. CSJ has allowed
regardless of the potential us to continue developing the sport
punishment, we have made huge of agility on an international level
inroads in Europe and we are adding to create a true world championship
new countries to the event every year. event. We are thankful there is a
company that understands the
importance of promoting the
human/canine bond as we pursue
agility and other sports with our dogs.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:18 Page 9 CSJ Highland
Agility Stakes
Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds Final

CSJ Agility

Meet Toni Dawkins

7 The CSJ Highland Agility Stakes
is the only competition for Senior
Toni was raised with Border Collies. Her mother practiced and Advanced agility dogs open
Obedience and later introduced Toni to Agility when she to all UK competitors but with all
started her own club. qualifiers and finals held in
Ton i Dawkin s with Su nfl ower
Its aim has always been to showcase
25 years on Toni teaches Agility worldwide and says, “I love it! I am also the best of agility in Scotland and
a hydrotherapist and take my dogs’ fitness very seriously.” so once again, this year’s Final took
place in the main ring at Scone Game
“My most memorable success is winning the Crufts Championships with both Fair.
my dogs the same year. One in the Medium, and one in the Large.”
Regarded as one of Scotland’s most
l Minx (Border Collie) - 14 years old prestigious Finals, The Highland
l A retired Agility Champion with eight tickets to her name Stakes has been around for many
l Beep (Border Collie) - 9 years old who retired at Grade 7, competed years and always attracts
impressively large crowds for both
at Crufts and qualified for the Olympia semis the morning and afternoon events.
l Cute (Border Collie) - 6 years old - Grade 7, he has run at Crufts and
Thanks to organiser, Lisa Duggan;
qualified for Olympia three times, last year finishing 12th against Judge, Cathy Keith, Susan Mallabar,
he best Showtime Online, Norton Rosettes
l Sunflower (MAS) - 22 months and all the volunteers who supported
the main ring.


CSJ Highland Agility Stakes Final

Large Winner
Donna Kerse with
Tri n Fly Amazing Grace

Runner Up
Louise Raine with Silver Starlight

Medium Winner
Steven Richardson with Libby

Small Winner
Mark Bruce with Sindy

I do hope that the whole team enjoyed their experience, and we look forward
to planning the ‘Try Outs’ for Ermelo, Netherlands, next year!

“My dogs have been fed CSJ for the last 16 years and I have no complaints.
They love the food, are full of energy and I have no plans to ever change.

Thank you CSJ!”

Car ol Baker, CSJ, with the 4 win ners

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:18 Page 10

Kennel Club International Open
Agility Festival 2016

Once again, the KC IAF took place at Rockingham Castle
in Leicestershire.

This was the 4th year that CSJ has supported this prestigious event
with around 2000 dogs competing over the 4 days. And the number
of caravans is always something to behold – over 700 this year!
‘The Festival’ is one of the key dates in the agility calendar with
competitors attending from 17 countries, 200 separate
classes, 21,000 entries and over 2500 visitors.
Our CSJ stand was really busy as usual with lots of
handlers and visitors dropping by to have a general
catch up and get some invaluable nutritional advice.


Steven Richardson with 'Libby' (KC Ag. Ch. No Worries Sweep's Dream)
Photo: Yulia Titovets

This year we had arranged with Since CSJ started promoting and It is the only dog feed supplement
Cath Dunnett, Racing Blue, to set distributing STORM® Canis to contain ProCarnosine® which
up beside our stand to answer several top handlers in the various is supported by global patents.
questions about the specific dog sports have been using it and
benefits to agility dogs using now firmly believe in it – especially By encouraging fast bursts of speed
STORM® Canis. SC is such a with them becoming Champions! and quick recovery times, STORM®
unique and innovative product that Canis actively promotes a dog's
it was wonderful for potential users STORM® Canis is a unique health and well-being. It should be
to get the scientific information formulation for dogs to help fight added to your dog’s normal diet,
directly from the expert herself. muscle fatigue during intense to provide part of a normal
exercise and to support training balanced ration.
and recovery.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:18 Page 11

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Sled Dog Sports

The ECF European


The second week in October 2015, hundreds of dog owners
from all over the UK, plus an equal number of Europeans
with their canine companions, flocked to Scotland,
to Bowland Trails, Blairgowrie, for the ECF European
Championships, organised by the National Sled Dog Sports
Centre on behalf of the British Sleddog Sports Federation and
the European Canicross Federation.

Months of preparation and Jean -Pi er re Tal bot with a p ictur e from his day s as th e Tin Ti n Bethan Fitzgerald
organising, thanks to the continued character
support of CSJ, finally came to heart, and examining their movement
fruition. In place was the marquee, “Jean-Pierre Talbot for any irregularity that may hinder
from Belguim, who at their ability to safely compete.
staging, 72 years of age, still On the eve of the competition,
tables & as fit and good as dusk started to fall, the Athletes
chairs, looking as he was in were drawn to the marquee by the
a kitchen, his movie star youth” stirring sound of Bag pipes played by
9 temporary local folk musician, Harry McFadyen
track, portable heated showers, Porta Open for inspection
loos, caterers, snack vans, banners John and Mary Carter
and flags, signage, drinking water,
Bike wash, skips, on-site and
emergency vets, Peter Melling (the
CSJ Camera man!) generators,
lighting, Inflatable start arch,
tableware, PA system, First aiders,
on-site communication, Quadbikes,
tractors… the list goes on… but most
importantly… the trail was ready –
and it proved to be the most exciting
and challenging trail an ECF
championship has ever experienced.

The 4 legged competitors came in all On the Thursday and Friday,
breeds, shapes and sizes, and like- the course, that was guaranteed
wise the 2 legged competitors, were a to challenge all, was open for
cross-section of all abilities and ages, inspection by the competing teams
from the youngest, Bob Carter, at 7 while veterinary team worked
years of age up to the oldest, the ECF tirelessly to examine the vaccination,
President, Jean-Pierre Talbot from de-worming & microchip records on
Belgium, who at 72 years of age, the pet passports for each of the
still as fit and good looking as he competing dogs.
was in his movie star youth, but now
accompanied by a dog much larger Race Vet, Bethan Fitzgerald and her
than the white fox terrier from his team were noted for their thorough
Tin-Tin days. attention paid to each dog’s health –
checking their joints, feet, chest,

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:18 Page 12

Jim Urwin

Danny Fitzgerald

“The 4 legged 10
competitors came
ECF Canicross in all breeds, shapes
and sizes, and like-
wise the 2 legged
competitors, were
a cross-section of all
abilities and ages.”

who was suitably dressed in his The leaders appointed for With thanks to Paulina Soltysiak for the use of photographs
clan’s Kilt & Teams were queuing up each nation collected their
to have their photos taken alongside team’s goodie bags Almost in response to the excited
the piper! yipping of dogs having their feed or
CSJ bags for life filled with each evening walk, and in anticipation of
The Marquee was decorated by flags competitor’s bib number, electronic the championship, the skies became
of the competing European nations – timing chip, CSJ brochures & alive with a magnificent display of
hand made by the children of the Magazines, CSJ treats for the the Aurora Borealis – the Northern
Blairgowrie School - Newhill Primary. competing dogs and Local Scottish Lights – a truly memorable Scottish
Orange juice, Champagne, or the Shortbread and a Non-Stop Buff for Welcome.
favourite of most, a selection of the the human competitors.
very best single malt whisky was Saturday - first day
served to the team members of each Stomachs growled as the aroma of competition
of the 13 competing nations. of the freshly cooked supper wafted
On being announced, the teams around the Marquee, so after the The Ray-Net volunteers were
entered the marquee, bearing their Scottish welcome & speeches, strategically placed on the trail giving
nations flag, parading to the sound a choice of 3 very generous dinner a communication back to the control
of their own national anthem: options were set out by the local in the start / finish area ensuring the
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, caterers, to include the traditional continued safety for all on the trail.
France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, and popular dish, Scottish Haggis, Before starting, each competing
Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Neeps and Tatties. human / canine partnership had their
Switzerland, and of course Great equipment checked by the technical
Britain. With their appetites satisfied, the officers to ensure it met the safety
competitors returned to their dogs regulations laid down in the rules
at their camp. and that their timing chip was
securely fastened as prescribed.

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CSJ Sled Dog Sports

Ewan Robertson, AKA Mr Snopeak, The event was also to form a Having given it their all, competitors
introduced each team to the crowds feature in the Dogs v Cats TV with more enthusiasm and energy
and gave their countdown to start. programme than I can possibly imagine, stepped
The first were the Bikejor teams, forward with their dogs to make up
followed by the scooters then the Chris Packham could be seen trying their nations relay teams for the final
canicross. out the sport of canicross off the slippery competition of the
championship course before the championships.
Both the 3km and 5km course set out Sunday’s racing started. He donned
had a fast grass start that wound its a running belt and attached his line After the day’s heats, Saturday
way around the meadow, including to one of our 12 year old huskies – evening brought another fantastic
looping around the main marquee, Crow – who ran up and down the feast to all in the marquee, with the
giving a super view for the spectators same stretch of grass a dozen times most popular dish for the meat eaters
for the first 750 meters, until to give the perfect takes for his being the local Wild Venison Stew.
disappearing from sight onto the camera and sound team. Later, he The Ethical Craft brewery served
winding trails up and down, through was interviewing competitors and the pints and kegs of real ales as the
the pine trees and broadleaved race vet all as part of the feature. tables were then cleared to the side.
woods, alongside stone dykes, over Harry McFadyen returned with his
bridged burns, peaty trails, hard The Scottish theme on Sunday came Ceilidh band for us all to dance the
packed road, mud or mossy grass. in the form of low cloud and drizzle. Military two-step, Gay Gordons and
Those who dared, could take their The grass became slippery and the strip the willow into the night!
eyes off the trail and gaze at the glory mud even more so. This didn’t
of the panoramic scenery – the dampen the spirits, instead, raised Harry played his bagpipes
Trussocks, Grampians, Cairngorms, the game for the competitors as the again to mark the end of a
and Sidlaw Hills all giving a breath- lower temperatures kept the dogs super championship event
taking backdrop to the championship. cool as they ran, and the humans
took pride in their ability to complete The marquee was filled once more for
Praised and hugged the course in spite of the challenging the thankyou speeches and then prize
conditions under - foot / tyres. giving and medal ceremonies got
11 Exhausted, smiley competitors and underway.
happy dogs at the finish, giving tales The mass starts in 30 second waves
of excitement and challenge from the were a sight to behold as the The number 1 slot on the podium
rollercoaster trail. The team of impeccably behaved dogs kept was dominated by the proud Belgium
helpers ensured each competitor was focused on the trail and strived to team, ensuring that all present were
offered a drink of the local spring be the first to the bottleneck at the quite accustomed to their National
water and their canine athlete, while inflated archway and arms flailing Anthem! Great Britain saw the
its microchip was read and checked to keep balance on the worn and largest medal haul – with 5 golds,
off the list, was offered a fresh bowl slippery fast downhill sections. 11 silvers and 8 bronze awards,
of water, if required, before heading including the clean sweep in the
back to their camp. Schoolboys category. The happy
winners left the podium with an arm
Dogs were praised and hugged while full of prizes – including bags of
they cooled off & rested, rehydrated, CSJ’s CP30, the amazingly effective
and fed. Bikes and scooters were CSJ Salmon Oil, and the
given their necessary maintenance, revolutionary product STORM
and taken over to the bike wash and Canis®, giving all the European
cleaned of grass and trail debris. nations a taste of what makes CSJ
Competitors took hot showers. and its users so very successful.
Running shoes and equipment were
cleaned up, muscles were massaged, The ECF, and all its member nations,
and joints were flexed and prepared the NSDSC, BSSF and Bowland
for the competition the following day. Trails would like to take this
opportunity to wholeheartedly thank
“Muscles were massaged, joints were flexed CSJ for their crucial part in creating
and prepared for the competition the one of the most memorable ECF
following day.” events in its history. The memory of
which, according to the federations,
has raised the expectations for all
future ECF events.

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CSJ Sled Dog Sports

The Fitzgerald

Our 2015/2016 season has been the best we have ever had,
with medals won in European and World championships and
fastest times in all the UK races. The season started with two
of the biggest races so we needed to start training as early as
August, as soon as the temperature allowed.

The dogs are fed CP30 all year round Time for Danny to try out the 6 dog Colin Spalding
but when competition starts we add team - they ran their best and taking
herbs, salmon oil and Storm to the home a gold now mean that he is now Suzie and
mix. Not forgetting hydrating them qualified in this class for the next Colin Spalding
with baited water throughout the week. European Championships held in the
UK 2016. Sucosibes Kennel of Racing
The first race was the European Sled dogs
Canicross Championships, it was All the Sled Dog Association of
a tough course but thanks to all our Scotland races were held at fantastic Colin got involved in racing sled dogs
preparation and having dogs that love trails, all of them hard hills and heavy 5 years ago when he and his wife, 12
the hills, We took home a Gold medal terrain putting the dogs to the test. Suzie, got their first husky. 12 months
in the one dog scooter, and 7th in the We raced the 2 dog and 4 dog and won later, they ran in their first race.
very competitive men's bike-jor, our all our races - except for the last one
first time the British anthem played where one of my dogs went lame… They currently own 5 Siberian
for team Fitzgerald, a proud moment. but this didn't stop us winning the Huskies and 2 German Short haired
Championships. Another proud Pointers.
The next big race was a little further moment, these dogs just keep going!
afield in Canada, a dry land race - Success quickly followed with them
it was a task not to be taken lightly! The last race of the season was all the winning the SDAS 2 dog
Thanks to a great bunch of team - way down in Thetford - another Championship in 2014, coming 3rd
mates, and the right training our National Championships and a chance in Aviemore in the 2-dog class in
4-dog team powered the Canadian dirt to qualify for the European 2014 and 2015 and then winning
track and took home a heavy Silver Championships while competing and being placed in the World Cup
medal. Vinnie our 7 year old had the against the southern mushers too. Qualifiers in 2015/2016.
pleasure to accompany me on the Back to Danny on the bike and me
podium, he is a little special as when with the 4 dog team and we both had However, Colin feels that their
he was a puppy, an expert orthopedic the fastest time achieving Gold medals biggest and most memorable success
surgeon told us he would never make once more, Danny on Saturday and came when qualifying to represent
a sled dog so we are just over the I succeeded in beating him on the team GB in the European
moon with him. The Bikejor class Sunday!!!!! Championships in 2016.
as always is one of the toughest
competition and we came 7th in the Our first 4 hounds we got are 7 years “Sucosibes have used CSJ CP30 and
world, which is just fantastic. old now and are still bringing in the Hike On! since 2014. The dogs love the
fastest times of the races, even against food and always empty their bowls at
All dogs were just superstars, bigger teams, we couldn't ask for more. every feed. They train and race hard
taking everything in their stride, and CSJ provides them with the energy
we still can't believe our dogs raced Beth goodness and stamina to achieve top
on Canadian soil let alone took Please note: That since Beth wrote this level results season after season.”
home a medal. It would be very article, she and Danny have had to
hard to top that!!!! make the heartbreaking decision to not 07877 739 590
race this season (2016/2017). email: [email protected]
A blink of an eye and we were back Hopefully it won’t be too long before
in the UK racing at the National we see them competing and winning
Championships. again.

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CSJ Canicross

Meet Ben and Bolt

Our 2015/2016 season has been the best we have ever had, Just some of Ben and Bolt’s
with medals won in European and World championships and achievements
fastest times in all the UK races. l 2014/2015 CaniX National

The season started with two of the biggest races so we needed Series Champion
to start training as early as August, as soon as the l 2015 SDAS Canicross Champion
temperature allowed. l 2015 BSSF Canicross Champion

l 2015 ECF European
Championships - 4th & Relay

l 2015/2016 CSJ Canicross
Midlands Race Series Champion

l Over 50 Canicross race wins
within first two seasons in the

l 3:56/13:53 mile/5k personal

bests w/Bolt

Ben Robinson and Bolt Ben adds, “Bolt also holds V50 (male)
& Junior (female) 5k records with my
“I struggled for some time to find any food father & Lucy Matthews respectively.”
Ben also uses STORM® Canis

that would put weight on my male “As champions, we’re always looking
Weimaraner, CSJ food has helped him add for ways to improve and stay on the
7-8kg of muscle and go from a fit but slightly top of our game. Since using STORM,
Bolt’s muscular endurance has

underweight dog to a powerful canicross dog improved significantly. Having the
who remains extremely lean despite the added right nutrition / supplementation on
weight / power. It now helps to support him board has allowed us to consistently
prove ourselves to be the fastest

and keep him fit through a busy training / Canicross team in the UK.”
competing schedule.”
To contact Ben:
Question: I have a fussy eater – what can I do? [email protected]

Answer: Try soaking a little of our Dinner Bait! in warm water before adding Q&ACeri’s
to your dog’s dinner? Delicious meat morsels (venison, wild boar, beef and
bison) with added cranberry and blackcurrant.

Or, if your dog prefers fish, try crumbling and sprinkling (or soaking) some

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CSJ Canicross

CSJ Flyball

Lucy Matthews CSJ Flyball

Lucy is an international level junior athlete (British & Championships
European Junior Champion) who has competed in canicross (EFC)
since 2010 when she was 12 years old. She now has four
dogs that compete in agility with her two German shorthaired This year, the European Flyball
pointers competing at top-level canicross. Championships returned to the
UK and it was the largest EFC
Lucy’s list of achievements in the sport is already very impressive event ever!

2015/2016 - Cambridgeshire Canines Flyball
Team hosted the event at Trinity
ECF European Championship, United Kingdom - 1st (15-18 Park, Ipswich and worked extremely
category) hard to make it such a huge success
to ensure everyone had a thoroughly
CSJ Adams/Canicross Midlands Race Series - 1st (15-39 category) good time.

British Canicross Champion for 2016 attained at BSSF
(British Sleddog Sports Federation)
National Championship in March.

“I currently feed my dogs on With flyball teams competing from 14
‘No Grainer!’ along with the added throughout Europe there was truly
herbs of Go On! and Calm Down! an international feel to these
(which is for my male pointer) they Championships. Ultimately, Jolly
also have the added Salmon Oil as Jumpers from Belgium took the title
well. What appeals to me specifically with a time of 16.18 seconds.
about CSJ is the variety and quality
of the ingredients used, the inclusion Congratulations to all the teams that
of supplements that will benefit my competed and a big pat on the back
dog’s joints, the fact that it is made in to the organisers and helpers.
Britain, the ease of meal preparation
and the results I have seen from my An overview of the event with footage
dogs whilst being on your food. I also taken over the 3 days by our
enjoy the fact that CSJ are great cameraman, Peter Melling, can be
sponsors in many events which I seen via our website
compete in within Canicross but also
Agility as well.”

Lucy Matthews

Look how STORM® Canis is working for my Border Whippet, Nimbus

“Just thought you'd be interested to know how STORM® Canis is working for my Border Whippet, Nimbus. He started
using STORM® Canis in March when his flyball training intensified and has been using it ever since.

Nimbus made his debut in June and clocked a PB of 3.72 seconds, which if my memory serves
me right makes him the quickest debuting dog in the country - I am sure this time will continue
to drop in the coming months. Although I am not certain the speed was a
contribution from STORM® Canis, what I did attribute was his ability to
remain fresh.

His stamina is incredible anyway, with very high oxygen blood levels, however
even fit dogs get lactic acid build up - never the less, Nimbus' time at the end of the racing day was 3.84
- so after countless races, his time only varied by 0.12 seconds across a very humid day indoors. I shall
keep you posted on his progression.” Ross Payne

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CSJ Sheepdogs

Aled and Llangwm
Cap make history


Aled Owen with Llangwm Cap Fed on CSJ
2015 was an amazing year Performance 30,
for champion sheepdog supplemented by
handler and trainer, Aled CSJ Salmon Oil
Owen, Corwen – winning the and ‘fuelled’ by
Welsh National STORM® Canis.
15 Championship with his dog, Aled said “Cap was
Llangwm Cap, to Captain the so fit and full of
Wales team, competing at the running at the end
International Supreme of the course that I believe he could
Championships in Scotland. easily have run it again!”

This dynamic team then succeeded Earlier this year, Aled and Llangwm
in making modern day history by Cap won the International Driving
winning the ultimate accolade in the Championship.
sheepdog world – the International
Supreme Championship – for a Aled has represented Wales at
fourth time! International level more than 20
times and has won the Supreme title
four times with four different dogs:

Roy - 1999

Bob - 2000

Roy - 2007

Llangwm Cap - 2015

Aled is also the only handler to have
won The World Trials twice with his

Bob - 2002

Roy - 2008

Q&ACeri’sQuestion: Do you soak the food before

feeding your adult dogs?

Answer: No, I generally feed all my dogs the complete dry food as I like
them to crunch the kibble to help keep their teeth clean. I have witnessed
so many dogs with ‘dirty’/tartarry teeth and discover that they have always
been fed soaked/wet food.

My dogs are kennelled outside and so if the weather is really cold, I will add
some hot water to their kibble just before feeding and equally, if the
weather is very warm in the summer, I will sometimes add a drop of cold
water to the kibble.

All Wales Nursery Champion 2015

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CSJ Sheepdogs

Congratulations to Kevin Evans

This year Sheepdog handler Kevin Evans led from the start at this year’s 2016
International Sheepdog Trial to claim the 2016 Supreme title for a second time with his
young bitch, Preseli Ci.

The pair were first to run at Tywyn,
Gwynedd, on Friday morning and
their qualifying score of 405 was
never bettered by the 59
combinations that followed.
They then led from the start in the
Sunday Final of the Championship.


Photo: Lisa Soar

Described as one of the most talented in 2008 with Mirk and was Reserve Kevin’s father, David or Dai as he is
young handlers of his generation - in in 2011 and 2014 with Greg. Greg known, is a top handler and trainer
1994, at just 13 years of age, he won was also the Reserve World in his own right and has represented
One Man and His Dog ‘Young Champion in 2014. Wales five times. Dai has had a huge
Handler' competition with Maid, his influence on Kevin.
first trial dog given to him by Mostyn Kevin has also won the Welsh Brace
Isaac when he was 10. Kevin Evans Championship four times. In 2016 alone, Kevin has won the
is an 18-time member of the Welsh Royal Welsh Show Sheepdog
Team and has won the Welsh Kevin grew up around dogs. Championship, the prestigious hill
National twice (2011 with Greg and His playground was the family farm trial event at Defaidty, North Wales
2013 with Jimmy). (Penclyn Farm) in Libanus under the as well as the South Wales Qualifying
Brecon Beacons, a part of Wales that Trial for the 2017 World Trials.
He has qualified for Supreme contains some of the most He was also Reserve at this year’s
Championship 13 times with 8 spectacular and diverse landscapes European Nursery Trial.
different dogs, first winning the event in Europe. Kevin’s life revolves
around dogs.

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CSJ Sheepdog TV Trials

A Way with Dogs


'A Way with Dogs' is the new Presented by Bryony Billson, TV
Sheepdog Trial from CSJ presenter, countryside lover and
filmed on the Clwydian Hills farmer’s daughter, these
in North Wales. programmes focus on the intense
trust and working relationships
Our idea with ‘A Way with Dogs’ between dogs and handlers and
is to give everyone a chance to see the skills and tenacity of the judge.
top level handlers and their dogs
demonstrate their trialling skills We follow the action on and off the Mike Northwood
while gaining an insight into the field and gain insights from our
sport. extremely lively sheepdog expert, The dog should be directed in a wide
Mike Northwood, who gives a outrun normally either to the left or
In our first trial, the witty, frank and unbiased view of right at the discretion of the handler
tension mounts as the action and a few insiders’ tips. but on this occasion, the dog must
sheepdog expert Mike go out to the left and should ideally
Northwood, judge Aled The atmosphere increases in receive no command until it comes
Owen and presenter intensity as the winners succeed up behind the sheep. Should the dog
Bryony Billson by only a few points. stop or require any command during
17 capture the proficiency and the outrun, points may be deducted.
excitement of the sport, which has How the trial works The idea of the ‘wide’ outrun is that
been handed down for centuries and the sheep should not be disturbed
is now on the increase with new Each handler sets off with 90 points until the dog approaches in a straight
partnerships from all over the world. and the judge’s job is to deduct line behind them for the Lift.
points for faults occurring
First 'A Way with Dogs' trial throughout the run. LIFT

You can see former 2 x World Trials The points for the qualifying trial are This is when the dog comes up
Champion and 4 x International divided up as follows: behind the sheep. Maximum points
Supreme Champion, Aled Owen, can be earned for a steady approach
judging 9 of the top handlers in the OUTRUN - 20 to the sheep which should not be
country who aim to win one of only harassed or panicked so that the
three places in the Final. The first LIFT - 10 FETCH may be carried out at a steady
three programmes each shows 3 pace.
handlers competing over a FETCH - 20
challenging course set in the FETCH
stunning Welsh hills. DRIVES - 30
The dog is now to bring the sheep
The fourth programme shown PEN - 10 in a straight line to the master,
in Boxing day 2016 shows the negotiating an open gate (FETCH)
final, where the highest pointed The competitor must stand at the on the way and, as throughout the
three handlers pit against each post and not give any assistance course, a good line is essential to
other in a demanding new to the dog apart from controlling earning maximum points.
‘double gather’ course to win it by whistles or ‘voice’ commands.
the CSJ title.

The handler sends their dog for the
sheep, which have been set out, from
a pen at the far end of the course.

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CSJ Sheepdog TV Trials

DRIVE This means there are more points
allocated to the different elements of
After bringing the sheep up towards this course:
the handler, the dog must take them
in a clockwise direction around a OUTRUN (1) - 20
small post that ‘sits’ a few yards in
front of the handler before ‘driving’ LIFT (1) - 10
them back down the field, through
the open field gate before heading for FETCH (1) - 20
- and through - the obstacle (DRIVE
GATES) sited on the left hand side of OUTRUN (2) - 20
the course and then take the sheep
directly across the course to negotiate LIFT (2) - 10
the right hand obstacle (X-DRIVE
GATES) before heading in a straight FETCH (2) - 20
line back to the handler.
The three sheep must now be penned
in the OPEN Pen i.e. there is no gate PEN - 10
to close the sheep in with.
Competitors Ceri, Mike and Bryony look across the trials fields.
At all trials a time limit is decided on
within which, the handler must try All the competing handlers have
to complete the course. It varies from represented Wales at International
trial to trial and there are no points level and include former National
to be gained by completing in the Champions and/or former
fastest time! International Supreme Champions
(e.g. Gwyn Jones, Penmachno, has
THE DOUBLE GATHER FINAL won the Supreme title 3 times).
Meet the handlers 18
On Boxing Day we’re showing the and their dogs
final of A Way with Dogs, which
requires the handlers to run on a All the competing handlers have Alan, Arwyn, Pennant and Gwyn
double gather course. represented Wales at International
level and include former National The four programmes were
The dog must be sent out ‘blind’ to Champions and/or former released on:
gather one group of sheep and bring International Supreme Champions Monday November 14th
them down through the FETCH gates (e.g. Gwyn Jones, Penmachno, Monday November 28th
to a specified point. There the has won the Supreme title 3 times). Monday December 12th
handler commands the dog to leave Monday December 26th
the sheep and go to another location Handler Dog
on the trials course to collect a
second group of sheep. Gethin Jones, Llanarmon DC Fran
Gwynfor Owen, Anglesey Ben
These are brought down through a J R Griffiths, Caernarfon Sam
different set of FETCH gates, before Arwyn Davies, Bryneglwys Meg
both packets of sheep join up to Gwyn Jones, Penmachno Roy
continue around the course – through
the drives and back to the Hefin Jones, Rhydymain Casi
competition, the handler must ‘cut’ Medwyn Evans, Llanfachreth Meg
out 3 of the sheep inside the
shedding ring and demonstrate to Pennant Williams, Treuddyn Sweep
the judge that he is in control of
these before regathering all 6 sheep Alan Ll.Jones, Defaidty Becca
and PENNING them.
Follow the action across the series of programmes in this fly-on-the-wall
look at sheepdog trials in more detail than has even been shown on TV
before. Find out more about A Way with Dogs on our website and blog.

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CSJ Sheepdogs

Meet Nij Vyas -
a practical trainer


Nij Vyas

In 2009 I was persuaded by a friend I heard Ceri’s father Glyn mention and then hopefully they will become
of mine to write a book on sheepdog many a time that: “you can kick a quad my future trial dogs.
training because he felt that the bike, but talk to a Border Collie” – and
methods and style I was using to this struck a chord with me. I have a reputation for selecting my
train him were somewhat different to dogs in a very calculated and
that which he had encountered before. I wanted to share the many tips and methodical manner and sticking with
bits of advice they had kindly shared them through thick and thin, simply
Being a published writer himself he with me as well as talk about elements because I could not afford to spend the
offered to write the book for me and I and concepts I had discovered along sort of money some people do on dogs.
agreed. By the time I returned home the way, through working with my own I am also more tolerant and forgiving
some 20 minutes later I had planned dogs and also my work with other of my own mistakes. Success is
out some of the book, whilst driving breeds. paramount to me but not failing my
and reached the conclusion that it dogs is more so paramount and I
would be impossible for me to describe Four years later the book has sold well would like to think that by persevering
to Doug that which was in my mind and last Christmas was reprinted by with quite challenging dogs has
and for him to accurately reflect this. Crowood Press and it continues to sell enabled me to share my knowledge
My father too had been a prolific writer well, in both Hardback format and with the many clients I have in the UK
and I had dabbled in poetry and song E-books. and abroad and to give them hope
writing. I decided to write the book when they too have struggled to teach
myself. Many people have contacted me, aspects of training.
having purchased the book and asked
I wanted the book to be an honest if I had a DVD and so it seemed to be PRACTICAL SHEPHERDING DVD
account of my experience and also to a natural progression that I should by Nij Vyas
capture what influenced some well make this my next project.
known and respected handlers. A Systematic Guide to Sheepdog
People learn so much better through Training is now available.
visual means and it gave me a chance Find out more about Nij Vyas:
to chart the progress of two young
dogs from start to useful farm dogs,

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CSJ Search & Rescue Dogs CSJ IPO

Surrey Search & Rescue FCI IPO 2016
earn The Queen's Award
for Voluntary Service

INTRODUCING THE LOWLAND RESCUE Specialist Training, This year Wendy Pogson and her 20
GROUP FOR SURREY Saving Lives 5 year old GSD, Calli, represented
Great Britain at the 2016 FCI IPO
CSJ have supported Surrey This 100% voluntary specialist search World Championships in Slovenia
SAR for over 5 years and team helps the emergency services find and excelled in achieving solid
were thrilled when Seamus missing vulnerable adults and pass grades in all three phases.
Kearns contacted us to share children.
the good news about the Calli is a great ‘walking’ advert for
organisation being awarded Professional Response, 24-7 CSJ! She loves her Hike On! and
The Queen's Award for also used STORM® Canis leading up
Voluntary Service. They are on-call 24 hours a day, with to the event.
a team of 50+ people and 8 Search
Phil and Ceri were were invited down Dogs to respond across Surrey and This was Wendy’s first World
to Godalming to witness the surrounding areas. This means they Championship event and only her
presentation and finally got to meet have to turn out at any time of the day, second ever entry at IPO3 and so we
the members of the team. in all weathers and work in any are delighted with the result.
Surrey is one of the leading lowland “Thanks again for the support – the
search & rescue organisations in the Over 2100 people go missing in jackets looked great and it was good
UK and currently has a waiting list Surrey every year. to fly the flag for CSJ.”
of over 30 people wanting to join the
dog section. They are trained to find and give first Victor Pogson
aid to anyone who is reported missing
or lost and evacuate them to safety.
They operate in woodland, farmland,
town centres and around water, where
the emergency services need help and

Question: Which CSJ puppy food should Wendy Pogson with Calli

Ceri’sQ&AI feed?

Answer: We have three very different puppy foods within our range and
this is for a very good reason i.e. not one food will suit all litters!

• Champ! Puppy

• Original Puppy

• Command Performance 27

Our three puppy food recipes use different ingredients so I would always
recommend using a ‘similar’ recipe to the food you normally feed the bitch
as she will be clearing up after the pups when you start to wean them.
If, for instance, your bitch needs a wheat gluten free recipe otherwise she
gets digestive upsets, then it is no use feeding the puppies a food containing
wheat. And if the bitch doesn’t like lamb, she is not going to clear up if the
puppy food is lamb based.

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Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Gundogs

Wales International Gundog
Team retrieve silverware at
The Game Fair

This year, the International Gundog Team event was staged at The Game Fair
in July at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire where we were once again proud to attend
and support the Wales Team.

“What a weekend, you couldn’t Wal es Inter nation al Gu ndog R etr iever Team Photo: Alan Wa rd
have scripted it any better “…
Photo: Lisa Soar
All the hard work of putting
everything together for the Game To say that the competition was ‘Nail Mark Bettinson fought his way
Fair, replacing the CLA Game Fair, Biting’ is an understatement! Going to a creditable 104, and then came
was well worth the effort. into the last quartet of dogs, Nigel Probert, our final dog and
representing their individual handler, with a winning performance
It was a resounding success, the countries, Wales and England were of 117. Well done all, what a
Gundog Chairwoman and her crew neck and neck, with only a few points fantastic set of results. To add to the
put on a great show. The arena this separating all four international suspense, four dogs tied on 116,
year had been well thought out and teams. which resulted in a run off for second
the tests showed the requirements to and third. For the first time during
simulate the shooting field. On behalf The Retriever competition concluded the competition the judges set a test
2113 of the Wales team a great big thank with Wales Retrievers victorious on using the full length of the arena for
you to everyone concerned in the 561, Ireland on 558, England on an unseen retrieve over three fences,
organisation. 556 and Scotland on 552 – only 9 into the woods, with no shot.
points separating the four teams out
England, with their usual strength in of the total available points for the Sadly, one dog failed, and the end
depth, ran out overall worthy competition of 2,400. What a result placed Les McLean of
winners with a total score of 1,090, fantastic conclusion to the Scotland in second and Alan Rees
followed closely by Ireland with a competition! in third. Wales’ Nigel Probert with
total of 1,086, Wales finished on Slipside Danzy Jones, walked away
1,052 with Scotland on 1,003. Wales Captain, Alan Rees, played with the Top Gundog Award while
Both English and Irish spaniel teams his card, and came out as the first Wales Retrievers won the Northern
were a joy to watch, consistently competitor to go over the track and Goldsmiths Retriever Team Trophy,
individually scoring over the magic established a formidable benchmark which dates back to the first Game
score of more than 100 out of a of 116 out of a maximum 120. All the Fair International in 1978. Wales’
possible 120. Credit where credit Wales Retriever Team, more than held first win was in 1992, followed by
is due to our two lads, David Pither their own in the arena, Simon 1997, 1998, 2001, and now in
with an outstanding run at 110, Hagain with 113, Haydn Willmott 2016.
followed closely by David Williams kept us in the hunt with 111,
at 103. Well done to you both!
The rest of the spaniel team held
their own and fought for every point.

The Retriever team competition
brought together 20 of the best dogs
and handlers from the British Isles.
This is always a keenly contested
international with only the best
taking the field watched as usual
by an international audience.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 24

CSJ Gundogs

UK Gundog Team
at the KC Gundog

Nigel Prob er t with h is Top Gun dog A ward

Working TestsPhoto: Marny Lonsdale

Incredibly, Alan Rees Earlier this summer we were proud to sponsor the UK 2142
has been a member of Gundog Team competing in the Kennel Club’s International
the winning, Retriever Team event at Chatsworth House.
International Retriever
Team on each of these This event draws teams of 4 from countries across Europe to compete for the
5 occasions. prestigious Kennel Club International Retriever Team Challenge Cup. Now in
its 7th year, the event is firmly established in the calendar attracting teams
In thanking everyone involved with from over 10 countries.
the International Retriever Team, my
greatest gratitude must go to Ceri l Roddy Forbes (Scotland) running GLENPATRICK MICA
and Phil, of CSJ, who encouraged OF CARNOCHWAY
and supported us every step of the
way over this weekend. We couldn’t l Nigel Probert (Wales) running SLIPSIDE DANZY JONES
have done this without you both.
A special thank you also to Wendy l Sean Nolan (NI) running Int.FTCh TWEEDSHOT TRIMBLE

We are already looking forward to l Andy Latham (England) running FTCh RIMROCK HURRICANE
2017, having accepted the invitation
to compete at the Game Fair at These four top handlers (and their dogs!) performed extremely well and
Hadfield House and also the new full enjoyed a good lead going into the second day before finally ending up in
Gundog International Event at 3rd place with Finland running out worthy champions.
Scone Palace, Scotland.

Good luck to all for the coming
trialling season.”

Alan Rees

Wales Captain UK Gu ndog Team

Northern Goldsmiths Question: Can I use CP30 to rear Q&ACeri’s
R etr iever Team Trop hy my puppies?

Answer: Yes, this ration is very popular with breeders who want/need
to feed their puppies on a fish based, wheat gluten free diet. It has 30%
protein, 20% fat and contains all the necessary nutrients. I have recently
reared a litter of 10 border collies very successfully on this ration (with Lap
It Up! puppy milk) as the bitch won’t eat lamb or tripe and needs a wheat
gluten free diet.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 25

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Gundogs

Joe Hipwell talks to
Richard Preest

The 2016 Cocker Championship was held in Scotland, What do you look for in a competitive
at Dunira Estate in beautiful Perthshire. A mixture of hill cocker spaniel?"
ground and bracken tested the 35 best cocker spaniels from "I feel very lucky with the dogs I've bred
across the UK, with Richard Preest’s dog, FTCh Centrewalk as they all seem to have all the attributes
Sweep taking first place. I'd be looking for in a competitive cocker.
Pace, drive and stamina, game finding
Richard bred Sweep himself and chance to show his drive and stamina, ability, good gun sense, good marking,
competes with his dogs on a hobby along with his ability to work the wind. and two vital ingredients - they are honest
basis. Joe Hipwell had a chat with As the trial progressed I was ever more and happy. I find if they are honest and
Richard about his achievements, hopeful as some good dogs went out or not naughty you don't spend half of your
motivations and how he keeps his appeared to have little blips. By the end training time falling out with them, so
dogs in championship winning of the trial I think I'd have been they are happy, which makes you happy,
condition. disappointed not to be in the first four." which in turn means you both enjoy the
training and form a better team."
“Richard, you've had numerous "In the build up to this year's "Please can you tell us about your
successes with dogs that you've bred Championship, what were your experience of using CSJ dog food?”
yourself, can you describe the preparations in terms of training, fitness "My experience with CSJ has been very
23 satisfaction in taking your Centrewalk and diet with Sweep? favourable, I swapped and changed quite
spaniels to the top of the sport?" a bit before between brands then was
"Leading up to the Championships I did introduced to CSJ and I've been very
"Hi Joe, I've been very lucky since I started very little with him as he's very reliable happy. The dogs love it, they look well
trialling, the dogs I have bred have done and doesn't really have off days. He on it and they perform well on it. I don't
well. The one's I've qualified for the qualified again first time out so was just think you can ask much more than that,
Championships before I feel have been kept ticking over. He doesn't need much and it's not expensive which is an added
good enough to win and have gone there keeping fit and always has a good engine. bonus although I wouldn't be feeding
with as good a chance as any. They are all His diet stayed the same leading up - CSJ anything because it was cheap it needs
Field Trial Champions so that tells you Champ and a bit of tripe. I took him out to tick all the other boxes first."
they are decent, it's just this time the luck on the Saturday to shoot over him, gave “Thank you Richard, here’s wishing
that we all need in this game was with him a quick spin on Sunday then he was Sweep a happy retirement and best
me. It's been very satisfying to breed my ready to travel up Monday morning." of luck with your Centrewalk spaniels
own dogs and compete with them and in the future."
to make up four home bred FTCH's I "There's surely a temptation with a
thought was the icing on the cake, but to cocker dog to end his competitive Richard Preest with FTCh Centrewalk Sweep
go on and win the Cocker Championship career on this high and concentrate
with one of them really was a dream on stud work, what are your plans
come true." with Sweep?"

"Now you've had time to reflect on your "Sweep won't run again - I don't see the
success at the Cocker Championship, point. He’s qualified three times, he's a
did you have a feeling that you may FTCH who has now won the
have won after you'd completed your Championships so he has nothing to
second run? Or was it a surprise when prove. He'll come out shooting with me
the awards were announced?” now and have an easy life, he's a pleasure
to take out and sits lovely at a peg on
"I knew my second run was smart, but my a driven day. And hopefully might have
first run was very long, not what you'd a few girlfriends along the way."
really want but I guess it did give him

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 26 CSJ Gundogs

Joe Hipwell and
Sealpin Gundogs

We first met Joe Hipwell when he was selected for the CSJ Joe’s comments about CSJ...
sponsored Scotland International Gundog Team and we
immediately liked him! We kept in touch and are proud “I was first introduced to CSJ when
to have him on board CSJ. competing for Scotland. Our national
team was sponsored by CSJ and
Sealpin Gundogs He owns twelve dogs - four I was struck by the friendliness and 24
Labradors, four Springers and four professionalism. I then had an issue
Joe got involved in shooting and Cockers and usually has about 20-30 with a trialling springer of ours called
field trialling through his grandfather clients’ dogs. Missy who, when working hard in
Edward Martin, who has trained preparation for competitions, would
gundogs professionally for many Joe offers client tuition, residential lose condition and have loose stools
years. gundog, obedience training as well on the food we used to feed. I tried
as bed & breakfast and/or CSJ Champ! at the recommendation
He used to visit grandpa during accommodation in a holiday cottage of Bill Leonard, a former A Panel
school holidays and work with him on the Estate in the Scottish Borders! spaniel judge and successful
in the kennels, but says, competitor, Champ! settled Missy's
Joe has won field trials with four stomach and kept her in great
“It was mainly our different dogs but rates his biggest condition and she won her novice trial
days out rabbiting success as being selected for Scotland two months after changing food and
that got me hooked.” with five dogs over the past three was soon selected for Scotland, too.
years. Now all of our dogs are fed on CSJ
The kennels then and now... as we want those sort of results
He has also won numerous tests and throughout our kennels.”
Joe’s grandpa ran boarding kennels on two occasions has been placed
alongside training gundogs, but the both first and second in the same
only dogs in Joe’s kennels are his KC Open Test!
own or clients dogs in for training.
He adds, “It's a lot quieter with no Based in the Scottish Borders the
terriers here for holidays.” kennels also stock a range of CSJ
dog foods.

Home International Field Trial 2016


On 28th November 2016, a special Field Trial was organised by John
Stubbs as a celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday, and to
show case the best retrievers in the United Kingdom. Teams were made up
of 4 of the top handlers from each of the home nations – England, Ireland,
Scotland and Wales.

Wales Team Results:-

Diana Wiggin with Haydn Willmott with 1st Scotland - 335 points All handlers were presented with
2nd Wales - 285 points awards by Her Majesty the Queen.
FTCh Brockweir Daisy Stykes Boy Llangynidyr 3rd England - 217 points
4th Ireland - 215 points It was noted how smart the Welsh
Vicki Stanley with Simon Hagain with team looked in their matching jackets
and fleeces by a member of the royal
FTCh Patanavac Brough FTCh Skeviot Emerald household.

Top Dog was Haydn Willmott – Wales

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 27

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds Pictured above: Ivan

CSJ Show Dogs

Lunartico Alaskan


Emma Gates and Shane Price Pictured right:
live with their championship Galaxy – Lunartico
winning Lunartico kennel of
Alaskan Malamutes in South
Wales and admit to being
‘owned by the breed’ since
2010. The level of success
they have experienced since
then can’t be underestimated.
During this 2016 show
season, two of their dogs,
Galaxy and Ivan have truly

3 day Winners Shows in Liege Golden Dog Trophy Charleroi, Belgium -
Dortmund and Hemer, IDS, Belgium Wallonia International Show
25 Germany
Ivan won 1st Excellent Open Male Ivan won 1st Excellent Open Male
Galaxy won VDH CAC, DCNH CAC, and RCAC and RCACIB and took the RCAC and RCACIB
CACIB and Best Bitch and Best
Opposite Sex and the title of Galaxy won CAC and CACIB and Best Galaxy won Champion Female class
Fruhjahrssieger Winner 2016 Bitch. with 1st Excellent as well as CAC,
CACIB and Best Bitch and Best
Hemer Spezialrassehunde- Luxembourg IDS Opposite Sex and is now also a new
schau (Nordic Breeds International Champion... She is now
Specialty Show) Galaxy won CAC, CACIB and Best known as RBIS INT CH / NL CH /
Bitch and took the title of Benelux LUX CH / BEL JCH ICEWOLF
Galaxy won VDH CAC, Best Bitch and Winner 2016 and Luxembourg STRIKE A POSE DE LUNARTICO
Best Opposite Sex and title of Triple Champion - RBIS Lux Ch / NL Ch; SHCM / ESG'16 / B.W.Lux'16
Show Winner Bel JCh Icewolf Strike a Pose de
Lunartico ShCM / ESg'16 /
Day 3 at the Europasieger B.W.Lux'16 WPD
International Show
Both Emma and Shane are justifiably proud of their dogs and say
Galaxy won 2 x VDH CAC, 2 x DCNH
CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch, Best “It was clear from the outset that this Alaskan
Opposite Sex and title of Malamute – Galaxy - was different to anything
Europasieger Winner 2016 we’ve seen in previous years. It’s not normal to
have a dog that can win from the age of 6
Ivan took further 2 points towards months and continue in the manner she has.
German Championship She’s not only beautiful on the outside but also
on the inside which is more important for us.”
Bath Ch. show

Ivan won the Dog CC at the tender
age of 20 months!

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 28

Vanmore CSJ Show Dogs
Great Danes



Laurence has bred Great Danes Laurence and his hard working team Laurence Morgan-Evans with Vanmore Great Danes
since 1981 and in 2016 continued are proud of all their other
his success with a great start to the achievements in 2016 including: “We feed only CSJ,
year with Ch. Vanmore Stop And from puppies to
Stare at Castleon winning Best l Reserve Bitch CC - Crufts adults and use
of Breed at Crufts. mainly the Champ
l Best of Breed and Working food which we find
Ch. Vanmore Stop And Stare at Group 4 – WELKS Ch. Show incredible and
Castleon also won Best in Show achieves fantastic
at the Dane Of The Year Ch. Show l Best of Breed and Working results hence making
(making the 6th time of winning this Group 1 – Midland Counties Ch. up so many
prestigious event with different dogs) Show Champions.”
and his kennel mate Vanmore
American Express won Best Female l Current Top Stud Dog and Top
in Show. Brood Bitch

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 29

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Disc Dogs

Meet Julia Zimmerman

Germany’s Julia Zimmermann “Lara passed away at 14 years of age so now Leeloo and the youngster, Minai
and Lara, Leeloo and Minai are my Champions. Leeloo had a great run this year with several top 3
are among the most successful placements and a 10th place at the UFO European and World Finals! Thanks
dog frisbee teams worldwide to Calm Down! she could handle her darkness fears and play the final round
for over 10 years. at the Worlds, in the darkness with just flood light! Puppy Minai had some
great results as well, with playing puppy games on the field for her, to teach her
l Reserve Bitch CC - Crufts to feel well at competitions. She got qualification spots for the UFO EC and WC
as well, but at under 18 months she was not allowed to compete at the final
l 13 times World Championship events. Both girls are in perfect shape, thanks to CSJ CP30 and the wonderful
finalist herbs! We are very proud to promote CSJ and more than thankful for the
awesome support!” Julia Zimmerman
l Vice-Freestyle-World Champion
(Lara) Julia Zimmerman with Leeloo (above) and Minai (right)

l German and European disc dog
Freestyle Champions (Lara)

l 3 times German Masters (3
years in a row) (Lara)

l 5th place at World Cup
Standings (Lara)

l Special Guest for the Extreme
K9 Stunt Dog Show USA

l Show appearances across
27 Germany

CSJ Product Support & Advice

Obesity in dogs – Lottie the
Overweight Spaniel #lottalottie

Just like people, dogs carrying extra weight can put extra demands on Lottie loves the other dogs she lives
body organs. And when organs get overloaded, sometimes disease can with, there’s Lola – a black and white
result. Health risks for overweight dogs are serious and it’s important Spaniel/Collie cross, Murphy –
to be aware of them. a black and tan Collie, and Rachel’s
dog walking clients Kaiser – a black
This year, we sponsored Lottie the At first Lottie was scared and shy. Staffy and Teddy, the Yorkshire
overweight spaniel. We were Now Rachel says “She is getting more Terrier. They all have brilliant days
introduced to Lottie by Rachel White confident with leaving my side out together in the woods and on the
from Cardiff, who describes her as as I’m hoping she is realising that beach and come back exhausted.
I’m always going to be here and not
“She is an absolute leaving her, so she is starting to relax You can follow Lottie’s
angel and so happy a lot more. I can leave our back door progress on our blog
to be a part of a open now and she is confident to
loving family.” potter outside and the door won’t ever When Rachel first rescued Lottie
be shut on her.” back in June 2016, she had an
operation to remove a growth on her
back leg, which wasn’t healing
properly. Now after a lot of ‘TLC’
the wound has finally almost healed.

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 30

CSJ Product Support & Advice

Since Rachel At CSJ, we’ve worked out Some complications of
has taken care a diet of: obesity in dogs
of her, Lottie has
lost over 5kg, l 1 x Porky Pooch An overweight dog can suffer 28
which has taken l 1 x Lamb Senior decreased quality and length of life.
her from 30.8kg l 1 x No Ake Here are some of the complications
to 25.6kg. l 1 x box of Dem Bones to look out for:
l Diabetes mellitus (sugar
Rachel weighs Lottie She looks younger in the face and
approximately every 2 weeks. she is getting about easier and not diabetes)
so achy. The weight loss and No Ake! l Damage to joints, bones, and
She is now down to 25.6kg. herbs are doing the trick.
Unfortunately Lottie has injured her ligaments
cruciate ligament, while out recently Dem Bones! are low calorie treats, l Heart disease and increased
and isn’t able to exercise at the which can also act as appetite
moment, but Rachel is giving her suppressors. Get Over! herbs or No blood pressure
hydrotherapy to help her mend well. Ake! also help with Lottie’s mobility. l Difficulty breathing
Studies show that obese dogs appear l Decreased stamina
to be more predisposed to developing Now Rachel says “She’s really l Heat intolerance
a cruciate rupture. In overweight interested in the herbs. She doesn’t l In the summer excess fat can
dogs, the injury may occur with show she is in any pain, but she is
minor trauma to the knee, such as amazingly resilient. It’s only looking make your dog miserable, and
stumbling over a rock while walking. at her paw joints and back you can much less able to regulate body
tell how arthritic she is. Vets have said temperature.
Rachel is feeding her Porky Pooch it will improve so much with her l Decreased liver function
mostly, mixed with a small amount weight loss.” l Increased surgical and
of Lamb Senior. She is already more l Reproductive problems
alert and happier and the vets are Lottie has over 100 followers on l Digestive disorders
thrilled. “We want to try and get her Instagram now. Follow her on l Decreased immune function
weight down to at least 20kgs which Instagram and help her lose weight, l Skin and hair problems
will help her arthritis no end,” says so she can play with her new friends l Increased risk of cancer
Rachel. again: lottietheoverweightspaniel
#lottalottie A special diet, like
She looks younger in the face and we have prescribed
she is getting about easier and not for Lottie, can help.
so achy. The weight loss and No Ake! If you’d like help
herbs are doing the trick. with working out a
special diet for an
“She looks younger overweight dog,
in the face and she please get in touch with Nicki our
is getting about easier Nutrition Adviser for individual
and not so achy.” advice and help:

Porky Pooch

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 31

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Product Support & Advice

CSJ Herb Certification – what
does that really mean?

No colourings.
No additives.
No synthetic
Just 100% natural
herbs known for
their amazing

How can you be sure that the NIR can also look for any COMING SOON
our herbs are of the highest indication of contamination –
29 quality? a technique used by a number
of supplement and
These are just some of the questions pharmaceutical companies
that people often ask us. Well, we
microbiologically screen all the herbs l As long as the herbs meet our
before their introduction into the exacting standards, they are
plant to ensure we have a safe and ‘mixed’ according to the
‘hygienic’ supply. Anything that individual recipes with details
doesn’t meet these high standards of each batch recorded for full
is rejected. traceability

How can you be sure that l We also have complete batch
our herbs are of the highest manufacturing records and full
quality? traceability

All our Herb mixes and products are We believe our approach is unique
fully certified by a leading Herbalist. in the animal herb industry.
Here are some of the processes we
go through to check the efficacy of Our herb supplements work hard
our herbs: to improve your dogs’ health and
vitality. No colourings. No additives.
l Before we use each herb, we run No synthetic additives. Just 100%
microbiological screenings natural herbs known for their
amazing properties. If you’re
l We use a very clever piece of kit interested in how the science of
called a NIR (Near Infrared herbalism and dog feed supplements
Analyser). Apart from being able can help your dog, please contact us
to check the nutritive values to find out more: mail to:
of the various herbs, which can [email protected]
vary from harvest to harvest,

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 32

Say hello to Nicki,
our Nutrition Adviser

Behind the scenes at CSJ is the expert who constantly advises and Skin problems
recommends individual nutrition plans for all the hundreds of dog owner, and ‘unwanted
breeders and handlers who ask questions to CSJ every day. We couldn’t passengers’
find anyone higher qualified than Nicki, our CSJ Nutrition Adviser who
also managed to secure the highest ever mark when gaining her
Certificate in Applied Animal Herbalism.

The main part My normal work hours are Mon - When you see your dog constantly
of my job is to Thurs 9-5pm and you can quickly get scratching or licking a patch of
respond to the in touch using the online form here: skin, you know there’s a potential
hundreds of skin irritation.
enquiries that I always aim to get back to you the There are many possible causes, 30
Nicki CSJ receive same day where possible, but which range from parasites to
each week via the website. Once we sometimes it can take up to 3 allergies to illness. There are over
have worked with the dog owner – working days if there are a high 160 different skin problems for dogs,
and their dog! – to establish which volume of enquiries coming in at any often there might not be a cure, but
are the most suitable recipes and particular time. the solution lies in controlling the
then most importantly which is the irritation.
dog’s preferred ration – determined Alternatively if the enquiry is urgent
by us sending samples, I then direct it is best to contact the CSJ office and With the help of our Herb Adviser,
the owner to their nearest CSJ they will do their best to contact me. we have developed a natural range
stockist to get started on our food. of products designed to soothe and
“The more information calm skin irritations.
The enquiries that I deal with I can get about the
vary greatly from helping dog the better ” All our products are gentle,
to work out which recipes smell great and leave a lovely
to use and the right amount At CSJ, offering good customer shiny coat.
to feed, to finding the right service is really important to us and
recipe for dogs with I tailor all of my recommendations Customers tell us they produce great
problems such as sensitive to the each individual dog and their results and each product suits all
tummies and allergies, specific situation rather than just skin types.
as well as everything offering generic advice as many of
in-between! our competitors do. The more The CSJ ‘kennel’ of products to help
information I can get about the dog with skin problems include:-
Basic information about all of our the better and so getting customers
recipes, such as ingredients and to e-mail gives us the opportunity to Skinny Spray
nutrient levels, can be found on the gain as much information as possible
product pages of our website. and also gives them a record of what An effective, natural spray that has
However, if any further information has been recommended. been formulated to repel fleas, ticks,
is needed or some help to decide mites (including mange), lice and
which recipes will be most suitable I look forward to helping you – flies while improving general coat
for individual dogs, perhaps those and your dog. condition. Perfect to spray on your
with specific problems etc. I will dog before walking through areas
always do my best to help! Nicki prone to ‘unwanted passengers’,
as well as on your dog’s bedding and
BSc Dip ACNS Cert AAH sleeping area. Available in 250ml.

CSJ Nutrition Adviser And don't forget our new
Skinny Herbs! mix....

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 33

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ Testimonials

Champ Adult!

No Grainer! Thank you for the Down Boy!
& Champ! samples, Cora
voraciously enjoyed He is a 2 year old, intact lurcher,
Dear Nicki, them all equally! approx 24” (whippet, collie,
I would like to thank greyhound). The biggest problem
you for the samples As a start I ordered a bag of that I have had with him is him
31 which were really Champ Adult. Within 3 days she marking everywhere - corner of the
helpful and all your was calmer or not as manic. She beds, sofas - even getting up on the
help with my is half way through the bag and side in the kitchen and weeing over
problem. has put weight on, looking slim the kettle !!!!!!!! It had really got to
and sleek not slim to thin.... and a stage where I didn’t know what
Since my inquiry Maddie (German her coat feels lovely, smooth and to do with him. I didn’t want to
Shepherd) has been so much better. we can even see a hint of whiskers have him neutered as I enjoy
We put her on the No Grainer! on her chin, perhaps she will grow showing him at working dog shows
Toby my Labrador has gone on to a wire coat.. after all. (he was in the last 8 at the
Champ. Both dogs are thriving and She is listening to the whistle and Midlands Country Fair, Champion
full of life. Maddie's skin problems generally her behaviour has of Champions 2015).
have cleared up and the hair on her improved, she still runs like the
back feet is grown back. She is so wind but just not so manically, I have noticed a significant
much happier without the constant as I write, she is snoring in her bed difference since giving him Down
irritation she must have suffered after a day outside. Boy! at tea time, as I said he isn’t
before going on to No Grainer! I will now order a couple of sacks, keen on the taste but mixing it with
She is on to her 2nd bag now. Her I am very pleased with the way this butter helps, he is fussy at the best
daily treats have also been changed diet is suiting her, thank you. of times tho. The difference has
to all natural ones. Many thanks Regards Gail and Cora been amazing the marking has
again. decreased by 90% I would say, he is also more laid back and less
Kathleen Sommersett. territorial towards the other
animals in the house.

I have also noticed an
improvement in his coat, lovely

Sandie Owen

16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 34

CSJ Testimonials

Highly reflective silver packs - against a white
background… Oh what joy!


At first I thought “Go On” you can do it. Then it was a case of “Hold It”, these
spectral highlights against the white are going to “Resist” standing out properly
and looking like tidy rounded, filled-out pouches. I kept saying “Get Over” it, you
can do it! But then I became a right “Stroppy Bitch” and started blowing
“Phantom Raspberries”. I said “Come On”, “Calm Down”, so I became a “Billy
No Mates” and locked myself away to “Focus” on a way to do it.

Put the camera “Down Boy” Birchall. “Turn back Thyme” and you’ll come up with
an idea to “Heal” the problem. “Thistle Work” I thought. First I chose the best
looking bag with the fewest scuffs and creases, carefully lit it, held the camera
“Steady”, retouched the file and did the clipping path (cut-out). This and another
slightly altered version, would become the master templates. Then I was able to
photograph the rest of the bags just for the labels, without having to worry about the
creases or the silver disappearing into the white background. Dropping the labels
into the templates was “Easy Peezy” and practically “No Ake”. I congratulated
myself with a nice cup of “Skinny Herb” tea.

Congratulations! Picture perfect! 32

17 year old 'Spit'

“Popped into the CSJ Thanks to Heidrun Humphries
trailer at the Midland 'Moel' Dogs
Gamefair to thank the Thanks to Heidrun Humphries
lovely CSJ team for all
they're help and
support and to show
off my lovely 'Gundog
Trainer of the Year'


16 - 0638 CSJ Feedback Newsletter Winter 2016_V5_Layout 1 03/12/2016 16:19 Page 35

Feedback from CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds

CSJ New Products Support & Advice

Sneaky peek

Here are some of our new developments –
coming soon…

NEW New ‘Skinny’ Herbs NEW

New Handy Sized Our latest herb mix has been a while in the ‘making’ as we
‘Skinny’ Cream wanted to get it right… Over the years, so many dog owners
have contacted us desperately asking for help with their dogs’
Our Skinny Cream has fast gained skin problems.
a very loyal following from owners
who have already experienced how One owner was Lisa Daw who kindly agreed to try our mix on her spaniels.
brilliant this natural product is.
Containing neem and coconut oil, “We have 2 clumber spaniels one suffered from itchy coat in summer and the
Skinny Cream other suffering a lot worse that it was causing him stress and affected him so
l relieves itchy, sore skin bad that after taking him to vets was given a steroid injection to try and break
33 l repels fleas, ticks and mites the cycle, which should of lasted 7 days but only did 3 days. After turning to
l promotes fast healing to help social media for help Ceri from CSJ offered a trial of Skinny Herbs! to us, which
we said yes to, though we weren’t convinced it would work, we were willing
rashes, bites and wounds to try anything now.
l great for ‘lambers’ hands’ too!
As Skinny lasts and lasts, by popular It arrived and we started them on it, still not convinced, at 1 scoop a day with
request, we’ve produced a new food. To our surprise it worked within the week on the boy reducing him from
handy, smaller size ‘Skinny’ Cream constant scratching to the occasional one throughout the day,
– 100ml. we increased the 1 scoop to 2 a day and though the scratching still happens
from time to time the dogs are a lot happier and not stressed. It surprised us
Thistle Work! 200g it worked not only to stop the scratching but on how fast it relieved them of it,
their coats are a lot healthier looking, not looking dry but feeling better and
Our new Thistle Work! simply softer to touch. We will continue to use this herb mixture throughout the winter
contains high quality milk thistle. as well, with something we thought would never work we have now been
Milk Thistle affords many different convinced and would recommend it to others to use.” Lisa Daw
benefits to both humans and dogs
but it is primarily accepted as New New Working Herbs -
supporting and detoxing the liver. Fruit ‘n’ Mutt bars Looking Good!

NEW ‘Food Bars’ in the human food Our CSJ range of hard working herbs
market have become extremely has had a makeover! From early
popular these days – whether they 2016, each mix will appear in a new
are breakfast, sports or energy. re-sealable, foil fresh pouch which
Unfortunately this has meant that the will take up less storage space while
manufacturers are very busy and are keeping the products fresh and ready
only interested in making large to use.
quantities of these bars at a time.
Our Fruit ‘n’ Mutt bars are as
natural as we can make them which
means they have a relatively short
shelf life and so we have struggled
to find a manufacturer who is willing
to work on smaller production runs.
The good news is we have now found
one… so watch this space…

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COMING SOON! Command Command
PURRformance PURRformance – PURRFORMANCE –
Cat Foods
for Adult Active Cats for Mature Cats
Based on the very latest research
findings about what cats would Ingredients Ingredients
naturally choose to eat in the wild,
our nutritionist has devised two Poultry meal (min 26%), Chicken fat, Prairie Duck meal (min 14%), Prairie meal, Poultry
specialist super premium diets that meal, Sweet potato, Salmon, Potato, meal (min 4%), Chicken fat, Sweet potato,
are aimed at adult active cats and Hydrolysed poultry proteins, Duck meal, Pea starch, Potato, Salmon meal, Hydrolysed
mature cats. Our cats are already Yeast (source of mannan oligosaccharides, poultry proteins, Salmon (min 4% total
wild about them. 750mg/kg), Pea starch, Rice, Salmon meal salmon), Yeast (source of mannan
(min 4% total salmon), Beet pulp, Sodium oligosaccharides, 750mg/kg), Dried carrot,
Skunk and Softie chloride, Lucerne, Dried carrot, Marigold Sodium chloride, Marigold flowers,
flowers, Seaweed, Milk thistle, Cranberry Potassium chloride, Seaweed, Milk thistle,
extract, Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Yucca Glucosamine, Green lipped mussel,
schidigera, Beetroot (min 4% vegetables), Cranberry extract, Blackcurrant, Kale,
Rosemary (min 0.5% total herbs), Rosehip, Spinach, Yucca schidigera, Beetroot (min 4%
Pomegranate vegetables), Rosemary (min 0.5% total
herbs), Rosehip, Pomegranate
Analytical Constituents
Analytical Constituents
Protein 34%, Oil & Fats 21%,
Crude Fibre 2.5%, Crude Ash 7.25% Protein 38%, Oil & Fats 16.0%,
Crude Fibre 1.8%, Crude Ash 8.0%

In recent trials with over 100 cats, we had 95% success with both
immediate acceptance and long term feeding. Available in 1kg packs. 34

Skinny Dip Shampoo

An effective natural shampoo that fleas, ticks, mites, lice and flies HATE!
It smells great and is SLS and parabens free so frequently used by dog
owners too!

Billy No Mates! The increase in prevalence of ticks all "No mates here!"
over the country has become a
What can we say worrying concern with the risk of BARRY 7/6/2016
about Billy No both dogs and their owners
Mates! that has not contracting diseases such as Lyme “I have been using this product for
already been said! and Babesiosis. over 3 years now after realising how
HUGELY popular harmful the chemical stuff was and it
since its inception A recent study – The Big Tick works brilliantly to keep the creatures
over 10 years ago, Project - conducted by MSD Animal at bay as well as giving them a
Billy has become Health UK and the University of fantastic coat!”
the trusted, first Bristol highlighted the fact that ticks
choice, totally are widespread across the UK and the "Excellent product"
natural ’go to’ product for ticks, numbers are increasing.
lice and mites for dogs and cats. STEVE 22/9/2016

Available in 325g & 1kg packs (or “Been useing this for about 2 years
250ml tincture) Billy No Mates! really good big difference in her coat
also benefits the skin and coat but lovely and shiney”
don’t just take our word for it…

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