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Download up to date Nursing and Midwfery Council of Nigeria NMCN Past Questions on this page,
Learn How to prepare for Nuring Council Exam.

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Free Nursing Council Exam Past Questions

Download up to date Nursing and Midwfery Council of Nigeria NMCN Past Questions on this page,
Learn How to prepare for Nuring Council Exam.

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NMCN. 2007/21 M.00/NMCN.2007/13/M 21


(Established by Nursing and Midwifery Registration etc Act Cap No 143 Law of the Federal of Nigeria 2004)

http://stcharlesedu.comFinal Qualifying Examination For General Nurses

November, 2007



Time Allowed: 3 Hours

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the questions CAREFULLY and answers only what is asked

Any Candidate who makes an unauthorized writing/appeal on the Answer
Booklet shall be DISQUALIFIED.

Candidate's NUMBER and NOT NAME is to be entered at the top right - hand corner of each

Answer ALL Questions

1. Mr. Hassan a chronic cigarette smoker was admitted into the chest unit with a diagnosis of Pulmonary

a. With the aid of a well labeled diagram, describe the macroscopic structure of the left lung

Diagram - 1 mark

Labeling - 2 marks

Description - 3 marks (6 marks)

b. Outline four (4) clinical diagnoses for Pulmonary Tuberculosis. (2 marks)

c. Utilizing the Nursing care plan. Identify and solve in order of priority three (3) Nursing

diagnoses of Mr. Hassan within the first week of admission. (9 marks)

d. List six (6) Measures you will adopt to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in your environment.
(3 marks)

2. Jane, a four (4) month old baby was admitted with a diagnosis of Acute Otitis Media. She is to received
injection Ceftazidime 180mg intramuscularly in two divided doses. The pharmacy supplies 500mg to be
dissolved in 2mls of water. While answering questions a-e below, state clearly how you arrive at your

a. Calculate the amount of drug to be administered to jane for each does (2 marks)

b. if the injection is increased to 5 doses, how many vials of the drugs will be supplied by the

pharmacist (2 marks)
c. Assuming Jane is also to receive half liter of 5% Dextrose water in 8 hours and the infusion set

deliver 15 drops/ml. calculate the rate of drops per minute. (4 marks)

d. write the following drugs using the guideline below

i. ceftazidime (4 marks)
ii. pyrimethamine
iii. mebendazole

Route of administration
Mode of actions
Side effects (2) Two
Contraindication (2) two
Nursing responsibilities

3. Recently an outbreak of chicken pox occurred in a community in the south west zone of the country, Sade

Olu, a JSS II student was infected.

a. State the causative organism of Chicken Pox (1 mark)

b. Mention six (6) Clinical manifestations of the Chicken Pox. (1 mark)

c. Describe the Management of Olu from admission till discharge. (10 marks)

d. What steps will you take to ensure the infection does not spread within the school and the

community? (6 marks)

4. Mental Health is one of the important components of Primary Health Care.

a. Explain the term Mental Health (4 marks)

b. Explain six (6) factors that contribute to the promotion of Mental Health (6 marks)

c. Briefly describe four (4) attributes of a mentally health person (4 marks)

d. Describe four (4) signs that may assist in early detection of impaired mental health (8 marks)

5. Leadership is an essential aspect of nursing profession which promotes effective nursing management

a. Explain briefly four (4) principles of management. (4 marks)

b. Describe three (3) traditional leadership styles used in Nursing. (6 marks)

c. State four (4) qualities of a good nurse (2 marks)

d. Mention four (4) conflict resolution strategies used in any organization. (2 marks)

e. Explain four (4) ways of motivating a subordinate to enhance productivity in the ward setting Nursing and Midwifery NMCN Professional Examination

This division is headed by a deputy director, it is also under the education department.

The council final qualifying examination activity is co-ordinate by the deputy director.

The division conducts four (4) Professional Qualifying examinations (PQE) in a year as follows;

1. March – PQE for Midwives (2nd Tuesday).
2. May – PQE for General Nurses (1st Tuesday).
3. September – PQE for Midwives (2nd Tuesday).
4. November – PQE for General and Post Basic Nurses (1st Tuesday).

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