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On this page you can download Free NECO Economics Objective and Theory Past Questions Booklet in PDF - National Examination Council

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NECO Economics Past Questions Objective and Theory

On this page you can download Free NECO Economics Objective and Theory Past Questions Booklet in PDF - National Examination Council

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IllS4083 & S4082 Name:
Examination Number:

3 hours. &II

https://stcharlesedu.comNATIONAL EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL 3 hours.

Senior School Certificate Examination


Do NOTopen this booklet untilyou are told to do so. While you are waiting, readthefollo-wing

Write your Name and Examination Number in the spaces provided at the top right-hand corner

. of this booklet.

This booklet consists of two papers: IIIand II.

Paper III will last for 1 hour. Answer Paper III on your objective lest answer sheet.
Instructions on how to do this are given on the next page.. On completion of Paper III the
objective test answer sheet will be collected.

Do NOT start Paper IIuntil you are told to do so.

Paper IIwill last for 2 hours. Answers to Paper IIare to be written in your answer booklet.

(c) 2019 National Examination Council Turn over




Senior School Certificate Examination



Do not open this paper until you are told to do so. While waiting, read the following carefully.

1. Use HB pencil throughout.
2. Complete the top section of your answer sheet as follows:

(a) Inthe space marked Candidate 's Name, write your surname incapital letters
followed by your other names.

(b) Inthe space marked SchoolName, write the name of your centre, and inthe space
marked subject Name, write ECONOMICS III.

(c) Inthe box marked Subject Code,write the digits 4083 inthe spaces. There are
numbered spaces in line with each digit. Shade carefully the space with the same
number as each digit,

(d) Inthe box marked Examination Number,write your examination number in
the spaces at the top of the box. Shade the correspondingnumbered spaces inthe

same way as for Subject Code.

3. An example is given below. This is for a candidate whose name is GAMBO Bamidele
Uche, with serial number 0010, examination number 65432100BD, and who is hiking

Economics III(4083).

National Examinations Council


Candidate's Name: GAMBO Bamidele Uche

School Name: Government Secondary School. Minna
Subject Name: Economics III

UseHB ISerial Numberl 1Subject Code1
w[«I'lII!•]ÿ nnrin
pencil to m m to] mPi m pi pi [0] [0] [0] [01 Wlffl WW
iSlIl [1] [1] [11 [1
complete Pi Mi m [ii Pi Hi

this form. [2] [2J [2] [21 [21 [2] [2] [2] [2] [21 [2J [CJ
Mark like 15! SI Em[31 [31 [3]

thls-m [41 [4J W [4
Eraseall [31 pi [3] [3] PI PI [31 W (2] (21
M [4] [4] M [41 [41 [41
errors [5] [5] [5] 5] (91 [8] [5] [5] m[51 W [5] [S [5] [5] [9] [—9] [H
thoroughly. [6] [6] If [G][G]
[6] [6] [6] [6] PI [«1 [6] [6] W (61 [6] [6
[7] [7] [7] [7] [7] [7] [7] [7] [71 [7] [7 [71 [7J P [HI [H]
mm ™[8] [8] [81 [8 [8] [8] [I
[8] [9] [8] 8] P] [8] P) [8] [l][l]
m[91 [9] [9]
791 PI (91 [91 I2LE "» "» "» ULM

© 2019 National Examinations Council Turn over


Answer all questions.

Each question is followed by five cpfons lettered A - E. Choose the correct option for each

question and shade in pencil on your answer sheet, the answer space that bears the same letter as
the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question and erase completely any
answer you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper.

An example'is given below:

Economics is regarded as a/an
A. applied science.
B. art subject.
C. physical science.
D. pure science.
R social science.

The correct option is 'social science' which is lettered t. Therefore, answer space E would be
shaded as shown below.

[A] [B] [Cj [D]

The definition of Economics as an Use the informationbelow to answer the
'inquiry info the nature and causes of question that follows:
fie wealth of nations', was given by
Given the tonnes of cocoa produced in
A. Adam Smith. Idanre in 5 vears as follows:
B, Alfred Marshall.
C. Irving Fisher. 70/fv 1
D. John Keynes. 60 i
E. Lionel Robbins. i
.= 50
, The economics concept that !
emphasises prioritisation of human § 40 \
wants is referred to as
130 |
A. choice.
B. need. -"p 20 2001 2002 2003 20042005
€. opportunity cost. 10
D. scale of preference. ?
E. scarcity.

Determine the total tonnes of cocoa
produced from 2001 to 2004.

A. 60
B. 80
C. 150
D. 180
li. 220


4. Which of the following is not a 9. The document that provides the rules
feature of a good table? and regulations thai governs the
internal working of an organisation
A . Clearly labelled axis is referred to as
B. Clear layout A. article of association.
C. Easy to comprehend 8. certificate of incorporation.
D. Explanatoiy footnote C. deed of partnership.
E. Well titled D. memorandum of association.
E. memorandum of
5. The basic economic problems of a
society include the following except understanding.

A. efficient production. 10. The difference between birthand
B. efficient use of resources. death rate is
C. for whom to produce.
D. how to produce. A. fertility rate.
E. what to produce. B. infant mortality.
C. natural growth rate.
6. A form of productionthat deals with D. optimum population.
E. population density.
general services is _ production.
11. The third stage of the Demographic
A. direct
B. industrial Transition Theory is characterised by
C. primary
D. secondary A. highdeath rate.
E. tertiary B. highdeath rate and highbirth

7. The reward for capital as a factor of rate.
production is
C. low birth rate and high death
A. commission.
B. interest rate.
C. profit.
D. rent. D. low death rate and low birth
E. wage.
8. Which of the following is not a form
of business organisation? E. over population.

A. Cooperative society _12. Ifa bank cashier rises to the rank of
B. Industry bank manager, this is called
C. Joint-stock company mobility of labour.
D. Partnership
E. Sole proprietorship A. geographical *
B. horizontal
C. occupational
D. technological
E. vertical


https://stcharlesedu.com13. The objective of specialisation isto 17. The Central Bank of Nigeria'spolicy
of producingpolymer against the
A. efficiently allocate resources. paper notes is anchored on what
B. increase the price of characteristic bfmoney?

commodities. A. Acceptability
C.. increase productive capacity. B. Divisibility
D. increase the use of labour. C. Durability
E. reduce workers' skills. D. Homogeneity
E. Portability
14. Which of the following is the correct
chain of distribution? 18. A system of agriculture where
number of individualfarmers pool
A. Manufacturer ->Consumer—>
__their resources inorder to produce
—Wholesaler > Retailer
large quantity of products is
— —B. Manufacturer > Retailer >
Wholesaler Consumer farming.
C. Manufacturer -ÿWholesaler—ÿ
A. commercial
Retailer Consumer B. cooperative
D. Retailer Wholesaler C. livestock
D. mechanised
Manufacturer Consumer E. plantation

E. Wholesaler -> Retailer 19. Ifthe weekly revenues accrued to a
firm are:
Manufacturer Consumer N2,500, Nl,500, N1,000, N2,000,
N17,000,N2,600 andNl,200.
15. Effective distribution of goods and Determine the range of the firm's
weekly transaction.
services can be hinderedby
A. N10,000
A. adequate market information. B. N12,200
C. N14,000
. B. availability of credit . D. Nl6,000
facilities. E. N18,000

C. efficient storage facilities. 20. Ifthe mean of die following numbers
D. good road network. 1,x, 4 and 5 is 3, fmdx.
E. too many middlemen.
A. 1
16. Which of the following is not an B. 2
example of commodity money? C. 3
D. 4
A. Beads
B. Coins E. 5
C. Cowry shells
D. Elephant tusk
E. Slaves

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