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Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery RM 395,000.00
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery RM 295,000.00
(MBBS), Shah Alam KPT/ JPS (R2/721/6/0039) 09/26 Bachelor in International Business (Hons) RM 42,600.00
Bachelor in Medical Sciences (Hons) RM 98,400.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/340/6/0065) 05/22
KPT/JPS (R2/721/6/0018) 02/22 Bachelor in Industrial Management (Hons) RM 38,400.00
Diploma in Medical Sciences RM 36,600.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/345/6/0010) 05/21
KPT/JPS (R2/720/4/0065) 04/24 Bachelor in Human Capital Management (Hons) RM 39,000.00
Foundation (Science Biology/Health Science) RM 17,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R/345/6/0127) 03/22
KPT/ JPS (R2/010/3/0093) 08/23 Bachelor in Retail Management (Hons) RM 38,400.00
KPT/ JPS (R/341/6/0045) 06/22
Bachelor in Marketing with Psychology (Hons) RM 42,000.00
KPT/JPS (R2/342/6/0184) 10/25
Bachelor in Law and Commerce (Hons) RM 42,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R3/380/6/0002) 11/25
Bachelor in Islamic Management (Hons) RM 50,100.00
Bachelor in Food Service Technology (Hons) RM 48,000.00 Bachelor in Entrepreneurship (Hons) RM 54,600.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/811/6/0035) 06/22 KPT/ JPS (N/340/6/0750) 15/22
Bachelor in Nutrition (Hons) RM 82,000.00 Bachelor in Office Management RM 42,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R/726/6/0065) 08/26 Technology (Hons)
Bachelor in Nursing (Hons) RM 97,000.00 KPT/ JPS (N/346/6/0046) 12/22
KPT/JPS (N/723/6/0143) 10/21 Bachelor in Logistic Management (Hons) RM 54,600.00
Bachelor in Cardiovascular Technology (Hons) RM 120,000.00 KPT/ JPS (N/345/6/1063) 07/23
KPT/JPS (N/725/6/0079) 12/22 Diploma in Management RM 22,500.00
Bachelor in Halal Quality Assurance (Hons) RM 63,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R/345/4/0068) 05/22
KPT/JPS (N/345/6/1092) 12/23 Diploma in Human Capital Management RM 24,000.00
Diploma in Nursing RM 69,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R/345/4/0126) 03/21
KPT /JPS (R2/723/4/0046) 01/23 Diploma in Retail Management RM 23,500.00
Diploma in Medical Assistant RM 40,200.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/341/4/0014) 07/21
KPT/JPS(R2/720/4/0120) 07/23 Diploma in Logistics Management RM 29,500.00
Diploma in Radiotherapy RM 69,000.00 KPT/ JPS (N/345/4/0870) 10/20
KPT/JPS(N/725/4/0036) 04/21 Diploma in Entrepreneurship RM 29,500.00
Diploma in Physiotherapy RM 64,500.00 KPT/ JPS (N/340/4/0711) 12/22
KPT /JPS (N/726/4/0283) 04/21 Diploma in Office Management Technology RM 25,000.00
Advance Diploma in Midwifery RM 21,500.00 KPT/ JPS (N/346/4/0051) 06/22
KPT /JPS (N/723/5/0175) 03/24 Foundation in Business RM 15,800.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/010/3/0169) 07/24
Foundation in Law RM 15,800.00
Bachelor of Optometry (Hons) RM 97,500.00
Diploma of Ophthalmic Dispensing RM 51,750.00 Bachelor in Accountancy (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (N/340/4/0711) 03/22 RM 48,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/344/4/0079)12/22
Bachelor in Investment Management (Hons) RM 42,600.00
ALLIED HEALTH SCIENCE RM 97,200.00 Bachelor in Finance (Hons)
Bachelor in Forensic Science (Hons) RM 42,600.00
KPT/ JPS (R/343/6/0146) 12/21
KPT/ JPS (R2/725/6/0100) 09/26 RM 101,000.00 Bachelor in Islamic Banking (Hons) RM 57,000.00
Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R/343/6/0213) 11/21
KPT/ JPS (R2/421/6/0040) 06/22 RM 43,800.00 Bachelor in Takaful (Hons) RM 57,000.00
Bachelor in Bioinformatics (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R/343/6/0211) 11/21
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/6/0287) 08/24 RM 81,130.00 Bachelor in Islamic Finance (Hons) RM 57,000.00
Bachelor in Health Science Management (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R/343/6/0211) 11/21
KPT/ JPS (N/720/6/0094) 04/21 RM 72,000.00 Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (Hons) RM 54,600.00
Bachelor in Environmental Health (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (N/343/6/0519) 07/25
KPT/JPS (N/853/6/0049) 11/25 RM 68,000.00 Bachelor in Economic and Finance (Hons) RM 55,000.00
Bachelor in Occupational KPT/ JPS (N/340/6/0780) 05/24
Safety and Health (Hons) Diploma in Accounting
KPT/JPS (N/862/6/0079) 11/25 RM 40,200.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/344/4/0054) 07/22 RM 23,600.00
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma in Investment Management
KPT/ JPS (R2/725/4/0010) 07/22 RM 47,550.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/343/4/00994) 06/24 RM 23,100.00
Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Diploma in Islamic Finance
KPT/JPS (R2/862/4/0053) 08/24 RM 29,000.00 KPT/ JPS (N/343/4/0063)09/22 RM 27,500.00
Diploma in Sport Science Diploma in Islamic Banking
KPT /JPS (R/813/4/0029) 12/25 KPT/ JPS (R/343/4/0096) 09/23 RM 28,000.00

Bachelor in Computer Engineering (Hons) RM 49,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/523/6/0004) 01/21
Bachelor of Engineering Technology RM 49,500.00
(Electrical and Electronic) (Hons)
Bachelor in Information and RM 44,000.00 Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management RM 125,100.00
Communication Technology (Hons) & Piloting (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/6/0092) 05/22 KPT/ JPS (N/345/6/0933) 04/21
Bachelor in Graphic Design (Hons) RM 45,000.00 Bachelor of Science (Hons) in RM 65,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R/213/6/0261) 05/21 Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor in Games Design and Animation (Hons) RM 42,000.00 KPT/JPS (N/521/6/0137) 04/21
KPT/ JPS (R2/213/6/0043) 07/21 Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering RM 23,700.00
Bachelor in Instructional Multimedia (Hons) RM 43,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/522/4/0009) 07/22
KPT/ JPS (R2/213/6/0082) 07/22 Diploma in Computer Engineering RM24,000.00
Bachelor in Visual Communication RM 41,500.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/523/4/0123) 04/24
and Marketing (Hons) Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology RM 56,000.00
KPT/JPS (R2/342/6/0177) 05/23 KPT/ JPS (R/525/4/0008) 06/21
Bachelor in Creative Multimedia (Hons) RM 43,000.00 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering RM 57,000.00
KPT/ JPS (2/213/6/0085) 09/23 KPT/ JPS (R/521/4/0042) 03/23
Bachelor of New Media (Hons) RM 43,000.00 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering RM 48,400.00
KPT/JPS (R2/213/6/0293) 06/24 (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)
Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography (Hons) RM 52,100.00 KPT/ JPS (N/521/4/0079) 05/19
KPT/ JPS (R/213/6/0128) 05/23 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering RM 57,000.00
Bachelor in Product Design (Hons) RM 71,000.00 (Highrise Building Maintenance)
KPT/ JPS (N/214/6/0180) 04/22 KPT/ JPS (N/521/4/0122) 09/20
Diploma in Multimedia RM 23,200.00 Foundation in Engineering and Technology RM 15,800.00
KPT/ JPS (R3/213/4/0013) 06/25 KPT/ JPS (R/010/3/0221) 12/23
Diploma in Graphic Design RM 25,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/214/4/0189) 07/22
Diploma in Games Design and Animation RM 23,600.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/213/4/0168) 01/23
Diploma in Creative Visual RM 42,600.00
KPT/JPS (N/213/4/0282) 04/21
Diploma in Interior Design RM 45,000.00
KPT/JPS (N/214/4/0192) 04/21
Foundation in Visual Art RM 18,600.00
KPT/ JPS (R/010/3/0141) 05/23
Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons) RM 44,500.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/6/0091) 05/22
Bachelor in Business Computing (Hons) RM 43,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R3/482/6/0041) 01/25
Bachelor in Information RM 43,000.00
Systems Auditing (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R3/481/6/0649) 07/21
Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Hons) RM 44,500.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/6/0184) 09/22
Bachelor in Information Technology (Hons) RM 43,000.00
RM 48,000.00 Mobile Wireless and Technology
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/6/0335) 01/23
Bachelor in Information Management (Hons) RM 38,500.00
RM 42,600.00
KPT/ JPS (N/322/6/0025) 02/26
Diploma in Information Technology RM 23,000.00
RM 42,600.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/481/4/0090) 06/22
Diploma in Business Computing RM 23,300.00
RM 57,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/482/4/0061) 11/24
Diploma in Computer Forensic RM 24,000.00
RM 57,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R/2481/4/0116) 07/22
Diploma in Information Technology RM 24,000.00
RM 57,000.00 (Mobile and Wireless Technology)
KPT/ JPS (R2/481/4/0518) 06/24
Diploma in Information Management RM 26,000.00
RM 54,600.00 KPT/ JPS (R/322/4/0003) 06/22
Foundation in Information Technology RM 15,800.00
RM 55,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/010/3/0467) 06/23

RM 23,600.00
RM 23,100.00
RM 27,500.00
RM 28,000.00

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) RM 120,000.00 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION
KPT/ JPS (R2/727/6/0030) 06/22 Bachelor of Education (Hons) - (TESL) RM 40,200.00
Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hons) RM 111,000.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/145/6/0039) 11/24
KPT/ JPS (R2/722/6/0040) 07/26 Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons) RM 42,000.00
Bachelor of Science in KPT/ JPS (R2/143/6/0054) 09/22
Pharmaceutical Technology (Hons) RM 81,200.00 Bachelor of Counselling and Guidance (Hons) RM 43,000.00
KPT/ JPS (N/727/6/0073) 04/21 KPT/ JPS (R2/762/6/0027) 04/27
Diploma in Pharmacy RM 37,200.00 Bachelor in Education (Visual Arts) (Hons) RM 50,100.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/727/4/0046) 07/24 KPT JPS (N/145/6/0031) 11/19
Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine RM 51,900.00 Bachelor in Education (Science) (Hons) RM 50,100.00
KPT/JPS (R2/721/4/0038) 06/24 KPT/ JPS (R/145/6/0043) 03/24
Bachelor in Education RM 45,900.00
(Physical Education and Health) (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R/145/6/0049) 08/24
Bachelor in Education RM 58,800.00
(Electrical & Electronic Engineering) (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (N/145/6/0079) 12/20
DEPARTMENT OF HOSPITALITY Diploma in Education (TESL) RM 24,000.00
Bachelor in Hospitality & RM 44,100.00 KPT/ JPS (R2/145/4/0040) 11/24
Tourism Management (Hons) Diploma in Early Childhood Education RM 23,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/812/6/0034) 07/23 KPT/ JPS (R2/143/4/0101) 02/21
Bachelor in Event Management (Hons) RM 40,500.00 Diploma in Counselling and Guidance RM 23,200.00
KPT/ JPS (R/810/6/0003) 11/21 KPT/JPS (R2/762/4/0024)10/24
Bachelor in Outdoor Recreation RM 43,800.00 Foundation in TESL RM 15,800.00
Management (Hons) KPT/ JPS (R/222/3/0007) 09/23
KPT/JPS (R2/813/6/0051) 08/24
Bachelor in Airline Services Management (Hons) RM 40,500.00 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCE
KPT/JPS (N/840/6/0048) 03/27 Bachelor of Public Relations RM 39,900.00
Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management RM 27,000.00 Management (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (R3/811/4/0007) 06/25 KPT/ JPS (R2/342/6/0127) 08/24
Diploma in Event Management RM 23,600.00 Bachelor in Psychology (Hons) RM 55,500.00
KPT/JPS (R2/345/4/0002) 11/21 KPT/ JPS (N/311/6/0091) 06/22
Diploma in Outdoor Recreation RM 22,500.00 Bachelor in Broadcasting (Hons) RM 61,500.00
KPT/JPS (R/813/4/0051) 07/24 KPT/ JPS (N/213/6/0334) 12/23
Bachelor in English Languange RM 50,100.00
DEPARTMENT OF FASHION AND BEAUTY and Literature Studies (Hons)
Bachelor of Spa Management (Hons) RM 45,000.00 KPT/ JPS (N/224/6/0096) 12/22
KPT/ JPS (R/815/6/0001) 11/21 Bachelor of Liberal Arts (Hons) RM 45,000.00
Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Hons) RM 47,100.00 KPT/JPS (N/220/6/0041) 06/26
KPT/ JPS (R/214/6/0001) 11/21 Diploma in Public Relations RM 23,100.00
Bachelor of Accessories Design (Hons) RM 55,300.00 and Entertainment Management
KPT/ JPS (N/214/6/0145) 05/20 KPT/ JPS (R2/321/4/0122) 07/23
Bachelor in Beauty and Hair Management (Hons) RM 55,300.00 Diploma in Translation and Interpretation RM 25,800.00
KPT/ JPS (N/815/6/0011) 05/21 KPT/ JPS (N/224/4/0096) 01/23
Diploma in Fashion Design RM 27,700.00
KPT/ JPS (N/214/6/0034) 11/21
Diploma in Spa Management RM 27,000.00
KPT/JPS (R/815/4/0002) 11/21
Diploma in Hairdressing RM 29,000.00
KPT/ JPS (N/815/4/0007)04/20
Diploma in Beauty Management RM 28,000.00
KPT/ JPS (N/815/4/0010)05/24
Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Hons) RM 45,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R/811/6/0197) 09/24
Bachelor in Patisserie Arts (Hons) RM 56,700.00
KPT/ JPS (N/811/6/0258) 05/20
Diploma in Culinary Arts RM 27,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R2/811/6/0197) 03/24
Diploma in Patiserrie Arts RM 39,000.00
KPT/ JPS (N/811/4/0251) 05/20
Bachelor in Music Technology (Hons) RM 68,700.00
KPT/ JPS (N/212/6/0023) 02/21
Bachelor in Music Performance (Hons) RM 60,900.00
KPT/ JPS (N/212/6/0036) 06/22
Bachelor in Music RM 60,900.00
(Composition and Arranging) (Hons)
KPT/ JPS (N/212/6/0037) 06/22
Diploma in Music Technology RM 40,000.00
KPT/ JPS (R/212/4/0022) 08/24
Diploma in Music RM 38,000.00
KPT/ JPS (N/212/6/0056) 07/23

PhD Management/ Business RM 24,500 Master in International Hospitality RM 46,440
KPT/ JPS ((R3/345/8/0510) 11/26 and Tourism Management
PhD (Accounting/ Finance) RM 24,500 KPT/ JPS (N/811/7/0348) 07/22
KPT/ JPS (R2/344/8/0276) 10/20 Master in Early Childhood Education RM 32,520
PhD (Information and RM 28,000 KPT/ JPS (N/143/7/0118) 12/22
Communication Technology) Master in Counselling and Guidance RM 34,120
KPT/ JPS (R3/481/8/0314) 10/27 KPT/ JPS (N/762/7/0044) 06/23
PhD (Food Service Technology) RM 30,500 Master in International Event Management RM 46,440
KPT/ JPS (R3/541/8/0024) 10/27 KPT/ JPS (N/812/7/0180) 07/22
PhD - by Research (Biomedicine) RM 30,500 Master in Computer Science RM 15,500
KPT/ JPS (R2/545/8/0030) 11/20 KPT/ JPS (R3/481/7/0255) 10/25
Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering RM 75,500 Master in Science Food Service Technology RM 17,000
KPT/ JPS (N/520/8/0050) 11/19 KPT/ JPS (R3/541/7/0025) 10/25
Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Science) RM 62,500 Master in Science (by Research) Biomedicine RM 17,000
KPT/ JPS (N/545/8/0074) 06/21 KPT/ JPS (R3/545/7/0031) 11/25
Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences) RM 63,500 Master in Biomedical Sciences RM 47,280
KPT/ JPS (N/720/8/0100) 05/22 KPT/ JPS (R/440/7/0031) 03/21
Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science) RM 28,000 Master in Information Technology RM 15,500
KPT/ JPS (R3/481/8/0315) 10/27 KPT/ JPS (R/481/7/0370) 10/25
Master in Business Administration RM 18,200 Master of Clinical Pharmacy RM 43,590
KPT/JPS (R2/345/7/0542) 11/24 KPT/ JPS (N/727/7/0039) 10/25
MSc (By Research) Accounting/ Finance RM 13,500 Master of Science in Engineering RM 21,500
KPT/ JPS (R2/344/7/0277) 10/20 KPT/ JPS (N/520/7/0051) 11/23
Master in Management RM 13,500 Master of Pharmacy RM 49,500
KPT/ JPS (R/345/7/0611) 09/26 KPT/ JPS (N/727/7/0054) 05/21
Master in Educational Management RM 33,495 Master of Science (Applied Science) RM 35,500
and Leadership KPT/ JPS (N/545/7/0073) 06/21
KPT/ JPS (N/141/7/0039) 05/20 Master of Design RM 45,020
Master of Education RM 33,400 KPT/ JPS (N/210/7/0023) 06/21
(Teaching English as Second Language) Master of Science (Medical Physiology) RM 47,040
KPT/ JPS (N/545/7/0086) 09/21 KPT/ JPS (N/721/7/0092) 07/23
Master in International Business RM 37,560 Master of Science in Public Health RM 41,440
KPT/ JPS (N/304/7/0744) 05/22 KPT/ JPS (N/720/7/0122) 03/24
Master in Fashion Business RM 37,440 Master of Anatomy RM 38,320
KPT/ JPS (N/345/7/1063) 06/22 KPT/ JPS (N/721/7/0093) 05/24
* Certificate in Tahfiz (JAKIM - MSU) RM18,000 * JAKIM Certificate of Tahfiz at MSU is offered to all programs & levels (concurrent).
While fees charge separately from one program to another.

Registration Fee 1,810.00 1,430.00 1,810.00 5,500.00 Application Fee 300.00 300.00
Annual Fee 500.00/year 470.00/year 500.00/year Registration Fee 2,500.00 2,500.00
Insurance 500.00/year 500.00/year 500.00/year 500.00/year
Exam & Assessment Fee 20.00/subject 20.00/subject 30.00/subject 30.00/subject
Softskill subject 200.00/subject 200.00/subject 200.00/subject 200.00/subject
Notes :
Fees are charged on per yearly basis taken by the respective
students. Registration fees must be paid on the registration day & fees paid are not refundable.
* The above information is accurate at the time of printing. However MSU reserves the right to make changes where required without notice.

Awards & Recognitions

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