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BMA-BC-3 Apply effective oral I Do, You Observe

Explicit Instruction/Modeling
(Pencils Down, Eyes Forward)

communication by communicating in a

clear, courteous, concise, and

professional manner. I Facilitate, You Think
❏ Analyze the situation, purpose, and
(Whole Group)

Questions, Questions, Questions!!!

audience to guide the planning and

presentation of oral communication

(3.1) I Assess & Assist, You Do

❏ Select language, visuals, proper tone, (Pairs)

body language, and method of delivery Guided Practice

appropriate to the situation (3.2)

❏ Deliver impromptu and planned I Observe, You Do (Solo)
speeches with confidence (3.4)
Independent Practice

I Do, You Observe Teachers will use recordings of student
Explicit Instruction/Modeling presentations to allow students to analyze
(Pencils Down, Eyes Forward)

the quality of the presentations they have
previously done. Prior to beginning the
lesson, instructors will revisit classroom
norms to create a safe space for students to
discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Presentation 4

I Facilitate, You Think Using the think, pair, share protocol, each
(Whole Group) student will be given five minutes to identify
and record 3 glow and 3 growth statements
Questions, Questions, from each of the video presentations.
Questions!!! Next, students will discuss their findings with
an elbow partner.
BMA-IBT-2.6, 2.9 SWBAT to Lastly, each pair will share their glow and
state how changes in grow statements with the whole group.
technology affect the workplace **Students featured in each video will be given
and society and apply practices the opportunity to share first.
to deter, detect, and defend
against identity theft for a
business and personal safety
IOT analyze and create a
healthier personal social media
presence AND create a public
service announcement for
internet safety.

I Assess & Assist, You Do ● Students will be given a sample oral
presentation rubric. They must
(Pairs) reflect on their previous presentation
and provide a score and feedback.
Guided Practice
● Using the rubric and other resources
found online, students will create a
powerpoint presentations sharing
how to “Present Like a Pro”.

During this period, teachers will assess As a summative assessment, students will
individual students' ability to serve as presenters and evaluators.
demonstrate mastery of the
content/process and capacity to transfer
that new ability to another learning
opportunity and/or discipline with

Student groups will present their “Present
Like a Pro” presentations.

Each student will also be responsible for
evaluating the presentations of other

I Observe, You Do

(Solo) Independent


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