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Travelling to the Minoan Crete
From the Tavrokathapsia of Knossos to the arenas of modern bullfighters

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Travelling to the Minoan Crete

Travelling to the Minoan Crete
From the Tavrokathapsia of Knossos to the arenas of modern bullfighters

Keywords: Minoan,Crete,Tavrokathapsia,Knossos,bullfighters

Location: Island of Crete - Greece Travelling to
Host Organization: IAKE ( the Minoan Crete

Course Title: From the “Tavrokathapsia”
Travelling to the Minoan CreteFrom the “Tavrokathapsia” of Knossos to the arenas of
modern bullfighters
of Knossos to the arenas of modern bullfighters
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Language: EN
Course fee for the course: 350 Euros (5 day training)
by Key Action 1 of Erasmus+
Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences INFORMATION:

Evans 83-85 (Office A11) 71201 Heraklion , Crete, Greece Evans 83-85 (Office A11) 71201 Heraklion , Crete, Greece
ΤEL. & FAX. +30 2815 200045 ΤEL. & FAX. +30 2815 200045
EMAIL: [email protected] EMAIL: [email protected]


The Opportunity

Of a quality and highly rewarding mobility, fully funded by Erasmus+ KA1,
for all staff members of schools, Adult Education Centres, VET or even an

Topics History; social science; geography; arts; cultural studies;

creativity; pedagogy and didactics; outside of school activities; literature;

communication skilly environment ; intercultural education

Target audience Regional and local authorities; school management staff; teachers: This program is a very specific and innovative proposal
pre-primary and primary level; teachers: secondary level; trainers, headmasters, for all international visitors as it combines:
educational counsellors, project coordinators, mobility coordinators, adult education staff,
higher education staff, non-governmental organization staff, public servants, policy makers, • developing skills for teamwork and cooperation
company staff; recent graduates students
• organization and management of information
Price 350 Euro
• developing critical thinking and problem solving
Included in price Course
• exploration of elements of Minoan art
Number of participants 20 (pottery, sealing, jewelery, etc.)

Certification on completion Yes • participation in constructions with various materials
(clay, paper, canvas, etc.)
Sessions Register before
11.5.2020 - 15.5.2020 Register before • learning toys, sports and dances of the Minoan era
20.7.2020 - 24.7.2020 (Minoan chess, bull leaping)

15.2.2021-19.2.2021 Register before • creating movies for Minoan culture using Windows Movie Maker
12.7.2021-16.7.2021 Register before or Kizoa
13.12.2021-17.12.21 Register before
• use of various web tools, e.g. Storyjumper to create stories
14.2.2022-18.2.2022 Register before or videos related to Minoan civilization
11.7.2022-15.7.2022 Register before

Concrete Objectives
• To boost the quality of environmental
knowledge and learning strategies

Travelling to the Minoan Crete If you want to study the Minoan civili- At the same time, they will improve their linguistic,
zation, then you are at the right place! mental, psycho-emotional and social skills while
FtOormotmmhoyloenrutilaphlasrnueedmin“gnTnoaisaasnmvis,ormcoofomlkummapotadot--hdaeprnsiba”ulolffigKhntoesrssos having the opportunity to interact with a new cul-
tionulla acidunt in ullam quis ex Through this program, trainees of all nationalities, ture and develop a sense of European conscious-
et wisim quat. Unt adiat. Ipsuscip adult learners, students, teachers, etc. have the ness and identity. IAKE’s commitment to academic
opportunity to experience a learning experience knowledge, high quality education and guaranteeing
essequisi. in another country and to acquire knowledge and proper recognition of learning outcomes for trainees
skills for Europe’s most famous and ancient culture. will overcome all your expectations.

In 5 days programme

...for Minoan culture takes place in the beautiful city
of Heraklion,the largest one in the island of Crete

IHSS’s commitment to academic knowledge,
high quality education and guaranteeing proper
recognition of participants learning outcomes
will meet all expectations.

The educational program contains:

Unrolling Ariadne’s thread
The program starts with a tour at Knossos, the second
largest archaeological site after
Acropolis of Athens. Trainees have the opportunity
to experience the everyday life of the
ancient Minoans in the natural environment.
At the theater of the archaeological site, the
trainees revive the moments of the daily life of
the Minoans through the art of dramatization.

the bull leaping Knossos Phaistos disc

a complicated acrobatic play- The Minoan palace is the main it is dating back to the 17th cen-
game of young boys and girls, visiting area of Knossos, an im- tury B.C. and is made of clay with
during which they performed portant city in antiquity, with a diameter of 16 centimeters and
spectacular leapings on the back a continuous life from the an average thickness of 2.1 centi-
of a running bull (grip of the bull’s Neolithic to the 5th century. meters. There are symbols on both
horns, a double somersault over sides, which were stamped
its body and jumping on the other and therefore is
side) and sometimes considered as
dangerous. the oldest type
of printing.

There is a myth everywhere... Let’s travel... in the past:
We learn about the myths related to Minoan civilization: The Rapture of Europe, Daedalus Visits to the major palace centers - Knossos, Phaistos, Malia, Gortyna,
and Icarus, Talos, Pasiphaes and Minotaur, Theseus and Minotaur. the sacred peak of Juhta. Following Minoan trails, the trainees come
The trainees report similar myths from their own cultures, into contact with the natural environment of the Cretan countryside, an
while linking and paralleling Minoan bull leaping environment that has preserved features of the Minoan period, such as
with modern bullfighting. Creative synthesis the occupation of the inhabitants with agriculture, livestock, bee-keeping.
and original creation of trainees The trainees visit local producers of wine, olive oil and honey for the
follows on the basis experiential tasting of the famous even from Minoan times for the quality
of those have been and delicacy of Cretan products.
Searching for King Minos and the Minotaur:
Sightseeing tour in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion and partici-
pation of the trainees in experiential workshops focusing:

• Characteristics of the everyday life of the Minoans, clothes, rituals,
bull leaping, Minoan art
• Phaistos disc - Minoan writing and seal.

From yesterday to today:
the program ends with a presentation of the destruction of Minoan
civilization and its Modern extensions. The trainees complete and recon-
sider their knowledge and experience, record proposals for exploiting the
program in their homelands using ICT tools, and finally they evaluate and
discuss the conclusions that can be drawn for the causes of destruction of
a strong civilization, redefining in today’s era.

IAKE Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences

Evans 83-85 (Office A11) 71201 Heraklion , Crete, Greece ΤEL. & FAX. +30 2815 200045
EMAIL: [email protected]

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