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LKPD VIII - 3.4.5

LKPD VIII - 3.4.5


A. Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

B. Kelas/Semester : VIII / Ganjil

C. Kompetensi Dasar : 3.4.5 / 4.4.5

D. Materi/Pokok Bahasan/Tema : Come to my Birthday, Please!

E. Tujuan Pembelajaran : Peserta didik dapat Menanggapi teks interaksi interpersonal
F. Materi Esensial lisan dan tulis yang melibatkan tindakan menyuruh.

: In this chapter, we are going to learn about giving an response.

Giving Response of an Instruction
Giving response of an instruction is an expression that used to give response to somebody
for the instruction giving.

Giving Instruction Response

Open the door! All right
Sit down! Yes

Stand up! Thank you
Of course
Give me that box!
Be quiet! Etc.
Don’t smoke here!

Stop it, I tell!
Don’t disturb me!

Example in dialog:

Dialog 1 : Hey, Ratna. Come here and help me, please.
Teacher : Yes, Mom. I’m coming. What should I do for you, Mom?
Teacher : take a look at my hand phone, will you? It went blank.
: Yes, Mom. I will.

Dialog 2 : Good Morning, this is Yamaha Printer call center.
Jenny : Hello, I need a help. My printer got jammed.
Young girl : please, turn it off. Wait for a second and turn it on again.
Jenny : OK. Wait a minute.
Young girl : Does it print again?
Jenny : yes, it does. Thank you.
Young girl

Dialog 3

Mr. Field : Jason... Jason! Turn down the TV a little, please.
Mr. Field : Oh, but this is my favourite program!
Jason : I know. But it’s very loud.
Mr. Field : OK. I’ll turn it down.
Mrs. Field : That’s better. Thanks.
: Lisa, please pick up your things. They’re all over the living room
Mrs. Field floor.
Lisa : In a minute, Mom. I’m on the phone.
Mrs. Field
Mr. Field : OK. But do it as soon as you hang up.

: Sure. No problem!

: Goodness! Were we like this when we were kids?

: Definitely!

A. Identitas Peserta Didik .
Nama :
Kelas :

Activity 1. Fill the blank part/balloon with expression of giving instruction or the response.

1. Situation: Joni’s shoelace is untied, Rini asks him to tie his shoe.

Your shoelace is untied.
Tie it, please!.

2. Situation: Today is wet season. The wind blows and it makes Doni shivering. Rendi asks Doni
to wear his coat.

It’s very cold. Put on
your coat.

3. Situation: Siti and her mother is cooking in the kitchen. Her mom asks Siti to buy
some sugar and salt.
Siti, can you help me?
Please, buy some sugar and

1. Situation: Rani is waking up late. Her mother asks her to wake up now.

Wake up,dear, You
must go to school.

……………, Mom.

2. Situation: Dinda’s room is very messy. Her mother asks her to clean up her room.

Yes, mom. I
will clean my

Activity 2. Make a short conversation on the situation below.

1. In the store, you want to pick a good but you could not reach it. What do you say to the shop-

2. While you see something amazed and you ask your friend to see it as well. What do you say
to your friend, and does he/she amazed also?

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