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Make a Difference Project

Make a Difference Project

Director/Owner: 1
Jessica Valencia

Location: 49-100
Pluma Blanca Pl.

Coachella ca,

Children Served: 0-5


The center had family
pictures displayed on the
walls. Families are
encouraged to bring
pictures of home activities to
the center. “The classroom
can appear ‘culturally safe’
to parent and child when
materials, pictures, books,
and room design reflect
family and home
experiences” (Gestwicki,
2016, P. 346).

Outdoor Play 3

• The center has tables where children can
create their artwork by using colors or

• The center an area with sand so children can
play with it.

• A place where children can read.
• The center also offers a space where children

can play whatever they want.
“Outdoor play may offer more natural
opportunities for children to play freely without
feeling they are being watched” (Gestwicki,
2016, P. 346).


Childcare Center
Quiet Area

Reading Area

Eating Area

Outdoor/Indoor play

How the agency impacts “Displaying books and games that depict particular cultures or represent traditional literature and stories 5
also conveys welcome. All these additions to the environment help children and their parents feel secure
children and families? and accepted” (Gestwicki, 2016, P. 346).

• The Lil’ Ones Child Care center
impacts children because it
offers a variety of activities to
the children. For example,
children can play with blocks,
puzzles, play with sand, painting,
colors, and more. The center
has areas where children can
learn math, science, literature
and more through play.

• The Center Impact families
because educators are always
available to help families when
needed. The director of the
center has created group chats
to be in touch with families.
Handouts are also created to
keep families informed. There is
also a bulletin board to have
upcoming events.

• The center has a welcoming
environment and families feel
they can trust their children with
the educators.


How the agency impacted
me as a lab student?

This is my first time attending a childcare center and
observes the way the educators work with children. In my
opinion, the center has everything children need to have
in order to learn through play. The director took the time to
explain to me the different types of checklists that they use
when observing a child. She also explained to me that
there other checklists that educators use when checking
the center. This experience really made me feel that I
chose the right major and that I want to continue taking
for ECE classes.

“It may be helpful for teachers to use lesson plans and developmental checklists to illustrate information”
(Gestwicki, 2016, P. 235)

What did I learn at the childcare center? 7

• I have learned the way the director talks to parents
when they have a concern.

• The directors showed me the indoor and outdoor areas
that the children use every day.

• I have learned the information that the bulletin board
has and that parents are welcome to take pictures if

• I also got to see the handouts that the educator give to
the families.

• I got to learn the way the educators work with the

• I had the opportunity to read, play, draw, paint with the
children and the educator.

“The information offered by a bulletin board will be chosen by a teacher as he or she listens to parents’
questions and comments or finds areas where they need resources or help”
(Gestwicki, 2016, P. 210)


Gestwicki, C. (2016). Home,

school, and community relations.
Boston: Cengage Learning.

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