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Published by [email protected], 2021-10-27 16:01:51

October 27th Newsletter

October 27th Newsletter

Page 1 October 27, 2021
October 27, 2021

The Excargo Times

Excargo Pink Out!

October 27, 2021 Page 2

Page 3 October 27, 2021

Quarterly Truck
Inpections at Wallisville

October 27, 2021 Page 4

Jose Cordova- 673 Miguel Argueta-Gomez- 741

Lionel Kennedy- 419 Enrique Martinez Olivo- 647

Page 5 October 27, 2021

Warren Busby- 748 Mehdi Emamalikhani- 648

Manuel Aguilar- 363 Juan Carlos- 377

October 27, 2021 Page 6

Ashley King- 744 Jose Zepeda- 590

Santiago Naranjo- 671

Page 7 October 27, 2021

Welcome to the Team!

Daniel Torres- 749

Please welcome Daniel Torres to the
Excargo family! He will be running
primarily OTR and is willing to run
any lane that is available. Mr. Torres
has 8 years of container experience. His
first day of dispatch was October 21st.

“Losing yourself and finding yourself ruins
leaders. Most of us are still finding ourselves.
We live to please our parents, teachers, bosses,
lovers, and friends. It’s healthy to please others

but devastating to judge ourselves by the
approval we receive. Living to please others is

unsustainable and never satisfying.”

- Dan Rockwell

October 27, 2021 Page 8

Driver Highlight

Page 9 October 27, 2021

Operations Update
1) We are currently conducting the cost analysis on our Pre-Pull
rates with the assistance of the fleet providing competitor rates.
We expect to have a solution on increasing the pre-pull rate very
soon. We will continue to communicate where we are with the

2) We are aware of the current congestion at the port and
extended wait times, we are reviewing the delays daily as our goal
is to not have the driver fleet wait at the terminal. This decreases
our capacity and is a waste of time. We are exploring all possible
options to keep the trucks moving. We hear you, some had team
members were stuck in the port for 4-5 hours at a time.

3) Quarterly truck Inspections have gone very well, only a few
minor issues have come up that were immediately addressed with
no trucks out of service for an extended time. Great Job Team as
this shows our dedication to safety and the Excargo Way!

4) Watco has accepted our contracts we are just waiting on the fi-
nal touches for the project to kick off, GIS/EMPIRE is requesting
additional assistance as well. We have containers daily that are
rolling due to congestion at the port and delays returning orders.
If you are available to complete another turn daily please reach
out to dispatch so we can continue to service customers.

Please Remember; the dispatch team is constantly
communicating to the entire fleet. If you have
additional capacity or can move more loads
please reach out to them daily.

Need assistance?

Jamie Langston General Manager: 281-910-8601
Henry Vargas Safety Manager: 832-574-5206

Nelson Vela, Equipment and Facilities Manager: 832-409-8622
David Hood, Fleet Manager: 832-312-3992

October 27, 2021 Page 10

Safety Zoom Meeting!

Wednesday- November 10, 2021
Time: 6PM – 7PM


**Any driver who does NOT show up will
NOT be dispatched for Monday!**


Page 11 October 27, 2021

New Safety Features at Gulf

Concrete Strip: This new solution will help our

warehouse team and our drivers feel safer pulling in
and out of the Gulf warehouse docks.

Stop Sign: When

exiting the Gulf freeway
property, we asked that
you come to a complete
stop before proceeding
onto the feeder road. This
is a heavy traffic area, that
requires us all to use
caution and patience to
ensure safety.

October 27, 2021 Page 12

Driver Club at Wallisville

We are getting closer to fully opening the Driver Club
at Wallisville. It will be open from 7am- 5pm Monday-
Friday. We just set up the freezer with reusable ice packs
for drivers to use while OTR. Please feel free to come on
in and check it out!

Page 13 October 27, 2021

The Excargo Brand Pillars correlate to every aspect of life,
including Safety! Often when things do not go as planned, you can
almost guarantee one of the Brand Pillars was missed.
Anticipate- Anticipate your work day. What tools will you need to
succeed? What can you expect? Traffic, waits at the port, pre-trip
inspections, and appointment times. Have a plan before you arrive to
Excargo for the day. Then execute your plan.
Cultivate- Build a relationship with your team members here at
Excargo. How can you help eliminate stress? Does your Dispatcher/
team know what time you like to begin your day? Have you cultivated
that relationship? Make life easier by cultivating with everyone you
interact with on a normal work day. You will find this rewarding, and
your needs addressed.
Prepare- Plan ahead. Have you pre tripped your person? Meaning,
do you have everything you need for a productive work day? Lunch,
schedule, transportation, clothing, communication. The better prepared
you are, the more productive your work day will be.
Deliver- Excargo is Driven to be the best. We promise to deliver
absolute accountability and reliability to our customers and to our
internal team. This is done by living our brand pillars day in and day

October 27, 2021 Page 14

Page 15 October 27, 2021

October 27, 2021 Page 16

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Submit photos to Lexie to earn Flexcargo points


Birthdays Anniversaries

Adam Lopez 11/11 Christy Yuen 11/3
Marcia Faschingbauer 11/12 Osman Pena 11/16
Marco Espinosa- 607 11/16 Mehdi Emamalikhani- 684 11/16
Jose Manzanares- 668 11/18 Jamie Langston 11/17
Enrique Martinez Olivo- 647 11/18 Alex Nolasquez, Sr.- 566 11/18
Lionel Kennedy- 419 11/21 Reinaldo Alvarenga, Jr.-727 11/25
Ronald Fillmore- 727 11/22 David WIlliams- 665 11/29
Lionel Garcia- 537 11/26

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