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Arena_Q2 Seasonal Savers

Arena_Q2 Seasonal Savers


3a Portland Avenue, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA12 8NL

Sale ends 27th June 2021

Adhesives.....................................13-15 Felt Board .........................................34 Monitor ............................................ 41 SSD Drives........................................40
Air Purifier ........................................ 45 Filing .............................................16-19 Monitor Arm ....................................36 Stamps .............................................. 14
Antibacterial Soap........................... 50 Flash Drives......................................40 Nail Gun............................................46 Stapler Remover.............................. 20
Blu Tack..............................................15 Flipchart Pads ..................................34 Networking ...................................... 42 Staplers................................ 20-21, 46
Books and Pads.............................. 4-6 Floor Marking...................................46 Notebooks...................................... 3-6 Step Stool.........................................46
Box Files............................................ 18 Footrests................................ 2, 36-38 Packaging Tapes................................15 Sticky Notes................................13-14
Business Luggage ............................ 39 Glue ....................................................15 Paper ................................................ 26 Storage Boxes ............................ 24-25
Calculators ....................................... 33 Hand Sanitisers................................ 50 Pen Pots ............................................ 22 Storage Media..................................40
CDs and DVDs .................................40 Hand Towels..................................... 50 Pencils ............................................... 10 Straws ...............................................49
Charging Cables............................... 41 Hard Drives ......................................40 Pens ......................................... 8-10, 12 Suspension Files ...............................17
Cleaning............................................ 50 Headsets........................................... 41 Peripherals..................................38, 41 Tally Counter ....................................51
Coffee..........................................47-49 Highlighters ...........................9, 12, 35 Permanent Markers ....... 8, 10-12, 46 Tapes ............................................13-15
Computer Accessories... 2, 36-38, 41 Hole Punches ............................. 20-21 Planners ...............................................7 Tea .....................................................48
Computer Cleaning.........................38 Home Office..................................... 45 Popper Wallets ................................ 16 Things To Do Today Book................. 6
Cork Board........................................34 Hook & Loops ...................................13 Post-It Notes ....................................13 Toilet Rolls........................................ 50
Correction .......................................... 8 Hubs .................................................. 41 Printers ..................................... 43- 44 USB Drives........................................40
Desk Mat........................................... 20 Key Safes ...........................................51 Privacy Filters ..................................38 Wallets........................................ 16, 19
Desktop.......................................20-23 Labelling ........................................... 28 Projector ........................................... 42 Waste Paper Bins............................. 23
Dictation........................................... 32 Labelling Machines.......................... 32 Punched Pockets ....................... 16, 18 Water ................................................ 47
Display Stand................................... 35 Labels ................................................ 28 Restaurant Pads................................. 6 Webcams ..........................................42
Easel ..................................................34 Laptop Risers..............................36-37 Shipping Roll .....................................51 Whiteboards and Accessories .34-35
Envelopes ......................................... 27 Letter Trays ................................20-23 Shredders.................................... 29-31 Wooden Cutlery ..............................48
Eraser ................................................ 10 Lever Arch Files.................... 16, 18, 21 Sign Holders..................................... 35 Writing Instruments ....................8-12
Ergonomics............................ 2, 36-38 Magazine Files............................ 21-23 Snacks and Sweets....................47-48
Expanding Files .................................17 Marker Pens...............8, 10-12, 35, 46 Software ........................................... 42

Ergonomics Value Bundle

Everything you need to set up an ergonomic workstation
with this special value starter pack

This pack includes: Mouse Mat
x1 Professional Footrest
x1 Soft Skin Gel Mouse Mat with Wrist Rest
x1 Soft Skin Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest
x1 Mesh Back Support

Index and Ergonomics Code Description Pack SALE Keyboard Rest Mesh Back
£54.99 Support
OS-CE834003 Bundle Each Footrest

Every care has been taken to ensure an adequate supply of the products featured is available.
Manufacturers’ specifications can change and we reserve the right to change or withdraw if required.
E&OE. VAT excluded

Items with these symbols may have special  Extended delivery times may 
delivery requirements. Please call for details. apply – see page for details.
Please check with us. All prices in this brochure are nett of discount and are subject to VAT. The offer of goods is limited until (See cover for date). Every care
Special delivery requirements may apply.
Delivery may not be next day. We regret that we are unable to has been taken to ensure an adequate supply of products featured is available for this offer. Manufacturers specifications do change
Please check with us. accept returns on food items
- Non Returnable and we reserve the right to change these if required. All prices are correct at time of going to press. E & OE. Some items may not be

available on your normal delivery service. Please check for details. Subject to status you can open a credit account with us.

Our terms of payment are strictly 30 days nett.





ŽĚĞ ĞƐĐƌŝƉƟŽŶ WĂŐĞ WĂĐŬ ZZW ^ > Books, Pads and Accounting Systems Notebooks, Things to do Planner and Record Cards

Code Description Page Pack SALE
200 3 + 3 Free £15.99
OS-JD811290 A4 Ruled with Margin and Perforated 200 3 + 3 Free £11.99

OS-JD811291 A5 Ruled with Margin and Perforated


2. Everyday Recycled Notebooks and Record Cards 3. BacOff Anti-Bacterial Notebooks

• Made with care in the UK. BacOff adds and extra layer
• 100% recycled 70gsm paper. of protection to your notes by
• Record cards ideal for notes using Silver Ion technology,
meaning at least 99% of
and presentations. bacteria coming into contact
Things to do with the film surface is
• 100% recycled 80gsm bright eliminated for the lifetime of
the product.
white paper.
• Printed using eco inks. • Twin wirebound notebooks,
• No nasty chemicals (process made with care in the UK.

chlorine free). • 200 pages and 80gsm.
• Assorted colours.
• FSC® certified.

Code Description Pack SALE

Wirebound 5
OS-SV42812 A4 120 Pgs Lined/Margin Each £11.99
OS-SV42813 A5 120 Pgs Lined Each £3.69
OS-SV00823 280 x 150mm ‘Things to do’ £1.39
Record Cards with Headline Code Description Pack SALE
OS-SV80866 A4
OS-SV00901 5 x 3” (127 x 76mm), 100 Cards, Lined OS-SV80865 A5 3 £10.99

OS-SV00902 6 x 4” (152 x 102mm), 100 Cards, Lined 3 £7.59

4. Notebooks

Premium quality notebooks at affordable prices.
Various styles to suit the professional.
• Hardwearing covers.
• Polypropylene cover has a matt finish.
• Feint ruled, 80gsm.

Wirebound Polypropylene

Wirebound Hardback

Wirebound Recycled

Casebound Hardback

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
A4 A5
OS-KF03725 Casebound Hardback 192 Pgs 3 £19.99 OS-KF03726 Casebound Hardback 192 Pgs 3 £13.99
OS-KF03729 Wirebound Polypropylene 160 Pgs 3 £19.99 OS-KF03730 Wirebound Polypropylene 160 Pgs 3 £13.99
OS-KF03731 Wirebound Recycled Hardback 160 Pgs 3 £19.99 OS-KF03732 Wirebound Recycled Hardback 160 Pgs 3 £13.99
OS-KF03727 Wirebound Hardback 160 Pgs 3 £17.99 OS-KF03728 Wirebound Hardback 160 Pgs 3 £12.99


1. Polypropylene Notebooks 2. Hard Cover Notebooks 3. Pocket Notebooks

Hardwearing notebooks with rigid Wirebound quality notebooks with Neat pocket notebook with stylish
polypropylene covers. sturdy hard board covers. pressboard cover.
• Rigid polypropylene twin-wire notebooks. • Twin-wired hardcovered books which will • Small enough to fit in a pocket.
• Elasticated closure to keep notes secure. • Lined for neat note-taking.
• Full size pages with micro-perforations for filing. lay completely flat when opened. • Elasticated closure.
• Feint ruled for neat note-taking. • Feint ruled for precise note-taking. • 120 pages of 80gsm paper.
• 140 pages of 90gsm paper. • 160 pages of 90gsm paper.
90 90 80 Closure

Books, Pads and Accounting Systems Notebooks and Memo Pads Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-EN08818 A4 Each OS-EN08810 A4 Each Each £1.49
OS-EN08822 A5 Each £4.99 OS-EN08814 A5 Each £4.19 OS-EN12070 A7
OS-EN08826 A6 Each £2.89 OS-EN13135 A6 Each £2.79
OS-EN13139 A7 Each £1.89 £1.89

4. Wirebound Recycled Notebooks 5. Casebound Recycled Notebooks 6. Shorthand Recycled
Notebook and Memo Pad
Made from 100% recycled paper. Environmentally friendly casebound notebooks made
• Spiral wire binding allows book to lie flat from 100% recycled paper. Shorthand notebook with card cover and spiral binding.
• Durable hard covers with sewn-in pages. • 100% recycled paper.
for easy note-taking. • 160 feint ruled 60gsm pages. • 160 feint ruled 60gsm pages.
• 100 feint ruled 60gsm pages.
• Kraft notebooks contain 160 pages of TM TM

70gsm paper.


70 100% 100%

100% recycled recycled

recycled 60 60



Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Spiral Bound OS-EN08054 A4 Each Shorthand 203 x 127mm Each £0.99
OS-EN10994 A5 10 £7.99 OS-EN08050 A5 Each £3.39 OS-EN08034 A4 10 £13.99
OS-EN08043 A4 10 £11.99 £1.99 Memo Pad
Kraft Wirebound OS-EN08039
OS-EN07341 A5 10 £10.99
OS-EN07340 A4 10 £17.99


Code Description Pack SALE Books, Pads and Accounting Systems Pastel Books and Pads
OS-PP18628 Pukka Pastel A4 Jotta Pad 3 £10.99
OS-PP18629 Pukka Pastel A5 Jotta Pad 3 £6.49
OS-PP18630 Pukka Pastel A4 Project Book 3 £17.99
OS-PP18631 Pukka Pastel A5 Project Book 3
OS-PP18902 Pukka Pastel A4 Refill Pads 3 £10.99
OS-PP18903 Pukka Pastel A7 Pocket Book 3 £13.99
OS-PP18907 Pukka Pastel A4 Refill Pad 140 x 205mm 3 £7.49


1. A4 Refill Pads

Pre-punched pads with two holes, suitable use with any 2 ring binder or lever arch file.
• 160 pages.


Ruled Margin

Code Description Pack SALE Quad

OS-KF02227 Ruled 10 £9.99
OS-KF02228 Ruled/Margin 10 £13.99
OS-KF02234 Ruled/Margin (200 pages) 5 £11.99
OS-KF02229 Narrow Ruled 10 £11.99

OS-KF02230 Narrow Ruled/Margin 10 Narrow Ruled

OS-KF02232 Plain 10 Ruled

OS-KF02233 Quad 5mm 10

2. Shorthand Notebooks 3. Wiro Things To Do Today Book

Back board for additional support. 20 tasks per page, which can be ticked when
completed with a section for any reminders.
60 • Daily planner per page.
• Perforated pages.
• 150 x 280mm.

Books, Pads and Accounting Systems Books and Pads Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF31002 150 Leaf
OS-KF31003 80 Leaf 10 £8.99 Code Description Pack SALE
Each £3.99
20 £8.99 OS-KF01339 115 Sheets

4. Duplicate Service Pads 5. Triplicate Service Pad

End folded duplicate sheets numbered 1-50. End folded triplicate sheets numbered 1-50.
• Both sheets perforated. • All sheets perforated.
• No carbon paper required. • No carbon paper required.

Code Description Pack SALE

OS-HY99030 140 x 76mm 50 £24.99 Code Description Pack SALE

OS-HY99031 165 x 95mm 50 £33.99 OS-HY99032 165 x 95mm 50 £46.99


1. Year Planners 2. Oversized Year Planner

Classic design in a full size landscape format with days along the Ideal for more detailed planning where more space is required.
top and months down the side. • Same format as original year planner but with wider day boxes.
• Choose from laminated poster or mounted on a rigid board. • Day box width increased by 5mm to 26mm.
• W915 x H610mm. • W1100 x H610mm.

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-SY60544 Mounted 2022
OS-SY60546 Unmounted 2022 Each £16.99 Code Description Pack SALE
Each £12.29
Each £8.79 OS-SY60548 Unmounted 2022

3. Super Compact Year Planner 4. Annual Holiday Planner

Ideal for personal workspaces where space is limited, or as a handy year to view Week by week chart of the year with space to plan for up to 33 staff or projects.
portable planner. • Weekly columns using Monday start dates.
• Same format as original compact year planner but even smaller. • Encapsulated plastic chart finish.
• Day boxes 21 x 9mm. • W750 x H420mm.
• W400 x H285mm.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £13.99
OS-SY60550 Unmounted 2022 Each £4.89 OS-SY60576 Unmounted 2022

5. Day Planner 6. Staff Planners Diaries and Planners Planners

View a full 7 day week and record events on a daily basis throughout the year. Easy to view details of holidays, sickness and absenteeism of up to 40 staff.
• Space for up to 40 staff or projects. • Covers Monday - Friday 5 day week.
• Rigid board mounted. • W915 x H610mm.
• W915 x H610mm.

Code Description Pack SALE
Each £22.99
Code Description Pack SALE OS-SY60572 Mounted 2022 Each £13.99

OS-SY60564 Mounted 2022 Each £22.49 OS-SY60574 Unmounted 2022 7

Writing and Drawing Ballpoint, Rollerballs, Correction and Permanent Markers OS-PE811480 OS-PE811470 OS-PE811482
OS-PE811481 £8.99 £25.99


OS-GL09610 Paper Mate® Flexgrip® Ultra Retractable Black 30 + 6 £33.99
OS-GL09611 Paper Mate® Flexgrip® Ultra RT Blue 30 + 6 £33.99


OS-SS43685 Stabilo Green Boss Wallet 4 £4.99
OS-SS56422 Stabilo Green Boss Pastel Wallet 4 £4.99
OS-SS57284 Stabilo Green Boss Deskset 8 £8.99
OS-SS43726 Stabilo Green Pointball Wallet 4 £5.79

2. Fineliner Pens VAT Excluded. E&OE. Whilst stock last. Valid from 29/03/2021 to 27/06/2021 Writing and Drawing Highlighters, Fineliners, Reception and Ballpoint Pens

An ultrafine tip writes and draws finely and precisely - ideal for 3. Fineliner Pens
ruling and stencilling.
• Write out length over 1300 metres. Ideal for note-taking through to
• Writes a 0.4mm line width. technical drawings.
• Ergonomic triangular barrel for

comfort during use.
• Secure cap.
• Fine tip for a 0.4mm line width.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF25007 Black 10 8 £4.49
OS-KF25008 Blue 10 £6.99 OS-KF18050 Assorted
OS-KF25009 Red 10 £6.99

4. Antibacterial Reception Pen 5. Recycled Ballpoint Pens

Refillable reception pen with antibacterial Transparent barrels and made of 100% recycled PET bottles.
agent added to barrel and base. • Medium tip writes a 0.7mm line width.
• Base includes an adhesive patch underneath to
secure to counter or desk.
• Pen comes with 3 blue ink refills. recycled

Made from recycled
plastic bottles

Code Description Pack SALE

Code Description Pack SALE OS-KF15002 Black 10 £5.49
10 £5.49
OS-KF11015 Antibacterial Reception Pen Each £4.39 OS-KF15001 Blue


1. Jetstream Sport Rollerball Pens

The uni-ball Jetstream Sport has the smooth even ink flow of a
rollerball but with the fast-drying properties of a ballpoint ensuring less
smudging, making it ideal for left-handers.
• The retractable pen writes with uni-ball’s

Super Ink, which is fade resistant, water
resistant and tamper proof.
• Medium 1.0mm nib.

Writing and Drawing Permanent Markers, Ballpoint, Rollerball Pens, Pencils and Eraser Code Description 3 FOR 2 OS-ED750BK Black 10 £24.99
OS-ED750BU Blue 10 £24.99
OS-M1811904 Black Pack SALE OS-ED750GN Green 10 £24.99
2 + 1 POA OS-ED750R Red 10 £24.99
OS-M1811905 Blue 2 + 1 POA OS-ED750W White 10 £24.99
OS-ED750Y Yellow 10 £24.99

4. Biodegradable Ballpoint Pens

The plastic barrel contains polylactic acid that enhances the
decomposing process in landfills, therefore more environment friendly.
• Medium 0.7mm tip writes a 0.5mm line.

OS-PI55619 OS-PI55617
£20.99 £22.99

OS-PI55620 OS-PI55618
£20.99 £22.99

OS-PI55625 OS-PI55627 Code Description Pack SALE
£24.99 £16.99 OS-KF14625 Blue 12 £10.99
OS-KF10496 Black 12 £10.99
OS-PI55626 OS-PI55628
£24.99 £16.99

5. Office Pencils 6. Plastic Eraser

Excellent value pencils, ideal for everyday use. Premium quality sleeved plastic eraser. Erases graphite from
• Popular 2B and HB grades give smudge free lines. paper without tearing or smudging.
• Block shape.
• W60 x D22 x H11mm.

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF26072 HB
OS-KF25011 HB Rubber Tipped 12 £0.99
OS-KF76991 2B
12 £0.99 Code Description Pack SALE
20 £4.99
12 £1.49 OS-KF00236 Plastic Eraser


OS-GL25161 £22.99
OS-GL25040 £32.99

29/03/2021 to 27/06/2021

Code Pack Writing and Drawing Permanent Markers

OS-BC01095 12

Code Pack

OS-BC01099 12


Promotion runs from 29th March to 27th June 2021, whilst stocks last.


Code Colour Unit SALE
10 £12.99
Writing and Drawing Permanent and Non-Permanent Markers and Highlighters OS-ST33170 Black - Superfine 10 £11.49
10 £11.49
OS-ST33247 Black - Fine 10 Code Colour Unit SALE
10 £11.49 10 £16.99
OS-ST33227 Red - Fine 4 £11.49 OS-ST33149 Black - Superfine 10 £11.49
8 £4.99 10 £11.49
OS-ST33231 Blue - Fine 4 OS-ST33212 Black - Fine 4
£8.99 8 £4.99
OS-ST33222 Black - Medium £4.99 OS-ST33192 Black - Medium 8
OS-ST31080 Assorted - Fine Desktop Box OS-ST30454 Assorted - Fine Desktop Box £8.99

OS-ST32369 Assorted - Fine Desktop Box OS-ST32360 Assorted - Fine Desktop Box

OS-ST31038 Assorted - Medium Desktop Box OS-ST30933 Assorted - Medium Desktop Box

OS-JN69979 £5.89
OS-JN69980 £2.99

OS-JN10098 £5.79
OS-JN10106 £2.69


OS-SE810860 £7.99 Code Description Pack SALE Office Essentials Hook and Loop, Sellotape and Post-it® Notes
OS-HK810867 £23.99 6 £12.99
OS-SE05145 Tape 24mmx6m + FREE Panda Bear

Rio Miami New York

OS-3M811219 12 + 6 £20.99
OS-3M811264 12 + 6 £20.99
OS-3M810113 12 + 6 £20.99

29th March - 27th June 2021whilst stocks last.


2. Self-Inking D.I.Y Text Stamps

Make your own self-inking stamp.
• Printer 40/2 set includes: stamp with ink

pad, 1 set of 2.5mm characters, 1 set of
3.5mm characters and tweezers. Create up
to 6 lines of text.

D/M/Y Buy 1 Stamp and get
2 pads FREE

OS-SE810859 Sellotape Zero Plastic 24mm x 30m 2 + 1 £5.69 Code Description Pack SALE
Each £19.99
OS-EM813719 Printer 40/2 Set + 2 Black Pads

3. Recycled Sticky Notes

Recycled notes in plastic free packaging.
• 100 sheets per pad.
• Pastel pack contains 3 pads of each colour: yellow, pink, blue and green.



Office Essentials Tapes, Stamps and Sticky Notes Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF17321 76 x 76mm Pastel 12 £9.89
OS-KF17322 127 x 76mm 12 £14.49
OS-KF17323 38 x 51mm 12 £8.89 OS-KF17324 76 x 76mm 12 £4.39

12 £13.49 OS-KF17325 127 x 76mm

12 £8.49 OS-KF17326 38 x 51mm

4. Tape Dispenser 5. Invisible Tape

Tough black plastic tape dispenser. Invisible on paper, mends tears without a trace.
• Ideal for home or office. • You can write on it, type on it, photocopy it or fax it without leaving a ghost mark.
• Takes 33m tapes up to 19mm wide.
• Rubber base prevents slipping and sliding.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £0.99
OS-KF01294 Tape Dispenser Each £3.99 OS-KF02164 19mm x 33m


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-BK00181 Handy Pack 60gm 12 £11.99
OS-BK80108 Economy 12 £15.99
OS-BK11041 Handy White Each £1.35

2. Packaging Tapes

Seals packages securely and neatly.
• Polypropylene tape which is strong and waterproof.
• 50mm x 66m.

Code Description Pack SALE Office Essentials Blu® Tack, Tapes and Glue

Sealing Tape

OS-KF27010 Brown 6 £13.99 Code Description Pack SALE
2 + 1 £11.99
OS-KF01791 Clear 6 £13.99 OS-LO810007 Power Gel Duo 2 x 3g 2 + 1 £6.99
2 + 1 £7.49
Low Noise Tape OS-LO810006 Control Liquid 4g 2 + 1 £7.99

OS-KF04381 Brown 6 £18.99 OS-LO810008 Precision Liquid 5g 15

OS-KF04382 Clear 6 £18.99 OS-LO810009 Brush On Liquid 5g

get oBnueyfroenee 2. Punched Pocket Pad 2 FOR 1

Pockets are ideal for easy insertion of paper which
can be removed using the perforated edge.

• Pad of plastic pockets with protective card cover.
• Curved opening of each pocket for easy access.
• Perforated edge allowing pockets to be

detached from the pad.
• Multi-punched spine suitable for filing

in ring binders or lever arch files.
• Clear.

A4 Punched Pockets

100 x Glass clear pockets with reinforced spine to protect loose sheets


Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
100 + 100 FREE £28.99 1 + 1 £8.99
OS-BX810443 Green Strip - Glass Clear OS-JD811289 A4 60 Pockets

Filing Solutions Punched Pockets, Lever Arch Files and Popper Wallets Classy Lever Arch File + FREE 10-Part Dividers FDrieveiders

Sturdy lever arch files with manila dividers for separating documents

Code Description Pack SALE
1 + 1 FREE Dividers £3.49
OS-BX810437 Black 1 + 1 FREE Dividers £3.49
1 + 1 FREE Dividers £3.49
OS-BX810438 Blue 1 + 1 FREE Dividers £3.49
1 + 1 FREE Dividers £3.49
OS-BX810441 Metallic Purple

OS-BX810440 Metallic Blue

OS-BX810442 Silver

4. A4 High Capacity Ring Binder Popper Wallet 5. Popper Wallets

Multi-punched ring binder popper wallet to suit most ring binders/lever arch files. Durable bright coloured transparent polypropylene file with ‘Superline’ finish.
• Ideal for use at the office, home or education.
• Assorted coloured foldover flaps with co-ordinated press stud closure to keep contents • Fold-over flap with colour coordinated press-stud closure to keep contents safe and secure.
safe and secure. • Pen holder cut-out under curved flap.
• Large capacity will hold up to 150 pages.
• Reinforced edge along binder holes. • Bright assorted pack contains green, aqua, purple, pink and blue.
• Pen holder cut-outs under curved flap and dipped edge for easy access.
• Perfect for containing all unpunched papers inside a ring binder.
• 200 sheet capacity.
• A4 size.
• Assorted colours: green, aqua, pink,

purple and blue.

Code Description Bulk Packs

OS-HT01583 A4 Assorted Pack SALE
20 £6.99
OS-HT01587 Foolscap Clear 20 £6.99
25 £6.59
Code Description Pack SALE OS-HT01608 A5 Clear 5 £1.59

OS-HT04072 Assorted 5 £2.99 OS-HT01716 Clear


OS-SK03333 Each £31.99 Filing Solutions Suspension and Expanding Files
OS-SK22190 Each £31.99
Each £33.99
OS-SK03042 Each £33.99
Each £5.99
OS-SK10278 3. SupaFile™ Antibacterial Expanding File

Valid from 29th March until 27th June 2021 only A4 file organiser which fully expands and is ideal for desktop or shelf use.
• Antimicrobial agent added at manufacture to repel germs.
2. A4 Expanding File • Rigid, strong and easy to move with the cut-out handles.
• 13 expanding sections for papers and documents.
High quality polypropylene file with a professional feel. • Bright coloured dividers make thematic arrangement easier.
• Black body with contrasting blue flap.
• Elasticated closure.
• Blank index labels.
• For use with A4 size documents.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £6.99
OS-KF12409 Expanding File Each £8.99 OS-HT01557 13 Part

Filing Solutions CO2 Neutral OS-LZ12749 180° A4 80mm Lever Arch File Black Each £27.99

OS-LZ12714 180° A4 50mm Lever Arch File Black Each £39.99

OS-LZ12713 180° A4 80mm Recycle Lever Arch File Black 10 £39.99
OS-LZ108095 A4 Box File 5 £#N/A
OS-LZ39783 A4 Top Opening 100mic Punched Pocket 25 £3.79
OS-LZ39719 A4 Top & Side Opening 140mic Folder 100 £29.99


14x10” Brief Size Pocket Wallets

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-GH14022 Buff 50
OS-GH14021 Blue 50 £22.99
OS-GH14023 Green 50 £22.99
OS-GH14027 Orange 50 £22.99
OS-GH14024 Pink 50 £22.99
OS-GH14026 Yellow 50 £22.99
OS-GH14028 Red 50 £22.99
OS-JT34514 Mauve 50 £22.99

Probate Wallets

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-GH14732 Buff 25
OS-GH14731 Blue 25 £17.99
OS-GH14733 Green 25 £17.99
OS-GH14737 Orange 25 £17.99
OS-GH14734 Pink 25 £17.99
OS-GH14736 Yellow 25 £17.99
OS-GH14738 Red 25 £17.99

Double Pocket Legal Wallets

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-GH10065 Buff 25 £27.99
OS-GH10069 Blue 25 £27.99
OS-GH10070 Green 25 £27.99
OS-GH10071 Orange 25 £27.99
OS-GH10072 Pink 25 £27.99
OS-GH10073 Yellow 25 £27.99
OS-GH10075 Red 25 £27.99
OS-JT37214 Mauve 25 £27.99
OS-GH10066 Buff 25 £35.99
OS-GH10076 Blue 25 £35.99

Full Flap Pocket Wallets Filing Solutions Wallets

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-GH14014 Buff 50
OS-GH14013 Blue 50 £20.99
OS-GH14015 Green 50 £20.99
OS-GH14019 Orange 50 £20.99
OS-GH14016 Pink 50 £20.99
OS-GH14018 Yellow 50 £20.99
OS-GH14020 Red 50 £20.99
OS-GH14017 Gray 50 £20.99


1. Riviera Desk Set 2. Desk Mats

Made from high quality PS plastic. Anti-glare, easy clean desk mats, in new polyproplene,
100% recyclable material.
• Hold up to A4 documents. • The perfect writing surface.
Magazine Files • Clear or black (black has foam back).
• Capacity: 700 sheets (80gsm). • D400 x W530mm.
• Dimensions: W270 x D85 x H310mm.
Letter Trays 00% RECYCL
• Capacity: 450 sheets (80gsm). ABLE 10
• Dimensions: W348 x D257 x H66mm.
4 Drawer Unit
• Capacity: 450 sheets (80gsm) per drawer.
• Dimensions: W292 x D386 x H246mm.
• Anti-slip, anti-scratch rubber feet.
Desktop Accessories Desk Sets and Staplers 0% RECYCLA
Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-CEP01509 Magazine Files 5 £20.99 OS-KF26792 Clear Each £8.99
OS-CEP01492 Letter Trays 5 £15.99 OS-KF26794 Black Each £8.99
OS-CEP01498 Drawer Unit Each £26.99

3. Metal Staplers 4. Plastic Half Strip Staplers

Quality all metal construction with ABS cap for comfort. Manufactured from ABS with an inner metal chassis for added strength.
• Throat depth 56mm. • Takes No.24/6 and No.26/6 staples.
• Takes 24/6 and 26/6 staples.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF01044 Black Each £3.99 OS-KF01056 Black Each £2.99
OS-KF02149 Blue Each £3.99 OS-KF02151 Blue Each £2.99
Staples Staples
OS-KF01278 24/6 1000 £0.99 OS-KF01278 24/6 1000 £POA
OS-KF27001 26/6 5000 £1.25 OS-KF27001 26/6 5000 £POA

5. Medium and Light Duty Punches 6. Staple Remover

Supplied with an integrated paper measuring guide. Removes staples quickly, easily and safely.
• Handle hold down device and paper guide for accurate punching. • Unique design with lock down device for extra safety.
• Black. • Removes standard office staples.

Light Duty


Medium Duty


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF01233 Light Duty
OS-KF01234 Medium Duty Each £2.99 Code Description Pack SALE
Each £0.49
Each £3.99 OS-KF01232 Staple Remover


OS-LZ11358 OS-LZ11359 OS-LZ11360 OS-LZ12200 OS-LZ12201 OS-LZ12372 OS-LZ12202 OS-LZ12203 1 £6.99 Desktop Accessories WOW Range
OS-LZ11362 OS-LZ11363 OS-LZ11364 OS-LZ12204 OS-LZ12205 OS-LZ12373 OS-LZ12206 OS-LZ12207 1 £9.99
OS-LZ39599 OS-LZ39600 OS-LZ39601 OS-LZ12299 OS-LZ10312 OS-LZ12377 OS-LZ10313 OS-LZ12217 1 £14.99
OS-LZ39594 OS-LZ39595 OS-LZ39596 OS-LZ12152 OS-LZ10304 OS-LZ12350 OS-LZ10305 OS-LZ500895 1 £9.99
OS-LZ53303 OS-LZ32995 OS-LZ33008 OS-LZ59453 OS-LZ55701 OS-LZ59972 OS-LZ55702 OS-LZ59454 10 £49.99

29/03/2021 – 27/06/2021


1. Executive Letter Tray 2. Executive Magazine Rack 3. Executive Book Rack

High quality letter tray. Accepts A4 and foolscap documents. Adjustable dividers to accommodate different widths.
• Generous capacity for either A4 or foolscap • Ideal for storing magazines, catalogues, price lists etc. • Additional racks can be added to the interlocking base.
• W78 x D240 x H305mm. • W300 x D230 x H240mm.
papers or files.
• The tray uses clip-on risers which improves the

appearance of the tray when not stacked.
• W257 x D375 x H85mm.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF05555 Black Each £5.49 £6.45 £20.99
OS-KF05565 Risers 4 £2.75 OS-KF21708 Black Each OS-KF21692 Black Each

Desktop Accessories Desktop Sets 4. Executive Desk Tidy 5. Executive Pen Pot 6. Executive Fanfold
Note Dispenser
Two tall compartments which accept 3” x 3” note Keeps pens and pencils tidy.
pads or pens. • W60 x D60 x H90mm. One handed note dispenser.
• Two shallow compartments for • Uses fanfold notes.
• Non-slip, anti-scratch feet.
paperclips, pins, erasers etc. • W100 x D87 x H60mm.
• W150 x D120 x H93mm.

Code Description Pack SALE
Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE OS-KF02161 Black Each £7.99
£3.99 £2.99 £9.99
OS-KF21704 Black Each OS-KF21696 Black Each Fanfold Notes 12


Comfortable 100%
A stylish, high quality range of
Eco-Friendly Desk Accessories that
are made from 100% recycled waste

1. Magazine File 2. Letter Tray

Innovative shape for easy handling Letter tray for documents A4+ size.
of the file and its contents. • Robust and stable.
• Magazine file holds documents up • Can be stacked vertically or in steps.
• W255 x D346 x H65mm.
to A4+size.
• Good stability and large storage

• W82 x D266 x H305mm.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £5.49
OS-CE06111 Magazine File Each £8.49 OS-CE06112 Letter Tray

3. Waste Paper Bin 4. 4 Drawer Set Desktop Accessories Desktop Sets

• Integrated handles for easy A perfect space saving solution for your desktop.
transport and emptying. • Drawer set with 4 drawers each 38mm high.
• Easy access without opening the drawers.
• 18 litre capacity. • Smooth drawer action with safety stop.
• Easy to clean interior. • W284 x D348 x H234mm.
• D263 x H335mm.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £37.99
OS-CE06113 Waste Paper Bin Each £7.49 OS-CE06114 4 Drawer Set

Affordable Ergonomics


1. 64 Litre Box 2. Storage Box Bundle

Keep files and documents neatly stored away in this 64 Litre Plastic Storage Box Suitable for archiving in the office, home, garage or warehouse.
from Really Useful.
• Clear sides and lid so you can see the contents. • Stackable, with or without the lid.
• Sturdy and stackable. • Capacity: 2 x 5L, 10L and 48L.
• Lid locks securely in place. • Dimensions: W260 x D190 x H150mm (5L), W400 x D255 x H150mm (10L),
• Designed for foolscap files with internal lip for suspension files.
• Dimensions: W710 x D440 x H310mm. W490 x D440 x H320mm (48L)
Carry Boxes
• Durable and flexible storage solution.
• Secure handles for easy transportation.
• Stackable when handles lay flat.
• Strong clips to keep lid in place.
• Capacity: 5, 7 and 13 litres.
• Dimensions: W205 x D310 x H120mm (5L), W205 x D310 x H170mm (7L),

W260 x D380 x H210m (13L).

390mm 480mm

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £16.99 OS-RB03948 Storage Box Set
OS-RUP80007 64 Litre OS-RB01033 Carry Box set 4 £27.99
3 £12.99

3. 35 Litre Euro Box 4. Business Storage Box

Save time and space with a Really Useful 35 litre storage box. Durable and rigid - a fully modular storage solution.
• Clear so you can see the contents.
• Lid locks securely in place. • Lift off lid and cut out handles.
• Dimensions: W480 x D390 x H310mm. • Standard box with heavyweight double walled construction to handle ends and base.
• Fits 3 Q-CONNECT® magazine files or 3 Q-CONNECT® business transfer files.
• Internal dimensions: W327 x D387 x H250mm.
Business Storage Trunks
• Can be stacked up to 5 high.
• Storage Trunk W380 x D455 x H255mm holds up to 5 Q-CONNECT®

business transfer cases.
Compact Storage Trunk
• W374 x D540 x H245mm holds up to 5 Q-CONNECT® business transfer cases.

390mm 480mm

Storage and Archive Storage Boxs 310mm

Code Description Pack SALE

KF21660 Storage Box 10 £22.99

Code Description Pack SALE KF75001 Storage Trunk 10 £66.99

OS-RUP80130 35 Litre Each £13.99 KF21663 Compact Storage Trunk 10 £65.99


OS-BB810614 Woodgrain (Classic) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99 Storage and Archive Storage Boxs
OS-BB810615 Blue (Classic) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99
OS-BB810616 Woodgrain (Tall) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99
OS-BB810619 Green (Tall) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99
OS-BB810617 Blue (Tall) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99
OS-BB810618 Red (Tall) Premium Storage Boxes £53.99

Offer runs 29th March to 27th of June. Fellowes


Code Description Pack SALE
2500 £18.95
OS-PPR00138 A4 75gsm

2. HP Office 3. Recycled Paper

High performance, everyday This high quality 80gsm paper provides excellent results
office paper for high volume for all your general office needs.
printing and copying. • Ideal for laser, mono, inkjet and photocopying machines.
• Manufactured to an exacting environmental standard
• Reduces dust build-up that can cause
jams and equipment wear and tear. and totally chlorine free.
• High whiteness without the use of harmful Optical
• For high volume equipment.
• Ideal for black and white applications. Brightening Agents.
• Non-Stop-Box saves packaging by • 150 CIE whiteness.

removing ream wraps. Paper is loose 100%
within a moisture resistant outer box.
• FSC® certified. recycled
• 153 CIE whiteness.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
2500 £17.95 2500 £27.45
OS-RH98112 A4 80gsm 2500 OS-KF01047 A4 80gsm
OS-RH00036 A4 80gsm Non-Stop Box

Paper Office and Recycled Paper 4. Navigator Universal 5. HP ColorChoice

Simply the best printing quality for High performance laser paper for colour
your documents. printing and copying.
• Guaranteed 99.99% jam-free.
• Improved surface and lower abrasiveness • Super smooth for uniform toner gloss
and sharp colour images.
extends the life of your printer.
• FSC® certified. • High whiteness for sharp text and
• 169 CIE whiteness. colour contrast.

• Highly opaque for two-sided printing.
• FSC® certified.
• 168 CIE whiteness.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-PPR87933 A4 80gsm 1500 £14.99 OS-RH00043 A4 90gsm 500 £7.99
OS-PPR00611 A4 80gsm 2500 £19.95 OS-RH00037 A4 100gsm 500 £8.79
OS-PPR00613 A3 80gsm 2500 £43.95 OS-RH00203 A4 120gsm 250 £5.39


1. General White Envelopes 2. General Manilla Envelopes

• Ideal for everyday use. • Ideal for everyday use.



Code Description GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE Code Size (mm) GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE
OS-KF03289 Pocket 100 - Peel & Seal 500 OS-KF3413 Manilla Wallet 70 - Gummed 1000 £24.99
OS-KF02719 Pocket 90 - Self Seal 20 x 25 £POA OS-KF3414 Manilla Pocket 70 - Gummed 1000
OS-KF3469 £47.99 OS-KF3409 Manilla Wallet 70 C Gummed 1000 £27.99
OS-KF07558 Pocket 90 - Self Seal 500 £14.99 OS-KF3423 Manilla Wallet 70 A Gummed 1000 £27.99
OS-KF97367 Pocket 90 - Self Seal 150 £POA £25.99
OS-KF03290 Pocket 100 - Self Seal 500
OS-KF02718 Pocket 100 A Peel & Seal 500 £24.99
OS-KF3406 Pocket 90 A Self Seal 20 x 25 £26.99
OS-KF07559 Pocket 90 A Self Seal 500 £47.99
OS-KF71463 Pocket 90 C Self Seal 150 £15.99
OS-KF71466 Pocket 90 C Self Seal 500 £6.99
Pocket 100 C Self Seal 500 £19.99


3. Professional White Envelopes 4. Environmental Envelopes

Designed to create a lasting impression. • 100% recycled envelopes.
• Premium quality, strong, bright white envelopes.
• Stylish, blue opaque inside print for confidentiality.

100% Envelopes, Labels and Packaging Manilla and White Envelopes


Code Size (mm) GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE Code Description GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE
OS-JDF21870 89 x 152 120 - Self Seal 500 £26.99 OS-BLK93000 Wallet 90 - Self Seal 1000 £27.99
£28.99 OS-BLK93001 Wallet 90 B Self Seal 1000 £29.99
OS-JDL22070 89 x 152 120 A Self Seal 500

5. Professional Manilla Envelopes 6. General White Envelopes

First class postal protection. • Ideal for everyday use.
• Superior protection, security and exceptional strength.
• Distinctive two-tone professional finish.
• Available with PowerTac strong seal and Easy-Open features.



Code Description GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE
OS-JDL26039 Pocket £19.99
OS-JDH26211 Pocket 130 - Peel & Seal, Easy Open (PT) 250 £25.99 Code Description GSM Window Seal Type Pack SALE
OS-JDD26103 Pocket £18.99 OS-KF02714 Wallet 80 - Self Seal 20 x 50 £49.99
OS-JDF26639 Pocket 80 - Self Seal 500 £21.99 OS-KF3472 £29.99
OS-KF3410 Wallet 90 - Self Seal 1000 £36.99
130 - Self Seal 250
Wallet 90 B Self Seal 1000 27
130 B Peel & Seal, Easy Open (PT) 250

What is UltraGripTM Perfect
Technology? Print Feed

Envelopes, Labels and Packaging Labels for Packaging UltraGrip™ is the new Avery technology designed to help your printer grip your
label sheets. The unique 3D microdot pattern helps provide this improved feed.

UltraGrip™ gives you the confidence of JamFREE™ printing and the knowledge
you are only putting the highest quality product through your printer.

Avery® Laser Address Labels -

Guaranteed JamFREE™ - No Printer Jams

• UltraGripTM gives you the confidence of JamFREETM printing
with the knowledge you are only putting the highest
quality product through your printer

• Easier to peel & faster to apply with unique QuickPEELTM feature
• Made from FSC® certified paper from responsibly-

managed forests
• Print your labels with FREE Avery Design & Print

online label creator. Visit

Code Label Size (mm) Avery Code Labels per Sheet Sheets per Pack SALE Code Label Size (mm) Avery Code Labels per Sheet Sheets per Pack SALE
L7162-500 16
Suitable for DL Envelopes L7159-100 24 100 £26.99 OS-AV00843 99.1 x 34 L7163-40 14 500 £POA
OS-AVL7159 63.5 x 33.9 L7159-250 24 250 £57.99 OS-AV7163 99.1 x 38.1 L7163-100 14 40 £POA
OS-AV98881 63.5 x 33.9 L7160-40 21 40 £POA OS-AVL7163 99.1 x 38.1 L7163-250 14 100 £26.99
OS-AV7160 63.5 x 38.1 L7160-100 21 100 £26.99 OS-AVL7163E 99.1 x 38.1 L7163-500 14 250 £57.99
OS-AVL7160 63.5 x 38.1 L7160-250 21 250 £57.99 OS-AV00844 99.1 x 38.1 500 £POA
OS-AVL7160E 63.5 x 38.1 L7160-500 21 500 £POA Suitable for A4 Envelopes L7164-100 12
OS-AV00842 63.5 x 38.1 L7161-100 18 100 £26.99 OS-AVL7164 199.6 x 143.5 L7164-250 12 100 £26.99
OS-AVL7161 63.5 x 46.6 L7161-500 18 500 POA OS-AVL7164E 199.6 x 289.1 L7173-100 10 250 POA
OS-AV98884 63.5 x 46.6 L7162-40 16 40 POA OS-AVL7173 199.6 x 289.1 L7173-250 10 100 £26.99
OS-AV7162 99.1 x 34 L7162-100 16 100 £26.99 OS-AV98883 199.6 x 289.1 L7651-100 65 250 £57.99
OS-AVL7162 99.1 x 34 L7651-250 65 250 £57.99 OS-AVL7651H 38.1 x 21.2 L7651-25 65 100 £27.99
OS-AV98886 38.1 x 21.2 OS-AVL7651 38.1 x 21.2 25 £POA


Next Generation Shredders



£/€ £/€ £/€ £/€



Black: BB75155 / White: BB75156 Black: BB57153 / White: BB75154 Black: BB75157 / White: BB75158 BB76383

£/€ £/€ £/€ £/€



BB76382 BB76381 BB76481 BB76478

Product Code Description Offer RRP SALE
£/€ Cashback
OS-BB FELLOWES LX M-CUT SHREDDER BLACK £/€ Cashback £347.99 Office Machines Shredders

This promotion is available from th March until th June .
To claim your cashback please upload your proof of purchase at

This promotion is brought to you by Fellowes, full terms and conditions apply, please contact Fellowes for details. By making a purchase in
accordance with this promotion you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Offer runs th March until th June . Fellowes

reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel this promotion. The promotion is available through participating outlets only.


1. Q12CC Cross-cut Shredder 2. Q10CC2 Cross-cut Shredder

Small office use. 3-5 users. Small office use. 3-5 users.
• LED indicators for Standby, Overload, Overheat and Door open. • Robust cross cut shredder.
• ShredSafe safety power control feature. • ShredSafe safety power control feature.
• Separate strip cut slot shreds CDs. • Safety cut out when shredder head lifted.
• Safety cut out when waste bin is opened. • Integrated handle for easy bin removal.
• Castors for improved mobility. • Automatic start and stop.
• Reverse function to clear paper jams. • Reverse function to clear paper jams.
• Max shred speed of 2.2 metres per minute.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £74.99 Each £58.99
OS-KF15552 Q12CC OS-KF17975 Q10CC2

3. Q8MICRO and Q8CC2 Shredders

Personal use. 1-3 users.
• Shreds up to 8 sheets of 75gsm paper.
• ShredSafe safety power control feature.
• Reverse function and safety cut outs.
Q8MICRO - micro cut shredder
• Dual entry slots for easy shredding.
• Castors for easy mobility.


Bin Bin

15 13

P5 P3


Code Description Pack SALE Q8CC2
KF15548 Q8MICRO Micro Cut Each £99.99
KF17973 Q8CC2 Cross Cut Each £44.99

Office Machines Shredders 4. Q6STRIP and Q6CC2 Shredders 5. Shredder Oil and Sharpening Lubrication Sheet

Personal use. 1 user. Regular lubrication will extend the life of the shredder.
• Shreds 6 sheets of 75gsm paper.
Q6STRIP - strip cut shredder Shredder Oil
• Reverse function and safety cut out. • 150ml aerosol can of lubricating oil for shredders.
Q6CC2 - cross cut shredder • Reduce the cost of service calls by lubricating cutters.
• ShredSafe safety power control feature. • Lubricated cutters can be less noisy.
Sharpening and Lubrication Sheet
6 • Simply feed a sheet directly into shredder.
• After the sheet has fed through, set the shredder into
Bin Bin reverse for 10 seconds to complete the sharpening
and lubrication process.
9 14 • 220 x 150mm.

P2 P3



Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KF15542 Q6STRIP Strip Cut Each £3.99
OS-KF17971 Q6CC2 Cross Cut Each £27.99 OS-KF14455 150ml Aerosol
12 £15.99
Each £37.99 OS-KF18470 Sharpening and Lubrication Sheet


Order Code OS-RM25511 OS-RM38798 OS-RM19848 Office Machines Shredders
SALE £46.99 £69.99 £108.99


1. LabelManager™ 210D Kit Case 2. LabelManager™ 280 Kit Case

Large screen, quick-access buttons and simple navigation. Large graphical display, fast-formatting keys and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.
• Prints 6/9/12mm widths. • Prints 6/9/12mm widths.
• Graphical display shows exactly how your label will print. • Customise labels with any fonts and graphics on your computer through
• Easy navigation from start to print.
• Computer style keyboard. PC or Mac® connection.
• Kit includes: label printer as well as a D1 label cassette, 2 x AC adapters (UK and EU) a • Avoid the cost and waste of disposable batteries with a rechargeable battery pack.
• Kit includes: label printer, 2 x D1 label cassettes (black on white and black on clear), a
quick reference guide and a storage case.
rechargeable battery pack, USB cable 2 x AC adaptors (UK and EU), quick reference guide
2yr and a storage case.

warranty 2yr


Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £59.99 Each £69.99
OS-ES94492 210D Kit Case OS-ES91152 280 Kit Case

Office Machines Labeling, Dictation and Transcription Kit 3. LabelManager™ 420P Kit Case 4. Digital Voice Recorder DPM6000 and Dictation and

A portable, high-performance label maker. Transcription Kit DPM6700

• 6/9/12/19mm widths. A large screen and easy push-button operation makes the
• Large 4-line backlit display. DPM6000 an ideal choice for quality dictation.
• Use stand-alone - or connect via USB to your PC or Mac®
• Powered by a rapid charge battery pack keeping you on-the-go. DPM6000
• Kit includes: label printer, 4 x D1 label cassettes • Single-handed push-button control for all recording and

(6mm black on clear, 9mm black on yellow, playback operations.
12mm black on white, and 19mm black • Twin microphones for superior recording quality.
on red), a rechargeable battery pack, • Records in DSS and MP3 format with optional priority
a USB cable, 2 x AC adaptors
(UK and EU), a quick reference setting for important jobs.
guide and a storage case. • Large colour display with light sensor to save power.
• Slim and sturdy steel casing.
• Includes SpeechExec workflow software for

easy transcription.
• High capacity Li-ion battery can be recharged over USB.

2yr 2yr

warranty warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £149.99 Each £269.99
OS-ES91548 420P Kit Case OS-PH50017 DPM6000

5. VN-541PC Dictation Machine 6. AS-2400 Audio Transcription Kit

The easy recorder VN-541PC is the perfect solution Comfortable transcription for your business
for all students and everybody who is about to start • Turn your PC into a powerful transcription solution.
using a digital voice recorder for the first time. • Kit includes DSS player software, foot pedals and headset.
• Direct download from your device.
• One-touch recording, easy scene select. • Playback and manage DSS, PCM, WAV and WMA file formats.
• Noise cancellation. • Compatible with DS-2600 and DS-9000 models.
• Playback speed control - fast/slow playback

lets you change the playback speed without
changing the pitch so you can easily hear what
is being said.
• Auto low cut filter, rest easy with a long
battery life of up to 60 minutes.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £129.99
OS-OM05071 VN-541PC Each £39.99 OS-OM01343 AS-2400 Audio Transcription Kit


1. Pocket Calculator 2. SL-300SV Pocket Calculator

Pocket calculator with extra large display. The perfect choice for business and home use.
• 8 digit display. • 8 digit display.
• Compact pocket calculator. • 4 key memory.
• Wallet. • Change sign key.
• 3 memory keys. • Large easy to read display.
• Independent memory.
• Solar plus with battery backup.
• Protective wallet.



Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £3.99 Each £5.49
OS-KF01602 Pocket Calculator OS-CS16781 SL-300SV

3. DF-120EM Desktop Calculator 4. DT920P Desktop Calculator

Aluminium front plate for style and durability. with Adjustable Display
• Extra large 12 digit display.
• Cost, sell, margin calculation. Designed with durability and ease of
• Euro currency conversion. use in mind.
• Advanced percentage calculation • Large, adjustable 12 digit LCD display.
• Cost, sell, margin function.
including mark up. • Tax function ideal for VAT.
• Dual powered. • PC style keyboard.
• Dual Powered.

2yr 2yr

warranty warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £#N/A
OS-CS60994 DF-120EM Each £17.99 OS-AO41556 DT920P

5. HP 10b11+ Financial Calculator 6. EL-2607P Printing Calculator Office Machines Calculators

Perfect for accounting, banking, finance, Heavy duty calculator.
real estate and science and statistics.
• 12 digit LCD display. • Easy to read 12 digit large fluorescent display.
• Auto power off after 5 minutes. • Built-in GT, MU and Tax functions.
• Over 170 built-in functions. • Mains powered.
• Statistical and financial functions. • Easy to use professional keyboard.
• Uses 2 x CR2032 batteries. • 2 colour ribbon printer.
• 4.3 LPS print speed.
• Average function for GT memory.
• Printer logic.
• 4 key memory.

1yr 1yr

warranty warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £#N/A
OS-HP43704 HP 10b11+ Each £#N/A OS-SH02366 EL-2607P

Visual Communications and Conference Boards, Easels and Flipchart PadsOS-BQ50083 Each £72.99
OS-BQ11309 Each £33.99
 OS-BQ11509
OS-BQ11279 Each £44.99
OS-BQ42059 Each £109.99 Promotion runs from 29/03/21 untill 27/06/21.
OS-BQ04348 Each £29.99
OS-BQ04349 Each £46.99
Each £31.99

Each £49.99

Each £38.99

The Permanent

CAN USE Permanent No chemicals Sticks securely, Remove permanent
PERMANENT marker-safe needed removes cleanly marker with no staining
Clean with Use dry erase and Easy to install Cut-to-fit
just water permanent markers

Code Description Pack RRP SALE

OS-3M27662 Post-it®SuperStickyFlexWriteSurface3×2-EU0.914mx0.609m 1roll £39.99

OS-3M27660 Post-it®Super StickyFlexWriteSurface6×4-EU1.828mx1.219m 1roll £119.99

OS-3M27666 Post-it®SuperStickyFlexWriteSurface50×4-EU15.240mx1.219m 1roll £699.99

$ C Ŋ 5F5BI 31B5 81C 255> D1;5> D? 5>CEB5 1> 145AE1D5 [email protected]@<I ?6 D85 @B?4E3DC 651DEB54 9C 1F19<12<5 1>E613DEB5BCō [email protected]?>C 31> 381>75 
1>4 G5 B5C5BF5 D85 B978D D? 381>75 ?B G9D84B1G 96 B5AE9B54 & $ 5H3<E454 F19<12<5 6B?= ǧCD Ɖƌŝů Ŋ ǩϬƚŚ :ƵŶĞ ǨǦǨǧ G89<CD CD?3;C <1CD


1. Magnetic Steel Whiteboards DURAVIEW® Stand

Magnetic whiteboard has a durable, easy clean surface. Flexible floor sign with magnetic frame - perfect for highlighting changing messages.
• Smart aluminium trim.
• Includes pen tray and wall fixings. • Includes a DURAFRAME® magnetic which protects and holds the poster in place.
• Quick and easy to change posters.
10yr • Floor stand height is adjustable.
• Sign can be turned 90° for
portrait or landscape.
• Anti-glare panel with an

adjustable reading angle.
• Weighted base and premium

scratchproof aluminium.
• Suitable for indoor and

sheltered outdoor areas.

Code Description Pack SALE
Each £89.99
OS-DB40650 A4 Each £99.99 Visual Communications and Conference Whiteboards, Display Stands and Highlighters

OS-DB40651 A3

Code Description Pack SALE
Each £35.99
KF01079 900 x 600mm Each £59.99
Each £109.99
KF01080 1200 x 900mm Each £POA

KF01081 1800 x 1200mm

KF17448 Cleaning and Accessory Kit

3. Whiteboard Cleaning Move to
wherever it is
Wipes remove grease, dirt, ghosting stains and dry wipe
marker pen. Lint and alcohol free. needed

Whiteboard Wipes Tub
• For quick and easy cleaning of traditional and interactive whiteboards.
• For removing dry whiteboard inks and ghosting marks.
Whiteboard Cleaning Kit
• A 250ml pump spray of

whiteboard cleaning fluid
and large micro fibre flannel.
• The fluid will remove dry ink
from traditional
and interactive boards.
• The large soft cloth provides a
smear free finish.
• Cloth can be washed and re-used.
Whiteboard Renovator
• Use with dry, absorbent wipes.
• Removes “ghosting” stains.
• Restores whiteboard back to its
original condition.

Code Description Pack SALE
DB50372 Whiteboard Wipes Tub
DB50702 Whiteboard Cleaning Kit 100 £5.99
DB50839 Whiteboard Renovator Each £6.59
Each £6.99

Highlighters & Drywipe Markers

Highlighters Special
Ergonomic design with rubber grip
• Chisel tip – 2-5mm line width Every care has been taken to ensure an adequate supply of the products featured
• Assorted pack contains yellow, pink, green and orange is available. Manufacturers’ specifications can change and we reserve the right
to change or withdraw if required. E&OE. VAT excluded.
Drywipe Markers

Ideal for use on dry erase boards, glass and most
non-porous surfaces
• Comfortable rubber grip
• Bullet tip for precise writing
• Can be removed easily from whiteboards with a dry cloth

Code Description Pack SALE

Highlighters 10 £5.89
4 £2.99
OS-JN69979 Yellow Highlighters £19.99
48 £5.79
OS-JN69980 Yellow Highlighters 10 £2.69
Drywipe Markers

OS-JN10110 Black Drywipe

OS-JN10098 Black Drywipe

OS-JN10106 Black Drywipe


Computer Supplies and Ergonomics Ergonomics, Keyboards and Mice Spend over £/€ 50

OS-AC52785 £28.99 OS-AC55805 £35.99
OS-AC52786 £52.99 OS-AC55807 £44.99
OS-AC52797 £51.99 OS-AC55408 £37.99
OS-AC14936 £17.99 OS-AC55409 £44.99
OS-AC52788 £25.99 OS-AC61940 £21.99
OS-AC52789 £41.99 OS-AC72421 £27.99
OS-AC11991 £35.99 OS-AC72422 £27.99
OS-AC60412 £59.99 OS-AC72423 £27.99

Available from 29/03/2021 - 27/06/2021 while stocks last.






    Computer Supplies and Ergonomics Ergonomics
  
  £48.99 
  £99.99 
  £99.99 
  £108.99 
  £108.99 
  £99.99 
  £99.99 
  £104.99 
  £104.99 
  £63.99 
  £28.99 
  £28.99 
  £63.99 
  £46.99 
  £59.99 







mঞŊ0-1 "-mbঞvbm] -m7 ;Ѵ >70% "-=;1Ѵo|_v

ƔƏƏlѴ †lr 0o‚Ѵ; _-m7 v-mbঞv;u |o hbѴѴ †r |o ƔƏ _b]_Ѵ‹ -0vou0;m| l†ѴঞŊr†urov;
 

LCOHO  vo1Ѵ;m;

0% mঞŊ0-1 "1u;;m ş †Ѵঞr†urov; ƑƔƏlѴ r†lr vru-‹ bvoruor-moѴ 1Ѵ;-mbm] Y†b7
"-mbঞvbm] )br;v 

Ѵ-| -1h o= ƑƔ mঞ0-1|;ub-Ѵ "-mbঞvbm] )br;v =ou
Computer Supplies and Ergonomics Privacy Screens, Ergonomics and Cleaning L



!;Ŋv;-Ѵ-0Ѵ; |†0 o= ƐƏƏ l†Ѵঞr†urov;

   
OS-AFI50902   £3.89
OS-AFI50910 £6.49
>70% OS-AFI50080   £7.29
OS-AFI50000 £3.99
OS-AFI50002  

 

 


Ergonomics Value Bundle

Everything you need to set up an ergonomic workstation
with this special value starter pack

This pack includes: Mouse Mat
x1 Professional Footrest
x1 Soft Skin Gel Mouse Mat with Wrist Rest
x1 Soft Skin Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest
x1 Mesh Back Support

Code Description Pack SALE Keyboard Rest Mesh Back
£54.99 Support
OS-CE834003 Bundle Each


Every care has been taken to ensure an adequate supply of the products featured is available.
Manufacturers’ specifications can change and we reserve the right to change or withdraw if required.
E&OE. VAT excluded

Privacy Filters

Protect your display and work safely on
sensitive data with privacy filters for both
Windows and Apple.

Innovative magnetic attachment is easy to
attach and remove.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Windows Macbook Air
OS-DB99910 11.6” Each £33.99 OS-DB99926 13” Each £37.99
OS-DB99912 12.5” Each £35.99 Macbook Pro
OS-DB99916 13.3” Each £37.99 OS-DB99928 13” Each £37.99
OS-DB99914 14” Each £38.99 OS-DB99930 15” Each £41.99
OS-DB99918 14.1” Each £38.99 OS-DB99951 16” Each £43.99
OS-DB99924 15.6” Each £41.99


1. Suspension Laptop Backpack 2. Trekker Wheeled Holdall

i-stay® suspension with AGS technology is the new patented backpack Ideal for life on the go. Whether for holidays, business trips or to fit all your
designed to lighten the load, the more you move the less you feel! equipment when travelling on the job.

• The backpack has a built in suspension system making the backpack feel • Lightweight durable polyester in a black and grey design.
weightless when you move. • Zip fastening to all exterior pockets with combination padlock to main section.
• Two easy glide skate wheels.
• Dual signature i-stay® non-slip straps. • Lightweight telescopic handle.
• Water resistant with detachable key fob and top carry handle with front zip • Padded top carry handles with cuff and additional grab handle.
• 78.5 litre capacity.
pocket and side pockets for umbrella/water bottle. • W360 x D660 x H330mm.
• Trolley retainer strap to keep your hands free.
• Moulded back panel for added comfort to allow airflow and reduce perspiration.
• External USB charging port (portable charger and lead not supplied).
• W300 x D140 x H450mm.

2yr 2yr Business Luggage Backpack, Wheeled Holdall, Business Cases, Laptop Sleeve and Bag

warranty warranty




Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each POA
OS-FO00410 Suspension Laptop Backpack Each POA OS-MD60727 Medium

3. Laptop Briefcase 4. Hard-Sided Business Cases

Made from recycled plastic bottles. Made from ultra-strong and scratch resistant material,
• Rear strap for use with trolley cases. an ergonomic and exceptionally lightweight case, perfect
• Comfortable carry handles. for providing manoeuvrability and protection for your
• Adjustable shoulder strap. personal belongings when travelling.
• Dimensions: 430mm x 310mm x 110mm. • Wheeled business case.
• Supplied empty. • Lined interior with zipped pocket.
• Alloy wheels and retractable ergonomic handle.
• W360mm x D230mm x H550mm.



friendly 2yr

17.2” warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each POA
OS-HM03469 Laptop Briefcase Each £26.99 OS-MD59977 Teal

5. Laptop Sleeve 6. Laptop Bag

Padded envelope for laptops. This BestLife Neoton laptop bag has been designed to keep your belongings
• Carry handles. safe, it is designed to be impossible to open from the outside.
• Separate utility pouch with clip.
• Detachable shoulder strap. • Anti-theft bag for laptops and
• Supplied empty. tablets up to 15.6 inches.
• W355 x D45 x H285mm.
• Compartments for laptops,
tablets and mice.

• Supplied with USB connector for
device charging.

• Trolley strap available.
• Volume: 23 litres.
• W170 x D290 x H460mm.

2yr 1yr 16”

warranty warranty


Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each POA
OS-FO02598 Laptop Sleeve Each £17.99 OS-BF41723 Laptop Bag

1. Store ‘n’ Go Mini SSDs 2. Store ‘n’ Click Flash Drives

The ideal storage companion for users on the move. Capture all your data in one small, convenient location.
• Ideal for video editing, moving large amounts of data or maximising gaming performance. • The USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface provides data
• USB 3.2 GEN 1 connection with USB-C™ adapter.
• Includes a micro-B to USB-A cable and a USB-A to USB-C adapter for connection to a transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps.
• Backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
range of devices • Slide and lock’ mechanism.
• Stylish black design with a 3D surface. • Simple and easy to use, just plug and play!
• Ultra small and lightweight, weighing just 35 grams.



3.2 3.2

Code Description Pack SALE
Each £POA
Code Description Pack SALE VM49307 32GB 2 £POA
3 £POA
OS-VM53236 512GB Each £POA VM49308 32GB

OS-VM53237 1TB Each £POA VM49306 16GB

Storage Media SSDs, Flash Drives, Hard Drives, CDs and DVDs 3. Keypad Secure USB Drive

AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption, seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive in real-time.
• Built-in keypad for passcode input (up to 12 digits).
• Can be used with TVs (feature not possible with regular encrypted devices).
• LED power / encryption status indicators.
• Does not store password in the computer or the system’s volatile memory,

therefore far more secure than software encryption.
• Device will lock and require re-formatting after 20 failed passcode attempts.



3.0 AES-256

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-VM49427 32GB Each £POA
OS-VM49428 64GB Each £POA
OS-VM49429 128GB Each £POA

4. Tough Drive Portable Hard Drives 5. CDs and DVDs

The easiest way to add extra storage capacity to your computer. High quality CDs and DVDs perfect for storing data

• The Tough drive has AES 256-bit hardware encryption which keeps

your data fully secure if the drive is lost or stolen.

• Internal anti-shock mechanism insulating the hard drive from shock.

• IP54 - dust proof and water resistant.

• Green Button energy saving software

and Password Protection. Perfect for

Outdoor Use


Code Description Pack SALE

OS-HP69308 CD-R 52X 700MB Spindle 10 £POA
50 £POA
OS-HP69300 CD-R 52X 700MB Wrap 50 £POA
50 £POA
OS-HP69301 CD-R Inkjet Printable 52X 700MB Wrap 50 £POA
10 £POA
Code Description Pack SALE OS-HP69303 DVD-R 16X 4.7GB Wrap

OS-FRC56057 1TB Each £POA OS-HP69305 DVD+R 16X 4.7GB Wrap

OS-FRC56331 2TB Each £POA OS-HP69309 DVD+R Dual Layer 8X 8.5GB Spindle


1. Evolve 75 Headset 2. Ultraboard 950 Compact Wireless Desktop Set

World class speakers for crystal clear calls with superior active noise cancellation. Combining a bluetooth compact keyboard with vertical mouse and anti-bacterial
• Integrated Busylight alerts others to when you are on a call. mouse mat. Ideal for homeworkers with laptops and tablets.
• Dual Bluetooth connectivity to 2 devices with 30m range. • Keyboard is Windows and macOS compatible.
• Leather feel ear cushions for comfort. • Keyboard battery lasts up to 4 weeks.
• A vertical mouse to avoid discomfort in shoulders, lower arms and hands.

2yr 2yr

warranty warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE Technology for Business Headsets, deskset, Monitor, Cables, Hubs and Power Banks

OS-JAB02070 UC Headset with Charging Stand Each £219.99 OS-BAK67583 Ultraboard 950 Pack £119.99

3. EliteDisplay E233 23 Inch Monitor 4. Lightning Sync and Charge Cable

Enjoy productivity and comfort with the HP EliteDisplay E233, a Full HD 23 inch USB to Apple lightning cable, allows you to charge and transfer data simultaneously
IPS monitor that delivers crisp, clear colour for all of your projects and excellent between compatible devices with only one cable.
ergonomic adjustability.
• Full HD resolution: 1920 x 1080. • Extremely tough and fully flexible stainless-steel cable.
• Screen size: 23”. • Apple MFI certified for use with lightning connection host devices.
• In-plane switching for a wide viewing angle. • PVC cable reliefs to protect the connection points.
• Anti-glare technology. • Premium finish aluminium connector covers.
• Connectivity via 1 VGA, 1 HDMI and 1 • Flexible stainless-steel cable prevents wear and tear

DisplayPort 1.2. damage and allows for coiling for easy storage.
• USB 2.0 compatible charging and

data transfer functions.
• Silver 100cm.

3yr 2yr

warranty warranty

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £10.49
OS-HP26151 E233 Each £249.99 OS-VM48859 Lightning

5. USB-C™ Multiport Hubs 6. Quick Charge Power Banks

Perfect for connecting all accessories to laptops with limited ports. The perfect accessory for busy professionals on the go.
• USB-C™ power charging port to charge your device whilst in use. • Pre charged ready for use.
• HDMI interface supports up to 4K video output from your computer to a 4K monitor. • Slimline sleek metal design.
• Two USB 3.0 ports providing options for extra accessories, up to 5Gbps. • Charge devices faster with two USB-A QC 3.0 ports and one USB-C™ PD port/.
• Ultra portable and stylish brushed metal design. • Quick charge 3.0 compatible with three charging points.
• Includes 15cm USB-C™ cable. • USB-C™ PD and Micro B input.

2yr 2yr

warranty warranty



Code Description USB-C™ USB 3.0 HDMI Gigabit SD/ Pack SALE
OS-VM49140 Multiport Hub Ethernet MicroSD
OS-VM49141 Multiport Hub
OS-VM49142 Multiport Hub  x2  - - Each £24.99 Code Description Pack SALE
Each £19.99
 x2   - Each £36.99 OS-VM49576 10,000mAh QC Each £27.99

 x3    Each £41.99 OS-VM49577 20,000mAh QC 41

Technology for Business Software, Webcam, Projector, Router, Cable Management and Dock 1. Officesuite Personal Software 2. 1000W HD Webcam

A cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Office, OfficeSuite combines six The Hiho HD webcam 1000W is the home and office webcam solution,
premium products: Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF Viewer, Mail with Calendar offering 1080p high definition, ideal for online chats, creating crystal clear
and Drive storage. photos or taking videos.
• Plug and Play 1080p HD webcam.
• Annual multiplatform OfficeSuite licence pack. • 3.6mm wide angle, fixed focus lens.
• For use on one Windows PC and two • 1920 x 1080 resolution.
• 2.0 megapixel.
mobile devices. • Can be tripod mounted or clipped to monitor.
• Cross-platform alternative to Microsoft Office. • Hinged pan and tilt head with privacy shutter.
• Includes Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF
Viewer, Mail with Calendar and Drive storage.
• Supported on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Android warranty

and iOS devices.
• Full compatibility with all popular

document formats.

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £28.99
OS-MOB04580 Officesuite Each £18.99 OS-HI26062 1000W

3. S322e Portable Projector 4. Wireless Modem Router

The Optoma S322e boasts amazing colour, projecting bright vibrant Unlock the full potential of your internet connection.
presentations at any time of day with energy saving features. • 1 x USB 2.0 and 4 x Gigabit LAN ports.
• 300Mbps wireless speed over 2.4GHz band.
• Bright SVGA projector for graphic and video presentations.
• Amazing colour technology. 3yr
• Energy saving features.
• Lightweight and portable. warranty
• Contrast ratio: 22000.
• Lamp watts: 203 and 3800 bright lumens.
• Projection distance: 1m - 12m.
• Dimensions: W316 x D244 x H108mm.



Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £289.99
OS-OP66117 S322e OS-TP09254 W9970 Each POA

Cable Management 6. SD6000 Surface™ Go Docking Station

The first all-in-one docking solution exclusively designed for Surface Go, providing a
perfect blend of productivity, creativity and security.
• Compatible with Surface Go and Surface Go 2.
• 1 x USB-C 3.1 port and 4 x USB-A 3.1 ports.
• 1 x 3.5mm combo audio jack and 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port.
• Easily connect to external monitors, TVs or projectors via HDMI or DisplayPort.
• Enhanced air flow, heat dissipation and an integrated cradle pin.

• Cable boxes for managing cables and socket strips and hiding warranty
• Soft rubber outlets protect cables and circulate air multiple cables
• Lid features a circular cable opening and socket
• High quality, flame-retardant plastic
• Large rubber non-slip feet for stability strips

Code Description Colour Dimensions (WxHxD) Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
OS-DB99434 Fits a 5-way socket strip Graphite 406x139x156mm Each £24.99 Each POA
OS-DB99433 Fits a 5-way socket strip Grey 406x139x156mm Each £24.99 OS-AC60654 SD6000
OS-DB99437 Fits a 3-way socket strip Graphite 246x116x128mm Each £20.99
OS-DB99436 Fits a 3-way socket strip Grey 246x116x128mm Each £20.99


1. SELPHY Square QX10 Portable Colour Photo Printer 2. PIXMA G4511 Multifunctional Printer and Inks

Print, collect and creatively share your precious memories. No leads, no cables, no Productive Wi-fi 4-in-one printer with 20 sheet ADF and refillable ink tanks.
fuss. Just printing with pleasure. • Integrated ink tanks produce high yield.
• Print anywhere with Wi-Fi and battery powered portable printing. • High resolution prints for vibrant images and sharp text.
• Prints at 2.7 x 2.7in (68mm square). • Supplied with 5 high yield black ink bottles.
• Photo Lab quality using Dye Sublimation technology.
• Print via the SELPHY app and enjoy adding creative touches to your prints. 1yr

1yr warranty

warranty Mono

IPM 2.0


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-CO15797 Black
OS-CO15801 White Each £POA
OS-CO15807 Pink
OS-CO15811 Green Each £POA

Each £POA Code Description Pack SALE
Each £POA
Each £POA OS-CO12899 PIXMA G4511

3. PIXMA GM4050 Multifunctional Printer and Inks 4 PIXMA IP8750 A3+ Colour Inkjet Printer

High yield 3-in-1 mono ink tank printer with a low cost-per-page. Produces high quality prints while being tremendously versatile, able to print
• 350-sheet plain paper capacity via a two-way feed. documents or pictures from your smartphone or tablet device.
• Duplex Printing. • Print quality: up to 9600 x 2400 dpi.
• 35-sheet ADF. • Wi-Fi & Ethernet connectivity: prints from computers and smart devices.
• Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Mopria and Canon PRINT app. • 6 individual inks including a dedicated grey ink.
• Supplied with 3 high yield ink bottles.

1yr 1yr

warranty warranty



Code Description Description Printers Canon Printers
Pack SALE Code Pack SALE
Each £POA
OS-CO15256 GM4050 Each £POA OS-CO99218 iP8750

1. OfficeJet 7110WF A3+ Colour Thermal Inkjet Printer 2. LaserJet Pro M102w Mono Printer

Designed to give flexibility with wired or wireless Produce professional documents from a range of mobile devices.
printing for quality, professional prints. • Track toner levels with print gauge technology.
• Automatic duplex printing. • Print quality: up to 600 x 600 dpi (1200dpi with HP FastRes).
• 250 sheet paper tray. • HP auto on/off Technology helps to save energy.

Up to 1yr 22 2.0

1 33 warranty

yr 2.0


Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £POA
OS-HPCR768A 7110WF Each £POA OS-HPG3Q35A M102w

3. OfficeJet Pro 8210 Colour Printer 4. MB3442adw Mono Multifunctional Laser Printer

This HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 is a wireless, colour, inkjet printer intergrated with Productivity. Reliability. Security.
Wi-Fi connectivity. Printer smart software features HP Mobile Apps: Google • Print, copy, scan and fax.
Cloud Print v2, Apple AirPrint™, Android Print Plugin, HP ePrint, HP EasyColor to • Print quality: Up to 2400 x 600 dpi.
print for complete freedom. • 250 sheet input capacity.
• Fast automatic two-sided printing. • Automatic duplex.
• 250 sheet input tray.
• Media type: plain paper, photo paper, labels, envelopes and card. Limited
• 5.08cm mono Graphic Display.
1 24
yr 2.0
42 2.0

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £POA
OS-HPD9L63A 8210 Each £POA OS-LEX70170 MB3442adw

Printers Inkjet and Laser Printer 5. C3426dw Colour Laser Printer

Productivity. Reliability. Security.
• Print quality: Up to 2400 x 600 dpi.
• 250 sheet input capacity.
• Automatic duplex.





26 2.0


Code Description Pack SALE
LEX71407 C3426dw Each £POA


OS-AC59973 OS-AC59972 OS-AC59968

£299.99 £214.99 £119.99

2. Soho Desk Angled Shelves 3. Steel/Slimline Pedestals Furniture and Office Interiors Air Purifier and Home Office

This stylish office desk is designed with two levels of shelving that • Available in standard 380mm and slimline 300mm widths.
provide convenient storage options. • Locking drawers.
• Match to desk leg colour for seamless look.
• Powder coated metal angled A frame, • Slimline ideal for use with smaller desks or home office.
in black or white. • Full steel construction with accuride drawer runners.
• Pedestals feature 3 drawers: 2 stationery and 1 filing.
• 25mm top available • Drawer depth: 420mm.
in 4 colours. • Available in silver, white or black.
• Dimensions: W(select below) x D470 x H615mm.
• Dimensions:
W1200 x D600 x H770mm.

Home Leg Colours 5yr Steel Colours

2yr guarantee

guarantee 25


Black White Silver Black


Beech White SALE White
White Legs OS-KF90792 £111.99
OS-KF90789 Grey Oak Beech Oak
Oak £111.99 Silver White Black Description SALE
Black Legs
OS-KF90794 OS-KF74155 OS-KF74156 OS-KF90689 Standard - W380mm £186.99
Grey Oak White OS-KF74157 OS-KF74158 OS-KF90691 Slimline - W300mm

4. Bolt Leather Look and Mesh Chair 5. Soho Square Leg Desk

Unique contemporary design. Ideal for your home office, it offers a functional and stylish workstation.
• Recommended usage time 8 hours. • Industrial look, ideal for a small/home office.
• Seat dimensions: W475 x D515mm. • Square powder coated metal frame, in black or white.
• Back dimensions: W475 x H635mm. • Dimensions: W1200 x D600 x H760mm.
• Seat height: 455-555mm.

Non Moving Parts LockTilt Home

2yr 2yr

guarantee guarantee
Moving Parts
Leg Colours

Black White


18 Beech White SALE
White Legs OS-KF90769 £104.99
OS-KF90487 Beech Oak
Oak Grey Oak £104.99

Code Description Pack SALE Black Legs

OS-KF73591 Black PU Each £199.99 OS-KF90490 OS-KF90772 Grey Oak White


2. Social Distancing Floor Markers And Floor Tape

• Suitable for indoor use.
• R9 anti-slip rated.
• Industrial strength, tough and durable.

Premises and Maintenance Markers, Social Distancing, Staple Gun and Stools Safe Route Stop

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
12 £19.99 Each £12.99
OS-AR84311 Long Nib Marker OS-BEA40257 Safe Route 235mm Each £12.99
Each £3.89
OS-BEA40242 Stop 235mm

OS-HD80001 Social Distance 48mm x 33m

3. Cordless Staple/Nail Gun 4. Plastic Step Stool

This rechargable cordless staple/nail gun allows you to nail or staple furniture, Ideal for use in mailrooms and stock rooms.
canvasses, posters and much more with precision without wires in the way. • Plastic with a non-slip rubber base.
• Adjustable firing depth for both nails and staples. • Height: 430mm.
• Belt hook for easy transportation. • Lightweight and easily transportable.
• Safety contact nose.
• 4v rechargeable battery with USB cable included. ®
• 2000 53/8 staples included.

Code Description Pack SALE

OS-2W04999 Red Each £42.99

OS-2W04997 Light Grey Each £42.99

OS-2W04998 Dark Grey Each £42.99

Code Description Pack SALE OS-2W04996 Black Each £42.99

OS-HT05352 Nail Gun Each £29.99 OS-2W05000 Blue Each £42.99


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-NL819865 750g Each

2. Share Bags 3. Evian® Mineral Water Kitchen and Catering Coffee, Sweets and Water

Share sized bags for sharing around the office. Every drop of Evian® has been filtered through the pristine heights of the
• 140g. French Alps for 15 years, making it as pure as pure can be.
• Still water.

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-HB92763 Starmix Bags
OS-HB95772 Giant Strawbs 12 £13.99 Code Description Pack SALE
OS-HB95405 Maoam Stripes 24 £10.49
OS-HB92764 Tangfastics 12 £13.99 OS-DW06301 330ml 24 £11.99
OS-HB95398 Supermix 12 £11.49
12 £13.99 OS-DW05501 500ml 8 £8.99

12 £13.99 OS-DW01406 750ml 47

12 £13.99 OS-DW08460 1.5 Litre

Code Description Pack SALE Code Description Pack SALE
Each £4.49
OS-GAL00936 Smooth Roast 60g Sachet 45 £39.99 OS-GAL00903 Intense Roast 227g Each £23.99
250 £26.99
OS-GAL00909 Smooth Roast 500g Tin Each £20.99 OS-GAL01905 Decaf Organic 500g Tin

OS-GAL01915 Smooth Roast 750g Bag Each £12.99 OS-GAL01966 Smooth Roast Sticks

2. Brooke Bond Tea 3. Wooden Cutlery

Celebrating 150 years of heritage, Strong and sturdy wooden cutlery made from sustainably sourced Birchwood.
these Brooke Bond tea bags give a • Environmentally friendly.
great taste at an affordable price. • Compostable and biodegradable.
The classic every day blend makes a • Suitable for hot and cold food and drinks.
relaxing cup of tea, ideal for any time
of the day. friendly
• Round tea bags.
• Every day blend.
• 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Kitchen and Catering Coffee, Tea, Cutlery and Snacks Code Description Pack SALE
100 £3.49
OS-RY06344 Knives 100 £3.49
100 £3.49
OS-RY06346 Forks 100 £2.79

Code Description Pack SALE OS-RY06348 Spoons

OS-VF48195 Brooke Bond Tea Bags 420 £7.79 OS-RY06350 Teaspoons

4. Cadbury Nuttier

Cranberry, Almond and Peanut
• Almond, peanut and cranberry bar dipped in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate.
Peanut and Almond
• Almond and peanut bar dipped in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate.
Coconut and Almond
• Coconut and almond bar dipped in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate.

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KS42451 Cranberry, Almond and Peanut 15 £16.99
OS-KS42449 Peanut and Almond 15 £16.99
OS-KS40901 Coconut and Almond 15 £16.99


FREE Cappuccino

When you buy 2 packs of

selected Maxwell House Coffee

Code Description Pack SALE
OS-KS818962 Rich 750g 2 £45.99
OS-KS818963 Mild Blend 750g 2 £28.99

OS-KS818964 Mild Sticks 200 x 1.5g 2 £44.99

OS-KS818965 Decaf Sticks 200 x 1.5g 2

OS-KS818966 Rich Refill 750g 2

2. Bamboo Paper Straws

100% biodegradable and recyclable, a great alternative to plastic straws.
• Straws stay strong and sturdy.
• Plastic free - even the packaging.
• Vegan certified by The Vegan Society..


Code Description OS-MYC07568 750g Each £16.99 Kitchen and Catering Coffee and Straws
Each £4.59
OS-CPD63036 Black OS-MYC07571 150g Refill
Pack SALE 49
OS-CPD63044 Black and White Stripes 250 £5.29
250 £5.29

2. Antibacterial Foam Soap

High quality antibacterial foam
soap with added emollients.
• A high quality, mild and rich

foaming soap.
• For use in a foam soap dispenser.
• Enhanced with emollients to add

an extra smooth feel.
• A single 5 litre bottle gives up to

8300 applications.


Cleaning and Hygiene Dispensers, Toilet Rolls, Skincare and Disinfectant Surface Wipes Code Description Pack SALE
Each £86.99
OS-SCA88551 Continuous Hand Towel Dispenser Each £57.99
12 £59.99
OS-SCA13650 Continuous Mini Hand Towel Dispenser Code Description Pack SALE
Each £15.99
OS-SCA85606 Continuous Hand Towels OS-2W/01073 5 Litre

3. Seriously Soft Toilet Rolls

Indulgent 3-ply toilet tissue.
• 175 sheets per roll.
• Biodegradable and compostable packaging.
• Made with 100% green electricity.

4. Hand Sanitiser

Quick drying alcohol-based hand sanitiser.
• Provides effective disinfection and kills bacteria.
• No water required.
• 70% alcohol.


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-CPD57460 175 Sheet Rolls 20 £10.99
45 £14.99
OS-CPD27458 175 Sheet Rolls £28.99

OS-CPD57458 175 Sheet Rolls

5. Disinfectant Surface Wipes

Ideal for desks, food areas and counter tops.
• Kills 99.9% of viruses.
• Effective against E. coli,

MRSA, Listeria and H1N1.


Code Description Pack SALE
OS-2W03481 60ml
OS-2W07692 100ml 24 £44.99
OS-2W07693 240ml
OS-2W07694 500ml 24 £29.99 Code Description Pack SALE
OS-2W31829 5 Litre Each £7.99
20 £48.99 OS-CPD24702 200 Wipes Each £17.99
Each £33.99
12 £42.99 OS-CPD24700 500 Wipes

Each £19.99 OS-CPD24008 1000 Wipes


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