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Sparsh-Edition 9 Vol.1

Stay Home

Stay Safe


01 Principal’s Message

02 SIS - Through the Lens

03 Glimpses of Art Work

04 Students’ Corner

05 Kindergarten-Creative Space



A candle can only illuminate its world by allowing itself to be set on fire. A candle in

your hand is better than a star in the sky, which can mark the fight against COVID-19


Welcome you all to yet another challenging academic year 2020-2021 with all the
tantrums of COVID-19. We all are cognizant that life is full of challenges and we

should be the kind of person who has the courage to face life's challenges and

overcome them rather than dodging them. We all have experienced that being

challenged in life is inevitable, however being defeated is optional.
If we perceive the pre and post corona challenges we can easily comprehend how we

have transformed our lives and made changes in ourselves to overcome the impact of

corona crisis.
This pandemic has taught us many lessons. It has redefined our lifestyle. We have
learnt the relevance of having a better immune system and personal hygiene and have

begun practising social distancing for our own well-being. This invisible virus has made

us understand that we have to co-exist with nature and unscrupulous exploitation of

natural resources will spell out catastrophe of greater magnitude, in future.
We express our sincere gratitude to all the parents for being with us and supporting us

in educating our kids online during this pandemic season. We wish to extent our

gratitude to people who are fighting a relentless battle to eradicate the corona

menace from this universe. A special thanks to our teaching fraternity for working
diligently to educate the students even during this crisis. Thanks to our IT Department

and backend office workers for facilitating online education.

Wishing all a healthy, happy, peaceful and disciplined life.


Mr. Mahesh Iyer




Through the Lens



Smart Indian School initiated the first of its kind virtual concert in Kuwait among

schools by featuring Bhavans Middle East Euphonic Strings to render the soothing and
soulful music, which is much needed in this period of confinement. ‘People who have will

are so surely to find their way to reach the stars and the sky becomes the limit for their

aspirations’ becomes true for this band. The first virtual concert of the band headed by
the school Principal – Mr. Mahesh Iyer and equally supported by the talented parents of

Bhavans had seen a different dimension in easing out the pain of this pandemic as well as connecting

the music lovers across the school. Music which uplifts the inner sight and augments the
senses to lend appreciation to the beauty around us was taken by a new wave of movement

which satisfied the needs of many whose dreams to attend musical extravaganza

remained unimaginable.

The act of making impossible possible created positive ripples to the online viewers.
The presenters along with the lengthy list of performers staged the time with the

music that transcended borders. The concert was a pure dedication to the brave and

courageous frontline communities and health-care workers for their sheer and selfless act of
kindness which was manifested like never before. The orchestration had inarguably

centered on the praise and celebration to all the people out there who turn as the sole

proprietor in washing away this pandemic virus thus far. The creators of this venture are

also the parents from Bhavans Kuwait who all are working from home for their
office. They had dedicated their valuable time for recording, compiling, mixing and

doing the final editing at home.

The parent fraternity salutes these frontline warriors for their relentless work done
towards the humanity across the globe, during this corona crisis.

While the BVB TEAM extends its sincere appreciation to the parents, all the members
of Euphonic Strings expressed their gratitude to the Chairman- Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon

for letting the platform open for this novel dedication.




Amidst the current lockdown, Bhavans Smart Indian School has commenced online classes
for its Kindergarten section to keep the young infants constructively occupied. These
online classes are conducted for the children keeping in mind their age and importance of
continuous learning process for their young minds.

In order to reduce the distance between the teacher and students in this current
lockdown situation, pedagogy adopted for online education is specially designed to cater to
their learning needs. These classes are more interactive and activity based. Classes are
designed to cater to the kinesthetic and audio visual learners. Different kinds of activities
are planned for these classes, which help them to improve their fine motor skills with the
objects available at home. Children are also taught dance, games and other forms of simple
physical activities which can be performed at home. They are taught to sing rhymes and
narrate stories along with the teachers.

Unlike the other modes of online education for this age group, where the child only

watches it on the gadgets and there is a one-way communication, these classes are
designed to be interactive and teacher can monitor the progress of the child. Parents have
played a pivotal role to make online classes a success, with their support the child is
spending quality time with teacher and parents in this learning.
These classes are conducted twice a day to support the working parents. It’s a facility

provided to the parents, where they can opt to attend any one session in the morning or
evening depending upon their convenience. The classes start with prayers to help everyone
deal with the current catastrophe and heal the world. The children are not just sitting and
listening to the teacher, instead they are taught to write, perform activities related to art
and craft, physical education and dance. The activities for the children are designed along
with the curriculum that help the child understand the concepts better.

Being aware of the fact that the children are confined to their homes and are spending
time online, school is also putting in efforts to bring them closer to nature. On the
occasion of World Earth day on 22 April, 2020, the students were helped to perform the
activity of growing microgreens at their homes. The teachers explained them the
importance of taking care of our planet earth, loving it and keeping it green. Discussion
about the Corona virus was also done with students by asking them the reason of their
being at home and not able to attend school. Hence, to keep away from diseases, the
importance of keeping ourselves healthy and eating lots of green vegetables and healthy
food were also discussed. Children enthusiastically performed the steps of growing a plant

and were asked to give it little water every day.
The excitement was also extended on 23 April which happened to be the World Book Day.
The activities which made the children get immersed in the world of books and writers
turned a new insight for each child. Thus the importance of reading books and advantages
of listening to stories imparted great interest in children and the day turned fruitful. The
online classes had proved to produce impactful result on students and parents.
We express our gratitude to all the parents for their boundless support for educating our

kids during this pandemic situation.
Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Pray for ALL.





On the occasion of World Earth day, the Kindergarten, Primary and Middle wing

students were persuaded to celebrate and contribute their best through online
mode. The Kindergarteners were helped to perform the activity of growing microgreens at

their homes. Teachers explained to them the importance of taking care of our

planet earth, loving it and keeping it green. Hence, to keep away from diseases, the

importance of keeping ourselves healthy and eating lots of green vegetables and

healthy food were also discussed. Children enthusiastically performed the steps of

growing a plant and were asked to water it every day.

The vibrant contribution channeled through the Department of Science in the

Primary and Middle Wings was a brilliant sight to see and served as an appealing act

of reception. This special day was also marked as the 50 anniversary of the
environmental movement. The day that reminds us about one everlasting commodity

which takes possession of humans living on this earth was seen commemorated in its
rightful way by highlighting the year’s theme ‘Climate Change’. The result to build a

new environment demands the unified global togetherness in fighting against this

gradual damage created by humans all over the world. The confinement in the

present scenario didn’t bar the children getting themselves come close to creativity

and innovation. They pledged and presented the activities in such a way to disseminate the
practice beyond the duration of this special day.

The day turned fruitful by allotting and indulging in class wise activities. The

students of grade 10 explored and excelled the topics pertaining to the day as well

as on the incarcerated living during this pandemic by presenting some awe-striking
speeches in the speech competition. Some of the other topics included 5 R’s that

transform individuals to global citizens and the impact seen on humans and animals

by coronavirus. The activity on the topic ‘Sweet Earth’ was explored by the students

of grade 8. The inexplicable destruction and its perilous aftermath done towards

this earth elaborated a massive message through the activity called ‘Weeping earth’

by the students of grade 7. The beautiful and voluminous shells that were painted

with the designs of varied shades coupled with the act of growing microgreens in
them were done by grade 6 students.

A couple of activities like article writing and videoed cooking competition followed

by its submission on the assigned date added joy to the beauty of the day. Thus the

day was kept alive and active through the initiation rendered by the SIS TEAM.




r d
Smart Indian School celebrated the World Book Day on 23 April in its most reverential
gesture. Bowing down to all the creative and amazing writers and to their remarkable
creations, the teachers from kindergarten started off the day by reading out

wonderful stories for their budding creators. Thus entertaining them and explicating to them
the importance of reading during this lockdown period.

Reading becomes more entertaining and amazing when one holds a book with an
attractive cover page and cute book mark. Eye-catching cover pages are the first
driving stimulus for any small child to the reading world. The students from grades

one to five expressed their eagerness for reading by preparing amazing book covers
and book marks.

When the primary designed the book marks and covers the secondary and higher
secondary students twisted and grilled their creativity to the fullest creating the
best stories together. The ‘Spin a Yarn’ competition won the hearts of the children

as each of them contributed to the story of the class and became the authors of
their wonderful stories through e-learning sessions.

Thus, Smart Indian School unlocked the lock-down days for students by driving
them to the world of fiction and fantasy.



‘May Day’ – commemorated as International Workers’ Day had cherished its extraordinary
celebration on this conventional day of observance. This year’s execution has ventured to

propagate a novel way of remembering the celebration in the chronicles of school’s history
by conducting ‘Chain Thanksgiving’ in a virtual way even at this time of Corona Crisis -

starting from the students and parents of Kindergarten to the senior most grades of the

school. The lives of many are made to see and feel the difference through the workers’ act
of honest working and exceptional services rendered to us. Having these messages in mind

and deciding to uplift the moments of realization for our children to render thanks with

dignity and honour, the school had taken this special step to flower the act of veneration
for the workers in their young minds.

‘Chain Thanksgiving’ started off with the gathering of the invited dignitaries that included
Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N. K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS – Mr.

Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Jack and Jill, Mangaf– Ms. Rathi Ravindran, Vice Principal of

PIES Abu Dhabi - Mr.Suresh V. Balakrishnan, Vice Principal of IES - Ms. Anselma Tessy
Judeson, Vice Principal of Co-curricular activities of IES – Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice

Principal of SIS- Ms. Albin Daisy, KG Supervisor of SIS – Ms. Rajni Menon and the entire
staff community of SIS. The words of gratitude and a wholehearted salute given during

the hour of inauguration stemmed out the incomparable assistance given by the medical

fraternity in these days of physical peril.The great work of IT people had amassed a
special mention for keeping the connectivity and flow of the world intact through their

unfaltering service.

The children and the parents who showed eagerness in sharing their sincere thanks and

love for the workers accumulated an astonishing time to honour and respect the people to
whom we ought to owe our success. The students and their parents sitting at their houses

participated in this historic virtual Chain of Thanksgiving by showing the placards, drawings and with

their emotional words portraying their part of gratitude towards all the workers around
the globe.

This mesmerizing event that basked in the golden hues of thanksgiving sunshine to esteem
all the professions on the highest scale. Their untiring act of society’s improvement was

depicted through a special release of a film on the title ‘May Day’ to unfurl echoes of

praise. Thus, the day resonated nothing but the thanks that all came from the purest
hearts of students, parents, teachers and the management fraternity through this unique

initiation by the school that voices out making difference in everything.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The Whole World is one family.





















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