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Sparsh - Edition 11 Vol.3


01 KG Supervisor’s Message

02 SIS - Through the Lens

03 SIS - Club Activity

04 Achievements

05 Glimpses of Art Work

06 Kindergarten Activity - World Disability Day

December 01

Happy New Year!

No matter how tough 2020 was, no matter how unprecedented, unexpected, or

unbearable it was, we are here — at the start of yet another year.

And even as the impact of the virus shows no signs of abating, we can still draw
hope from the fact that we may have weathered the worst of the storm,

The new year is only as new as your thoughts. The capacity to love others is
limited only by the capacity to love yourself. Instead of looking for more and
more in others and around you, look through your own fears and reflect. You’ll
realise you are enough, we all are perfect the way we are and the small tiny

flaws we see in ourselves are just barriers we create in our heads and once we
see that through, we become more content, more happy and more hopeful of a
brighter world.

Let's bring in 2021 together, with a renewed energy and courage to dream big

along with a firm will to act on them — while maintaining social distancing.

Mrs. Rajni Menon
KG Supervisor

December 02

December 03

KG Wing - Best out of Waste

Waste must be looked upon as a global issue as it concerns proper sanitation.
An excellent plan to reuse the waste will give room for provision of potable
food, water, shelter, communication, and transport. In the past, recycled paper
became a trend.

‘Best out of Waste’ theme day was storied on 26 November 2020. Better
knowledge of the use of plastics as one of the most dangerous items that take
hundreds of years to degrade was directed to the tiny tots with the help of
visual aids. Various ways to re-use plastics were demonstrated, for example
plastic bottles could be used to make hanging lamps, brooms or plant stand at
home in artistic ways.

Creative thinking has always been a major platform in Bhavans and so the kids
have learnt to “Think outside the trash” by simply using a plastic container to
make a beautiful flowerpot. The kids had decorated their flowerpots by using
beautiful wrappers around it and decorated them with beads, stickers etc.

December 04

Short Film - Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Resilience and Impact

The department of science and the young and energetic students, Bhavans
Smart Indian School (SIS) produced a movie titled as “No Longer Afraid”. The
team had chosen the mode of YouTube social media to spread the awareness

and eventually it organized a movie show for the students of SIS, teachers,
and parent community on 1 December 2020, Tuesday. It was a short movie
spanning about half an hour, the meeting started at 10.00 am and ended 10.30

The purpose of the short film was to make everyone here on earth understand

the ups and downs they have been through and help them have a peaceful life
in the society. The show wasn’t for the emotional reactions which would last
for the time being rather for a change in the lives of HIV positive community.

Bhavans Smart Indian School proves that education is no education if the
products are not contributing to the society. Yes, in this scenario, the school
provided all the support and guidance to the students to create awareness as

WHO calls on citizens to focus on this vulnerable group. The session ended
requesting everyone that “We can all contribute to the effort to end AIDS
and make the world a healthier place.”

December 05

Sports Meet - ‘Fitness for All’

P.E Department had decided to conduct a virtual annual sport meet themed
‘Fitness for All’ through zoom auditorium, and they executed the meet on
December 5, 2020 magnificently. Students, teachers, parents and grandparents
joined the zoom auditorium at 9:00 AM and the event ended at 12:30 PM.

Jonathan Zachariah Head Boy for the academic year 2020-21 offered a reverential
welcome note to the gathering.The Chief Guest of the day Sr. Professor
Balachandran, director for WCSC-OSFC, was awe-struck at the proceedings of
the celebration and he motivated all the children to excel not only in academics but
also in sports. The Guest of Honour Ms. Apeksha Fernandes who holds the
India’s best timings for women in the 200-breaststroke swimming inspired the
audience of young talents. The Director Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Middle East
Ms. Divya Rajesh Ramachandran felicitated the gathering through her didactic
and dynamic words.

The event consisted of 16 activities for students, two events for teachers,
two events for parents, and two events for grandparents. Out of 16 events,
two events were mass events called ‘Free hand drill display’ and ‘Aerobics’.
Teachers had to train all the participants during the regular online classes.
Parents and grandparents were also guided to practice the fitness activities.

Eventually, the event turned into a carnival when the parents and grandparents
started their fitness activities one by one.The Vice Principal Ms. Albin Daisy
conducted the trophy presentation and declared Tapas House as the titleholder of
this academic year 2020-21. Overall Champions Trophy was presented to the
house captain Ms. Nifansa of Grade 8 Aries and the house masters Mr. Jai
Thomas and Mr. Jonas.

The Principal Mr. Mahesh Iyer appreciated all the participants for the wonderful
presence and the sports captain Master Mevin Manoj of Grade XI Aries ended
the event with a gratitude address quoting a saying “It’s the little things that
count” followed by the Indian National Anthem.

December 06

December 07

December 08

Role Model Day - Kindergarten Wing

It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our he-roes and she-roes.

Adults play a pivotal role in adolescents’ holistic development. Role Model is a
person who is perceived by others as worthy of imitation in terms of attitude,
values, and behaviour.

To recognize and honour the Role Model of our tiny tots, Kindergarten wing of
Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the Role Model Day on 17 December
2020. The kindergarteners were encouraged to dress up and enact as any one
of their family members whom they contemplate as their Role Model. They
were also motivated to speak a few sentences about their Role Model. The kids
enthusiastically dressed up as their parents or grandparents, whom they consider as
their ideals, heroes, and best friends.

The day aimed at giving an opportunity to our tiny tots to spotlight and appreciate
the people in their lives who set positive examples which they aspire to emulate.

December 09

December 10

Kindergarten celebrates Ocean Day

“No Water, No Life, No Blue, No Green” is a very apt quote as of today, as Oceans
are the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe.

A rare occasion for the kindergarten kids of Bhavans Smart Indian School was
when they celebrated the theme Ocean day together on 10 December 2020, to
learn the beauty, the wealth, and the promise of the ocean.

Virtually the kids learnt that destroying the Oceans in the past has destroyed
the homes of millions of aquatic animals and has made life almost to a standstill in
the Oceans. Understanding the risks, importance, and the support that ocean
gives us was the objective of the commemoration of the day. They learnt a lesson
that they must conserve the homes of the wildlife in the blues. At the end of the
day, the children were busy rolling their pins to make beautiful water animals with
clay on a blue backdrop to depict the ocean life which was the highlight of the

December 11

Cloud Computing Session

Mr. Jeeju Sreenivas, delivery project executive at IBM, 23 years of IT experience
in Software development, Solution, Consulting in the areas of Cloud modernisation,
API/Microservice enablement, Data Management & Security lectured on a topic
Cloud Computing.Students of grade 8-11 attended this session at 11 a.m. on
17 December 2020.The session started with a welcome address presented by
Ms. Thaaru, a student from grade 11.

The resource person took the student through the cloud computing concepts
and different applications, cloud definitions and security over cloud. He talked
about the future world with cloud computing and its challenges in the market.
He went little more in detail touching upon service level agreements followed
by a detailed lesson on security over cloud: authentication, authorisation,
cryptography, data in motion, data at rest etc.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School thanked the resource person
and appreciated the department of Computer Science for conducting this session
and all the students for their participation. The meeting ended at 12:30 p.m.

December 12

National Mathematics Day

Ramanujan Day was commemorated excellently on 22 nd December
2020.Students of grade 6-11 attended this spectacular event at 9 honour and
marked the 125 birth anniversary of the Indian legendary mathematician Srinivasa

The program was a power-packed entertainer with speeches, songs, magic
show, skits, ultimate speedcubing show, a short film based on Sreenivasa
Ramanujan's life and his inexplicable contributions to the field of mathematics,
online quiz, anda short film based on the importance of Hardy-Ramanujan
number 1729.Although the pandemic left all of us trapped within the four
walls of our room, it was no barrier to unleashing SIS students' creativity.

Mr Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, had appreciated the De-
partment of Mathematics and all the students who put in the efforts that
made this event a grand success. The vote of thanks was extended to all by
Master Sambhav, a student from grade 11.The day ended with the quote
"Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness,
balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty."

December 13

Christmas Celebrations

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,” it is Christmas time once again.
The day is celebrated on the 25 December to honor the birth of Jesus Christ
every year. Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Christmas on the 22 De-
cember 2020 virtually.

The tiny tots came dressed in shades of green and red attire to give a festive
vibe. They watched the story of the Birth of Jesus, learning the importance of
the festival and spreading peace, patience, and true love for each other. The
merry-making continued when the kids moved their feet to the music, played
games and laughed all day.

True smiles were first discovered when primary, middle, and high school students and
teachers in groups had entertained the participants through dance, and songs.
Eventually the gathering had found the joy, and everyone was in smiles. The
importance of Christmas Day celebration was well explained through fun-filled
skit, fact-based speeches, and exciting short stories.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School expressed his overloaded
blissful joy that students and teachers had celebrated the day cheerily as one
family spreading love and peace.

December 14

December 15


Joy, fun, love, and peace exist wherever two or three are gathered and it
binds us together. With this view in mind, “Swarasandhya – 9” did feature to
establish a strong bond with Bhavans Middle East.The Swarasandhya series
has been up and running, and participants were from Kuwait Bhavans fraternity
so far, but “Swarasandhya – 9” had a strong wish to connect with the participants
and viewers from Bhavans Middle East Schools. Eventually, it did host for all
the Bhavans Parivar to this fellowship of Love and Peace and that is where the
Sing along came in.

Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait organized this online staging
“Swarasandhya – 9” lead by Mr. Mahesh Iyer, The Principal of the School, on
31 December 2020. The event started at 4:00 pm and Ms. Thushara, the Primary
Academic Coordinator welcomed the chief guests Dr.Susovana, Oncologist, Kuwait and
Ms. Priya Achu a singer from Kerala, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East
Mr.Ramachandran Menon, Vice Chairman Mr. Sooraj Ramachandran, Director
Ms.Divya Rajesh Ramachandran on behalf of all at Bhavans Middle East and the
participant singers along with the Swarasandhya Team and the online viewers
to the extravaganza.

The chief guests added beauty to this event by their interactions.Dr.Susovana,
Oncologist shared mental health benefits of community gathering and music
therapy, and the audience had an opportunity to know more about Ms. Priya
Achu, a singer from Kerala who does charity activities through her musical
concerts for the destitute. They encouraged all the participants to continue
‘Swarasandhya’ for a good health and mind.

This Swarasandhya being hailed as a milestone in spreading Love, Peace and
Harmony brought viewers from Bhavans fraternity into the online platform.
This virtual Musical gathering had become blissful through the songs sung by
singers of Bhavans Parivar -The Parents and Teachers of Bhavans Middle East
Schools.A word of appreciation and lots of love to Swarasandhya Team was also in
the air. This virtual event ended with the Indian National Anthem.

December 16

December 17

Fostering creativity and talent club activities have been going on in full swing
at Smart Indian School. In order to help children recognize and achieve their

fullest potential the school has provided them a colourful platform of learning
by arranging a Club period once a week. These classes give them the opportunity to

promote the creative energy in them and are a sheer delight amidst this
pandemic. Teachers guide them at every step and students enjoy learning in

these fun packed sessions.

December 18

December 19

Manasvi Vinod Mahadik from Grade 3 Venus got

Third Prize in Hindi Recitation Competition conducted

in Indian Ambassy on account on Hindi Diwas.

Affan Zuhani from Grade 2 Mercury secured First

Position in International Abacus Competition.

December 20





December 21

December 22

Kindergarten observes World Disability Day

December 23








Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man

- Swami Vivekananda

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