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Sparsh - November








“Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” - George Washington Carver

The food industry plays a critical role in every nation as it provides agricultural products that are
essential for life. Access to food for all people at all times is important to ensure the satisfaction of a

community and for global peace. Food insecurity can lead to riots and urban unrest. Potential threats
to the food supply include natural outbreaks of crop and livestock diseases, the intentional adultera-

tion of food to gain illicit profits, and deliberate terrorist attacks against livestock, crops, and food
products. An act of terrorism directed at the food and water supply could be devastating. Food terrorism

will damage the main economy, especially the agriculture and tourism industries.

Food terrorists are a group of individuals who intentionally do something to food to either cause
illness or death on a large scale. Food terrorism may also involve food and water contamination with

biological, chemical, and physical materials for the purpose of causing injury or death disrupting
social and economic stability. Intentional food and water contamination has been with us for a very
long time. Food poisoning starts from the harvest itself. The agriculture and livestock culture can be

made ripened by means of over dosage of hormones or other harmful chemicals which would fetch a
few their daily bread but snatch the bread from many forever. Although, food terrorism issues are

global, its prevention must start locally.

Food terrorism, possibly caused by accidental or deliberate food contamination, is a real threat to
every country that loves freedom. It can have far-reaching impact on individuals and society and

may cause social, and economic disruption. Therefore, as educators we should educate our students
and parents about food adulteration and the consequences of the same on our future generations.

Let us make them conscious to avoid junk food and adulterated food for a brighter, healthier and non-

adulterated future as food terrorism is an under-researched phenomenon and there is limited
information on the topic.

Mr. Mahesh Iyer


November 2019 02


through the lens

November 2019 03

SIS holds Second Counselors’ Meet

Bhavans Smart Indian School arranged and conducted the Second Counselors’ Meet of all
Indian, Bilingual and American schools of Kuwait, in the auditorium on Sunday, 17 November
2019. The session was organized to focus mainly on the success which is inherent in each
student and the methods to surface it to the society.

The school had commenced this forum last year and it was indeed a proud moment to

continue this year as well. Gathering the counselors from many schools in Kuwait, transpir-
ing the productive results and pledging to materialize the discussions on the dear students
in need were the criteria that culminated under the palatial roof. The thoughtful day was
graced by Ms. Hana Alenezi- Inspector of Social Workers and Counselors, Mr. Nabil Goma –
Inspector, Social Affairs, Mrs. Amal Ali Al Hajni, Head of Social work and Psychology from
the ministry of private education, Mrs. Asha Sharma, Principal, Learners Own Academy, Mr.
Arul Dharmaraj, Principal, Integrated Indian School, Mr. Ajith, Principal, United Indian

School, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal, Smart Indian School, Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice Principal,
Smart Indian School and Ms. Rajni Menon, KG Supervisor, Smart Indian School, Ms. Shaima
Zaki, Administrative Manager, Smart Indian School.

The vibrant counselors from several schools such as Indian Educational School, Fahaheel Al
Watanieh Indian Private School (DPS), Learners Own Academy, Salmiya Indian Model
School, Indian Community School and India International participated in the meet that
specialized on the power point presentations given to promote the success of students. The
program started with the conventional method of honoring the country followed by the
recital of the verses from the Holy Quran and lighting of the lamp. The invocation dance
facilitated a good start for the program along with the welcome speech done by the school
counselor Ms. Preethi. Mrs. Hana Alenezi wonderfully brought out the objectives of the
meet and her experiences of the yesteryear through her motivational speech. Subsequently
various topics were elaborately discussed by the assembled counselors of different schools.

November 2019 04

November 2019

Drill displays grab eyeballs on Bhavans Sports Day

At the heart of sporting experience, competition and glory tend to rub shoulders. Amid
gruelling athletics, drill displays have a niche for itself. The aesthetics of drill displays
refuses to fall prey to the rugged charm of athletics. The theme of Iconic schools of

Bhavans Middle East provoked a compelling preamble to Sports Day preparations and it
propelled anticipation in spades of a visual treat. Obvious enough, the 11th Annual Athletic
Meet of Indian Education School and Smart Indian School, Kuwait, held on 9th November

at Kaifan stadium, lived up to its billing. The stadium shrugged off its cold morning
embrace and woke up to a rousing sporting spectacle saturated with a riot of drill

A dignified silence enveloped the stands as the spectators were literally overawed by the
gracious presence of the chief guest, Mr. Poshitha Perera, charge d’affaires, Embassy of

Srilanka to Kuwait, in the hallowed company of Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon, Chairman of
Bhavans Middle East, Ms. Hanna Alenezi, Inspector, Social Services, Ministry of Private
Education, Mr. Nabil Goma, Inspector, Educational activities, Ministry of Private Educa-
tion, and Ms. Michelle Al Maaef, Inspector, English schools for Middle and Senior from
the Ministry of Private Education. The chief guest and the guests of honour were

escorted by Mr. T Premkumar, Principal of Indian Educational School, Mr. Mahesh Iyer,
Principal of Smart Indian School, Mr. Krishnadas Menon, Director, Bhavans Kuwait, Ms.
Sheela Krishnadas, Ms. Anselma Tessy, Senior Vice Principal of IES, Ms. Jaemi Byju, Vice
Principal, Middle Wing, IES, Ms. Meenakshi Nayyar, Vice Principal(CCA) of IES, Ms.

Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal, KG & Primary, IES, Ms. Albin Daisy, Vice Principal of
SIS, Ms. Rajni Menon, Supervisor, Kindergarten, SIS, Ms. Shaima Zaki, Administrative
Manager, and Mr. Mohammad Khamiz, Manager- Owner’s Office.

The opening ceremony kicked off with its characteristic fanfare. After the recital of
verses from the Holy Quran and the rendition of Kuwait National Anthem, the school

choir invoked the blessings of the Almighty. The formal ceremony plunged ahead with the
mellifluous rendering of ‘Vande Mataram’, the National Song of India, followed by Bhavans
Anthem. Master Daniel Thomas Koleth, the school head boy, in his speech, rolled out a
warm welcome to the dignitaries and the visitors. The four houses of the school-
Sanskriti, Satya, Seva and Tapas - emerged from the periphery of the stadium and

converged on the track for the march past. With shoulders squared up, chins up and
heads held high, the athletes settled into their marching stride in a jiffy. As the
drumbeats rolled in, the parade, spearheaded by BSS (Bhavans Service Scheme), strode

with pride. The contingent of school council members, house captains and vice captains
followed suit. As the promising athletes did the torch run, the flame that ignited the
light of spirit, knowledge and life, refused to peter out in the stubborn gusts. The
athletes took a solemn oath to uphold sportsmanship throughout the events. The chief
guest, declared the meet open. As a token expression of gratitude, the chief guest and

the guests of honour were honoured with mementos by Mr. N K Ramachandran Menon,
Chairman of Bhavans Middle East.

November 2019 06

November 2019 07

November 2019 08

November 2019 09

Universal Children’s Day Celebrations

Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Universal Children’s Day on 20 November, 2019.
The day was made special by the extraordinary celebrations given away by the staff of

the school.The ambience of the school turned exuberant when the happiest souls of the
educational realm beamed with shades of eye-catching colours. The laughter and energy
that those motley attire brought forth overwhelmed the entire day, all throughout the
program and settled happiness and contentment for both students and staff.

This golden day of commemoration was celebrated separately by the KG wing, Pre-primary

and was combined for the Primary, Middle and Secondary wings. Each team strived to bring
out the best that they could contribute to the happiness of children. All three celebrations were
graced by the Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Vice Principal – Ms. Albin Daisy and KG
Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon. The programme commenced by the ceremonial lighting of

the lamp by the prefects of various grades to mark the importance and special
significance of the day. The teachers of the KG wing rocked the stage by performing a
power-packed performance and it was truly enjoyed by the tiny tots of the school. Pre-primary
section witnessed a joyous time to see their own lovely teachers offering various
entertainments which were much opposed to how they see them in the class. The culmination of dance;

skit and songs heightened the enjoyment of the students and left them wishing to have
many more days like this.

The Primary, Middle and Secondary wings of the school amassed a great admiration among
the students as the program given by the teachers turned orphic to the beholders. The
special assembly started with the verses from the Holy Quran followed by the other

beautiful sessions which contained invocation song, group song, a hilarious skit by the
Arabic department, group dance and the song rendition by the Principal along with the
music department. The speech inspired the students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The day indeed fetched memorable moments spent in the company of creative and friendly

November 2019 10

November 2019 11

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition was held in Bhavans Smart Indian School, Kuwait for the

Pre-KG, KG1 and KG2 from 12th November 2019 to 24th November 2019. Two
classes were assigned each day to carry out this marvellous presentation.

The kids marched in the campus decked up in their attire. They were bubbling with

energy as they made their way in with their costumes. The kids waited anxiously for
their turn to perform on stage, rehearsing their lines and adjusting their outfits.

The themes were informed to the students well in advance to prepare well for the
competition. A wide variety of themes were provided. The kids were dressed up as

various famous personalities like Narendra Modi, Bhagat Singh and Rani Lakshmi Bai.
Further, they were also dressed up as popular pop culture icons like singers and

actors such as Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. There were also various other
themes on display like daily life objects, nature, fairy tale characters, aquatic
animals, community helpers, food items, cultures of the world etc. Some of the

prominent costumes were - Mountain, tree, Disney characters, policeman, firefighter, famous
monuments like Christ the Redeemer and Statue of Liberty and many more. Various

countries and their cultures were also represented on that day with their traditional
attires. The students and their parents displayed extraordinary creativity in
bringing the character or object portrayed come alive.

Each of the tiny tots got a chance to express themselves on the stage. They were
elegant in their delivery and wholeheartedly performed their part. The judging panel
used various criteria like costume creativity, confidence and presentation. The

audience was left astounded by the immense talent exhibited by the kindergarten
students and their confidence and creativity left everyone in awe. The judges had a
difficult task in choosing the winners as all the little ones performed well. Such

competitions which are conducted throughout the academic lives of these students
help the kids to be confident and also prepares them for bigger events in the

November 2019 12

November 2019 13

National Unity Day Celebration

As part of the event listed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Delhi, Smart Indian
School Kuwait honoured the 144 birth anniversary of an eminent personality, Sardar Vallabhbhai
Patel on 30 October 2019. This year’s theme for Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, which was introduced by
the Government of India with a strong intention to promote unity and the spirit of resilience,
called up for ‘Integration of India’. It was truly a privilege to fortify the minds and hearts with
thoughtfulness and thought-provoking words of unity rendered by our incomparable patriots.
Highlighting on the celebration, the students of grades 3 to 7 observed the unique day by

indulging in many activities. The students of grade 4 pledged the message of integrity in the
morning assembly and the school voiced their solidarity for it.

The students of grades 3 to 5 had an enlightening session on the National Unity Day. The day
that let the nation prosper through the notion of being one to fight for a common cause was
screened in the form of video presentation after which the students had taken up a quiz. This
helped them to gather and remember some information of this special day. Poster making found a
prettifying effect in the hands of grades 6 and 7 where the children enthusiastically assembled
the pictures, famous quotes and slogans of the day to make it even more special. Collage work
really impressed the viewers to get the gist of the day at its pristine best. The involvement of
students really deserved a mention as they proved themselves to be the curious participants by
bringing the task in the most productive way. These activities were planned and executed
perfectly by the Department of Social Science.

The day enabled the students to carry positive thoughts and offer the overwhelming gratitude
for our rich and sacrificial past.

November 2019 14

Students’ Corner

My Family My School

I have four members in my family. I love my school.

I live in a small family. The name of my school is Smart

I play with my family. Indian School. It is very colourful. It

I have a fun day with my family. is a very good school. We play in the

I love my family very much. playground and it is fun. We also

My mother’s name is Riya. learn many things and draw beautiful

My father’s name is Briji and my pictures during our art periods.

little brother’s name is Ashish. We also have a library where we

My family is the best. read books. I love my school.

Asher Briji Mathew Nathan Binu
Grade 1 Aries Grade 1 Aries

My Favourite Cartoon Character My Best Friend

My favourite cartoon character is My best friend’s name is Rachel.

Elsa. I like Elsa because she can She likes red colour.

freeze if someone is angry with her. She likes to eat pizza.

One day she accidentally froze her She loves to play with her brother.

sister Anna and she became very sad.

I like Elsa a lot. She has short hair and she is cute.

Hannah Deena Emily Liza Sunley
Grade 1 Taurus Grade 1 Taurus

November 2019 15




November 2019 16

Navishka Chakma, 4 Gemini, 1st Joel Aji Panicker,4 Gemini,2nd
Anika Arun,4 Gemini,3rd
November 2019 17



November 2019 18

Azlan Reza Abdul Rahman
Evan Sebastian LKG,Virgo
LKG,Sagittarius LKG,Scorpio

Ethan Ruben Karishma Sanjith
LKG,Libra UKG,Leo

Sava Ali Jovianne Elsa

Vaibhav Nimesh Meval Ann
UKG,Aries LKG,Leo

November 2019 19





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