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SPARSH Edition 7 Vol.2



1) Vice Principal’s Message

2) SIS — Through the Lens

3) Students’ Corner

4) Glimpses of Art Work [Winners of

Annual Art Competition]

5) Creative Space — Kindergarten

OCTOBER 2019 0 1

Change happens, so embrace it!

We call the ‘art lover’ as the one who likes
art and having refined sensitivity towards
the beauties of art or nature; a person who
has great love of art, music, poetry etc.

English being the official language of 53

countries, learning English is important as it
enables us to communicate easily with our
fellow global citizens. What do you think
about the future of English?English is the product of many spellings and grammar accidents that got
all of us to the 21st century, but it seems like the internet is changing the language beyond recognition.

Many a teacher or reader lament that texting and online instant messaging have ruined many would
-be good writers. Maybe they are right. Hundreds of acronyms have made our written and even

spoken vocabulary these days. Poor Shakespeare! Had he had any idea how would English be
spoken in the 21 century! Then again, I would have trouble understanding Shakespeare in the 15
century for that matter even Geoffrey Chaucer, I am sure. If you have tried to read their plays and
poems you will know what I mean!

All in all, I think English is safe. Its not going to turn into Weblish. I think it will continue to gain
words as language is always changing and it reflects what is going on in a culture. Let us embrace
the changes as English is ever-evolving and fascinating to study. Can you believe how little time is
spent on handwriting now? I say this basically as a teacher that there are many instances when
handwritten material is so much better than the typed material . So as changes are inevitable let us
embrace these changes.

Mrs.Albin Daisy
Vice Principal

OCTOBER 2019 0 2



The Lens

OCTOBER 2019 0 3

Fabled Episode of Mega Talent Hunt for Parents and Students

Ever since time immemorial the mankind has erected great monuments in the field of art, culture and

literature and hit the beholders out of the park with its inspiration and beauty. A saga which stood a
notch above the rest of the events by entwining and gluing the participants through the days of the days

of treasure hunt was a sweet remembrance in the chronicle of the school. The maiden ‘Talent Hunt’

which was conducted on 17th and 19th of October proved all the passion to have the purest sense of art,
culture and literature. The grand opening day was graced by the Chief Guest–Mr. Sunoj Nambiar–

Managing Executive, IIK; Chairman of Bhavans Middle East – Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon; the

Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer; Vice-Principal of SIS – Mr. Mahesh Iyer; Vice-Principal of SIS – Ms.
Albin Daisy; KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon and teachers.

The awesome trio’s hunt kept the bubbling faces snowed under, with lots of activities as the treasure hunt
garnered a great praise among the students and parent community. Life bustled around the announcer’s
desk as it kept brimming with exciting surprises of winners and prizes. The day kicked off with the

Kuwait National Anthem followed by the recital of the Holy Quran and prayer. Inaugural ceremony
launched the Odyssey’s theme song which was penned and composed by our own staff. The never-

ending journey that takes us on the road to success showed a different side of SIS by having student artists
to be the creators of the chief Guest’s mementos. The sweet remembrance ‘Madhubanni’ which shed

light in the quest for school’s pursuit of innovation was well received by the audience. The video coverage
that blew up the inexplicable visual creation journeyed deep into the hearts of many to let them live the

days of avant-garde. A plethora of hues traversed the day making the students to be immersed in zest
and zeal.

OCTOBER 2019 0 4

OCTOBER 2019 0 5

OCTOBER 2019 0 6

Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, also known as the Father of Nation, was born on 2nd October 1869
and every year, his birthday is commemorated as Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi was a pioneer of peace and non

-violence. He played a crucial role in India’s freedom struggle. Focusing this, the school conducted

various activities for the children. The staff and students were cladded in Khadi dress to symbolize unity
in the celebration of this day. The ambience filled the minds with sacrifice, peace and selfless care

rendered by this greatest person.

The Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with enthusiasm and
fervor. Bhavans paid him homage in the most befitting way possible. The day started with an assembly

conducted by KG2 Capricorn to inform everyone about the importance of this day. The assembly
showcased a skit on the life of Gandhiji and the Dandi march and also had a dance performance. The
performances were executed well and the children were exuberant throughout. The assembly highlight-

ed Gandhiji’s principles and teachings. The tiny tots were also shown slide shows of the movement and
the freedom struggles led by Gandhiji. The Primary Wing also conducted celebration to honour the day.

The students of grade 5 led a special assembly which showcased the elaborative side of the struggle
incurred upon Gandhiji and Indians to free India from British Raj.

OCTOBER 2019 0 7

OCTOBER 2019 0 8

Fruit Festival

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Indeed, apple is beneficial to maintain one’s health, just like all the

other fruits available to us. Fruits contain necessary nutrients that make them an important part of our

diet. Fruits are linked with good health and improved immunity. To demonstrate the importance of fruits
and eating healthy in day-t o -day life, the Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated

‘Fruit Salad Day’ on 26th September, 2019.

The students were instructed to bring along one of their favourite fruits to school. The day started out
with an assembly conducted by KG2 Virgo and KG2 Libra. The assembly showcased two skits and a dance
showing the importance and benefits of fruits. After the assembly, activities were planned to teach the

children more about the fruits. The kindergartners chorused together as they sang songs about fruits.
After which, students animated different fruits feeling the happiness by the sensation of touch and smell.

All that was left was the sensation of taste and the tiny tots were excited for the preparation of the fruit
salad. The teachers cut the fruits and placed them all inside a big bowl. The students were keen to see

their teacher prepare and learn to make a fruit salad. The teachers then served the fruit salad in a bowl to
all the kids. The kids had their salad scrumptiously with delight.

OCTOBER 2019 0 9

OCTOBER 2019 10

Diwali Celebrations

“Sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets, the house full of diyas and hearts filled with

joy.” All of these were signs that Diwali was right round the corner. Diwali is known as

‘the festival of lights’ and is celebrated all over the world. Diwali is a festival that
celebrates the victory of good over evil and the victory of light over darkness. The festival

of Diwali spans over 5 days and includes Dhanteras (Day of Fortune), Naraka Chaturdasi

(Day of Knowledge),Diwali (Day of light), Annakut(New year) and Bhai Dhuj (Day of

love between siblings).

The kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated Diwali with gusto.

The children were bustling with enthusiasm and delight as they headed into the campus
with the spirit of celebrating Diwali with their peers at school. The children performed a

skit and a dance showcasing the theme of the assembly - Diwali.

As part of the festivities, the kindergarten wing prepared activities for the children to
perform. The KG-1 tiny tots made a diya origami, while, the KG-2 students made diyas

out of paper plates and decorated it with sequins. The kids joyously took part in the

activities. They felt proud of the craft that they produced and were keen on showing it to
their parents. The students of Middle wing also spent Diwali in the most attractive

fashion. The children of grade 8 were the cheerful hosts of the special assembly. The
children were exuberant throughout the day and went home with smiling faces rejoicing

OCTOBER 2019 11

OCTOBER 2019 12

Life Skill Sessions

Smart Indian School intents to make students not only smart but also capable citizens in future. The

school has taken the initiative to teach skills that the students need in their life. The school does not just

focus on exams and attainment of grades but is giving due emphasis on giving Unique Experience of Life
Skills like cleaning, lacing shoes and tying it, arranging one’s lockers, unbuttoning and buttoning

shirts, zipping and unzipping pants, covering books/notebooks, laundry etc. in order to become perfect

in these areas.

Students with the inclusion of life skills in the curriculum are becoming competent to

face the challenges ahead in life. They are given the knowledge of these skills so that they
apply the same to the real world problems and situations. Learners are made self reliant
to take action in situations where their parents or teachers may not be around.

When teachers taught the skills initially some learnt smartly and others found it difficult.
They are always made to realise by teachers that each skill has to be done in a proper
form so as to help their parents in assisting their kids to look and live perfect.

OCTOBER 2019 13

SIS hosts Swarasandhya-7

Swarasandhya – a musical extravaganza continued to sway the singers and participants by amassing a

huge participation of parents and staff of Bhavans Indian Education School and Smart Indian School in

the SIS auditorium. The musical evening had its esteemed presence of Dr. Maryann Renee Beebe Ally-
the wife of Ambassador of Guyana to Kuwait, Chairman of Bhavans Middle East–

Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Principal of SIS –Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Jack & Jill Ms.Rathi

Ravindran,Vice-Principal-Co. Curricular of IES Ms. Meenakshi Neyyar ,Vice-Principal of SIS – Ms. Albin

Daisy and KG Supervisor – Ms. Rajni Menon.

The musical evening filled the attendees with an extravaganza of sheltering the singers

under the musical castle with palatable feast for the ears to relish the pulsating and
palpitating music. The Chief Guest lighted the lamp and started the program. The host

welcomed the Chief Guest and the gathering. Songs of Ms. Latha Mangeshkar,

K.J.Yesudas, S.Janaki, A.R.Rahman, S.P.Balasubramanium and songs from other Indian

languages were also sung during the occasion by the parents and teachers of Bhavans.
The Principal of SIS Mr. Mahesh Iyer led the music during the orchestra. Thus the musi-

cal night of Swarasandhya–7 came to an end as it celebrated music with its ardent lovers.

OCTOBER 2019 14

OCTOBER 2019 15

Raksha Bandhan

This year during my summer break, I celebrated the
beautiful relationship of brother and sister called

‘Raksha Bhandhan’ with my elder sister. The word
‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bhandhan’ means


On the day of Raksha Bhandhan, my sister tied a

beautiful thread around my wrist called ‘Rakhi’ while
offering prayers for my happiness. I gifted my sister a

box of chocolates and we both exchanged yummy
sweets with each other. All our family members

gathered together to enjoy the festivities and hence we

all had a very memorable day.

Nameesh Bangera

Grade1 Aquarius

My Monsoon Experience

Darsan Krishna

Grade 4 Aries

A rainy day gives me enjoyment because it comes after the hot and sunny
season. I become so tired when I come from the hot sun. Monsoon is my

favourite season. It reminds me of my vacation. Floating paper boats,

holding my little umbrella and wearing my raincoat gives me unlimited

OCTOBER 2019 16




OCTOBER 2019 17

OCTOBER 2019 18

OCTOBER 2019 1 9


Creative Space

OCTOBER 2019 20


{Little Hands

at Work}








OCTOBER 2019 21






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