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Gazett tte MAGAZINE




(1st SEMESTER 2019)

Hello readers! When you have conflicts with your parents, what are some factors that start the fight? Different
point of views? Different personalities? Or a generation wall?
“Ask real” may not seem strange or exotic to your ears, but trust me, to our parents or some relatives in the family,
this common slang first originated in Twitter might as well be a phrase spoken by a green alien from another galaxy.
This is just an obvious instance of a generation wall that is ubiquitous in society today. These different perceptions
have sparked various controversies between the two generations, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and
heated arguments across all platforms.
The way young people view the world may contradict the way the older generations do; and at the same time, the
way preceding generations perceive the society may not be completely aligned with the younger one. Both of
them have sound reasons to back them up, yet it is often the case that they are not thoroughly accepted or active-
ly listened to. There is no right or wrong; just a matter of environmental factors such as technology, education, and
urban trends like globalisation that create a gap between the two generations. Yet frequently, we find that these
two generations often coexist and interact very closely in our daily lives.
For this issue, let us take you to explore both perspectives to gain an understanding of the Baby Boomers and es-
tablish a healthier and more sustainable relationship. If we all open our minds, there are certainly grounds where
all ages can understand and grow together. We hope you gain something new from this edition of the EPTS Ga-
zette and enjoy reading!
(Plern, Mild)

Generational Names in the United States

From :






Bridging the Gap

in the Family

The generation gap is a natural part of the modern society. As adults get older, they’re being replaced
by the recent generation of children. The “adults vs children” dynamics has become an issue in many
areas of life, most notably in the family. Unfortunately, this problem may lead to miscommunication
or even conflicts. How can we mitigate the generation gap problem in the family? How can children
and parents better understand one another?

The Importance of a Healthy Parent-Child Relationship The modern 21st-century society in which children grow up and
live is a huge contrast to that of parents raised in the 20th cen-
Why is it so vital for parents and children to have a tight, endur- tury. Norms and values are not static - they change to reflect
ing bond? The relationship between parents and children is the the attitudes and beliefs of each generation. Despite this, some
longest-lasting one in the lives of both groups. This bond ex- parents prefer “kids these days” to act in accordance with
tends well beyond their separation; even after the children have norms and values “back in the good old days.” Parents may not
moved out or the parents have passed away, the connection is like their children’s way of thinking, saying it is unreasonable,
still present. A significant amount of time in a child’s life is spent but they should realize that times have changed with different
under the supervision of the parents and as such, the family ideas and challenges. Parents often assume what works for
environment should nurture the child’s physical, mental, emo- them will work for their children since they see their experience
tional, social, and spiritual development. as “universal knowledge.” Parents may, for example, advise their
children to participate in social causes such as volunteering at
Many people overlook the benefits of a positive relationship. events or donating to charities since the past society was large-
Children who feel securely attached to their parents have a ly based on group harmony and cooperation. In the present,
greater chance of forming content relationships with others. however, people are less selfless, more personal-driven, and
They learn to be confident and optimistic as well as expand more work-oriented, so while social events are still prevalent,
their skills in managing emotions, communicating, and solving parents should keep in mind that activities such as performing
real-life problems. Parents will gain a sense of accomplishment long formal or religious rituals may not appeal to a young de-
when they see their children mature and live a happy, produc- mographic. Most children will probably feel apathetic about
tive adult life. such activities.

Understanding the Two Perspectives Being too authoritarian in parenting can result in restricted
freedom for children. This, in turn, may annoy them or even
“Why won’t my children ever listen to me?” cause them to despise their parents. If parents overemphasize
Having more experience in life than their children, parents feel obeying household rules or social norms, children may feel
that they have a much greater understanding of the world. afraid to experiment and try new things or lack self-esteem.
They doubt that children are too naive, so they believe setting Being too permissive by always doing things or making deci-
rules and guidelines is the best way to make children become sions for them is equally detrimental as it can cultivate kids
organized and prepare them for their future. Nevertheless, sev- Cintinued bext page >>
eral parents fail to take into account the fact that children have
a divergent vision of the world, a direct consequence of the
generation gap. 2


whose mindset is spoiled - “I don’t have to help myself. I amount of time at school and often have homework to do.
don’t have to work hard. Someone will do it for me.” They Parents need to do their jobs as well; demanding ones can
cannot live a successful life. Parents need to balance order take up an entire day, leaving them with little time to eat or
and discipline with autonomy and independence. sleep and barely any time to relax or hang out with their
Guide them instead of telling them what to do. Let them family except on the weekends. Due to the parents’ time
carve their own path in life. constraints, some families also have maids to help kids and
grandparents. Thus, it is hard for most families to do activi-
“My parents just don’t understand me.” ties such as having meals, watching television, or playing
Children are the future of our society. They will become games together - the complete opposite of life in the past,
adults who are capable of advancing the world in numerous which favors family interaction over present-day solitary
areas. Being the new generation of people, they need par- consumerism.
ents or caregivers to guide and support them during the
first few years of their lives. At a young age, they need assis- The other essential factor is the point of view of each gener-
tance from their parents since they cannot do things on ation. Many parents appreciate tradition and instill the value
their own; surviving without parents is impossible for most, of obedience in their children. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t
if not all, children. They have not yet acquired enough life broke, don’t fix it.” They expect children to do as they’re told
skills. This is a time for learning, exploring, and developing, with only a limited opportunity to divert. Some dislike when
and parents are there to help. children argue even if they have sound reasons. Further-
more, children occasionally make mistakes in doing some-
As they get older, however, their identity and desire for in- thing and while parents can accept the mistakes, they insist
dependence emerge. They “fight” to express themselves, but that the children solve the problem their way rather than
the parents are sometimes not pleased with their decisions trying to find an agreement between “the children’s way”
and actions. Children should put themselves in their parents’ and “their way.” They should encourage their children to
shoes. They will discover that although their parents seem make mistakes as part of the learning process. For example,
strict or irritating, they have kind intentions. When the par- some parents make exact, detailed plans for middle or high
ents ask them to clean their room or speak politely, they school students on what they need to do for their university
may think, “Why do I have to do this? Can’t I do whatever I admission - what to do and when, where, how, etc., but isn’t
want?” They do not always like when parents interfere with this the teenagers’ responsibility? Researching information
them, but they should understand that parents want to and setting goals are vital life skills that will be useful to chil-
teach them valuable lessons and skills to help them live hap- dren, so parents should intervene as little as possible.
pily and effectively in society, which has rules and norms
that are to be abided by its citizens. On the contrary, children have a fresher look of the world
and do not highlight the importance of tradition. Although
Following parents’ rules and suggestions is preparing for life they may seem rebellious or naughty at first, they actually
outside the comfort of the children’s home. Children need to listen to adults and are generally open to new ideas and
recognize that parents give unconditional love in an affec- opportunities. If parents respect their children’s viewpoints,
tionate, not spiteful way and also that their parents are the they are more likely to attain crucial skills such as creativity.
only people who deeply know and care about them for the Consider this research from Polish universities (The Indepen-
rest of their lives. An emotionally well-adjusted young adult dent) that surveyed over 3,000 mothers from across the
is an obvious marker for success in life. country. The researchers found a relationship between the
Respect and listen to them. They want us to have a good mothers’ personality traits and the children’s creative pur-
life when we grow up. suits. They concluded, “Our findings show that openness to
experience is the key positive predictor of mothers’ activities
A Cultural Consideration that shape the climate for creativity in her relationship with
the child.” Additionally, the study revealed that creative chil-
Perhaps, the conflicts that arise in the family can be partly dren were usually raised by parents who were emotionally
attributed to changes in culture, as part of the generation stable and agreeable. It seems there is a clear correlation
gap. Children, primarily those born in Gen Z (after 1995), are between parenting styles and children’s mental develop-
raised in a more privileged environment as opposed to their ment.
parents and grandparents, who were brought up in earlier
times: Millennials (1978-1995), Gen X (1966-1977), Baby Boom- Moreover, there is a distinction regarding work ethic. A few
ers (1946-1965), and the Silent Generation (pre-1945). parents may perceive their children as being lazy or uncoop-
erative. This is not surprising as the parents had a more diffi-
Many of these children, including me, have access to the In- cult childhood because facilities were not as developed.
ternet as well as a wide range of technological devices. Compared to the present, communication, transportation,
These changes have brought about substantial improve- and household chores were more difficult. There were tech-
ments in our society but also come with heavy drawbacks. nological devices, but they weren’t as efficient as what we
For instance, smartphones have contributed to a “phubbing” have now. Parents had to work harder than their children
generation of children, most of whom are somewhat addict- and therefore have an ingrained belief about the value of
ed to their phones and the media. This, without a doubt, work.
hinders communication in the family. Instead of having face-
to-face conversations with their parents, children sometimes Reaching a Compromise
resort to making phone calls and text messages. The par-
ents, on the other hand, usually prefer activities that do not The generation gap problem in the family can be resolved
involve an obsessive use of technology. They do not want to or, at the very least, reduced by applying the principles of
invest much time and energy into it; surfing the Internet, communication and open-mindedness.
using social media, and playing video games are not some-
thing they will enjoy. Effective communication is the key to establishing a healthy
parent-child relationship. Humans can understand each oth-
In addition, the modern world is more structured and fast- er’s perceptions, opinions, and ideas if communication is ad-
paced. Most children, especially teenagers, spend a good equate. Family members should promote understanding
rather than discipline or order. Many parents think they can
guide their children by simply telling them what to do and


often not letting their children un- The perspectives
derstand the purposes of their deci-
sions. Miscommunication and lack
of communication are two common of each
problems in the family, so fixing
them will decrease unintentional generation
conflicts and increase one’s appreci-
ation of other family members.
in a career topic
Being open-minded is another way
to truly learn and understand some- WRITTEN BY: PUNIKA SUVIMOLPAN(PAN - M.1/343)
one. Even though adults and chil- PITSINEE NARUNATVANICH (PAT -M.1/343)
dren are raised in different times AIYADA IEUMWANANONTHACHAI (IDA - M.1/343)
and environments, both groups DRAWING BY: CHAWANRAT PERMBHUSRI (BAMBI - M.5/340)
should be more tolerant toward EDITING: PUNNAPA SUVIMOLPAN (PUN - M.5/350)
new ideas. Parents should be pa-
tient and listen to children’s opin-
ions. One practical strategy for them
is to learn new skills from experts in Nowadays, competition between generations has been getting more intense.
the fields of parenting and develop- One highly competitive aspect is a ”career”. The term ”career” or ”job” is a word
mental psychology, either directly we are all familiar with. However, those words may have a different meaning,
through conversations or indirectly unlike what you may define them as. In this article, we express the thoughts and
through books and online resourc- viewpoints in managing the career of different generations by interviewing 2
es. Children are supposed to discuss people in a different generation with a similar position in their jobs. Then, we
the matter with their guardians re- compare and contrast the results to come up with a conclusion about the differ-
spectfully. They should give reasons ences.
and control their temper. Learning
to be open-minded will not only be Primarily, from these interviews, we have learned that the reason why they chose
helpful in the family but also with this job does not have anything to do with the age group or generation that per-
friends, colleagues, and really just son is in. It’s simply for their own reasons. For example, a generation Z person
any other people. It is important to stated that opportunity is the main reason for choosing their career, while anoth-
understand others’ attitudes, not er person of the same generation may give different reasons. As for their goals,
just ignoring or getting upset when many people share similar goals, such as having their customers enjoy and trust
we disagree with them. their service.
Although the generation gap prob- Next, are the strategies in marketing, selling, and doing projects. Both genera-
lem in the family is hard to notice, it tions we interviewed share similar approaches to selling which is to submit their
can ignite relationship issues and work swiftly, make sure their products are all in good quality, and make their
minor conflicts. Both parents and products interesting to gain more customers. Advertising has a massive influence
children should think about the oth- on marketing. Technology has advanced over the years and has been a big part in
er side. They should find a common advertising. A person of the newer generation would promote their services
goal and reach an agreement that through online applications and websites, while a person of the previous genera-
satisfies both sides. If done correct- tion would not rely on other advertisements, simply through communication and
ly, the parent-child relationship will the word spreading from their customers. The results of from there project are
be a win-win situation in which both similar to another everyone likes for feedback and praise from their work so they
benefit and do not feel distressed. A can improve.
successful life of children and a ful-
filling life of parents can be achieved The next topic is how people in each generation feel about choosing to continue
through positive interaction in the their career. First of all, it is a matter of how you feel after your current career. The
family. younger generation said that he was satisfied with his career because it is a job
that many people want, and we have gained more knowledge and gained anoth-
er perspective on business. The reason people in this age group responded is
most of the benefit to themselves, but for the older generation, it’s about the
good things the customers get. While each generation gives a different answer
on how they feel differently about their career. The answers are similar, both of
them saying that they will continue to pursue this career. And endure changing
careers to improve the same profession even further.
References Lastly, we asked them about their opinions on the topic of Generational War and
tion-gap-in-the-context-of-a-family-How- received a similar reply that the Generation War would not be a social problem if
does-this-gap-impact-the-relationship-be- we would have to listen to others’ opinions with an open mind and understand
tween-parents-and-children one another without conflict. If we can do these things when we work together,
the-difference-between-past-and-present- we will be able to find a way to find the best way or means of work.
erations-1435472 The perspectives of each generation are different, most likely because of their
health-and-families/open-minded-moth- age and preferences, which is normal. Even though each person in each genera-
ers-children-creativity-encour- tion has different views, when people come to work together, they will realize
age-study-parenting-study-extraver- that they can work together because everyone listens to each other and agrees
sion-parents-a8092501.html to find the best ideas and options. This is what allows people of different ages to
be together in peace.




Nowadays, technology doesn’t have an influence on
only the latest generations, it also affects the daily Social media
lives of people in previous generations. Information
and news can be seen on social media which split 1st 2nd 3rd
into many applications. Each app has its own bene- Baby Boomer Line Facebook -
fits and some of them are faster in terms of deliver- Generation X Line Facebook Youtube
ing the info which means that different generations Generation Y Facebook Line Instagram
may get various kinds of data due to apps that they Generation Z Instagram Twitter Facebook
Survey (Thailand)
To confirm our claims and to provide more
evidence about the topic we are researching for. We Online shopping
did a survey on many generations in Thailand such Top
as the Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomer -
and Generation Z. The survey is about the most used Generation X Lazada
apps in different generations, the result turned out Generation Y Lazada
pretty predictable. As we already know that most of Generation Z Shopee
the teens or the latest generation are more depen-
dent on social media apps…..
We surveyed 10 people for each generation. The re- Top
sult shown that the newer generation will used Baby Boomer -
more of the social media apps but still some older Generation X Grab
generations are using it too. Generation Y Lineman
Generation Z Grab



Comparison between the most popular apps used by a
different generation
Advantages and disadvantages

Social media:
Facebook and Messenger1
A: Worldwide, almost every generation has facebook
D: Sometimes, it has a fake account and easily hacked.
Instagram 2
A: You can talk to people through DM and can get vari-
ous information such as political news, entertainment
news, etc.The users can also share their lifestyle with
their followers. Instagram provides a community for
people with the same interest to communicate with
each other.
D: Sometimes, it’s not good for people who are under
18. Anyone can send you a message.
The teenager may feel like they have to get many likes
or comments to be accepted in society. Shopee
A: Has many good promotions and discounts. BLACKPINK
A: They can provide more chances for learners to study D: Usually send wrong products to customers and some-
online and also use social media marketing to pass times delay in delivery.
through some high-quality videos. It also creates oppor-
tunities who want to Amazon
D: All generations can get into Youtube which some- A: It can find goods from all over the world.
times there are videos that are not suitable for them or D: It takes a long time for the product to arrive and also
too dangerous to follow. the delivery fee is expensive.
A: There are lots of filters to try on and also many inter- Service
esting features such as photoshop, drawing, stickers Lineman
and many more. The user can communicate with his or A: Mostly use for delivering food or packages. Line Man
her friends and also Snapchat can warn you if someone has various choices of food and also the app is connect-
tried to save the videos or the pictures you send it to ing to LINE which made it easier for the users to use the
them. app.
D: Can only send videos/pictures in a certain amount of D: The drivers can say no to the customers and also the
time and be very addictive. Lots of the teens use Snap- rate of the delivered is due to the distance from the
chat for sending pornography or nudes because the restaurant to your current location.
videos and pictures in these apps can be removed easily
but still some people can screenshot the nudes or re- Lalamove
cover the data. Also if the user forgot to turn off their A: The user can tell the driver where he or she wants the
location, criminals can track down to their resident lo- package to be delivered in specific places such as on the
cation. 2nd floor of the apartment.
D: It makes you less responsible for your own work and
Twitter 3 the packages may be delivered at the wrong place.
A: Has many kinds of news and delivered news quite
fast Grab
D: Sometimes, the contents are not appropriate A: It is very easy and comfortable to order. Grab also more
Line reliable than others due to the set price and the almost
A: You can use a line group to communicate about the cheapest app overall.
group work. D: The drivers can turn down the order from the custom-
D: It can easily be hacked ers. The rate of delivering is always 10bahts if the restau-
Tinder rant is in the area near your current location.
A: Use to find a soulmate. Sometimes it can solve loneli-
D: Sometimes, it can be dangerous to talk to someone
you don’t know before.

Source :
Online shopping apps: popular-apps-for-teenagers
A: It shows the latest trend in each season and tells how
many people interested in that trend which can help
you to make your choice of buying.
D: Products have higher prices compared to other shop-
ping apps.



Reference :
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‘’One way to forget about pain is to do something you From 1990 to 2002, there were a lot of great
will be in, completely. So, computer games.’’ games such as Counter Strike, Dota, Quake and Street
This remarkable phrase was said by Dendi, a profes- Fighter; these were the kinds of games that no matter
sional Dota player who have earned over the 799,837 how much one plays it, there will be something new
US dollars from playing video games. E-sport starts is left to discover. However, there was a game that be-
now grasping a global trends and is included in many came dominant and was played by half of South Ko-
major sports tournaments, such as the Sea Games and rea’s population: StarCraft. Almost a million dollars was
the Asian Game. Its popularity makes the e-sport into spent on the tournament and almost 4 million viewers
mainstream mediums with televised events on chan- participated and watched the competition. Not only in
nels, for instance, TBS and ESPN. However, before go- South Korea, other nations also experienced the glob-
ing any further, the real question is what is e-sport? al phenomenon. The e-sport on the American side also
continued to grow from the launch of the Major
E-sport or electronic sport is the activity where League Gaming (MLG) in 2002 which currently is the
the players play video games seriously to the level of largest esports league as well as the most generous in
professionals. As a result, the players have routinely terms of prize money awarded.
practice around eight to ten hours a day, just as other
professional sport players. Furthermore, like other One of the problems that kept the e-sport in the shell
types of sports, e-sport players play computer games was the cost of live streaming a computer game event,
against each other whether in a team or an individual. which was significantly high in the early 2000s. Howev-
Its scale and popularity gradually grew from small ca- er, the cost boundary broke down in 2010 when tech-
fes to the giant arenas with a multitude of crowds. Its nology allowed anyone to cast live streaming event for
growth also gathers several sponsors variously, from free from their houses. Ultimately, the real engine that
car companies such as Ford to snack or beverage increased the number of players and viewers, as well
brand like Coca Cola and Snickers. as grossing more money, began in 2011, when twitch
was launched. At that time, the entire world had ac-
The first official video game competition hap- cess to competitive gaming as a spectator sport, where
pened back in October of 1972 in Stamford University people can now watch it like general sport competi-
where students were competing in a game called tions such as soccer. Twitch has several online broad-
Spacewar with the grand prize of a Rolling Stone mag- casts of gaming events around the world such as Dota
azine’s one year subscription. In 1980, the first video 2 and League of Legends which grosses millions of
game competition that shone to the public eye was views as well as millions of dollars from the sponsors.
the Space Invaders Championship. Ran by Atari, there
were 10,000 people in the event which was popular- Over a period of eight years, e-sport’s popularity sky-
ized and had published records. Another turning point rockets from millions to billions of players and specta-
of the esport was in 1980 when the organization tors from around the world. Now, it can be said that it
named Twin Galaxies that collected and kept the world is regarded as a member of the real sports with teams,
record of the video game name was established. rules and prizes. In fact, it is not just a game anymore,
it is now the e-sport, a sport truly for the new genera-
But the real punch was delivered in 1990 when tion.
the thirsts of players who wanted to be the best play-
er of their respective games had risen. Around the
same time, the internet did more than sending a mes-
sage as it connected players together from the online
competitive match. On the other hand, Japanese game
companies such as Sega and Nintendo fostered amer-
ican people to be more competitive. As a result, sever-
al tournaments emerged to increase the popularity
and growth of personal computer games and compa-
nies. The first official e-sport event in the world sprout-
ed in 1997 called the Red Annihilation. It was an event
for games such as Quake which had 2,000 participants
fighting one-on-one.









100 YEARS ago, 3 representatives of the 3 winning coun- and could not do anything. The last thing the country
tries of the First World War came up with a treaty for needed was just someone to ignite a spark of anger and
Germany, the loser. They forced 2 German representa- hatred. And that was exactly when the Nazi party came
tives to sign it. No negotiations were made, or allowed into power, with its leader exploiting the harsh terms of
to be made from the country. The treaty demanded theTreaty of Versailles as something to blame for their
that Germany reduce its army to 100,000 men, give up economic woes. He used it as a tool. He used a treaty for
some of its territories to neighboring countries, give up peace to start another war.
all of its colonies to Britain and France, and pay some 132
billion gold marks for the war. The treaty was contro-
versial. Some said it was too harsh, while others said it Over the course of six years, Hitler began to undo the
was too forgiving. Nevertheless, in retrospect, it was in- treaty. He improved the army, regained control over Ger-
deed harsh, and made the German people furious. So many’s lost territories, stopped paying the war repara-
furious they could go on to start another war. Marshal tions Germany was charged for, and before other coun-
Ferdinand Foch of France said, “This is not peace. It’s an tries could do anything, he invaded Poland; the Second
armistice for 20 years.” World War had started. This one claimed 80 million lives,
Little did he know that his prediction was just 65 days the single greatest catastrophe caused by man in human
off before Nazi Germany invaded Poland 20 years and history.
65 days later. After the war ended with Germany once again losing,
To give you a background of what was going on, in 1914, the victors learnt their lesson, and decided that oppres-
World War I, ironically known as the war to end all wars, sion could not end violence. They helped support the los-
a major conflict in Europe, started. The war was fought ers, and even enhanced them greatly. Still…, but still, if
between the Allied Powers (Britain, France, Russia, and only they realised this 26 years ago, if the Treaty of Ver-
the U.S.) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hun- sailles had not been made at all, none of this would have
gary, and the Ottoman Empire). It was a bloody war, happened.
which claimed the lives of 19 million people. Almost 20 million people died in a war to start another
At 11 o’clock, on the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, one, which ended up killing 80 million more. 100 million
World War I came to an end with Germany’s surrender. deaths…...Was the peace Treaty of Versailles really a peace
During the period that followed, the three victors of the treaty?
war; France, Britain, and the United States, negotiated
for a peace treaty between the Allied Powers and Ger-
many. America, led by President Woodrow Wilson, was
not seriously damaged by the war, and tried to negoti-
ate for a lenient treaty for Germany, not blaming the
then empire for the war. France, led by Georges Clem-
enceau, suffered serious land damage, and on the other
hand, had very harsh opinions. It wanted to punish Ger-
many for the war. It wanted revenge. David Lloyd
George, representing Britain, had opinions in between
the two. After months of negotiating, the treaty was
completed, with many different conditions for Germany Mini dic
as listed above in the first paragraph, and on 28th June treaty = an agreement
1919, the treaty was signed by Germany in the Hall of inflation = a type of economic crisis
Mirrors, the Palace of Versailles; the Treaty of Versailles woe = a troublesome issue
was official.
The treaty severely punished Germany, and enraged
the people. However, the United States tried to help
the country with its economy. By the late 1920’s, the Ref.
country was in a better shape. However, the Great De-
pression happened. The United States needed the mon-
ey it lent Germany, back. This placed Germany in a hor-
rible position. Severe inflation destroyed its economy.
People lost their jobs, while the government was weak,






Hi. My name is Rose Claren and I’m mute. I have been room. She asked, “How was school?”
mute since I was 11 years old. I can’t even really remember “Fine,” I wrote on a whiteboard which was basically my 24th
when the last time I spoke was, which was probably be- organ.
fore I entered secondary school. My life has nothing spe- “Do you have any new friends?”
cial, it’s literally the same everyday, go to school in the “Yes, I am friends with a deaf guy”
morning, eat a terrible lunch alone, come back home “What!!!!!! Are you out of your mind!? Since you’ve turned
and...get complaints from my strict mother. mute, I have been trying so hard to recover your speaking
Mother, for everyone, she may be your providence, your ability so that you could live your life like other kids, and now
hero and your comfort zone who will always be by your you don’t even try to speak and become friends w-with a deaf
side whenever you need her. However, my definition of guy. Everything I did, I did it for you. But if you don’t see its
the word mother is completely different. My mom was value...shame on you,” she screamed at me as I had predicted
like a nightmare for me. At the moment she realized I had it would happen. I dropped everything I was holding. My eyes
become mute, she freaked out. For the entire first month, started getting hot and covered with tears. I tried to hold it
I remembered hearing her cry every single night before before I got into my bedroom. But the more I tried, the more
going to bed. Even before I became mute, she always they poured out of my eyes.
complained about how problematic I was and how stress- I hurled the board and marker in my hands and sprinted off to
ful it was to raise me and now guess what? I can’t speak my room with tears rolling down my cheeks. The mirror caught
to her anymore. my gaze, so I threw my fists at it. Shattering into blood-cov-
Today was my first day of high school. It was already dark ered splinters all over my bedroom floor. I couldn’t control my
when I came back home because I had gone to the li- emotions as I had completely lost my consciousness. The last
brary. It was a long day as always, but a little shorter now thing I knew was that one piece pierced into my iris...
that I had made a friend. I had a hard time getting myself I opened my eyes half-consciously. I couldn’t remember what
to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about the new happened, but what I saw was just the blur vision resulting
deaf kid at school. The teacher assigned me to be his bud- from the white dressing, which covered my right eye.
dy since I learnt sign language as an assistance for my “Mrs.Claren, if you don’t mind, can I talk to you for a second?”
disability. I couldn’t read it clearly, but I guess that’s what he wrote on
“Why didn’t you close the door again!? What if a stranger my whiteboard.
crept in, huh? Go check upstairs.” Mom finally came back “Sure, go on,” she responded.
from work and the first thing she did was yell at me, again. “Umm, I am not sure whether I should tell you this, but I am
The dark had taken over the neighborhood by now, so going to tell you anyway,”
the only light keeping my steps towards the attic visible Iris continued scribbling, “Rose used to tell me about her and
was the moon. All of a sudden, some rumbling grew from her mother’s relationship. She told me how much she suffered
above. I approached it while trying to take deep breaths. from your words and that you hated her. Rose said that since
Shhhhh. He raised his index finger to his lips. she was very young she had tried so hard to be that daughter
“Holy Lord, why are you here right now, Iris? And how do you expected her to be. But, no matter how much she’s tried,
you know where I live? You creeped the hell out of me,” I you would never be satisfied or say “well done, rose”. At last,
signed. she wished that one day, you and Rose could be like other
“Sorry, I don’t mean to be a creep, but I followed you on typical mother and daughter or at her back.”
the bus. I’m just two blocks away. I don’t have any friends “I-I’ve never known that before. I did what I have done only
and I thought of you, this alright?” because I wanted her to have a good future. I may be strict to
Of course. I mean...I was just kind of thinking about you, her sometimes, but it was all for her. W-why doesn’t she tell
too. me how she feels? If I had known a little bit earlier, this would
My heart was beating faster than a. The attic had forever have never happened. Oh my dear, Rose,” her words quivered
been my secret hideaway, so he was the first one to cross when they fell from her lips.
my line. We laid on our backs and glanced into the ever- Hurried footsteps approached me through the door.
lasting space above us. “Rose! Rose, my darling! Please wake up to me one last time. I
“Whenever I feel lonely I would come up here to look up didn’t mean to break your heart. Now I understand what hor-
at the hopeful stars. Each and every star has beauty in its rible things you must go through. I am sorry, my petals. Oh
own way. They all shine light luminously even though God please forgive me and all the sins I have created to my
some aren’t noticeable to the naked eye. However, only precious daughter! Oh please-
some of them align to create divine meaningful patterns My irises had eventually come into focus. The first thing I could
called constellations.” make out was Iris squeezing my hand tight. To his left was a
“You should be a philosopher, or a writer, something of woman. It was my mother, whose makeup was ruined by a
that kind,” he grinned. His smile was the most adorable flood of tears. But it only ran down from one eyeball. The oth-
crescent I had ever seen. I felt a tickle lingering on my er was hidden by the familiar dressing blocking my right eye’s
skin. His right hand reached for my left. I never knew si- sight.
lence could shout this loud in my face. It was the best “Mom-”
night of my life because it was innocently intimate.
Anyone can look into your eyes, but not everyone can see
the sky the way you do.
The next evening after I came back from school, surpris-
ingly, my mom had been waiting for me in the dining






Should we conserve the gender roles Mother Nature gives and the outcome that the employee brings about through
humanity, or should we do what our free-will says according to the work. In the film industry, both males and females in lead
our learned behavior? roles should be paid equally. A doctor who can clean-cure
patients deserves larger payment and cases.
The Nature/Nurture module is a tool used when judging a per- When judging the value of a person, one should judge them
son according to inherited genetic or learned behavior, which based on their character, and their actions, not their gender
can be used understand a variety of situation relating to soci- and socially accepted roles from previous generations. Who
ety. Within this context,the term Nature relates to what one one chooses to love, for example, is not a valid basis for judg-
was born with, which cannot be chosen or undone. Nurture on ing an individual.
the other hand relates to conscious choices. When meeting
someone new, for example, judge them by who they are. When On a side note: I have read about trans-men. There are ones
hiring someone for employment, judge them by what they can that help elders lift heavy objects and leave the seats on bus-
do. This module is quite flexible, and so it can be adapted to es for pregnant women. And there are the ones that decide
many scenarios.This raises the question as to whether one can not to.
or should actually be judged when people have their own
rhyme and reason for what, why, and how they do things in The first group is well aware of their born physique. If they
their lives? are strong enough to help, then they should.

Throughout previous generations, values and traditions have The latter group is well aware of who they are as an individ-
differed than the next. Nevertheless, the previous generations ual, and identify themselves as women.
often expect the younger generations to follow their lead in
relation to how Nurture and Nature play roles to regulate a In this case, will they not lend a hand to a fellow human?
stable environment. Many previous generations believe that Ironically, they have decided to use the gender stereotype,
men are expected to be a leader and to be strong, while which represses them, as a form of ignorance.
women are expected to take care of jobs that relate to more However, people have the right to dress up and act the way
emotional and focus on many details. However, were all men they want, use the pronouns they prefer, and to love, just like
born with leadership abilities? Were all women born with emo- other humans.
tional capabilities? This is a question that continues to be raised
with each new generation. Romantic matters aside, the Nature/Nurture module should
be used and interpreted depending on context. As depicted
Meanwhile, younger generations currently have access to ex- in the example, it is dangerous to fixate on only Nature or
cessive amount of information, (from the internet, for exam- Nurture, so one should handle the module with care and in-
ple), thus influencing their views. The ‘I do what I want’ attitude telligence.
which directly relates to members of the younger generation
living life in their own way, seems more popular these days. Has The Nature/Nurture module aims to resolve the conflict be-
the current generation forgotten what their parents have giv- tween the perspectives of two generations. It is not wrong
en them? Have they ignored the reality of their physicality (Na- to be male, or female, or a member of the LGBTQ+ communi-
ture)? Bombarded with information and perspectives from all ty. But, children nowadays should not entirely judge the pre-
over the world, young minds continually differ from their par- vious generations either, because they grew up with differ-
ents’ minds. ent beliefs.
Each human being is a unique individual, and thus different The Nature/Nuture module is about respecting one another’s
than the next. Stereotyping a group according to a single trait rights as humans. People should have their own right to live
is not an effective way to orient people. What causes argu- for themselves and to decide what they want in their own
ments are different perspectives. One chooses only to see one lives. How one was born does not limit one’s fate, and one’s
side of the “coin”—remaining biased. free-will cannot always be used as a reason to rebel either. In
order to cope with a chaotic, conflicted society, people
When to judge from Nature? should eliminate biases as much as possible and attempt to
see the true value of the element of the Nature Nurture
In theatre, TV series, and film auditions, gender tends to make module when judging another. This can then allow one to
a huge difference. In Aladdin should be played by a male and gain a more transparent view of the situation, and to soothe
Jasmine by a female (unless the production team wants any hatred rooted in our already-nerve-wrecked hearts.
something new)
Special thanks to my discussion circle: Poon #1 340, Ing #6 340, Pun #12
On construction sites, most workers are males because they 350, Vich #2 340, Bambi #18 340, Mild #3 340, Luksorn #24 340, Judd #1
tend to be stronger than females, or because people assume 350, Pran #26 340
that they are. But, if the female is Kim Bok Joo [1], then go for it.
Make good use of your abilities.
When to judge from Nurture?
When entrusting one with lighter jobs, sets of capabilities are
required for the highest efficiency. Does it really matter who [1] the heroine from the K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
the person is, if they get the job done?
A salary should be paid according to the importance of the job






Understanding the T wo Sides

Entertainment plays a crucial part in humans’ lives, it countries, like K drama or C drama, or shows that have al-
soothes their unhappiness and relieves their stress. People ready been aired whenever they want. There is no need to sit
from different backgrounds have their own methods to and wait for the program nor fight to watch a specific show.
entertain themselves and occasionally, some people are Each person can watch their own programs separately.
not pleased with other alternative ways. Parents of the To conclude, children and teenagers of the present-day grew
new generation, which includes children and teenagers, up in the world that has changed so much from what it used
are often unhappy with many of their children’s methods to be. With the development and prosperity of the internet
of entertainment. Parents consider the act of consistently and mass communication, the world has become much larg-
playing phones, computer games, or surfing the social me- er with more to explore. Many activities and forms of enter-
dia to be bad behavior, while perceiving activities that do tainment can be done alone.
not involve phones or other gadgets such as playing with
toys, reading books, playing sports, to be better ideas of Ending Up Together
activities. Actually, the difference between these ideas of Have you ever asked your parents to join and watch Netflix
entertainment came from the fact that these two genera- with you? Their first expression would be shrinking their
tions were brought up in the world with different values, heads, frowning both eyebrows and say “What’s that? Is it
technology, and environment. the same as YouTube?” But when they review a movie when
they were a teenager, you would think that “The story is too
Back in the Good Old Days old.” Both teenagers and adults are the same— have
The parents, the ‘70s generation, grew up in an analogous different backgrounds of life— however, both generations
world where technology and communication were not as have a happily ever after.
prosperous. There were no VIDEO games, no internet to
serve on, no Youtubers to occupied their interest. Enter- Adaptation is the ability to change for survival like learning
tainment was offline. 20th-century entertainment in order to stay safe with
teenagers. Parents slowly adapt to the world’s entertainment
The parents grew up in a world without the internet. They since no adult is going to watch the same old movie forever.
played with toys, like paper dolls, small soldiers troops, or Facebook is widely spread to everyone no matter what’s
plastic toys that came along in the snack bags. They also their age. “By giving people the power to share, we’re
played games like rubber skipping, blowing rubber bands, making the world more transPARENT.” is what Mark Zucker-
or jackstones.These games required more than one per- berg, the creator of Facebook, said (it’s a pun, just take it).
son in order to maximize the games’ enjoyment. Books, But seriously, the first rank for people to study entertain-
comics, and novels ought to be a physical copy only as ment and trend is through social media: What do people
well. They were often shared between peers. wear? What is the newest celebrity drama? What are the up-
coming movies? Adults don’t live in a dinosaur era anymore!
Since there was no internet, watching movies, series, or TV
shows required family members to sit in front of the TV Tom and Jerry is one of the legendary comedy cartoons even
together and wait for their preferred program to air. They though it was published in 1940. The popularity of Tom and
sometimes had to fight for the remote control as well. The Jerry is still in top place because children nowadays also
numbers of channels on the TV were quite small as well, so watch it too. Children don’t always stick with phones and
only specific programs, like the Hong Kong drama: ‘Rein- video games, but they also time travel to the past learning
carnated’, was famous throughout the whole country. their parents’ generation’s entertainment.
To conclude, the world when the parents were brought up Nowadays, grannies are using iPhones and IPads for
was very different from the present day. It used to be a watching their own series, parents are reluctant to Line,
small world, with less to explore, where many activities are teachers teach students with Kahoot and kids read comic
required to be done with more than one person WITHOUT books. In the end, generations are living in peace for happily
the uses of the internet. ever after.

Back to the Future Bridging the Gap
Children and many teenagers of the present day were The two generations have been brought up in the same, yet
born after or along with the advancement and develop- so different world. The forms of entertainment may be differ-
ment of the internet and mass communication. Many have ent, but if thought about and understand carefully, the two
access to the internet at a young age. Due to the fact that generations are not so different after all. Children and teen-
the internet technically connects the world together, the agers of the present days still like to play games, talk to their
new generation prefers to find entertainment that is with- friends, read comics, novels, watch programs, and movies,
in their reach, in their cell phones and devices. just like how their parents were when they were young. It is
just that the ways that these activities can be done different-
They grow up with the ability to watch movies, play video ly. Both the students and the parents just have to understand
games, read webcomics and web novels in their devices that even though they grew up in different times, they are
individually. As they grow up, they communicate with not so different after all.
their peers on the internet, since it was unnecessary to go
out and meet each other face to face.

TV shows or series are also connected throughout the
world. The latter generation can watch shows from other


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Generation War and Politics

Politics is the main factor that shapes life in many countries, generation. Secondly, The mindsets of each generation is
especially those with democracy, such as Thailand. How the different. One can see that most young citizens like to see
country is ruled and how most things work—from education to change in their country towards a better era. However, it can
healthcare—depend on the government. Since Thailand has just also be said that most of the older generation like to see peace
had an election in March 2019, the first election since the 2014 in the country and think that the old ways are good enough. To
coup by the military, it was the subject that was most talked elaborate, this can also be seen from history. This “generation
about. This subject is also seen as a generation war since each war’ has always been prevalent throughout society, with older
generation of people in Thailand has a different point of view generations tending to be more conservative. The younger
towards the election and how politics should work in Thailand. people in society usually have very liberal views, and they are
Consequently, in this article, we will classify these two groups of not afraid to express their views. Despite this, the point of view
people who have differences of opinion, as the “old generation” of the older generation is also understandable because they
and the “new generation”. have lived their lives this way and they have experienced many
things both good and bad, so their decision is based on their
In the past, elections have always been quite similar, with only own experiences. As a result, nowadays there are conflicts
two main parties in with the chance of winning the election. For between the generations, who have their own way of thinking.
the older generation, their loyalty lies to the candidates and
also to the party itself. Their whole family mostly chooses to The different views in politics from different age groups can also
vote for that particular party over and over again. These loyal- be seen in other countries. If we take a look at Britain and
ties are mostly inherited from the family, since the theme of Brexit, we can also see another significant division between the
each party is generally the same. This way of thinking is in con- young and the old.
trast to the new generation, who votes for the party they think
would be able to drive the country’s economy, politics, and so- Considering all of the points stated above, we can conclude that
cial issues forward to first-world global standards. However, different mindsets differ from generation to generation, result-
some of the citizens, like the older generation, think that the ing in different opinions toward politics in Thailand, as they also
government should be as it had always been in the past. This is do in other countries and at other times.Regardless, Thai
because there has mostly been peace in the country, without citizens need to learn to live together in peace, learn to accept
fighting or disagreement amongst the people, resulting in ev- others’ opinions and adapt to the new world. If we set our
eryone living happily in their old ways. They value peace and differences apart and work together, we will be able to work
stability more than the development of the country. towards a better society and a better country.

In the latest election, the votes of first time voters was very in- References
fluential, considering the fact that Thailand hadn’t had an elec-
tion for 8 years, so the oldest first time voters were already 26.
Statistics showed that there are up to 7.3 million first time vot-
ers, which means that the new generation were likely to be very
influential in the outcome of the election. In the view of many
new voters, politics in Thailand might be too boring with the king-will-2019-herald-new-political-normal-thailand
continual loop of coup and re-election again and again. Some
choose not to care about the result of this election, and some
are mislead. Nevertheless, most of the new generation decided
by analysing and judging through the pros and cons of each
party and the policies of each party had come up with, rather
than focusing on the party or the candidates itself. They try to
understand and choose what is best for the country. In addition,
new generations also consider the development of the country.
They try to weigh up how the policy will benefit the country in
the long run and how it will boost the country’s economy and
help the country to compete with other neighboring countries
in Southeast Asia and also globally. More importantly, new vot-
ers should be confident in expressing their own opinions of
what they really want because they might be influenced and
persuaded easily by how other people think. With their lives
closely fused with technology, their views towards the election
are mostly expressed through social media. At the same time,
the new generation also acquire much of their information
from social media, which is an easy way for the parties to spread
their ideas and persuade the new voters to vote for them.
If we take a step back, we can see that each generation has
different ideas on how to decide and choose. Firstly, the older
generation decides who they elect by relying on the same party
or candidates that they are familiar with. On the other hand,
new voters consider the policies of each party and decide from
that information because the same party loyalty as the older

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