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Gazett tte MAGAZINE
VOL.13 ISSUE.2 JANUARY 2019 (2nd SEMESTER 2018)





I look in the mirror
And what do I see
A pair of eyes
Looks back at me.

A nose, two ears, two eyebrows, too
Two lips, and teeth, to say,
“I love you.”

I look in the mirror
And what do I see
I look in the mirror
And I see “ME”

by ymes1000




How to Lead a Well
Balanced Lifestyle VOL . 13 ISSUE.2 JANUARY 2019
page 6 (2nd SEMESTER 2018)

Thoughts of Hello and Happy New Year from all of us EPTS
a Teenager Gazette crew! First of all, we wish you, our readers,
page 7 an auspicious year filled with joy and success. Let’s
see what exciting things 2019 will bring us!
Mental Problem To mark the beginning of what we call a new
page 9 phase of life, we want to explore a significant issue
that has been recently popping up in a myriad of
Who am I news articles. The ageing society is a challenge that
the world, specifically Thailand, is trying to combat at
page 3 Gear & Gadget the moment. As elders outnumber the younger gen-
page 10 eration, they become dependent on the latter since
they still need as much necessities while not being
able to gain as much income. Elders are now wrongly
seen as a burden to society, instead of wisdom as it
should be. Consequently, it is undeniable that the
younger generation has to step up to become the
main pillars of the society. Education is the key to
this rising concern. With a high quality of learning,
not only will the youth be able to voice their ideas
efficiently, but the senior population will also be able
to rely on themselves.
On that note, it brings us to the central theme of
this issue of the EPTS Gazette. Since education has
become such a vital factor to progress, the voices of
young people like us are projected louder than ever.
In this issue, we will delve deep into “young minds”
and what opinions they have, in hopes of realising
the power of action and what we can do it change
the society for better.






(PDS edition)

It’s almost impossible, with the time given, to fig- The Serious Version: Education and Ca-
ure out who we are. The world nowadays is spin- reer Aspirations
ning faster and faster. With the Internet and so-
cial media, anyone could discover information Why does it matter?
they want to acquire and share it with the world. Discovering oneself is like having a compass
Anyone could succeed at a young age. But some- and knowing exactly how to sail the ship. It is agreed
times, the everburgeoning access and stagger- that discovering oneself is beneficial to the person. It
ing varieties can leave a person flabbergasted. allows one to follow one’s own passion and enjoy do-
Wait. I need to choose and watch 1 movie from ing something that is both enjoyable and rational. I
an array of them on Netflix. Oh...I just spent 30 once felt that investing a lot of time just to ‘figure out’
minutes scrolling, and I still can’t decide whether myself was unnecessary since as time went by, I should
to watch a movie or a series! I’d say those who be able to figure out naturally. However, I have dis-
manage to pave the early and rapid routes are covered that time is not enough. EPTS students have
to select their academic track in M4, which means
either talented or lucky enough. Still, there are that they should have a clear picture of what they
people who are lost. Like us, who have to work want to do by the end of M3. Some students end up
harder to catch up with the global ferocious choosing the mathematics and science track as an in-
flow. Great.




surance policy because they can land up at any facul- that many overlook. Students have to do certain per-
ty in Thai universities; however, they are in a slightly sonality quizzes (Myer-Briggs, multiple intelligence,
disadvantageous position. Students who already etc.) every.single.year. However, if he/she has the
know what they want to do will choose the academic same result when completing his/her personality test
track that fits them and hence are given more time to every year, then that is likely their personality. Then,
spend on their respective subjects that correlate with use the result as a foundation and work from there.
the faculties. Some might object on the grounds that Find something that might suit your personality type.
if the student chooses the track, they will be sur- 4. Listen to your parents, but choose your
rounded by people with ‘stronger’ academic skills and own actions
thus be in an effective learning environment. Yet I Your parents want you to have the best form of op-
would argue that in each academic track, there is a portunity and career path. Talk to them for some in-
mixture of students who work hard and who don’t, so formation, and note that sometimes they might sup-
taking others into consideration when deciding your port a certain profession that they believe will make
track shouldn’t be prioritized. Figuring out what one you successful. They will, of course, talk about profes-
wants to learn early on is crucial to being able to se- sions with more stability and money. However, the
lect a suitable track to thrive. person who knows you best is you. If you firmly be-
lieve that the subject that you want to do is right for
When it comes to studying in the US/UK, the time to you, talk to your parents and they will give you their
know what you want to do is even more limited. In support.
the UK, by year 12, (equivalent to M5) students are re- 5. Research.Research.Research.
duced to learning only 4 subjects that they want to 6. Table of Decision
specialize in for their A-levels. The US education sys- A method that really helped me was typing down my
tem tends to lean towards being able to explore what interests and criteria (expected salary, difficulty, time,
students want to learn, (in college, students have a etc. ) in a spreadsheet. This allowed me to weigh the
2-year exploration time and will select their major in options relative to one another.
year 3). However, a student with an ideal application 7. Remember that you are choosing for your-
profile should be able to know what he/she wants to self.
do by the end of grade 8 (equivalent to M2), develop
his/her own personal project in a certain subject, and
do extracurricular activities related to their specific
subject. The 2 year exploration time in the US does
not mean that you do not need to figure out what
you want to do before college. The Cool Version: For Yourself
Why does it matter?
HOW? (University edition) Education, enrolling into a university and get-
ting a sustaining, well-paid career are definitely quite
This might sound overwhelming. Frankly big accomplishments in life. However, that isn’t the
speaking, it is. You can simply choose to ignore it, but entire essence of one’s life. If you want to satisfy your-
it is still something that we need to do, just as import- self, then do what you love, follow your pure passion,
ant as knowing how to score well in an exam. So how be honest with yourself. This has nothing to do with
can you do it? Well, here are some personal tips from money, career or social expectations; it’s all about
us: your satisfaction. Of course, you can add that into
your career, but there are no limitations whether it’s
1. Explore the faculty-in-the-universities-wise or salary-wise. Of
Try new things. Do keep in mind that academic grades course, studying in this school doesn’t give you much
are important, but exploring new things are import- time, so this version is not going to be so time-invest-
ant as well. Manage your time. After finding out, start ing. This is not going to be easy, but it is not impossi-
developing and go in-depth. ble either.
2. Be decisive
Remember, you only have to choose one thing that
you want to do for university, (special case: in the US, HOW?
you can choose more than 1, but they should still be
similar) so if a subject that you are doing has some “Others’ happiness is not your responsibility.” -- Kim-
slight downsides, then it is still not the right option for berly Moffit (not our A. Kimberly Unger)
you to continue doing not just as a university subject,
but as your career. Why not try something similar that 1. Listen to what you have to say
does not have that certain downside, e.g. you want to ‘Follow your heart’s desire,’ is how I actually
learn more about economics but the jobs do not pay want to put it, but that’d be too cheesy and impracti-
off well, look at studying business. cal. Simply ask yourself, “If there are no social limita-
3. Use Everything to Your Advantage tions and money issues, what do you want to do?” and
The school’s guidance class, for instance, is something write them down or record your voice. Do this as of-



ten as possible and look for patterns. If something what others have to say but if what you are doing is not
occurs a lot in your note/recording, that is likely to be illegal, do it. You either give up, give in, or give it all you
your best option. Also, pay close attention to what you have. YOLO.
like or don’t like to do. Focus more on the ones you like.
Develop the latter skills. But if you dislike studying, you
shouldn’t completely ditch it. Put what you like as a top I had no idea this is going to turn out to be so
priority and carry out your responsibilities, too. inspirational and I hope this is at least helpful
This leads to number 2.
for you.
2. Organize your life
You have too much homework and many things
you want to do. You have to balance your schedule. Time Reference
management is very important. You might need some
kind of a planner, either on your phone or an analog
manual one: the notebook. yourself.html
There is a technique called ‘Bullet Journal’ which
I find very convenient and easy to apply to our lives. This
technique is more adaptable than planners you buy, and
is probably cheaper. (Note that I don’t get any money
doing this.) You can learn more from the QR code pro-
vided below.

3. Again, research, research, research
Research on how you can better the skill and
how you could possibly make a fortune out of it. Most
information is accessible on the Internet nowadays.
4. Make your portfolios
Collect every piece of your work and share it
with someone. Keep track of your work.

5. Find a mentor
It could be anyone. Parents, friends, teachers or
even online sources.

Remember, you are doing this for yourself. Re-
member that life has ups and downs. You’re not gonna
fail for the rest of your life, not succeed either. Listen to




How to Lead a Well

Balanced Lifestyle

(This column is dedicated explicitly to improving life- find an exercise buddy, so that you have someone to
styles and changing lives.) help motivate you, as well as helping to form a better
Balanced living means considering all aspects friendship. A research suggests that tracking your
of life, such as physical, mental / emotional, and social actions in a journal and being accountable to at least
aspects of your life. It’s a kind of lifestyle that motivates another person helps to keep you headed towards
changes in all parts of your life. Such a lifestyle is your goal.
beneficial for reducing stress, improving physical and Starting a time management plan helps you
emotional well-being, and helping to deal with social stay organized which causes a significant change in
stresses. your emotional well-being. Time management helps
The first tip to creating a healthy lifestyle is to reduce stress from and enables a happier life because
set a goal, by first setting goals and objectives, you will we have more time to do what we want to do. Time
be more likely to achieve what you want. For instance, management, also helps us to organize and clean our
“ I want to lose weight and shape up,” or “I want to get environment, so that is less chaotic and cleaner.
healthier.” Moreover, when your goal is physical Another goal might be to eat a balanced diet,
well-being, exercising is the most important aspect. which is an essential part of maintaining good health.
Everyone knows that maintaining a healthy diet and Getting enough sleep might be another goal, because
exercising are important, but the challenge is to find sleep is essential to stay productive, healthy and
the dedication to keep doing it for the long run. There happy. Sleep requirements vary from person to
are several tricks to motivating yourself to exercise and person, but most people require 7 to 9 hours of sleep
stay fit. One is to schedule a regular work out time as a per night. The final tip is to DO IT NOW. It is now or
part of your daily regimen - record it in your weekly never. The best time to change your lifestyle and
diary or set a phone reminder. Another strategy is to behaviors, is NOW.



Creative Writing

Thoughts of a Teenager

29 Dec, 2017 14 Jan, 2018

Dear Diary, Dear Diary,
The happiest moment of my life happened today. Just an My parents, especially my mum, ruined my day again. While I was
hour ago I was at Blackpink concert with my friends, watching the latest Blackpink song with happiness and delight, my
dancing all the way through. I’d been dreaming and mum turned up in my bedroom and blamed me for watching
longing to go to see Rose, a famous dancer in Blackpink those “nonsense videos.” I was merely trying to dance like Rose,
and also a superstar, along with her other teammates in thinking that this was one of my best days. What’s more is that
Blackpink, at their concert for a long time. I had the she made me study biology as preparation for becoming a doctor
opportunity to watch her dance, take photos with her, in the future. I was forced to study until late at night, which
and get her signature! What a pleasure! I guess watching resulted in me not having time to practice dance. My Saturday
those girls on the stage spared something in me. Now, I turned up to be one of the worst days ever. I was in a very bad
want to become a dancer, and to be as successful as mood all day and I’m not gonna let this issue rest.
her. One day, everyone will see me as a star.
17 Jan, 2018
13 Jan, 2018
Dear Diary,
Dear Diary, As a consequence of my mum’s unacceptable action, I decided to
Today I had an argument with my mum and dad about MY go see my friend to discuss about today’s issue. I met my best
career in the future. They both want me to be a doctor friend, Jane, at a coffee shop near her condo to talk about my
because they thought that by being a doctor, I would get a solutions. She was shocked when I told her how my parents are
steady income and will be accepted in society. That’s true. But I forcing me to become a doctor. I was not on my own! My friend
don’t want to be a doctor, I have always hated biology. I want had the same thoughts and minds as me. Our teenage minds! This
to be a dancer like Rose, she’s my idol. She’s accepted in meeting comforted me a bit and resulted in me reaching my
society and also earns a steady income. In my opinion, the
most important criteria for choosing a career has to do with decision, which was wholeheartedly supported by Jane. I would
what you like, then you can be successful in your own way for apply and take the entrance exam for dancing, not to become a
sure. Unfortunately, my parents don’t understand that. :( doctor.



19 Jan, 2018 not be good. I just hope the viewers like it, but then again, I
haven’t done anything like this before so I guess if this turns out
Thoughts of a Teenager The day had come when I had to enroll and take the entrance exam. I to be positive. My friends and I, we all love dancing, no matter
to become a major flop I’d be alright. I hope. But-nooo. I have
Dear Diary,
what happens, at least we had fun doing it.
had made up my mind and I thought it was the best for me. I took the
dancing entrance exam. It was fairly hard because you had to know in
deep history and also the techniques and the styles of dance, which all 8 Oct, 2018
of these were quite a lot. But I think I did it quite well because although
there were so much to know, my curiosity and my love in dancing It hasn’t been 24 hours since we posted the video but we now
helped me all the way, that I could remember most of them easily. have over a million views!! I think I’m gonna faint. I’m so happy
Although I still had the practical entrance exam left, I felt good that I right now and I must be smiling like crazy because my parents
had chosen my own path. Though, deep down I can’t help but feel a bit noticed I was far too enthusiastic about dinner. Lol. They must
guilty because my parents did not know about this.
have thought I got a hundred percent on a pop quiz or
something. Well, I’d choose a million views on my dancing videos
2 Aug, 2018 over a hundred percent in my studies any day. My friends and I
celebrated today, and even our dance instructors saw the video. I
Dear Diary, can happily say they were all pleased with our work. Maybe I can
I went to my first dance lesson today. It was fun, I guess. But I couldn’t use that to my advantage and ask my dance history teacher to
help but feel even more guilty when mum and dad asked how my lessons give me an A+ in our last quiz. ;)
were going. I told them it was fine, I mean, I wasn’t really lying, right?
My lessons were fine, just that they were dance lessons, not lectures on 13 Oct, 2018
biochemistry and molecular biology. Anyways, I met some people and we
instantly became friends. I just hope this all doesn’t come crashing down I have big news. So it’s been a few days since we released our
on me… video and we had been getting more and more views each day.
But when I came home today, my parents were sitting in the
living room looking all serious and they called me to see them. I
24 Aug, 2018 still remember the feeling of my heart thudding in my chest as I
saw my dad’s laptop on the table. Long story short, a friend of
Dear Diary, a friend of my dad sent it to him and guess how surprised he
I’m living the dream. Everything is just soo perfect right now. My new was when he found out his daughter had made all these new
friends and I decided to form a group! From now on, for a few hours friends and was in a hit youtube video. Yeah… Well, I was
each week, we are going to practice dance together, choreograph some prepared to get grounded for life in that moment so I decided to
moves, and post them on the internet. We hope this will earn us a come clean and tell them everything since the entrance exam.
name, and that people will notice us. I guess I might come home late for Mum and dad didn’t say anything, just looked at each other then
a few days during the week, but I’ll just tell mum and dad I’m going to looked at me then laughed. Turns out they knew all along I
a study group. This will definitely be a boost in my career, but there is wasn’t being honest and they wanted to see how long I would
one thing left on my mind: what if my parents find out? Our video keep this act up. They told me they saw how happy I was during
would have to become very popular for my parents to notice, but that these past few months, saying I was more me than I ever was (if
wouldn’t happen anyway, so I guess I should stop worrying. that even makes sense). But yeah, I guess that’s that. My parents
finally understood me and I guess I could’ve been a better
daughter by not lying. Who could blame me though, dancing is
7 Oct, 2018 my passion. I’m grateful that my parents finally let me choose
Oh my goddddd!! I can’t believe my friends and I posted our video my own path, it’s my choice. I shouldn’t have to become
already! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. Plus, there’s a part in something I never want to be, and they’ve accepted that. Sooner
the video where each one of us has a solo and it’s amazing. It really or later, my dreams of becoming a well-known dancer will come
showcases our talents and I have to say we’re the best in our class. I true, and this was just the beginning.
really hope we didn’t just dig a grave for ourselves though, that would






Health is the condition of being well and free from disease. - Alcohol or drug abuse
can be divided into three major aspects; physical, mental and - Major changes in eating habits
social health. Physical and social health are objective as we can - Excessive anger, hostility or violence
feel or know exactly what’s going on. For example, you have - Suicidal thoughts
back pain and you know you have an injury. However, mental
health is subjective because it is what is going on inside one’s Sometimes you may not realize you have these symptoms. The
brain. Therefore, a lot of people look over the importance of symptoms can also come as physical problems, such as unex-
mental health. That tiny amount of ignorance can actually cost plained aches or pains. Therefore, check yourself whether you
lives. are having these symptoms or not. If you do, don’t be afraid to
see a psychologist.
Causes of mental health problems
Psychologists reveal that no one knows the exact cause of men- How to deal with mental health problems
tal illness, but there are many studies that show that it is caused Mental health problems are always tough to deal with and
by a combination of biological and environmental factors. that’s normal. If you start having problems, the best way to deal
with it is to see a psychologist. Going to see a psychologist is
Some examples of biological factors are: normal, it should not be taboo. It doesn’t mean that you are out
- Infections of your mind. Think of it as being the same as feeling sick and
- Brain defects or injury you need to see a doctor. Apart from seeing a psychologist,
- Prenatal Damage there are still other options that you can do. These include:
- Substance Abuse
Examples of environmental factors: - Talk to someone you trust about your problems and
- Depression feelings.
- Anxiety - No one can deal with every problem, it is fine to ask
- Alcoholism someone for help.
- Sexual Abuse - Accept who you really are
- Eating Disorder - Don’t think that you are useless. Everybody has value
- Emotional trauma in themselves.
- Relax your mind
Nowadays, mental illness is very common in teenagers. There - Take care of your both physical and mental health.
are no actual cures for mental health problems, but by knowing
what the symptoms are could help you recover quicker. Everyone can experience mental health problems. Some people
find it harder dealing with it. Everyone should always remember
Symptoms that our lives are worth much more than a slit wrist. No matter
Signs and symptoms of mental problems can vary. Here are how depressed you feel, there are always people willing to help.
some examples of the symptoms. Those are the people who love you and care about you. They
might not reach down to help you with the methods you ex-
- Feeling sad or down pect. They might act all harsh and cruel and ignorant but at the
- Confused thinking or reduced ability to end of the day, your life might mean the most to them. Not ev-
concentrate erything will improve instantly, especially when dealing with
- Excessive fears, worries, or extreme feelings of mental health. It can take months and years to recover.
- Extreme mood changes of highs and lows “She’s so perfect. Why am I so ugly? Why aren’t I like her?” No
- Withdrawal from friends and activities one is perfect! Stop comparing yourself to others or feel
- Significant tiredness, low energy or sleeping ashamed because you should be proud that God blessed each
problems and every one of us to be unique. All of us must always be trying
- Detachment from reality (delusions), paranoia, new things to find our passion and once you have found yours,
or hallucinations follow that path by putting your heart and soul into it. We guar-
- Inability to cope with daily problems or stress antee you without a doubt that you can succeed by being your
- Trouble understanding and relating to own version of perfect.
situations and to people


Gear & In the present day, children and teens have more
opportunities to express their own thoughts,
ideas and interests. So our team would like to
introduce some applications that would be
beneficial to today’s society.

Amino app

Amino is an app that helps you to develop your passions and interest in many ways. You can meet new peo-
ple around the world by building communities which unite people who are interested in the same thing such
as Anime, K-pop, Harry Potter and more.
How to use the app?
1. Choose the topics you are interested in, which can help you find others who are interested in
something similar.
2. Browse content under the topics you are interested in.
3. Join the chat rooms to talk about your interested topics to further develop your ideas.


LINE SQUARE is a new feature in the LINE app, similar to Amino but in Thai. It is a real-time community where
you can chat, share and post pictures with friends who have the same interests. There are many categories,
including study, hobbies, travel, animation, and even school/alumni. In each category, you will find many
squares you can join and each square has many chat groups you can chat in.

How to use
1. Click the LINE SQUARE button in friends page under the LINE apps and services section or click the
square shape icon at the upper right corner in on timeline page.
2. Then it would ask if you want LINE SQUARE icon on your home screen, if you click yes, an icon would
appear on your home screen and you could use LINE SQUARE separately from LINE.
3. Find a subject you are interested in and join the square.
4. Set your name and picture in your profile.
5. Now you can chat with your new friends in the chat group, comment and like on other people’s
6. In addition, if you want to invite your friends to join the square, you could do it easily by clicking
the human shape button on the upper right corner. Then you have four choices 1) invite friend
personally 2) copy link and share it to them 3) share the link to them 4) share QR code.
Amino and Line Square are some choices for those who would like to share their interests
and find new friends. We recommend you to try these apps, they might become handy when you
are lonely and don’t have anything to do.


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