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VOL.3 ISSUE.2 (2nd SEMESTER 2013)


When was the last time you looked into a mirror?

Do you believe in destiny?

Creative Writing : Stolen Sanity

IPhone 5c, 5s, Vs Samsung galaxy note

“ THIPOK RAKAMNOUYKIT” and his tip for being a sucessfully student


What is the Weather Station Club
Ten Most Requested Things EPTS Students”

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Weather Station Club

Interviewer : Noppawat (Au M.3/342)
Writer & Interviewer: Arnakorn (Nine M.3/341)

For quite some time the Weather Station has been around. However, most
people still don't know what it's about. Although the club name may seem
banal, Ajarn Craig, the founder, will clarify us all in the following interview.

The conference with NASA on Thursday 13 February 2014
What is it about What is the objective of this club? aerosols. All of this data will be sent to
The EPTS Weather Station Club is an extra- The club provides extracurricular activities NASA at regular intervals.
curricular activity for any student in EPTS. for students, as well as help for student
By participating, students can connect with projects and curriculum. What equipment are being used?
other students and agencieas abroad. The Our weather station model is the Vantage
weather station can also be used for student Pro2 Plus from the Davis Company.
projects, such as the M3 Integrated Project
and M5 Science Projects. EPTS students are Where will we do the observation?
working together with IPST, Global SEAC4S, The weather station is located on the roof
as well as NASA and other students from of the Art Room on the 6 floor of the EPTS
around the world. building, but the data can be accessed from
any computer in the world over the internet.

When will the observation begin?
The observations began in September, 2013

What are we observing? Will the data be used for analysis?
The sensors can measure many aspects of
the weather and atmosphere including:
wind speed and direction, rainfall, UV and
solar radiation, pressure, temperature, and

What inspired you to create this club?
I’ve been interested in meteorology since I
started flying airplanes when I was in high
school, and I used that knowledge every day
when I worked as a commercial pilot. I
really enjoy teaching weather and
atmosphere in M1 science and organizing Definitely. The data will be analyzed using
the weather station club because it gives WeatherLink software and Microsoft Excel.
me a chance to pass that knowledge onto
other students. Any last words to people who are
humidity. This data will be available real- interested?
time to any student inside and outside the The weather station club is a great way for
school. The students in the weather station students to add activities to their resume
club will also be recording observations for university admission.
by hand that include sky color, visibility,
clouds (type and amount), as well as
1 ePTS Gazette .

Gazette .
VOL.3 ISSUE.2 (2nd SEMESTER 2013)
5 HALL OF FAME : THIPOK Watching the New Year decorations
RAKAMNOUYKIT being put back in the attic, we realize that another
6 TELL ME MORE year has passed; the joy of last year has come to
an end. However, the journey of our students has
only begun. As the director of Patumwan
Demonstration School, the end of an academic
year signifies the bright future of our exceptional
10 M FLOOR : DO YOU BELIVE IN senior students, and the beginning of the
DESTINY unforgettable experiences of the new family
10 QUIZ : MAP IT! members, the fresh men. The New Year begins
11 CREATIVE WRITING : STOLEN SANITY with the sorrow of parting, and the joy of new
13 THE SIXTH SENSE meeting.
14 HOROSCOPE The teachers of EPTS have been planting a seed of
love and joy along with excellent academic skills and integrity in every spirit of these
young talented individuals. It is our pride to see those young ones whom we have nurtured
to become the new generation of hope for our country. But always keep in mind that the
prestigious reputation of our school does not come from the school itself but rather from
the honorable acts of the previous students and alumni. Teachers are there to assist, to
inspire and to guide the students. It is up to each individual to decide how they want to live
their lives.You cannot only wait for the school to set you off, but you have to be able to
GAZETTE CREW answer to yourself; what can you do for the school, the community, and your beloved
Editors country?
ORNRAWIN CHAWTEERAPLUK (WINNIE-5 /340) Ajarn Orapin Kanungsukkasem - Director
Graphic And Art
CHANAICHON SMITTHILEELA (POR-2/352) One of the greatest gifts given to mankind is the ability to
learn and adapt oneself. Keeping exploring, keep reading.
Cover page designed by:
Cover picture adaped form online Image : There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them." - Ray Bradbury. What you are reading is a
well-cooked magazine from the EPTS kitchen.
2011/04/fotolia-face-in-mirror2.jpg ORNRAWIN CHAWTEERAPLUK(WINNIE-5/340)
Reading opens up your world, starts a new journey, and
gives mankind a glimpse of the unknown, mysterious flavor of life.
Therefore, read, live, and enjoy.
Ajarn Orapin Kanungsukkasem
Assistant Professor Chaisak Leelajaraskul
Doctor Duangchai Chongthanakorn
Ajarn Amornpan Rangsritienchai
Ajarn Rollin Miller Take your time to explore and enjoy every minute you spend
Ajarn Robert Burch in this EPTS world
Ajarn Kyle Dreher PRIM KULSAVETE (PRIM-5/340)
Ajarn Robert Pentland
AjarnYevgeni Gorshenin

Mr. Jirat Tantiwetchakul
(Parent of Nutcha Tantiwetchakul 2/351)
Tel. 02-2513930
Gazette . 2




When was the last time you looked into a mirror?
When was the last time you looked into a mirror?

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When was the last time you looked into a mirror? searches for an opinion, they get twenty different ones.
Not very useful in the thrilling journey of self-discovery
Unless you’re a descendant of Medusa and one now, is it?
glance at your reflection can turn you into stone, Well, if the ‘see yourself in the eyes of others’ thing
probably not long ago. But the mirror image reflected doesn’t work, what about taking a look inside our own
back is most likely all that you saw. It’s not like that shiny heads? Hoorah, hoorah. Here’s the good news: you
surface enables someone to peer deeper inside to who might be as biased as anybody else. When receiving
they really are. Everyday mirrors just aren’t the right tool criticism, how often do you actually think it is you who’s
for that kind of thing. That job is for people and people at fault? Or, how often are you really at fault? Even self-
alone, and it depends on an individual if he or she would viewing has distortions, made by your own pride, or
want to look into those particular ‘mirrors’, and whether lack thereof.
or not they would be able to make sense of the mass of Also, there is a question on why exactly are
contradiction and confusion that were the ‘reflections’. opinions so varied. Perceptions can be distorted by
Let’s call these reflections ‘personal opinions’, personal views and beliefs already in the picture, and
which like all personal things, are considerably hard to the exterior social pressure that might affect the way you
predict. The mirrors, which every person wields, have a think. Imagine yourself a citizen in a country at war, for
mind of their own, casting different impressions based example. You meet a person. He seems nice, but he’s
on different circumstances; they reflect what each of them the enemy. That label, being automatically slapped onto
think is the most important aspect of our being. the person inside your head, can influence how you
Unfortunately, those opinions might not be very discern that person from thereon out; his good traits
professional and may just be about how you smell, which overshadowed by the mere fact of him being on the
is not only disgusting but also kind of unhelpful, but back other side of the war. Or even if both of you are
to the point: many people may look at you and label completely fine with the fact, what would outsiders think
your whole existence by a few words, with none of them of the friendship? Will you feel compelled to hate him
being the same. So once in a while when someone too if everyone else does?

3 ePTS Gazette .


While current scenarios aren’t catastrophic THIS
enough to be likened to war, the situations are pretty
much quite akin to the restlessness throughout our
country. The ‘reflection’ now isn’t personality, it’s position. OR
The words labeling people at the moment may not even
portray a fraction of who they really are, but suddenly
in the eyes of many, they do; and the gaping chasm in
society, created by these contradicting perspectives, THAT
reaches far and wide.
This fuss concerning reflections- which might have
you all doing bad imitations of Mulan later- is really just
This is an introduction to “this or that”, where I’ll be talking
about different opinions, and deciding, against self-
proclaimed better judgment, whether to believe them or about different products, and briefly comparing them to help
you visualize the pros and cons. Mostly I will be talking about
not. technology devices (smart phones, computers, Digital SLR
So, I ask you again: when was the last time cameras etc.).
you looked into a mirror?
IPhone 5c, 5s, and Samsung galaxy note.

I have to say Samsung galaxy and Apple iPhone, are very
competitive;they are very similar and very different at the same time.
Starting with the iPhone 5c and 5s. These two are difficult to
compare. Apple has created a split of creations for different customers to
choose from. The 5c and 5s have nothing similar at all. The 5c, is made
from plastic, and incorporates an A6 chip, enough for running any
application but is only available in up to 32 GB storage space.Its structure
however is a steel enforced frame, so it doesn’t have a cheap, plastic feel.
One of the reasons it’s plastic, is because their design of colors, the five
colors chosen that are available, plus additional cases made from silicone
with soft micro-fiber lined inside, gives you a soft and comfortable
touch,and holes have been precisely drilled to align the speakers, unlike
some cases you buy at shopping malls. The circular pattern plays an
artistic role in creating focus on the original body color, giving a good
contrast. At the same time, the new IOS 7 has colorful backgrounds that fit
perfectly with the color theme, and the styling of icons and menus, add to
the aesthetics makingth is model suitable for teens or young adults.
The iPhone 5s, offers something more luxurious, with the
optional gold, silver and gray color, giving a very distinctive style:a
luxurious feel, metallic, cool, with a light and thin, superior, architectural
design. Precision crafting, with aluminum housing, sleek metal and glass,
and sapphire crystals for the home button and the iSight camera, this thing
is a gem! Talking about the iSight camera, we have now got twice the specs
of the old one. Larger sensor, larger pixels and larger aperture; up to 2.2
can give you better low light performance and a thinner depth of field.
Containing a continuous burst shot, you don’t need to gun the shutter
button, instead, hold it down and you get 10 frames a second, with auto
image stabilization, more than most DSLR cameras these days!. The best
part of the camera is the Dual LED flash, one LED and amber LED, known as
the true tone flash, gives you the most realistic colors you can get. There
also are built in editing functions like color filters, light effects, crop frames,
so you don’t need apps, which can be considered both good and bad. In
video mode, you get 720p videos at 120 frames per second, creating
extremely smooth videos and giving the ability for slow motion videos,
plus a live view zoom and a snapshot, meaning you can zoom and capture
a still while shooting a video. It is the first 64-bit phone in the world, with
an A7 chip, higher than the 5c, up to 64 GB storage, and the ultrafast LTE
wireless gives you faster download and upload speeds, an app fires twice
as fast, runs twice as smooth and processes amazingly quick. The most
exciting part of this model is the all-new touch id fingerprint identity
sensor; you scan your fingerprint in the area that is the home button. It is
also used as a pass lock, and apple ID passwords for the device.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, released about the same time.
Samsung tried to think ‘out of the box’. The new note three has an even
bigger 5.7 inch screen, second largest handset from Samsung, which the
6.3 inch Samsung Mega is holding first place. This time they’ve corrected
Cover picture adaped form online Image : the ‘big’ mistakes, for example shrinking the phone number pad and moving
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Gazette . 4


Hello, fellow students, respected parents and
teachers. In this edition of the EPTS Gazette,
we will be talkingto P’ThipokRakamnouykit–
someone you must have heard of at least
once in your time at Patumwan
Demonstration School, and I say this with
near certainty. To give you a brief
explanationof his numerous triumphs over
Thailand’s education, he graduated from PDS
with one of the best grade point averages,
and before that he managed to get 1 place Thipok Rakamnouykit
in theMahidolWittayanusorn, Triamudom
and Chulalongkorn University entrance BY: KRISTHA JENVAIYAVASJAMAI (KITTY - 3/342)
exams. P’Thipok participated in many
competitions overseas and won back
numerous medals. He also won the King’s comes from a great number of people - older, are available to you in the EPTS program; use
Scholarship, and is now studying in younger, teachers, friends, and even strangers. them to your best.
America.So, to not waste any more time, let’s Many people have something we can learn
meet the infamous P’Thipok now. from, and upon interacting with them I often Gazette: How do you view all the praise and
keep that small moment of inspiration with high regards students in Patumwan give you?
*laughs*. I don’t think anyone would
hold me in such high regards, but I’m glad if I
Gazette: What do you think was the most
Gazette: Please give us abrief introduction of could have inspired any other students to set
yourself. important factor contributing to your success? their goals and begin their journeys as I did.
Or anyone else’s?
Hello, my name is Thipok Rakam- The answer, of course, will vary I’d be happy to give advice and will try to help
nouykit. Feel free to call me by my nickname among each of us. For me, a good balance of as much as I can.
“Ben”. I graduated from Patumwan self-discipline and imagination is the most
Demonstration School in 2010 and was in the important factor for my success. Self-discipline Gazette: What do you think are the top 3 things
ninth class of the English Program for Talented is to do what you know you should do, even at someone should NEVER make the mistake of
Students (EPTS9). Currently, I’m a second year the time when you don’t feel like doing it. doing on the way to success?
student at Massachusetts Institute of When you’ve set a goal, self-discipline will keep Limiting yourself from trying new
Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA.
you moving on towards it. The process might things, not interacting with people around you,
be slow (and possibly painful). Sometimes you and forgetting what’s really important to you.
Gazette: What are you aiming for in college? might feel tempted to abandon you dream, but
What are you majoring in and why did you if you’ve already thought it through, and Gazette: What were the things that you had to
choose it? always believe that you’rewalking on the right give up to obtain what you have now?
My main goal in college is to balance path, self-discipline is what will earn you your
my academics and activities - learning both destination. Imagination, on the contrary, There are a few things I wish I could
from classes and outside classes. I’m majoring have put more time in. For example, during
in Electrical Engineering and Computer
Science, partly because I have a pretty strong “ A tip to current EPTS students: a lot of great resources are
background in physics when I was in high
school, and also because I like how it can be available to you in the EPTS program; use them to your best. “
applied to a variety of other fields. Try to
imagine a world without electricity and
electronic devices. strengthens your creativity and helps you my high school year, I wished I was involved
appreciate new ideas. It keeps you from turning in more club activities and got to know more
Gazette: Has studying abroad been your goal all - into a robot, playing an important role in students from the regular program. So far I
along, or did you actually have plans for synthesizing new knowledge. The two qualities also haven’t had much time to learn to express
something else? If so, what made you change seem slightly contradicting, but I believe that myself through drawing, photography, music,
your mind? I need the right amount of both. writing, and other forms of art. That’s definitely
I haven’t thought of studying abroad on my to-do list.
until M4, when I decided that I wanted to be Gazette: What was the biggest obstacle you’ve
an engineer. After a little research on ever faced, and how did you overcome it? Gazette: What is the most important quote that
universities, I found that there are many great Hmm…the biggest obstacle I’ve faced inspires you?
opportunities abroad, so I planned on getting - and still facing - is mastering English. Many “Tomorrow’s work - do it today; today’s work -
a scholarship. times I feel like I can’t express myself in English do it now. If the moment is lost, the work will
as well as I could in Thai, and sometimes I be done how.” by an Indian poet, Kabir.
Gazette: Who is your role model? think my speaking skills still has a lot to
I don’t think I can pick a specific improve. Of course, I haven’t overcome this
person to be my role model. My inspiration obstacle yet. There is still a long way ahead,
but I will keep trying nonetheless. A tip to
5 ePTS Gazette . current EPTS students: a lot of great resources


by Supitsara Pattarasinmano (Jub-350) Thaksaporn Chitrakorn (Tatt-330)
“ I have a huge fight
but keep in mind that eventually you’ll find
with my friends, what where you truly belong. Try to talk things
should I do? “
through, find out what the problem was, and
fix it. Don’t gossip behind each other’s back
and spread rumors. You’ll only regret this
TELL ME MORE afterwards and it doesn’t help anything.
Never feel embarrassed to say “thank you”
“I’m crazy about Korean boy-
or “sorry”. These two little words could
bands/girl-bands!!! It’s not an
change everything. Friendship is magic!!
issue at all but I just want EPTS
to recognize what I love” Q: All the projects (especially the science
and integrated project) are killing me! Any
advice? (M.3 Student)
A: First of all please do not panic and pass
on (just kidding). Here are the words of
Q: I’m new at PDS, any tips on how to adjust you understand the content in class, then wisdom from your lovely EPTS seniors. Do
to the life here? (M.1 Student) you have no worries studying before the not wait until the last minute to get started
A: It is always hard to fit in in a new school. exams because the knowledge will already on your projects, but guess what? That’s how
However, just keep in mind that everyone be there in your head. Less revision is we all do it, right!?! Since there will be tons
has gone through the exact same thing and needed, and you can relax for a bit before of work coming up, try to be as organized
they survived! So you will also fit in sooner the exams! Super cool ,eh? *CAUTION: do as possible and plan early. Want some good
or later, hopefully the former would be your not do this unless you are completely sure news? Well, you won’t be getting that many
case. If you have any trouble, talk to your that you already understood all the content projects when you get to M.4. (Cheers).
friends, seniors, or even teachers, they you have studied.* Moreover, hand your
could help you tremendously!! Since you’re work in on time. This is very important, only Q: I’m crazy about Korean boy-bands/girl-
the little baby, everyone will adore you and 20% of your grades are from the exams. If bands!!! It’s not an issue at all but I just
be sympathetic. M.1 is the time for you to you are responsible enough, that 80% is want EPTS to recognize what I love<33 (M.3
make friends and enjoy your life! Wait till within your grasp. (M.4-6 guys, I’m not Student)
you get into higher grades, things don’t get talking about you guys so don’t give me that A: Here’s some space for you, buddy. I truly
easier, but that’s how life works. Welcome look.) Good luck guys! apologize Gazette readers; this question (or
to the EPTS!! statement) is far beyond help from me. I
Q: So much homework and projects! How could do nothing but cry agonizingly.
Q: It’s so hard to be studying in English all could I ever get them done in time?!(M.2 Withholding this generation spends most
the time!! What should I do? (M.1 Student) Student) of its time on non-academic stuff like this
A: Ah, again, this is a common problem for A: Firstly, enjoy this moment when projects is like a pang in my heart (sobbing). (Author:
almost all EPTS students. Since your parents mean you could go a bit crazy and be super Mommmm! Can you please hide all the
are paying loads of money for you to study - creative with your projects. When you look Japanese manga upstairs somewhere for a
with foreign teachers, use the opportunity back, those times are when you can do while? Yes, also the games! But don’t touch
well. Talk to them, whether it’s about studies projects while having fun with your friends; the model figures. They are super easily
or useless stuff, you’ll improve your what’s more, these projects only last for a breakable. No, the posters are fine. Just
speaking and listening skills that way. month or two. M..3-6, you’ll encounter a throw them into the rest of my collection in
Moreover, the teachers are very likely to whole year long project which you’ll have that cupboard. Yes, please do it now! Thanks
correct your grammar and pronunciation to write super long reports about it as well. mom!) Again there’s no need for any
if you say anything wrong. A great way to Enough ranting, what you can do is don’t unnecessary obsession here among EPTS
excel at English without having to study so procrastinate, but plan ahead, and you’ll students. We are, indeed, a group of
hard! (I’m kidding English Ajarns, of course be just fine. Homework due next week, dedicated scholars. Yes, a dedicated
you have to work hard! It’s just a small tip. tonight is free? Do it right away. You’ll never scholar I just said.
*wink, wink*) Read English books! Find a know if tomorrow another teacher would
great, fun book that you enjoy and try to decide to give you loads of homework due Q: I literally have no goal in my life. What
read it in the English version. The more you the same day. Then you’re in deep trouble should I do? Is this normal?(M.4 Student)
read the more familiar you are with the my friend, it means staying up all night A: I’m glad you bring up this question. A lot
language. This could help improve your trying to finish all of those monstrous of people at this age have been struggling
writing a great deal. And believe me, here in works. Believe me, teachers tend to cram
EPTS, writing skills are very crucial to your homework on you at the same time, this fact Continued next page-- >
survival, and of course, your grades! If you never gets better as you proceed, it only gets
don’t like to speak or read, then you could worse. It’s all about time-management. I
listen to English music. See? It’s easy to know you can do it!
become good at English!
Q: I have a huge fight with my friends, what “ So much homework and
Q: How to get really good grades?(M.1 should I do? (M.2 Student) projects! How could I ever
Student) A: M.1-2 are those moments in life when get them done in time?!”
A: I wish I know the answer to that one as you’re learning and adjusting to your new
well! The best advice I could give to you social circle. Things change; friends fight,
guys is to concentrate during class time. If ePTS Gazette . 6


and trying to figure out what their goals retreat when they get near. Those are the your priorities, passion and goals in life,
are. Some people find out early what they options, but if I were you I would do none of and try to take a pick from that field. Keep
want to pursue in life, but if you have not - these (giggling with madness). Remember, in mind that what you choose is what is
- yet discovered yourself, it is no worry at our life is like a big tray of colors; this going to be with you for the rest of your life,
all. In fact, a lot of adults (who finished means it makes up of many different parts so choose what you really love. It would be
their school and already started working) and that also means you have different wise if you choose something that is within
still keep exploring what they are capable roles for each. Your main job is to study; your limitation and capabilities. Consider
of and what not. What you could do for now you are a student. So no matter what you the pros and cons, your likes and dislikes,
is to participate in various school activities are interested in at the moment, try to then a solution might come up. Good luck
and try out new extracurricular activities. concentrate on school stuff. It’s okay to wish to you all!
These activities will help you to get the idea for a sweetheart and that is totally normal,
of a certain occupation. For instance, if you but always keep in mind what your main
do volunteering, you may find out that you role is. You might still wonder where your
really like helping people and decide to go ‘true love’ is, but you know what good
for higher education in this field. Don’t just stories always do- they make the best thing
spend your weekend at home and study the comes last. No need to wait for these kinds
entire night. Don’t get me wrong here. of things. Now you do your job, and some I still don’t know what
Studying is good, but don’t ignore the time in your life Mr. Destiny will do his as I wanted to be when
awesome opportunities to discover well! I grow up.
something more about yourself while you
could! Or look up “Anna Kendrick in Twilight
Saga: Eclipse” on youtube, the girl has done Q: I’m worried I would not have time to
a great job interpreting your inner feeling complete my portfolio for a college
through her speech (Of course I won’t make application. My other concern is that I’m
you watch a speech about vampires). You running out of time and I am very Q: I really need to study hard but I’m so
might find it worth hearing; making mistakes unprepared. Please help! (M.4 Student) tired…(M.5 Student)
today so that you could get them right in A: Think of it this way: if you realize that A: I’m sure that’s how every M.5 feels right
the future is life’s big lesson. You might not you are unprepared, then you at least could now. My advice is, concentrate on your goal,
know what you want now, but you know get started right away for your college that should be able to motivate you to work
youwilloneday. preparation. Now for any of you who ‘has hard. Ask for help, have your parents and
no idea’ what kind of things you want to do friends keep you grounded, and don’t dream
after high school, you better come up with away in your own fairytale. Focus; don’t lose
Q: I feel so lonely. I desperately need something pretty soon. Well, if you are M.1 sight on things that are important. Get your
someone to be by my side. (Sobbing) (M.4 - M.3 kids, take your time (You’ll need it!). priorities straight, and you’ll know what to
Student) But if you are M.4 or higher, start asking do. Do not procrastinate, every time you
A: Here’s some tissue for you, you poor child. yourself what you like to do. If that doesn’t think “I’ll do it later,” DO IT RIGHT NOW. Or
help, then maybe change a question to else, later might become never.
something like ‘what things you don’t like?’
I feel so lonely. That way you could eliminate choices really Q: It’s almost the time to say goodbye to
fast. If you can’t come up with answers for EPTS. I really don’t want to leave this place.
any of these, then aim for things that you Thank you for these awesome years and
are ‘capable’ of or ‘doing well’. Chances are amazing experiences!(M.6 Student)
you would probably enjoy the career that A: I do believe we all feel the same way.
you are amazingly good at. When After all those ‘cruel’ years of adjusting
considering a career option, do some myself to this new challenging environment,
research or interview so that you are sure I finally realized how fortunate I am to be a
the career is/is not the right one for you. part of EPTS (aka PETS) family and always
After you have your aim, the rest is easy. surrounded by ones who are always willing
Your issue is understandable even though You must have self-discipline to study for to get me through hardships and difficulty.
it looks rather like a statement to me than a the entrance exam; that’s the only way. I may say that it is a complete privilege
question. Anyways, here’s how you can fix Future success requires an excessive being taught here at this school by all these
your sentimental mind. First option: you amount of effort. I could not help you exceptional instructors. Now that all of us
could hang a portrait of your secret crush actually ‘prepare’ for the test. All I can do have seen your message, I’d like to be the
or favorite celebrity on the wall, but it’s kind is to kick you off and say ‘Quit all of those representative of the EPTS saying an early
of silly since your parents will figure that nonsense habits and get yourself ready for farewell to you all seniors. Have fun in
out very soon. Maybe a standee might be a study time’. college and remember that graduation is
better choice since you could hide it under just an entrance not an exit, so never regret
your bed or behind a wardrobe. Second Q: I still don’t know what I wanted to be leaving things behind but be glad that you
option: ask your dad to buy you a puppy. when I grow up.(M.5 Student) can leave, so that one day you will be back
That would do it- a friend who’s always by A: Neither do I, YAY!! Still, and be the light alongside the path these
your side. Completely flawless except to the I would recommend that you go after what little PETS walk to their dreams.
Image from :
fact that he can’t speak Human. Third option: you want not what your parents expect of
avoid eye contact with the opposite sex and you. Know

7 ePTS Gazette .

courts at school. You can often see me on the tennis court in front of
building five in the evenings whenever there’s a sports competition.
How did it pay off? I mean, like, the rewards of your hard work.
It actually has paid off just fine. I’ve, up to now, competed in many
OUTSIDE competitions and brought a
number of awards back to my
school and also my beloved family.
WORLD Also, there had been a Satit Games
in late October, which I got a bronze
medal for tennis after practicing
hard for a few months at school. I
would say that I’m very proud of
That’s better. So, for the readers,
ByNatnicha Manaboriboon (Meji-2/351) & why would you want to recommend this hobby?
Tananan Tantasathien (Proud - 2/351) I think to stay in the sunlight and play sport is better than to be addicted
to drugs or other bad things that will make your life dull.On the other
Hi guys! This is the first time for our new column, Outside World, hand, sports, like tennis, make you healthy and strong and you will feel
which by the way, is about our EPTS’s brothers and sisters doing very optimistic about it. And if you do like it, practice will make a
awesome things outside this EPTS roof. Let’s warm up to this column difference. Who knows? Someday, you might be there on the podium,
by meeting the first three students: Ken; Moji and Proud. Thumbs up, receiving your first gold medal in your life!
Any last words before we move on?
Yes, this is my motto: Any success depends on effort and heart.
Okay, thank you Moji for this wonderful interview. We’ll hope to see
Ken : Electric Guitar you again.
Can you start by telling us your profile?
Yeah, my name is Piyawatchara Mahattandul, or Ken for short. I’m a Proud : French
student in room M.1/353. Can you give us an introduction?
What do you do in your free time? I’m Pumirad Pingkarawat (aka Proud), a student in M.6/513.
I am keen on both basketball and electric guitar, but I’d prefer to tell Tell us about your amazing time outside this school.
you about the electric guitar part. I’ve been studying guitar since P.2, Well, I mean, inside school is amazing too… But exploring French has
though in that time, I had to learn to play classic guitar first in order to been my favorite hobby since I’m
be able to achieve in electric guitar. Also, I’m in the PDS Band Contest, I so passionate about it and most
have a band with my friend called PEACE. I’m the electric guitarist. We importantly; I’m in the French
are working really hard for the language program.
success of our band. Please cheer I think, for everyone, learning a
for us! language is quite difficult. How did
We’ll definitely cheer for you! So, you manage it?
what is the reason you did this in I’ve always loved this beautiful
the first place? language, so that might be one of
When I was in my old school, I the motivations. Also, I love doing
admired my senior students who French exercises in order to
played in their band. Actually, it evaluate my French competence
was the guitarist who got my and I would capable to
attention. Since then, I started communicate with French-
learning guitar because I wanted speaking people.
to be like him. I’ve heard that you went to study
What is your inspiration? at France during spring break.
It was the songs: Hotel California How was it?
and The Eagles, which lit an It was a very lovely trip to stay there with my host family. Most people
inspiration in me. So I think I would think the French were bad, but whatever they were thinking, all
would like to be able to play it I could say is they were absolutely wrong. The French, my host family
someday. for instance, was very nice and friendly. They took care of me very well
Okay, Ken, can you finish this interview by giving us some encouraging and if I have a chance to go there again, it would be a pleasure to meet
words? them again. The important thing is that this experience gave me an
I want to tell you dream-chasers that if you have a dream, you have to opportunity to improve my French skills and here I am, enthusiastic to
try to make it come true by having the most important part, which is to learn more and more of this wonderful language.
be ambitious and tolerant. If you have both of these, you’ll definitely Do you have any words to share with us before our goodbyes?
succeed in whatever lies ahead of you. “Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d’un rêve, une réalité.” This quotation from
Thank you for your wonderful quote. I wish your dream will come true Antoine de Saint-Exupéry always encourage me to make my life a dream,
too! Goodbye. and my dream a reality.
Okay, thank you for your time with us. We hope you have an epic time
Moji : Tennis with the language you love. Au revoir!
Can you tell us your profile?
Hi! My name is Atikarn Ngamtrilert from room M.2/352, but please call Thank you for enjoying this column. At least now you will have ideas about
me Moji. your free time! We hope to meet you again in the next issue. Goodbye for
Also, what is it that you love to do? now.
It’s surely Tennis. I’ve been into tennis since I was seven and have
been drawn to it ever since. I’ve been practicing a lot during this seven
years time in both the sports center outside school and also on the
Gazette . 8


THIS “Ten Most Requested Things

OR from EPTS Students”

Natcha Prommool (Prim-351) Peenaprapa Tangpradubkiat (Mudmee-351)
THAT Sirikorn Assavanig (Tata-352)
Hello, Gazette readers! For this copy of the have more elevators. Some said they don’t
EPTS magazine, our Top Ten crew would like want this because most of the day they don’t
it to (continued) left or right side for better one- to present to you a brand new concept that get permission to use them. Well, um, sorry!
handed use. It is still a whole lot bigger than has been started because we want to know Or maybe…this permission will be granted,
the iPhone, as always, some people like them
big, however some think it’s difficult to pocket. what EPTS students want most from the school, ajarns?
Same old chrome sides, home buttons and a we set up a survey, and asked 60 EPTS 6. Improve School Lunche on!!!
pair of soft keys, still illuminates at touch. The students: 10 students per Grade. Let’s see It is understandable that concern is put on
back plate Samsung tried to make was to look what our EPTS students think! nutrition. The school prepares menus that
and feel leathery, which it does pretty much make the students healthy. But sometimes
except for the stitching effect, and the fact that 1. Make a Link between School Buildings the food is tasteless. Some menus are not
it is still very thin with plastic underneath. New Such a creative idea for this winning request! appetizing. Some said they often found
USB 3.0 for faster and better charging, but you Our students say that they are exhausted when some hair or small insects in the food.
can still buy adapters for 2.0 MHL. The good part they needed to walk from building to building
is the inside; Video contains 2160p at 30fps and between classes, for example from the EPTS
1080p at 60fps in the N9005 and N9002 models Building to Building 1. Maybe we could make
and 1080p in the N9000. The cores and a shorter link, or a bridge to make it easier!
processors are all higher than iPhone 5s, more
than twice higher, and with a 3 GB ram, it’s This will save time, and the teachers wouldn’t
expected to hold the usual computer work. That have to let us our early! This request won
being said, Samsung has provided you the S pen more than 30 percent of our overall tallies,
stylus, for the job. In this model, Samsung is that’s amazing!
giving you three colors; the normal white, and 2. Escalators
the new black and pink, which should make the Just looking at a bunch of stairs makes our
better seller. There is the air gesture feature talented students discouraged. Most students image from :
w al l papers/pho t o graphy/ meal -50 59 -
that you may have seen before in the S4, and are not athletic, and obviously we hear almost 1920x1200.jpg
other features you may be familiar with, and it everybody complaining that they are too tired
still allows rear and front cameras to shoot to walk from the first floor to the fifth floor. 7. Can you change writing desks?
together at the same time. The note 3 contains Although this and the first request seem really Many students opined that the desks are too
a micro-SD card slot just under the phone, so impossible and too good to be true… but small.In addition, the drawers under the
you can switch cards without battery removal, maybe give it a try?! desks are really inconvenient to put stuff in.
quite usual this, for saving and file or work, and
additional storage from the given 16-64GB 3. More Books in the Library! The drawers have holes!!!! Small things are
storage. We are glad to hear that many EPTS students always drop to the floor.
The three new devices, each with 8. Really need… Computer Maintenance!
their own style, each built for their own EPTS students are glad that they have been
purposes, and each with their own capabilities provided computers in the classrooms.
for each of their prices. The iPhone 5c; little Unfortunately, during the interview we
cheaper, sweet and stylish, for teenagers and received many comments that the computers
some adults, who are more into style and work so slowly and every so often they hang.
entertainment. The iPhone 5s, the most 9. It’s about ………schoolboys’ hairstyle.
luxurious, gold and silver grey colors, for people
who still are more into entertainment, perfect Boys voiced that school should allow more
features, very user friendly, fun videoing and flexibility for the length of their hair. They said
photographing, the apple style, the fingerprint image from : the practice is now too strict.Some also
scan, I don’t actually see the necessity, but is content/uploads/Books.jpeg mentioned that they have no time to go for
quite fun to play with. And finally the Samsung haircut, due to great amount of homework,
Galaxy note 3, redesigned for a more modern projects, reports and school activities.
look, big like its style, given a little classy leather also want to read books and find out more
look, in which needs improvement, but information about the outside world, and most
contains very useful functions like the of the tallies from this request come from the
additional memory card slot, the S pen, and M1s! Although they said they want more fiction
other available applications for working, the and cartoon books, we still rejoice to see that
phone for a business man. Thais still care about reading and learning.
Which you choose depends on who 4. Improve the Restrooms
you are and what style you prefer, however, Many of the students said the biggest problem image from :
none can be called the better one, because is that there are not enough tissues, especially 41102/images//School%20Computers.jpg
they all are unique in their own way.
the boys. They said the boys’ urinals are not 10. Is it possible to increase the number of
enough too, and sometimes it’s a little too computers?
Written by : Sahasarangsri (Suer- 331)
dirty. Well, maybe some renovation? Ha ha. The number of computers isinsufficient for
5. More Elevators, Please? the number of students in class.During the
This request also receives a lot of nods and class, computers are to be shared and some
agreement from our interview. In the morning students have no chance to practice the
and evening, sometimes the students need to assigned classwork because there are not
wait for a queue to use the lift, so they want to enough computers.
9 Gazette .

Do you believe in destiny?
If we talk about a Russian teacher who speaks
excellent English,
Do you think that everything is already decided before you you can easily guess that he is Ajarn Yevgeni.
were born? Aj.Yevgeni told us that at first he didn’t know about
It does not matter if you believe it or not. As for me, however, think that everyone can Patumwan Demonstration School at all...
choose their own ways. Nevertheless, it depends on what we choose to be. “You are “A friend of mine, his name is Richard Beattie, he
the olny one who can choose the way you are going to walk” told me about the school and he said he like of
teaching here very
by: Chanyanuch Wiriyayuthama (Smile-331) & Thongchatra Watcharawittayakul (Aom-330)
m u c h ” s a i d
Aj.Yevgeni. Thus it
was the first time
Ajarn Mike is our head science teacher in Health is one of the important subjects that we he has heard about
EPTS. We can always hear the sound, while have to study. Now, the only our health teacher PDS. If you are not
he’s walking.Since, he always comes to class in EPTS is AjarnKim. To be a health teacher, is not familiar with the
with his awesome stick!!! He is the first science that easy.As a health teacher, you need to know name Richard
teacher. Ajarn Mike has been teaching here in quality of life and how to save other people’s Beattie, …he is our :::A. Yevgini:::
EPTS for almost 7 years now. We all love him lives too. She used to be a lifeguard before, so EPTS M.3 and M.4
and we enjoy every science classes with Ajarn she knows very well about first aid. Social Studies
Mike, because he is a very kind and gentle teacher. Maybe we ought to thank Ajarn Richard
teacher. However, “Do you know who brought One day, she decided to be a teacher in one of for recommending this school to Ajarn Yevgeni.
Ajarn Mike to this school?”Well, at first he was the schools in the world. Finally, she found out He also told us that when he first walked into the
teaching in America. He didn’t intend to come that Thailand has very nice people and she chose school, he didn’t even know the name of this
to teach in this school and in Thailand. There is to be “an ajarn” in Thailand. She sought for a job school. However with his strong courage, he
someone who called him and induced him to by using search decided to walk into the account department,
come to this school. That person is one of our engine. At first which was in front of the school and asked, “Do
science teachers, Ajarn Craig. Eventually, she worked you need a teacher?” Therefore he got to speak
AjarnMike agreed to come to Thailand and outside with the EPTS manager at that time on the
chose to teach in this school. The reasons why of Bangkok, telephone, but he wasn’t sure that he wanted to
he came to this school are he was born in Asia, then she came to work here because his dream was to work at the
so he wanted to come back here again. Also an interview in thi international school, which was located by a
“Thailand is a beautiful country with the lovely, school. She gave beautiful sea. Nonetheless, it didn’t end up like
hardworking and smart students” said Aj.Mike. a very short his thought. Thus, AjarnYevgeni made up his mind
reason why she to teach here in PDS as a brand new teacher
decided to work :::A.Kim::: whotaught a brand new subject, “PUBLIC
at this school, “Everyone once in a while gets bored or wants to
which is change something in their life, but on a whole it
“I like it”. is a nice place to work because the students are
very nice,” said AjarnYevgeni.

Map It!
Map It!

Weird things don’t squeeze themselves
just into one tiny spot on a map. Believe it
or not that crazy stuff does exist around In this country: Thaksaporn Chitrakorn (Tatt-330)
the globe all the time (Well, you are going 1.Reincarnation is forbidden without government permission.
to admit this fact soon anyways regardless 2.Olympic Team a12 days late for an event because they used the wrong calendar!
of what your opinion is). Right in front of 3.The roads are made of coral.
you is the map with eight stars, and your 4.Adult adoptions are popular and widely accepted.
challenging task is to try matching those 5.The largest percentages of the population are overweight!
with the eight given statements below. 6.Students are allowed to use text-message language during national examinations
Sometimes the strangest incident might 7.All beached whales and sturgeons must be offered to the reigning monarch.
occur in the most unheard place in the (The hint is the word monarch!
world, so please do not let some ‘big’ 8.The world’s longest lasting light bulb continues to shine.
countries fool you! Now get your bag pack
and your brain ready; the journey that will
test your guts and reasoning (or to be more
precise guessing) skill has just begun.
The information form:
reincarnation-_n_61444.html ::::Get the answer at page 13:::: ePTS
adopt-unusual-approach-remain-competitive-keeping-it-family Gazette . 10


Stolen Sanity
Stolen Sanity

Note: This story was dedicated to So why don’t you end it? Why don’t you just And now he knows that his own mind had
suicidal victims or anybody out there everything when you’ve got what it takes to end just got stolen. He has no privacy to his own
who feels the need to hurt themselves. it all? thoughts anymore. His mind is not his. His mind
Please remember that suicide is not a is robbed; stolen by someone. He needs it back,
way out of the problem. A pair of hazel eyes with specimens of unusual quick.
yellow and green widens as those voices fill
his head. He pulls up the sleeves of his shirts But when he pushes the razor down from his
Please drop your razors and pills ; and covers his face, squeezing his eyelids wrist to the edge of his arms until his knees
your life is worth more than that” together, praying for it to end like he always shakes and his head sees white, those voices
does. will quiet down- or even pause for a moment.
At that time, he thought it was the only way to
In the corner of the room, he sits there with This is not the first time he hears it. At first, it get his sanity back but, he was wrong. They
his brown curls drooping all over his face. was merely one single soft whisper but then, came back to haunt him even louder, stronger
With his calloused finger tips, he holds a shaky other voices began to join in and that’s when and scarier than ever before. So naïve, he
grip to a wooden pencil. Pointing it down onto everything goes down from there. Two voices, keeps painting his paper white skin with
the paper, he scribbles down everything that three voices, four voices and more and more, crimson; cherishing a few seconds for his mind
is on his mind- his mad mind. As his scarred synchronizing in harmony; whispering, to be free from those shackles that he had
thin arms come into contact with the fabric chanting and even screaming. been put on.
of the shirt’s sleeves, he couldn’t help but
gasped as a pain protruded from the open The first time he hears them was when he cut
flesh. himself for the first time. It was just a little Millions of laughter and giggles resounds,
graze on his right wrist, nothing severe. He driving him insanely ill and piercing right
just tried it because he just wanted to seek for through his head.
Nobody has ever described he as mad, never, a solution. He just wanted to seek for an escape
but he does that himself. route from his messed up life. He just wanted His heart beats quicken with adrenaline as he
Nobody has ever known what he hid to take his mind off how he was bashed by pulls down his right sleeve, picks up one of his
underneath his long sleeves, never, but he those fists, laughed at by those people, and favorite razor, hoping it will get quieter and
does and he knows he is mad. stared by those eyes like he was a failure. But, that they would leave him alone.
he never knew that one single cut would lead
He hates it. He hates everything. to a chaos he never had imagined of.
He would cry himself to sleep every night, Waking up to see your body lying cold on bed
frightened by the intrusion he never asked is strange. What is stranger than that is to come
He hates those giggles and laughter in the for. He would not be able to sleep until all the to realization that you are not able to walk,
hallways as those groups of people, drifted water had drained out from his eyes to keep talk or even breathe with your own lungs.
past him and shoved him against the locker. him awake. He would try to squirm in his bed,
He hates their ice frosty glances they gave until his head spins round and round. He would Forgetting that he has no need to breathe, he
him every time they walked pass. He hates try to walk in circles around the room, takes a big gulp down his throat and inhales a
those names and those flaws he was stamped throwing pillows, lamps and books in hope that fair amount of air. Circumspectly, he walks over
on the face for, as if he doesn’t already see the sound would drown out those malignant towards his own body. He reaches out to touch
them: fat, ugly, weak, worthless and never voices. In result, giggles and laughter hissed his own arm and yelps as his hand passes
good enough. even louder and he knew that nothing works. through it like thin air. He sits himself down on
the edge of the bed, his hand sweating when
He requests them to leave, but as usual, they
11 ePTS Gazette . giggled, laughed and snorted as they persisted
to stay there- in his head.

he doesn’t see any part of the mattress sinking always looked up to him and he feels proud of
down at his weight. himself for the first time to be an older brother.

A creak of the door echoes, breaking the silence It turns out that she never has anything worth Not only him, lying cold there in the coffin,
in his small messy bedroom. Immediately, his celebrating for and not a single thing seems to they all will be as cold as he is.
heart beats quicken as he recognizes give her mercy. She cries every time things
immediately that it is his own sister, Emily. don’t seem to work out and it is his duty to His mum is never going to stop blaming herself
lend her a shoulder and let her sob in his arms. for not recognizing any signs from him that
“Mum’s going to be angry at us if we don’t She has always been the sweet little Emily could lead to this. His Emily is going to sob
hurry,” sets of sounds becomes louder as whom he needs to protect and treasure. until she goes to sleep every night. His friends
footsteps shuffles nearer. With her blonde hair blame themselves for not doing anything that
bouncing on her shoulder, a small figure walks The only thing that leaves him no match for could have saved him from this. His teachers
through a pile of books around his bed before her is the amount of affection she received fell into silent tears as they scold themselves
partly kneeling on the edge of the bed. from mum. for not being able to take care of their student.
And those bullies are among the worst cases;
Her thin arm reaches out and gently shakes a undeletable scar is going to carve their heart
bump beneath the sheets. Without any Every time his mum lingers her eyes on Emily, with regret.
response from her brother, she hisses in he would see that hidden glint of suave
annoyance as she shakes her grip faster and gentleness that he never saw in them when Some are going to loudly sob, some are going
escalates it even harder when she still gets no they glanced at him. Every time Emily has a to fall into deep silence, and some are going to
response back. Without a waste of time, Emily ballet performance, she would be early on her deny that he was dead; because they all know
tugs on the cover and it fell effortlessly from reserved seat. She would never leave it vacant that they all are going to be too.
the boy’s body that quivers in reaction to the like the seat on his football stadium. Every
movement. time he would feel that she hugs Emily tighter With their hearts snapping open; everyone is
and kisses Emily longer than she does for him. going to be dead. He’s not alone in the coffin
A quiet squeal is elicited as her hand comes because everyone is going to be dead.
into contact with a skin, as frosty as ice, of her Between him and his sister, he could not
brother’s arm when she grabs it within her resist himself but think: if mum gets to choose Is this what everybody was asking for? Is this
hand. Before shaking it like she does from to keep one of them, it’s never going to be
before, she freezes on her spot as a fear crept him. Those things he already knew always let what he was asking for?
into her mind. him he hears the cracking of his heart as it
shatters into a fracture. A strangle voice quietly elicits from a pair of
The blonde tugs on his shoulder and his body thin lips that are covered by an oxygen mask.
turns toward her effortlessly like a porcelain But right now, Emily, sweet little Emily, was a His lashes flutters open and his chest heaves
doll. Her palms begin to sweat as she witnesses panting mess and nothing breaks his heart so extreme that he almost got cardiac arrest.
no sign of response or any rhythm on the boy’s into millions of pieces as it could than this.
chest. Not so long after, his breath becomes more
Walking upstairs and meeting Emily hugging even and his tense shoulders begin to relax
Ambivalently, one of her palm settles onto his and pounding her fists onto her son was a back against the white sheets. Droplets of tears
used to be warm soft cheeks. Emily gasps at shock. Immediately, his mum pushes the on the rim of his hazel eyes begin to dry as he
how frosty it felt against her own skin. Her sobbing and screaming Emily away from her silently gazes at his scarred arm that was
heart beats quicken as she places another son, grimacing at violence she had used. Her covered with blood drenched gauze. His hazel
hand beneath his nostrils, hoping and praying eyes widens as she notices tear drenched eyes darted around the clean white ceiling,
it is not what she thinks it seems to be. Both of cheeks of her daughter. The small girl walls and lastly fell on bouquet of lilies and
her hands begin to shake frantically as they immediately clings onto her mother for her violets beside his bed. Finally, he glances at the
loosen their grip from the lying body. dear life, sobbing into her chest as she lets out source of the snoring sound. There on the
a set of: No, it’s not true. couch lies his sweet little Emily, with steady
She lets out a fake laugh before shaking her rhythms of her chest moving up and down as
brother’s body hard; once again grasping at Hoping it would calm Emily down, She finally she inhales and exhales, sleeping peacefully
his shoulder. For a moment later, she freezes manages to rub soothing circles behind her right there.
on her spot before her eyes starts to cloud back and waits patiently enough for Emily to
with water. She rests her face on the crook of spit out the truth -the truth that makes rivers He sighs, closes his eyes and lets out a small
his neck before pounding her brother’s chest tears that she had never shed for Emily or smile; ignoring the burn of his wounds.
with her fists. She keeps hitting it harder and anyone, not even when dad left them three
harder as her voice chants in mantras of his alone on that September night, relentlessly
name. A shout turn into a scream and a scream streams down her face He’s so glad it was quiet here, with Emily sleep-
finally turns into strangle of sobs. ing by his side and with his head that doesn’t
feel like his old one. He’s so glad the only sound
Out of everyone in his life, Emily is the only he hears was a silent breathing in and out of
one who really needs him. As to be expected Dressed in black, they are going to pick up his air from his sweet littleEmily.
from a strict mother, when it comes to gown.
parenting, her standards are high for both her He is so glad he’s alive to keep hearing those
son and her daughter. Fortunately, it was not a Eyes crimson red, they are going lay him down. noises.
problem for him to meet those standards she
made on him. He always gets straight A’s and Hands waving, mouths quivering and tears
he also owns a position as the quarter back rolling down their cheeks; they are going to
football team- he does anything he could gather around him.
possibly do to make her happy.

It is Emily who struggled to meet those
standards that had been made on her. Emily ePTS
Gazette . 12


At night, she came to talk with me. She told me that she had fallen to
THE SIXTH the water around that marsh. Her spirit never went to others place.
In the morning, I told my mom about this and she said that she already
knew because I acted strange and was silent throughout the whole trip.

SENSE Who would have thought that in the place where there are so many
crowds would have a lot of spirits? It’s up to each person as to whether
they could see any spirits or not.
If you have a chance to go to Ampawa, try to find that girl.

by :Prim Kulsavete (Prim-340) & Pimapa Charuchandr (Pim-340)
:::My Sixth Sense:::
:::The Revenge:::
Before I tell you the story, I have to tell you that I’m one of those
people who could sense supernatural things. (In other words, I possess In a prefecture school, everything is full of pressure and
what’s called the sixth sense). I knew that I have had this gift since I jealousy. The two top students, Emmy and Pat, were best friends ever
was young. since they entered the school. Even though they were best friends, they
Here’s an example always competed for the first.
This story occurred when I first realized about my sixth sense. That When the result came out, Emmy was so disappointed to see
day, I went to Ampawa with my family. I was walking across the that Pat was first. She then plotted a plan. A plan to kill Pat.She
bridge with my parents and my sister when I felt that my hair is succeeded. Everyone was sad except Emmy, who was overjoyed. As
standing up for no reason. I felt like someone was pulling my collar time passed, every student forgot about Pat. Emmy became the first of
from the back. school.
I decided to turn around. !!! One day, it was 10pm but Emmy was still in the school
laboratory. Quietly doing work, She heard a weird knocking sound
I saw the chubby girl who had white skin stood in front of me among from the direction of the last table. She’s surprised. No one should be
many people, both tourists and merchants. here. She’s even more terrified when she realized that this is the room
where she pushed her best friend out the window. She heard a sound
calling her, her friend’s sound. She ran away but then everything went
‘This girl isn’t a human’ I knew instinctively by intuition.
Suddenly, she disappeared. I looked around and I saw that she was black. The next day, a student found an irregular shaped corpse in the
sitting on the vendor’s boat. laboratory with a word ‘revenge’ wrote in red beside it.
She looked at me and smiled sadly. Her eyes were very sorrowful. I
didn’t know what she wanted but I just said to her that I would make
merits to her.

Map It! Answers: of men-dominating cultures, Japanese society has gladly accepted this
Map It!
practice for a long period of time.
5.Most overweight population—Nauru (Purple star)
Nauru, a tiny Pacific island, covers only 21 square kilometers with
1. Reincarnation is forbidden—China (Yellow star) approximately 9,000 inhabitants. In 2007, the World Health Organization
State Religious Affairs Bureau Order No. 5 orders every citizen of (WHO) reveals that Nauru has the world’s most obese population; the
Republic of China to submit their Reincarnation Applications to be filed estimation identifies more than 90% of its residents as overweight. The
by Buddhist temples before being recognized as Tulkus, reincarnation
teachers. The law seems completely absurd, but here lies the true research says the average Body Mass Index (BMI) among Nauru population
is way higher than that of the standard, 35 comparing to 25. Also, the
motive of China. Afraaid of the influence of the exiled Tibetan leader approximated body weight among Nauru is as high as 100 kg.
Dalai Lama, a monk whom we believe could be reborn to pursue 6.Texting language is allowed in National Examination –New Zealand (Brown
spiritual practices in his next lives, China aims to prevent him and other star)
monks outside of China from reincarnating. Some critics conclude, “This
might be done in the hope that China will have the power to choose the Have you ever written something like ‘lol’ or ‘txt’ or ‘omg’ in your exam
papers and was degraded because of that? Now is a chance for you to
next Dalai Lama.” Who knows!?! shine because texting languages during examinations are officially allowed
2. Late for Olympic Game for 12 days—Russia (Green star) in New Zealand. New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) still claims to
In 1500s, many Roman Catholic countries adopted the use of Gregorian discourage the use of this informal language, but requires that full credit
calendar that was established by the Pope at that time. Though,
Protestant and Orthodox nations made no changes to their calendars must be given to students’ who show their understanding regardless the
types of languages they use.
until years later. Russia was one of them who refused to do so until the 7. Whales are the property of the monarch—England (Blue star)
Russian Revolution in 1917. This caused them to be late for Olympic In the United Kingdoms, whales and sturgeons are Royal Fish. The original
Games at London in 1908 by 12 days! law states, “The King shall have throughout the realm, whales and great
3.Coral roads—Guam, U.S. territory (Black star)
Raise your hand if you hate the sticky sand on the beaches. Well, I guess sturgeons taken in the sea or elsewhere within the realm, except in certain
places privileged by the King.” However, the Monarch is often too busy and
you would love it here in Guam because there’s no natural sand at all! the possession of the creatures usually falls to the person who found them.
In fact, the government has tried to import sand, but it costs too much. The Receiver still offers all sturgeons to the Monarch, but for the whales
So what they do is they use coral for everything instead; for instance, nowadays it is much more sensible to contact the National History
the road is also made out of coral. The mixture of coral and oil, however,
makes a slippery road when it’s wet. That’s why a speed limit is strictly Museum or local police.
8.The longest lasting light bulb is here –the United States (Red star)
enforced on most islands. “4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California”: never forget the address when
4.Adult adoptions—Japan (Pink star) visiting the United States. This is the place where you would find the
Imagine yourself living in Japan, saying that your family decided to go for longest lasting light bulb claimed by the Guinness Book of World Records,
an adoption, who do you think would be your new family member?
Chances are your new sibling is a male adult. A MALE ADULT! According Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and General Electric. “Centennial Light” is
located at Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department. The light bulb has been
to the studies, 98% of adoptions in Japan are of men in their 20s and lasting for at least 110 years and was turned off for just a few handful
30s. The reason for this is simple: Japanese families want to ensure the occasions. In fact, “Infrequent turning on and off is actually the secret of
heir of the family business. Because of low birth rates and the influence
its longevity,” said the experts. Moreover, if you would have a chance to
13 ePTS Gazette . travel a bit farther to Texas and New York, you would find the second and
third longest-lasting light bulbs in the world as well!


Discover Your Horoscopes!

From : By: Sutthiwat Rawisaengsun(Ton-342) & Ramunya Sirilertworakul (Proud-342)

(March 21 to April 19 ) (April 20 to May 20 ) (May 21 to June 21 )
During this time you are likely During this time you are likely You are energetic. Especially
to have an argument with to lead and become the through this time of the year,
people around you. You should leader of others. You will put energy in everything you
keep calm, control and experience some obstacles do and do your best and you
organize your emotions wisely. and problem through your will achieve what you want.
You may also experience the way. Wealth :Still in a good
changing of your work position. Wealth : You are loaded with money, there will position, you won’t receive big amount of money
Wealth :You still have enough money but you always be a chance for you to earn money. This is but you will instead receive average but constant
should use it wisely. If there are any problems the time that you should collect money as much as amount of money.
there will be someone to help you so, be nice to possible. Love : You have low chance of success in love but if
others ! Love : There’s nothing excited about your love life you use your thoughts and judge by their
Love :Your love is not stable, but if you are single now, but when the problem arrived, soon it will be characteristic traits you will sure find someone
you will meet someone younger than you, and you solved. For the ones who doesn’t have partner, this that is right for you.
have incredibly high change of succeeding in love. isn’t a good time for you to find the right one.
(June 22 to July 22 ) ( July 23 to August 22 ) (August 23 to September 22 )
This is really the time for you Whatever you do during this Be careful about your health. In
to shine! You have a high period, there will always be this period you would get to travel
chance of success, good competitors for you, forcing you to a lot, both outside and inside the
country. You still have a lot of
opportunities will rush to you, use more energy and will be more happiness in your life, extremely
think carefully and take the tired. There will be a lot of bad things are not likely to reach
situations that you have to use
best one for you. Be careful communication skills or maybe you.
with your strong emotions and your expressions. more socialization. Wealth : Average, you would get average, constant amount
Wealth : As I told you, this is really your time, you Wealth : For the Leo’s during this time you will have plenty of money throughout this time. You won’t get large amount
will earn lots of profit from things you do. The of money and also you will receive gifts from people around of money at once. There will be more chance if you change
profit in this period will sure satisfy you. you. There is no sign of financial problems. your working place.
Love :For the single ones, be calm! You will meet Love : Average, people that already has partner might have Love : You love life is not much sweet. There will be arguments
your soul mate soon, when you meet it, it will be more space between your loved ones. For the single, there and conflicts, but remember to use reasons more than
the right one. is a chance that you will meet your partner but you might emotions. But if you love someone there will also be
not be able to tell others about it. competitors just like your work life.
( September 23 to October (October 24 to November (November 23 to December 21 )
23 ) 22 ) You have quite standout luck at this
When working, you will be Good time to work, start time. Your work seems to go really
supported by both working. You will have good well. Now it is the great time to sign
colleagues and boss. There supporters and budget. So, contracts and advance your job. You
is a very good sign of don’t afraid to start new already got good supporters.
Wealth : Happy time for you! Your
succession, you might get things! salary is likely to be raised and your
some good news soon such as promotion or Wealth : It is easy for you to get large amount of work is going well if you just believe in what you are doing.
increase salary. money easily, how envious! Love : The one you are looking for might be the one that is
Wealth : This is the most profitable time for you. Love : For the one who are still alone, someone will close to you or maybe the one that you have had a
You are suggested to take this chance and save as come to you soon. You might meet your soul mate relationship with before. But if you already have a partner,
much money as possible. It is really yourtime ! soon, so be ready! the problems you are having will be solved easily and so
Love : Your love seems sweet and bright. You will does other problems.
meet someone new and it will be the right one for
(December 22rd to January ( January 21 to February 19 ) (February 20 to March 20 )
20 ) Very good time for making There will be a change in your career
You will receive help from money,useful comunication but it is not clear whether it is good
friends around you and will skills can help you to be more or bad, so be prepared. You will be
accomplish the goal that you successful. disappointed by the words of
have aimed. You might get to Wealth : Although, you gain a friends sometimes but don’t think
travel a lot, but for lot of profit, but there’s a lot to too much, be optimistic.
businesses. pay too. So, you better make plans and organize Wealth : You will be able to organize the money easily and
efficiently. There will be a lot of income for you to collect
Wealth : You should be more careful with money. your budget carefully. too.
There is slightly more outcome than income for Love : For the singles, you will met someone new Love : If you are single, there will be a chance that the one
you, so be careful! and you are likely to develop relationship with him/ that aren’t single will be attracted by you. You should check
Love : There will be problems with your partner, her. But watch out for the fake friendly faces! his/her profile before you develop the relationship any
try to use reason not emotion to solve it. The further.
small problem might lead to bigger problems or
even breaking up. ePTS
Gazette . 14



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