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Newsletter1_2016 Issue. 4, July 2016


The English
Summer School 2016
Our new M.1 EPTS students

attended the English Summer School
to improve their English and prepare them for
the EPTS program. This year, from April 18th -
May 9th, 2016, our 70 students of EPTS 20 studied
several subjects taught by foreign and Thai teachers
including English, Mathematics, Science, Health,
Computer and Technology. All students also attended
the camp at the Greenery Resort, Khao-yai to
experience more activities and help them to adapt
themselves to their new community of teachers and
friends. This intensive course was an extremely
successful project and the students greatly
benefitial from our academic and
joyful activities.

Visit our EPTS website
by scanning this QR code

Graphic & Art *Ajarn Tanapa Rotkoet *Ajarn Wipada Sutthiroj Thank You : *Ajarn Orapin Kanungsukkasem *Assistant Professor Chaisak Leelajaraskul
*Assistant Professor Duangchai Chongthanakorn *Ajarn Amornpan Rangsritienchai*Ajarn Rollin Miller *Khun Pattama Laohasinnarong *and all EPTS Teachers

EPTSCURRENT Issue. 4, July 2016

EPTS Updates & Congratulations

EPTS Current is one of our EPTS print medium published annually and delivered to
our EPTS parents at the 1st Parents Meeting. It is a great pleasure to not only share most
recent EPTS news about all EPTS academic departments but also update what activities we have
done so far as well as upcoming ones. Furthermore, we could give our congratulations to all
EPTS graduates on succeeding in their university admission. It is our heartfelt congrats on their
impressive success. We are very proud of them! We believe they will be growing into adults
who are regarded as effective and upstanding Thai citizens. On behalf of EPTS we will go on with
how well we educate our beloved students. We continually aim to support our dear students to
achieve their full potential.

“Chairperson of The English Program for Talented Students”

Name : Benjamin Nathabheem the schedule is different.
Nickname : Shokun The teachers here are more friendly. There
DOB : December 11, 2002 are more extra activities here. There are more
Hobbies : Reading (fantasy / Sci-Fi) , students at this school than in the U.S.
playing the violin , swimming School here, it is just Thai people <I think> but
Benjamin is from Dewitt Middle School school in the U.S students are from all over the
EPTS in Ithach, New York. He is an exchange student world. To me the school here is fun. I would enjoy
of the Thai-U.S Sufficiency Education Foundation
learning here more.
Exchange (TUSEF) What is your aim?
My objective is to acquire knowledge and
What do you think about school in Thailand ?
Student In Thailand, the education is different, they teach experience that can help me become a successful
student through international exchange and
what would be taught in the U.S. but unlike the
through working with other smart students and
in M.2/351 U.S. they are so more in depth with subjects. The learning from course work offered by both non-
schedules are different as well. Each day what is in
academic and academic institutions.
“EPTS Activities on School Calendar, Academic Year 2016”
May 23 : Back to School Day, 1st Semester, 2016
The English Program for Talented Students June 23 : Wai Kru Day
(EPTS) provides a counseling service intended July 1 : “Congratulations EPTS 14! You’ve made it!”
to develop and improve students’ academic, July 2 : 1st EPTS Parents Meeting
interpersonal and emotional issues. Our July 11-14 : 1st Semester Midterm Examination (Normal class on Friday15 )
counseling program is growing exponentially July 28 : Australian Mathematics Competition
and we have trained professionals to assist you. July 21, 25-28 : Boston U’s after-school project “ General Economic Awareness”
Teachers and parents are also welcomed by our August 6 : Parents Meeting Day ( Whole School)
support team. August 8-18 : Columbia U’s after-school project “ Critical Thinking Skill on Literature
To schedule an appointment please contact Humanities ”
Ajarn Paranee (M Floor) or classroom teachers. August 22-25 : Sports Week (40 minutes / period)
“We are always here to listen to YOU.” August 29 : Sports Day
-A. Paranee Noisaeng September 12-19 : Final Examination
October 10 : Back to School Day, 2nd Semester, 2016 (1st session)
Oct 31- Nov 3 : Parents Meeting (2:00-5:30 pm)
Counseling Program Schedule(Semester 1) November 5-6 : English Kids Camp
Dr Jom Psychologist November 27 : Vipittassana at Asksara King Power Theater
(09.00-12.00) (08.00-12.00) December 6-9 : 2nd Semester Midterm Examination
December 29 : New Year Party
Fri 24 Jun 2016 Mon 6 Jun 2016 January 6-12 : Satit Samakkkee
Mon 20 Jun 2016 January 16 : Back to School Day, 2nd Semester, 2016 (2nd session)

Fri 29 Jul 2016 Mon 4 Jul 2016 January 16-18 : M.1-M.3 Boyscouts & Girlguides Camps
January 21
: Parents Meeting Day ( Whole School)
Mon 25 Jul 2016
February11 : 2nd EPTS Parents Meeting
February 20-27 : M1-M6 2nd Semester Final Examination
Fri 19 Aug 2016 Mon 8 Aug 2016 March 30 : Grade Announcement
Mon 15 Aug 2016
Mon 29 Aug 2016 April - May : EPTS Summer School for New M1 Students
April - May : EPTS Summer Course for M2 Students in Canada
April - May : EPTS and Regular Program Students’ Summer Course Abroad
Fri 2 Sep 2016 Mon 5 Sep 2016
Course Syllabus 1st Semester Academic Year 2016 *

M.1 Course Syllabus M.2 Course Syllabus M.3 Course Syllabus M.4 Course Syllabus M.5 Course Syllabus M.6 Course Syllabus
*Visit your phone’s app store (Google Play store, Apple App Store, etc.) and download a QR code reader/scanner app.


EPTS Academic Workshop Road to Yale

Road to Yale : The World Scholar's Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale
University (ToC)
Just one more week before The World Scholar's Cup : Global Round will
kick off in the Land of Smile. This year the tournament will be held at Bangkok
Convention Center, Centara [email protected] World from 25 - 30 June, with the
3,400 scholars from 50 countries around the globe.
Patumwan Demonstration School by "Speech and Debate Society Club" will
"EPTS Academic Workshop" is held at Holiday Inn in Pattaya every March. send 4 teams to join this tournament. "Qualifying for Tournament of Champions
EPTS staff delightedly get together doing academic workshop. In the meantime, (ToC) for the second year in a row is very exciting." said Nithiz, the PDS debate
we count it as EPTS Happy Family Time. This year's special guest speakers team chaperon. "Being able to achieve such a great success has been a dream
were invited from Severnvale Acdemy, Shrewsbury, UK to discuss and share come true. Having won the trophies in Yale last year as well as multiple medals
information regarding IT resources in English language teaching and classroom has been an unbelievable experience. We enjoyed every moment in Yale and
management. It was held on March19, 2016 we are very much looking forward to compete amongst the best scholar teams
- Asst. Prof. Duangchai Chongthanakorn in the world in Yale once again to try to make it second titles in a row." Nithiz
added. The list of EPTS students to join the competition :
Green Toy Library Miu,Mark, Belle and Book from M.3/341 Owen, Plern, Time, I-ris and New from
M.3/342 Tartan,Mon and Koon from M.5/350
Every year M2 students study the *More to follow : EU Thailand National Intervarsity Debate Championship
different aspects of character and (The 11th EUTH) : 5 - 9 August, 2016 at Thammasat University.
then they use that knowledge to help -A. Nithiz Onkaewmanee
a community set up a toy library. Our
students give their used toys, plus the
money that they raise from a bake sale
to set up a toy library in an upcountry
school. The community that gets
the toy library, has student librarians
that set up a program where kids can
exchange community service for a toy
for a week. - A. Kimberly Ann Unger
Habitat for Humanity PDS Jazz Club Studio Recording 2015

Last year some of our students had a chance to help the community two
different times throughout the year. In November, 30 students painted two
houses, and in April a group of 18 students joined with five international
schools and learned about being young leaders. Students received a chance
to learn about different disabilities, and how to work with people who are
disabled. Then they helped a group of handicapped people, build a trail, clean
up several areas and paint several houses. - A. Kimberly Ann Unger
The 9th annual PDS Jazz Club Studio CD Recording was recorded March 2016
at Entrance Studio. The recording is available for download on Moodle by
PDS Jazz Club members and their families. CDs may be ordered through PDS
Jazz Club members. If you would like a copy, please contact any PDS Jazz Club
Member today!
The first 8 tracks were recorded by "Addicted to Jazz" (the M.5 Jazz Band) and
Ajarn Kyle. The alto saxophonists are Oate and Palm, the clarinetists are Dear
and Jom, the tenor saxophonist is Arm, the guitarists are Earth and Kid, the
pianists are Ton and P, the bassists are Build and Nai, the drummers are Nine,
Ou, and again Earth, and the trumpeter and director is Ajarn Kyle. All songs
Glee club were recorded live in one room, with only minimal overdubbing on one song to
resolve a technical difficulty involving clip-on woodwind microphones. All the
songs feature classic jazz stylings and in-the-moment authentic improvisation.
Pay attention to the spontaneous interchange on Watermelon Man - it's
fantastic! The tunes Crimson Arrow (anime theme) and Dek Dee (Thai school
morning assembly song) were arranged for jazz band by M5 Oate and Ajarn
The second eight tracks were recorded by the M.4 Jazz band and Ajarn Kyle.
Glee club spent Christmas day at Phaythai 2 Hospital spreading Christmas cheer Pun plays violin, Mon plays the alto saxophone, Koon and Non play the guitars,
to the patients. 24 students performed that day to a very enthusiastic audience. Zen and Tartan play the piano, Taro, Ken and Poo play the bass, Tonkla and
- A. Kimberly Ann Unger Boon play the drums, and Ajarn Kyle plays the trumpet and directs the band.
The songs are done in a classic jazz fashion and capture the spirit of on-the-
M5 Rachanukul School Project spot composition - or improvisation. Notice, for example, the call and response
conversation between the trumpet and violin on the Nat Adderly jazz-rock
One of the M5’s health units of study is Mental Health. To help the students anthem Hummin'. The tune I Want to Stop Time is a jazz rendition of the Thai
understand about mental disabilities, each year, the students prepare a lesson song Yud by Groove Rider, and it is adapted for the jazz band by M4 Taro and
to present to Rachanukul school. The Ajarn Kyle. All songs were recorded live in one room with a lot of eye contact
students prepare lessons in either and good communication.
maths, reading, sports, music, or art. Thanks to Mr. Markus Nordblum of Entrance Studio for his patient and
This allow students to meet and learn creative sound engineering. Thank you to the school director Ajarn Orapin and
how to work with disabled students, but the school administration for their continued support of the PDS Jazz Club.
also learn how to teach something. I am very proud of all the students for their efforts! PDS Jazz Club forever!
- A. Kimberly Ann Unger --Ajarn Kyle Dreher


Our M1 students are
continuing to participate in the and CloudSat Programs
NASA S’COOL (Student Cloud
Observation Online) Program.
We had our fourth annual video
conference with NASA scientist
Dr. Lin Chambers on June 16th.
Dr. Chambers explained the
NASA Student Cloud Observation
Project and the importance of
our student observations. Our
students make daily weather
observations when satellites are
over Bangkok and then upload
their data to NASA. Our student
observations are then combined
with the satellite data to get a Physics SAT
complete picture of the weather.
By participating in this project, Preparation
our students can use their Classes Continue
academic and scientific skills
while engaging in a significant After enjoying a successful
international research project. first year of the Physics SAT
For more information, please preparation classes, students in
see: http://science-edu.larc.nasa. M5 are ready to return and join
gov/SCOOL/ their juniors in relaxed tutorial
EPTS students also participate sessions to help themselves get
in another NASA project, the experience for the American
CloudSat Program. CloudSat is test, which is used for university
an experimental satellite that the CloudSat website and NASA Outreach Coordinator with entrance, course placement,
uses radar to observe clouds and scientists then compare these NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and advanced college credit
precipitation from space. As with ground observations with the data in California. Our students will by a number of American
the S’COOL program, students they get back from the satellite. have the opportunity to discuss universities and a growing
make observations from the The overall aim of both the S’COOL the CloudSat Program, as well as number of Thai international
ground at the same time that the and Cloudsat projects is to improve other projects it may be possible university programs. Meetings
satellite passes overhead, but the accuracy of remote-sensed for EPTS students to get involved are to be held as last year, on
the CloudSAT observations are data from satellites. This data can in. Thursday afternoons in the
much more detailed and include then be used to give scientists Curie Lab. Students will be
pictures of the cloud cover in a better understanding of how - A.Adam, EPTS Biology Teacher, informed of the schedule very
each of the four quadrants of clouds, global weather patterns, A.Craig, EPTS M1 & M3 Science shortly. Aj. David Nall looks
the sky. They also take a picture and climate change are linked. Teacher forward to sharing physics and
of the whole sky by placing a We have an additional Skype snacks with you!
convex mirror on the ground video conference planned for
and photographing it. The later this semester, this time -A. David Nall
pictures and data are entered on with Peter Falcon, Earth Science

Fire Safety of the building. The exit on the
first floor behind the elevator
Project has been improved, and new fire
alarms have been installed on
the M Floor and sixth floor. Fire
New this year is the EPTS Fire alarms, hoses, and extinguishers
Safety Project. This project was are checked regularly. The fire
originally started by Ajarn Craig exit plan along with fire safety
and Ajarn Rollin to improve the tips were reviewed with each
safety of our EPTS building. The class at the beginning of year,
school management as well as and we had our first fire drill
the alumni committee are also the morning of June 7th. There
involved and offer their full will be at least two fire drills
support. A new fire exit was per semester so students will
installed from the swimming have regular practice exiting the
pool that leads into the tennis building quickly and efficiently.
courts, giving the students an
additional exit on the South side A.Craig Wardman


M5 Science Projects

Pim, Prim, and Ploy (M5-350) look for Paramecium

M5 Project Presentation Day, February 2016 Ong and Khing (M5-340) check their experiment
This year’s M5 Science Projects looked at improving student promote students' understanding The M5 Science Projects
are already well underway. These confidence when speaking, and of science and how science represent a challenging but
are year-long projects in which all an investigation into Bangkok’s works, through their own open- ultimately rewarding experience
EPTS Science Program students preparedness in the event of an ended investigations. They are for our students. They provide
participate. The students work in Ebola virus outbreak. also encouraged to make links a valuable learning opportunity
small groups on a science project This year’s projects include between what they are learning and one that is relevant whether
of their choice. Students can focus designing a more comfortable in school and how this can relate or not students choose to pursue
on one of the three main fields student backpack, an experiment to society as a whole. In addition, science at a university or as a
of science—biology, chemistry or that aims to discover optimal the projects afford students the career. This is because all of us
physics—or they may opt for a Paramecium growth conditions, opportunity to develop important need to understand how science
project that integrates more than an investigation into the water skills that are increasingly in works if we are to make informed
one area of science. quality in Bangkok, and a look demand by both universities decisions relating to scientific
Last year’s projects included at the potential and physics and employers, such as critical questions that may arise in our
an investigation into materials of kinetic bombardment as a thinking, creativity, problem- lives.
that could be used to improve weapon of mass destruction! solving, collaboration, and the use - A. Adam, EPTS Upper Mathayom Biology
concrete, an experiment that A key aim of the projects is to of ICT to analyze and report data. Teacher & M5 Science Projects Coordinator

Dalton Lab Activities for 2016 – Chemistry

Video Club supporting M5 students in discussions, will discuss opinions
We have set up a video studio, carrying out their science and issues that arise. One aim
complete with a green screen and projects. However, the time is also for this club is to have work
lighting in the Discovery Center. available for other students who published through an appropriate
This is available for student- want help with their homework medium.
centered activities such as or want to perform investigations
presenting work, reports, or ideas of their own. Labs already carried out
in a novel way, and publishing this year include a PbI2
to You Tube or similar outlets. and techniques—for example, Science Lovers Writing Club diffusion experiment, density
We will be running tutorials combining the green screen with Select students and volunteers measurements, solubility lab, and
on the green-screen process time-lapse photography on the will produce articles on various an acidity of salts investigation,
iPhone. This is enough to start the topics in science—fact or fiction, and it is only week 4! Other
creative juices flowing, and then topical, or opinion. Authors will activities to come will include
it is over to the students to start receive expert advice on grammar Foom! a favorite from last year’s
creating…. and style, and their work will M5 class, Bejewelled—the color
receive detailed attention in of ions in solution, and Slime, a
Lab night one-on-one editing sessions. cross-linking experiment.
Tuesday evenings from 4 p.m. The group will read each other’s - A. Kevin Fortune
This is primarily aimed at submissions and during group






The EPTS Bookworms
club is ready to kick off its second
year, and we hope to build on
the success of last year! During The summary of EVOLVING UNIVERSITY ADMISSION CRITERIA - Ajarn Wipada Sutthiroj
our inaugural year, students and Increased Competition and which the applicant must submit essay section, students analyze a
teachers gave book talks, designed Choices English proficiency test scores from provided passage to determine
games and created posters to Our graduating Mattayom either CU-TEP, IELTS, TOEFL, or how the author builds an
promote the club. The atmosphere 6 seniors face increasingly the SAT (see the diagram: “Step argument to persuade the reader
was casual and we enjoyed stringent university admissions 1”). This first step for Chula EBA using evidence, reasoning, and
listening to each other talk about criteria. Acceptance into popular also includes submission of math persuasive devices. The students
our favorite books. A few people International Programs, such scores and overall grade point write an analysis supported by their
even swapped books with each as the Bachelor’s in Business average. For students who only own critical reasoning, based on
other! Everyone seemed to enjoy Administration (BBA) at Chulalakorn meet standards for 2 out of 3 of evidence from the passage.
themselves and the free pizza also University, also includes more these requirements, they must then
proved a hit! complexity in the choices students achieve a minimum score in the With a similar shift in focus, the
must make regarding which test third criteria (see “Step 2” on the new reading section of the SAT
This year, we hope to increase scores to submit. diagram). assesses students’ understanding of
student involvement in the club Which English Proficiency test is the information and ideas in a text, and
and to make it more student-led. One important distinction includes easiest? This is a matter of much their ability to analyze the author’s
The goal is to get more students “general aptitude” tests versus current debate. Ask one student use of persuasive language and
involved in the planning and “English proficiency” tests – both and you will get one answer; ask argument. Students are first asked
running of the meetings. Their of which are typically required for another student and you will general questions about central
creative and organizational input competitive programs. Aptitude receive a different answer! ideas, themes, and overall text
are important for the long-term tests measure general intelligence The “New SAT” structure, followed by more specific
questions asking for the meaning
success of the club. over a variety of subjects, while
English proficiency tests focus Certain university programs also of a particular word or phrase, or
Throughout this 2016-17 academic specifically on English skills. include the choice for students to to find specific evidence supporting
a claim.
take specific sections of the
year, we will be planning a American SAT (standard aptitude
variety of different activities and The major International English test) to meet criteria for English Solutions?
promotions to try and encourage proficiency tests include IELTS proficiency. Now add to this the With this complexity of options,
more students to love reading and TOEFL. Certain universities recent and significant changes to along with increased competition,
also provide an option to take the
for pleasure. If your children are the SAT (as of March 2016). students and parents should begin
bookworms or are just curious specific school’s English proficiency early in identifying programs of
test. For example, Chula University
about what the Bookworms club is has its own CU-TEP (test of English The revised SAT focuses on what interest, and researching the
all about, please encourage them proficiency). The bottom line? is being called “Evidence-Based” necessary steps for successful
to join one of our meetings or to Universities are placing a heavier reading and writing skills. For admission. Our EPTS staff, teachers,
come and speak with one of the emphasis on English skills for example, the writing portion and classroom advisors are always
English teachers. I hope to see admissions acceptance. now strongly emphasizes source available to help sort through the
your children there! analysis and evidence, including intricacies of individual program
Example: CHULA’S Bachelor of Arts questions asking students to requirements and assist in any
- A. Robert Brunch (A.Brad) in Economics develop, support, and refine claims manner.
EPTS Head of Foreign Languages and ideas in multi-paragraph
Chula’s EBA Program first requires
stringent “Proof of Excellence,” in passages. For example, in the - A.Gordon Mc Evoy


EPTS Social Studies 2016 M4-M6’s Learning

Olympic Project Trained University
Experience by

Studies students from M1, nation Brazil. Students from
M2 (Ajarn Jason’s classes) and Activities will include a quiz
M3(Ajarn Richard’s classes) will completion between teams Boston U. and
join together to participate in a representing the different Columbia U.
special Social Studies Olympic countries and on 5th August all
Project. Before the Olympic of the students from M1, M2
Games begin the students will and M3 will join together for
work in groups to explore the our Social Studies2016 Olympic
Geography and Culture of the Fair. There will be displays of
countries that are participating in each county’s Geography and
the Olympics, with M1 students Culture, games and activities
The 2016 Summer Olympics covering Asia & the Pacific building up to a colorful climax
will take place in Rio de Janeiro, countries, M2 covering Europe with a fashion show where
Brazil, from August 5 - 21, 2016 & Africa, and M3 covering the students from each country will
to celebrate this international countries in North & South represent their country. EPTS offers two after-school
sporting event EPTS Social America, including the host - A. Richard Beattie workshops to acquaint M4-6
students with critical thinking
M4 EPTS Social Studies Thai History Field Trip and discussion skills as well as
reputable US universities. First,
to the National Museum the Global Economic Awareness
Project (GEA) is held during July
As part of a research project for 21-29, 2016 by well-trained
their M4 Thai History class, M4 Boston University Team. The
EPTS students will go on a field GEA Project focuses on three key
trip to the National Museum in development areas: Economic
Literacy, Professional Skills
Bangkok on Thursday August and Mentorship. Second, the
4th 2016. This will enable the Symposium in Thailand is held as
students to see and to study a seminar class formed by two
examples of artefacts from Thai Columbia University students
prehistory and early periods of during August 8-22, 2016. The
Thai History such as the Dvaravati, Symposium aims to give all
Lopburi and Srivijaya periods. We participants the opportunity
will also have an opportunity to to learn through a discussion-
visit a special exhibition which based setting with the help of
has recently opened, entitled literature and philosophical ideas.
‘Early Man of Our Land’ After completion, EPTS students
- A. Richard Beattie will be provided certificates
of completion useful for their
‘ESM: English Speaks to Me’ portfolios.

worth our time to continue to give
students this fun and enjoyable
choice to learn English. The
purpose of the project this year is
to provide students with an extra
hour to practice using their English
through fun movies and VDO
clips with a mini English lesson
explaining how the language is
used in the movies and how it
can be used in real-life context.
There is no best way to learn If any students are interested to
a language. The best thing join us, please drop by at IT Room:
teachers can do to help students 333 and have fun with us every
learn the language is to give Thursday at lunch time. Everyone
them choices. The success of is welcome.
‘ESM: English Speaks to Me’ from - A.Wipada Sutthiroj
the past year has shown that it is

(WON) International and Area The Automotive Design and (PARE) International Program in Design (PHON)
Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Manufacturing Engineering (Inter) Germany and Architecture, Chulalongkorn Engineering, Purdue University (USA)
Studies (Japan) Chulalongkorn University University.

Congratulations to EPTS 14

The Automotive Design and Economics, Chulalongkorn University Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, (AOM) Asean-China International Program
Manufacturing Engineering (Inter), (International Program) Mahidol University Nano Engineering (NANO) Inter, (IAC), Thammasat University
Chulalongkorn U. Chulalongkorn University

(PRAE) (GAB) Faculty of Medicine, (MONET) Fashion Design & Creation, KRASSANAIRAWIWONG
Product Design America Chulalongkorn University ESMOD International, Paris (France) (KHAIMOOK)
Bunka Gakuen University(Japan) Faculty of Law, Thammasat University

KONGPAISANSOPON (PING) WAJCHATHON (SUER) International School of Engineering Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn WONGPRACHAYANUN
Faculty of Engineering, Industrial Design and Architecture (Inter), (ISE), Chulalongkorn University University (FRIEND)
Engineering, Chulalongkorn University Chulalongkorn University. History, University of Vermont (USA)

(NUNG-NING) (MAE) International School of (TATT) Psychology (PIM) Communication Design, IAMRATTANACHOTIKUL (PETE)
International Program in Design Engineering (ISE), Chulalongkorn University of California, Los Angeles Chulalongkorn University Asean-China International Program
and Architecture, Chulalongkorn University (USA) (International Program) (IAC), Thammasat University

Finance, Boston University (USA) Business and Management, Faculty of Humanities, Administration (BBA), Chulalongkorn Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Exeter Business (UK) Srinakharinwirot University University (BBA), Chulalongkorn University

JIPP : Joint International Psychology (BHAN) Asean-China International Program (PLOY) (SUN)
Program, Chulalongkorn University Bachelor of Business Administration (IAC), Thammasat University The Faculty of Communication International School of Engineering
(International Program) (BBA), Thammasat University Art, Chulalongkorn University (ISE), Chulalongkorn University
(International Program)

International Program in Design and Bachelor of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn Hotel Management, Blue Mountains Communication Design,
Architecture, Chulalongkorn University Chulalongkorn University (Inter) University International Hotel Management Chulalongkorn University
School (Australia) (International Program)

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