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The Sun Daily-070422

The Sun Daily-070422


TELLING IT AS IT IS Fragmented page Shopping mall page
opposition serial molester
ON THURSDAY expected at GE15 3 arrested 6

APRIL 7, 2022 SEAFOOD FEAST ... Customers at
Warung Mak Siti in Sungai Acheh enjoying a serving of steamed clams, that is only
available at the Penang eatery during

Make it public

█ BY SHIVANI SUPRAMANI oGroup backs call byWanita MCA to
[email protected] have sex offenders registry accessible,
particularly to employers
Wanita MCA to make the including opposition parties. our children’s safety. At the same
National Sex Offenders Registry “There’s no issue of privacy or time, it would ensure that
public has received traction paedophilia is not normalised,
from a human rights proponent, but a discrimination against ex-convicts as while the rights of ex-offenders to
criminologist worries that it may bring they should be finding post-prison work and earn a living remains,”
more harm than good. occupation in settings that do not he said.
involve children. As such, there should Loh said not enough was being
The Women, Family and Community be no legal repercussions from making done to keep children safe from sex
Development Ministry reported 2,040 the National Sex Offenders Registry abuse, within the context of physical
child abuse cases in the first four publicly available,” he told theSun. and non-physical relationships.
months of 2021. Of the total, nearly 30% “Prevention is better than cure,
came under the description of physical He said to avoid the possibility of and parents have to educate their
and sexual abuse. vigilante attacks or attracting unwanted children and constantly check on
attention from the public, the registry their online activities.
In the first six months of 2020, there need not be in a public domain but must Schools must also do
were 1,721 cases of sexual crimes be accessible to those with specific their part by providing
against children, said its deputy interests, such as employers. the necessary exposure Turn to
minister Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff. and training to deal
“It would seem that the vast majority with online pitfalls and —
Police also said that 993 cases of are paedophiles, which is why one
physical sexual assault involving solution proposed by some is castration. page 2
children below the age of 18 were Even in the case of castration, one
reported in 2020, an increase from 732 should never take risks in the interest of allurement.”
cases in 2019 and 591 in 2018.

Think-tank Emir Research social, law
and human rights head Jason Loh said
the call was the “right move” and should
be strongly supported by all quarters,

2 theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

Public vigilantism Workplace bullying
an issue, says expert becoming more serious

He added that not enough was being
done to provide the requisite training to
medical and welfare workers to identify
procedures for reporting of child abuse or
neglect cases.
Criminologist Shankar Durairaja said
there could be several negative factors
arising from the registry being made o Problem affects both subordinates as well as superiors, “If they do not feel comfortable raising the
publicly accessible. says HR management institute vice-president issue with a superior, or if their superior is the
“Convicted sex offenders are more perpetrator, then victims could lodge a
likely to reoffend when their personal and complaint in writing to the company’s human
offending information is made resources or legal department as a first step.
public due to the ‘associated
psychological, social or █ BY ELLY FAZANIZA which a victim can complain about the “Victims can also lodge a report with the
financial costs’,” he said. From [email protected] perpetrator. Human Resources Ministry, which can probe
PETALING JAYA: Workplace bullying has such matters under the Employment Act 1955,
Shankar added that front become a problem that is serious enough to But what constitutes workplace bullying? Industrial Relations Act 1967, or Occupational
research has found that page warrant scrutiny, said Malaysian Institute of Muzaffar said it could be defined as Safety and Health Act 1994.”
Human Resource Management vice-president unprofessional conduct that could jeopardise
being placed on a public sex Mohd Rafizi Rahmad. an employee’s ability to perform at work. Muhendaran added that victims could even
offenders registry can result in institute civil action against a perpetrator or
exclusion from a neighbourhood or He told theSun that the issue would be He said this also affects an organisation’s lodge a police report so that an investigation
residence, loss of employment, anxiety raised at the institute’s next meeting to be held productivity. could be conducted under provisions of the
and other psychological problems. soon. Penal Code.
“Public vigilantism is also an issue. “It creates an unconducive work
Offenders and their families could be Rafizi said many people assume that environment where the victims in the He said perpetrators could be charged
subjected to threats and other workplace bullying only takes place top-down, workplace are unable to focus on their jobs under section 358 of the Penal Code, which
harassment. or in other words, superiors bullying their effectively. A perpetrator can be anyone, such provides for a jail term of up to one month or a
“We need to study the registry and subordinates. as the office manager, employer, another fine, or both.
understand what crimes are recognised employee or even third parties such as a client,
for inclusion,” he said. “But the fact is that there are other groups of customer, or visitor. Likewise, the victim can be Muzaffar and Muhendaran said noticeable
“Does it consist of only child sex workers who are also victims of workplace just about anyone.” effects of workplace bullying include a victim’s
offenders or other sex offenders as well? bullying. Don’t be surprised, because there are inability to focus on tasks, stress as well as rising
Are they serious or non-serious offenders? also department heads or top officials who have Muzaffar added that victims should not emotional and mental pressures that affect his
How about individuals convicted of become victims of staff who have an agenda. suffer in silence but act immediately by lodging relationship with family and friends.
cybersexual crimes? Workplace bullying is a serious problem, which complaints with their superiors.
“Knowing all this would help us is why it will be raised at our next meeting.” “If the act of bullying goes unnoticed and
minimise unnecessary damage to Labour lawyer S. Muhendaran, who continues, it can affect a victim’s health, and
individuals and communities and allow Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia associate concurred with Muzaffar, said that gaps exist even lead to suicide,” said Muzaffar.
law enforcement to focus on the most professor of Law Dr Muzaffar Syah Mallow said despite a push to increase protection for
dangerous felons,” he said. while workplace bullying is known to exist in workers. Muhendaran added that it is time for
the country, there are no specific laws under non-governmental organisations to take the
“Bullying in a professional setting is a form lead in curbing workplace bullying, given the
of harassment. Just like sexual harassment, it lack of data on the matter since victims are
should be viewed very seriously. often unsure of what action they can take.

A long queue outside Most Terengganu
the Autopass issuing children unvaccinated
office in Jalan Tun
Abdul Razak in Johor KUALA TERENGGANU: The state government
Baru yesterday. has expressed concern that some parents are
– BERNAMAPIX willing to risk their children’s health by bringing
them to Ramadan bazaars.

State Local Government, Housing, Health
and Environment Committee chairman Dr Alias
Razak said that Terengganu is in the second
lowest position in the National Covid-19
Immunisation Programme for Children.

He said that as of Tuesday only 178,700
children aged five to 11 years, or 12.6% of the
state’s population had received the first dose of
the Covid-19 vaccine.

“My advice to parents is that, if they love their
children, they should not bring them to
Ramadan bazaars because there may be
individuals who are Covid-19 positive but have
no symptoms. If the children are infected, it may
be serious because they are not protected,” he
told reporters after visiting the Ramadan bazaar
at Dataran Shahbandar on Tuesday.

He said there are 59 Ramadan bazaars in
Terengganu this year, with 4,938 stalls and 9,666
food handlers.

He advised the public to maintain cleanliness
and hygiene, especially those breaking fast in
open areas and tourist spots. – Bernama

Confusion over Singapore VEP application process Indonesia reimposes
visa-free visits
JOHOR BARU: There is still much confusion needed is the motorcycle ownership learning that his account had been used by
about the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and certificate and insurance note,” she said when someone else for online transactions. JAKARTA: The Indonesian government has
Autopass application process, which have to met outside the office. reimposed a visa-free visit policy for citizens of
be done before entering Singapore using E-hailing driver Mohamad Faizi, 30, said he Asean member countries, reported Xinhua,
private vehicles, following the reopening of the The mother of four said her husband had paid S$10 (RM31) to make a new application quoting the Law and Human Rights Ministry on
Malaysia-Singapore land border last Friday. been working as a supervisor in the republic and the process went smoothly. Tuesday.
for 23 years, and with the Autopass, he could
A visit to the office issuing the Autopass in commute daily from home to Singapore. “They want the applicant’s name on the “With this new policy, foreigners from nine
Jalan Tun Abdul Razak showed a long queue motorcycle papers, insurance and road tax to other Asean countries are able to make visa-free
outside the premises, with people lining up as A businessman, who wished to be known proceed with the application. visits,” said Immigration Traffic director Amran
early as 7am. as Michael, expressed disappointment with Aris.
the Singapore government for making it “If someone wants to use another person’s
Housewife Suhaida Yusoff said she came to harder to enter the republic, unlike previously. vehicle, the application will be rejected,” said People from these Southeast Asian countries
manage her husband’s application after it was Mohamad, who will be returning to Singapore are only required to show proof of Covid-19
rejected due to incomplete documents. He said a staff at the office told him that he next week to work as a bus captain. vaccination and a negative polymerase chain
had to wait 14 days to get a response to his reaction test (PCR) taken 48 hours prior to
“I did the online registration at the office application. In a statement on March 24, the Singapore arrival, and use the PeduliLindungi test and
here as I did not understand the process. I Land Transport Authority advised travellers to track app on their mobile phones. They are no
came at 7am after one of the insurance Michael said due to the long response time, plan at least two weeks ahead of their intended longer required to undergo a PCR test upon
documents was rejected yesterday. What is he was forced to take public transport to travel dates to allow sufficient time for arrival as long as they pass a temperature check.
Singapore to settle his banking matters after approval of the VEP application. – Bernama
International airports in Yogyakarta,
Makassar, Medan and Pekanbaru have
reopened. – Bernama

BUSY TIME ... Old-timer Haja Mohideen Mohd Shariff, 74, lends a hand 3theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022
as his son-in-law Abdul Kader Mohammed Mydin, 46, makes songkoks NEWS WITHOUT BORDERS
ordered by customers at his workshop in King Street, George Town
yesterday. Their traditional velvet songkoks are sold at RM30 to RM45 each Over 4m vehicles
while the Songkok Jinnah can fetch RM60. – MASRY CHE ANI/THESUN expected on roads
during Raya
Free-for-all likely in GE15
KUALA LUMPUR: Some 4.7 million
oDistrust among opposition parties and baggage Azmi said even if somehow the opposition vehicles are expected to hit the road
they carry make cooperation near impossible parties manage to reach an agreement, the nationwide in conjunction with Hari Raya
main question is who will be their prime Aidilfitri next month, said Bukit Aman
█ BY RAJVINDER SINGH difficult for them to work together. minister-designate. traffic investigation and enforcement
[email protected] “Perikatan Nasional (PN) had wanted to department (JSPT) director Datuk Mat
PETALING JAYA: If the recent state polls in “There is no clear-cut leader who can lead Kasim Karim.
Malacca, Sarawak and Johor are taken as a work with Pejuang but it did not materialise the Opposition at this moment,” he told
yardstick, then we may see a disunited because of the role Bersatu and Tan Sri theSun. He said due to the expected increase in
opposition in the 15th general election (GE15), Muhyiddin Yassin played in the Sheraton traffic volumes, JSPT would mobilise 6,559
say political analysts. Move. Universiti Malaya political analyst Dr traffic officers and personnel at contingent
Awang Azman Awang Pawi said based on what and district levels to ensure traffic
Prof Azmi Hassan, a senior fellow at the “Even Pakatan Harapan (PH) is not willing has transpired among opposition parties, it smoothness and safety.
Nusantara Academy for Strategic Research, to work with PN for the same reason.” would be a hard sell to get them to work as one
said opposition parties are well aware they entity. “The Raya holiday this year is quite long
need to work together in the coming general Azmi said the betrayal by Bersatu has left a and many are expected to celebrate in
election if they want to defeat Barisan Nasional bad taste in the mouths of opposition parties. He also took the view that opposition their hometowns after two years of not
(BN) but the baggage and distrust they carry parties have very little choice; they need to sort being allowed to cross borders, in 2020 and
make any cooperation almost impossible. He said in the next general election there out their differences and start afresh. last year, when the country was still
will likely be three main blocks, namely BN, PN struggling with a spike in Covid-19 cases,”
He said in the last two elections in Johor and and PH. “Warisan and DAP may not work together he told Bernama yesterday.
Malacca, the Opposition could have defeated because some elected representatives from
BN if they had not gone against one another in On the question of Warisan, he said it wants DAP have joined Warisan. Mat Kasim said as in previous years,
most seats. to be a dominant party so that it can have a say road safety operation, Op Selamat 18 with
as to what happens in Sabah. “It is also hard for Bersatu because the the theme Rumah Selamat, Selamat
“One fact persists: The opposition parties others may not want to work with Muhyiddin Sampai Ke Destinasi will be conducted
can’t see eye to eye. It is the baggage they have He added that it will be willing to work with because he betrayed the people’s mandate from April 29 to May 8.
because of the Sheraton Move that makes it any party that can win seats. with the Sheraton Move,” he told theSun.
He said it will focus on the prevention of
“It decided to expand because it would not “Another reason is each of the parties has its burglaries as well as minimise the rate of
be able to win enough parliamentary seats in own agenda, thus making it hard for them to road accidents during the festive season.
Sabah to become the main player in state find common ground.”
politics,” he said. “For Op Selamat 18, JSPT will focus on
He said it is more likely that the next Op Motosikal (motorcycles), Op Had Laju
election will be a free-for-all as they want to (speed limit) and Op Perdagangan (trade)
win to form the federal government. with all-out enforcement, where no
appeals will be considered to ensure road
Toll restructuring initiative began in 2002: Fadillah users comply with the laws,” he said.

KUALA LUMPUR: The toll restructuring completed and opened to traffic, the actual Penyuraian Trafik KL Barat Sdn Bhd (Kuala He added that JSPT had also done
exercise which will see no increase in toll rates traffic volume will be obtained and used for Lumpur Traffic Dispersal Scheme {Sprint} careful planning to ensure that the
on four highways in the Klang Valley until the the restructuring talk. Expressway); and Lingkaran Trans Kota Sdn accident rate could be reduced and
end of the concession period is not a policy of Bhd (Damansara-Puchong Expressway or minimised by at least 50%.
Pakatan Harapan (PH), Senior Works Minister “The restructuring is a continuous initiative LDP)).
Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said. to ensure that the people will not be burdened “Use of JSPT assets such as motorcycles
by high toll rates,” he said in a statement Fadillah said the restructuring strategy and patrol cars will also be optimised for
The minister stressed that the initiative had yesterday. would take into consideration several matters, enforcement duties and ‘omnipresent’
begun in 2002 when the then Barisan Nasional namely to reduce the intercity toll rate in patrols in hotspots throughout the
(BN) government asked the Works Ministry On Tuesday, PH presidential council in a stages, the increase in the cost of living, the country,” he said. – Bernama
and the relevant agencies to discuss with statement said the announcement made by commitment of concessionaires (loan), the
highway concessionaires about restructuring Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob effects on the government (compensation), Border security
the toll rates on major highways in the country. on the toll restructuring involving four and the highway toll rates. control to continue
highway concessionaires was a continuity of despite end of Op
He said the ministry had commenced the the policy initiated by the coalition when they He said the Cabinet meeting on Oct 3, 2018 Benteng in June
toll rate-related initiative in 2002, while PH were leading the government. also agreed for the Works Ministry and the
only managed to form the government in 2018, Finance Ministry to present the findings of the KUALA LUMPUR: Police security control
which is 16 years later. The four concessionaires are Kesas Sdn long-term cost-benefit analyses and studies to duties along the country’s border areas
Bhd, which manages Shah Alam Expressway the government following the suggestion to will continue despite the termination of
“Discussions were held with the concession (Kesas); Syarikat Mengurus Air Banjir dan sell the government highways to local private Op Benteng this June.
companies based on the traffic projection, and Terowong Sdn Bhd (Stormwater Management companies. – Bernama
when the construction of the highways was and Road Tunnel or Smart); Sistem Bukit Aman internal security and
public order department director Datuk
Seri Hazani Ghazali said yesterday he
police’s tasks, especially that of the
General Operations Force (GOF), would
remain as the main pillar in border
security control.

He said even before the introduction of
Op Benteng, there were already border
control operations but with Op Benteng,
the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM)
cooperated with the other security

“Our main focus is border security
control and we will maintain that. PDRM
had made additions though, such as the
Mounted Police Unit and the use of
drones while patrolling by the Air
Operations Unit and motorcycle patrol
units have been stepped up.

“The GOF has also intensified its
border security control with the coming of
the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration,” he

On PDRM’s continued cooperation
with other security agencies, Hazani said
this was not in the name of Op Benteng but
it involved integrated operations, for
example, with the Malaysian Armed
Forces, Immigration Department and
People’s Volunteer Corps.

Last January, Home Minister Datuk
Seri Hamzah Zainudin reportedly said
that Op Benteng under the National Task
Force would come to an end in June.

He also said that all matters involving
implementation and new plans with
regard to the operations would be handed
back to the Home Ministry. – Bernama


Tourist arrivals yet to pick up pace

o Govt needs strong marketing strategies, aggressive promotions to occupancy hovered between 30% it can also benefit from other
woo foreign visitors especially from China, say experts and 40%. It fluctuated between peak markets, particularly the Asean
weekends and holidays, and normal countries.”
█ BY SIVAA TANGAI RAJU tourism marketing strategies and markets on a business level, in weekdays.
[email protected] hope that China would open its tandem with national promotional The British Broadcasting
PETALING JAYA: The country’s borders by next year. initiatives,” he said. “Popular domestic destinations Corporation recently reported that
hospitality industry is still seeing a faired better than others. We are China’s zero-Covid approach has
slowdown in international tourist “China has been and will be a Malaysian Association of Hotels hoping for average occupancy of become increasingly difficult to
arrivals even after borders were major contributor to Malaysia’s CEO Yap Lip Seng said stringent between 50% and 60% by Q3 (July, maintain due to the upsurge in the
tourism arrivals. adherence to standard operating August and September). spread of Omicron variants
throughout that country.
“The obvious factor is that the SOP
was only released days before April 1, The zero-Covid approach states
and even that was not final. As of that travellers from and to China will
“Although borders are open, we procedures (SOP) seems to be today, we are still receiving updates.” be closely monitored as internal
reopened. This is partly due to expect tourist arrivals to increase another reason for the country’s slow Yap said during the pre-Covid mobility is strictly limited, while
China’s Zero-Covid policy and gradually due to a variety of factors, arrival of international tourists. period, China recorded over 160 visitors from other countries, with
pandemic fears among travellers. one of which is the He said the reopening of borders million outbound travellers. This is permission to enter China, will be
The Malaysian Association of Tour Ukraine-Russia conflict. The industry as of now has yet to record significant the highest in the world and a market checked and transferred to
and Travel Agents said various travel is anticipating China’s borders to increase, with the exception of every country wants. government-designated hotels for a
restrictions in other countries and open up towards the end of this year Singaporeans and Indonesians. mandatory two-week quarantine.
public opinion on travel safety have or early next year. Knowing the SOP is crucial for
contributed to Malaysia’s sluggish However, he emphasised that travellers to plan, especially so during Tens of millions of people in
pace in attracting foreign visitors. “There need to be an aggressive Sabah is counting on tourists from the current situation as the time China, including the country’s main
promotion of Malaysia as a fresh, safe China in order to grow its gains from taken to decide and plan can take a city and financial centre Shanghai,
Its honorary treasurer and and attractive destination. The other markets, notably those in month to two for any traveller. have been placed under lockdown
spokesman, Nigel Wong, said the government must help industry Asean countries.
country has to develop strong stakeholders reach out to target “Sabah will look forward to As of April 1, there were about
“Prior to April 1, average Chinese arrivals but at the same time, 54,000 new cases in China.

Be vigilant, continue to wear masks: Health DG Relief for PwD as Covid
becomes endemic
KUALA LUMPUR: Health Director-General Noor Hisham said Covid-19 is highly they are asymptomatic,” he said.
Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah yesterday contagious and could result in deaths, Noor Hisham reminded the public to wear KANGAR: Many persons with disabilities (PwD),
urged the public to remain vigilant during the especially among the elderly, children, as well who have been struggling to earn a living during
transition to the endemic phase by wearing a as those with low immune system and with their face mask properly by making sure the the Covid-19 pandemic, welcome the transition to
face mask to prevent Covid-19 infections. comorbidities. nose and mouth are completely covered. The endemic phase, which began on April 1.
full list of the standard operating procedures Visually-impaired Noor Jasmi Othman, 66, said
He said wearing a face mask was one of the He added the best practice would be to for wearing of face masks is available at when the country was hit by the pandemic, sales of
preventive measures that could reduce the continue wearing face masks to minimise
virus spread, especially in high-risk areas virus transmission. As of Tuesday, the number of new cases
such as poorly ventilated indoor premises, “Wearing of face mask is important remained below 15,000 for the fourth her rattan handicraft dropped, and she only
crowded places, and places that allow close because of the possibility that some consecutive day at 12,017 cases, bringing the received a small number of orders compared with
interactions. individuals are unaware they are infected as cumulative total to 4,268,486. – Bernama about 10 orders per month previously.
HEALTH CHECKS ... A “I also faced difficulties obtaining rattan
doctor giving medical
advice to patients from supplies to produce my handicraft items such as
Indonesia, Merina and her baskets, trays and picture frames.
husband Gunawan, at KPJ
Specialist Hospital in Johor “However, since the government announced
Baru. – BERNAMAPIX that the country is transitioning into the endemic
phase, the situation has improved and I started
receiving orders from customers in Pahang, Kuala
Lumpur and Selangor,” she told Bernama after a
breaking-of-fast event on Tuesday.

Perlis Islamic Religious and Malay Customs
Council CEO Mohd Nazim Mohd Noor officiated at
the event that was organised by the Malaysian
Foundation for the Blind (MFB) and Rumah
Lavender, which is a transit house for PwD and
single mothers.

Visually impaired Remli Abas, 63, who works as
a masseur, said the pandemic had affected his
“I may not receive many customers during
Ramadan but I am confident the situation will
return to normal and my regular customers will
come and find me,” said Remli, who receives the
Social Welfare Department’s assistance of RM450 a

During the event, MFB and Rumah Lavender
also signed a memorandum of understanding to
assist PwD in Perlis. – Bernama

Diabetics more likely to
have severe symptoms

More than 33,000 children fully vaccinated SHAH ALAM: Diabetics are three to four times
more likely than others to have severe Covid-19
KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 33,621 children 23,231,749 or 98.8% have received one dose of immunisation programme to 69,042,067. symptoms.
aged between five and 11 have completed two the vaccine. According to Health Ministry’s GitHub
doses of the Covid-19 vaccine under the Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said there is
National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme For adolescents aged between 12 and 17, a portal, a total of 33 deaths due to Covid-19 a need to prevent the number of diabetics from
for Children as of Tuesday. total of 2,854,230 or 91.7% have completed were reported on Tuesday, with Selangor increasing.
their vaccination, while 2,950,267 or 94.8% recording the highest with eight deaths,
Based on the CovidNOW website, a total of have received their first dose. followed by Perak (six), Kedah (four) and “Diabetes is not only associated with excessive
1,353,774 children or 38.1% have received at Sarawak (three). sugar intake but is also closely linked to
least one dose of the vaccine. A total of 22,807 vaccine doses were uncontrolled eating and unhealthy lifestyle,” he
dispensed on Tuesday, with 2,501 given as Johor, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Pahang said at the virtual Anti-Diabetes Campaign,
A total of 15,876,357 adults or 67.5% have first dose, 8,670 as second dose and 11,636 as and Perlis recorded two cases each, while organised by Selangor FC and pharmaceutical
received the booster dose, while 22,954,326 or booster dose, bringing the cumulative Penang and Kuala Lumpur recorded one company Sanofi Aventis Malaysia yesterday.
97.6% have completed both doses and number of doses administered under the each. – Bernama
Khairy reminded the public of the importance
of adopting a healthy and balanced diet as well as
practising an active lifestyle.

“Parents should also lead by example by getting
their children involved in healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Khairy added the National Health and
Morbidity Survey 2019 found that the percentage
of diabetic patients has increased from 13.4% in
2015 to 18.3% in 2019.

“The report shows that one out of five
individuals or nearly four million people, aged 18
and above, are living with diabetes. – Bernama



Serial molester held over 3 attacks

o Suspect arrested less than 24 hours after He said police tracked down the on Dec 21 at the mall last year, adding In the second case 15 minutes
latest case in shopping mall reported suspect after examining footage of a that the suspect is believed to be later, a 34-year-old woman was
closed-circuit television camera suffering from a mental health waiting for the elevator when the
█ BY CHARLES RAMENDRAN shoppers at the car park and elevator installed at the mall. disorder and has criminal records for man grabbed her from behind and
[email protected] of the mall on Tuesday, was held less possession of stolen goods and molested her.
SEPANG: Quick action by police led than 24 hours after the case was Wan Kamarul added that the motorcycle theft.
to the arrest of a serial molester who reported to police. recording showed the suspect arrived Wan Kamarul said the
allegedly assaulted three women at at the mall on a motorcycle minutes On Tuesday, a 27-year-old was self-employed woman tried to break
the Tamarind Square shopping mall Sepang police chief ACP Wan before he attacked the victims. loading her car with items she had free but was pushed to the floor.
in Cyberjaya on Tuesday and last Kamarul Azran Wan Yusof said purchased when the man
year. yesterday the 20-year-old, a food He also said the man parked his approached and offered to help her On Dec 21 last year, a 31-year-old
delivery rider for an e-hailing motorcycle at the basement car park with her items. housewife, who was with her
The suspect, who targeted two company, was arrested in Taman before heading to the upper floors. two-year-old daughter at the mall,
Putra Perdana in Puchong. The woman declined but he was molested as they were walking
Police also seized several items insisted on doing so, claiming he towards their vehicle.
from the suspect, who admitted wanted to use her trolley.
involvement in the assaults. The suspect groped her breasts
While loading up, the man groped before bolting after the woman put
He said the suspect is allegedly the victim’s buttocks, before fleeing. up a fight and screamed.
also behind a separate case of molest

FRIENDLY VISIT ... Terengganu Bank officer duped
deputy police chief SAC Wan Rukman of RM243,000
Wan Hassan speaking to traders during
a tour of a Ramadan bazaar in Dataran KUALA LUMPUR: A 54-year-old
Shah Bandar yesterday. – BERNAMAPIX bank officer has lost RM243,000 to an
online loan scam.
Court to hear Zahid’s inter-partes application on April 27
The officer responded to an
online advertisement that offered
loans and applied for a “facility” for
the sum of RM80,000 on Feb 28.

Kuala Lumpur commercial
crimes investigations department
deputy chief Supt Mohamad Musa
Marsidi said the victim was
contacted by a man who claimed to
be an employee of a money-lending
company and was asked to make
payment to process his loan

Mohamad Musa said the victim
made the payment into several mule
accounts, adding that more
payments were demanded by the
scammers last month.

The victim only realised he had
been fleeced after making the

Two weeks ago, a 52-year-old
female manager of a bank in Kuala
Lumpur fell for a Macau scam ruse
and lost RM605,000 of her savings.

The victim, from Taman Tuanku
Jaafar in Seremban, lodged a police
report almost two months after her
first encounter when she received a
call on Jan 26 from scammers posing
as police, who told her they were
investigating her for money-
laundering activities.

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court application that was fixed for today YouTube channel and KiniTV. Awani YouTube channel, which is RTD officer jailed,
yesterday set April 27 to hear the to an inter-parte hearing on April According to the statement of managed by Astro Awani. fined for corruption
inter-partes application by Datuk 27,” he added.
Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in his claim, Ahmad Zahid, 69, stated that “The two-hour and 35-minute
defamation suit against former Shahrul said the suit was served on Oct 19, 2018, he was charged at video can be accessed on the
prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin to Muhyiddin yesterday. the sessions court with 12 counts of internet,” he claimed. SEREMBAN: The sessions court
Yassin over allegations he sought breach of trust, eight counts of yesterday sentenced a Road
the latter’s help to settle or postpone In the suit filed on April 4 last corruption and 27 counts of money The Bagan Datuk member of Transport Department officer to 14
his court cases. year, Ahmad Zahid is seeking an laundering, all of which were tried Parliament claimed that the days’ jail and a fine of RM17,500 for
Lawyer Shahrul Fazli ex-parte injunction for Muhyiddin in the High Court. allegations were false and aimed at corruption.
Kamarulzaman, representing or his representative to withdraw tarnishing his good name and Judge Rushan Lutfi Mohamed
Ahmad Zahid, said the date was set the defamatory statements He claimed that on Feb 16 during reputation and that it was made by sentenced Mohd Najmi Zakaria, 38,
by Judge Datuk Rozana Ali Yusoff against him. the 15th Johor state election, while the defendant after the Election who pleaded guilty to the charge.
during an online proceeding on the campaign trail in Mersing at Commission’s announcement on He was ordered to serve the
yesterday. He is also seeking an interim the compound of the Learning the Johor state election. sentence from the date of his arrest
“At the proceedings, I informed injunction to delete, edit and stop Centre Sentuhan Kasih Felda on March 28.
the court on the progress of the suit the publication of part of a video Tenggaroh 3, Muhyiddin had made He is seeking general, aggravated Mohd Najmi was charged with
and the judge decided to change the footage, which contained the a defamatory statement with ill and exemplary damages, as well as soliciting RM3,500 from a company
hearing date for the ex-parte defamatory statement, in online intent and malice against him. an order for Muhyiddin to publish a owner as inducement not to act on
news portals and on social media, public apology in newspapers, and eight vehicles that were not in
including the Perikatan Nasional He said on the same day, the other relief and costs deemed fit by
Facebook page, Astro Awani video was published on the Astro the court. – Bernama

MACC starts investigations into Seri Iskandar airport land sale compliance with Section (61(1) of the
Road Transport Act 1987.
The offence, under Section
16(a)(B) of the Malaysian
IPOH: The Malaysian “We have started an government, including Asmuni, said the land was sold when PH was Anti-Corruption Commission
Anti-Corruption Commission investigation to identify whether called on the MACC to investigate in power because during the (MACC) Act 2009, was committed in
(MACC) has launched an there are any offences under the the sale of the 188ha land belonging Barisan Nasional administration, Seremban between Feb 13, 2018 to
investigation into the sale of land MACC Act 2009. MACC will call up to the Perak State Development the land was reserved for PKNP for May 31, 2019.
that was proposed for the several individuals to assist in the Corp (PKNP) to a private company. the purpose of building the airport. MACC deputy public prosecutor
development of an international probe soon,” he said yesterday. Mohamad Azriff Firdaus Mohamad
airport in Seri Iskandar. They claimed that the matter The matter came to light after Ali prosecuted, while lawyer Asmawi
However, Mohd Fauzi declined was never discussed at the state Aulong assemblyman Nga Kor Ming Ismail represented Mohd Najmi.
Perak MACC chief Datuk Mohd to reveal the names of the exco or PNKP board of directors claimed during the Perak state However, the court acquitted and
Fauzi Mohamad said this following individuals concerned. meetings during the PH assembly sitting last Tuesday that discharged Mohd Najmi on another
a report received from Manjoi administration. land had been sold without the charge after taking account his guilty
assemblyman Datuk Asmuni Awi On Tuesday, four state executive permission of the state government. plea. – Bernama
on Tuesday. council (exco) members in the Last Thursday, Perak Mentri – Bernama
previous Pakatan Harapan (PH) Besar Datuk Seri Saarani Mohamad

Anger over 7theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022
of dowry system ‘Sri Lankans facing starvation’

NEW DELHI: A sociology textbook oParliament speaker says acute Rajapaksa last week to quell attempt a no-confidence motion to
has sparked outrage in India for shortage and blackouts will get worse demonstrations was lifted at topple Rajapaksa’s administration.
extolling the alleged advantages of the midnight.
dowry system and promoting the COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s crippling Gotabaya Rajapaksa – and large A critical foreign currency
illegal practice. economic crisis risks starvation demonstrations elsewhere. More than 60 people had been shortage has left Sri Lanka
across the island nation of 22 million arrested in connection with unrest struggling to import essential
Textbook for Sociology for Nurses while acute shortages and blackouts Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana and many have said they were goods, with the Covid-19
by TK Indrani is part of the will get worse, the speaker of told legislators that more hardships tortured in police custody. pandemic torpedoing vital revenue
curriculum for second year bachelor parliament warned yesterday. were to come. from tourism and remittances.
of science students. Legislators had pushed for a
Scarce supplies of food and fuel, “We are told this is the worst debate on the emergency decree Agriculture Ministry secretary
According to the book, “ugly along with record inflation and crisis, but I think this is just the during this week’s session of Udith Jayasinghe warned in
looking girls can be married off with blackouts, have inflicted beginning,” Abeywardana said. parliament, where the government December that the country could
attractive dowry with well or ugly widespread misery in the country’s lost its majority after the desertion face a famine due to the
looking boys” and the practice of most painful downturn since “The food, gas and electricity of political allies – several of whom government’s decision to ban
dowry “is helpful in establishing new independence from Britain in 1948. shortage will get worse. There will have since called for Rajapaksa’s agrochemical imports last year.
households” as furniture and be very acute food shortage and resignation.
appliances such as refrigerators and Public anger is at a fever pitch, starvation.” The decision, taken in an
vehicles are given to grooms. with crowds attempting to storm Opposition parties have rejected apparent effort to shore up foreign
the homes of several government Security forces have dispersed the president’s overture to form a currency reserves, saw farmers
“Because of burden of dowry, figures – including President protests with tear gas, water unity administration after the leave their fields barren instead of
many parents have started educating cannons and rubber bullets, but a resignation of nearly the entire toiling over crops without the aid of
their girls. When the girls are state of emergency imposed by Cabinet on Sunday. But there has fertiliser and pesticides.
educated or even employed, the so far been no clear signal that
demand for dowry will be less. opposition legislators would Jayasinghe was sacked within
hours of issuing his warning. – AFP
“Thus it is an indirect advantage.”
Dowry, a payment at marriage from Workers in personal
parents to daughters, is a tradition protective suits
thought to date back to 200BC. unloading food
In India, dowries have been supplies and
prohibited since 1961 and necessities for
criminalised since the 1980s. residents during the
Yet, in some parts of the country, lockdown in
during a wedding, the woman’s Shanghai on
family gives the groom’s family dowry Tuesday. – AFPPIX
in the form of cash, clothes, jewellery,
vehicles or household commodities.
The tradition leaves women
vulnerable to domestic violence and
even death.
There are about 7,000 recorded
dowry deaths every year in India.
In 2020, the crime records bureau
listed 6,966 cases of dowry deaths.
A page from the book has been
widely shared of social media,
prompting censure and calls for the
scrapping of such regressive texts.
– The Independent

TAIPEI: Taiwan is aiming for zero
serious Covid-19 infections and
an “effective” control of the virus,
President Tsai Ing-wen said
yesterday, responding to a China coronavirus infections top 20,000
gradual increase in the number of
domestic cases as it pledges to
keep its reopening on track. Since BEIJING: China reported more than lockdowns, mass testing, and strict Health Commission said in a balancing maintaining public health
the beginning of this year, Taiwan 20,000 Covid-19 cases yesterday, the restrictions on international travel. statement. with keeping the economy moving.
has reported 2,061 domestic highest daily tally given since the
cases, with only five people start of the pandemic, as millions in But the caseload has hit thousands It is the country’s highest-ever In Shanghai quarantine facilities
classified as being seriously ill and locked-down Shanghai began a new per day in recent weeks, with daily infection number given by are bulging with people who test
just one death. In a Facebook round of testing. Shanghai driving the surge of the authorities, even during the peak of positive as city officials stick rigidly to
post , Tsai said that faced with the highly transmissible Omicron variant. the initial outbreak which centred virus protocols.
Omicron variant, which spreads The country’s “zero-Covid” around Wuhan.
rapidly though generally without strategy has come under immense The city locked down its residents Those include separating
causing major illness, the strategy strain as cases spike, with 25 million in phases last week, prompting The majority of the cases are, Covid-positive babies and children
was not complete eradication. residents of Shanghai, China’s largest scenes of panic-buying and mass however, asymptomatic. from parents who test negative, a
“Even more, it is not ‘coexisting city and economic engine room, testing. policy that has stirred anxiety and
with the virus’ that allows it to ordered to stay-at-home as the Authorities reported no new anguish from worried families.
wreak havoc, but effective authorities struggle to contain the State broadcaster CCTV reported deaths, in a country which said only
epidemic control and outbreak. yesterday that the city will launch a one person has died of the virus in City officials said yesterday that
management,” she said. – AFP fresh round of tests on the entire nearly two years. parents of some child patients with
Until last month, China had kept population. “special needs” would now be
SINGER SHEERAN WINS daily cases low with snap localised Yet China faces low vaccination allowed to remain with their
COPYRIGHT DISPUTE The country recorded 20,472 rates, especially among the elderly, Covid-positive children. – AFP
infections yesterday, the National leaving officials with a high-wire act of
LONDON: Singer-songwriter Ed
Sheeran yesterday won his Ex-HK security chief to run for top job
copyright trial at the High Court
here after a judge ruled that his hit HONG KONG: A hardline former Hong Kong’s leader is not year made the city’s number two 2020 for “undermining Hong
song Shape of You did not lift security chief sanctioned by the US popularly elected, the source of leader – often perceived as a Kong’s autonomy and restricting
musical phrases from another for his role in China’s campaign years of democracy protests that springboard to the top job. the freedom of expression or
track. Judge Antony Zacaroli said against dissent resigned yesterday, have been comprehensively assembly”.
Sheeran “neither deliberately nor kickstarting his expected bid to squashed in the last two years. As a cabinet minister, his
subconsciously” copied a phrase become the city’s next leader. resignation will need to be Democracy supporters and
from British grime track Oh Why. The new chief executive will be approved by Beijing, a symbolic government critics have often
Shape of You, released in 2017, John Lee, who oversaw the chosen by a committee of 1,500 step that would double as him mocked Lee with the nickname
won Sheeran a Grammy for Best police response to huge democracy Beijing loyalists on May 8, a process receiving China’s blessing to run. “Pikachu”, a pun on his full Chinese
Pop Solo Performance. He, along protests three years ago and its that is choreographed behind the name Lee Ka-chiu.
with several others, has a writing subsequent crackdown, will go on scenes by Chinese officials through Only those who get the nod from
credit on the track. But two other leave with immediate effect, Beijing’s Liaison Office. Beijing have any hope of standing During the 2019 democracy
songwriters, Sami Chokri and Ross according to a government press and then securing a majority of rallies, it was not unusual to see
O’Donoghue, alleged the song release. Current leader Carrie Lam votes in the 1,500-strong Election protesters carrying stuffed toys of
had musical similarities to one announced on Monday she would Committee, whose members are the cute Pokemon character.
they wrote called Oh Why. – AFP Lee, 64, has been widely tipped not seek a second five-year term. vetted for their political loyalty.
by local media and government The nomination period for the
loyalists in recent days as Beijing’s Lee rose through the ranks of the Like Lam, Lee was among 11 leadership race began on Sunday
top choice for the role. police before heading up the Hong Kong and Chinese officials and will last until April 16, with the
Security Bureau until he was last sanctioned by the United States in selection scheduled for May 8. – AFP


US, UK and Australia to cooperate on hypersonic weapons

LONDON: The United States, Britain counter China’s growing military making them much harder to track Australian Strategic Policy military said it had recently
and Australia said on Tuesday they clout. and intercept than traditional Institute defence analyst Marcus completed a free-flight test of an
would begin collaborating on projectiles. Hellyer said it was hard to judge aircraft-launched hypersonic missile
hypersonic missile strike and defence A statement by US President Joe “what is actually new” in the that maintained a speed of more than
capacity, as rivals Russia and China Biden, British Prime Minister Boris They may carry conventional or statement. Mach 5.
advance rapidly in the cutting-edge Johnson and Australian Prime nuclear warheads.
technology. Minister Scott Morrison pledged “new Australia and the United States But rival powers are making rapid
trilateral cooperation on hypersonics Hypersonics and related were already working together on advances.
The trio said they would work on and counter-hypersonics, and technologies were now “very much a hypersonics, he said, although the
hypersonics in an expansion of their electronic warfare capabilities”. part of what the Aukus partnership is new commitment may open up new Russia is the most advanced nation
recent Aukus defence alliance, which striving to deliver”, Morrison told areas of cooperation with Britain. in hypersonics while China is also
is to equip Australia with Hypersonic missiles can travel reporters yesterday. aggressively developing the
nuclear-powered submarines to more than five times the speed of On the same day as the latest technology, according to the US
sound and manoeuvre in mid-flight, But there were few details about Aukus announcement, the US Congressional Research Service. – AFP
what the hypersonic plan entailed.

Russian forces pound El Salvador criminalises
gang-related messages

key Ukrainian cities SAN SALVADOR: El Salvador’s Congress on
Tuesday approved sentences of 10 to 15 years
o Pope condemns Bucha “The humanitarian situation in the city is presented a forgery staged by the West to for those who spread gang-related messages in
massacre, West prepares worsening,” British military intelligence said. discredit it. the media.
new sanctions
“Most of the 160,000 remaining residents Speaking a day after the European Union The penal code reform applies to those who
KYIV: Russian artillery pounded the have no light, communication, medicine, heat announced new sanctions, including a ban “reproduce and transmit communications
Ukrainian cities of Mariupol and Kharkiv or water. Russian forces have prevented on Russian coal imports and denying Russian originating or allegedly originating from said
yesterday as the West prepared more humanitarian access, likely to pressure ships access to its ports, European criminal groups that could generate anxiety and
sanctions against Moscow in response to defenders to surrender.” Commission president Ursula von der Leyen panic among the general population”.
civilian killings that Kyiv and its allies have said there was more to come.
called war crimes. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna The measure, which was requested by
Vereshchuk said authorities would try to “Now we have to look into oil and revenues President Nayib Bukele, also targets those who
The besieged southern port of Mariupol evacuate trapped civilians through 11 Russia gets from fossil fuels.” “mark” their territories with acronyms – a
has been under almost constant humanitarian corridors, though people trying practice that gang members use to threaten
bombardment since the early days of the to leave the besieged city of Mariupol would The US said it would also unveil new those who report them to authorities.
invasion that began on Feb 24, trapping tens have to use their own vehicles. sanctions today, in part in response to Bucha.
of thousands of residents without food, water “When the Germans wanted to eradicate
or power. Russian forces last week pulled back from In Rome, Pope Francis called for an end to Nazism, they prohibited by law all Nazi
positions outside Kyiv and shifted the focus of the war and condemned what he described as symbology, as well as messages, apologies and
their assault away from the capital, and “the massacre of Bucha”, holding up a everything aimed at promoting Nazism. Now we
Ukraine’s general staff said the northeastern Ukrainian flag sent to him from the town. will do the same with gangs,” Bukele tweeted.
city of Kharkiv, the country’s second largest,
also remained under attack. “Recent news from the war in Ukraine, El Salvador declared a state of emergency 10
instead of bringing relief and hope, brought days ago following a weekend of violence that
Authorities in the eastern region new atrocities,” he said. – Reuters included at least 87 reported killings, which the
of Luhansk urged residents to get government attributed to the Mara Salvatrucha
out “while it is safe” from an area BRIEFSand Barrio 18 gangs.
that Ukraine also expects to be the
target of a new offensive. About 6,000 suspected gang members have
been arrested since then, official figures show.
Western sanctions over Russia’s
invasion gained new impetus this There are about 70,000 gang members in the
week when dead civilians shot at Central American country.
close range were found in the
northern town of Bucha after it was El Salvador’s journalists’ association issued a
retaken from Russian forces. statement expressing its “concern” about a
“clear attempt at censorship”.
Moscow denied targeting civilians there
and called the evidence The group said the “gag” reform “threatens
with imprisonment the media and journalists
A woman carrying her cat as she walks past buildings that were destroyed by Russian shelling in the Kyiv region on Tuesday. – REUTERSPIX who report on a reality that the current
administration” of Bukele “seeks to hide”. – AFP
Aggressive fox terrorises seat of US democracy
WASHINGTON: Being outfoxed in Congress statement first reported by none other than ... “I didn’t see it and all of a sudden I felt PART OF RUSSIAN SANCTIONS
usually means losing a vote on an amended Fox News. something lunge at the back of my leg,” Bera,
resolution or being too late for the donut line a physician by profession, told Punchbowl. THE HAGUE: Dutch customs authorities
in the Senate cafeteria. The force quickly dispatched animal have impounded 14 yachts in shipyards,
control officers to “trap and relocate” any The 57-year-old Sacramento Democrat including 12 still under construction, as part
So spare a thought for the politicians and foxes they found – and within hours they was not hurt, but agreed “out of an abundance of Western sanctions imposed over Russia’s
staff at the US Capitol in Washington, where a posted pictures on social media of the beast, of caution” to get a series of rabies shots. invasion of Ukraine, the government said
highly aggressive red fox spent at least two finally taken into custody, sitting in an animal yesterday. European and US authorities
days stalking frightened humans, including a cage above the caption: “Captured.” “I expect to get attacked if I go on Fox have seized several yachts with links to
Democratic congressman. News, I don’t expect to get attacked by a fox.” Russian tycoons under the unprecedented
Online political magazine Punchbowl sanctions that followed the Feb 24 invasion.
Police officers warned on Tuesday that News reported that congressman Ami Bera Ximena Bustillo, a Congress reporter for “Given the current measures, these vessels
they had received multiple reports of people had to be rescued by police on Monday after Politico, said she was bitten on the ankle from cannot be delivered, transferred or
“being attacked or bitten” by an aggressive squaring up to a fox that had just bitten him in behind as she was leaving the complex. exported for the moment,” Foreign Minister
canine at the seat of US democracy – in a an “unprovoked” attack. Wopke Hoekstra told the Dutch parliament.
“I’m from Idaho. I know to not try and pet The 12 yachts under construction, which
it!!” she tweeted. – AFP include luxury vessels more than 35m long,
were being built in five different shipyards
for “Russian beneficiaries”, the government
said. The other two yachts are currently
undergoing maintenance. – AFP


BUDAPEST: Hungary yesterday summoned
the Ukrainian ambassador over “insults”
from Kyiv about the government’s stance
on Russia’s invasion, days after Prime
Minister Viktor Orban was elected for a
fourth straight term. “It is time for Ukrainian
leaders to end the insults to Hungary and
acknowledge the will of the Hungarian
people,” Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said
in a statement on his Facebook page.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
and other Kyiv officials have repeatedly
criticised Orban over Budapest’s neutral
and at times anti-Ukrainian tone since
Russia launched its full-scale invasion of
Ukraine on Feb 24. “The government
refuses to jeopardise the peace and security
of the Hungarian people, that is why we do
not supply arms and do not vote for energy
sanctions,” said Szijjarto. – AFP


Minimum wage should reflect living costs

Order on a regular basis – to provide guidelines When we look at the wage growth in
or otherwise a separate ministry/ministerial Malaysia, it does track a consistent path with
COMMENT by Jason Loh and Rosihan Addin guidelines, which contain the calculations or inflation, more or less. According to statistics, as
estimates for the “living wage”. By its very nature, inflation rose, so did the wage growth rate on the
THERE are many in the job markets who the introduction of a “living wage” is not a most part. However, given the low base rate of
have to make do with the minimum estimates. statutory requirement but businesses that salaries, a wage increment of 6% to 8% would
wage, which is not enough to keep up It is expected that Bank Negara will now need implement it should be entitled to tax incentives only mean an additional RM150 per year on
with the rising cost of living due to and allowances. average in absolute terms. When inflation is
to revise its provisional estimates in light of the taken into consideration, the real value of wages
recent cost of living and Ideologues who are against the is further undercut.
inflationary pressures that is set against the inflationary dynamics. The same minimum wage increases,
confluence of supply-chain issues. This is partly report also found that after irrespective of the context and Building upon the current minimum wage
driven by geoeconomic manipulations (e.g. accounting for the increase in cost circumstances, believe that by increase, the government should come up with
price-setting enabled by market dominance or of living, B40 households only default, the rise of wages due to a roadmap that seeks to revise the minimum
cartel arrangements) and impact of extreme experience a paltry 3.8% growth in “The government-imposed “diktat” wage in line with Section 25 of the National
weather patterns, together with the latest real income. incorporation undermines or disturbs the so- Wages Consultative Council Act (2011) to
geopolitical flare-ups in Ukraine, among others. called “free market” equilibria achieve close approximation with the “living
What more the pre-existing elevated expenses in In addition, the right to basic (“balance” between supply and wage”, which too needs to be revised
enjoyment of necessities such as accordingly.
of ‘living wage’On March 19, 2022, Prime Minister Datuk include internet connectivity,
an urban Malaysian setting? utilities should be expanded to demand), and this will result in The integration of the “living wage” concept
higher involuntary into Malaysia’s wage structure should be done
Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that the which is already, implicitly, a basic unemployment than otherwise through close coordination between the
would be the case – since the government and private sector. A way to do this
into Malaysia’snew minimum wage will be adjusted to right and could be on course to is by implementing a “progressive wage” model
RM1,500 per month from May 1, 2022 onwards. becoming a constitutional right in market cannot clear on the basis of (see EMIR Research article, “Combine statutory
the minimum wage increases. minimum wage with progressive wage model
wage structureAlthough this would see a 25% increase from the the future. too”). As the name implies, a progressive wage
previous minimum wage of RM1,200, questions Of course, when talking about This was put to the test in 1993 model allows for the linking of wage growth with
is somethingare raised as to whether it is enough or the rate by which to maintain a by David Card, who is the winner productivity as measured by upskilling or
commensurate with the actual cost of living, normal standard of living, the of the 2021 Nobel Laureate for reskilling and cross-skilling, where applicable.
Economics. In a study on the
that should beespecially in the urban conurbations and numbers will vary based on So, the minimum wage should be
industrial heartlands of the Klang Valley, where location and level of economic effects of the rise of minimum reconceptualised as the base, not benchmark,
wage on employment (“Minimum with either the “add-on” to make up the “living
considered asalso more than one-third of the entire development. wage” or a progressive wage model – or both
population is situated, Iskandar Malaysia, Again, a couple with three part of the Wages and Employment: A case “living” wage and “progressive wage” model.
Penang, etc. children living in highly urbanised wider study of the fast food industry in The incorporation of “living wage” into
Kuala Lumpur is bound to have a anti-poverty New Jersey and Pennsylvania”, Malaysia’s wage structure is something that
The minimum wage should be a fair higher spending average per 1993), he compared the should be considered as part of the wider
reflection of the approximation of the living month compared with a family of employment trend in fast food anti-poverty agenda of the government, and
costs. Hence, the gap between the minimum the same size in less economically- restaurants between two also in our quest to be a high-income nation.
wage and what is called the “living wage” should developed Kelantan. bordering states in the US, where
never be significant. In fact, the aim of the Going forward, the “living wage” will not only
agenda of the“living wage” as much as possible – under and should be adaptive in nature – promote/enhance financial security but also
minimum wage should be to approximate the However, the “living wage” can the minimum wage was increased critically help to rebuild the very low retirement
on one side but not on the other. savings of some 48%, or 6.1 million, low-income
government,“symmetrical” (aligned) or synonymous. Employees’ Provident Fund members.
present conditions – until both are to accommodate the differentials What he found was that
and variations in the specific cost increasing the minimum wage had At the same time, those qualified would also
The basic definition of a “living wage” is the of living at the micro-level as no impact on employment at all, be in a position to contribute to our nation’s
whereas the pattern of price coffers in the form of paying personal income
and also in ourwage rate that is high enough for the average conditioned by regions/locations tax. A “living wage” would also partly enable the
worker to maintain a decent/adequate standard and economic growth. changes as part of the rise in input reintroduction of the GST, if there is a
quest to be aof living and appropriate or respectable lifestyle. (labour) costs yielded statistically consensus, at an appropriate time and with
Towards that end, EMIR conditions.
In other words, a “living wage” is the minimum Research calls for the minimum insignificant findings of cost-pass Jason Loh Seong Wei and Rosihan Addin are part
through, i.e. there was no evidence
high-incomeamount an individual or household needs in wage to be reconceptualised as a of the research team of EMIR Research, an
exercising the basic and fundamental rights to a starting point instead of a that menu prices rose faster among independent think tank focused on strategic
the stores that were affected by the policy recommendations based on rigorous
nation.standard of living – which can be measured as benchmark. This means that research. Comments: [email protected]
above the poverty line income, now defined as businesses should alter their salary rise in minimum wage.
RMM2,208. caps/limits according to the cost of David Card’s seminal study was
According to Bank Negara’s provisional living in the area. The minimum conducted post-Volcker recession,
definition of the “living wage” in its report, “The wage should be taken as the base, where interest rate hikes of up to
Living Wage: Beyond Making Ends Meet” which is then topped up by an 20% were deployed to tame
(2018), a single person would need at least additional sum to make an overall inflation, but at the expense of
RM2,700, and similarly a couple with two salary that realistically corresponds to the cost of unemployment, which reached 9% at one point
children would require RM6,500 to “survive” in living and, hence, the “living wage”. – so that the inflationary momentum thereafter
Kuala Lumpur. The calculation is based on 2016 This means updating the Minimum Wage increased on a steadier rate to 5% by 1990.

Banking on an app apt for a pandemic LETTERS

IN late 2019, when the coronavirus under former health minister, Datuk custodian for the data, which is kept secured [email protected]
spread to every nook and corner of Seri Dr Adham Baba. The app was under the National Cyber Security Agency,
the world and held us ransom, we initially being developed for “a the National Security Council and the Have safety guidelines
had to comply and rely on a proposed dengue contact tracing Malaysian Administrative Modernisation for dumpsters,
virtual world of mobile project”. However, with the and Management Planning Unit.” Ro-Ro bins
management. foresight of the MoH team and
the app developers, it was pivoted All over the world, no response to the RECENTLY, a 21-year-old woman died when her
In Malaysia, right from the as an app for Covid-19 self-health Covid-19 has been completely perfect but motorcycle crashed into a dumpster that was left
onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, evaluation and reprogrammed as we cannot afford to drop our guard. haphazardly on a road shoulder in Kg Delek Kiri,
we were guided by a digital mobile Klang, (theSun March 30).
app, MySejahtera, which helped trace, the national app for digital contact Hong Kong, which once led the way in
monitor and enable a seamless world-class tracing. containing Covid-19, is now being hit by a The usage of dumpsters and ro-ro bins
vaccination process. fifth wave and recently had the highest death are increasing, and it is time the authorities
Dr Mahesh Appannan, who leads the rate per capita in the world. There were looked at their safety aspects. A lot of these
We did not raise issues on digital privacy digital health team for Covid-19 severe criticisms against Carrie Lam, Hong dumpsters and bins are usually placed along
and data ownership or even question if there management said that MoH received 11 Kong’s chief executive for mishandling the road shoulders or in front of houses, shops or
was a better app than My Sejahtera because, proposals from various companies on digital management of the pandemic. factories.
at that time, our health trumped any other solutions but the team selected
concerns. MySejahtera. At the end of the day, no clever Most of them pose a danger to
stand-alone technology would have been motorcyclists and other vehicles, especially at
The app made it easy for us to scan our Later, the app was enhanced to include able to bring us this close to endemicity. We night. The reason being these dumpsters and
phone within a second, instead of standing vaccination scheduling, digital traveller have to thank the efficient management of at bins are not painted in bright colours, neither
in a long queue to scribble our personal home surveillance and quarantine centre least a million people here – understated do they have reflective stripes or markings to
details in a public book. modules. app developers, frontline health workers, warn road users.
volunteers and the MoH team – all of whom
We also did not have to wait for labour When Khairy Jamaluddin became the worked around the clock during the It is time the authorities set clear
intensive and time consuming follow up on health minister in August 2021, he told the pandemic. guidelines concerning dumpsters and Ro-Ro
vaccinations where important information Cabinet that MySejahtera, which serviced bins, and ensure they are painted in bright
could have been lost manually. about 24.5 million registered users, cannot We should reflect and think about the colours or have reflective strips to warn road
work on a corporate social responsibility costs and consequences to all of us if this users at night.
No one dared to temporarily halt this basis forever. entire overworked system had crashed
mechanism long enough to assess its midway through our vaccinations. The authorities should also ensure that
parts, fix it or look for a better platform. “So far, we have not paid anything for this these dumpsters and bins have the contact
app. The matter was brought up to the Though the rakyat did not pay a cent address and telephone number of the owner
When the pandemic hit Malaysia, our Cabinet. Negotiations are ongoing for a for using the app, I believe the cost for for tracing purposes in case of a mishap, and
nation was plunged into a week of political contract to be signed between the the salvation of human lives during the the authorities should enforce the rules
crisis. After a week-long of political government and the company operating the pandemic is priceless – in whatever form stringently.
manipulation, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin platform,” said Khairy. help may have come.
took over as prime minister, and our first V. Thomas
lockdown was imposed on March 18, 2020 in Currently, the app is being managed The writer is an author,
a move to manage the pandemic. under a new entity, for the sole purpose of brand strategist and runs Helping Hands.
MoH. As to data ownership, Khairy assured,
On April 20, 2020, MySejahtera was “MoH owns it and will remain the sole Comments: [email protected]
launched by the Health Ministry (MoH)

10 theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

Strong recovery Cross-border investment in
in transactions
signals return Malaysia to jump: Juwai IQI
of confidence

PETALING JAYA: A strong recovery in o Real estate tech firm forecasts 40% increase this year Besides, the Singapore dollar is close to a
transactions last year compared with 2020 is a as Singaporeans look for opportunities across the Causeway five-year high against the ringgit, trading at
sign of a return of confidence and points to an RM3.10 to S$1, significantly higher than it was at
improved property market in 2022, according to PETALING JAYA: Cross-border property Singaporeans to seek opportunities in Malaysia. the start of the pandemic in February 2020,
the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA). investment in Malaysia is expected to increase “The reopening marks the beginning of a when the dollar fell to RM2.98. The rate
40% this year compared with 2021 levels, thanks represents a 4-5% increase in purchasing power
The volume of property transactions in 2021 to the reopening of the Causeway and Singapore new era of cross-border real estate investment for buyers holding Singapore dollars.
rose 1.5% to 300,497 units from that in the border crossing which will contribute to the in both directions,” said Kashif.
previous year, with value totalling RM144.87 resurgent economy, according to real estate Furthermore, the Malaysian real estate
billion, a 21.7% increase over 2020. technology group Juwai IQI Group. Singaporeans looking to invest in Malaysia market offers excellent affordability at the
will be driven by the strong Singapore dollar and moment. While Malaysia’s real estate market
MIEA president Chan Ai Cheng said the The group expects Malaysian expatriates the perception that the Malaysian market is did surprisingly well during the pandemic,
1.5% increase might seem small, but it signifies living in Singapore and Singapore nationals to nearing the bottom of the cycle. They expect Finance Ministry data shows that transactions
a recovery in the property market. increase their property acquisitions in Malaysia, prices and activity to rise in the coming years. were nonetheless lower than in prior years.
especially in Johor and Kuala Lumpur.
“Moreover, the house price index increased Investment should continue to climb in 2023. Besides, the high property prices in Singapore “In H1’20, total residential transaction value
to RM320,000 from RM295,000 in 2020, while will drive buyers to seek alternatives in Malaysia. dropped more than 26% below the level of
the last quarter of 2021 saw an increase in the Juwai IQI group co-founder and CEO Kashif “The pandemic has fuelled housing demand and H1’19. However, in H1’21, the total transaction
volume of transactions amounting to 99,462 Ansari said the border reopening will have reduced the supply of housing on the market in value was still below the 2019 level. In H2’21, the
units due to the Home Ownership Campaign important impacts on the Malaysian economy. Singapore. The result has been new highs for prices dropped 1.2% but transactions remained
(HOC) incentives ending in December 2021,” It will lead to a complete resumption of pre- private residential real estate prices,” said Kashif. in line with 2019 levels.
she said in a statement. pandemic trade and travel between the
countries, make it possible for Malaysians to Overall, Singapore’s private home prices rose “Nevertheless, the property market could be
In previous years the residential sector was seek opportunities in Singapore, and for by 10.6% in 2021. Despite the rising prices, at the beginning of a new upcycle with fewer
the strongest, contributing 66.2% with 198,812 number of transactions had increased 68% sales and less new construction. As
transactions amounting to RM76.9 billion. compared to 2020, the group said. employment, household income and GDP all
Second was agriculture with 18.9% of total increase in 2022 and beyond, we expect the
transactions. Commercial came in third GDV vs GDC for conventional home market to also perform well,” said Kashif.BRIEFS
contributing 7.5% with 22,428 transactions. RSKU housing and RSKU
This trend remained the same last year. Harapan with different level JB’S CORONATION SQUARE
In 2021, a total of 43,860 new residential RM9B IN ECONOMIC SPINOFF
properties were launched, comprising 31,678 Comparing the buildability of
(43.3%) landed and 13,182 (25.9%) high rise. conventional RSKU and RSKU Harapan JOHOR BARU: Coronation Square in Johor
Only 39.3% of the total units were sold, Baru, which is on track for completion by
resulting in an overhang of 36,863 units, which THE buildability of price-controlled project suffers a deficit of RM40 million 2028, is expected to contribute more than
is the highest in the last five years. affordable housing is always a concern to (chart). By allowing the developer to change to RM9 billion in economic spinoff and
developers, as its development cost is higher the construction of 1,560 units RSKU Harapan support 60,000 jobs throughout its
“This concerns developers’ cash flow. than the capped selling price, leading to the – with a density of 120 units/acre – the GDV of development phase. Coronade Properties
However, we need to caution buyers not to be profound structural problem of cross- the project increases to RM390 million, which Sdn Bhd director of corporate affairs Datin
overly alarmed by the rise in the overhang subsidisation in the housing market. is deemed to be financially viable compared to Paduka Alinah Ahmad said the
numbers as this does not reflect how the the construction of conventional RSKU units. development of the mixed project is set
property market is doing,” MIEA said. Working along this line, the Selangor state However, the building of more units with bigger to deliver a refreshing new city centre and
government has introduced an affordable size and higher parking requirement leads to a financial hub. The RM4 billion Coronation
It said the overhang was due to the lack of housing scheme – Rumah Selangorku Harapan higher GDC (RM385 million), resulting an Square, which is developed on a 9.58-acre
research resulting in a poor understanding of (RSKU Harapan) – whereby developers are insignificant profit after tax of 0.9%. site, will showcase a shopping mall and
supply and demand. Local authorities should allowed to change the approved RSKU six towers featuring two blocks of
perhaps put a pause on similar developments in development from the construction of a The viability of the project is further eroded serviced apartments, two office blocks, a
the vicinity of high overhang units to allow time combination of conventional RSKU Type A, B, as the developer is required to bear additional hotel and medical suites. – Bernama
for the market to absorb the units or to relook C, and D with capped selling prices of compliance costs derived from the surrender
into the development composition before RM42,000, RM100,000, RM150,000 and of free units based on the RSKU contra level. MAH SING’S M ARISA
approvals are given to proceed, it suggested. RM200,000, to one type of RSKU Harapan with For the above simulation, the number of SERVICED RESIDENCES
a higher selling price of RM250,000. surrendered units is 53 – with a cost of ACHIEVES 80% TAKE-UP RATE
There is a new trend whereby 15,332 (35%) RM13.25 million or 6.6% of GDC – if the
units launched were in the less than RM300,000 While the revised selling price has become minimum level of contra (15%) is applied. This PETALING JAYA: Mah Sing Group Bhd,
price range category, 15,723 (35.8%) in the more realistic, this is not necessarily translated cost can even go up to RM26.5 million or 9.8% which plans to launch RM2.4 billion worth
RM300,001 to RM500,000 category, 11,875 to a higher project viability; owing to the newly of GDC, if the maximum level of 30% is of properties this year, has achieved 80%
units in the RM500,001 to RM1 million imposed development conditions like house applied, where the number of surrendered take-up rate for M Arisa, which was
category, and 930 units in the above RM1 size must not be less than 1,000 sq ft; each unit units is as high as 106. Most importantly, launched during the Covid-19 pandemic.
million category. Interestingly 70.8% of units has to be equipped with air conditioners, density is still the key determinant of the Mah Sing also unveiled a show unit of the
launched were below the RM500,000 category kitchen cabinets, clothes cabinets and water project viability. In case the allowable density is 550 sq ft one-bedroom M Arisa Type A,
which clearly shows a shift by developers in heaters; each unit has to be provided with two no longer at its maximum due to local planning whjich is priced from RM299,000. M Arisa
building affordable homes. car parks; and the allocation of 15% to 30% of requirements and traffic conditions, the profit sits on 3.31 acres of land in Sentul, Kuala
the SKU Type A and B units to the state margin of the project will be affected. Lumpur, and has an estimated gross
EcoFirst expands master government for free in return for the exemption development value of RM653 million. It is
plan for Ampang on provision of the respective housing types. To sum up, if the commitment of providing the first multi-level sky garden residence
land to tap MRT3 benefits price-controlled affordable housing is to be in Sentul with an urban forest theme. M
For instance, assume a developer is preserved and furthered, measures that could Arisa consists of serviced residences, with
PETALING JAYA: Property company EcoFirst required to build 884 units of RSKU houses increase its buildability are simply imperative. unit sizes ranging from 550 sq ft to 1,025
Consolidated Bhd will launch an enlarged consisting of 20% Type A, 20% Type B, 40% Builders need to be incentivised in order to sq ft and one to four bedrooms.
master plan for its Ampang township now that Type C, and 20% Type D on a 13-acre land ensure the efficiency of the housing supply side.
its landbank is a beneficiary of the third Mass located in Zone 1 of Selangor with an MANDARIN FOX INJECTS
Rapid Transit Line 3 (MRT3). approved density of 68 units/acre. Since the This article is contributed by MKH Bhd IOT SOLUTIONS INTO
gross development value (GDV) of the project manager of product research and BUILDING MAINTENANCE
EcoFirst’s landbank in Ampang is 300 (RM113 million) is less than its gross development Foo Chee Hung.
metres away from the future Hill View station development cost (GDC) (RM153 million), the PETALING JAYA: Property technology firm
under the proposed plan for MRT3. Mandarin Fox aims to revolutionise
Malaysia’s facility maintenance industry
The crown jewel of EcoFirst’s landbank is its with its Centralized Building Maintenance
flagship mixed development Ampang Ukay, a and Monitoring System (CBMS) by
seven-phase project on 87 acres of land improving a building’s life cycle, elevating
situated in Ukay Heights. This land was investment property values in the long
purchased a decade ago and is close to the site run. CBMS is a comprehensive sensor-
earmarked for Hill View MRT Station. based technology incorporating Internet
of Things (IoT) solutions to modernise
EcoFirst is a mid-sized property player with facility maintenance processes while
prime landbank in the Klang Valley, notably in digitally transforming existing and new
Ampang, Sungai Besi, Shah Alam and buildings to adapt to an increasingly
Damansara Damai. In recent years, EcoFirst technologically advanced world. In the
has switched its focus to selling affordable long run, Mandarin Fox aims to help
houses to the M40 group. property owners and investors maintain
overall visibility over their buildings’entire
EcoFirst alternative director Datuk Kenneth life cycle, elevating their investment
Teoh Seng Kian said: “MRT3 is a game changer property value.
for us. We are in the midst of revising our master
plan. It will be a lot more comprehensive as we
intend to transform Ampang to become a
sought-after and fully self-sufficient premium
township. We will reveal this master plan in the
second quarter of this year.”

APRIL 7, 2022
197201001092 (12738-U)
Editorial Tel: 03-7784 6688
A Participating Organisation of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad Fax: 03-7785 2624/5

A Trading Participant of Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad Email: [email protected]
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6/04/2022 Fax: 03-7784 4424

Participation Bought Sold Net Email: [email protected]

% RM m RM m RM m

50.6 Institutions 1200.7 1296.2 -95.5

27.5 Retail 684.6 672.8 11.8

21.9 Foreign 581.3 497.6 83.7

100.0 2466.5 2466.5 0.0 7.93 22.06 421.79 0.71 437.68 103.09 24.17 37.80
Preliminary stats (excluding trade amendments). For final data, please refer to 1,604.72 22,080.52 3,283.43 27,350.30 17,522.50 2,735.03
Source: Bursa Malaysia 3,422.95 7,490.10

KL MARKET SUMMARY Moody’s pegs Malaysia’s
April 6, 2022

INDICES CHANGE 2022 GDP growth at 6%
FBMEMAS 11,550.00 +56.42
FBMKLCI 1,604.72 +7.93
CONSTRUCTION 167.81 +1.29
FINANCIAL SERVICES 16,795.70 +75.78
ENERGY 746.62 -1.06
TELECOMMUNICATIONS 645.82 +0.68 o Opening of borders, high
HEALTH CARE 2,172.79 +9.97 vaccination rate and
TRANSPORTATION 891.79 +7.62 endemic status of Covid-19
PROPERTY 732.79 +4.70 will combine to underpin
PLANTATION 8,317.54 +144.20 recovery, says analyst
FBMSHA 12,199.40 +59.43
FBMACE 5,870.28 +5.76
TECHNOLOGY 77.96 -0.98

3.422 BIL RM2.466 BIL

April 6, 2022 [email protected]

STOCK VOL CLSG (sen) +/– (sen) PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s economic Over time, Moody’s notes, greater social mobility growth and private consumption will kick in a
DNEX 151,106,200 110.0 -1.0 growth this year is expected to come in at new private investment cycle in the country. – BERNAMAPIX
VIZIONE 96,431,500 6.0 +0.5 6%, driven by the opening of borders
TECHNAX 92,939,900 8.5 UNCH supporting tourism-related services, high
MYEG 77,259,600 103.0 +1.0 vaccination rate and the government’s
AT 67,275,200 2.0 UNCH comfort with the transition of Covid-19 to
endemic status that are combining to
5 TOP GAINERS support recovery, according to Moody’s policy in the second half of this year given surrounding the election timing and the
April 6, 2022 Investor Services. some of the labour market slack and easing relatively thin majority in Parliament have
core inflation pressures that we’ve seen. constrained the fiscal reform process and
STOCK VOL CLSG (RM) +/– RM “Over time, we expect this will support They could rein that forward potentially,” made it difficult for any of the three
KLK 2,283,700 26.72 0.72 greater social mobility growth and private Nishad elaborated. governments that we’ve seen in the past four
NESTLE 44,400 135.50 0.70 consumption which will kick in a new years to focus on some of these reforms.”
TOCEAN 1,387,300 3.28 0.53 private investment cycle in the country,” its He stated that it has not discounted the
PETDAG 320,400 21.90 0.46 sovereign risk group and credit strategist & risk of a new Covid-19 variant emerging Should the elections come sooner,
F&N 137,800 21.62 0.36 research’s assistant vice president & analyst which could cause another round of border Nishad said, it could potentially see a more
Nishad Majmudar told the press during a closures or social distancing measures volatile political environment and noise but
5 TOP LOSERS virtual briefing yesterday. domestically. However, he noted it is not a overall would not affect the functioning of
April 6, 2022 base case given the government has these key institutions.
He said the projection is due to the base indicated its interest in keeping the economy
STOCK VOL CLSG (RM) +/– RM effects of 2021 which saw weaker growth open and treating Covid-19 as endemic. In the case of a more stable election
BLDPLNT 100 8.98 0.44 because of the lockdown that led to the outcome where the incoming government
MPI 150,000 36.70 0.42 closure of the services sector, weaker Moody’s final downside risk for Malaysia could survive the full five-year term, he
AEONCR 747,200 14.94 0.36 domestic consumption and private is the moderating growth in China, as it has opined that it would usher in a certainty and
GREATEC 5,519,500 4.48 0.22 investment activities. revised the gross domestic product growth a policy environment that could improve
KLUANG 300 4.00 0.19 forecast for the world’s second largest the prospects of some the reforms it deem
On the flip side, the agency sees the economy marginally to 5.2% in 2022 and positive namely; goods and services tax
EXCHANGE RATES APRIL 6, 2022 ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict as one of 5.1% next year. reintroduction, subsidy reforms and the
the downside risks which sees the impact to passage of the fiscal responsibility act.
Foreign currency Bank sell Bank buy Bank buy the Malaysian economy to be neutral but “With the domestic lockdown in China
the situation poses a threat to global growth. and some of the potential supply chain The analyst explained that the agency’s
1 US DOLLAR TT/OD TT OD The analyst pointed out the agency has issues, that may affect some countries view is focused on how the politics affect the
1 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR 4.2785 4.1535 4.1435 already marked down its forecasts for a importing inputs from China such as economic institutions and its perspective
1 BRUNEI DOLLAR 3.2630 3.1350 3.1190 number of G20 economies, mostly those in Malaysia that could also result in weaker found there has been no significant impact
1 CANADIAN DOLLAR 3.1440 3.0530 3.0450 Europe but also some in Asia Pacific, Japan, manufacturing growth,” said the analyst. that is relevant to the credit profile at this point.
1 EURO 3.4220 3.3300 3.3180 Korea and China due to the conflict.
1 NEWZEALAND DOLLAR 4.6700 4.5190 4.4990 On the subject of Malaysia’s political “But if we were to see that the volatile
1 SINGAPORE DOLLAR 2.9860 2.8760 2.8600 Another downside risk that Moody’s has situation, Nishad said the agency’s politics lead to fiscal slippage that is beyond
1 STERLING POUND 3.1440 3.0530 3.0450 identified is the possibility of a surge in assessment found the political noise has not our baseline forecast, that in turn, could
1 SWISS FRANC 5.6000 5.4240 5.4040 inflation that would cause Bank Negara affected the function of key economic affect investor sentiment- capital flows and
100 UAE DIRHAM 4.5830 4.4780 4.4630 Malaysia (BNM) to react more quickly in institutions, such as the Finance Ministry, even foreign direct investment flows. This is
100 BANGLADESHTAKA 117.8800 111.7800 111.5800 terms of policy rate normalisation. BNM and the securities regulator. something we see as relevant to the credit
100 CHINESE RENMINBI 5.0530 4.7280 4.5280 profile and a potential downside risk.”
100 HONGKONG DOLLAR 67.3000 64.6000 “Currently, our sovereign team’s “However, we think the uncertainty
100 INDIAN RUPEE 55.1900 52.4600 N/A assumption is that BNM will start to tighten
100 INDONESIAN RUPIAH 5.7700 5.4100 52.2600
100 JAPANESE YEN 0.0309 0.0279 Petronas named best company to work for – again
100 NEWTAIWAN DOLLAR 3.4600 3.3510 5.2100
100 PAKISTAN RUPEE 16.0000 0.0229 KUALA LUMPUR: Petroliam Nasional Bhd “These government entities are among increasing the number of female managers
100 PHILIPPINE PESO 2.3500 N/A 3.3410 (Petronas) continues to be the top-ranked the biggest employers in the country and to reflect equal representation at all levels of
100 QATAR RIYAL 8.4700 2.2000 company from last year in the 2022 continue to hire talent ranging from entry- management. Bosch has a reputation for a
100 SAUDI RIYAL 118.4200 7.9800 N/A LinkedIn Top Companies list in Malaysia, level to senior roles, as well as offering balnced working environment practising
100THAI BAHT 115.3500 112.4200 2.0000 which is the second annual ranking of the internships and trainee programme diversity and inclusion.
13.3200 109.5000 7.7800 15 best workplaces to grow one’s career. opportunities,” it said.
11.8100 112.2200 LinkedIn News senior managing editor
109.3000 In a statement, LinkedIn said the Offering flexible work scenario, Satoshi Ebitani said: “As we continue to
11.4100 country’s fully integrated oil and gas Maybank introduced a hybrid work navigate the challenging realities of today’s
company, which is committed to upskill its environment which enabled employees to world, employee engagement and support
Source: Malayan Banking Berhad/Bernama employees to adapt rapidly changing have access to hot-desking and is now more important than ever.
business environment, topped the list collaborative meeting rooms, while PNB
followed by Maybank, Bosch, Permodalan started new flexible work arrangements, “Our Top Companies list celebrates
Nasional Bhd (TNB), and B. Braun Group. allowing 1,750 employees to work from companies who are invested in the growth
home during the pandemic. and well-being of the most important
It said of the seven local companies resource in the workplace – people.
ranked in 2022, three were government- It also noted through global initiative
linked companies along with a 4Diversity, B. Braun Group was focusing on “With dedicated programmes and
government-linked investment company. raising awareness and opportunities for initiatives to support career progression and
equal career advancement. the growing need for work-life balance, these
There were Petronas, Maybank, PNB companies are leading the charge for long-
and TNB (number 11). The company is investing resources in term success in the workforce.” – Bernama


Groups: Postpone minimum wage hike, give rural planters more time

KUALA LUMPUR: Eleven Malaysian Estate Owners’ would provide a “soft landing on its under the National Wages affected soybean production, and
associations have called for the Association, the National Association impacts”, a statement from the 11 said. Consultative Council to find the right supply bottlenecks for sunflower oil
RM1,500 monthly minimum wage of Smallholders, the Sarawak Oil Palm balance between workers’ welfare in the Black Sea region, but within a
effective May 1, 2022 to be postponed Plantation Owners Association, the “All economic sectors in Malaysia and the impact on employers. month, Malaysian palm oil futures
as the 36% increase is a significant East Malaysian Planters Association, need adequate time to make the have already declined about RM1,300
increase for oil palm planters in rural the Palm Oil Millers Association, the necessary adjustments following the They said planters are operating at to around RM5,900 a tonne.
areas recovering from the Covid-19 Malaysian Oleochemical worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and very high input costs currently
pandemic amid crop losses, workers Manufacturers, the Malayan Edible to find solutions to mitigate the higher following the historically high The 11 associations said prices are
shortage and higher input cost. Oil Manufacturers’ Association, costs of essential materials resulting fertiliser prices along with globally driven by demand and
Malaysian Biodiesel Association, the from the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” the agrochemicals and fuel. supply and in competition with other
At present, the minimum wage in Incorporated Society of Planters, statement said. edible oils; any rise in production
57 cities and towns nationwide is set Sabah Employers Consultative “While it appears that planters at costs such as a wage hike, cannot be
at RM1,200 a month, and RM1,100 for Association and Tawau Agricultural The 11 said at the very least, any present have the financial capability passed to customers or buyers, unlike
rural areas. Association. proposed wage hike must address to implement the new minimum other businesses.
A delay in rolling out the revised another key issue impacting the wage amid high crude palm oil (CPO)
In a statement yesterday, the 11 minimum wage, followed with its Malaysian oil palm industry related to prices, the same planters will be “When commodity prices plunge,
associations believe that there will be phased incremental implementation expediting the return of guest workers severely disadvantaged when the margins will diminish and there will
ripple or knock-on effects across the over a longer period would allow the in the plantation sector, the statement CPO price dives,” they said. be occasions that the cost may run
board on production costs that revision to be managed in a more said. higher than the selling prices,’’ they
“cannot be retracted” once the new systematic, transparent manner and The price of palm oil hit a record said, adding that the number of
minimum wage limit is introduced. The associations asserted that the high of above RM7,100 a tonne in unskilled workers in the sector is
correct approach should involve early March supported by tight supply sizeable. – Bernama
The 11 associations are the inclusive stakeholders’ engagement amid a drought in South America that

BRIEFS OCEAN VANTAGE GETS M’sia moves forward in ESG
RM71.3M BINTULU JOB practices, journey to net-zero

PETALING JAYA: Sarawak-based o PWC’s research highlights corporate
integrated energy support Malaysia’s progress in sustainability and
services provider Ocean Vantage overall transition trajectory and the govt’s
Holdings Bhd via its wholly efforts in promoting sustainable investing
owned subsidiary Ocean Vantage
Engineering Sdn Bhd has clinched PETALING JAYA: Malaysian public- instruments to enable transition Izlan Chan
a RM71.3 million contract to listed companies (PLCs) are faring finance in Malaysia,” he said in a faced by certain sectors come into appears just once, and only one
provide civil, building and pilling well in environmental, social and statement. sharp relief. PwC’s December 2021 company appears consistently across
works for a new onshore gas plant governance (ESG) factors among their research finds that 94% of the top 50 all four ratings.
owned by Petroliam Nasional Bhd Asean peers based on leading ESG PwC Malaysia Southeast Asia Malaysian PLCs have ESG strategies in
(Petronas) known as the indicators, according to research by sustainability and climate change place. The publication provides an in-
Additional Gas Sales Facilities 2 at PwC Malaysia and Capital Markets leader Andrew Chan said the depth view of the regulations set and
Bintulu, Sarawak or BAGSF-2. The Malaysia. transition to a low carbon economy Although Bursa Malaysia is efforts made by the government and
contract was awarded by Petrofac needs to be just and inclusive. heavily-weighted towards sectors with regulatory bodies in Malaysia in
Engineering Services (Malaysia) The research entitled “Positioning greater exposure to sustainability supporting climate-friendly and
Sdn Bhd, which is appointed by Corporate Malaysia for a Sustainable “With a just transition approach, challenges such as oil and gas, power sustainable practices in the private
Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, a Future” highlights corporate plans and efforts made towards low and utilities, construction and sector and traction made by Malaysian
subsidiary of Petronas as the main Malaysia’s progress in sustainability carbon should be accompanied by property, plantations and corporates as a result.
contractor for the gas plant. and overall transition trajectory and social and economic considerations, manufacturing, it has been observed
Ocean Vantage executive director the country’s efforts in promoting so that the impact of low carbon that players in these industries have A total of 28 Malaysian firms are
Stephen Yau Kah Tak said this sustainable investing. transformation can be distributed been responding with proactive steps represented as constituents in the
large-scale gas plant in Bintulu equitably to people, communities as to improve their ESG standing. MSCI All Country World Index ESG
has capacity of 390 million Securities Commission Malaysia well as micro, small and medium Leaders Index, which consists of large
standard cubic ft per day upon (SC) deputy CEO and Capital Markets enterprises through supply chains. The report highlights some of these and mid-cap companies across
completion. Malaysia chairman Datuk Zainal Izlan best practices taken by Malaysian developed and emerging markets of
Zainal Abidin said the rise in demand “This is an opportunity for the PLCs and organisations through 10 different countries.
MBSB RECEIVES NOD FOR for sustainable investments and investor community to get involved by case studies. It lays out the challenges
MIDF ACQUISITION TALKS sustainable assets has placed the building capacity for sustainable in measuring and comparing ESG Malaysian firms are also
capital market in a unique position to investment strategies and weighing in efforts across different organisations. comparatively advanced in embracing
PETALING JAYA: Bank Negara drive meaningful change in on policies that will shape a more global standards, with nine companies
Malaysia (BNM) has given the nod sustainability practices among sustainable environment for A comparison of top-ranked currently committed to emissions
for Malaysia Building Society Bhd corporates. corporations and the wider society,” companies across four ESG rating reduction targets grounded in climate
(MBSB) to commence he said. providers finds that across 41 science through the Science-Based
negotiations with Permodalan “The SC’s Capital Market companies, almost half of them (19) Targets initiative.
Nasional Bhd (PNB) for the Masterplan 3, covering the period The SC has also developed a
acquisition of Malaysian 2021 to 2025, has laid out initiatives to Sustainable and Responsible
Industrial Development Finance shape a stakeholder economy by Investment Taxonomy which will
Bhd (MIDF). In its stock exchange mobilising more capital towards enable capital market participants to
filing, MBSB said BNM had vide its sustainable businesses. identify economic activities that are
letter yesterday, stated that it has aligned with ESG objectives, hence
no objection for MBSB to enter “Recognising that businesses will facilitating more informed and
into discussions with PNB to require significant financing to efficient decision-making for
explore the possibility of decarbonise and transition towards fundraising and investment.
undertaking an acquisition of the net-zero, the SC is working on a
100% shareholding in MIDF, framework for market-based Malaysian corporates are heeding
which is held by PNB. MBSB the call for sustainability as issues
added that BNM’s approval is
valid for six months from the date Matrade aims to enhance trade collaboration with South Korea
of its letter.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia “In 2021, South Korea was Sim said EC31 was a platform for around the world and high availability
KERJAYA PROSPEK External Trade Development Malaysia’s ninth largest global trading suppliers, manufacturers, and of high-speed internet.
BAGS ITS THIRD Corporation (Matrade) hopes for partner, with Malaysia’s total trade exporters to upload and promote their
CONTRACT OF THE YEAR enhanced trade collaboration with with South Korea growing 8.5%. And products and sell leads while buyers “Almost 96.5% of South Koreans
South Korea, as global trade elevates this shows that South Korea remained or importers could search and contact use the internet and almost 70% are
PETALING JAYA: Construction and Malaysia moves into the pre- a resilient trading partner to us,” he suppliers easily by B2B categories and online shoppers. E-commerce sales
outfit Kerjaya Prospek Group Bhd endemic state, with the full reopening said at a webinar themed “Expand keywords. contributed about US$156.5 billion
wholly owned subsidiary Kerjaya of its borders on April 1. your Business to the Korean Market (RM659 billion) to South Korea.”
Prospek (M) Sdn Bhd has secured with EC21, the Leading Global B2B He noted that the online B2B
a RM265 million contract from Shawn Sim, director of China and (business-to-business) Marketplace” marketplace is becoming an Meanwhile, Malaysian Embassy in
Eastern & Oriental Bhd indirect Northeast Asia Section said Malaysia yesterday. important trade tool for business-to- Seoul charge d’affaires Ahmad Fahmi
subsidiary Persada Mentari Sdn and South Korea have established a business transactions and marketing Ahmad Sarkawi expects bilateral trade
Bhd to undertake main building strong bilateral relationship for the EC21 is a leading global B2B as it speeds up the marketing process between Malaysia and South Korea to
works for a proposed past six decades and this year marks marketplace, whose main role is to and saves overall transaction costs. increase further by leveraging the
development project located at the 62nd anniversary of diplomatic connect buyers with suppliers all over Regional Comprehensive Economic
Kawasan Terbusguna Tanah Seri relations between both countries. the world. “South Korea is known for having Partnership that entered into force
Tanjung Pinang (Fasa 2A), one of the fastest internet networks early this year. – Bernama
Penang. This contract comes after
the group was awarded its
second contract of the year worth
RM197.5 million from its wholly
owned unit Yakin Land Sdn Bhd
in March 2022. Kerjaya CEO Tee
Eng Tiong said together with the
recently secured RM710.1 million
contract for the development of
Astrum Ampang, the group has
bagged three contracts in 2022,
fast approaching the RM1.2
billion target for 2022.

13theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

Less cash, more digital the way to go

o PayNet study reveals promising outlook for e-wallets and online
payments in Malaysia amid change in behaviour

PETALING JAYA: While Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet). since the pandemic with cash no out at budget places such as food pandemic and that businesses
Malaysians continue to Fewer Malaysians use cash longer being the primary court and Indian Muslim eateries that survived and thrived during
predominantly use cash for payment method. The Northern (68%), as well as for groceries the pandemic have the
payments, reliance on physical when it comes to daily payments region showed the most (51%). characteristics of omni-channel
currency notes and coins has (48.4%) and even fewer do so in pronounced change. presence, e-payments enabled,
dropped, similar to the situation urban areas (36.2%), likely Meanwhile, the awareness always-on and beyond local
in other countries, a study shows. contributed by the rise of QR According to the study, 78% of among businesses of the need to market.
payments, established trust in Malaysians have more than one undergo a digital transformation
The percentage of Malaysians debit cards, as well as due to fears e-wallet but this ecosystem of for survival and to remain PayNet CEO Peter Schiesser
who use cash to make payments of becoming infected by handling more than 50 bank and non-bank competitive is fuelling the said: “This is our inaugural study
has fallen 11 percentage points to cash. e-wallets is witnessing users adoption of digital payments. and we plan to undertake future
78% from 89% before the Covid- gravitating towards five e-wallets. studies to better understand the
19 pandemic, according to the Businesses, except those in the Small and medium enterprises payment behaviour of the rakyat,
PayNet Digital Payments Insights East Coast and the Southern It also revealed that cash is (SME) do not find fees and their attitudes towards digital
Study 2022 by Payments Network region, experienced changes in now mainly used for payment at charges as top reason for not payment methods and the factors
customer payment behaviour roadside food stalls (71%), eating adopting digital payments, but driving change in payment
cited barriers such as too much preference.”
technical jargon (43%) and too
much documentation/paperwork PayNet commissioned Nielsen
(38%). IQ to conduct a field study in the
fourth quarter of last year to
SME also cite expanding to a understand the payment
digital platform (56%) and preferences of the public and
speeding up digital transformation businesses, with a particular
(53%) as their top two priorities focus on the relevance of cash
this year. and the adoption of digital
payments by small and medium
The study revealed that online enterprises.
presence has helped B2C
companies to survive during the

Hong Seng unit RAM positive on highway buyout, says
partners CLEA Tech it could lead to smoother ride for sector
for Covid screenings
PETALING JAYA: The proposal to restructure for non-revision of scheduled toll rates At this point, the ratings agency stated
PETALING JAYA: Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd four toll expressway concessionaires in the The proposal also takes into consideration the financial details and funding adopted
subsidiary eMedAsia Sdn Bhd has entered into Klang Valley, including Gamuda Bhd and for the proposed acquisitions, nor the
an exclusive partnership with CLEA Technology Lingkaran Trans Kota Holding Bhd, offers interests of other stakeholders, including resolution of the sukuk raised by the
Sdn Bhd, the company that provides CLEADOC hope of a smoother road ahead for the lenders and shareholders. respective concessionaires, have yet to be
Virtual Covid-19 Professional RTK and PCR broader highway sector. made public.
Screening (VCS) and related services in “On balance, the tenures of the four
Malaysia. “This is a welcome development highway concessions are expected to be RAM stated the proposed sale of the
following a hard-hitting past few years restructured and lengthened,” said the highway concessions does not have an
Through the partnership, which involves which saw volatile traffic volumes due to rating agency, pointing out that Amanat immediate rating impact on Gamuda’s and
exclusive backend system integrations, mobility curbs amid the pandemic, was established under the Companies Act its subsidiaries’ debt programmes. It said
eMedAsia, a 60%-owned subsidiary under the sensitivity over toll rate hikes in a tough 2016 to function solely as a holding disposals will reduce the group’s business
group’s healthcare arm HS Bio Group in economic climate, and rising government company of highway concessions while its diversity as the concessions segment is a
partnership with Koperasi Persatuan compensation payments to concessionaires,” shareholders are not profit motivated. significant and relatively stable earnings
Perubatan Malaysia (Koop MMA) which is in RAM Ratings said in a report yesterday. contributor accounting for 27% of its pre-
turn is the investment arm of the Malaysia It said the non-profit entity’s role and tax earning for FY2021 despite the ravages
Medical Assocation (MMA), will be able to The rating agency noted that the responsibilities will entail a high degree of of the pandemic.
provide CLEADOC VCS to inbound and continued toll increase deferrals in a single social accountability in keeping toll rates
outbound travellers as preparation for the next year is reported to cost the government affordable in addition to settling its debts “Nonetheless, RM7.4 billion of
phase of border reopening. RM2.25 billion in compensation while its and returning the highway assets to the construction contracts in Australia and
narrowing fiscal headroom makes the government in the shortest possible time Singapore recently awarded to Gamuda
CLEADOC VCS allows users even if they are abolition of tolls implausible, considering frame. will, in our view, lessen the impact,
based in other countries to easily perform a the high compensation sums payable. boosting long-term earnings visibility and
professional pre-departure or on-arrival RTK “Owing to its social impact and representing important breakthroughs
test anytime, anywhere with results verified by Accordingly, it sees the offer Amanat objectives, Amanat’s offer, among other into these markets.”
doctors by following the in-app steps. The Lebuhraya Rakyat Bhd to acquire highways conditions, is contingent on the four
result generated from CLEADOC can be used partly owned by Gamuda signals stronger concession companies and itself being tax- The disposals are expected to yield
as pre-departure result requirement or on- intent by the government to seriously exempt entities.” proceeds in excess of RM2 billion
arrival 24 hours requirement, which are in address the restructuring of toll rates strengthening Gamuda’s balance sheet to a
sync with MySejahtera status update. across highways nationwide by end-2023, The proposal is valid up to end-April, net cash position.
based on a parliamentary response by the following which a definite agreement will
The CLEADOC app can be download Works Ministry. be inked, expected by end-July 2022. It pointed out as the proceeds could be
globally. To date CLEADOC has created more channeled to new construction and
than 2 million impressions and conducted “If successful, this restructuring model RAM noted that the necessary property development projects and/or to
more than 1 million tests, and has more than could serve as a blueprint for further approvals of the buyout offer from reward shareholders via special dividends,
200,000 active users in its platform. Currently, renegotiations of other expressway shareholders, lenders and the authorities the group’s longer-term financial impact
CLEADOC is working closely with Singapore, concessions,” said RAM. are still pending, as is the due diligence on will hinge on the use of the sale proceeds.
Thailand and Indonesia, expanding the the cumulative RM5.48 billion valuation of
services to all these regions in Southeast Asia. It elaborated that Amanat’s proposed assets to be acquired. In the interim, RAM will maintain
solution to the impasse in the sector – via surveillance of the ratings of the relevant
Koop MMA chairman and eMedAsia the acquisition of four highways partly “Given the significant role of highway concessionaires and Gamuda’s issue
director Dr Thirunavukarasu Rajoo said they owned by Gamuda for RM5.48 billion – infrastructure funding in the domestic ratings and it will reassess the ratings for
are ready to help the government and fellow achieves different but complementary capital market (having funded up to credit impact when details of the proposed
travellers to fulfil the latest requirements to objectives; it seeks to reduce the public RM103.6 billion in highway and highway- restructuring exercise become available.
cross borders easily be it through VCS, burden as there will no further rate hike related transactions since the 1990s), it is
professional RTK-Ag tests in clinics or hotels, until the concessions expire and provides important for any funding solution “Meanwhile, we understand it is
or on-site PCR screenings. the some respite to the government from proposed by Amanat to consider the business as usual for the four highways
the ballooning annual compensation bill preservation of investor confidence as key until the implications of the buyout are
to the continued sustainability of addressed.”
financing/funding for this sector,” it said.

Musk tops Forbes’ 2022
list of world’s richest people STOCKHOLM: Ingka Group, the owner
of most Ikea stores worldwide, has
NEW YORK/PETALING JAYA: Tesla CEO oThis year marks the largest number of billionaire bought nine solar photovoltaic (PV)
Elon Musk has topped the Forbes’s 36th dropoffs since the 2009 financial crisis park projects in Germany and Spain for
annual World’s Billionaires ranking for the a total of €340 million (RM1.6 billion) in
first time ever, with an estimated net worth Forbes Billionaires 2022: The Richest People In The World its push to generate more renewable
of US$219 billion (RM922 billion). energy than it consumes. The world’s
Rank Name Net worth Source of Residence biggest furniture retailer said yesterday
The list released on Tuesday revealed wealth it was buying the projects, which would
2,668 billionaires including 236 newcomers have a combined capacity of 440
– far fewer than last year’s 493. Altogether megawatts, from German developer
the total net worth of the world’s billionaires Enerparc. “The expected production ...
is US$12.7 trillion, down from last year’s will be sufficient to cover all Ikea stores
US$13.1 trillion. and warehouses in the two countries,
making the operations of Ingka Group
Following last year’s record-breaking carbon neutral,“ it said in a statement. –
number of billionaires, the past 12 months Reuters
have proven to be more volatile. The
number of billionaires fell to 2,668, down 1. Elon Musk US$219 billion Tesla, SpaceX Austin, Texas HSBC LAUNCHES METAVERSE
from 2,755 last year. A total of 329 people PORTFOLIO FOR
dropped off the list this year – the most in a 2. Jeff Bezos US$171 billion Amazon, Seattle Washington WEALTHY ASIAN CLIENTS
single year since the 2009 financial crisis.
3. Bernard Arnault & family US$158 billion LVMH, Paris France SINGAPORE: HSBC Holdings has
“The tumultuous stock market launched a fund to capture investment
contributed to sharp declines in the 4. Bill Gates US$129 billion Microsoft, Medina Washington opportunities in the metaverse for its
fortunes of many of the world’s richest. Still, rich clients in Hong Kong and Singapore
more than 1,000 billionaires got wealthier 5. Warren Buffett US$118 billion Berkshire Hathaway Nebraska as financial services companies tap into
over the past year. The top 20 richest alone Silicon Valley’s new virtual reality. In a
are worth a combined US$2 trillion, up from followed by Bill Gates at fourth. Rounding out the established their own fortune (as opposed to statement yesterday, HSBC said its
US$1.8 trillion in 2021,” said Kerry A Dolan, top five is Warren Buffett, who rejoins the top five inheriting it). Metaverse Discretionary Strategy portfolio,
assistant managing editor of Wealth, Forbes. after falling to sixth last year. 0 Women: There are 327 women billionaires managed by its asset management arm,
Key facts for the 2022 World’s Billionaires 0 Newcomers: Among the list of notable including 16 who share a fortune with a spouse, will focus on investing within the
list: newcomers are Lord of the Rings director Peter child or sibling, down from 328 in 2021. metaverse ecosystem across five segments
0 Top five: Musk tops the list, unseating Jackson (1,929th); OpenSea founders Devin 0 Globally: Regionally, Asia-Pacific boasts the – infrastructure, computing, virtualisation,
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who drops to Finzer and Alex Atallah (1,397th); social media most billionaires with 1,088, followed by the US experience and discovery, and interface.
the second spot after spending the past four and e-commerce tycoon Miranda Qu (1,645th) with 735, and Europe with 592. The metaverse comprises a network of
years as the richest person in the world. and pop star and cosmetics mogul Rihanna 0 Drop-offs: The war in Ukraine, a Chinese tech virtual environments accessed via
Bernard Arnault of LVMH remains at third, (1,729th). crackdown and slipping stock prices pushed 329 different devices where users can work,
0 Self-made: Of the total 2,668 people on the people off the world’s billionaires list this year socialise and play. It has come into
2022 ranking, 1,891 are self-made billionaires including 169 one-hit wonders who were part of sharper focus since Facebook changed
who founded or cofounded a company or last year’s record 493 newcomers. its name to Meta last year to reflect its
bet on the sector. HSBC is putting
ADB trims Asia growth forecast as price pressures rise US$3.5 billion (RM5 billion) into its
wealth and personal banking business,
in line with its ambition to become
Asia’s top wealth manager by 2025. –

MANILA: The Asian Development Bank “What is certain is that the fallout from the interest rates in a bid to rein in a surge in JAPANESE BUSINESS LOBBY
(ADB) trimmed its 2022 growth forecast for war is an additional hurdle for economies in inflation that has threatened to derail the HEAD SAYS ¥100 TO DOLLAR
developing Asia yesterday as “increasing” developing Asia which are still contending economic recovery. SUSTAINABLE: NEWSPAPER
price pressures after Russia’s invasion of with the pandemic,” Park said. TOKYO: The head of a major Japanese
Ukraine threaten a recovery from Omicron A recent solid US jobs report increased business lobby said yesterday that ¥100
surges. While the Caucasus and Central Asia expectations of an aggressive rate hike. The (RM3.42) to the dollar was a
would take a direct hit from the Ukraine crisis Asian Development Bank warned that could “sustainable” exchange rate in the
Inflation across the vast region stretching due to their close trade and financial links to ignite “financial market volatility, rapid capital longer term, expressing discontent
from the Cook Islands in the Pacific to Russia, the rest of the region would be affected outflows and sharp currency depreciations”. with the yen’s recent weakening, the
Kazakhstan in Central Asia was expected to indirectly through higher food and energy Mainichi newspaper reported. Japan’s
gather pace as countries bounced back from prices. Covid-19 still casts a shadow over export-heavy economy has
the pandemic, and energy and food costs developing Asia, with the risk of more deadly traditionally welcomed a softer yen but
rose, it said. “Energy bills will rise for energy importers, variants emerging and the Omicron outbreak the dollar’s recent sharp rise to around
pushing inflation up and weighing on in China threatening regional growth and ¥124 has raised alarm by making
In the wake of the Omicron-driven surge in demand,” the bank said in its flagship Asian supply chains, the bank said. import costs more expensive. At the
coronavirus infections and the conflict in Development Outlook report. beginning of the year, the dollar
Ukraine, the Philippines-based lender Countries in the Caucasus and Central fetched around ¥115. “In the mid- to
lowered its 2022 economic growth forecast to Inflation was expected to reach 3.7%, Asia were expected to record the slowest long term, ¥100 yen to the dollar is a
5.2%. compared with 2.5% in 2021, which Park growth, with 3.6% in 2022, down from 5.6% in sustainable level,“ the Mainichi quoted
noted was “still well below” other parts of the 2021. Keizai Doyukai chair Kengo Sakurada as
That compares with its previous prediction world, which he partly attributed to relatively telling reporters. Analysts have
in December of 5.3% and the 6.9% growth lower consumption of wheat and fewer East Asia was tipped to grow 4.7%, attributed the yen’s recent decline to
chalked up last year. supply chain disruptions. compared with last year’s cracking pace of the Bank of Japan’s ultra-loose
7.6%, as a slowing China grapples with a monetary policy even as other major
While the bank was optimistic the region But he warned that in developing Asia growing Covid-19 outbreak. central banks turn hawkish. – Reuters
would continue to rebound from Covid-19, “price pressures are increasing and monetary
chief economist Albert Park said the recovery authorities need to remain vigilant.” Crisis-hit Sri Lanka was tipped to grow
would be “uneven” and there were 2.4% – the worst performer in South Asia
“significant downside risks”. Also clouding the outlook was the US where the economy is expected to expand by
Federal Reserve, which has started to raise 7%. – AFP

China’s services sector activity hit hard by Omicron surge INTEL BECOMES LATEST
BEIJING: Activity in China’s services sector second consecutive month, and at the fastest outbreaks in China, the services sector was CEASE BUSINESS IN RUSSIA
contracted at the sharpest pace in two years pace since March 2020. more significantly affected than
in March as a surge in coronavirus cases manufacturing,” said Wang Zhe, Senior BENGALURU: US chipmaker Intel Corp
restricted mobility and weighed on demand, Firms’ input prices rose in March after Economist at Caixin Insight Group, in a said on Tuesday it has suspended
a private sector survey showed yesterday. easing to a six-month low in February. statement accompanying the data release. business operations in Russia, joining a
slew of companies to exit the country
The Caixin services Purchasing The virus outbreaks and softer demand "Policymakers should look out for following its invasion of Ukraine. The
Managers’ Index (PMI) dived to 42 in March reduced firms’ appetite for additional staff, vulnerable groups and enhance support for company, which had last month
from 50.2 in February, dropping below the with the employment sub-index showing key industries and small and micro suspended shipments to customers in
50-point mark that separates growth from continued contraction in activity albeit at a businesses to stabilise market expectations.” Russia and Belarus, said it has
contraction on a monthly basis. The reading slower pace. implemented business continuity
indicates the sharpest activity decline since As China’s economy faces serious measures to minimize disruption to its
the initial onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in While firms remained generally upbeat challenges, the big question is how long the global operations. International
February 2020. about output over the next year, optimism country’s "zero tolerance” Covid policy can Business Machines Corp too had
slipped to a 19-month low amid concerns be sustained, Zhiwei Zhang, chief economist suspended shipments as Ukraine urged
The survey, which focuses more on small over the pandemic and the economic fallout at Pinpoint Asset Management said in a note. US cloud-computing and software
firms in coastal regions, tallied with an from the Ukraine war. companies to cut off business with
official survey, which also showed “Economic activities have been sacrificed Russia. Servers from IBM, Dell
deterioration in the services sector. Caixin’s March composite PMI, which to achieve more effective policies against the Technologies Inc and Hewlett Packard
includes both manufacturing and services Omicron outbreaks. I expect the outbreaks Enterprise Co top the market in Russia,
Analysts say contact-intensive services activity, slumped to 43.9 from 50.1 in the will be brought under control, with where companies and government
sectors such as transportation, hotel and previous month, signalling the quickest significant economic costs,” Zhang said. agencies have relied on technology
catering were hurt the most, clouding the reduction since the height of the country’s developed by the West as the basis for
outlook for a much anticipated rebound in Covid-19 outbreak in 2020. The Caixin PMI is compiled by S&P their owned-and-operated IT systems. –
consumption this year. Global from responses to questionnaires Reuters
“Overall, both manufacturing and sent to purchasing managers in China. –
A sub-index for new business fell for a services activities weakened in March due to Reuters
the epidemic. Similar to previous Covid

7 APRIL 2022


PEERING at the rows of
vegetables, fruit trees and
aromatic herbs that snake
along sloping terraces at
Socalco Nature Hotel, my earth-
loving heart begins to beat faster.
The boutique venture nestled in
the cliffs above the seaside town of
Calheta, on Madeira’s southwest
coast, was created with permaculture
in mind. Think a cluster of solar-
roofed, self-catering houses and
rooms that face the Atlantic, levadas
(natural irrigation channels), a lush
organic garden and vineyard, and a
serious dedication to gastronomy.
It’s heartening to see how this
corner of the rocky Portuguese island
in the Atlantic has taken strides to
appeal to visitors like myself, who
seek out the indefinable but palpable
“good energy” that comes from
sound ecological stewardship and
the pleasures of agritourism.
“It’s a passion project,” says
owner-chef Octávio Freitas. That
night in the restaurant – doors open Going to the
to the rippling sea, an amber sun
sinking around a headland – he
serves me a five-course feast.

There is no menu, and you get
whatever is freshest, caught or picked
that day. My meal starts with ground
naturally fermented sourdough –
hand on heart, it’s the best bread I’ve
ever tasted – served with avocado
mousse and truffle butter.
It segues into a plate of melt-in-
your-mouth squid and julienned
vegetables and two courses later ends o A sustainable stay on this autonomous
with a tamarillo ice cream and one
overfed writer smacking her lips in Portuguese isle is as enjoyable as it is eco-
The view from Quintas das Vinhas, Madeira. – THE INDEPENDENT
friendlyThe next morning, after an equally The Sao Vicente mountains wreathed in mist. – THE INDEPENDENT
lavish breakfast, I take a short stroll Solar-powered sailing awaits. – THE INDEPENDENT
down the hill and along the
promenade to Calheta’s marina. pointing to some wind turbines mossy trees, skirt streams and a
Here, I board Onda Solar, the island’s whirring atop the distant Paul da towering waterfall, spot white lilies
first solar-powered catamaran. It’s Serra plateau. and blue agapanthuses, squish
gleaming in the sunlight and giving That evening, I dine at Quintas das citronella between our fingers, and
off appealingly yachty vibes. Vinhas, an organic vineyard in emerge to breathtaking valley views.
Shy captain Mario Espírito and his Calheta, which offers meals and It’s a popular hike but Andre deftly
smiling son Juan welcome me retreat-style stays in pretty cottages leads us away from the crowds, and
aboard, and talk me through the and a charming 17th-century manor onto quieter paths.
specs: there are 40 solar panels house. On the wilder western edge of the
mounted on the cabin roof, The delicious food and wine, the island, I stay in a huge stone house,
producing enough electricity to scent of jasmine, striking orange bird one of a handful in the Casas da
charge the boat, wifi, a bar and of paradise flowers and sweeping Levada in Ponta do Pargo. The
refrigerator. views of the sea across the vineyard property, flanked by forest and sea, is
“We can do up to five-hour dissolve whatever traces of tension cloaked in mist when I arrive, but I
journeys at a time,” says Juan. I’m still carrying from London. But can hear the bleating of the resident
Unlike the noisy zodiacs that head my body is crying for a workout. goats and sheep.
off in search of whales and dolphins, Thankfully, the next day I’m The onsite organic gardens are
the Onda Solar is as quiet as a booked to head off for a levada walk lovingly tended (and you’re free to
whisper, which means no noise with André Dias, a mountain guide. pick the produce), there’s an infinity
pollution to stress the cetaceans. The footpaths that criss-cross the pool, water is solar-heated and fresh
Knowing that the marine life can island run alongside irrigation bread is delivered to my doorstep in
exhale lends an extra shine to the channels that carry water from the the morning. I’m impressed by the
simple joy of sunbathing on deck and ancient laurisilva forest down to the attention to detail: downstairs, I find a
enjoying views of the coastline on a agricultural fields. fridge full of breakfast goodies and a
two-hour jaunt. Juan tells me that The 25 Fontes hike in Rabaçal fully equipped kitchen.
Madeira aims to be totally (fontes means waterfall ) is 11km of On my last day, I join a brand new
sustainable. ups and downs along a zigzag path jeep tour to meet small, local food
“Currently the island generates that hugs the forest slopes. producers in São Vicente, a region of
30% hydro and wind power,” he says We walk past mystical-feeling, dramatic peaks in the north of the
island. We happily bump along off-
road in the crisp air before Rui, my
guide, introduces me to a family who
make delicious honey cake and broas
de mel (honey biscuits) using treacle
from the island’s sugar canes – I leave
laden with goodies.
I meet one of the island’s 300
honey producers, sample a fiery
Madeiran poncha laced with rum
and, best of all, help to prepare a
delicious espetada, a traditional
barbecue, in a private home ringed
by mountains. To work up an appetite
we, hike to the nature-mad owner’s
waterfall – it’s bliss.
“On the island we work hard to
keep Madeira a natural paradise,” Rui
says proudly. I don’t need convincing
– I know a good thing when I see it. –
Socalco Nature Hotel grows its own vegetables. – THE INDEPENDENT The Independent

ENTERTAINMENT Kanye West pulls out
of Coachella
16 theSun LYFE ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022
RAPPER Kanye West will not be performing at
█ BY MARK MATHEN VICTOR, JOHN TAN, THASHINE SELVAKUMARAN & ANANSA JACOB Coachella this year, leaving the festival with an
open headliner space and Travis Scott fans
A heavy without an appearance.
o Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse Previously, Scott was said to be joining him
details the traumas he and on stage at the renowned music event. Scott had
other former child stars been scheduled to perform at the 2022 event
faced himself, however, he pulled out from the
festival’s line-up after last year’s Astroworld
AT the height of their child acting disaster.
career, the Sprouse brothers’
characters in The Suite Life of Zack Although no reason was given for the
and Cody were households names. cancellation, some reports claim that the singer
Being child actors with his twin brother, had not practised or prepared for the
Dylan, Cole Sprouse told the New York Times performance. West headlined the Indio,
that the duo worked so tirelessly that they California-based event in 2011 and has not
were officially burned out by the time they performed his own set since.
turned 18.
After quitting acting, Sprouse chose to West threatened to pull out of the festival
study archaeology at New York University. earlier this year when he demanded Billie Eilish
It wasn’t until he decided to fulfill a to apologise to Scott. Earlier this year, Billie was
promise he’d made to his manager to give one recorded helping a fan in need of an inhaler
more round of TV auditions before quitting during her concert, and stating that she waits for
for good that he ended up booking a starring everyone to be okay before continuing. In light
role on the CW’s Riverdale in 2017, which is of the Astroworld disaster, West assumed it was
currently filming its seventh season. supposed to be a dig at Scott.
“I still have a very complicated
relationship to celebrity culture,“ Sprouse In recent months, West has also been
said, adding that he saw the “trauma” of fame involved in controversy for his openly
firsthand growing up as a child star. unexpected treatment of his ex-wife, Kim
“My brother and I used to get quite Kardashian, and her current partner, SNL’s Pete
a bit of, ‘Oh, you made it out! Oh, Davidson. West was banned from Instagram for
you’re unscathed!’ No,” he said a day after using a racial slur about Grammys
when asked about surviving host Trevor Noah, and he was barred from the
early stardom. Grammys.
“The young women on the
channel we were on were so West was set to perform on the last night of
heavily [objectified] from such both of the festival’s dates, which are April 15-17
an earlier age than my brother Sprouse (left) said that he was burnt out by age 18 after starring in shows like The Suite and April 22-24. It is uncertain who will replace
and I that there’s absolutely no Life of Zack and Cody. – THE DISNEY CHANNEL/AP his position on the line.
way that we could compare our
experiences”. experience and what it takes big round of this fame game as an adult, I’ve West has pulled out of Coachella, reportedly due
“So I’m violently defensive against to recover.” noticed the same psychological effects that to lack of preparation. – AFP
people who mock some of the young “To be quite fame yields upon a group of young adults as I
women who were on the honest, as I did when I was a child,” Sprouse said. NS Yoon-G to star in
channel when I was younger have now Netflix heist film
because I don’t feel like it gone Once Riverdale comes to an end, Sprouse
adequately through hopes to do one or two movies a year, and SINGER and actress NS Yoon-G (Kim Yoon Ji)
comprehends the a photography the rest of the time. has been cast in Netflix’s new comedy heist film,
humanity of that second Lift.
“The logical intersection of those two
worlds will eventually be directing”. Directed by F. Gary Gray, Lift is an action-
comedy film about “an international heist crew
Vegas wedding for Kourtney and Travis Barker? recruited to prevent a terrorist attack mid-flight”,
REALITY STAR Kourtney Kardashian is according to Us media outlet reports.
officially married to Blink-182 drummer
Travis Barker. NS Yoon-G will star alongside Kevin Hart,
After being in Las Vegas for the Grammys, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Úrsula Corberó, Billy
the two reportedly headed to one of Sin City’s Magnussen, and more.
wedding chapels to secretly tie the knot.
According to TMZ, the love birds known as Meanwhile, NS Yoon-G first debuted as a
“Kravis” among fans, showed up at the One solo artiste in 2009. In 2019, she was cast in
Love Wedding Chapel at 1.45am on Monday SBS’s K-drama series The Last Empress, taking
morning. And in true Kardashian style, the on acting for
couple brought their own photographer to the first time.
capture the special moment.
It was also speculated that their wedding NS Yoon-G
was officiated by an Elvis impersonator, in a is currently in
30-minute ceremony. the US, busy
The couple also reportedly got married preparing for
wearing the same outfits that they had worn her role in Lift.
to the Grammys red carpet just hours before. Netflix has yet
However, many are now confused if this to decide on
was indeed a legal marriage. While TMZ the project’s
initially reported that they arrived with a release date.
marriage license, the wedding venue said NS Yoon-G
they “hadn’t gotten a license and only did it might be the
for fun.” next South
Chapel owner Marty Frierson seemed to Korean
agree that the wedding was done in fun. breakout star
He told the media: “I didn’t know who it in Hollywood.
was until they pulled up. I advertise as 24- – ALLKPOP
hours but they wanted to make sure I was still Kourtney and Travis reportedly got married immediately after attending the Grammys. – AFP
there. They paid and they requested Elvis
Presley, that was mandatory. danced to Elvis. They showed a lot [of] love which premieres April 14th.
“I called back five minutes later and was and had a lot of fun.” In fact, there will be more ceremonies
like, I got an Elvis, and there they were.” But fret not, we will soon get answers since marking their commitment. Sources
He added: “They came, got married, their romance will be the main theme of their confirmed that other celebrations will take
tossed the bouquet in the driveaway, and upcoming Hulu show, The Kardashians place with lots of fanfare.

/thesuntelegram 17theSun LYFE ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

EXPECTO Patronum! Harry Potter 20th Anniversary:
Hogwarts’ wizards, witches Return to Hogwarts
and magical creatures are Fans are invited on a magical first-
taking over HBO GO and person journey through the beloved
Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615) this film franchise as it reunites Daniel
April. Building even greater buzz Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma
around the theatrical release of Watson, and other esteemed cast
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of members and filmmakers across all
Dumbledore in cinemas on April 14, eight Harry Potter films for the first
Wizarding World titles will enchant time to celebrate the anniversary of
fans young and old on the streaming the franchise’s first film, Harry Potter
platform and kids’ channel. and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Alumni in
Relive all 12 Fantastic Beasts and the memorable tribute also include
Harry Potter titles on demand with Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie
HBO GO now. In addition, the Harry Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs,
Potter Movie Marathon runs from Gary Oldman, Tom Felton, James
April 8-23, 8pm daily on Cartoon Phelps, Oliver Phelps, Mark Williams,
Network (Astro Ch 615). Here are Bonnie Wright, Alfred Enoch, Ian
some of the Wizarding World’s hit Hart, Toby Jones, Matthew Lewis,
shows that have captivated fans Evanna Lynch, producer David
globally: Heyman and filmmakers Chris

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Columbus,
Grindelwald (2018) Alfonso Cuarón,
In the second Fantastic Beasts film, Mike Newell and
the powerful Dark wizard Gellert David Yates.
Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) is
captured by MACUSA (Magical Harry Potter:
Congress of the United States of Hogwarts
America). But, making good on his Tournament of
threat, Grindelwald escapes to gather Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them starring Eddie Redmayne. – HBO GO Houses
followers, most unsuspecting of his Hosted by
true agenda: to raise pure-blood SpemllobviniedimngarathonRelivethemagicwithHarry Academy Award-
wizards up to rule over all non- Potter And The Sorcerer’s winning actress
magical beings. Stone. – HBO GO Dame Helen
Mirren, Harry Potter: Hogwarts
To thwart Grindelwald’s plans, Tournament of Houses celebrates the
Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) enlists 20th anniversary of the film and
his former student Newt Scamander continues the Wizarding World spirit
(Eddie Redmayne), who agrees to showcasing ultimate fan glory on a
never-before-seen scale. Featuring
hundreds of trivia questions and
special guest surprises, this
o 12 wizarding world titles for your watching unforgettable event of a lifetime will
pleasure in conjunction with the release of the unveil which fans know the vast,
latest Fantastic Beasts movie intricately detailed universe like the
back of their hand as they compete to
take home the title of House Cup

All grown up ... Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. – HBO GO help, unaware of the dangers ahead. the wizarding world’s preeminent Harry Potter and The Deathly
Lines are drawn as love and loyalty magizoologist. In 1926, Scamander Hallows - Part 2 (2011)
are tested, even among friends and has just completed a global excursion Having grossed more than US$381
family, in an increasingly divided to find and document an array of million (RM1.6 billion) at the
wizarding world. Stars an ensemble magical creatures. worldwide box office, Harry Potter’s
cast that includes Eddie Redmayne, final adventure concludes with the
Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Arriving in New York for a brief climactic final battle against the Dark
Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Jude Law, stopover, he might have come and Lord Voldemort.
Johnny Depp, Zoë Kravitz, Callum gone without incident … were it not
Turner, Claudia Kim, William for a No-Maj (American for Muggle) Making their final stand upon the
Nadylam, Kevin Guthrie, Carmen named Jacob, a misplaced magical ramparts of Hogwarts School of
Ejogo, and Poppy Corby-Tuech. case, and the escape of some of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Newt’s fantastic beasts, which could Potter and his friends Ron and
Them (2016) spell trouble for both the wizarding Hermione face their greatest foe and
In the first Fantastic Beasts movie, and No-Maj worlds. Also stars make the ultimate sacrifice on the
Academy Award winner Eddie Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, landmark journey that spanned a
Redmayne stars as Newt Scamander, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Samantha decade. Laced with visual magic and
Morton, Jon Voight, Carmen Ejogo haunting storytelling, the film
and Colin Farrell. franchise is brought to its triumphant

Laugh, play and learn with Cartoonito The
CARTOONITO has arrived! It’s time Monchhichi
for youngsters to laugh, play and Caring, Curiosity and Courage. The tasked to play hide and seek with the its website, as well as an awesome are big-
learn with a brand-new selection of brand aims to inspire kids to use their cute TV mascots, who popped up in Augmented Reality filter (launching hearted little
shows every morning on Cartoon imagination, learn from their well-known mid-April) that creatures that
Network (Astro Ch 615 HD). mistakes, and treat others with locations around encourages kids to will sure to
empathy and respect. Malaysia. Cartoonito Scan the QR dance along with Itty entertain the
Launched recently, Cartoonito has downloadable code for and be courageous and young ones. –
offers a modern approach to For example, in CGI-animated more info creative. CARTOON
programming for youngsters aged 2- Lucas the Spider – based on the viral activity sheets and Tune in to Cartoonito NETWORK
5. It’s a space for them to experience YouTube hit – curious jumping spider games available on on Cartoon Network (Astro Ch 615
belly laughs and draw outside the Lucas always demonstrates kindness HD) every morning from 6am to
lines, and where every show is and perseverance in his many 12pm or stream on HBO GO from
designed to support each child’s adventures. Monday, April 18. Find out more
unique potential. using #CartoonitoAsia, and at
Other shows include Baby Looney
This is achieved with an Tunes, Dino Ranch, Monchhichi, Alice and @CartoonitoAsia on Facebook
educational framework called & Lewis, Ranger Rob, Mush Mush & and Instagram.
“Humancentric Learning”. Designed The Mushables and Sesame Street-
by early childhood education expert, inspired Esme & Roy.
Dr Laura Brown, the curriculum
features four pillars: Creativity, They form a line-up that
Cartoonito is packed with a host of celebrates individuality and
excellent preschool programming for originality while championing
children. – CARTOON NETWORK creativity, compassion and inclusion.
Many of these shows – in addition to
Sesame Street – are also available on
the streaming service HBO GO.

Also new to audiences are
Cartoonito’s very own stars. Meet
Nito, Glob, Itty and Wedge. They love
exploring the world and learning new
things, and they’ll always be on hand
to guide viewers through in between

In the recent weeks leading up to
the launch, families in Asia were


18 theSun LYFE ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

Datuk Dr
Christopher Lee.

Director of People
Psychological Solution
and Clinical Psychologist
Alvin Tan.

█ BY S. TAMARAI CHELVI Keeping things clean places when there is no crowd.
oJustafewsmallchangesareneededtostaysafeinapost-Covidworld This are just some of the things we
AS Malaysia transitions from
pandemic to endemic, we remind Malaysians to keep Washing our hands regularly is indeed a part of #LifeZamanSekarang. – 123RF can still continue to consider before
need to stop and think themselves safe and healthy through travelling in the future.
about what lessons we have good hygiene habits. norm. As we move on to the new phase,
learned and what practices we “It was hard at the beginning to we can still enjoy life while making Speaking about the current
should continue in our life. Lifebuoy’s #LifeZamanSekarang safer choices for ourselves. situation, Lee said that as most
campaign utilised celebrities to help follow but eventually, it has become people are vaccinated or immunised,
Back in March 2020, when the spread positivity and remind people just ‘biasalah’ (got used to it).” For instance, travelling. When we perhaps there may come a point in
MCO was first imposed, Malaysians of necessary hygeine practices. travel but we can consider flying time where one may require only two
were made to adhere to a strict He said personal hygiene can be during low peak hours or visiting days of medical leave.
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) On March 24, Lifebuoy hosted a done without too much difficulty.
whenever we went outside visited webinar titled Surviving in Probably, this could happen at a
public areas. #lifeZamanSekarang in order to later stage this year.
inspire Malaysians to celebrate life in
When we leave home, we had to the new norm with a positive As a part of the campaign, a series
wear masks, practice social outlook. of questions were posed to people via
distancing, and recommended to use social media to understand how
hand sanitiser whenever we touched Speakers at the webinar included Malaysians have changed their
anything, from pen to elevator former head of the National Advisor habits, the results of which were
buttons. for Infectious Diseases, Ministry of revealed during the event.
Health Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee
Some of us took the initiative to and Director of People Psychological The poll revealed that a total of
follow our own SOPs inside our Solution and Clinical Psychologist 68% of Malaysians will rely on public
homes, for example, taking a bath Alvin Tan. supplies of hand sanitiser when their
upon returning home or washing our own hand sanitiser runs out, and
hands before touching any surfaces “What has changed in the last two only 32% will buy a new bottle.
inside the house. years?” asked Lee, adding that the
virus has changed the way we live A total of 80% of Malaysians prefer
It has to be said that wearing a and we had to adapt to the new to take a long bath when they arrive
mask in a crowded place, washing home after dining in at a busy
our hands and taking a bath isn’t restaurant while 20% will only use
something hard; in fact these are all hand sanitiser when they reach
good hygiene habits which we should home afterwards.
continue as a part of our new norm,
According to the poll, a total of
In Dec 2021, Lifebuoy launched its 70% will use the phone or their elbow
#LifeZamanSekarang campaign to to press the elevator button to get to a
different floor, and 30% will wash
their hands right after.

‘Hybrid immunity’ gives best Covid protection: studies
PEOPLE with the “hybrid “All four of these vaccines have of “very good protection” from
immunity” of having been both proven to provide significant extra natural immunity was “far better
fully vaccinated and previously protection for those with a previous than we would expect for the
infected with Covid-19 have the Covid-19 infection,” said study original two-dose vaccine
strongest protection against the author Julio Croda of the Federal schedule”.
virus, two new studies said on University of Mato Grosso do Sul.
Friday. But he cautioned that both
After two years of a pandemic “Hybrid immunity due to studies were completed before the
that has seen nearly 500 million exposure to natural infection and Omicron variant became dominant
people infected and billions vaccination is likely to be the norm across the world, and that it had
vaccinated, the studies highlighted globally and might provide long- “notably dropped the protective
the importance of getting jabbed term protection even against value of a prior infection”.
for those who have natural emerging variants,” Pramod Kumar
immunity after recovering from the Garg of India’s Translational Health A study in Qatar published on
disease. Science and Technology Institute the medRxiv pre-publication
One of the two studies said in a comment piece linked to website last week gave an insight
published in The Lancet Infectious the study. into the protection offered by
Diseases medical journal analysed hybrid immunity against Omicron.
the health data of more than A study using Sweden’s
200,000 people in 2020 and 2021 in nationwide register up to October It found that three vaccine doses
hard-hit Brazil, which has the 2021 meanwhile found that people had 52% effectiveness against
world’s second-largest Covid death who recovered from Covid retained symptomatic infection of the BA.2
toll. a high level of protection against re- Omicron subvariant – but that
It found that for people who infection for up to 20 months. number jumped to 77% when the
have already had Covid, Pfizer and patient had been previously
AstraZeneca’s vaccines offered 90% And people with two-vaccine- infected.
effectiveness against dose hybrid immunity had a further
hospitalisation and death, China’s 66% lower risk of re-infection than The study, which has not been
A study found that people with two-vaccine-dose hybrid immunity had a further 66 CoronaVac had 81% and Johnson & those with just natural immunity. peer-reviewed, found that “hybrid
percent lower risk of re-infection than those with just natural immunity. – AFP Johnson’s one-shot jab had 58%. immunity resulting from prior
Paul Hunter, a professor in infection and recent booster
medicine at the University of East vaccination confers the strongest
Anglia who was not involved in the protection” against both the BA.1
study, told AFP that the 20 months and BA.2 subvariants. – ETX Studio


19theSun LYFE ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

█ BY S. TAMARAI CHELVI Covid-19 vaccination has been
shown to have a good safety
THE vaccination drive for profile for children. – 123RF
children is ongoing, but many
parents wonder if it’s truly safe A look at child vaccination
for their young ones or if there
are any side effects that children may o SMCV’s Consultant Paediatrician Dr Melanie Majaham weighs in on the important issue
experience in the future.
have fever and chills, and more likely Dr Melanie What would you tell parents who However, parents need to recognise
While authorities encourage to have swelling and pain at the Majaham fear that their children may when the child may need further
parents to get their children injection area (hand). It was also noted experience severe effects? assessment, especially in children
vaccinated, some parents are still on that there were no myocarditis or “Of course, these fears in parents are with worsening cough, rapid
the fence, as there are no clear studies pericarditis incidents observed in the valid and should be acknowledged. breathing, fatigue, refusal to feed or
or evidence to show that it’s 5 to 11-year-old group. The study However, I would emphasise that at gastrointestinal symptoms like
completely safe. continued follow-up until 2.3 months the end of the day, any medication for diarrhoea and vomiting. These
post-vaccination and no vaccine- prevention or treatment purposes all children may need admission for
To get the right information on the related serious adverse events were has side effects. One must weigh further medical management.
matter, theSun had an email interview noted.
with an expert, Sunway Medical between the benefits and side effects “The home-based pulse oximeter
Centre Velocity (SMCV)’s Consultant “Aside from side effects, children and make an informed decision for may not be so accurate in assessing
Paediatrician Dr Melanie Majaham, will have a definite effect on formal the child’s oxygenation as the finger
who gave us straightforward answers. education and social and behavioural the best of the child. probe may not fit the child well. In
consequences, not to mention mental “Although myocarditis can view of the potential complications of
“Vaccination is especially health disorders like depression and MIS-C, the following symptoms
imperative in children with co- suicidal ideation, as a result of happen, albeit rare, in young should be red flags that should alert
morbidities, such as chronic heart lockdown measures and school adolescent males following the parents to seek immediate
conditions and asthma, as these closures.” medical attention.
children are more likely to develop vaccination, they tend to be
severe Covid-19 with higher mortality Can the vaccine cause heart self-limiting and recover well. “Symptoms of MIS-C include
rates,” said Dr Melanie. problems among children? In contrast, if a child were to persistent fever, rash, red eyes, swollen
“Yes, there are reported cases of contract Myocarditis or lymph nodes on the neck, swollen
Dr Melanie said the Covid-19 Myocarditis and Pericarditis after MIS-C from Covid-19, the hands or feet, ‘strawberry’ tongue,
vaccination has been shown to have a mRNA Covid-19 vaccination. implications of these gastrointestinal symptoms such as
good safety profile for children. Myocarditis is the inflammation of the conditions are far more diarrhoea and irritability or weakness.
heart muscle, while Pericarditis is devastating and the It can be easily mistaken for another
Besides, Dr Melanie hopes the the inflammation of the lining child may end up in clinical entity called Kawasaki disease,
vaccination will reduce the necessity outside the heart. Some studies in ICU, multiple invasive which is also seen in children.”
of school closure and online classes as the US noted approximately 6-15 procedures and a What are the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ before
vaccinated children are less likely to cases for every 100,000 cases, long recovery or after vaccination?
infect others and the benefits of particularly in male adolescents thereafter, with “Before vaccination, it is
vaccination will thus, translate into the aged 12 to 19 years old. This potential long-term recommended to take adequate rest a
possibility for children to return to full usually occurs after the second effects.” day before the vaccination date. It is
physical classes again. dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and not necessary to pre-medicate with
typically within one week of the How does Covid- any medications prior to your
Here, we posed a list of questions Covid-19 vaccination. 19 affect children, vaccination date. Do inform if your
with the hope that the answers would especially those with child has a specific allergic reaction –
allay fears among the parents: “These reported side effects, underlying health specifically Anaphylaxis, prior to this,
Why is it important for children to however, are considered rare and conditions? to any of the known ingredients in the
get vaccinated? most patients recover within 1 week. “The highest death rate in Covid-19 vaccine. Immediately after
“Although the risk of severe acute Symptoms that parents or caregivers was more likely to occur in children vaccination, your child will usually be
COVID-19 in healthy children infected need to monitor include chest pain, with underlying health conditions. monitored for approximately 15
with SARS-CoV-2 is much lower than shortness of breath, a sensation of fast- Hence, it is imperative that this minutes to watch out for any possible
in adults, two long term consequences beating or pounding or fluttering heart. It special group of children be given immediate side effects.
of SARS-CoV-2 infection is more than is important to note that Myocarditis that the highest priority for
enough to justify vaccination for happens as a result of Covid-19 is far vaccination. These children “Ensure your child does not exert
children. The first is MIS-C or more frequent and may lead to long- should consult their doctors as they herself or himself for at least a week. If
‘Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome lasting effects on the heart. may be on certain medications that your child has any symptoms such as
in children,’ an immune-mediated will require special precautions for shortness of breath, palpitations or
disease that occurs in a small “A study from the USA reported a risk vaccination timing and schedule.” chest pain, do bring your child to your
proportion of children 2–6 weeks after of Myocarditis of 450 cases per million in family doctor or paediatrician. Be
being infected with SARS-Cov-2. male adolescents with Covid-19. In What are the key signs and prepared for some of the common
other words, male adolescents aged 12 symptoms that parents should be side effects of the vaccine such as pain
“Although 0.1% of children are to 17 years were six times more likely to aware of? at the injection site, mild fever, fatigue,
affected with MIS-C, the incidence of develop myocarditis from Covid-19 “Covid-19 infection in children is headache and muscle or joint aches.”
myocarditis in this group of children infection.” generally Category 1 or 2, and this is
has been reported to be as high as 75% also reflected among adult patients.
leading to a higher possibility of death.
Nearly 70% of children with MIS-C
end up in ICU. The second is Long
Covid-19 the persistence of symptoms
for more than 3 months following
SARS-CoV-2 infection. This syndrome
includes a wide variety of non-specific
symptoms such as cough, lethargy,
headache, and shortness of breath
amongst others.”
How does vaccination protect
children from the Covid-19 virus?
“The Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19
vaccine is currently the recommended
vaccine for those aged 5-11 years and
older. This vaccine is an mRNA
vaccine that gives the human cell
instructions to make an S protein
(Coronaviruses have a spike-like
structure on their surface called an S

“The muscle cells, thus, begin
making the S protein pieces and
displaying them on the cell surface.
Subsequently, the immune system
will respond to this S protein by
creating antibodies that will protect
the body from Sars-COv-2 infection.
The mRNA is destroyed after giving
the cell instructions to build this
What kind of possible side effects
children may experience after
“It is fortunate to note that the side
effects after vaccination are well
tolerated even amongst children.
Fever, headache, fatigue and pain at
the injection site were the most
commonly reported side effects.
These symptoms tend to last 1-2 days.

“In a recent study, younger
children aged 5-11 were less likely to

FEATURE Toast to good health

20 theSun LYFE ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022 oToday isWorld Health Day, why not drink to
your wellbeing with these healthy beverages
Ginger tea. – COOKIE AND KATE █ BY THASHINE SELVAKUMARAN acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants, free of trans Lemon water. – HEALTHY RECIPES
Coconut water. – BBC GOOD FOOD and saturated fats, and high in magnesium, Cranberry juice. – PINTEREST
Pomegranate juice. – 123RF WE are all well aware that water is calcium and iron to promote a healthy liver. Peppermint tea. – THE SPRUCE EATS
Beet juice. – LATAM important, but sometimes we get Lemon water Orange juice. – PINTEREST
sick of plain old water. If you are Lemon water is an amazingly powerful immune Milk. – PINTEREST
craving something more, these booster. Lemon stimulates the production of
healthy drinks will give you nutrition and bile, aids in digestion, and helps cleanse the
another healthy option. liver. It can be consumed any time but
Green Tea consuming it in the morning helps you get your
Many people know of green tea as a healthy day going just right. Squeeze half a lemon into a
drink that hydrates and soothes the soul, but glass of hot or cold water, and you may add a
this drink works better than you think. Green few drops of honey to make it tastier. There are
tea has a wide range of health benefits as it can high chances you will start drinking more
prevent disease, reduce inflammation and lemon water than regular water because
potentially the risk of cancer. Green tea also lemons taste better and help you stay hydrated.
improves cholesterol levels by lowering them. Cranberry juice
Ginger tea Cranberry juice is healthier than you think. This
Ginger is a natural remedy for all stomach magical juice helps with kidney stones and
problems. It has been touted as a way to soothe urinary tract infections. It also protects the body
indigestion, relieve motion sickness, nausea from various types of cancer and heart disease.
associated with pregnancy, and relieve Cranberries also have the ability to fight
digestion. If you feel like this is a drink you infections and bacteria for up to eight hours
might enjoy on days your stomach does not feel after ingestion. For best results, it is best to
so good, make a cup of fresh ginger tea by consume 100% pure, so be sure to check the
soaking a slice or two of fresh ginger root in a ingredients when purchasing.
cup of hot water. Consider adding a few drops of Peppermint tea
honey if ginger tea is too spicy for you, it makes Peppermint tea is a well-known tea to sooth
the drink even tastier. your stomach and of course, a stress reliever.
Coconut water Peppermint tea can relieve digestive symptoms
The taste of this tropical water is a bit such as gas, bloating, and indigestion.
inconsistent. Some love it, and some hate it. But Peppermint tea can relax the digestive system
few know that this healthy drink can hydrate the and relieve pain. It also prevents smooth
body and provide an amazing amount of muscle contractions, which can relieve
potassium. Potassium plays an important role in intestinal spasms. If you tend to get stressed at
maintaining a healthy heart rate and controlling work, take a sip at your desk, or before bed if you
blood pressure. Coconut water is also a good can’t seem to sleep at night.
source of other electrolytes, including sodium Orange juice
and magnesium. Be careful with flavoured Orange juice is loved by people all over the
varieties as they add sugar and calories. world. Everyone knows that it is loaded with
Pomegranate juice essential nutrients such as vitamin C and
Pomegranate juice is one of the most nutritious potassium. Commercial varieties are also often
drinks. This vibrant fruit juice contains fortified with calcium and vitamin D. The best
antioxidants that help protect cells from way to soothe a seasonal allergy is to drink a
damage and reduce inflammation, which may glass of orange juice. It is also great for fighting
help relieve some types of arthritis. It is also rich against seasonal allergies.
in immune-boosting vitamin C. Be careful Milk
when you get them in stores since some may be Skim and low-fat milk are still excellent sources
diluted with other liquids or contain added of essential micro nutrients. And these low-fat
sugar. For more effective results, it is best to varieties are a better choice because they
consume pure pomegranate. contain significantly less saturated fat than
Beet juice reduced-fat or whole milk. It is rich in important
Beetroot juice is a drink with many health nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, B
benefits. It has the effect of lowering blood vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. It is also a
pressure. The juice is rich in nitric oxide, which great source of protein. Consuming milk and
increases endurance and improves blood flow dairy products can help prevent osteoporosis
during exercise. The juice is also rich in folic and fractures and maintain a healthy weight.

21theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022

302 Jobs 322 Notices IN THE MATTER OF IN THE MATTER OF THE 322 Notices BRIEFS
MALAYA DI SEREMBAN AND and MAJISTRET DI AMPANG sparks brawl on tennis court
ADVERTISING SALES & MARKETING BAHAGIAN KELUARGA Company No: 201001021005 Registration No. 200401004788 GUAMAN NO.:BC-A72NCC-28-11/2021 footage emerging of a French teenager
Job Description: who slapped his opponent in the face
PETISYEN NO.: NA-33-120-09/2021 (904775-W) (643291-X) ANTARA after losing a tennis match. Footage has
• Building and sustaining strong working relationships with Dalam perkara mengenai Kaedah - (IN MEMBERS’ VOLUNTARY (In Members’ Voluntary Winding-Up) emerged of the moment a French tennis
advertising clients. Kaedah Prosiding Perceraian dan Hal At a General Meeting of the Company duly HUP FATT PLYWOOD HARDWARE SDN. player slapped his opponent in the face
Ehwal Perkhawinan 1980; LIQUIDATION) convened and held at Wisma Goshen, BHD. [No. Syarikat: 200601010499 after losing a match, sparking a brawl on
• Drive to perform and bring in sales revenue for the company on all At an Extraordinary General Meeting 2nd Floor, 60, 62 & 64 Jalan SS 22/21, (730249-T)] ...PLAINTIF the court. On Tuesday, 15-year-old
media platforms. DAN of the members of G & P TILING Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, DAN Michael Kouame lost to Raphael Nii
Dalam perkara Seksyen 49 (1) Akta SDN. BHD. held on 6 April 2022, the Selangor Darul Ehsan on Friday, 1st Ankrah 2-6, 7-6, 6-7 in the first round of
• Plan and executive new, creative, exciting and innovative Membaharui Undang - undang following Special Resolutions were day of April 2022, the following special FONG KOK MING (No. K/P: 670416- an ITF juniors tournament in Accra, the
marketing campaigns for the company (Perkhawinan dan Perceraian) 1976; duly passed :- resolutions were duly passed: 08-5929) [Dahulu berniaga di bawah capital city of Ghana. As the players went
1. “THAT the Company will be 1. THAT, the Company will be liquidated by gaya dan nama perniagaan sebagai to shake hands at the end of three-set
• Develop and continuously improve marketing materials, DAN way of Members’ Voluntary Winding Up. Kok Ming Renovation Works (No. contest, Kouame slapped Ankrah across
product/service presentations and proposals. Dalam perkara Seksyen 53, 54(1) (c) liquidated by way of members’ 2. THAT, Ms. Lam Lee San and Ms. Lee Yee Pendaftaran Perniagaan: 201303195495 the face with his left hand. A video of the
Akta Membahurui Undang - undang voluntary winding up pursuant to Ching both of Norvic Corporate Services (002248687-K)] incident quickly circulated on social
• Work closely with the respective department to improve revenue (Perkhawinan dan Perceraian) 1976. Section 439 (1)(b) of the Companies Sdn. Bhd., Wisma Goshen, 2nd Floor, 60, media, including footage of an ugly
generating platforms. Act, 2016.” 62 & 64, Jalan SS 22/21, Damansara …DEFENDAN brawl that erupted on court immediately
ANTARA 2. “THAT MR KAM CHAI HONG of C. Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor afterwards. It is not clear why Kouame
Requirements: SRITHAR A/L ARUMUGAM H. Kam Consultancy (2005) Sdn. Darul Ehsan be appointed as Joint NOTIS PENYAMPAIAN GANTI attacked his opponent. Kouame, who is
(No. K/P: 660929-05-5099) Bhd., 55-A, Jalan Perang, Taman and Several Liquidators to act for the currently ranked No. 589 on the ITF
• Minimum Diploma/Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor purpose of winding-up the Company’s Kepada: Junior Rankings, was the No. 1 seed
any other related field. … PEMPETISYEN be appointed as Liquidator to act affairs and distributing its assets. heading into the hard-court tournament.
DAN for the purpose of winding up the 3. THAT, the said Liquidators be authorised FONG KOK MING
• Minimum 5 years of experience in sales and marketing in print PUSPAVALLY A/P MUNIANDY company’s affairs and distributing to divide amongst the members in B2-9-5, Jalan Pandan Mewah Utara, Possible ban for Russia, Belarus
and digital media (No. K/P: 700902-10-5328 [A1693910]) its assets.” specie or kind, the whole or any part Pandan Mewah Heights, players at Wimbledon
“THAT the Liquidator be indemnified of the assets of the Company and may, 68000 Ampang,
• Good communication, presentation, problem solving and … RESPONDEN by the Company against all costs, for such purpose, set such value as Selangor. WIMBLEDON bosses are consulting the
organizational skills NOTIS PENYAMPAIAN GANTI charges, losses, expenses and they deem fair upon any property to be government about whether to allow
Kepada: liabilities incurred or sustained by divided as aforesaid and may determine DAN players from Russia and Belarus to
• Possess own transport and willing to travel PUSPAVALLY A/P MUNIANDY him in the execution and discharge how such division shall be carried out as compete in this year’s tournament. The
• Able to start immediately if successfully chosen 700902-10-5328 (A1693910) of his duties in relation thereto.” between the members. FONG KOK MING All England Lawn Tennis Club said the
• Successful candidate(s) will be based in the Petaling Jaya office No. 4, Block C, Kilang Kelapa Sawit, GOH CHEE CHONG Chua Ley Ngo (f) AS-2, Block A, issue is “complex and challenging”.
Tuan Mee, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Chairman Director Glenview Business Centre, Belarusian and Russian players, such as
SENIOR EXECUTIVE Selangor Darul Ehsan. Dated : 7 April 2022 Dated this 7th day of April, 2022. Taman Pinggiran Cheras, men’s world No. 2 Daniil Medvedev, have
AMBIL PERHATIAN bahawa satu Jalan Kuari, been allowed to play on tour, but not
DIGITAL MARKETING Perintah telah dikeluarkan terhadap IN THE MATTER OF IN THE MATTER OF THE 56100 Kuala Lumpur, under their countries’ flags. “We plan to
Job Description: kamu di Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya THE COMPANIES ACT, 2016 COMPANIES ACT, 2016 Wilayah Persekutuan. announce a decision ahead of our entry
di Seremban menurut Petisyen No.: deadline in mid-May,” an AELTC
• Design and develop online marketing strategies, digital roadmap NA-33-120-09/2021 dan Mahakamah AND and AMBIL PERHATIAN bahawa suatu statement said. Wimbledon will be held
and creative campaigns that aligned with the business goals and telah ditetapkan untuk e-review IN THE MATTER OF IN THE MATTER OF Writ Saman dan Pernyataan Tuntutan from June 27 to July 10.
directions. pada 20/04/2022 pada pukul 9.00 G & P TILING SDN. BHD. WIZARD ASIA SDN. BHD. telah dikeluarkan terhadap kamu
pagi di Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya di Company No: 201001021005 Registration No. 200401004788 di MAHKAMAH MAJISTRET DI Finch among the runs
• Provide creative ideas for content marketing. Seremban.Penampalan satu Salinan AMPANG oleh Plaintif, HUP FATT as Australia thump Pakistan
• Manage all digital marketing channels dokumen tersebut di Papan Kenyataaan (904775-W) (643291-X) PLYWOOD HARDWARD SDN. BHD.
• Plan and manage social media platforms. Mahkamah Tinggi di Seremban dan (IN MEMBERS’ VOLUNTARY (In Members’ Voluntary Winding-Up) [No. Syarikat: 200601010499 (730249- SKIPPER Aaron Finch returned to form
• Able to create content & produce graphics for social media pengiklanan di “The Sun” menurut NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the creditors T)], di mana tuntutan Plaintif adalah with a half century and pace bowler
Perintah Mahkamah bertarikh 09/2/2022 LIQUIDATION) of the above Company are required to send untuk (a) Jumlah terhutang sebanyak Nathan Ellis took four wickets as world
postings. tersebut dianggap penyampaian NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the in their names and addresses and the RM21,281.84; (b) Faedah ke atas champions Australia beat Pakistan by
• Prepare copywriting for the marketing campaign. sempurna dan cukup keatas kamu 7 Creditors of the abovenamed Company particulars of their debts or claims and the Jumlah Penghakiman pada kadar three wickets in the only Twenty20
hari selepas tarikh penampalan, dan which is being voluntarily wound names and addresses of their solicitors (if 5% setahun dari tarikh penghakiman international in Lahore yesterday. Finch
Requirements: pengiklanan tersebut. up, are required on or before 8 May any), to the undersigned (the Liquidators of sehingga tarikh penyelesaian penuh; (c) scored a 45-ball 55 to anchor Australia’s
Kamu boleh membuat pemeriksaan 2022 to send in their names and the said Company) at the belowmentioned Kos tindakan ini; (d) Faedah ke atas kos chased a 163-run target after Ellis took 4-
• Diploma/Degree in Marketing, Digital Marketing or equivalent. mengenai Petisyen tersebut dengan addresses with particulars of their address by 5:00 p.m. on 7th May 2022:- tindakan pada kadar 5% setahun dari 28 kept Pakistan down to 162-8 in their
• Minimum 3 years of experience in implementing digital membuat permohonan di Mahakamah debts and claims and the names and c/o Norvic Corporate Services Sdn. Bhd. tarikh penghakiman sehingga tarikh allotted 20 overs. Pakistan failed to reach
ini. addresses of their solicitors (if any) to penyelesaian penuh selaras dengan a big score despite skipper Babar Azam’s
marketing strategies the undersigned Liquidator and, if so Reg. No. 200201033104 (600769-D) Aturan 59 Kaedah 24 Kaedah-Kaedah brisk 46-ball 66 with six fours and two
• Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and t.t required by notice in writing from the Wisma Goshen, 2nd Floor Mahkamah 2012; dan (e) Lain-lain relif sixes. “I knew I could play a bit,” the 35-
.......................... said Liquidator, or by their solicitors or 60, 62 & 64 Jalan SS 22/21 yang Mahkamah ini anggap patut dan year-old Finch said. “I always had
best practices. Peguamcara bagi Pempetisyen personally to come in and prove the Damansara Jaya sesuai. confidence, I always had faith.”
• Required Skill(s): Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEO/SEM, NOTIS PENYAMPAIAN GANTI ini difailkan said debts and claims at such time 47400 Petaling Jaya
oleh Tetuan Kanapathy & Associates, and place as shall be specified in such Selangor Darul Ehsan Dan bahawa Mahkamah telah
social media marketing and optimization. Peguambela dan Peguamcara bagi pihak notice, or in default thereof, they will memerintahkan bahawa Writ Saman
• Team player Plaintif yang beralamat di No. 24, 1st be excluded from the benefit of any The creditors (either through their dan Pernyataan Tuntutan ini diserahkan
• Good time-management skills Floor, Jalan S2 D39 Magistrat’s Square, distribution made before such debts solicitors or personally) who do not kepada kamu secara penyampaian ganti
• Great interpersonal and communication skills Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri and claims are proved. file their debts and claims on or before dengan menampal sesalinan Writ Saman
Sembilan. Liquidator the specified date and time above will dan Pernyataan Tuntutan bersama
Office based in Petaling Jaya (5 days a week) Email: [email protected] Kam Chai Hong be excluded from the benefit of any dengan Perintah Untuk Penyampaian
Closing date - 30 April 2022 Tel/Faks: 06 6019388 55-A, Jalan Perang, distribution made by Liquidators. Ganti pada papan notis di Mahkamah
[Ruj. Kam: KA/DIV/2001/2021] Taman Pelangi, Lam Lee San (f) Majistret Ampang serta mengiklankan
Send in your CV with your photo via email to : 80400 Johor Bahru. Lee Yee Ching (f) suatu notis sebanyak sekali di akhbar
[email protected] Dated this 7th day of April 2022 Liquidators tempatan di mana penampalan dan
Dated this 7th day of April, 2022. pengiklanan tersebut adalah disifatkan
DALAM MAHKAMAH TINGGI MALAYA sebagai penyampaian yang sempurna
DI KUALA LUMPUR IN THE HIGH COURT OF MALAYA dan memadai ke atas kamu selepas
AT SHAH ALAM tujuh (7) hari dari tarikh penampalan, dan
322 Notices COMPANIES WINDING UP Jika kamu berhasrat untuk membela
(BAHAGIAN KELUARGA) PETITION NO. tindakan tersebut, kamu mestilah
MALAYA DI SHAH ALAM NO. WA – 33 – 82 – 02/2022 BA-28NCC-603-12/2021 Pendaftaran Mahkamah pada/sebelum
Dalam Perkara Seksyen 53, 54, 58 dan In the matter of ESAMEGAH SDN. 28 April 2022 dan hadir secara sendiri
DALAM NEGERI SELANGOR 59 Akta Membaharui Undang-Undang BHD. (Company No. 700728-P) atau melalui peguam bela kamu di
DARUL EHSAN, MALAYSIA (Perkahwinan dan Penceraian) 1976 Mahkamah Majistret Ampang di mana
(BAHAGIAN KELUARGA) And tarikh pengurusan kes secara (e-review)
Antara In the matter of Section 465 (1)(e) of telah ditetapkan pada 15 April 2022.
PETISYEN NO.: ONG MAY YEE (P) the Companies Act 2016 Jika kamu gagal berbuat demikian,
BA - 33 - 115 - 02 / 2022 (No. K/P: 820712-08-5000) Penghakiman boleh diberikan terhadap
And kamu.
… PEMPETISYEN ISTERI In the matter of the Companies
Dan (Winding-Up) Rules 1972 Bertarikh pada 7 haribulan April 2022.

(No. K/P: 730628-07-5441) MS ELEVATORS ENGINEERING SDN. …………………
BHD. (COMPANY NO.: 84871-M) Peguamcara Plaintif
… RESPONDEN SUAMI Tetuan Josephine, L K Chow & Co.
Notis Penyampaian Ganti …PETITIONER
322 Notices Dalam Perkara Mengenai Kepada: AND Notis Penyampaian Ganti ini difailkan
Seksyen 53 Akta LEE SOON KHEAN ESAMEGAH SDN. BHD. oleh Tetuan Josephine, L K Chow & Co.,
IN THE MATTER OF THE Membaharui Undang-Undang (No. K/P: 730628-07-5441) (COMPANY NO.: 700728-P) peguamcara Plaintif yang beralamat
COMPANIES ACT, 2016 (Perkahwinan dan Perceraian) 38, Jalan Seri Beringin 3, di B-03-06, 6th Floor, 3 Two Square,
1976 Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur ...RESPONDENT No.2 Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya,
IN THE MATTER OF bahawa Petisyen Perceraian telah NOTICE is hereby given that a Tel:03-7960 9030
dikeluarkan terhadap Responden petition for the winding-up of the Faks:03-7960 6030
PERKHIDMATAN Suami di Mahkamah ini oleh pihak above-named company by the [Ruj:2021810227]
PROJEK SDN. BHD. Pempetisyen Isteri, Ong May Yee yang High Court was, on the 2nd day of
Company No. 198201013145 ANTARA beralamat di 4-0-9, Puncak Seri Kelana December 2021 presented by MS
Condo, Jalan PJU 1A/46, 47200 Petaling Elevators Sdn. Bhd., the abovesaid
(92894-W) LAI TUCK VOON Jaya, Selangor dan bahawa Mahkamah Petitioning Company and that the 322 Notices
(IN MEMBERS’ VOLUNTARY (No. K/P: 810316-10-5509) telah memerintahkan bahawa Petisyen said petition is directed to be heard
tersebut hendaklah diserahkan terhadap before the Court sitting at the High
WINDING-UP) ... PEMPETISYEN Responden melalui penyampaian ganti Court of Malaya at Shah Alam at 9
NOTICE is hereby given that the iaitu menampalkan sesalinan Petisyen o’clock in the morning, on the 25th
Final General Meeting pursuant to DAN Perceraian tersebut bersama dengan day of April 2022; and any creditor 0701AUC2021000029 LAMPIRAN B
Section 459(1) of the Companies sesalinan termeterai perintah ini di or contributory of the said company
Act, 2016 of the abovenamed CHONG PUI KUAN (P) alamat terakhir Responden Suami desiring to support or oppose the KANUN TANAH NEGARA
Company will be held at No. 23, (No. K/P: 780930-14-5290) di 38, Jalan Seri Beringin 3, Bukit making of an order on the said Saman Kepada Penggadai Supaya Hadir Dalam
Jalan Sulam, Taman Sentosa, Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, petition may appear at the time of
80150 Johor Bahru, Johor on the ... RESPONDEN menghantar emel yang mengandungi hearing by himself or his counsel Siasatan Di Bawah Seksyen 261
10th May 2022 at 11.00 a.m. for Pertisyen Perceraian tersebut kepada for that purpose; and a copy of the
the following purposes:- NOTIS PENYAMPAIAN GANTI alamt email terakhir Responden Sumi petition will be furnished to any
(1) To receive and consider the iaitu [email protected] serta creditor or contributory of the said
C H CREDIT SDN. BERHAD Kepada: juga secara menyiarkan sesalinan notis company requiring the same by Kepada, Kasmawati Binti Osman yang beralamat di No. 4-09, Tingkat Damai 1, Taman Permata Indah, 14000
Liquidator’s Account showing (137002-A) CHONG PUI KUAN untuk sekali sahaja di surat khabar the undersigned on payment of the Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang dan/atau No.7892, Permatang Berangan, 13300 Tasek Gelugor, Pulau Pinang
the manner in which the tempatan dan bahawa penyampaian dan regulated charge for the same. penggadai dalam gadaian yang tersebut dalam jadual di bawah ini bagi tanah yang tersebut di dalamnya.
winding up has been conducted (Incorporated in Malaysia) pengiklanan tersebut dianggap sesuai The Petitioner’s address is Wisma
and to receive any explanation (In Members’ Voluntary Winding-Up) AMBIL PERHATIAN bahawa dan cukup penyampaian saman dan MS, No. 15, Jalan 2/116D, Kuchai Bahawasanya saya telah menerima daripada Pemegang Gadai dalam gadaian yang tersebut suatu permohonan
thereon. NOTICE OF FINAL MEETING Petisyen ini ditetapkan untuk pernyataan tuntutan ke atas defendan- Entrepreneurs Park, Off Jalan supaya perintah jual dikeluarkan di bawah Sub-Seksyen 260 (2) Kanun Tanah Negara.
(2) To determine pursuant to NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pengurusan kes pada 28 defendan dalam tempoh empatbelas Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Section 518(3)(b) of the pursuant to Section 459 (1)(b) of April 2022 jam 9.00 pagi (14) hari dari tarikh penyampaian dan Wilayah Persekutuan.
Companies Act, 2016 the the Companies Act 2016 a final di Mahkamah Tinggi, Shah pengiklanannya akan dokumen tersebut The Petitioner’s solicitors are Dan bahawasanya saya bercadang hendak mengadakan suatu siasatan berkenaan dengan permohonan tersebut di
manner in which the books, meeting of the members of the Alam secara e-review dan itu dilaksanakan. Messrs Chambers of Firdaus of Pejabat Daerah Dan Tanah, Seberang Perai Tengah, Bukit Mertajam pada 20.04.2022 pada pukul 11.30 pagi.
accounts and documents of the abovenamed Company will be Jika kamu berhasrat untuk membela Unit J-5-1, Tingkat 5, Parklane
Company shall be disposed off held at Suite 12-A Gurney Tower Mahkamah memerintahkan tindakan tersebut, kamu mesti hadir Commercial Hub, Jalan SS7/26, Maka oleh yang demikian, menurut Seksyen 261 (1) (c) Kanun Tanah Negara tuan/puan adalah dengan ini
after the expiration of three (3) Office, 18 Persiaran Gurney, 10250 bahawa penyerahan samada secara sendiri atau melalui Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, dikehendaki hadir dalam siasatan tersebut dan menunjukkan sebab-sebab mengapa perintah tersebut tidak patut
months from the date of the Penang on Friday, 6tthh May 2022 at Petisyen Perceraian dan peguambela kamu di Mahkamah Tinggi Selangor Darul Ehsan dibuat.
dissolution of the company. 11.00 a.m. Kuala Lumpur pada 25 April 2022 pada
Dated this: 07.04.2022 Notis Pendengaran Petisyen pukul 9.00 pagi. Dated 29th March 2022 Bertarikh pada 17 haribulan Februari 2022
CHAI MIN YEAW AGENDA Perceraian No. WA-33-115- Jika kamu ingkar hadir sedemikian, ..........................................
Liquidator 1. To receive accounts from the 02/2022 ke atas kamu dibuat penghakiman boleh diberikan terhadap Messrs Chambers of Firdaus
23, Jalan Sulam, melalui pengiklanan dalam kamu. NOTE:- Any person who intends to s.k
Taman Sentosa, Liquidator showing the manner suratkhabar dan pengiklanan Bertarikh pada 21 Mac 2022 appear on the hearing of the said Tetuan Murad & Foo
80150 Johor Bahru, Johor. in which the winding-up has tersebut dianggap petition must serve on or send by Peguambela & Peguamcara
Note: been conducted and the assets penyampaian yang baik dan Tetuan Tia & Sufyan post to the above-named Messrs Suites 10.01 10.07 & 10.08
A member entitled to attend and of the Company dispose of and sempurna ke atas kamu. Peguamcara Pempetisyen Isteri Chambers of Firdaus a notice in Tingkat 10, MWE Plaza,
vote at this meeting is also entitled to hear any explanations that Notis Penyampaian Ganti ini dikeluarkan writing of his intention so to do. No. 8, Lebuh Farquhar,
to appoint a proxy or proxies to may be given by the Liquidator. Bertarikh pada 7 April 2022 oleh Tetuan Tia & Sufyan, peguamcara The notice must state the name and 10200 Pulau Pinang, ..............t.t...............
attend and vote on his/her stead. 2. To consider and, if thought fit, pempetisyen isteri dengan alamat address of the person, or, if a firm, (Ruj. Tuan : TLN/HLBB/F211/2020/ina) Pentadbir Tanah
A proxy may but need not be a pass the following resolution as penyampaian di B-11-02, Level 11, Block the name and address of the firm,
member of the Company. an Ordinary Resolution: t.t B, Plaza Mont’ Kiara, No. 2, Jalan Kiara, and must be signed by the person or Seberang Perai Tengah
All form of proxies must be “That the books, accounts and .…………………… Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. firm, or his or their solicitor (if any)
deposited at No.23, Jalan Sulam, documents of the Company Timbalan Pendaftar Rujukan: PY/OMY/90169 and must be served, or, if posted, JADUAL TANAH * DAN KEPENTINGAN
Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor and of the Liquidator, shall be Mahkamah Tinggi Malaya Tel: 03 6419 1903 must be sent by post in sufficient
Bahru, Johor not less than 48 kept by the Liquidator for a Faks: 03 6419 1904 time to reach the abovenamed not
hours before the time appointed for period of three months after the Shah Alam later than twelve o’clock noon of the
holding the Meeting. Company has been dissolved, 24th day of April 2022.
and that thereafter such books, Notis ini dimasukkan Mukim No. Lot/ Jenis dan Bahagian No. Berdaftar No. Berdaftar
accounts and documents may oleh Tetuan SS Ng & Lim, Bandar / Petak/ No. Hakmilik Tanah * Pajakan/ Gadaian
be destroyed by the Liquidator.” peguamcara Pempetisyen, Pekan / (jika ada)
yang beralamat penyampaian Mukim P.T. (jika ada) Pajakan Kecil
LAU KIM SEONG di P-04-05, Impian Meridian, (jika ada) (6)
Liquidator Jalan Subang 1, USJ 1, 47600 (1) Persn. No
Penang Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Mukim 15 (2) (3) (4) (5) 0701SC2003002366
Dated: 7th April 2022 Ehsan. Seberang Perai Jilid No. -
(Tel: 03-5879 8558) Lot GM 1590/ KESEMUA TIADA Folio No. -
(Faks: 03-5879 7756) Tengah 12197 M1/5/58

SPORTS /thesundaily

AS Tiger Woods prepares to make an Tiger comes out of the Woods
amazing comeback from severe leg Former world No. 1 eyes comeback trail blazed by legendary Hogan
injuries suffered in a car crash 14 months
ago, he has the legend of Ben Hogan to December. “I’m happy it’s still attached.” Hogan, who died in 1997 at age 84 only three after the accident – including the 1953 Masters
serve as inspiration. Woods has Hogan’s comeback to serve as an months after Woods won his first major title at and US and British Opens.
Augusta National, was involved in a February 1949
The 15-time major winner, chasing a record- example, with 70 years of advancements to help as car crash at age 36 and made a stunning recovery. After the accident, Hogan struggled to walk
tying sixth green jacket, said he could not have well. courses but managed to rise to a share of fourth on
attempted his astonishing comeback in the era of Hogan suffered a broken left ankle, a fractured the all-time major win list led by Jack Nicklaus’s 18,
Hogan, who won six of his nine major titles after a “What he went through – obviously, he didn’t collarbone, a double-fractured pelvis and a followed by Woods and Walter Hagen with 11.
1949 automobile accident. have the technology that we have now,” Woods chipped rib when his car was struck head-on by a
said. bus. He developed blood clots that jeopardised his Hogan, who won his first major at the 1947
“The treatments have gotten so much better life and led to life-long circulatory complications. PGA Championship at the age of 34, also joined
and I’m very thankful for that,” Woods said “The amount of hot tubs that he would have to the select few to win the career Grand Slam,
yesterday, when he confirmed he planned to tee it take pre-round, post-round, in the middle of the Doctors said Hogan might never walk again capturing each of the four majors at least once, a
up in the 86th Masters. night, just to be able to get up and swing a club the much less play golf, but he returned to start the feat only matched by Woods, Nicklaus, Gary Player
next day, I certainly appreciate that,” added 1950 PGA season, won his second US Open crown and Gene Sarazen.
“Because if I had to go through with my Woods, who said his open preparation for and only five months later and captured six major titles
accident, given what had happened to me, during recovery from play is time consuming enough. Woods already appreciated Hogan’s
his era, I wouldn’t be playing this week, that’s for achievements when he was making his own injury
sure.” fightback from spinal fusion surgery at the 2018
Masters, a year before winning the event.
Woods suffered major damage to his right leg
in a February 2021 auto accident in Southern “As far as greatest comebacks, I think one of the
California, spending weeks hospitalized and greatest comebacks in all of sport is the gentleman
months unable to walk. who won here, Mr. Hogan,” Woods said in 2018.

“The leg was pretty messed up,” Woods said in “He got hit by a bus and came back and won
major championships.” – AFP
5442/2022 06/04/2022 (WED)

7035 DrawDate:06/04/22(Wed) DrawNo:5389/22 Venue: PERAK TURF CLUB

3751 7690 6801 6184 8907
7442 5513 7660 5534
7812 6104 8707 1770 0489
7356 7973 8610 5320
4436 0033 5872 7374 4605

7035 6592 3,907,346.60 Tiger Woods (centre) walks off the 9th green 6215 + 4658 8839 + 6322
7035 5235 6592 7035 during a practice round of The Masters at Augusta 2218 + 2341 5815 + 1525
6592 5235 5235 7035 National Golf Club yesterday. – REUTERSPIX 2625 + 7035 2015 + 7505
5235 6592 7181 + 2989 6088 + 7067
114,666.42 4863 + 6962 8693 + 6268

Scheffler happy to dwell RM7,895,345.60
in the shadows
7035 8907 + 0489 0489 + 8907
6592 8907 + 4605 4605 + 8907
0489 + 4605 4605 + 0489
RAT WORLD NO. 1 Scottie Scheffler is just fine 25-year-old American having made his RM286,464.60
with Tiger Woods dominating the scene big goal simply to play on the US PGA
this week at the Masters. Tour rather than leap to any particular 018 907 + HORSE RM1,663,333.30
59626 After three victories in the past two 350 489 + ROOSTER RM3,205,381.20
9626 months, Scheffler is the hottest golfer in “Looking at the rankings and focusing
96662 626 the world and took the top spot from on that stuff doesn’t provide any benefit 984 605 + GOAT RM1,220,000.00
14179 26 reigning US Open champion Jon Rahm by for me,” said Scheffler. “I look forward to
winning the WGC Match Play two weeks preparing and playing good golf and
276228 ago. executing shots and being in contention. 816 215 044 658 808 839 156 322
That’s what’s fun.” 952 218 162 341 675 815 251 525
27622 76228 So please, Scheffler said, focus on 122 625 537 035 542 015 917 505
2762 6228 Woods and his astonishing comeback tale Scheffler admits he doesn’t look at 527 181 932 989 216 088 797 067
276 228 from severe leg injuries to playing for a social media much. He doesn’t take 014 863 626 962 348 693 156 268
27 28 major title only 14 months later – not himself too seriously, 11th-ranked pal Sam
Scheffler trying to win his first major title. Burns calling him “goofy” as well as “one of
the most competitive people I’ve ever
“Tiger takes a lot of attention away met.”
from all of us, which I think is a good thing
for us,” Scheffler said. “He’s used to being “He isn’t necessarily defined by golf,”
in the spotlight.” Burns said. “He knows that golf isn’t
everything. It’s not who he is, it’s what he
That’s far more enthusiasm than does.” – AFP
Scheffler musters for his ascension, the

13 24 25 29 44 50 PIN HIGH if I play well, I’ll give myself chances to win 907 489 605
10,578,726.16 McIlroy feeling less pressure this golf tournament,” he added.

9 19 23 34 46 55 NORTHERN Irishman Rory McIlroy is not Thomas tones down RM822,965.40
3,567,334.63 the centre of attention at this week’s Masters’ hype
Masters in Augusta, Georgia. That could 907 + 489 + 605 489 + 605 + 907
25 35 37 39 45 46 7 translate into less pressure on McIlroy to AMERICAN Justin Thomas said years of
finally break through at the lone major putting the Masters on too high a 907 + 605 + 489 605 + 907 + 489
1,267,872.40 that’s elude him in his career. Not only has pedestal thwarted his best efforts at the 489 + 907 + 605 605 + 489 + 907
McIlroy failed to win a major in nearly a tournament, as he tries yet again this
199,462.34 decade (since 2014), he’s come up shy at week to tame Augusta National. He told Play numbers the new normal way
the Masters seven straight times when a reporters at Augusta that he had changed with dmcGO.
Star 6/50 Jackpot 1 victory would have completed his career his mindset around the prestigious golf
RM9,173,775 Grand Slam. “At the start I’m maybe at a major. “I feel like I’ve performed very, very
Toto 4D Jackpot 2 different stage of my life where, back then, poorly (in majors),” said the world No. 7.
golf was everything,” McIlroy said. “I’ve just put too much pressure on myself
RM114,887 “Obviously, look, it’s still very, very in the past and maybe put the
Toto 4D Jackpot 2 (i-System) important, but maybe back then I would tournament on too much of a pedestal
think that – I don’t know if I would feel like and tried to, you know, just overdo things
RM1,563 won on 03/04/2022 ! I was fulfilled if I didn’t win one or when in reality I should have faith in my
whatever it is, but it’s less pressure. I know game and the things that I can do on the

23theSUN ON THURSDAY | APRIL 7, 2022


SIDENETTING █ GEORGE SESSIONS Get over it! brilliant here, cheering us on and
Koeman to succeed Van Gaal I feel sorry for them.
ARSENAL attacker Martin Gunners cannot dwell on terrible
RONALD KOEMAN is to return as Odegaard has told his result against Palace, insists Odegaard “We have to apologise and we
Netherlands coach when Louis van Gaal teammates there is no have got to make sure it doesn’t
leaves the role after the World Cup in Qatar, time to feel sorry for happen again. Hopefully next
Dutch daily De Telegraaf reported. Van Gaal, themselves despite a “terrible” game we are back with a win.”
who has long made it clear he will leave result at Crystal Palace.
after the global football showpiece later The Gunners suffered only Hours before Arsenal’s
this year, said last week he was receiving their second defeat in nine chastening loss in south London,
treatment for an aggressive form of Premier League games but were “We should have done much not covering themselves in glory a date was finally confirmed for
prostate cancer. Koeman had a successful thoroughly outclassed in all better, but there is no time to feel for either goal. the trip to Tottenham, postponed
two-and-a-half-year spell as national team departments by Patrick Vieira’s sorry for ourselves. We have to get Wilfried Zaha added a third in January after Mikel Arteta’s side
coach before leaving to join Barcelona in hosts on Tuesday. back to work and think about the from the penalty spot in the 74th were without a sufficient amount
2020 and while the Royal Dutch Football The 3-0 loss coupled with a 5-1 next game already. minute after Odegaard had of players due to injuries, Covid-
Association have yet to make an win for Tottenham over “This is tough but we have to brought down the Ivory Coast 19 cases and international
announcement Van Gaal gave him his Newcastle on Sunday saw Arsenal look forward. We have to learn winger moments after the Arsenal commitments.
backing. “They consulted me, I have a say in drop to fifth and lose ground in from it obviously. We have to look playmaker had squandered a fine
that,”Van Gaal told De Telegraaf. “It’s not the battle for Champions League at the game, what we did wrong, chance to reduce the deficit. The rearranged fixture will
that difficult. A year ago, I was the only qualification. and make sure it won’t happen The Norway take place on Friday, May 13 and
coach available who had experience, that “It was a terrible game from us again.” captain paid tribute already looks like it could be a
now applies to Koeman. He would be a from start to finish. Maybe a bit Goals from Jean-Philippe to the away support decider in the battle for fourth.
good successor.” better in the last 10 minutes, but Mateta and Jordan Ayew put at Selhurst Park and
in general I think it was a really Palace in control inside 24 promised a response at “That’s really far ahead,”
Tierney could miss bad performance,” Odegaard minutes with Gabriel home to Brighton on Odegaard insisted when quizzed
rest of season admitted. Magalhaes and Nuno Tavares Saturday. about the Spurs match.
Odegaard added:
ARSENAL’S hopes of securing Champions “I think the fans “We have to take it game by
League football have suffered a blow with Arsenal’s Martin Odegaard (left) vies with Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha were again game, as we have said many times
confirmation that Kieran Tierney is during the English Premier League match on Tuesday. – AFPPIX before. The next game for us is
expected to miss the rest of the season Brighton and that’s all our focus
through injury. The Scotland international at the moment. We take it game
requires surgery on his left knee after by game and we will see in the
meeting with a specialist on Tuesday and end.” – The Independent
he will have the procedure in the coming
days. The 24-year-old sustained the injury Liverpool ‘in City’s heads’,
in training last week, having returned back admits Richards
from international duty with Scotland, and
it remains to be seen whether he will return MICAH RICHARDS has admitted that title given the “psychological” blow that
to fitness in time for the World Cup playoffs Liverpool “are in the heads” of the defeat would deal the defending champions.
in June. “Everyone at the club will now be Manchester City players, and believes that
supporting and working hard with Kieran the Premier League title race will be “done” if “The Premier League title race is now like
to get him back on the pitch as soon as his former side are beaten at home by their a knockout competition too - Guardiola was
possible,” Arsenal said in a statement. rivals on Sunday. right when he said at the weekend that if
City lose, they are out,” Richards wrote in his
Rio backs Foden to Liverpool have closed the gap at the top column for BBC Sport.
start against Reds of the table to just a single point ahead of a
trip to the Etihad Stadium. “There will still be seven League games
MANCHESTER CITY boss Pep Guardiola left after they play Liverpool at home on
has been backed to change his mind if he And just six days after the League Sunday but, if City lose that one, I believe the
was not going to start Phil Foden in meeting, a place in the final of the FA Cup title is done.
Sunday’s crunch Premier League clash with will be on the line as the pair meet at
Liverpool. Wembley. “From the players’ point of view, if they
lose at home to Liverpool they will think they
The League leaders host their title rivals There will still be seven games left for have lost the Premier League – whatever
in a fixture that could ultimate decide who each in the League after Sunday’s meeting, other people think.”
tops the division come the end of the but former Manchester City defender
season. Richards thinks that the result of the Richards thinks Guardiola and his team
encounter will decide the destination of the are feeling the pressure – citing a comment
And former Manchester United made by Bernardo Silva as evidence that
defender Rio Ferdinand believes England RESULTS Liverpool are “in the heads” of Manchester
star Foden has given Guardiola food for City.
thought by coming off the bench to help CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (Quarterfinal 1st
City beat Atletico Madrid 1-0 yesterday. leg): Manchester City 1 (De Bruyne 70) “When they drew with Crystal Palace
Atletico Madrid 0, Benfica 1 (Nunez 49) before the international break, Bernardo
Foden has started each of City’s last Liverpool 3 (Konate 17, Mane 34, Diaz 87). Silva was asked about something different
eight Premier League fixtures but directly CHAMPIONSHIP: Millwall 0 Swansea 1, and he replied how he’d rather be in City’s
contributed to just two goals during that Peterborough 1 Luton 1, Preston 1 position than Liverpool’s, when no-one had
period. Blackpool 0, Sheffield United 1 QPR 0, even mentioned Jurgen Klopp’s side.
Reading 2 Stoke 1.
That he had dropped to the bench for “So, yes, it is getting to them. They are
the Champions League visit of Atletico thinking about Liverpool, although
suggested that he had been pushed down Guardiola might try to deny it.
the pecking order for the club’s biggest
games. “You always think about your closest
rivals anyway, but this time Liverpool are in
But Ferdinand thinks the 21-year-old their heads.” – The Independent
could now start against Liverpool after
impressing against the La Liga side.

“Pep probably knows already, he’s three
games ahead, but there comes a moment
where a player does something in the
game and it makes you go, ‘ooh, I might
have to change it’ and if he wasn’t going to
play Phil Foden at the weekend, he may
change that given the performance,”
Ferdinand told BT Sport.

“When you’ve got someone like Phil
Foden, Jack Grealish, artists that come on
the pitch and pose different questions it’s
difficult to adjust.

“Phil Foden came on, mesmeric at times.
Kevin de Bruyne’s come up with some big
moments in recent weeks scored some big
goals, he’s turning screws in this team, he’s
the lynchpin.”

City will now hope to beat Liverpool on
Sunday to put one hand on the Premier
League trophy.

They enjoy a one-point lead over Jurgen
Klopp’s side and a win would give them a
healthy advantage in the final weeks of the
campaign. – Express Newspapers


The treatments have gotten so much
better and I’m very thankful for that.
Because if I had to go through with my accident, given
what had happened to me, during his era, I wouldn’t
be playing this week, that’s for sure. The leg was
pretty messed up. I’m happy it’s still attached.”

Tiger Woods

Benfica’s Julian Klopp insists Liverpool
Weigl in action with ‘should have scored
Liverpool’s Roberto more’ against Benfica
Firmino (top) during
the Champions █ CARL MARKHAM something would be wrong with the
League quarterfinal
first leg match at LIVERPOOL manager Jurgen Klopp admits competition.”
the Estadio da Luz Victory equalled a club record of five
in Lisbon yesterday.

his side should have scored more in their 3-1 successive away wins in the competition first
victory over Benfica having dominated the set in 1985, but also matched in 2005 when
first half of their Champions League the club played three Champions League
quarterfinal in Lisbon. qualifiers.
The Reds could have put the tie to bed However, Klopp will not take the return leg
before the second leg with the number of for granted as his side’s quest for an
chances they created in the opening 45 unprecedented quadruple took another step
minutes but they were still cruising at the forward.
break thanks to Ibrahima Konate’s first since “We were two goals up at half-time today
joining from RB Leipzig in the summer and and we knew it was not easy,” he added.
Sadio Mane’s close-range strike. “Benfica really wanted to go for it. Now
Klopp was unhappy his side then gifted they come to Anfield and we have to use
Darwin Nunez a goal just after the break, that.”
when Konate’s midjudgement presented him Klopp made six changes for the game,
with a simple chance, and that changed the resting the likes of Joel Matip ahead of
direction of the game until winger Luis Diaz, Sunday’s top-of-the-table trip to face
on his first return to Portugal since leaving Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium.
Porto in January, struck in the 87th minute. But the manager said that match had not
“It doesn’t tell the whole story but the been in his thoughts in Portugal.
most important thing is we came here for a “I didn’t think a second until now about
result,” said Klopp. the City game, so I couldn’t make changes for
“I didn’t expect the game being any easier the game,” he said.
but I have to say a big compliment for Benfica, Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson hailed
they really fought for their lives – especially former Sporting Lisbon star Diaz for scoring
after we opened the door a little bit for them. against his old rival. And he knows how
“It was clear when they scored the crowd important the Colombian’s goal could be in
would be back and the atmosphere would be the tie.
good. Good teams tend to use that. “A really important goal for us like you said,
“The game was slightly more open then it gives us a two-goal cushion which can
we wished but in the end we scored and I make the difference, and it’s important we
think everyone in the room would agree we make that count next week.
could have scored more goals and should “It’s still a big game, we want to be in the
have. semifinals and there’s still a lot of work to do
“I think, mainly because of their to get there, but hopefully with our home
goalkeeper, credit to him. Their goalkeeper fans at our stadium, we can get the job done.”
was probably the game’s best player. We Benfica caretaker coach Nelson Verissimo
played well, but he made a couple of really knows the concession of that late goal has
good saves. made their task much more difficult.
“We would have wished we didn’t give “The tie is not over. We are aware it is
them the opportunity to come back in the harder now,” he said. “In they end they scored
game. again and that makes our task all that much
“It was an away game in the Champions harder but not impossible.” – The
League quarterfinal and if that was easy Independent/Express Newspapers
Dynamic duo
Guardiola talks up De Bruyne and Foden after Atletico win

PEP GUARDIOLA hailed the brilliance of the introduction of Foden as part of a triple 1-0 going to Madrid gives you confidence.” better side won but feels his team are still alive in
Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden after the substitution in the 68th minute to force them The game ended in scrappy fashion with the tie.
pair combined to give Manchester City open.
the edge in their Champions League tie numerous stoppages as Atletico let their He said: “It is a bad result because we lost 1-0
against Atletico Madrid. Foden slipped in De Bruyne within moments frustration show. and we were looking to win.
of coming on and the Belgian fired home from a
Foden came off the bench to tee up De Bruyne tight angle. Guardiola now expects the second leg to be a “It is clear we were playing against an
for a 70th-minute winner in a tense and tight stop-start affair with Atletico attempting to extraordinary opponent. The numbers and
quarterfinal first leg at the Etihad Stadium. Guardiola said of Foden: “He has a special disrupt City’s rhythm. statistics speak for themselves and they play in a
quality. His reception is always forward, his space very dynamic way.
The strike ensured City would carry a 1-0 in the first step is massive and he had the “I guess part of the game will be more of what
advantage into next week’s return clash in the composure to make an incredible assist for happened in the last 15-20 minutes after the goal. “We had to suffer but we have to go to Madrid
Spanish capital. Kevin.” This is my feeling. We have to prepare and adapt,” now and use the tools we have at our disposal.
he said.
Reflecting on De Bruyne’s composed finish, Guardiola felt his side produced a professional “We need to be better but we are still in the tie.
manager Guardiola said: “He is in the best performance to grind out what could prove a vital Jack Grealish, another substitute, did get Let’s see if we can have the ball more in the
moment of the season right now. win. caught up in some of the visitors’ antics late on second leg and create more difficulties for
and Guardiola stressed the importance of opponents.”
“He is sharp, quick and positive. His influence “It was a difficult game against a tough keeping composure.
in our game is massive. He scored an exceptional opponent. For 25-30 minutes we played 5-5-0 as it Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak said the tie was
goal from the combination with Phil.” was so difficult to find the spaces,” he said. “We have to control our emotions and do what far from over.
we have to do. There are things we are not good at
De Bruyne had earlier tested Jan Oblak from a “But we were patient enough, except in the but there will be a referee there. “At 1-0, I don’t think the tie is closed,” Oblak
freekick but opportunities had otherwise been first 5-10 minutes of the second half, when we said. “In Madrid we are going to have to do much
few and far between as City, despite dominating attacked with not the right rhythm. “Atletico Madrid have faced these kind of more offensively, defensively we are going to have
possession, were forced to play a patient game. knockout stages many times more than us and it to be the same or better and only then can we
“It was a good result. Unfortunately at the end will be a good test of our maturity.” qualify for the semifinals.” – The Independent/
Atletico were dogged and defensive and it took we (missed) one or two more chances to score but Reuters
Atletico coach Diego Simeone conceded the

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