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Published by Forever Living Products Italy, 2020-01-10 09:14:38

Malta's Magazine January February 2020

Malta's Magazine January February 2020

M A LTA January - February 2020 | #01

New year,


OPPORTUNITY Turn your love of Forever products into an opportunity that could make
FOR EVERYONE. this a year to remember. The Forever Opportunity empowers you to
EVERYWHERE. change your life by helping others look better and feel better.

Talk to the person who gave you this magazine to find out how
you can become a Forever Business Owner.


What’s Inside

Welcome to
Malta’s Forever

Make yourself comfortable:
discover the topics of the

month, news and products
from the Forever world!



Be inspired by the words of the Let’s start 2020 with some great The valuable suggestions of
founder and CEO of Forever Living training at Forever Malta Training President Gregg Maughan
Products. A food for thought by a Center. Save the dates. to FBOs and beyond.
great man, every month.
The right balance of tradition and Take a peek into some of the key
A noted point of view on the innovation. Forever Malta facilities and office.
Forever world news.
Boost your daily protein shake.
Take a look at the pictures of the
Success Day event.

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board, layout and graphics: Events & Communication company department.

Afonr tohepfpuorttuurneity

Did you know that in just a few short years, more than
half of the workforce will be considered self-employed?
This speaks volumes about how the world and
traditional jobs or careers are changing. People want
flexibility, balance and emotional fulfillment.

The fact is that more people today want the passionate about, to achieve someone else’s continuing to invest and evolve to stay on the
type of opportunity Forever has offered all version of success. Our first group of Forever forefront of this industry and make sure our
along. There are more people than ever whose Business Owners were pioneers with a different opportunity is one not just for the past and
values align with our mission, and I believe kind of vision. They saw an opportunity that present, but one that is truly forever.
there’s never been a more exciting time to be a could work within someone’s life to achieve I hope you realize what an amazing time we live
part of Forever. their own success. in, when so many people are looking for the
type of opportunity Forever provides. With 41
THIS OPPORTUNITY IS BASED This opportunity is based on a beautiful, pure years under our belt and a proven business
ON A BEAUTIFUL, PURE concept of sharing products you love with model, this really is an opportunity for the future.
CONCEPT OF SHARING others around you. Anyone with a passion for Wishing you all much success at the start of
sharing health and wellness with others and this new decade!
PRODUCTS YOU LOVE WITH watching their lives improve, can build the
OTHERS AROUND YOU. business. They can set their own goals and Forever Yours,
choose when and how much time they want to
Back when we started Forever, many people devote. This is the balance people are looking Rex Maughan
saw only one path towards building a life for for today - the type of opportunity that allows CEO, Forever Living Products
themselves. It meant working 40 hours or more people to chart their own path.
every week, in a job you might not be
And while we know we’ve always offered the
kind of life people want to build, we are




Dear Forever Friends, business’ growth, involving provide us with all the
It is with great joy that we more people for a lifestyle tools needed to grow our
welcome a 2020 that change, and Malta is now business and earnings.
looks fantastic to start a receptive to our message. A HUGE THANK YOU to all
new decade that will see For all of us FBOs who FBO’s in Malta who with
all of us as protagonists work daily on our commitment and fairness,
of the change that is beautiful island, a happy help us to grow Forever as
taking place in the world and profitable period Rex has shown us.
of the Network Marketing awaits because the We hope that 2020 will
on the island of Malta. quality of our products bring all our wishes to
Our experience as will bring even more reality.
Networkers gained health and energy to all
through trainings and our consumers. With esteem and affection
direct experience on the Our company with the
field indicates that the showroom and meeting
time is ripe for our rooms available to all FBOs

The quality of our Giancarlo Negri
products will bring Country Manager
even more health
and energy to all
our consumers.

Success Malta
photo book




Let’s start 2020 with some great training at

Forever Malta Training Center
Triq it Torri, 65B - B’Kara

Fast Start - Online Training

by Maria Luisa Di Pinto, Sapphire Manager
January 8 - February 12 - March 11 Open to all FBOs
from 08.00 p.m. to 09.30 p.m.

Business Meeting Online

by Maria Luisa Di Pinto, Sapphire Manager
January 22 - February 19 - March 18 Open to all FBOs and Guests
from 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. / from 09.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.

Business Meeting

by Galea Pace Ruth & Mark, Senior Managers
January 14/28 - February 11/24 - March 7/21 Open to all FBOs and Guests
from 10.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

Business Meeting

By Chetcuti Odette & Paul , Senior Managers
January 14/28 - February 11/24 - March 7/21 Open to all FBOs and Guests
from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

Please register by email at [email protected]


freshplafrnomtouar otwnions

There’s something to be said for staying true to
your roots without being left behind by a
constantly progressing world. In four decades,
Forever Living has grown to become the most
important producer of aloe vera products in the
world by operating with just the right balance of
tradition and innovation.

It’s easy to look out over a seemingly endless A tradition worth keeping
field of aloe at one of Forever’s plantations and wonder
how the company has managed to plant, grow and When Rex Maughan founded Forever Living Products, he
harvest its aloe vera leaves using the wanted to build more than a company. He wanted to
same method for more than 40 years - every plant build the kinds of bonds that transcend language or
carefully nurtured and hand harvested. borders and bring people together through the shared
interest of doing things the
It might be easier and more profitable to use automated right way.
machinery to harvest plants faster
and rely less on the human touch. But this At Forever’s aloe plantations, doing things the right way
shortcut disguised as progress comes at means doing it by hand. The men and women who
a real cost. It smashes and destroys more harvest the aloe vera leaves are up with the
of the plant, causing environmental damage sun, carefully hand-selecting those leaves that
and an unremarkable finished product. have reached peak maturity and nutrient content.



There’s just no substitute for human touch when it comes to
choosing the perfect leaves. The people who know best when it’s
time to harvest are those who plant, nurture and tend to the crop,
season after season. They examine the color of the leaf, the size
and the way it feels in their hand to determine which leaves are
ready to be harvested and which ones need a little more time.

The mature outer leaves are carefully sliced from the plant, allowing
the inside leaves to continue to grow. It takes about a year for the leaf
to hit peak and a single plant can continue producing leaves for many
years when it’s properly cared for. Once the leaves are harvested, they
are loaded onto a trailer for the first round of processing onsite.



Innovation in action

As soon as an aloe leaf is cut from the plant, time plays a
critical role in ensuring aloe maintains its high
nutritional content throughout processing and
production. After harvest, the next stop is an onsite
facility where each leaf is hand-filleted to extract
the maximum amount of pure inner-leaf gel. The
filleting is done in smooth, fluid strokes that
require a combination of speed and precision.

After the gel is inspected, it undergoes aseptic
processing, which uses a flash heating method
to lock in the benefits and freshness of inner leaf aloe
vera while safely reducing bad bacteria and eliminating
the need to add preservatives.

This process has been shown to retain 300%
more of aloe’s natural vitamin content. To ensure that
the highest levels of nutrition are maintained, Forever’s
aloe is always processed within six
hours of harvest.

Forever Aloe Peaches™ mini | SKU 77812
Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 715
Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® mini | SKU 73512

Didknyoowu ?

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® is as close
to nature as you can get with 99.7% pure
inner leaf aloe? The other popular
formulas, Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® and
Forever Aloe Peaches® combine the
benefits of pure aloe vera with antioxidants
and delicious berry and peach flavors.



The people who make it result of the pride they have in their organized ensures everyone has the
happen work and knowing they are such an tools they need to do their job. He’s
important part of the Forever family. been part of the Forever family for
Investing in the right process doesn’t 16 years and is raising two children.
work unless you also invest in the right “I love to belong to this group of
people. That’s why Forever pays wonderful people,” Miguel says. “This has been the best work
employees in the Dominican Republic experience I’ve ever had,” Ruddy says. “I
40 to 50% higher wages than other Rafaelina Taveras is also proud to call expect to work here for
companies in the same region. The herself part of that family. For a long, long time.”
employees who work 16 years, this mother of three has
in the fields and processing facilities worked as a quality assurance At every point in the process,
know the quality of work they put specialist, making sure the aloe you’ll find the stories of people who’ve
in every day is essential in creating the harvested is pure, fresh and high spent years working at Forever and
Forever products that people in nutrients. remain invested in the quality and
all over the world depend on. purity of every product. To them, it’s
“Typically, I take samples of every batch more than a job. They are passionate
Miguel Silverio and Alejandro we process and test for pH and about the connection they have to the
Rodriguez have a combined 18 years of microbiology,” Rafaelina says. “This plants, to each other and to the
experience working in assures we always provide products that provide opportunity to
the aloe fields. Both have gained a great product.” so many people from all over the world.
invaluable knowledge by personally
tending to the crops year after year. Warehouse assistant Ruddy Reyes takes
Their longevity with the company is a pride in knowing that his role of
keeping supplies in stock and


Forever’s commitment to the environment is apparent at every stage of production.

• The use of solar powered pumps and drip the soil to fertilize the crops.
watering systems have enabled Forever to
reduce water usage by 90 percent. • Forever’s 50 million plants help cleanse the earth
of hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 every year.
• Water is reclaimed for use in the fields while
the rinds of the aloe leaves are tilled back into • Forever’s flagship aloe vera gel drinks are packaged using
100% recyclable Tetra Pak containers. This packaging is


Sthhe saekaesoonf


Give your daily protein shake a big upgrade by adding an extra
nutritional kick that’s customized for your lifestyle and fitness goals.
Start with one level scoop of Forever Lite Ultra® with Aminotein®
chocolate or vanilla combined with 10 ounces of skim milk or your
favorite alternative like almond, coconut or soy. This delicious shake mix
contains 17 grams of plant-based protein along with 18 amino acids,
including essential, non-essential and branched-chain amino acids.

Mixed with skim milk, Forever Lite Ultra® provides
5.3 grams of branch chain amino acids.
Next, choose from any of the options below to give
your shake the boost you want.


Support your heart health with Forever NutraQ10™, Perfect for a pre-workout kick, ARGI+® supplies your daily
featuring a blend of B vitamins, herbal extracts, folic acid value of L-Arginine, a potent amino acid that helps the body
and coenzyme Q10, which is known to promote the basic create“the miracle molecule”, nitric oxide, which increases
functioning of cells. Forever NutraQ10™ with CoQ10 will blood flow to major organs and supports cellular function.
contribute subtle flavors of fruit and citrus. Adding one packet will provide all the benefits of ARGI+®
and a berry flavor that compliments chocolate or vanilla
Forever Lite Ultra®.


Forever Lite Ultra® Vanilla | SKU 470 ARGI+® | SKU 473
Forever Lite Ultra® Chocolate | SKU 471 Forever Supergreens™ | SKU 621
Forever NutraQ10™ | SKU 312 Forever Fiber® | SKU 464


Made with an ideal blend of 20 fruits and vegetables, Forever Fiber® is an easy way to make sure you’re getting
Forever Supergreens™ adds a delicious berry flavor to enough fiber in your diet. One packet contains as
your shake while supporting metabolism, assisting in much fiber as two slices of whole
muscle recovery and promoting immunity. wheat toast to support digestive health and
immune function, without changing the flavor
of your shake.


Another year stands before us like a fresh chapter waiting to
be written. And while the story of our past will continue to
guide our principles and mission to help more people lead
better lives, the new year is an exciting time to dream bigger
and plan for what comes next. Here at the Home Office, we
are putting renewed focus on our dedication to simplicity and
finding creative ways to empower you to reach your goals.

This new year is also a great time to think about sponsor others, be 4CC Active and go after understand your business and take action. We
ways you can let go of unneeded complications every incentive. have added tools that allow you to share your
and focus on getting back to basics. As a Forever story and favorite products easily on social
Business Owner, simplifying your approach can By taking simple actions and repeating those media. I hope you take the time to explore all
put your goals into perspective and help you stay actions, you can reach your goals and grow a the great features and take advantage of this
focused on what is really important. balanced business. Schedule three or four tool to simplify and grow your business.
meetings every week. Introduce 10 new people
That kind of business building is exactly what to Forever products and the opportunity. Set But we aren’t stopping there. In the spirit of
Rex and Ruth had in mind when they started aside an hour or two each day to follow up with constant innovation, we have a lot of exciting
Forever around our kitchen table over four prospects, touch base with your team or share projects coming and we are approaching all of
decades ago. It’s the type of opportunity where your experience on social media. them with a dedication to simplicity.
consistency and drive mean more than
experience or education – an opportunity built This idea of simplifying isn’t just something As we head into 2020, I believe we can all take
on four key elements for success. we’re challenging you to do. Here at the Home steps to simplify and build a stronger Forever
Office, we’re making strides toward helping you together. There’s so much to look forward to in
Pure intentions. build a business based on simplicity. the coming months and I know if you stay
Powerful products. focused on the basics of building a Forever
Hard work. We started by simplifying the formulas of our Business, this could be the best year yet.
Simple actions. best-selling aloe vera gel drinks by removing
the preservatives and putting more of our pure Keep smiling,
Don’t be afraid to reset mentally in the new year aloe vera in every bottle.
and think hard about the very basic tenants of Gregg Maughan
building a business. Hard work doesn’t have to Our next big initiative is the release of a the President, Forever Living Products
be complicated work when your intentions are improved FLP360 in February. We have
pure. Use the products, share the products, stripped out some of the hard-to-use reports
and added simple, effective ways for you to


tMrcaeainnlttienarg AousnponstfhooaJernalewoMnFtnoouheognrbaeverleseyovyirtefpUe2pfriu.0pucMb1ibsa9allaliisg,srhmehaezeodidnvee!


The booking and availability of the room request can only be submitted by email at
[email protected] at least 10 days ahead specifying the following details:

• Training Title
• Name and Phone Number of the Manager in charge (in the room during the meeting)
• Beginning and Ending Time
• Kind of Training:

open to all FBOs, guests and customers
open to FBOs and Customers
open to all FBOs
reserved to the downline

Meetings “open to all” will have a priority during the booking period and will be the
only ones to be published on the company’s monthly calendar available at shop. (only when the meetings are correctly communicated
within the 25th of the previous month).

The complete Training Center Guidelines are available at the Personal Area of the website

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board: Events & Communication company department. Layout and graphics: Global Group Roma.


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