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Published by Forever Living Products Italy, 2020-05-05 12:27:29

Malta's Magazine May June 2020

Malta's Magazine May June 2020

M A LTA May - June 2020 | #03


Nothing says summer like the
sweet flavor
of sun-ripened peaches.

Forever Aloe Peaches® combines peach puree with
pure aloe vera drinking gel for a refreshing drink that’s
healthy and delicious. As a source
of vitamins, antioxidants and immune-supporting
aloe, with no added preservatives – it’s like
pouring a little sunshine in your glass.

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What’s Inside

inWhsat’is de?
Welcome to
Malta’s Forever

Make yourself comfortable:
discover the topics of the

month, news and products
from the Forever world!



Be inspired by the words of the Social media has really changed The valuable suggestions of
founder and CEO of Forever Living the relationship between President Gregg Maughan
Products. A food for thought by a businesses and their customers. to FBOs and beyond.
great man, every month.
FITNESS Refreshing drinks that taste great Take a peek into some of the key
and do great things for you, too. Forever Malta facilities and office.
How technology is changing
our health for the better.

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board, layout and graphics: Events & Communication company department.


Going through hard times makes us
more resilient. Yet, in my experience, it
can be hard to notice just how resilient
you’ve become while you’re in the
middle of weathering life’s storms.

Take a moment to stop and think about the Forever business will come out stronger than I challenge each of you to consider all the
ways you have responded to past challenges in we’ve ever been. This extended time we’ve things you’ve learned about your business and
your life by adapting, learning new skills and been spending at home has also been a period yourself during this unique time in our lives.
staying positive. for self-reflection and an opportunity to gain a Think about how you have managed to connect
new perspective of what is truly important and with people you care about and share your
The challenge we’ve all been facing together is fulfilling. When you look back, I think you’ll find business, even if you couldn’t leave the house.
an unprecedented one. Our Forever family has that you’ve not only become more resilient, but Reflect on all those little things you’ve become
remained united and even though we can’t more grateful for the people and experiences so grateful for and will never take for granted
always be together physically, I believe this that make you feel whole. again. Let the lessons you have learned and the
experience has helped us all become even skills you have developed push you and your
more connected. We’ve had more online Just last year, something as simple as a warm business forward.
trainings, found new ways to connect digitally embrace from a someone you care about, Being able to see the world with a renewed
and had an opportunity to share our excitement gathering around a table with friends or taking perspective is something that comes out of
and passion during our FGR20 Live event. your family to a busy park on a sunny day difficult and uncertain times. Let your gratitude
seemed so routine. To some extent, I think we be a catapult for a successful future.
WHEN YOU LOOK BACK, I all may have taken these seemingly small
THINK YOU’LL FIND THAT pleasures for granted. Forever Yours,
MORE RESILIENT, BUT MORE I know it will be a long time before we ever take Rex Maughan
GRATEFUL FOR THE PEOPLE these things for granted again. A friendly hug, a CEO, Forever Living Products
AND EXPERIENCES THAT human touch, or a day in the sun with friends
MAKE YOU FEEL WHOLE. are beautiful experiences that will feel even
more amazing when we are free to gather
And while it may take a while for the world to together once again. Nothing is more important
get back to normal, I know each of us and our than the bonds that make us human and the
kindness we share with each other.



New hsoeapseosn,

Dear Forever Friends, take shortcuts, is what are the foundations
allows us today to have of our business and
Forever Living is a leaders in Forever who this is what makes the
dynamic company, have made and continue difference in the lives of
always up to date, and to make a difference in many. Now more than
is part of this Network the lives of thousands of ever, we are working
Marketing epochal people. with perseverance and
change in which the We are getting ready determination to create
individual is the focus in for a new era and our a new way of doing
professional relationships purpose is to change for business so that we can
while creating a work the better the lives of as be the change that we
project that guarantees many people as possible have always desired.
carrier path and earnings through the Forever I hope that as you are
based on meritocracy opportunity. Our actual reading these words
and the assurance that FBOs and the future your mind and your
the business is carried Forever networkers are heart will open up to the
forward legally. the emblems of our Manager that you wish
In fact, being compliant company and they are to become… Forever is
with the Company’s rules easily recognizable for waiting for you.
and most importantly, their knowledge and
being willing to be an attitude as they guide With esteem and affection
example by refusing to their team through their
example. Our values

Now more than Giancarlo Negri
ever, we are Country Manager
working with
perseverance and

The future of


How technology is changing The foundation for a healthier you
our health for the better
When it comes to tech, the basic functionality is
You're feeling a little more sluggish than usual after common knowledge. We know there are wearable
streaming a few more episodes of that new show than devices like the Apple Watch, Garmin and Fitbit that
you should have. A familiar buzz on your wrist has you sync with our smartphone apps. They count our steps,
checking your smartwatch to see you're a little behind. mileage and incorporate GPS tracking.
schedule on your physical activity today and will need
to squeeze in a few extra minutes of exercise to meet But this technology has made huge leaps forward
your goals. recently – providing insights into our bodies that can
not only help people make meaningful changes in
Another notification shows you that not only fitness, but can even save someone’s life. For example,
did you go to bed later than usual, but you the latest Apple Watch is built with powerful sensors
got fewer hours of restful sleep. Stress at work kept and an ECG app that provides important information
you from fully relaxing and you woke up periodically, about heart health.
thinking about all the tasks waiting
for you when Monday rolls back around. IF SOMEONE’S HEART RATE
Before you’ve even had your first cup of coffee, you 120 WHEN THEY APPEAR TO
know that you’ll need to get more exercise today, go HAVE BEEN INACTIVE FOR AT
to bed earlier and think about ways you can reduce LEAST 10 MINUTES, THE WATCH
stress to get more quality sleep time. APP WILL SEND A
This is just the beginning when it comes to using
technology to improve health and wellbeing. In
isolation, there’s a series of apps, devices and
equipment that serve specific functions.

YET AS PART OF A WHOLE, A resting heart rate that is either too low or too high is
TECHNOLOGY IS MAKING something that should be brought up with a doctor
PEOPLE HEALTHIER, MORE FIT for further evaluation. The Apple Watch’s ECG app
AND MORE INFORMED BY provides users with insights that not long ago would
CHANGING BEHAVIOR AND require expensive medical equipment. It goes beyond
PROVIDING A BETTER IDEA heart rate to provide notifications when someone
OF WHAT OUR BODIES NEED. experiences a rapid, skipped or irregular heartbeat.
The results can be exported as a PDF to share with a
6 doctor.

If you find your resting heart rate isn’t within
a healthy range for your age, increasing daily activity
and changing up your diet can help
you lower your resting BPM. And there’s lots
of emerging technology that can help you
stay on track.


Whether you are looking to improve your diet, up your
fitness game or both, you can use technology to make
more informed decisions about your health. Check out
some of these tech advances for some additional ideas.

Smart water bottles

Not sure if you’re staying as hydrated as you should? Smart water
bottles like one made by Hidrate will let you know. LED lights
illuminate the entire bottle to let you know when it’s time for more
water, and it's available in several eye-catching colors. Sync up with
the Bluetooth-powered Hidrate App to easily track your daily water

Smart yoga clothing

Nail your yoga poses with the help of your clothing.
A shirt and pants combo from Pivot Yoga is outfitted
with sensors that track your body positioning and

Peloton App

This company might have a lot of buzz around its pricey spin bike,
but there’s no reason to sleep on the app if the bike isn’t in your
budget. A $12.99 a month subscription is perfect for people who
like to try new things with their workout and Peloton serves up
everything from meditation to yoga and high intensity training.
Whether you want to take your workout outdoors or keep it inside,

Mirror Fitness

This full-length mirror that runs on a quad-core processor is
like something out of a science fiction movie. It transforms into
a screen that shows on-demand fitness – anything from yoga
to boxing, cardio and Pilates. You’ll see your own reflection

Smart Scales

Investing in a smart scale will provide more useful information than
just your weight. There are plenty of options out there, but the
Withings Body+ will tell you your weight, muscle mass, fat mass and
water to provide you with a more accurate representation of your
body composition. It pairs with over
100 fitness apps and has a pregnancy mode to measure healthy


One app, three programs F15®

Forever’s F.I.T. app has taken innovation in fitness apps to a The completion of Clean 9 marks a great time to up
new level by combining the best elements of exercise and your overall fitness game with F15®. Like Clean 9, this
diet with physical products that provide you with advanced program includes important nutritional supplements along
nutrition. The app works with workout routines for beginner, intermediate and
as a companion for any level of the F.I.T. experience. advanced levels. The F.I.T. app makes for a perfect companion
that lets you access and follow along with workout routines
CLEAN 9 from anywhere, track progress, check off supplements and
challenge your friends.
This nine-day program helps your body hit the reset button
and replenish important nutrients. It involves taking in fewer VITAL5®
calories, more vitamins and nutrients
and provides a cleansing effect. Throughout the program, For those who want to stay on a great nutritional
the app will help you monitor water intake, plan calorie- path even after C9® and F15®, there’s Vital5®. This pack features
conscious meals and keep your supplement schedule on Forever’s favorite blend of nutritional supplements along
track. with aloe vera drinking gel to aid digestion and maximize
nutrient absorption. The F.I.T app pairs perfectly with this
program to keep you on
top of your supplement schedule and diet.


If you’re looking for more
knowledge and accountability
for your health and wellness,
turn to technology to help you
make smarter choices and live
a healthier lifestyle.


Fiynodur Challenge yourself
to achieve
F.I.T. your personal
best with Forever’s
Track your progress and stay motivated by F.I.T. program.
downloading the Forever F.I.T. App!
This tool will make the perfect sidekick during You’ll get advanced nutrition with workout
every stage of your fitness journey. routines to match your fitness level –
from beginner to advanced. Order your
program, download the app and charge
into the future of fitness.

C9® program: Vanilla / Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 547
or Chocolate / Forever Aloe Vera Gel® | SKU 548
F15® program: Beginner | SKU 528-529,
Intermediate | SKU 532-533, Advanced | SKU 536-537
Vital5® Pack | SKU 456
Also available featuring Aloe Berry Nectar® or Aloe Peaches®

WWW.FOREVERLIVING.COM.MT Forever is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

Please speak to a Forever Business Owner if you would like to place an order 9

Make meaningful
in a digital world

While social media was initially developed as Aloe Life spoke with Forever’s Director
a way for people to stay in contact with one of Digital Marketing, Amy Sifontes, about a few of
another, platforms like Instagram, Facebook and the ways social media is shaping the landscape
Twitter have turned it into a transformational for entrepreneurs and small business owners.
business tool. In less than two decades of
widespread global use, social media has
redefined the way companies communicate with
customers and helped entrepreneurs and small
business owners build strong connections.



What type of experience do you think people are Are there certain elements you consider a recipe
looking for when they follow for success for keeping people engaged and
a business on social media? interested?

Social media has really changed the relationship between Very simply put, our recipe is to inform, excite,
businesses and their customers. People want to engage and connect. Our social media channels are two-way
with a company for a lot of reasons, like finding their hours communication channels, which means we find it the most
of operation or looking for a good deal, but they also are finding successful when our content leads to hearing from our followers.
ways to feel more connected. Personally, the brands that Every post that we share serves to enhance our relationships and
I follow on social media are the ones that I connect with outside that means we look for authentic ways to share what we do and
of just a simple transaction. I want to feel heart connected what we love. Yes, we talk a lot about aloe and we love hearing
to their mission and keep an eye on ways I can experience feedback about our company and our products.
their brand beyond the product or service.
What importance does social media play in a
How has the development of social business like Forever?
media changed the way businesses interact with
customers? With a global company like Forever, social media is the direct
connection to millions of people all over the world. It’s a vital way
There’s more pressure than ever on business to be connected to of communicating for our business and it’s one of our favorite
their customers on social media. With Facebook messaging and mediums for communicating and keeping up with the Forever
commenting, people expect to get responses and they expect to Business Owners who are sharing their journeys.
get them quickly. Beyond messages that are
directed at a business, there may be hundreds to millions What are some of the things you enjoy most
of conversations happening online about a business. about working here?
Social listening is important because it can clue a business
in to conversations that are happening both good and bad. Social Every day is as exciting as the last. We are always working on
media is one of the first places a customer will go something new, whether it’s an incredible global event, like
to complain about bad service or products, so businesses must Global Rally, or contributing to a new technology or business tool
constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to improve their that will help someone be more successful, like FLP360. It’s never
experiences, be customer support, and fix relationships with their boring and I enjoy working with great people around the world.
What makes you #ForeverProud?
What has changed in terms of how businesses
advertise to people? I’m #ForeverProud to be part of a company that helps people look
better and feel better, and through social media be connected to
A lot has changed over the years with advertising and our Forever Business Owners who are sharing the power of aloe
how businesses can reach people. It’s a little scary right now where all over the world.
personal information is maybe at risk and some businesses are
taking advantage of the information that’s shared on the internet
that could be very intrusive to a customer.
It’s easier than ever to reach people and unfortunately, that
means it can feel like you’re being targeted with ads that feel very
personal to you. Sometimes, it can even feel like you’re not looking
at an ad or as if you’re being followed around on the internet. I
think advertising is just one of those areas of social media that will
always be rapidly evolving. Unlike tv or magazine ads, these types
of ads can learn about you and are usually aimed at you because of
something you’ve shared. I think this
is an area to keep your eyes on and if you’re someone who likes
to share A LOT on social media, consider how businesses may be
using that information to sell you products or services.


Ssiepaofstohe n
These aloe-inspired mocktails
feature the bold flavor of sun-ripened peaches
combined with ingredients that pair perfectly
with a lazy day on the porch or an afternoon at
the beach. Take your outdoor entertaining to
new heights this season with refreshing drinks
that taste great and do great things for you, too.

Didknyoowu ?

Forever Aloe Vera Gel® aids
in digestion and improves nutrient
absorption? Forever Aloe Peaches®
combines all the benefits of our flagship gel
with the delicious taste and antioxidant
power of sun-ripened peaches.


Peach Basil Mule

This refreshing take on a classic cocktail combines
the sweet taste of peaches with a spicy ginger kick.

3 oz. Forever Aloe Peaches®
½ oz. lime juice
½ cup ginger beer
2 fresh basil leaves

Ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and
shake for 30 seconds. Pour into a copper mule mug
with ice and garnish with basil leaves and a slice of
lime. Drop in a reusable stainless-steel straw.

Frozy Aloe-Navels

Frosty, fresh and sweet. You’ll be sippin’ pretty and
feeling peachy with this combination of aloe, peaches
and orange juice. Use the following recipe to blend
two servings at a time – because you’ll want to make
more than one!

2 cups frozen peaches
1 cup frozen orange juice
½ cup Forever Aloe Peaches®

Sliced peach for garnish

Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend
until smooth and serve in highball glasses.
For a thicker drink, add a few ice cubes.


In challenging times, it can be easy to feel
overwhelmed, or to become discouraged by
negativity. But, during times of struggle, there are
often far more positive messages and people who
are willing to help than you might think.

These people help carry us through our During good times and bad, those who strive to You might already be one of those people
hardships, not to be praised or recognized, but help others are doing great work and doing it lending a helping hand – if you are, I say a
because they have a passion for helping others. without expecting a lot of fanfare or attention. heartfelt thank you. If you’re not, I’d challenge
This includes so many members of our Forever each of you to think about ways you can support
In recent months, we’ve all experienced the family who manufacture, package and ship our the cause and make someone’s life a little easier.
difference that people make in our own lives products all over the world to help support your It can be as simple as picking up groceries for
when they think first of helping each other. Forever business and the health and wellness an elderly neighbor, calling a friend you haven’t
Many of us have been staying inside and of your family and customers. spoken with in a while, or reaching out to ask
working from home to help slow a pandemic how you can provide support.
that has impacted every type of business all That’s why I know it meant so much to all of
over the world. But behind the scenes, there Forever’s workers in our warehouses and Always remember to be part of the good simply
have been, and continue to be, brave people manufacturing facilities to see and read the by focusing on the small things you can do for
willing to lend a helping hand. outpouring of support from so many of you others. Whether it’s a physical act of support or
over the past couple of months. simply sharing a message of positivity with
There are doctors and nurses who are not only someone, you might just be the helping hand
providing critical care but also making sure the Continue showing your gratitude to those that lifts someone else up.
everyday healthcare needs of all their patients who don’t just keep Forever, but the rest of
are being taken care of. There are people in the world moving, even when times are Keep smiling,
warehouses and driving trucks to help support uncertain. From the clerk at the grocery
our global supply chain. Others work to make store to the people delivering packages, Gregg Maughan
sure our grocery store shelves are stocked with don’t miss an opportunity to thank the people President, Forever Living Products
the products we need. These workers are the who support us, even when it comes with a
glue that hold our communities together. risk to themselves.


tMrcaeainnlttienarg AousnponstfhooaJernalewoMnFtnoouheognrbaeverleseyovyirtefpUe2pfriu.0pucMb1ibsa9allaliisg,srhmehaezeodidnvee!


The booking and availability of the room request can only be submitted by email at
[email protected] at least 10 days ahead specifying the following details:

• Training Title
• Name and Phone Number of the Manager in charge (in the room during the meeting)
• Beginning and Ending Time
• Kind of Training:

open to all FBOs, guests and customers
open to FBOs and Customers
open to all FBOs
reserved to the downline

Meetings “open to all” will have a priority during the booking period and will be the
only ones to be published on the company’s monthly calendar available at shop. (only when the meetings are correctly communicated
within the 25th of the previous month).

The complete Training Center Guidelines are available at the Personal Area of the website

65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara

Phone: +356 27882272 Mobile: +356 7959310 [email protected]

Editorial board: Events & Communication company department. Layout and graphics: Global Group Roma.



16-20 SEPTEMBER 2021

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