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Published by Forever Living Products Italy, 2018-11-20 06:55:26

Malta Magazine Nov-Dec 2018

Malta Magazine Nov-Dec 2018

M A LTA November - December 2018 | #06



5 -12 May 2019

# 06 Forever News Malta

Page 4........................................................REX’S LETTER
Page 5............................MANAGING DIRECTOR’S LETTER
Page 6................................ NEW FOREVER ACTIVE PRO-B
Page 7................................................... NEW PRODUCTS!
Page 8............................................... SUCCESS DAY 2018
Page 10...............................................SUCCESS STORIES
Page 12...................... EAGLE MANAGER’S RETREAT 2018
Page 13............................. SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD
Page 14................................ GREGG MAUGHAN’S LETTER
Page 15........................................... TRAINING SCHEDULE

NEW OFFICE FOREVER MALTA Phone: +356 27882272
Office address: 65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara Mobile: +356 79593109


# 06 Forever News Malta

For many of us, It was with this sentiment in mind, that we used Our Forever Business Owners and their belief and
a home has simply the phrase “welcome home” when our Eagles dedication are what has made the last 40 years
been a place where came to visit Phoenix for EMR18. While Phoenix so meaningful to me.
we go at the end of the is the home of Forever Living Products in the
day. Yet, as our life traditional sense, it is also an ethereal “home” Seeing our Eagle Managers find their country
experiences shape us, for so many of us around the world. flag in the Hall of Flags, sharing hugs and kisses
home becomes more as we greeted one another and watching their
of a state of mind. From here new products are envisioned, joy as they visited our office and Forever
It’s a way of feeling, new improvements are made to our tried and Nutraceutical made us all thankful to call this
of being, that echoes true marketing plan, new events are planned beautiful place our home.
contentment and at amazing destinations around the world,
happiness, fulfillment bonuses are paid and so much more. From here, Thank you to each of you who came home
and comfort. Forever continues to drive our business forward, to Phoenix this October. Thank you to those
It gives us a sense and provides opportunities for others who are that have come to see us over the last 40 years
of belonging. searching for a sense of belonging to feel and to those who will visit us over the next 40 and
“at home”. beyond. Your passion, your energy and your spirit
are what truly makes Forever feel like home.
But it’s BECAUSE
OF YOU this place feels Forever Yours,
like home to me.
Rex Maughan

CEO, Forever Living Products


Managing Director’s Letter # 06 Forever News Malta

Dear Forever Friends,
As we are approaching the end of 2018, we are starting to draw a balance
of our productivity by comparing the differences with the previous year,
and the “picture” we get helps us to prepare the goals for the coming
year. We engage the same principle as a Company and we THANK
all of you for the results reached up to now, THANK YOU for all your
achievements and the numerous move ups.
However, it is not just a matter of numbers, but also a matter of people
who work together for a project called Forever, people who decided to
build a better future by creating solid foundations for a successful and
professional business. By working with commitment and consistency for
the next 2-5 years, you will be able to generate a lifestyle up to your
dreams expectations.
For the last 40 years, Forever taught all around the world that through
work and free initiative it is possible to improve one’s personal situation
and with Forever this is all proven.
There are many people in Malta who would like to have more time
available and more earnings, however these conditions are hard to find
in the traditional work system. It is for such reason that as a Company we
invite people to attend to our meetings where our Managers share their
experiences proving that change is possible. Today, many of our FBOs
can witness that thanks to Forever business they are able successfully
manage their time and earnings thanks to a well-organized business.
As a Company, we would like to clarify that the concept of being wealthy
is often advertised with the network marketing business, identifying it as
a quick method to reach success and money. To Forever, this concept
is identified as earnings that help people come out from tuff times, as
for example a person who struggles to pay a small mortgage this can
be called “richness” – to be able to pay for it without worries. All this is
the result of a job conducted through commitment, determination and
hard work. This is the new Network Marketing frontier, a lot different from
what is advertised. As Forever Italy and Malta, we want to give a big
THANK YOU to all of those who on daily basis teach the work values and
represent it by becoming Forever’s Ambassadors.
Just a few more weeks to 2018 conclusion to reach our goals.

Giancarlo Negri
Country Manager


# 06 Forever News Malta

Reasons and utilities is expensive and complicated to create a bacteria blend
The Microbiota and the recent scientific researches’ that can survive in the intestine while supporting each
acquisitions other and allow its reproduction. It is simple and cheap to
The human being is a is a “super-organism”, the result use tons o bacteria in a product even though it does not
of the symbiotic combination of the genetic heritage and have a good effectiveness.
the “microbiota”, a very complex bacterial ecosystem - Many probiotic bacteria are naturally sensitive to
with a high diversity degree within the species heat and moisture. Our new packaging uses the latest
characterized by metabolic and immunological functions in engineering technology (Active Vial™) to ensure
physiologically diversified and “specialized”. The set of maximum shelf life of our probiotics. The bottle is a vial
microorganisms that form the intestinal microbiota, once that includes a flip-top for an easy open/close “click”
called intestinal flora, plays a fundamental role in the and moisture-tight, spill-proof sealing. It also includes
human health optimal maintenance. When their balance an engineered sleeve built into the wall of the bottle to
(defined as “eubiosis” or “normobiosis”) is disrupted, it control moisture absorption and protect the probiotics
triggers a process of alteration of the microbiota (called throughout the shelf life. Instead of the typical moisture
“dysbiosis”) which plays an important role in the uprising sachet that absorbs moisture once it’s already come into
and progression of health issues. the bottle, this prevents moisture from even entering the
When speaking about microbiota, we refer to the totality bottle, stopping moisture in it tracks—keeping the bottle
of single microorganisms’ ⎼ bacteria, fungi and protozoa a more stable environment to ensure maximum CFU.
that live and colonize a specific environment (the Does this product work? Of course! Our formula was
intestine) in a given time. researched and clinically tested at the Copenhagen
The human microbiota is defined as “the set of University Hospital. BioCare Copenhagen’s Scientific
microorganisms that in a physiological way lives in Advisory Board is comprised of some of Denmark’s
symbiosis (live and bring benefits) with the human body. leading experts and provides essential support in clinical
This microbial population is mostly concentrated in the research and development of probiotic ingredients. By
intestinal tract. According to recent researches, the body collaborating with these experts, Forever Living is able
hosts about 38,000 billion bacteria. to stay on the cutting edge of research and technology in
The microbiota can be significantly altered by external the area of probiotics.
factors such as diet, daily stress, diseases, and some How to use it? One capsule a day 30 minutes before meal
drugs or other types of microorganisms in the daily is enough. This product is adults’ use only.
external environment. From a state of balance called
eubiosis, one can shift to the opposite condition called
dysbiosis that brings to current diseases also called
“progress’ diseases”. Stress, a poor diet, environmental
factors, and a wrong lifestyle, can negatively affect our
gastrointestinal tract causing fatigue, weakening of the
immune system, difficulty in maintaining optimal body
weight, and skin problems.
Nowadays, it is recognized the importance of the
microbiota’s role in maintaining a healthy state. The
commensal microorganisms, in fact, not only support
the human body functions, such as metabolism and
immune system, but also act against the pathogens’
proliferation. It is clear that after many years, it was
essential to adapt our great ACTIVE PROBIOTIC to
modern times, transforming it into the new exceptional
We do not need to explain once again its composition,
and other data as everything is already available, on the
other hand, it is interesting to go over some facts.
- The probiotics contained are synergistic with each
- Many products available today show the quantity of
bacteria contained, 20, 30, 50 billion as proof of great
effectiveness. This is not the absolute truth; in fact, the
minimum legal requirement today for a probiotic-based
product is “at least 1 billion for at least one bacterial
strain contained “. The most recent and accredited
research has shown that a quantity of bacteria between
5 and 10 billion adequately prepared and supported
by prebiotic is more than sufficient and optimal for the
correct colonization of the human intestine. However, it


# 06 Forever News Malta


Aloe Activator
Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner
Forever Active Pro-B


Sonya Daily Skincare System
& Aloe bio-cellulose mask


# 06 Forever News Malta
This Success
Day has been
a great Day!

September 9, 2018 is a date we will not forget. It is the earn two tickets to the Global Rally in Stockholm and up
day our Success Day in Malta took place, and surely to €250 towards your travel to participate at Forever’s
was a successful event lead by the MCs Gabriel Cortis greatest event.
& Joanne Muscat who did a great job taking us through We are looking forward in seeing you to the next
this exciting event. Forever’s event and thank you for all that you do to make
Over 120 people joined us in Malta to listen, share and the Forever opportunity a reality.
learn more about the business and how Forever has
changed lives.
We had a great number of new Supervisors and Assistant
Managers recognitions on stage. We are very proud
of how Forever is growing in Malta, thank you to your
hard work and determination. It was also a great honor
to listen to Nikki Gatt, Stefanie Consiglio, and Caroline
Gauci and how they became Managers.
This was also a great chance to recognize all the Malta
and Italy’s qualifiers of the “Flying Start Challenge”. In
fact, we had the level three qualifiers from Italy, and we
had the pleasure to listen to great testimonies from the
visiting Senior Managers Rosalia Aiello and Rocco Resta,
and to Gloria Giuliani, Diamond Sapphire Manager.
We would like to thank several people who are leading
examples here in Malta and were recognized on stage for
their achievements:
Odette and Paul Chetcuti, Senior Managers, Senior Eagle
Managers, Chairman’s Bonus qualifiers; Ruth Galea Pace,
Senior Manager, Forever2Drive level 2, Senior Manager,
and Chairman’s Bonus qualifier; and Galea Pace Mark for
his Eagle Manager qualification.
Their achievements are the results of detailed planning,
hard work, team energy and this is why Ruth Galea Pace
was also recognized on stage with a customized plate
as Top Manager in the year 2017; and Odette and Paul
Chetcuti were recognized with their customized plate as
Top Managers for 2018’s first trimester.
Any Success Day has some surprises and we had
some great ones: the new Aloe Vera Gel launch! We
learned about the new implemented formulas and their
packaging. Everyone had the chance to taste some and
we are hoping you are loving it just as much as we do!
A great day requires a great conclusion just like the
motivational speech Jayne Leach left us with. For those
of you who had not yet the chance to meet her, she is a
strong and loving woman, who has travelled the world
with her husband John Curtis to spread their business
in almost any corner of the world helping thousands of
people - they are Diamond Managers and members of
the Executive GLT.
It has been a real Success-ful Day and we hope we were
able to give you an idea of what these events are about,
so that you can start planning your next qualification and
be recognized on stage during the next Success Day.
However, before then, make sure to qualify for the
“Sponsor your way to Stockholm” incentive so you can



# 06 Forever News Malta

# 06 Forever News Malta
What baeautifuljourney!

My name is Ruth. I am 45 years old. I am married to
Mark and together we have a 16-years-old son named

I started this beautiful journey with Forever 2 years and Ruth Galea Pace
8 months ago. Senior Eagle Manager
I first started because I loved the products and I wanted Forever2Drive Qualifier
to recommend them to everyone because by using 1.5k and 2018 Chairman’s Bonus lev. 1
them I felt amazing with the inner and outer nutrition. Top Manager 2017
At that time, my life was in a bit of a crisis and I started
to earn good money, obviously thanks to my clients who
loved and felt good with the Forever Living Products. I
had a strong why on continuing. I wished to be healthier
and desired to achieve my financial freedom. Today,
a few years later, I proudly say that I am an Eagle
Senior Manager, level 2 Forever2Drive qualifier, and
a Chairman’s Bonus level 1 qualifier – with 3 first line
Managers - and I am finally financially free.
I joined the business in 2016, and I was Top Manager
in 2017 - I got to where I am today through hard work,
consistency, and determination.
During this journey, we have to learn and teach, we
have elevate others, and follow the ethics. Without a
great team, I would have never made it all this way, so
I want to thank my #amazing team for the support and
all the efforts they have put into this project.  

I am so grateful to this amazing Company for always
teaching us and supporting us in every way.
You can manage the Forever business on your own, but
you are never alone.
We can all fly high like eagles.
My motto is to learn and teach what you know,
understand and the four cases credits.

Wish you all the love, health, and huge success


# 06 Forever News Malta
W a s i t w o r thYiets?!
Odette & Paul Chetcuti
Senior Eagle Manager
Forever2Drive Qualifier
Chairman’s Bonus lev. 1
Top Managers 1st semester 2018

I am proud to be in Network Marketing and even more will then push you into action. Action means touching
excited to embrace this profession with the company your business every day, sharing the products and
I love – Forever. My background is in banking with 23 opportunity everyday by meeting people and by building
years of career and loved what I did, and felt safe having relationships.
that secure job. I would have never imagined doing
something else. My future was planned and I would have How is our life different today after 10 years in Forever?
left the banking world one day to enjoy my retirement. 1. I can match, double and triple my previous bank
How could you tell this woman to do network marketing salary. It is ok to earn more money with Forever.
when she already had a job and a life?
Things do change in life and fate took a chance about 2. I am now enjoying free time, which means I can
10 years ago when I realized that my banking career organize my day around my commitments, and I am
was not taking me anywhere. I was no longer having able to enjoy our second home in the island of Gozo.
fun in my job. I finally decided to quit the bank, change We go there whenever we wish to and work from there
career and do Network Marketing with Forever. There as well.
was fear of change, yet there was the clearness of my 3. Paul was able to retire from his job and we now
Dream. Of course, 10 years ago it was unheard to quit work together, which means that we spend more time
the bank field to do NM! Maybe it still is. People around together.
me thought that my decision was a crazy one and they
laughed at me. Was it easy? Absolutely not! Was it worth it? Yes, I will
It was not an easy journey. It was not easy to be a do it all over again. One of my favourite quotes comes
pioneer. There was no one doing the business here at from the movie “Rocky”.
that point in time and it was somewhat lonely. Yet, I
was filled with a ‘childish enthusiasm’ that pushed me LIFE IS NOT ABOUT HOW HARD YOU HIT, BUT
forward to create things, gain knowledge and be a self- HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT AND KEEP MOVING
starter. My belief and vision were greater than my fears. FORWARD. THAT IS HOW WINNING IS DONE.
The will to learn gradually was huge, and working on
myself was a priority on my list. Never ever, give up because we are all Forever.
You learn how to have faith, believe in yourself, in your
abilities and in your services. Your faith and patience Odette Chetcuti


# 06 Forever News Malta

OCTOBER 7-13, 2018

18 They say that when we travel, we live the journey three Eagle saw how and where our supplements are made.
times: when we dream of it, when we experience it and This amazing journey ended with an exciting party, the
when you remember it. Forever Palooza – everyone got to dress up as his or her
Our Eagle Managers just came back from the Eagle favorite singer or musical period – the perfect conclusion to
Managers Retreat 2018 that took place in Scottsdale, a perfect experience.
Arizona, and we are certain that they have being dreaming We would like to give a special thanks to all of out Eagle
about this trip for the whole incentive qualification period, Managers who qualified, we know that this incentive
as Scottsdale is a very special place for the Forever family, requires planning, team work, and a lot of hard work – but
it’s Forever’s home where everything began. as always, Forever recognizes the sacrifices and rewards
This year’s qualifiers spent three intensive days at the Eagle with incentives that can change lives.
Managers Retreat (hosted at the Westin Kierland Resort – a Special thanks to those who proudly represented Forever
breathtaking hotel!), as they have dedicated about a whole Malta: Odette & Paul Chetcuti and Ruth & Mark Galea Pace.
day to trainings held by our top worldwide leaders, by the We strongly believe that this was a unique experience to
Executive Team, and by the GLT (Global Leadership Team). all of those who participated and a unique occasion for
They have heard about the new products, new digital each one’s business – it is proof that Forever offers infinite
strategies, how to increase productivity and the 4Core opportunities.
principles, success stories, and a lot more. One of the As mentioned at the beginning of this summary, when we
most exciting news was the introduction of the Scientific travel, we live the journey three times: when we dream of it,
Advisory Board, formed by three external experts. (For when we experience it and when you remember it. Those
further information: who qualified as Eagles get to live unique moments and
page/scientific-advisory-board/usa/en). take home precious memories. You can find some of these
Another day was dedicated to activities; in fact, our Eagle memories at the following link:
Managers had the privilege to visit the Main Office and to Events/2018-Eagle-Managers-Retreat-Arizona
shake hands with Rex Maughan, Founder of Forever Living Please remember that you still have several months to
Products. The Main Office is situated in the sunny city of qualify for the next Eagle Managers Retreat as the incentive
Scottsdale – a wonderful building surrounded by grass, period end on April 30, 2019 – make sure to join us as you
plants and with a beautiful view on the lake. Here, our will be able to choose between two great destinations:
Eagles enjoyed some relaxing time with a picnic by the lake. Dallas in the US or Pattaya in Thailand!
The activity when on to the Forever Nutraceutical where our


# 06 Forever News Malta

The year 2018 is a milestone for us as our company is
celebrating 40 years of success and the reason of this great
achievement is that here in Forever, we are constantly looking
for ways to improve and be the very best leaders in our field,
which is why we have gathered a group of experts, the Forever
Scientific Advisory Board. These experts will work closely with
our executive team and product development team to support
our mission of bringing the best ingredients from nature and
combining the latest scientific advancements to create products
that help you look better and feel better.
The Forever’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of three
leading experts in the nutrition, medical and toxicology
industries. Each has more than 40 years experience spanning
the private and public sectors.


Dr. Roger A. Clemens is a leading expert in biochemistry and
nutrition. He serves as part-time faculty at the University
of Southern California’s International Center for Regulatory
Science program where he enjoys an adjunct appointment
as Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Dr. Clemens earned an AB in Bacteriology, a MPH in nutrition,
and a DrPH in public health nutrition and biological chemistry
from the University of California, Los Angeles. His primary
focus is researching how food, nutrients and supplements
are metabolized. His work has been published in at least
40 peer-reviewed publications and he has received more
than 70 invitations as a medical and scientific lecturer both
domestically and abroad. Dr. Clemens’ work has taken him all
over the world. He spent much of his career working with food-
scarce nations to help provide proper nutrition to impoverished
residents. Dr. Clemens also works in the study of nutritional
needs throughout each life stage and how to address those
needs properly, making him a perfect addition to the Forever
Dr. Wallace Hayes is a renowned and accomplished toxicologist.
His experience spans the areas of industry, academia and
consulting. He holds academic appointments at several
prestigious universities, including Harvard University,
University of Massachusetts and Michigan State University.
Dr. Hayes earned degrees from Auburn University (Ph.D. and
M.S.) and Emory University (A.B.). His breakthrough work
in toxicology has earned him multiple awards, including the
Society of Toxicology’s Merit Award and the International Dose-
Response Society’s Outstanding Leadership Award. Dr. Hayes
brings extensive regulatory and consulting experience. He has
worked with Fortune 500 companies along with government
agencies worldwide, including the EPA in the United States. Dr.
Hayes is a Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences,
the Royal Society of Biology in the U.K., the American College
of Forensic Examiners and the American College of Nutrition.
Dr. Peter Pressman is a distinguished medical doctor and
researcher who’s dedicated his life to helping people. He
currently serves as Vice President of Public Health and
Nutrition at the Daedalus Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr.
Pressman is also Director of Medical Operations at Polyscience
Consulting in Chatsworth, California. He is a graduate of
Bowdoin College, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern
University Medical School, and was trained at the University of
Wisconsin and Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center.
As a Naval Medical Officer, Dr. Pressman deployed to Iraq and
Afghanistan to provide internal and critical care treatment. He
teaches internal medicine and critical care and says training
the next generation of physicians is one of his great passions.
Dr. Pressman is also a leading researcher on nutrition. His
insight will be invaluable here at Forever as we continue to
pursue excellence and innovation in advanced nutritional


ChTtaaheklelenge # 06 Forever News Malta

The power of testimony can completely
change our social business. Have you ever
told a friend about a new restaurant
or a new movie and immediately convinced
them to give it a try?

The world we live in today proves that That’s a lot of trust we place in other people’s Plus, it’s a perfect way to get familiar with
recommendations and reviews by other people opinions and it proves that your business has a product that shows immediate results
are the most effective at influencing actions. the ability to grow beyond just your list of ahead of the big push for New Year’s
In fact, most people will only buy a product if they “people you know.” This shows that your circle resolutions, so you can share your
can read a review from someone else first. of influence opens up much wider to those experience with others looking to make
seeking reviews on what to purchase next. a change!
A 2014 study by BrightLocal
on consumer reviews showed HOW CAN YOU USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE? End the year strong and help others ring
88% of people trust online in 2019 with new healthy habits. Jump in
reviews written by other It’s simple. Start using the products regularly when you can, start your C9 Challenge and
consumers as much as they and become a product of the product. Then, invite others to come along
trust recommendations find the best place to leave your reviews. Post for the ride. You can’t share the power
from personal friends. your story or interaction with Forever products of a product, until you’ve tried it for yourself!
on your own pages. Leave recommendations
and reviews on the Forever Living Products Keep Smiling,
Facebook page and other review sites.
Of course, don’t miss out on an opportunity Gregg Maughan
to speak with more people in person to President, Forever Living Products=
recommend products that you enjoy using.

Are you already a product advocate who
uses more than five Forever products a day?
If not, it’s time to start some new habits.
Have you already joined our Global C9
Challenge? This is a great opportunity to
jumpstart your healthy eating habits and
fitness routines before the holidays weigh you


Training Schedule
# 06 Forever News Malta

The booking and availability of the room request can only be submitted by email at: [email protected] at least 10
days ahead specifying the following details:

- NAME OF THE PERSON IN CHARGE in the room during the meeting (Manager) + Cell. contact number
□ open to FBOs, guests and Customers
□ open to FBOs and Customers
□ only FBOs
□ reserved to the downline

Meetings open to all will have a priority during the booking period and will be the only ones to be published on the company’s
monthly calendar available at: (When the meetings are correctly communicated within the 25th
of the month before.)

The meetings reserved to the downlines will still need to be requested/booked 10 days in advance; considering that the
meetings open to everyone will have the priority. There will be no official communication on the company’s published calendar
regarding the reserved scheduled meetings.

The complete Forever Malta Training Center Guidelines are available at the Reserved Area of the website


BLAKE JOHN ....................................GALEA PACE MARK


Move Ups will no longer be published on the Forever Magazine.
As of January 2019, move ups will only be published on the official



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