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Published by Forever Living Products Italy, 2018-09-06 05:22:13

Malta MAY JUNE18

Malta MAY JUNE18

M A LTA May - June 2018 | #03

A new way to experience Aloe with the
latest advancements in skincare.

The best of nature and
scientific innovation combined in
two wonderful new products!
balancing toner
Forever protecting day lotion
con SPF 20

Brighten up your daily routine.
Feel at your best in your skin.


# 03 Forever News Malta

Page 4........................................................REX’S LETTER
Page 5............................MANAGING DIRECTOR’S LETTER
Page 6................................................................ INFINITE
Page 9............................................................. TARGETED
Page 11......................................................FLYING START
Page 12................................................. ACTIVE DE-PURE
Page 14................................ GREGG MAUGHAN’S LETTER
Page 15........................................... TRAINING SCHEDULE

NEW OFFICE FOREVER MALTA Phone: +356 27882272
Office address: 65 B, Triq It-Torri, Swatar, Birkirkara Mobile: +356 79593109


You’ve often heard me say Whether it’s a tale of a man who has dedicated As we celebrate our 40th birthday, I invite each of # 03 Forever News Malta
“The power of Forever is his whole life to one job, rain or shine, because you to give the gift of sharing your story. It’s only
the power of love”. of the pride he takes in his work or the story of a then that you will truly understand how the power
woman who knew she could change the future of Forever is the power of love.
But, it’s hard to explain the power of love, isn’t for a whole village just by providing fresh water,
it? And yet, despite the near impossibility of each of these stories possesses a sort of magic. Forever Yours,
describing something emotional, it still feels They are all part of the power of love and how
like the best way to explain who we are and Forever gives us each an amazing opportunity to Rex Maughan
what we do. In my experience, the best way share kindness and to pay hope forward. CEO, Forever Living Products
to understand a feeling is to truly experience it.
Noted French film director, Jean Luc Godard has Even more, we found that there was something
said “Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories even more powerful in pulling these stories
give it form.” together from all over the world. When we tried
to pick out our favorites, or the ones that told the
This year, as we are celebrating 40 years of Forever story the best, we found we couldn’t.
Forever, I have spent quite a bit of time reflecting We knew that the stories couldn’t just end on
on my favorite memories and looking back at all the final page of the book. And that’s why
the stops on our journey to get here. As we got we’ve only chosen 39. Because the greatest
to thinking about the past and the people and story of all is YOURS.
places that have helped to shape Forever, we
realized that these stories help to bring the power The Forever story is an ever-growing
of love to life. collection of tales, reminiscences and
legacies that remind us that the power of
We wanted to take time to share the stories of Forever is intangible and exists in many
some of these people and the moments that different forms. It shows me that there’s
shaped them with you, and have put 39 of our nothing greater than people working
favorites into our “40 Stories of Forever” book that together for a common goal – to make the
we launched at Global Rally in Dallas. At first, we world a better place. And it makes it clear
thought that these stories would help bring life to that the future is bright!
40 years of good deeds, harrowing journeys and
masterful businesses, but what we ended up with
is so much more!



Managing Director’s Letter # 03 Forever News Malta

Dear friends,
back from the great event of the Global Rally in Dallas we want to thank
Forever Founder Rex Maughan and the President Gregg Maughan for
the exceptional event that has shown Forever Italy & Malta achievements
to the whole Forever world.
7th place in the world for us again, between 160 countries, gained for
turnover and growth is a pride that recognizes the value of each of our
FBOs and that honours us.
To participate with the “National Uniform” and to see the recognition of
two of our FBOs of the GLT (Global Leadership Team), gave even more
value to the professionalism and credibility of all of us.
We are proud of all the qualifications and rewards obtained by those
who have distinguished themselves for their career growth and economic
results rightly valued in front of over 10,000 people!
Another great opportunity was to take part in the project our Founder
wanted; which was to pack 430.00 meals for the children of Zimbawe: it
was the confirmation that economic success (as far as we are concerned)
is for the common well-being. Which other company allows and creates
the conditions for all this? And above all, in which business environment
outside of network marketing can these results be achieved?
All this represents a confirmation that the choice of Forever as a
working model produces the best results for commitment, satisfactions,
guarantees, career growth and earnings, but above all a lifestyle that can
make the difference.
The dream of the past generation manifests itself in the present,
guaranteeing a great future for next generations.
All this comes from our decision and our courage to approach the network
marketing and embrace its potential, believing in ourselves more than
others have believed.
Thanks to all the Foreverians who wears the Italian & Malta’s national
team uniform and share their knowledge and their experience for an ever
better Forever.

With esteem and affection,

Giancarlo Negri
Country Manager


# 03 Forever News Malta

dehydrated skin hydrated skin


7 Products
# 03 Forever News Malta

# 03 Forever News Malta
For Targeted

Introducing balancing toner, protecting day lotion with SPF 20,
smoothing exfoliator and awakening eye cream

Beautiful, glowing skin is within reach with Forever’s new skincare products for targeted results. These
unique products will refresh and revive your skin by targeting specific skincare needs such as dullness,
dry skin, blotches, sun damage, puffiness and dark circles. They can be added to any skincare regimen
and complement all skin types, product lines and routines to maximize results for your personal needs.

Balancing toner is an important We have also added cucumber extract to
part of any daily skin routine to improve skin tone and texture and help with
refresh, soothe and rehydrate puffiness. To target skin color variations, we
your skin after cleansing. It goes included white tea extract that combined
beyond the surface to remove with a high concentration of Aloe, helps
any remaining dirt. fight against free radicals. These powerful
ingredients moisturize and soften the
It helps smooth your skin’s color and texture. skin for that desired “je ne sais quoi” glow.
By supporting the skin’s pH balance, it helps
minimize the appearance of pores and Balancing toner will also help your skin
maximizes hydration before moisturizing. absorb additional nutrients and better
prepare it to maximize the benefits
For youthful looking skin, balancing toner of our protecting day lotion before
consists of a unique blend of seaweed extract you step out the door.
and sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronic acid—
affectionately referred to as a “molecular
sponge” because of its ability to attract
and absorb water-supercharges
this powerful formula.

For silky, soft skin, try our To round out this unique blend, natural extracts
smoothing exfoliator. Slough like bromelain, papain and lemon essential oil
off dead skin cells and dirt regenerate the skin. An enzyme obtained from
by exfoliating. pineapple, bromelain destroys keratin—a
protein in dead skin cells. Rich in vitamins,
We combine the best of science and nature papain from papaya contains vitamins A, C, E
for a deep clean that will reveal fresh, bright and pantothenic acid, better known as B5—a
skin with a smooth texture and tone. water-soluble vitamin crucial for healthy skin.
Lemon essential oil then richly moisturizes and
Our secret formula combines five unique hydrates for a youthful glow.
ingredients that gently resurfaces new skin.
Round jojoba beads massage the skin and We also added grape juice extract and other
penetrate to those hard-to-reach places for antioxidants for effective and gentle exfoliation
ultimate cleansing. Sustainably sourced to uncover lush skin. After use, your exfoliated
granules of bamboo are also used to skin will feel silky and smooth and be primed to
delicately refurbish old skin. absorb subsequent nourishing ingredients to
maximize your skincare routine.

# 03 Forever News Malta
For beautiful, lively eyes, try circles in as little as 15 days. It evaporates
our awakening eye cream that quickly, drawing water away from the skin to
reduces the appearance eliminate swelling and that tired look we all
of puffiness, dark circles try to escape.
and wrinkles.
Our revolutionary blend has Albizia Julibrissin
An exclusive formula of peptides—fragments Bark Extract with Darutoside—the first active
of proteins consisting of amino acids that help ingredient of its kind demonstrated to have a
skin retain its texture and firmness—this cream lifting action on the sagging upper eyelid. This
improves the delicate area around the eyes advanced cream strengthens the skin around
that often requires the most love. the eyes to blur crow’s feet. It also fades the
appearance of dark circles by consolidating the
Visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines microvascular network in the eye area.
with this remarkable collagen that optimizes
hydration and firmness, while supporting Awakening eye cream will make your
collagen production, which naturally slows eyes gleam, making others
down with age. Butylene Glycol, a powerful wonder how you got
ingredient in this cream, has been shown to your sparkle.
reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark

Forever’s protecting day lotion in this Mediterranean plant’s oil, improves
with SPF 20 will deliver targeted skin’s tone and texture and is easily absorbed.
results with ultimate moisture
and protection as it replenishes Another one of our powerful ingredients is
and wards off external elements. watermelon extract. Containing large amounts
of antioxidants, this element helps fight against
Created with powerful botanicals, our lotion the oxidative process. It also defends the skin
will nourish your skin all day long. It will also against dark spots caused by the sun. Not
shield you against harmful UV rays with broad only will this daily lotion protect your skin from
spectrum mineral sunscreen. harmful UV rays, but it will also prevent skin
damage as it keeps you moisturized
This nourishing lotion consists of Aloe, throughout the day.
mushroom extract and over 20 skin
conditioning ingredients, for an unprecedented
moisture boost. It is infused with lush fruit and
herbal extracts, including the Crambe plant.
The unusually high amount of fatty acids found

Whatever your needs, time constraints Infinite
or personal skin concerns, Forever by Forever™
has the right solution for you.
These four new amazing supports beauty from the inside out and Skincare
products by Forever for targeted outside in, leaving you with radiant,
results will give you glowing, moisturized skin that looks and feels younger. Daily
radiant, and fabulous skin. For daily use to support combination skin, Skincare
be on the lookout for a brand-new skincare
Strategically placed between our infinite by line launching in 2018. These products will Launching 2018
Forever™ and daily skincare line coming soon maintain and promote healthy looking skin
in 2018, these skincare products can be used with a revolutionary gel technology.
by both women and men of all ages and can To address specific skincare concerns,
complement any skincare regimen. delve into Forever’s new skincare products
for targeted results.
Restore skin’s moisture balance and stimulate
healthy collagen levels with infinite by 9
Forever™, our newest and most advanced
anti-aging line. This potent skincare line

Global Rally
# 03 Forever News Malta



Global Rally 2019 will take us to the beautiful Nordic Those that qualify for our generous Chairman’s Bonus
city of Stockholm, Sweden. Referred to by locals as program will also be invited to Stockholm to pick up
“beauty on water”, Stockholm is made up of 14 islands their Chairman’s Bonus Check. A generous bonus
and has a rich history combined with a modern feel. and a trip to an exotic destination around the World? It
The Scandinavian principle of lagom, or “just the right doesn’t get any better than that!
amount” refers to the art of balanced living and makes it
a perfect destination for Forever Business Owners from The qualification period for Forever Global Rally 2019
all over the World. ends December 31, 2018. Consult the Company Policy
to learn more about how to qualify!


FLYING START INCENTIVE # 03 Forever News Malta


Chetcuti Odette
Consiglio Stephanie
Galea Pace Ruth
Gatt Nikki
Muscat Joanne

Gauci Stephen
Rizzo Francesca

Galea Pace Mark
Huber Daniela
Madiona Fenech Priscilla
Pullicino Dylan
Shandler Audrey


# 03 Forever News Malta
neverWeeSanlwudaFryinspid ntoruhtiinmsFkoreeoo…sfryeovu!er…


Nowadays it is advisable to anyone to help the body eliminate
metabolic waste (residues of digestion, free radicals and other
harmful substances coming from the external environment)


# 03 Forever News Malta

Our Forever Aloe Vera Gel® is as close to the real thing as you can get.
A product of our patented aloe stabilization process, our gel is favored by those
looking to maintain a healthy digestive system and a natural energy level.

A natural blend of leaves, herbs and spices for an outstanding flavor and rich aroma.
Refreshing cinnamon, orange peel and cloves impart a warm, fruity flavor, along
with allspice and ginger to soothe. Combined with aloe blossoms from our own
plantations, this zero calorie tea is a great complement to your weight management

ARGI+® provides all the power of L-Arginine, plus pomegranate.
L-Arginine is a potent amino acid that helps to support what scientists refer to as
the “Miracle Molecule” - nitric oxide. L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide in the
body, to help support circulation.


15 FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL.......................... 4

200 ALOE BLOSSOM HERBAL TEA.................... 3

473 ARGI+......................................................... 1

4010 ARGI+ BOTTLE............................................ 1


# 03 Forever News Malta

I say it every year Thank you for helping to make this company the I will always remember Global Rally 2018 as one
and I never tire of it – greatest opportunity in the world. Thank you for of the greatest reflections in our company’s
Thank YOU. Thank you everything you do to ensure that our products history. Thank you for making this celebration
can help more people all over the world look truly an experience like no other. Now, let’s set
for an incredible 40th better and feel better. Thank you most of all for our sights on the next 40 years!
anniversary celebration at you your enthusiasm as we see the biggest
Global Rally! Dallas holds evolution of Forever and our products since it all Keep Smiling,
a special place in Forever started 40 years ago.
history and I am so grateful Gregg Maughan
to have had the opportunity All the hard work and dedication to get this
to welcome you home for company and your business where they are President, Forever Living Products
now show that nothing happens overnight,
#FGR18. and sometimes, we can really only grasp the
significance of our accomplishments by
looking back.


Training Schedule
# 03 Forever News Malta
Training Schedule

at Forever Living Product Centre

Paul & Odette Chetcuti
We hold training sessions every Tuesday at 6pm
for all FBOs. We are focusing on Business.
Product knowledge which be provided accordingly.
This is a fantastic opportunity for FBOs who
want to take their business to the next level.
We share experiences, testimonies, ideas and learning tips.
The more you learn the more you will earn.
Kindly contact us at (00356) 79251882 or email us at odette.
[email protected]




GAUCI STEPHEN...............................CHETCUTI ODETTE




GALEA PACE KURT......................... GALEA PACE RUTH


GALEA PACE RUTH.......................... DIANDRA CACHIA


GATT NIKKI.........................................GALEA PACE RUTH





MICALLEF, NICOLE........................... GALEA PACE MARK


OCTOBER 7-13, 2018

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