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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic secondary college for girls in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue - discover the wellbeing walls, exciting public speaking news and an insight into where languages can take you at Avila.

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Published by Avila College, 2017-11-14 18:59:08

15.11.2017 Avila College Newsletter

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic secondary college for girls in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue - discover the wellbeing walls, exciting public speaking news and an insight into where languages can take you at Avila.

November 15 | 2017

From the Principal
The school year seems to be speeding away and there has most de nitely been much achieved by many.
Unit Two Drama students impressed their audience (and their teacher Mr Cash) last Wednesday night in their solo performances - the non naturalistic form bringing out much intellectual and creative interpretation.
The beautiful weather saw a large number of students enjoying some incidental exercise at lunch time on the courts and around the totem tennis, whilst others enjoyed some quiet
time in the Re ective Garden in quiet conversation with their friends.
On Saturday Ms Lascaris led budding musicians perform at the St Mary Magdalene's School fete on Saturday.
This Thursday night we welcome our Year 7 Class of 2018 and their families into the College community at the Transition Evening and so their journey as members of the Avila Family begins.
I have eaten too many donuts! But I have been meeting so many of our students it has all been worth it.
Thanks to those students in Years 8 to 11 who have signed up to join me for a “I Donut Know You Yet” morning tea in my of ce.
It has been fantastic talking with you and great nding out the whole range of things people “do-nut know about you”.
Do-nut stop being amazing friends to each other - you have shown a great Avila spirit!
Our Year 12s (and a large number of Year 11s) are undertaking VCAA Exams currently. These exams are of course a challenge but they are equally an opportunity. They allow students to show the breadth and depth of their learning.
The exams teach students a lot about their knowledge and skills, but they also offer lessons in resilience, exibility, adaptability and personal wellbeing management.
There are lots of supports in place at school, in the community, online and within families. I urge all of our young people to take up the challenge to perform their best in their exams and to keep things in balance!
The current sunny period we are enjoying shouldn’t be missed altogether, don’t forget about vegetables and
sleep - they are both good for you, your families need you to keep on being a part of family life - and this is good too.
Strive for excellence and always be open to learning!
Happy Learning!
Dr Michelle Cotter
Dr Michelle Cotter
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
35 Charles Street, Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149
T 03 9831 9600 [email protected]
Avila College acknowledges the Wurundjeri people, the traditional custodians of the land on which the College is built.

Chair of the Board
The nal Board Reporting Meeting occurred late in October and concluded with a Board Dinner to celebrate the commitment and contribution of the Principal and Executive Team,
Fr Nicholas Pearce and all Board Members to the Avila College Community over 2017.
The Avila Board welcomed Avila students Clare Morrow, Emma Johnston, Chiara Smith, Priyanka Sharma and Mieke de Vries, to this meeting.
These students shared their personal re ections of signi cant experiences from opportunities in 2017, ranging from the Building Bridges to City Cite programs.
Regular occasions to listen to Avila student voices, continues to assist the Board in its service to the College.
The Board Development Working party, set up in 2016, has now achieved its purpose. A Board Member Commitment Statement has been developed, the Board Handbook has been drafted and planning for a Board Education Sub- Committee is now in its initial stages.
In preparation for next year’s School Review process, Dr Cotter invited Board Members, to provide feedback to Executive Team Members, using an assessment tool (the Self- Assessment Rubric), across the ve dimensions
of the school (Learning and Teaching, School Community, Leadership and Management, Education in Faith and Student Wellbeing).
The format of College Reports to the Board, from these 5 areas, has been adjusted in 2017, to re ect a focus on continuous school improvement.
Each report now includes reference to the overall School Improvement Plan Goals, a list of the intended outcomes for the sphere and a summary of the strategies used and the achievements or value added.
Wishing you and your families peace, as we prepare for the joyful seasons of Advent and Christmas.
Sally-Anne Petrie
Chairperson, Avila College Board
Anzac Day and Remembrance Day remind us to pray for peace, to think about what we are doing as individuals, as a community and as a country to bring God’s peace into the world. This is a time when a believing community should once again turn towards prayer and towards ideals Jesus gives us in the Beatitudes.
God of peace you call us to peace,
Peace within
and peace without
Peace before us
and peace behind us
Peace on our right and peace on our left.
Christ of Peace
you call us to peace,
Peace with our brother and with our sister,
Peace with our neighbour and with the stranger
Peace with friends and with foes
Spirit of peace
you call us to peace,
Peace in work and in play
Peace in thought and in deed
Peace in word and action
Grant us peace, O God of peace.
(adapted from Australian Catholics October-November 2017)

I DONUT know you yet!
with Dr Cotter

2018 Student Leaders
*Apology: We apologise for the misprints in the last newsletter in the 2018 Student Leadership List. The Year 11 Art Captain is Charlotte Nunn and the Year 11 Drama Captain is Chloe Smith.
Year 12
Year 11
Year 10
Year 9
Year 8
College Captain
Abbey Goullet
College Vice Captain Faith & Mission
Tiana Chandraratne
College Vice Captain Community
Sarah Loughnan
Faith & Mission Captain
Chiara Smith
Grace Giuliano
Caitlin Grima
Art Captain
Kate Tidswell
Charlotte Nunn
Elena Gallo
Natalie Khoo
Art Vice Captain
Tyana Arhondis
Drama Captain
Sophia Grubnic
Chloe Smith
Haris Andrikopoulos
Emma Johnston
Drama Vice Captain
Olivia Bruce
Music Captain
Jessica Satya Graha
Danielle Mattingley
Isabel Amoranto
Jocelyn Satya Graha
Music Vice Captain
Anita Mandarino
Sport Captain
Logan Sharrock
Tricia Cowan
Alicia Yiannios
Stephanie Wales
Sport Vice Captain
Ellie Karaula
Public Speaking
& Debating Captain
Dinella Hettiarachchi
Emma Gare
Priyanka Sharma
Matilda Baumann
Public Speaking
& Debating Vice Captain
Paige Bryant
Chisholm Captain
Carla Di Gregorio
Molly Feeley
Jenna Di Gregorio
Ally Redlich
Nishara Fernando
Flynn Captain
Emma Deegan
Sarah Ang
Nicoletta Akritidis
Amy Burns
Lynn Ng
MacKillop Captain
Vicki Andritsos
Mietta Busscher
Rebecca Wright
Olivia Thomas
Paige Jansens Ter Laeck
Nagle Captain
Danielle Apidopoulos
Zoe Gifford
Mia Voursoukis
Katie Wylie
Milagros Vargas
Fire Carriers Captain
Natasha Palamara Caterina Abell
Stage Crew Captains
Leah Whiting Bianca Timi

Faith and Mission
Year 8 Re ection Day
Laudato Si ... Care for our Common Home. You are the Future !
This term’s Year 8 Re ection day was aimed at making relevant the connection between the Catholic identity of the College and the modern world through creative and inclusive spiritual experiences.
"I loved everything about today on re ection day". Ashley Sung
"We were able to open our minds to the world around us and know about what is happening to our environment".
Natalie Khoo
"My favourite part about today was de nitely the seed bombs that we made - something about getting dirty and...’down to earth’ was very enlightening and made the whole environment situation real to me."
Jocelyn Satya Graha
"The imovie idea worked really
well because it enabled all of us to participate and contribute. I cannot wait to see the nished product of all the videos put together".
Katie Wyllie
"Year 8 Re ection day was amazing! Everything presented was eye-opening andIamsureIcanspeakforallof
us when I say, I have learnt so much!
I will most de nitely, try to save and protect our Earth for our future generations". Adline Anne OBrien
Carmela Marino
Director of Faith and Mission
It provided the opportunity for students to make a connection between the Pope’s encyclical to modern everyday life as stewards of our world and draw an awareness of our connection between our Faith and our responsibility in looking after our world as the future generation.
"I think that today was an excellent day. I liked how we worked as a class instead of different groups".
Shantelle Schiavello
"I really enjoyed having the freedom to explore the school with my friends in order to nd photos. Creating an iMovie including all the footage and choreography gave us a chance to really think about what is happening to the Earth around us. It was interesting to learn about Pope Francis and what he wrote about the encyclical (Laudato Si). Getting our hands dirty and creating a seed bomb was a lot of fun".
Thehansa Seneviratne
Ms Carmela Marino
Director of Faith and Mission [email protected]
Maeve Gill
Tiana Chandraratne
Faith and Mission Captains
Chiara Smith Alicia Roy
Faith and Mission Captains

Faith and Mission Important Dates
Sunday's Gospel Reading
Sunday 19 November
Matthew 25: 14–30 Parable of the rich man, going on a journey
Sunday 26 November
Matthew 25: 31–46 Whenever you serve the least of people, you serve Christ.
Friday 17 November
Memorial of
St Elizabeth of Hungary
Tuesday 21 November
Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
22 November Memorial of St Cecilia
Friday 24 November
Memorial of Saint Andrew Dũng-Lac and Companions
End of Year Masses
Friday 1st December
Year 10-11
End of Year Mass Holy Family Parish 12noon
Friday 8th December
Year 7-9
End of Year Mass Holy Family Parish 10:30am

Learning and Teaching
Year 9 students undertook their semester 2 exams in Maths, Science and English on Wednesday and the Years 10 and 11 students commence their exams on Thursday this week. Students undertaking year 12 studies will sit their nal written exam on Wednesday 22 November.
Year Level Coordinators, Curriculum Leaders and teachers have advised students about how to prepare for their exams, including details about speci c materials permitted in the different subjects’ exams.
Students are reminded that they must bring their school ID card to each exam. Further information about pencil cases, stationery, water, watches, mobile phones, calculators and dictionaries
is included in the “Exam Permitted Materials” link on Simon.
Examination timetables can also be accessed from Simon.
Where such a clash occurs, the assessment of the Year 9 subject takes priority.
During HeadStart students undertake three lessons in each of their semester one subjects throughout the program. Homework will be set to assist students to commence the new year with con dence and knowledge regarding the type of learning that occurs in each subject.
In many cases, the homework is designed to prepare students for school assessed coursework (SAC) tasks that occur very early in the course.
Any student who knows that she will be absent from any of the HeadStart program must see her current year level coordinator.
Students are advised that absence may put their VCE studies at a disadvantage. Absentees are required to catch up
on the work missed in addition to completing all holiday homework.
Booklists have been issued to all students along with con rmation of their electives for 2018. Booklists need to be submitted online to Campion by Thursday 30 November.
Mrs Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
All students currently in Years 10 and 11 will undertake the HeadStart program from Friday 24 November to Friday 1 December.
Year 9 students undertaking a VCE subject in semester one should attend the HeadStart lessons for that subject unless they have a formal assessment occurring in their year 9 class at the same time.
Mrs Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal
Learning & Teaching [email protected]
Ms Angela Torelli
Director of Studies Y10 - 12 [email protected]
Ms Klara Baka
Director of Studies Y7-9 [email protected]

Alumnae + Languages
Where can studying a language get you?
Many students question the uncertainty and the value of learning a language until VCE. But one thing that is rarely considered is life after Avila and where life may lead you post study.
Recently we posted a few questions on Avila’s Social media page and we received some fabulous responses from former Avila students. Here is what they had to say about their life long journey as a language learner and lover of languages and how learning a language has come into play in their lives.
Alexandra Saltis
"I graduated from Avila
in 2010 and studied Italian up until the end of year 12.
I have since been on exchange to Italy, studied Italian at university and tutored Italian!
I really believe in the importance of learning a language and being a globally in-touch student and member of the community"
Simone Enright
"I studied Indonesian and
have been there 8 times and although they speak English they do appreciate when you can say a phrase or two in
their language, and I think it is important as you are in their country and being able to make an effort I think shows respect and understanding".
Jenna Lo Bianco
"I studied Italian at Avila, graduating in 2004.
Italian language and culture have since driven my career goals and life experiences.
I have lived and studied in
Italy, have published Italian textbooks, work as a freelance writer for Segmento Magazine, have worked as a consultant, and am the Vice President of
the Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian. I am currently undertaking a PhD in Education, exploring the world of Italian language education in Victorian secondary schools, alongside teaching Italian full-time".
Sandra Staf eri (nee Penso)
"Studied Italian, of Italian background. Used my Italian for work throughout my career in the medical eld".
Isabel Fernandez
"I studied Italian at Avila, fell in complete love with the language and have taught it to others ever since".
"I started learning French in Year 9 with Madame Venier and studied it until VCE. I've always enjoyed the French language but when I got to uni it wasn't feasible to continue the language as I studied commerce.
However I managed to go on a uni exchange to France, which I really enjoyed. I ended up meeting a local who is now my husband!
We live in Melbourne so I try to continue speaking French to him so I don't forget the language. I also have a few French friends who live here and we speak French!

Pastoral Care
Our Wellbeing Walls!
How we see ourselves greatly affects our sense of wellbeing and this is especially the case for young people.
Many young people sometimes question how they feel about themself and their place in the world.
From time to time various stressors can trigger a negative mind set and a young person can be left feeling low and isolated.
Trying to nd that balance between staying true to your core values, being
a ‘good’ friend, assisting at home, studying for exams, meeting deadlines, tting in sports and various co- curricular activities and nding the time to just ‘be’ can be challenging.
How aware you are of your emotions and how accepting you are of your self will in uence your con dence and ability to relate to others.
There are many factors that in uence wellbeing and understanding your feelings and emotions, being exible and open to change and knowing when and who to ask for help are key components of supporting a young person's wellbeing.
In this edition of ‘Student Voice’ video our ‘Wellbeing Walls’ are highlighted. They offer valuable resources and information where students can access self help apps, and develop a broader understanding of some of the mental health conditions young people might experience.
Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students
Watch the Video - Our Wellbeing Walls
Having trouble viewing the video? Click here to watch.
Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students [email protected]
Mrs Anne Stephens
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 [email protected]
Mrs Anna Marvelli
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 [email protected]

Uniform and Student Voice
Avila has a strong desire for students to know that their experiences, opinions and ideas are valued in aspects of school life. We encourage students to generate discussion, gather information and formulate proposals that represent the student community.
Following discussions the following options are now available for students:
• Option to wear College sports uniform
(shorts or track pants depending on the weather) to and from school if they have a PRACTICAL class scheduled on that day or
• Option to get changed back into the summer uniform
In the warmer months good hygiene practices are encouraged, especially for sports classes, such as the use of roll on deodorants and a change of socks.
Families play an important role in supporting
this change, please familiarise yourself with your daughters timetable to ensure that she has her Sports uniform on the days practical classes are run, these are indicated by the room name e.g. Gym or Hall
In partnership we trust that you will support this student voice initiative and the spirit of collaboration in which it has been enabled.
This will be effective from Monday November 20.

Public Speaking
Rotary 4 Way Test Competition
In early October Sinead Kelly and Stephanie Ska das represented Avila College in the Rotary 4 Way Challenge Public Speaking Competition for Year 10 Students.
Sinead and Stephanie worked hard to prepare for the heat and made sure they delivered their speeches with con dence, barely looking at their notes.
Both girls spoke exceptionally well on the plight of
Melbourne's homeless and social justice in education.
Sinead Kelly then advanced to the nals and was victorious in the Grand Final of the Rotary 4 Way Test Competition.
Her speech which critiqued Melbourne as the winner of "The Most Liveable City" was well-received by the judges for both the depth of her content and the professional manner in which she delivered her speech.
Congratulations to Sinead and thank you to Mrs Sophie Clapperton who supported Sinead on the evening.
Congratulations to Sophia Grubnic who was last year's Runner-Up in this competition. She has been invited to be on
a panel who will address the Rotary Community at next year's International Women's Day breakfast in recognition of her passion for gender equality in last year's competition.

British Parliamentary Debating
The Debaters Association of Victoria season ended with a day of British Parliamentary Debating. In this activity we took on the roles of Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Parliamentary Whip in a four way debate that dealt with the issues of the day.
British Parliament allows debaters to interrupt speakers while they are delivering their speeches and it allows speakers to refuse questions – this proved to be a lot of fun.
The debates were all short notice and provided us with a challenge. This was exciting as it forced us to apply knowledge and skills we had used during the season with only 20 to 30 minutes to plan. The Avila Teams did well on the day with one team debating against those on the top of the ladder at the end of the day. We look forward to next year.
Voice Competition - UN Youth
UN Youth’s “The Voice” is a competition that sees participants propose solutions to pressing global issues and lobby for their consideration.
Four students from Avila College participated; Ruth Edwards, Mila Vargas, Nimrit Kakkar and myself. The competition was split into a Junior and Senior Division with Avila doing exceptionally well with a student from each division progressing to the State Final - Nimrit in the Senior Division and Mila in the Junior Division.
Both Nimrit and Mila did very well in the nal delivering speeches that offered solutions to the shortage of medicines in the developing world and reducing the impact of Climate Change in the Asia Paci c region.
Congratulations to Nimrit and Mila.
Elisa Scholast, 7 Red

This Robot can Dance!
Tiana Pincic, Marina Baroudi and Erin Choo competed in the Everybody Dance NAO robot competition at the Robotica Festival at Scienceworks.
Following a gruelling and anxious session of robot hacking their dance led off the competition to huge applause from the crowd of Robot a cionados at the festival, who appreciated the NAO robots perfectly timed air-guitar.
100 Year Anniversary
Year 11 VCAL students and Year 10 Our Australia History classes visited the Shrine of Remembrance to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of light horse soldiers who fought in the battle of Beersheba.

Kokoda Memorial Track
The VCAL class walked and climbed the Kokoda Memorial Track - the 1000 Steps in Yarra Valley - to remember those who fought in the war.
Avila Calendar Dates & Events
November 1 - 24
VCE Exams
November 15
Year 10 + Year 11 Study Day
November 15
Year 9 Exams
November 16 - 23
Year 10 + Year 11 Exams
November 22
Second Hand Uniform Shop open 1-4pm
November 24 - December 1
Headstart VCE
November 27
Presentation Evening
November 29
Second Hand Uniform Shop open 1-4pm
8am - 4.30pm
Late Start Tuesday 28 November
Day after Presentation Evening

Monday 27 November | 7.30PM
Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University
Please arrive at 7pm for a 7.30 start
All Year 7 and 12 students are expected to attend as they will be presented on stage. Free parking is available in the Monash University carpark.

Avila College Community | #avilalife 2018 Calendar
Image Search
Get your image published!
Avila College is looking for creative images that re ect life at Avila to feature in the 2018 School Calendar.
All members of the Avila community are invited to submit images for the calendar - they could be photographs, paintings, drawings or other creative submissions. We have 12 spaces (one for each month) plus the cover and back cover available.
Send your submissions to Kim Edwards in person or via email [email protected] by Thursday 7 December
35 Charles Street, Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149 T 03 9831 9600 [email protected]

Torquay Surf Life Saving Club would like to invite Year 9, 10 and 11 students (15-17yrs) to partici- pate in this years live-in Bronze Medallion Training Camp held at Torquay Surf Life Saving Club from December 17th - December 23rd. There are limited spots available in this exciting camp which helps participants learn new surf skills, gain new friendships and become part of a sup- portive club with sporting and volunteering opportunities.
If you have any inquiries or expressions of interest please do not hesitate to email us at torquay-

Thursday 16 November
8:50am – 11:00am
Year 11 English
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 10 History
11:50am – 1:30pm
Year 11 French
Year 11 Psychology
Year 10 Environmental Science
Year 10 Chemistry
Friday 17 November
8:50am – 11:00am
Year 10 English
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 11 General Mathematics Exam 1
Year 11 Specialist Mathematics Exam 2
11:50am – 1:00pm
Year 10 The Menu
11:50am – 1:30pm
Year 10 Literature
Year 11 Agricultural & Horticultural Studies
Year 11 Mathematical Methods Exam 2

Monday 20 November
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 10 Mathematics A
Year 10 Mathematics
Year 11 Studio Arts (Photography)
8:50am - 11:30am
Year 11 Chemistry
12:20pm – 2:00pm
Year 10 Agriculture & Horticulture
Year 11 Biology
Year 11 Geography
Year 11 Twentieth Century History
Year 11 Visual Communication & Design
Year 11 Indonesian
Year 11 Music Performance
Tuesday 21 November
8:50am – 10:00am
Year 11 Mathematical Methods Exam 1
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 11 Product Design & Technology (Textiles)
Year 10 Studio Arts (Manual & Digital Photography)
11:20am – 12:30pm
Year 10 Drama (Opposite Prompt)
11:20am – 1:00pm
Year 10 Genetics & Evolution
Year 10 Physics
Year 11 Religion and Society
1:50pm – 3:00pm
Year 10 Religious Education
Year 11 Specialist Mathematics Exam 1
1:50pm – 3:30pm
Year 11 Legal Studies

Wednesday 22 November
8:50am – 10:00am
Year 10 Technology (Big Ideas in Computer T echnology)
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 10 Forensic Science
Year 11 Business Management
Year 11 Physical Education
Year 11 Physics
11:20am – 1:00pm
Year 10 Economics (World of Commerce)
Year 11 Drama
Year 11 Health & Human Development
Year 11 Australian & Global Politics
1:50pm – 3:30pm
Year 10 French
Year 10 Indonesian
Year 10 Italian
Year 11 Italian
Year 11 Food Studies
Thursday 23 November
8:50am – 10:00am
Year 10 Health & Physical Education
8:50am – 10:30am
Year 11 Accounting
Year 11 Studio Arts
8:50am – 11:00am
Year 11 Literature
11:50am – 1:30pm
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