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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College

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Published by Avila College, 2017-02-28 00:38:16

Avila News 28 February 2017

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College

February 28 | 2017


From the

Dear Avila College Community,
Although the year has only just begun, we have already held a number
of key events that have “Inspired today for tomorrow”.

Mrs Madeleine Franken On Thursday 16 February we held the Fr John Sherman OMI concelebrated
last of our term 1 Parent Information the Mass and brought with him the
Acting Principal sessions with the Years 8 and 9 Parent Captain and Vice-Captains of Mazenod
BA, Dip Ed (Sec), Information Night including guest David College to share in our liturgy and to
M.Ed.Leadership, Gemmel from the Outdoor Education witness the commissioning of Avila
Post Grad Dip Group speaking about the forthcoming College’s student leaders for 2017.
(Student Welfare), Year 9 camp, and Harry Leather from
Post Grad Cert City Cite explaining how the Year 8 City Behind the scenes was much
(Careers Ed), MACE Experience operates. preparation so I acknowledge and
thank Ms Carmela Marino, Director of
35 Charles Street, Each of the year level information Faith and Mission for planning and
Mount Waverley, nights was led by the relevant Year organising the Mass and Ms Roxane
Victoria 3149 Level Coordinator and included Lascaris, Music Coordinator for her
T 03 9831 9600 Homeroom Teachers and College support in selecting, rehearsing and
[email protected] Counselling staff along with literature leading the music which enlivened and resources to support those our liturgical celebration so
involved with adolescents’ wellbeing. beautifully.
Avila College acknowledges the
Wurundjeri people, the traditional I thank all involved in preparing and
custodians of the land on which attending these after-hours events for
the College is built. their commitment to working together
2 in support of our young people.

Opening of the School Year Eucharist

On Wednesday 22 February we It was also a wonderful opportunity to
gathered as a large school community welcome many close friends to Avila
of students, staff and parents to College including, Sr Maria Lazzaro,
celebrate the Opening of the School Congregation Leader of Presentation
Year Eucharist. Our College Hall was Sisters, Ms Vick Myers, Catholic
transformed into a sacred space Education Melbourne, Mr Shane
for a joyful celebration led by our Davoren, Principal of St Christopher’s
neighbour and recently appointed Primary School, Mr Phil Hesse,
Chair of Canonical Administrators’,
Fr Nicholas Pearce from Holy Family

Principal of St Simon’s Primary College Board A Time
School, Ms Elizabeth Rodrigo, Liturgy for
Coordinator St Simon’s Primary Tonight, 28 February, the Avila Turning
School, Mrs Ruth Jones, Principal College Board will meet for the first Around
Good Shepherd Primary School, time for 2017. Tonight’s meeting
Avila College Board Chair, Mrs Sally- will be for members only as it is a Truly dust we are,
Anne Petrie, other Board and PFA formation one with a number of new and to dust we shall return;
members, alumnae, parents and members this year. Please note that and truly yours we are,
grandparents too. the Board’s Annual General Meeting, and to you we shall return.
held in term 1 in previous years; Help this to be a time
Year 12 Formal instead, will be held at the start of of turning round
term 2 on 18 April 2017. and beginning again.
Last Friday, 24 February, the Year 12 Through the forty days of
students celebrated in style at their Feel free to mark 18 April in your Lent, help us to follow you
gala event of the year, the “Formal” diary if you would like to attend the and to find you: in the
at the International of Brighton. Avila College Board AGM. discipline of praying.
Students and their partners looked Help us to discover you
stunning in their formal attire as The Start of Lent in our loneliness and in
they happily danced away the night. community, in our emptiness
This week marks the beginning and our fulfilment,
Many thanks are extended to Ms of a very significant time in the in our sadness and our
Jenny Dunn and her VCAL team of Church calendar. Today is Shrove laughter.
students and staff for their work Tuesday and Lent begins with Ash Help us to find you
in organising the event, along with Wednesday tomorrow. when we ourselves are lost.
Year 12 Level Coordinator, Mrs Clare Help us to follow you
Manning, Director of Pastoral Care, All students and staff will commence on the journey to Jerusalem
Mrs Anna Marvelli and Head of Ash Wednesday with a liturgy that to the waving palms of the
Operations Mrs Donna Bell. includes distribution of ashes as an people’s hope,
outward sign of our need to begin to their rejection, to the
The smooth running and success again. cross and empty tomb.
of this major event so early in the Help us to perceive new growth
year owes itself to the extra effort Upcoming Events amid the ashes of the old.
and commitment of many staff in Help us, carrying your cross,
ensuring our students could enjoy On Thursday we will hold our annual to be signs of your Kingdom.
and create happy memories from a House Swimming Carnival at MSAC. Amen
beautiful social event like this. It promises to be a great day of
celebration with the venue providing 3
Parents and Friends Association excellent undercover viewing for
all, as well as perfect facilities for
The Avila College PFA held their all competitors. Parents are warmly
first meeting for 2017 last week welcome to attend as per the
with many new Year 7 parents information issued through Care
in attendance. It was great to Monkey.
witness such enthusiasm to
working together and building new Parents and friends of Avila College
connections and friendships. are also reminded that a ceremony
to commission new principal, Dr
The PFA at Avila College is Michelle Cotter will be held in the
committed to “friend-raising” rather College Hall at 9am, 18 April followed
than “fund-raising” so if you are by morning tea. All will be welcome
interested in being part of such a with bookings available for catering
welcoming and supportive group, purposes through Trybooking.
please email [email protected] With blessings to all,

Madeleine Franken


Parent-Student-Teacher Meetings

3:15–8:30pm Monday 27 March and Wednesday 29 March

Avila College’s Parent-Student-Teacher meetings provide an opportunity
to discuss student progress and to work together to develop strategies to
enhance learning.

Ms Angela Torelli Booking Meeting Times • If a student has a particular
teacher for multiple subjects,
Deputy Principal Learning Bookings have now opened for the only the one appointment slot
and Teaching Semester One meetings. Parents need should be booked. If more time is
to make bookings using the Parent required, a date can be arranged
dp.learningandteaching Access Module (PAM). All parents for that to occur subsequently. should have their PAM usernames
and passwords. If not, please ask your We urge parents to book early to
Ms Klara Baka daughter to retrieve them via SIMON. secure their preferred time slot.

Director of Studies Attending the Meetings If circumstances change, parents can
return to the booking program and
director.studies79 • Students are expected to alter bookings up to Sunday 26 March. accompany their parents to the If there are concerns or problems
meetings to discuss their learning. with booking interviews, parents
4 should contact the IT Help Desk at
• Classes for students will conclude the College.
at 1:10pm on meeting days.
• All meetings are held in the Hall. tBaimot o5ekpsilmnogto!snwSilulncdloasye
A few staff, will be located in the 26 March
front (stage area) of Bunjil.

• Interviews are five minutes.

• Please be punctual and complete
the meeting on time. Each teacher
has a number of parents to meet
with and delays will affect other
meetings, teachers and parents.

• If a longer appointment is
required, use the meeting to
identify a suitable alternative time
to chat with a specific teacher.

How to book Parent-Student
-Teacher Meetings using PAM

Step Log on to PAM Avila Calendar
One Dates & Events
Two CyYr>>aoo>e>SPEutnucAPrnrih’rAMettdoeMvlraoroleeoulaSgtgmgcLIhiMhcinieneentOmkedsmsNrsdevct(bedliaLaoaietHisnglaSrpsSiinIl)lMasyO?eNd March 2
Step House Swimming
Three Click on Parent Teachers Interview Carnival
link on top right hand corner
March 3
Select Subject Year 10 Reflection Day
Select Time
Click on Book Now March 8
Print off a list of booking times Indonesia Experience
Information Evening
Bookings close
Sunday 26 March at 5pm March 13
Labour Day
School Closed

March 14-17
Year 7 + 9 Camp
Year 10
Community Service


9831 9696

If your daughter is not
attending school, please
call 9831 9696 by 10am.
If a student has not been
recorded as absent,
notification to parents
will go out via text message.



Ms Janine Bauman Helping to Ease the Transition

Deputy Principal Students The move from primary to secondary school or one year level to the
next is full of mixed emotions ranging from excitement through to
[email protected] nervous anticipation. It involves more challenging work, new teachers,
and the tricky task of making new friends.

There may also be ‘grieving’ for the loss of old friends and teachers. During
this time, it is not unusual for young people to be a little apprehensive
or anxious. All these things are typical of them feeling stressed and
overwhelmed by the changes and expectations they are facing.

Mrs Anne Stephens There are a number of important things Ensure she has the correct uniform
parents/carers can do to support their and that she is able to organise
Director of Pastoral Care [Y7-9] daughter during this time, including: herself correctly according to the
requirements of each day.
director.pastoralcare79 Support and Encouragement Attendance
Some young people will surprise you
Mrs Anna Marvelli with their resilience during stressful Your daughter will sometimes feel
times. Others benefit from having tired and possibly overwhelmed. It is
Director of Pastoral Care someone there to give a cheer or smile important that she attend school rather
[Y10-12] from the sideline. Encourage your than allowing her stay at home. Time off
daughter to do homework and revise can be counterproductive, and can result
director.pastoralcare1012 her in-class material so that she doesn’t in falling further behind and exacerbate fall behind in her academic progress. Be her sense of feeling overwhelmed.
available in case she has any questions.
6 Getting Involved
Soon after school starts you will be
Provide your daughter with opportunities invited to your first parent-student-
to express her feelings about school, teacher meeting. This will be a
friendships or any other topics. Take a valuable opportunity to discuss your
genuine interest in what she says. daughter’s progress and talk about
any concerns you or your daughter’s
Establishing Consistent Routines teachers might have.

Writing lists of what to do each day It is also recommended that you
may help your daughter to know contact your daughter’s Homeroom
what is going to happen and what is Teacher sooner if you have any
expected. This may also help her to concerns.
feel safe and secure.

Homeroom Teachers are able to provide first- Support from our team
hand reassurance, monitor progress and help
coordinate extra support throughout the school. We are fortunate to have other key personnel that
support the Pastoral Care Team and assist with
Providing Practical Support transition and student wellbeing.

For example, the prospect of having to negotiate Jenny Dunn, Pathways Leader, oversees the VCAL,
the trip to school on public transport can be VET and Careers Education programs and in
quite daunting. Consider accompanying your collaboration with the Pastoral Team, ensures
daughter on the train or bus as a ‘test-run’ to that information and programs are timely and
help familiarise her with the routine. responsive to students needs. A dedicated group
of teachers deliver curriculum within the VCAL
Providing Balance program and Geraldine McKenna delivers school
VET courses and careers counselling.
Make sure your daughter maintains a healthy
balance in her life. Ensure she also enjoys Jenny and Geraldine are both qualified Careers
positive activities outside of school (e.g. family Practitioners within the Pathways Faculty. Careers
outings, time with friends, and other extra- Education is embedded in activities and/or
curricular activities). Also, make sure your curriculum at each year level with a major focus
daughter is getting enough sleep (things always at Years 9, 10 and 12. An annual Expo, Careers
seem worse when you are tired). Newsletters and the Careers Hub are major
sources of information for students and families.
Helping Establish New Friendships
While at school students are encouraged to attend
For example, provide opportunity for your Institute Open Days, Information Days, participate
daughter to invite new friends home. in Work Experience and to become fully informed
about the range of options open to them when
Problem Solving and Independence they exit school and how best to access them.
Labour market trends, entrepreneurial skills and
Make the time to talk with your daughter. the ability to successfully market oneself in an
Sometimes young people struggle with ever-changing world are emphasised.
problem solving and can let things blow up out
of proportion. Normalise feelings of anxiety Regardless of a student’s vocational interest
and uncertainty for your daughter. If she tells or possible pathway; University, TAFE, VET,
you of a problem, discuss the challenges and employment, apprenticeship/traineeship or a
potential ways to handle them. This gives you the GAP year, we aim to ensure they have a range of
opportunity to understand how your daughter options and are aware of how to source further
is viewing the problem and also provides a information and assistance.
way for you to offer suggestions whilst building
independence. 7

As a parent/carer keep talking and work to
develop a supportive family environment.
Research shows that young people who have
positive relationships with their parents/carers
are more likely to have positive relationships
with their teachers and peers. Discuss the
changes your daughter can expect to face when
making a transition. You may be able to share
experiences when you were growing up.

For most young people, it will take some time to
adjust to the new demands, routines and structure
of secondary school. During this time it is not
unusual for them to display a range of emotions.
The majority adjust and feel comfortable with
these changes by the end of the first term.

Sourced from


Journey with us - Mission Possible!

Avila College Faith and Mission Captain Maeve Gill introduces herself and how she will approach
the role together with the student leadership team throughout 2017.

Tamara Ryan, Maeve Gill (centre) and Sinead Coulter This year in particular, I look forward to working
and leading with the younger Faith and Mission
Name: Maeve Gill Captains, sharing ideas and creating projects with
Role: Faith and Mission Captain
What excites you about being an Avila College
Subjects studying this year: student this year?
English, Further Mathematics, Business
Management, Global Politics and Legal Studies. Coming to school each day and knowing that it’s
an inclusive environment, where I can pray and
What does the Faith and Mission portfolio mean to express my passion for social justice is always
you? exciting. Of course, being in year 12 is also exciting
I’ve always immersed myself in the opportunities this year and I can’t wait to make more lasting
that allow me to express my religion and so memories with my cohort.
applying for Faith and Mission Captain felt right. I
enjoy being involved in liturgical events and this What is your vision/goal for 2017 as Faith and
role also allows me to profess my Avila College Mission Captain?
pride! This is always a hard question, because I’m such
an ambitious person. I hope to leave a legacy that
What are you looking forward to most for this year recognises the importance of social justice work,
as Faith and Mission Captain? seizing the opportunities that Avila College offers
(Young Vinnies, Red Cross Door Knock etc.). I would
Each year there are so many different social justice love to encourage support for a potential overseas
and liturgical events that I look forward to, like our immersion trip.
Avila Day Mass.
Image Above: Maeve Gill (second from right) pictured
together with Avila College and Presentation College
Windsor captains at the Commencement Mass.


Avila College Student GRIP Leadership
Leadership Conference Conference

On Monday 20 February, student leaders from all
year levels enjoyed an interactive day of team
building and skill development facilitated by the
Directors of Pastoral Care, Mrs Anne Stephens and
Mrs Anna Marvelli.

On Thursday 22 February four leaders from Year
8-11 made our way to the city to attend the GRIP
Student Leadership Conference.

After making an accidental turn down Collins
Street instead of Spencer Street we eventually
found our way to the Conference.

This day was a prime opportunity to gather and
apply various leadership skills to our roles within
the Avila community.

With the running theme for the day being
‘Responsibility’, we were able to explore
techniques presented to us for pursuing ideas,
hosting assemblies, delegating roles and fulfilling
expectations of responsibility through the multiple
sessions offered.

Our aim is to investigate the skills we have gained
from the day and apply them within the school,
sharing them with other student leaders and peers
over the coming year.

Overall it was a day with a lot of learning, and it
was all delivered in an entertaining, engaging way.
A big thank you to Mrs Stephens and Mrs Marvelli
for organising this experience and guiding us
throughout the day.

Tiana Chandraratne, Chiara Smith, Alicia Roy and
Emma Johnston



Lions Club Youth of the Year

The Lions Club each year holds a In this competition she spoke about
competition to determine the Youth the part refugees can play to end
of the Year in the City of Monash. rural decline and advocated the
closure of offshore detention and the
Congratulations to Emma Spencer acceptance of these refugees into
of Year 12 who has been selected as needy communities in the way that
this year’s winner. The competition Shepparton and Nhill have, so that
is designed to encourage, foster and they too can benefit.
develop leadership and citizenship
qualities in youth. On the day of the competition Zoe
and Emma were pleased to see that
Emma is an active contributor to Catherine Pagliaro (Year 12, 2016) was
many facets of Avila life; a leader also addressing the Lions as a guest
of Reconciliation Group; one of our speaker.
leading debaters; and an exceptional
student, is a worthy recipient of this Catherine was a previous winner and
award. also a recipient of a Lions study grant
which took her overseas to improve
Congratulations also to Zoe Evans her language skills. Avila students are
who was the winner of the Public grateful to the Lions Club for their
Speaking section of the competition. support and encouragement.

Zoe is a fine communicator who uses Christine Valladares
her moment to inform her audience
about important social issues. Public Speaking and Debating Coordinator

Thank you to the Glen Waverley Lions Club for sponsoring the competition and providing photographs.


Are you crafty or creative? Anchored
Can you use a sewing in Science
machine? We need you!
Ericka Phoa Y9
The Creative Arts Festival held in May is a
highlight of the Avila calendar. Held for one When in Year 8 Ericka entered the Science Talent
night only at the Besen Centre, it is a fun, Search and successfully qualified for a bursary
dynamic and visually exciting performing arts prize from Rowe Scientific. Here Ericka shares her
spectacular. design project - a rubber band powered boat.

The Creative Arts Staff team are seeking I felt compelled to create something good for the
enthusiastic members of our extended environment, something that wouldn’t harm the
community that might have the skills and Earth but instead promote sustainability.
opportunity to assist us with areas such as prop
development, costume and accessories making. Especially since today’s society is so influenced
by what fuels and coals can produce. Hence why
If you (or a friend/family member) can use a I incorporated the palm leaves into the design, as
sewing machine and apply basic processes well as the rubber bands.
and/or are crafty, creative and community
minded we would love to hear from you. If you The project itself took over four months to
have experience with woodwork, access to tools construct, as it was an on-going process and
and can help out with set design we would mainly because to me it felt as if it was never ‘just
appreciate your support! quite finished’.

If you can help out please email [email protected] Through the competition I have learnt so many or call us on 9831 9600. things about energy and the scientific principles
of buoyancy, something that I wouldn’t have been
Working with Children able to learn in so much detail in the classroom.

Avila College is committed to the care, safety Although it took quite a long time to complete and
and wellbeing of all students at our school. required a great deal of hard work, it was all worth
All parents and friends who volunteer in some it at the end.
capacity at the school will be required to
complete the following: I acquired new knowledge and discovered more of
my capabilities and what I am able to do just with
• A Working with Children Check. a little bit of hard work and determination.
The Victorian Government has introduced
a checking process to assist in protecting Ericka Phoa
children from sexual or physical harm by
ensuring that people who work with, or care 11
for, them are subject to a screening process.
Applications can be submitted online at

• The Avila College Code of Conduct (Child Safety)
This policy document must be read, signed
and submitted.

For more information, visit


Ms Carmela Marino Avila College Commencement Mass

Director of Faith and Mission As part of our Opening School Mass we commissioned our College
Leaders May they be guided by God’s grace as they journey with the
[email protected] school community as college leaders.

Thanks to Fr Pearce for an insightful homily and for capturing the college theme
of Journey. Thanks also to Fr Sherman for concelebrating with Fr Pearce.

Lenten Journey

As we begin our Lenten journey at Avila we are very about to launch our Project
Compassion campaign with a range of exciting fund raising events to come,
starting with Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day.


ABOVE Maeve Gill (left)
Tiana Chandraratne

INSET Chiara Smith
(Left) Alicia Roy (right)

Faith and Mission
Captains 2017

Year 12 Maeve Gill
Year 11 Tiana Chandraratne
Year 10 Chiara Smith
Year 9 Alicia Roy

Meet Tiana Chandraratne

I love being an Avila student because of the many
opportunities I have had exposure to, including
Peer Helper, Santa Teresa Immersion and the
Building Bridges Program as well as the amazing
friendships I have made with students, across all
year levels.

Having this position is one I take great pride in.

I chose to run for this position in particular
because I am able to express my faith at a
community level and work with people who share
the same goals and passions when working
towards the mission of God.

I am most looking forward to implementing the
ideas and plans we come up with as the Faith
and Mission team and aim to work with my fellow
peers in servicing the community and making a
positive change on the wider world.


Year 8 Fire-Fighting Author visits Avila College

14 Robert Newton, a famous writer,
visited Avila College to talk to the Year
8 students about the novel we are
reading this term, entitled ‘Runner’.

Robert Newton works as a fireman
and is also an author. When he writes
his novels he always dedicates his
books to someone special in his life.
‘Runner’ is dedicated to his daughter
Poppy, which we think is really special
and meaningful.

His novels relate to events or stories Robert researches to ensure his
that have happened during work at novels contain some true facts.
the firestation or in his everyday life.
He bases characters on people he has He talked about how long it took to
met, like his friend ‘Nostrils’ who has write a book and how much patience
a big nose. He created a character in a person needs. Also “that you have
the book ‘Runner’ exactly like this. to love what you do”.

While he was growing up he never One of his books took two years
thought about becoming a writer. because his father passed away while
Although as he grew older his brother in the middle of writing the novel.
realised that Robert had something The book was about soldiers. It was
special in his stories. This inspired dedicated to his dad as he had been
Robert Newton to become a writer. a soldier too.

He said “I can picture myself not He gave us hope that you can achieve
being a fireman but never giving up anything, as Robert never really
my writing career”. enjoyed reading and writing as a kid.

When Robert Newton wrote Runner, it Shantelle Scavello - 8 Gold and
only took a year, as he had to work all Porshia Motta - 8 Pink
day and night to finish it, as daughter
Poppy was on the way.

Our Year 8 Experience

When we finished Year 7, we We really enjoy these subjects a great way to become more
were really happy to finally be because they teach us life skills confident with Melbourne.
in Year 8. We were so excited to like cooking and sewing.
make new friends, memories and We can’t wait to explore and
participate in new opportunities. For example, we made raspberry enjoy this wonderful experience.
and white chocolate muffins. Not
When we went into our homeroom only did this teach us how to We really love how Avila has
on the first day, we got to know our bake but they were also lots of provided us with so many
new classmates and homeroom fun to make. amazing opportunities and we
teacher/s. We hadn’t met some of can’t wait to see what’s ahead of
the people in our class before, so Another opportunity that we are us through our journey at Avila.
it was great to see new people and extremely excited about is City
build new friendships outside of Experience. We are really looking Natarsha Scavello (8 Purple)
our usual group. forward to sightseeing, finding and Tina Varone (8 Gold)
our way around the city and
Year 8 is different from Year 7 becoming more independent.
because of the new subjects.
This year, we get to do Design We are especially looking forward
Technology and Food Technology. to taking public transport to and
from the city and we find this

Raspberry & Chocolate Muffins

Year 8 Food Technology Recipe

Ingredients: Method Gently fold in frozen raspberries
• 1 Cup frozen raspberries Spoon mixture evenly into muffin
• 2 Cup self raising flour Preheat oven to 180C pans
• ½ Cup white chocolate chips Bake in a moderate oven for 15 to
• 1 egg, lightly beaten Place muffin cases in muffin tin 20 minutes or until golden brown.
• 3 tablespoons melted butter Allow to cool down and then
Combine the sifted flour, sugar sprinkle lightly with icing sugar.
or vegetable oil and chocolate chips in a bowl.
• 1 ¼ Cup buttermilk 15
Mix egg, buttermilk and melted
• ½ castor sugar butter.

Combine wet ingredients with
the dry ingredients until just
combined. DO NOT OVER MIX.

Sport Gennazzano Swim Meet Upcoming EventsMMMaaarrcrchchh2902SHCoSuAsTeeSnwniismTmoiunrgnaCmarennivtal
and SCSA Indoor
Physical After many early morning trainings Cricket Tournament
since October, the Avila College swim March 29
Education squad competed in their first swim SCSA Swimming & Diving Meet
meet of the year at the Genazzano
Centenary Swim Meet on Friday 17

February. Thanks to Amanda Flynn, Tim Ross
The competition was strong against and former Avila students Danni

Genazzano, Sacre Coeur, Siena and Costello, Nat Costello, Steph Della
Sion. Avila placed a respectable 4th, Penna, Rebecca Abbott and Georgia
close behind Sacre Coeur and Siena. Abbott for their assistance with

Congratulations to all swimmers, coaching the team.

particularly some of our juniors as it The team is already back in the pool
was their first competitive swim meet. training hard for their next meet, the

Special mention to Sally Barlow, SCSA Swim Meet on Wednesday 29
Amy Burns, Kelly Donaldson, Audrey March at the Melbourne Sports and
Charlton, Hannah Craig, Briana Hans, Aquatic Centre. Best of luck!

Joselyn Satya Graha, Lucy Searle and Carly Randle
Neve Williams who placed first or Head Swimming Coach

second in their event.

Avila College House Swimming Carnival

Thursday March 2, 9am - 2pm

The swimming carnival is held in the outside pool of MSAC, Albert Park.
Parents and friends are welcome to attend the carnival
Please Note:
• Students must BYO food and drinks - no kiosk available.
• Please wear PE uniform to and from the venue.
• Accessories may be added, in House colours, over the PE uniform at

the pool. e.g. hats, tutu, wings etc. No zinc, glitter, face paint, coloured
hairspray, feathers etc.
• Laptops should remain at home.

Year 7 Swim Day

The 16th of February was the Year 7 Swim Day. This Once in the pool, all the team members kicked as
day was held to help the Year 7’s prepare and feel hard as they could in order to reach the helper
more comfortable leading up to the Avila College located past the flags. We didn’t really do it very
Swimming Carnival. competitively; it was more of a race for fun.
We started the activities by dividing the House in
half and moving to the end of the pool that we When both sides of the pool had finished the
were assigned to. I started off on an activity called activities we swapped so everyone had a turn at
“Fill The Bucket”. each activity.

This required us to (in our House colours) walk or As part of the Year 7 Swim Day we also had to do a
swim to the helper located past the five metre flags 50 metre freestyle race. We started this off in our
while holding a cup then, we would walk around House, then we lined up and were given a lane to
them whilst they filled up the cup. We would swim in. On the horn we jumped or dived in and
then walk back to where we started and pour the started swimming.
water from the cup into a bucket. The House with
the most water in the bucket at the end of the Along the pool there were some leaders
allocated time was the winner. encouraging us as we swam. The goal was to
The other half of the House did a different activity, have some fun and have a go. Then there was an
which was just as fun- Noodle Races!!! We were optional breaststroke activity. Most had a go at this,
asked to make groups of three and on the sound while those not doing it, cheered their team along.
of the horn, all three people jumped into the pool
whilst holding onto the noodle. The last activity for the day was a point race. You
could swim, float do whatever you wanted. If you
made it all the way down, your house got a point.
This was really fun to be involved in because it was
a really free activity with no rules.

At the end, the points were counted together to
see who won the point race. After the point race,
we had to all get changed and then go on the bus,
back to school.

Overall, it was a really great day. We wish we could
have stayed longer! This was an amazing experience
for all of us. This was a really great way to end our
second week at Avila with a splash. We wish we
could do it all over again.

Colette D’Costa and Sofia Tomljanovic, Y7 Pink



+ Reminders

Year 12 Formal

The Year 12 Formal was held on
Friday 24 February at the Brighton

Marie Curie Research Fellowship Class of 1977 Reunion PFA Meeting - 23 February
Avila Alumnae will be celebrating
Former Avila student Cassandra their 40 year reunion on Friday 3 The Avila College Parents + Friends
Fleming (and daughter of current March in the Gathering Space. Association was delighted to
teacher Trish Fleming) has been welcome a number of new faces to
awarded the prestigious and highly Absentee Line the first meeting of the year.
contested Marie Curie Fellowship. - Pick up your Magnet!
Exciting events are being planned
Cassandra is currently undertaking If your daughter is absent for the for the year - so stay tuned! Keep
post doctoral research at the day, it is imperative that you call Friday 12 May free for the annual
Chalmers University of Gothenburg the Absentee Line on 9831 9696. PFA Mothers’ Day Breakfast. New
in Sweden and this fellowship If not, a text message will be sent parents are always welcome!
will enable her to continue her to you about your daughter’s
medical research in Europe. absence. The next PFA Meeting will be held
on Tuesday 21 March at 7pm.
This program supports the
“best, most promising individual
researchers from anywhere in the
world”. Well done Cassandra!


Tales from Tanzania Welcome Lunch
Avila College is hosting Gemma Sisia from The for New Students
School of St Jude, Tanzania at the upcoming
Year 10 Reflection Day. Our Year 12 students recently hosted a shared
lunch, welcoming new students from across
Former Aussie teacher Gemma Sisia opened different year levels to Avila College.
the gates to The School of St Jude 15 years ago
in Tanzania and now, thanks to the support of
thousands of Australians, 1,800 promising yet
impoverished students have access to a free,
high-quality education.

Gemma and Winrose, one of the inspirational
students whose life has been changed by the
generosity of Australians will also be speaking at

Holy Saviour Parish
765 Highbury Rd, Vermont South
on Friday 3 March at 7pm

Like many people in Tanzania, Winrose came
from extreme poverty, growing up in a rural
village, where she helped her farmer father raise
her younger sister and shared household duties
after her mother passed away when she was in
primary school.

Most girls in similar situations in Tanzania have
no choice but to drop out of school, but Winrose
was committed to getting an education.

“Being offered a scholarship at St Jude’s has
changed my life,” Winrose said. “It has made
such a difference and given me the assurance
that I could achieve my dream which I never had
before at my government school.”




Career Counselling

Ms Jenny Dunn Careers counsellors are currently SAVE THE DATE
seeing all Year 12 students homeroom The VCE and Careers Expo is being
Pathways Co-ordinator by homeroom. held on the 4th to the 7th May at
[email protected] the Caulfield Racecourse. This
The purpose of these interviews is to annual event is a valuable source
Mrs Geraldine McKenna • clarify students’ preferred post of information and ideas. Further
information can be found at
Careers Year 12 pathway
[email protected] • help students understand the
Careers Newsletter
20 requirements and prerequisites Topics in this week’s Career
for this pathway Newsletter include:
• suggest sources of further • Quality Indicators for Learning
• plan alternatives and back up and Teaching (QILT) Website
pathways. • ‘Inside Monash’ Seminar Series
Please discuss these interviews with • GAP and/or Exchage Programs
your Year 12 daughter. • AFX Student Exchange
Experience La Trobe • AIFS Au Pair, Volunteer & Exchange
2017 registrations are open for Year
10 - 12 students and parents to attend Program
the upcoming Experience La Trobe • Cultural Care Au Pair
events in April. • Lattitude Global Volunteering
Students can attend workshops, • Projects Abroad
lectures and seminars whilst being • Southern Cross Cultural Exchange
exposed to areas of the university
not usually available on Open Day. (SCCE)
They’ll also have the chance to talk • Student Exchange Australia
to current academics and students to • Volunteer Abroad with WEP
find out what their dream career is • Snapshot of Deakin University
really like.
• Melbourne, Friday 7 April & To access the newsletter log on to
Thursday 6 July SIMON and select Career Guidance
• Bendigo, Wednesday 5 July under College Links.
• Albury-Wodonga, Friday 26 May
• Shepparton, Tuesday 4 July
• Mildura, Friday 7 July

Community Notices

Mount Waverley City Soccer Club Waverley Blues Football Club
Mt Waverley Reserve, Charles Street, Mt Waverley
Looking for players for Junior Girls teams - an
Under 12/13 team and Under 14/15 as well as the Are you interested in playing football this season?
Senior team (Open age from Under 16 upwards). This year we will have teams in Under 9, 10, 11, 12,
13, 14, 15, 17 (Boys) and U12, U16 Girls Teams
Both of the junior teams are coached by current
WNPL players (2nd highest women’s league in New Players Welcome
Australia) and the club are really keen to expand
the girls’ program with their expertise. For more information about the Blues visit

For more information visit our website
or call 0419 341 275 Enquiries please call the Secretary
- Cathy on 0419 365 060

or email [email protected]

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Second Hand Portsmouth Street Uniform Shop Dates
Uniform Shop
Wednesday 1-4pm:-
Feb 1 & 15
Cream brick Mar 1, 22 & 29
HOUSE Apr 19
May 3 & 31
Charles Street June 21
July 19
Avila College Aug 9 & 30
Sept 20
Oct 11 & 25
Nov 8, 22 and 29
Dec 6 and 13

Cash/Cheque/Credit or Debit Card
payments are accepted
Any queries can be directed to
[email protected]


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