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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic girls secondary college in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue: student wellbeing snapshot, images from Chisholm House Day and the Y8 City Experience plus great results form the Athletics Team!

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Published by Avila College, 2017-06-07 00:14:09

06.06.2017 Avila College Newsletter

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic girls secondary college in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue: student wellbeing snapshot, images from Chisholm House Day and the Y8 City Experience plus great results form the Athletics Team!

June 6 | 2017

From the Principal
Dear Avila College Community,
This week at Avila is once again a busy and exciting one. Students
are engaged in diverse learning experiences, stretching themselves to show what they have learnt, guring out how to overcome challenges in their learning, looking to what they will learn next and entering into conversation with others about their learning journeys.
It can be a hectic time, but it is also exciting as students seek to achieve their best. The handy hints on exam preparation and performance shared by staff can be a great guide and support for students and their families.
On Thursday we will welcome the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon. Julie Bishop and our Local Member of Federal Parliament, the Member for Chisholm, Ms Julia Banks to the College.
As women serving Australia in parliamentary life we look forward to hearing of their experiences and learning lives.
Parents and guardians may be aware of the public discussion about education funding over the past few weeks.
As a Catholic Regional College, Avila maintains a rm commitment to ensuring a Catholic education is affordable and accessible to all who want this for their daughters.
Information about the work of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) to represent the needs of Victorian Catholic schools is available later in this newsletter.
“Cookies and a Chat” with Year 7s have continued to allow me to get to know the newest members of the Avila family. The range of “Avila Highlights So Far” that students have shared as we have chatted and munched on a cookie or two have been truly delightful.
Our conversations consistently reveal to me an experience of Avila that is supportive, caring, challenging and joyful – not bad for almost two terms of secondary schooling!
More photos of the girls, myself and various staff joining us for recess are included in this newsletter.
As a Catholic Church we celebrated Pentecost last Sunday – we heard the message to “Come, Holy Spirit, and ll the hearts of your faithful”.
Dr Michelle Cotter
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
35 Charles Street, Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149
T 03 9831 9600 [email protected]
Avila College acknowledges the Wurundjeri people, the traditional custodians of the land on which the College is built.

Scripture tells us that at Pentecost God gave everything life by breathing his life into the apostles. Through the symbols of the ame and re the apostles were given the power and gift to speak in the name of God.
Today, we the members of the Church, are called to fan the res of the Holy Spirit in how we proclaim the Gospel messages of faith, hope and love in our lives and in our world.
It can be a challenge for us to be our best selves all of the time, but when we do unto others as we would have them do unto us, we have the greatest chance of seeing the image and likeness of God in all those we meet.
In the light of recent global events we pray especially at this time for global peace and tolerance of difference.
In peace, hope and love,
Dr Michelle Cotter
Last Sunday the Church celebrated Pentecost Sunday. Coming 50 days after Easter and 10 days after the Ascension of Our Lord, Pentecost marks the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles, for that reason, it is often called the "birthday of the Church".
On Penetecost Sunday, when the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles, they were granted the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Those gifts helped them to ful ll their mission to preach the Gospel to all nations. For us, too, those gifts - granted when we are infused with sanctifying grace, the life of God in our souls - help us to live a Christian life.
Pentecost Prayer
O God,
send forth your Holy Spirit into my heart
that I may perceive,
into my mind
that I may remember,
and into my soul
that I may meditate.
Inspire me to speak with piety, holiness, tenderness and mercy.
Teach , guide and direct my thoughts and senses
from beginning to end.
May your grace ever help and correct me,
and may I be strengthened now with wisdom from on high,
for the sake of your in nite mercy. Amen
by Saint Anthony of Padua

Faith and Mission
National Week of Prayer & Action 9-23 June, 2017
This year, Avila College will be participating in the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum’s National Week of Prayer & Action. This week will draw our attention
to the plight of people who seek asylum in Australia, and to urge
a more compassionate way of responding to them.
The week is one way of putting into practise Pope Francis’ emphasis on welcoming migrants and refugees in our community. In the school this week we will be celebrating in different ways.
Our action will be a part of a national Catholic school initiative, coordinated by the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum, which will bring together hundreds of schools to show their solidarity. Please feel free to see further details at:
We ask you to join us in prayer during this week in recognition of the plight of people who seek asylum in Australia.
Ms Carmela Marino
Director of Faith and Mission [email protected]
Maeve Gill
Tiana Chandraratne
Faith and Mission Captains
Chiara Smith Alicia Roy
Faith and Mission Captains

Avila College has a number of events and activities that will run during the National Week of Prayer and Action.
Highlights include:
• Guest Speaker from Jesuit Social Service, Abe Nouk
Abe Nouk is a spoken word poet, author, performing artist, MC, educator and hip hop lyricist.
He is the founder of Creative Rebellion Youth, providing youth with options
to overcome addictions in a creative space. Arriving in Australia in 2004, Abe draws upon his experience
as a refugee weaving stories of limitlessness, humour and grace. His rst collection of poems, Humble, was released in 2013, and his second book, Dear Child, was published in 2014.
• Fundraising Food Day
Hot soup will be available for purchase, with funds being donated to CAPSA.
Avila College Prayer
Our patron, Saint Teresa of Avila, calls us to be the hands, feet and eyes of Christ.
Lord, you have blessed us with many gifts,
Guide us so that we make the most of these in our everyday lives.
May we respond to your call to give generously,
• Petition Writing • Movie Day
Cast from the Storm is an award winning documentary, that tells the tender story of a group of teenage refugees who share their extraordinary stories when they join Treehouse Theatre, an after-school theatre group. A coming-of-age story, this uplifting documentary shares the reality of what it means to be a teenager and a displaced person.
The Cage House is an award-winning short lm inspired by the drawings of 6 year-old Shayan Badraie in Villawood Detention Centre
• Liturgy / Mass
• Stand in Solidarity – Circle of Silence
Please check SIMON closer to the date for con rmation of dates and venues
All activities will take place during lunch-time.
to welcome wholeheartedly
and to support all of your creation.
Let us use our voices for thanks and praise as we grow in the light of Saint Teresa.
Grant us wisdom to live out the Gospel as Daughters of the Church.
Saint Teresa of Avila, Pray for Us.
Faith and Mission Important Dates
Sunday's Gospel Reading
Sunday 11 June
John 3: 16 - 18
Jesus tells Nicodemus of the Father's love.
Sunday 18 June
John 6: 51 - 58
This is the bread that came down from heaven.
Tuesday 13 June
Memorial of
St Anthony of Padua
June 18 - 24
Refugee Week
Tuesday 20 June
World Refugee Day

Faith and Mission
Year 9 Orange RE Excursion to Star of the Sea Church
The sounds of a magni cent historical pipe organ lled St Mary’s Star of the Sea Church in West Melbourne last Wednesday and the musicians were two lucky Avila girls allowed to play a tune. Year 9 Orange students visited the church as part of an excursion to study various ways the Catholic Church is active today.
“When the organ was being played, it was really beautiful. The music was calming, and it was such a serene opportunity to look over the majestic church while listening to such melodious music,” shared Year 9 student Kyra.
Parish Priest, Father John, gave the girls a tour of the church and they were awed by the intricate and historical details. “The marble altar railing with gold candles was really quite unique and stunning. It was a breathtaking sight and it felt welcoming and peaceful,” expressed Year 9 student Maddy.
Students also enjoyed an enriching presentation from the Sacred Heart Mission organisation which gave them detailed information of the Mission’s work. “It was surprising that they helped so many; they serve around 400 meals a day,” said Hannah.
“We learned what an impact the Mission could make to people who have less than us; something as little as a smile can make someone’s day.”
However, it seems the favourite location they attended was The Carmelite Monastery in Kew, where they learned of the life and work of the Carmelite nuns. The girls loved meeting the Carmelite nuns and were particularly taken with Sister Paula who they described as “very sweet and welcoming”. The Carmelite visit included a discussion in their chapel and an afternoon tea in their gorgeous gardens.
”The Sisters’ work is truly inspirational, their devotion and hard work amazes me, their spiritual belief is empowering, it drives me to want to do something for the community,” said Giuzelle.
Images: Sister Paula and students at Carmelite Monastery, Kew
Students playing organ at St Mary’s, West Melbourne

Young Vinnies
Meeting Cheyne Pettit
Young Vinnies at Avila College is a group of students from all year levels, committed to helping those in need both in our local community and those in the broader community.
Earlier this term we had an informal meeting with Cheyne Pettit, from St Vincent de Paul Society - Mission and Social Justice Coordinator, who works with school groups, like our Young Vinnies, helping them develop projects to support the community. At our meeting with Cheyne, we were able to ask and discuss a range of questions which now guide us in our work around the community’s needs.
Our focus this term is on helping those in
need during the cold winter months. When we discovered that a substantial amount of homeless Australians are under the age of 12 we knew that the Young Vinnies had to do something to help.
Woolly Weather Drive starts NOW !
This term the Young Vinnies will be collecting beanies, gloves, scarves, blankets and socks and we will be donating at the end of term to various groups in the wider community that are in need. The items collected by the Avila Community will be handed out at the soup vans that help to feed the many hungry mouths around Melbourne.
We ask for all students and their families to help support this worthy cause and bring in ‘woolly winter items’. Baskets are in all homerooms. Prizes will be awarded for the year level that collects the most items. Please help support this worthy cause. Look out for these posters around the school.
ByMilaVargas7Red andChiaraSmith10Pink
Prayer of Solidarity taken from CAPSA , 2017 Outcast God
Born into poverty in an occupied land, Living alongside the marginalised
and the oppressed.
Dying between criminals to the jeers of the crowd,
Open our eyes,
That we who seek to follow you may recognise your face in the faces
of those who are reviled.
Open our ears,
That we who seek to hear your word, may recognise your love in the stories which are often drowned out.
Open our hearts,
That we who seek your way of life may be bold in witnessing to your longing for justice and peace.

Learning and Teaching
Parent Engagement
One of the most powerful ways parents can support their child’s academic development is through being genuinely engaged in the learning process.
At Avila we welcome parents to engage with their daughters’ learning in a variety of ways.
For example parents can view their daughters’ timetable, daily bulletin and assessment in real time via the Parent Access Module in Simon.
This can be used to start conversations about what’s happening or to encourage a student who may be a little tentative to become involved in one of the many different activities offered at lunchtime or afterschool.
Another way to engage is through using the SchoolMate app.
The Victorian government has developed this free app so that parents can see easily what the curriculum includes for all Victorian students (F-10) at a particular year level in each learning area.
For each year level and learning area there are speci c practical tips for parents to support and extend learning at home.
Some ideas include school holiday visits to museums or galleries, whilst others include suggestions for further reading or links to related apps.
SchoolMate is up-to-date and designed for Victorian families.
Have you downloaded it yet?
Mrs Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal
Learning & Teaching [email protected]
Ms Angela Torelli
Director of Studies Y10 - 12 [email protected]
Ms Klara Baka
Director of Studies Y7-9 [email protected]

Staff Learning
Friday May 26 was an important, productive and valuable opportunity for our community of teachers and support staff to come together and explicitly re ect on our purpose and how best to serve our learners.
Our day was divided into three parts. The rst two sessions allowed us
to look deeply at two sets of survey data collected from the staff, parents and students. The third session focussed on translating the insights gained from the morning into contemporary classroom learning.
In the morning, Dr Michelle Cotter guided the community through unpacking the annual School Improvement Survey data, taking the insights as stimulus for structured discussions about building on the strengths of our students as learners and looking to ways we can drive improvement in connectedness and engagement in learning.
The second block of time was a data insight session facilitated by Resilient Youth Australia who administered the survey that students from
Years 7 – 12 completed earlier this year. The survey collects data on
the relative resilience of students and makes it available for groups, including schools and councils, to better respond to the needs of young people.
The presenters stressed that sleep quality is really important to student wellbeing and all parents should
be aware that the majority of our students reported in the survey that at times they communicate with each other using text messages between 10 pm and 6 am – when they should be asleep. The best strategy to support healthy sleep
is to enforce students leaving their communication technology out of bedrooms and switched off.
The Resilient Youth presenters were able to point all staff to strategies to build student connectedness to school and positive self-identity. This focus was continued in the third session of the day, where we explored classroom strategies to build engagement and innovation in teaching. One of our stimulus resources was the brilliant 2015
lm “Most Likely to Succeed” which looks at the work of High Tech
High in San Diego, California. We also focussed on the Schema for Teaching and Learning, which is part of The Horizons of Hope, the current education framework for the Archdiocese of Melbourne.
We hope the community can see how their voices are important to our continual improvement processes and we are grateful to those who
are willing to share their thoughts. We also appreciate parent support
of these annual days and the opportunity they provide for all staff to take part in extended discussions as we all work to support our
young people in their development and through their experience of secondary school.
Dr Susan Long
Head of Innovation
It was interesting for us to compare our students to national data, but it was equally powerful to recognise that in all classes our students
may range in their resilience
from excellent to poor. It was also concerning to nd that resilience declines over the secondary years.
Avila Calendar Dates & Events
June 7
Yr 9 Exams Day
Yr 10 & 11 Study Day
June 8
Yr 9 Careers Day Yrs 10 & 11 Exams PFA Meeting 7pm
June 9
Yrs 10 & 11 Exams
June 12
Queen's Birthday Holiday
June 13 - 16
Yrs 10 & 11 Exams
June 13 - 16
Yrs 10 -11 Exams Yrs 7, 8, 9 & 12 Pupil Free Day
June 20
Yr 7 Immunisation
June 21
SCSA Cross Country
June 23
Term 2 ends 3:15pm
The General Of ce opening hours are 8am - 4.30pm
Please call
9831 9696
before 10am if your daughter is absent

Pastoral Care
Youth Mental First Aid Course
What some of our Year Level Coordinators thought!
“The Youth Mental Health First Aid course has demonstrated to me how important it is to support good mental health, and also to respond quickly to someone who is not coping so well with life’s ups and downs.”
“The Youth Mental Health First Aid course has been rewarding and challenging. It has better equipped me to deal effectively, swiftly and appropriately with student needs, both on a day to day basis, and for longer term support. I feel more empowered to be a real difference for my students.”
“The content of our assemblies, newsletter and noticeboard display have come directly from what I have learnt at
the Mental Health First Aid course and I hope this will help students approach their learning with positivity and appropriate support as a result.”
“The First Aid course highlighted that these issues are no longer something that happens post Junior School. It highlighted that Avila has many support structures already in place.”
“The Youth Mental Health First Aid course has highlighted the importance of monitoring students for early intervention in mental health concerns. With one in four Australians likely
to experience a mental health issue
at some stage in their life, and the increasingly earlier diagnoses of anxiety and depression disorders, it pays to be vigilant at every year level.”
A safe school - Student Voice - Episode 3
If you have trouble viewing the video, you can view it here: STUDENT VOICE.
Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students [email protected]
Mrs Anne Stephens
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 [email protected]
Mrs Anna Marvelli
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 [email protected]

Student Wellbeing
A snapshot of what's happening at each level across Avila College
Each Sunday night, Year 12 students receive the weekly email out - the “Year 12 Travel Journal”, which highlights successes and issues in the previous week, and outlines the week to come - including SAC dates, reminders about events, uniform. This offers a steady point of communication between the Year Level Coordinator and the Yr 12 cohort.
A “Wellbeing Wall”, with information about agencies, apps and resources available to assist with general stress or more serious concerns. It includes space for students to add those apps/sites they have used.
The year level have been building on their awareness of the importance of
mental health by attending a presentation by Oscar Yidilz from Bully Zero. He talked extensively on the impact of bullying and the legal issues concerning the use of digital technologies. He stressed the value of empathy and that everyone needs to put themselves in the shoes of others. Exam preparation sessions have been held recently, offering students strategies to cope with their upcoming exams.
A study tips noticeboard display provides regularly updated information, and weekly lunchtime study skills sessions are encouraging students to prepare a comfortable study environment and avoid procrastinating!
Pastoral care in Year 9 has been largely centred around the theme for 2017 - ‘Journey With Us’. This encourages students to foster healthy relationships with their peers and support each other through the academic journey.
The Living and Values program has focused on building resilience and developing healthy body image attitudes. Guest presenter, Kelly Nash challenged students to re-think the way they perceive themselves about their bodies.
Studentshavedeveloped valuesstatementsfortheir homeroom. In the ‘Xpect Respect Program’ the focus has been on building relationships with peers and family.
Half the year level have have worked with Catholic Care in a “Relationology” Workshop, exploring ways to switch off
Many new friendships have blossomed and organisational strategies using laptops and, in some cases diaries, have helped students manage the challenge of balancing multiple subjects and teachers.
fromtechnologyandconnect face to face with family and friends. The other half of the year level have been on the City Cite Experience and researching their ‘Big Question.’
A wellbeing survey conducted in year 7 at the beginning of term 2 has provided further evidence
of how settled and safe the girls are feeling at this stage of their schooling, and has helped us to identify students who may need extra support.

+ Reminders
ROSTRUM Voice of Youth
A large contingent of Avila Public Speakers competed in the Rostrum Voice of Youth competition. The students had worked very hard to write, learn and rehearse delivering their speeches before the event.
This year there were many competitors from a broad range of schools.
All of the students performed very well and Avila would like
to congratulate Milagros Vargas of year 7 (top right) who went through to the semi- nals in
the Junior section and Ashley Ng (right) who went through to the semi- nals in the Senior section. An excellent effort.
Chris Valladares
Public Speaking Co-ordinator
Junior Drama Club
If it is Monday lunchtime, then it is Junior Drama Club time!
Club members have been busy devising their own scripts and enjoying mentoring support from Year 9 Drama students.
Ainger Public Speaking
Avila was well represented in the Ainger Public Speaking Competition in May.
This prestigious competition attracts great speakers from many schools across Melbourne with heats of over 20 speakers per night.
Tynah Pearson, Sophia Grubnic and Emma Gare did Avila proud with 3 very different, well delivered speeches.
Emma Gare won the coveted Encouragement Award (watch this space for next year!!).

Billabong Dreaming
Avila College artwork and an interactive media installation is featured in the current exhibition running at the Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley.
The exhibition showcases artwork from school students in the City of Monash as part of the Youth Art for Reconciliation exhibit - until June 11.
Current Healthcare Cardholders
Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) Applications still open.
CSEF Application Forms were emailed to all families in November 2016 along with the 2017 Schedule of Fees.
If you are a current Healthcare Card Holder, have not already applied and require another application form to be forwarded to you, please contact:-
Deborah - Family Accounts via: [email protected] or telephone 9831 9600
If your application is approved you will receive funding of $225 per child, which is allocated directly against your Annual Tuition Fee account.
Application forms must be received at the General Of ce by Friday 16 June for your application to be processed prior to the Department of Education deadline.
Introducing "Study Buddy"
Study Buddy is Avila College's new after school Homework Club that runs in the library, Tuesdays and Thursday 3.15-4.30pm
This is supervised by teaching staff. All Avila students are welcome to attend.
‘Study Buddy’ allows students to access support and additional help with classwork and homework in a safe and friendly environment.
Like Avila’s lunchtime “Catch Up Corner,” “Study Buddy” provides valuable, professional tuition style help to its students.

Avila celebrates a Record Breaking Day!
SCSA Division 1 Athletics Competition
These included:
Year 7 400m:
Grace Louey -- 1.07.46
Year 7 1100m Walk:
Grace Louey -- 5.53.16
Year 11/12 4 x 100 Relay:
Monique Larose, Claudia Carter, Dinelle Hettiarachchi, Edwina Williamson -- 53.97
Medley Relay:
Rebecca Wright, Mietta Busscher, Monique Larose, Claudia Carter -- 2.00.12
Year 12 High Jump:
Grace Cross -- 1.43m
Avila was consistent throughout the whole day and we held 3rd place until the very end.
Our overall results for the day were outstanding - the highest results Avila has experienced in Division 1 for quite a few years!
Juniors: 4th Inters: 3rd Seniors: 3rd Overall: 3rd
A very big thank you to all of the teachers and coaches involved in helping the team train for our big day! Mr Ross, our head coach; Mo Zeed and Angela Phillips, our external coaches; Ms Tri lo and Ms Kirkwood; Steph Della Penna and Breanna Beltrame, past
Avila Athletics Captains; Mr Bullock as well as Ms Randle
and Ms Williams for their support on the day.
Well done and congratulations to all of the girls involved! Every effort contributed to our nal result and everyone should be very proud of the amazing skill and talent that was showcased.
Hannah Faraone
& Monique Larose
Avila Athletics Captains 2017
On the 19th of May, the Avila College Athletics Team headed
to Lakeside Stadium for the
2017 SCSA Division 1 Athletics Competition. After many weeks of training hard, the day had come for all 72 Avila girls to compete.
After an early start to the day we had a quick warm up and after a team chat, it was time for the rst event of the day!
Avila was off to a terri c start with fantastic results in the hurdles, 1st, 2nd and 4th, which left the whole team and teachers excited and ready to face the rest of the day.
As the day went on, we had multiple successes in all areas of the competition, both in track and eld.
We were even lucky enough to see ve Avila records broken!

SCSA Basketball Tournament Report
On Tuesday the 23rd
of May, Avila’s three basketball teams travelled to Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre for the SCSA Basketball Tournament. An early start for most, the early arrival allowed teams to warm up and prepare themselves for the day.
All teams had a ery start to the day winning their rst matches, which was the motivation needed for the games that lay ahead. The Juniors continued
to prove their excellence throughout the day, winning all of their games by large margins.
Their continued hard
work paid off, securing them a place in the
Grand Final and then winning overall. They all displayed outstanding talent and sportsmanship, with Stephanie Wales
from Year 8 awarded the MVP for the match. The intermediate girls also put their skills into practice and demonstrated a fantastic effort nishing third overall.
With most of the senior girls being members of the Avila Basketball Teams for the past few years, we felt the need to make our last tournament count. The many weeks of training
and hard work paid off
as we won most of our matches throughout the day, ensuring a spot in
the Grand Final. With an intense game, the last for many of us, we were able to win the Championship, with Mia Motta from Year 11, named MVP for the match.
Many thanks to the coaches Mr. Whiston, Ms. Kelly and Mr. Hammond who put many hours of their time into training the teams
and to Mr. Ross and Mrs. Williams for their help throughout the day. In true Avila spirit there was not only talent displayed, but a vast amount of team encouragement and sportsmanship.
As Basketball Captain
I am so proud of all the girls who participated and thankful for their efforts.
Cara Fischer
2017 Basketball Captain
Rocking Climbing
Avila College provides opportunities for students to enjoy new and challenging sports. Here the Year 11 students scale new heights as they undertake Rock Climbing at Nunawading.

Academy Conference May 19, 2017
12 Year 10 students attended the 2017 conference held at Camberwell Grammar School.
Rationale of the Conference:
Gifted students have a special educational need which is now widely recognised. This need is for high level intellectual input which Academy Conferences provides through world class “Thinking Days”. Students engage with a wide range of topics and a balanced academic programme aimed at stimulating thought beyond the constraints of the curriculum.
Responses from our participants:
I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and found the talks very intriguing. I liked the way
the topics, such as Life and
Death, made me think more about certain aspects of life that
I wouldn't usually focus on and explore them on a deeper level. I am very interested in Classics and so I enjoyed the use of quotes from Aristotle and Plato to explain their very different views on life and death. The Oxbridge Interview Question was one of my favourite talks, as it made me think
outside the box and approach
the questions from a different perspective, sometimes even in a humorous way.
I am grateful for being given
the opportunity to attend this conference and consider different ideas and ways of thinking. I would de nitely recommend
that Avila send another group of students next year.
Grace Munro 10 Red
Overall I found the day to be
a worthwhile experience and somewhat eye opening. I really enjoyed the 'Life and Death' lecture and found the end debate to be quite entertaining!
'The Science of Time' lecture was very interesting and introduced me to some ideas, I'd never thought of before.
Claudia Chmielewski 10 Purple
I really enjoyed the conference on Friday. I liked that the content brought up the type of questions that encourage the brain to think creatively, therefore expanding it outwards instead of upwards.
Rachel Iwuagwu 10 Blue
I really enjoyed the bits about meaning of life and the time and space because it made me think and use my head.
Emma Faraone 10 Red
I really enjoyed the topics about Life and Death and also the topic about Time. It was interesting hearing about the different aspects of life that make a person happy and feel as if they have achieved a lot. I especially liked the quote "We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; in feelings, not in gures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best", by Aristotle.
Olivia Di Petta 10 Orange
I feel it provided the opportunity
for me to be able to look at many things in a different way. I think it was a great opportunity for us to be able to experience something like this as there are not always many things that incorporate philosophy or give the chance to explore it.
Sinead Kelly 10 Blue
The topics that were covered, especially the very rst one about 'what makes a good life' was really engaging and I also really enjoyed the last debate.
Hayley Cameron 10 Purple

Reconciliation Group
National Reconciliation Week
The Avila Reconciliation Group recognised National Reconciliation Week with a host of activities including a visit and presentation from guest speaker Dr Andrew Peters from Swinburne University and participation in the Long Walk.

Year 8 City Experience
Year 8 students recently spent a week immersed in the City Experience Program where they explored Melbourne, navigated public transport and city lanes, interviewed subject matter experts and researched their key question related to social justice and citizenship issues with a nal presentation to parents outlining their key ndings and conclusions.
"Seeing the city
in person and having the opportunity to have responsibilities really made me feel mature".
Ruby Gifford

"I liked the Magistrates Courts most because they were really interesting and educational. Overall having independence
to explore the city was really fun and fascinating.
Bethany Lo-Han
"Our trip to the city de nitely changed the way I looked
at the city. It really opened my eyes to all the city's aspects, good and bad".
Bethany Lo-Han
"City experience has opened my eyes to new experiences.
We have grown more independent as young women".
Via Feliz Buena

Chisholm House Day
It was easy being green at the Chisholm House Day!


Help Needed!
Your Backstage Pass
Rehearsals, costume design and set construction are underway in preparation for the upcoming performances of the Mazenod-Avila production of Mary Poppins.
Based on the books by P.L. Travers and the classic Walt Disney lm, Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins delighted Broadway audiences for over 2,500 performances and received nominations for nine Olivier and seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical. MATCO is now bringing the production to you!
No production can succeed without the help of many hands, and a goal of ours this year was to engage the Avila/Mazenod community as much as possible in the making of the show. Currently, we are looking for people to set up a HAIR & MAKE-UP team.
No past experience is required, we just need as many hands as possible! If you would like to be involved or have a family member or friend who could lend us
a hand on some or all of the nights, please contact Frank Blakiston on [email protected].
The performances of Mary Poppins at the Besen Centre will be on:
Wednesday 19th of July at 7pm
Thursday 20th of July at 7pm
Friday 21st of July at 7pm
Saturday 22nd of July at 2pm
Secure your seat early! Book your tickets online at
General public tickets on sale Tuesday 13th of June at 8am!

Inspiring today for tomorrow
Twilight Tours Thursday 22 June 5.00-8.00pm
Meet the Principal and tour the Avila campus
Limited places available for small information sessions and tours.
Register online at or call 9831 9600 for more details.
Discover, explore and be inspired by an Avila College education for girls.

Government funding cuts to students with disability
Today, over 10,000 students with disability are educated in Catholic schools across Victoria.
Government funding support is critical for our schools to meet the individual needs of these. In 2011, the Gonski Review recognised this when it recommended that students with disability be funded through a loading that should be matched to the needs of each individual student. Until this measure could be established, the Gonski Panel recommended that all students with disability were funded at the same rate.
While all students with disability receive the same loading from the Australian Government, within Catholic education, we differentiate the funding support provided to students based on our own assessment of each student’s needs. This system is considered to work well.
The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) trial was established to come up with a standardised definition of students with disability that could be used to compare spending and support in all states and territories.
The collection relies on surveys filled out by school principals and teachers, not assessment by medical professionals.
Under the NCCD there has been a significant increase in the number of students considered to have a disability. Initial analysis of the NCCD showed that some schools were over estimating the needs of some students with disability. In addition, as students are only counted in the NCCD if they are receiving an ‘adjustment’ for a disability, it appears this is favouring the wealthier schools which can afford to make individual adjustments to meet all the needs of their students.
School leaders and disability support groups, including Autism Support Australia, have said that the data is unreliable. Even the Education Minister said in December that the NCCD was flawed and that ‘This data ... hasn't come to a credible landing point just yet.’
So, why is this important?
On 2 May, the Turnbull Government announced that it will use NCCD from next year to determine how students with disability will be funded by the Australian Government.
This might have been all right, if the total amount of federal funding available to students with disability was to grow, but this will not be the case for Catholic education.
Under the Government’s proposal, more students will be classified as having a disability but, in most cases, they will attract less funding to Catholic education.
This means that most students who are currently funded for their disability will receive less money from the government.
Based on the current data, the total funding provided to Catholic school students with disability will be 17% lower over the next 10 years.
It beggars belief that some of the nation’s students who are in most need of funding support are going to be disadvantaged because of the Turnbull Government’s decision to use a funding calculation for students with disability which its own Education Minister says is not credible.
Fair Funding for Catholic Schools

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