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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic girls secondary college in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue: visit from Hon. Julie Bishop MP and Julia Banks MP, subject selection, STEM-4-All project, building courageous learners and more.

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Published by Avila College, 2017-06-21 01:21:27

21.06.2017 Avila College Newsletter

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College, a Catholic girls secondary college in Melbourne, Australia. In this issue: visit from Hon. Julie Bishop MP and Julia Banks MP, subject selection, STEM-4-All project, building courageous learners and more.

June 21 | 2017


From the

Dear Avila College Community,

What a term! Thank you Avila – students, staff and families working
together to make us a great school – together, for individual students and
for each other.

Dr Michelle Cotter I am delighted to have travelled the Term two is always a busy one and
first stage of my Avila learning journey as it draws to a close there is much
Principal with all of the members of our learning excitement at the upcoming winter
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, community. holiday break and a desire for time to
M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, rest and recover from the busy-ness of
Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., I have learnt much, including: learning.
Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
• why Year 7's thought their study of A great thing to do over the holidays
35 Charles Street, the novel Love Aubrey was so great is read a book or two. There’s nothing
Mount Waverley, quite like spending some quiet time
Victoria 3149 • how Year 12's go about managing pondering the words on a page and
T 03 9831 9600 the complexities of study, family, taking oneself to a different place in
[email protected] part time work, health and fitness our minds – I will definitely be doing and time together (a half way some of this and I have a couple of
through the year celebration helps!) suggestions from the College library,
Avila College acknowledges the I’m sure students could get some
Wurundjeri people, the traditional • what an important part the recommended reads too!
custodians of the land on which performing arts are to the culture
the College is built. of a joyous school I shared the final Cookies and a Chat
2 with Year 7 students this week – I’m not
• who makes students want to try entirely sure how many cookies I ate
out for sports, cheer each other but I loved the chance to chat and to
on and achieve personal sporting find out about Year 7 – our newest year
excellence group of students have made a great
start – thanks to each of you for making
• when our commitment to social me feel like I’m a part of your journey.
justice comes to life in actions as
well as words My thanks also to the students, staff
and families that have made me feel
and so warmly welcomed into the Avila
family – I very much look forward to the
• the amazing difference a adventures of term three with you.
community makes to itself when
we have shared values, mutual Best wishes
respect and an optimistic outlook
on continuous improvement Dr Michelle Cotter


No one is a
stranger to you
and no one is ever far
from your loving care
In your kindness
watch over refugees
and asylum seekers,
those separated from
their loved ones,
those who are lost,
and those who have
been exiled from their
Bring them safely to
the place where they
long to be,
and help us always to
show your kindness to
strangers and those in

Australian Catholic Social
Justice Council



National Week of Prayer & Action

Ms Carmela Marino

Director of Faith and Mission

[email protected]

Maeve Gill A Souper Effort Cast from the Storm - the tender
Tiana Chandraratne story of a group of teenage refugees
On Friday 16th June the girls who share their extraordinary stories
Faith and Mission Captains helped raised much needed funds when they join Treehouse Theatre,
for Catholic Alliance for People an after-school theatre group.
Chiara Smith Seeking Asylum in recognition of
Alicia Roy the National Week of Prayer and
Action. Thank you to all the staff
Faith and Mission Captains and students who contributed to
4 this worthy cause.

Cast from the Storm

On Monday 19 June students from
all year levels gathered together
during lunchtime to watch

Faith and

Circle of Silence Sunday's Gospel
On Friday 23 June, Avila College will be taking part in the Circle of Silence, Sunday 25 June
a way to engage people with the concerns of people seeking asylum, and John 6: 51 - 58
encourage reflection and discussion about the treatment of refugees and This is the bread that
people seeking asylum in our communities. came down from
Through Circles of Silence we have an opportunity to express support for Sunday 2 July
people seeking asylum, and renew hope for participants through the ritual. Matthew 10:26-33
Those who
Students will gather in the Year 7/8 quadrangle and are welcome to hold acknowledge
posters or signs with key messages for refugees and asylum seekers. Christ will be known
to the Father
The Circle of Silence will follow for a period of time where students June 18 - 24
and staff will stand in solidarity for all those seeking asylum and those Refugee Week
displaced. Tuesday 20 June
All students and staff are invited to join in this national annual event. World Refugee Day
Friday 23 June
Avila College Prayer to welcome wholeheartedly Solemnity of the Most
and to support all of your creation. Sacred Heart of Jesus
Our patron, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saturday 24 June
calls us to be the hands, feet and Let us use our voices for thanks and Solemnity of the
eyes of Christ. praise as we grow in the light of Nativity of St John
Saint Teresa. the Baptist
Lord, you have blessed us Thursday 29 June
with many gifts, Grant us wisdom to live out the Solemnity of
Gospel as Daughters of the Church. Ss Peter and Paul
Guide us so that we make the most
of these in our everyday lives. Saint Teresa of Avila, Pray for Us. 5

May we respond to your call to give Amen


Semester Reports and Subject Selection

Mrs Madeleine Franken Semester Reports In the second week of Semester Two,
there will be some important events to
Deputy Principal Semester reports will be released to assist with subject selection.
Learning & Teaching parents via the Parent Access Module
(PAM) on Simon on Friday 23 June. The first of the formal information
[email protected] Parents will be sent an email to alert sessions will be at 7:00pm on
them when reports have been finalised Monday 24 July for all current year 8
Ms Angela Torelli and uploaded. students and their parents with the
following evening (25 July) for years 9,
Director of Studies Y10 - 12 A “Report Guide” explaining the codes 10 and 11 students and parents.
used on the reports is available from a
[email protected] link on Simon. Of course, students will During special year level assemblies on
also be able to access their semester Tuesday 25 July Curriculum Leaders will
Ms Klara Baka reports from their personal profile page outline to students the elective units
on Simon. available and some specific factors that
Director of Studies Y7-9 need to be considered when selecting
Any parent with queries about them. The years 10 and 11 students
[email protected] accessing reports via PAM may contact will undertake a “Careers Day” to assist
the College Help Desk via email them with planning for the future.
6 [email protected] or
phone 9831 9634. All the general information pertaining
to the subject selection process will
Subject Selection be conveyed only in the evening
sessions; hence attendance is vital for
The Curriculum Guide for 2018 will all. The process and criteria for VCE
be available from both Simon and the acceleration will also be explained on
College website from Thursday 22 June. these evenings. It is crucial that both
parents and students are informed
All students in years 8 to 11 and accurately about this to avoid future
their parents are encouraged to disappointment.
use the school holidays to explore
the vast array of choices on offer
at Avila in 2018.

You will find written information about Madeleine Franken
the different subjects and where they Deputy Principal Learning and
lead, pictures of students undertaking Teaching.
various learning activities, plus videos
with students talking about their
experience in the some subjects.

Key Dates Avila Calendar
Subject Selection Dates & Events

Monday 24 July Tuesday 25 July June 21
Current Year 8 students Current Year 11 Students SCSA Cross Country
7:00pm - Careers Advisors and Second Hand Uniform
7.00pm – Subject Selection Curriculum Leaders available Shop 1 - 4pm
Information session in Bunjil in Year 10 Area for informal
for current Year 8 students and questions from Years 11 into 12 June 22
their parents students and parents. Solo Music Soiree
Twilight Open Evening
Tuesday 25 July Monday 31 July - By Invitation
Current Year 9 students Current Year 10 and 11 June 23
students Term 2 ends 3:15pm
7:00pm – Careers Advisors and 7:00pm - VCAL Pathways
Curriculum Leaders available Information Evening in the June 24 - July 16
in Year 10 Area for informal Gathering Space Term break
questions from current Year 9
parents and students Tuesday 8 August July 17
Current Year 12 students Commencement of
8:15pm – Subject Selection 7:00pm - VTAC Information Term 3
Presentation in Bunjil for Evening in Bunjil. Advice on
current Year 9 students and the application process for July 17 - 22
their parents university and other tertiary Avila/Mazenod Musical
institutions in 2018.
Tuesday 25 July July 19
Current Year 10 students PTT3Tae3h:u3:ra3u0ee0crsns–h-ddte88a-a:Sry:3y3t0M021up2p7edmmAAeeuutnggintuu-gsstts Second Hand Uniform
Shop 1 - 4pm
7:00pm - Subject Selection
Presentation in Bunjil for GENERAL OFFICE HOURS
current Year 10 students and DURING
their parents.
8:00pm - Careers Advisors and JUNE 19 - JULY 14
Curriculum Leaders available Opening hours will be
in Year 10 Area for informal
questions from Years 10 into 11 8am - 4.00pm
students and parents.

due to Staff Professional
Learning Day



Helping your teenager cope with failure

Ms Janine Bauman Every parent/guardian wants their When perceived failure is experienced,
daughter to be happy and successful, feedback needs to be provided so
Deputy Principal Students but they can’t be happy and successful that there is opportunity for the young
all the time. Learning how to approach person to develop an understanding of
[email protected] failure is a valuable skill and through what can work in the future.
experiencing unhappiness and
Mrs Anne Stephens failure we can grow as people, and be This promotes a growth mindset and a
motivated to take on new challenges. healthier outlook when future setbacks
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 are experienced.
It is painful to see your daughter upset
[email protected] and as parents we sometimes try to We teach our girls that the attributes of
rescue our child or simply tell them to grace include benevolence, forbearance,
Mrs Anna Marvelli ‘move on’. dignity, generosity, compassion,
kindness and goodwill.
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 Research suggests there are other ways
to approach it, starting with supportive We learn to be resilient by both success
[email protected] communication and feedback. and failure. Failure can be an amazing
learning tool that helps shape us into
Linda Stade, Research Officer at Santa people who can take on the world and
Maria College, Western Australia states: make change.

“Start by teaching kids that failure In recent times we have sanitised our
varies in its size and gravity. It also treatment of young people as parents
varies in its consequences. Being able and teachers, so that they never fail.
to make these distinctions is a great
way for kids to start learning about We would serve them far better to
failure instead of just ‘feeling’ it. embrace both success and failure, using
it as a learning conversation".
If your child is able to articulate the
nature of their perceived or real failure,
they have a better chance of managing
their feelings about it.


As part of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of staff and
students we regularly participate in emergency practices.
On Friday 23 June we will be participating in a 'lockdown'
drill procedure part way through period 3.


How to Build Courageous Learners

According to Linda Stade, to ‘build courageous learners’ we need to do do the following:

Normalise failure.
Don’t react as though it is something to be afraid of. It is one of the many facets of life we
experience on a regular basis. It can be painful but it can also be useful.

Teach kids to look at failure in an analytical way.
What is the size and gravity of the failure? What are its consequences? Don’t let them dwell too long
on the feeling of failure.

Give specific feedback after a failure.
What can be learnt from the experience? What is useful information going forward?

Empower young people to take full responsibility for failure,
and success, without laying blame or making excuses.

Encourage kids to try lots of activities; physical and intellectual.
Help them figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Then help them to work with these
strengths and weaknesses.

Try not to equate success with reward and failure with punishment.

Create a home environment that celebrates safe risk taking.
Encourage kids to be creative, give their opinion and justify it, try new things – even if they feel
they might look or feel silly the first time.

Positively reinforce grace.
We all need to succeed and fail with equal measures of grace.


Women in


Julie Bishop and Julia Banks Visit Avila College

Julie Bishop and The Year 9 cohort had just Before Julie Bishop and Julia
Julia Banks are such completed their exams and Banks commenced their
inspirations and role Careers Day had finally arrived. speeches, they were introduced
models. Hearing their by the Avila student leaders.
stories and passion for Excitement filled the air as we Our School Captain, Sinead
their careers motivates entered the Bunjil theatre. Coulter, outlined the various
you to pursue your As the seats filled with Year 9s achievements of the powerful
dreams.” and 12s, the room filled with a women. This was then followed
vibrant dynamic. by an acknowledgement of the
Priyanka Sharma, Year 9 land and a prayer.
Everyone was aware of the
On the 8th of June, 2017, Avila exciting event that was about to Julia Banks, the Federal Member
College had the wonderful happen right before us. for Chisholm in the Australian
privilege of having two House of Representatives, was
prominent female figures in Then, before we knew it, Julie invited to the podium to say
politics visit our school. Bishop and Julia Banks were her speech first. She began by
standing in the room and a informing us that we, as young
10 massive applause exploded women of this generation, need
from the audience. to utilise our opportunities and
use them for good.

Throughout the course of
her career journey she faced
many challenges, including
discrimination based on her
gender and cultural heritage.
Despite this, she persisted and
now holds the seat of Chisholm
in the Australian House of
Representatives. Not only did
she share the journey to her
dream career, but also the
process to accepting herself.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, “Julia Banks and Julie Bishop’s visit to Avila really
Hon. Julie Bishop MP, was then inspired us as an Avila community to remain
invited to the stage. Being determined and work hard to achieve our success
Australia’s first female Foreign in life as young women, wherever that may be.
Minister, she is an incredibly
powerful and wonderful role Their speeches really inspired me to continue
model for Australian young being involved in Public Speaking and Debating,
women. Beginning her career and take responsibility in leadership positions, as
as a lawyer, like Julia Banks, well as to be a part of big events like this, in order
she too faced various setbacks to strive to be successful.”
but kept working hard and
eventually reached her desired Alicia Roy, Year 9
general enquiries about being "You can change
“Their inspiring words females in leadership positions. your circumstances
gave me the strength to by grabbing
believe that anything can Both Julie Bishop and Julia opportunities as
be achieved if you put Banks answered each question they come to you.
your mind to it.” with detailed and candid
responses. Think beyond the
Alessandria Pezzimenti, Year 9 everyday.....have a
Julie Bishop and Julia Banks dream. Think big."
As we were in the midst of both hold powerful roles
exams a number of student and are significant women in Hon. Julie Bishop MP
questions about future careers Australian politics.
Their inspiring speeches
Julie Bishop and Julia Banks made a significant impact and
both emphasised the encouraged us to consider our
importance of hard work and opportunities and future.
determination. They encouraged
us to maintain determination in It was a once in a life time
our own journeys. chance that we will all
remember for the rest of our
During the conference, students lives.
were given the opportunity to
ask questions, varying from Martha Sarumpaet
specific political questions to 9 Gold



Congratulations to Year 4 students from Holy Family
Primary School on receiving their First Holy Communion.

Students from Year 7 wrote cards for the Year 4 students and on Monday 19 June, the College Captain,
Sinead Coulter, Vice Captain Tamara Ryan, Year 11 Faith & Mission Captain Tiana Chandraratne and
a group of Year 7 students visited Holy Family Primary School with Dr Cotter and Ms Marino to
congratulate the Year 4 students.



Students curate, promote and manage an exhibition
of their own work - Abstract Photography

OPENING 20 JUNE 2017: 1 PM


FROM 20 - 22 JUNE

In line with an emphasis on framing, exhibition design and challenge them.
student centred learning - our marketing. They were also
focus for teaching and learning responsible for designing the This project provided valuable
this year - students coordinated exhibition poster (above). experience and a chance to
an exhibition of their own abstract prepare for the future, including
photography in the last week of I acted as the Exhibition Director the annual Art, Design and
term. and oversaw these roles but Technology Exhibition which will
tried not to intervene and risk be held on Thursday 14 September.
We began this task the week diminishing the student's learning
before exams and only had 1-2 and independence. In Unit 3 and 4 students make
lessons to prepare. their own work, not directed by
In light of 21st Century learning, the teacher at all, and then have
Students organised themselves as teachers, we need to provide to install their own artwork for the
into groups and were assigned opportunities for students to exhibition in the Gathering Space.
duties based on art industry roles problem solve and take on
including curating, conservation, responsibilities that extend and Ms Jolenta Kirkwood
Arts Curriculum Leader



Interactive STEM Learning and Mentoring

Avila College welcomed Grade 4 students from Good Shepherd Parish School to work with Year 8
students who encouraged learning in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Through a series of experiments
we established that fidget
spinners need an even amount
of weight on each side and the
correct bearing to spin for the
longest amount of time.

For the last few weeks students in Our next task will be to write the Thanks to my group members
Year 8 have been involved in the practical report that will detail Sheethal Ajithkumar and Sarah
STEM-4-all project. the findings from the different Burrows who have made this
experiments that we have such a fun experience, and
This program involves groups of undertaken. thank you to all the teachers for
Year 8 students from Avila working all their work and contributions
with Grade 4 primary students My group has enjoyed working along the way.
from four different Catholic with the Grade 4 students from
Primary Schools. Good Shepherd Parish School Monica Fazzino
and we hope they have had a 8 Pink
great time and have discovered
a love for science.

The project aims to educate
primary school students about
how to conduct experiments
using scientific methods of

It also aims to provide opportunities
for Year 8 students to consolidate
learning by acting as teacher/
mentor and improve, thinking and
communication skills.

My group has been looking at the
science behind fidget spinners by
testing how fidget spinners work.



Fun and Games in the Library

The week beginning May 22nd was ALIA Week (Australian Library & Information Association)
so the library decided to get involved. Every lunchtime during the week, the library was
a bustling hive of activity.

This year’s theme was ‘Celebrate’ Crowe, 8 Purple and the winner was
and we sure did! Each day the Lauren Fitzgerald, 7 Blue.
library was packed with students
participating in a range of activities There were also other competitions
whilst music played and lollies running during the week such as
were shared. It was a very busy and ‘Book in a Bottle’ won by Corina
active atmosphere. Pascoe, 7 Green and ‘Name the
Library Magpies’ where now, thanks
There was a huge number of entries to Angelica Nimmervoll, 9 Purple,
for the ‘20 Question Library Quiz’ they will be known as Fidget and
and ‘Where’s Dr. Cotter?’ which Spinner.
seemed not to be difficult enough!
The winners of these competitions Girls really got involved and
were Mia Silich, 12 Blue and Rocio participated in everything on offer;
Ravanal, 7 Purple. it really was a fun week.

Each day, tables were set up with Thanks to the whole library team
games like Connect 4, Guess Who?, for preparing so well and to the
Jenga, Uno and other card games. Book Club girls for helping to run
Twister was a big hit every day! activities.

‘The Great Uno Competition’ was Mrs Dianne O’Neill
also a success, runner-up was Lucy Head of Library




+ Reminders

Debating News

The Internal Competition for Year
7 and 8 debating is underway.
The girls did a fine job in their
first ever formal debate at Year 7
and the start of a new season at
Year 8.

Congratulations to the Best

Kaysha Somoaia, Lynn Ng,
Milagros Vargas, Ruth Edwards,
Matilda Baumann, Natarsha
Scavello and Neha Cherayath.

Students vs Teachers Year 8 Public Speaking
Basketball Game
Year 8 students enjoyed a
It was a tightly contested match fabulous array of speeches for
between students and teachers the annual Public Speaking
on the basketball court as both Competition. Congratulations to
sides competed for the 2017 title. Amelia Pawsey for her winning
speech on Julie Andrews,
Amidst roars from the crowd and inspiration and creativity.
some spectacular jumps and
dives, the Teachers' team claimed Cross Country Competition
victory by only a few points. Well
done to all involved and the The Avila Cross Country team
fantastic teamwork displayed on braved the elements to compete
the court! in the SCSA competition in
Fairfield. #goavila
Catch Up Corner

Did you know that the Catch Up
Corner runs every lunchtime?

Anyone who would like a little
assistance with Mathematics can
come to the Year 8 corridor where
a teacher is always available.

All students can attend and take
advantage of a little extra maths


Robots + Virtual Reality at Avila Legacy Junior Public
It has been a technology rich week at Avila as Year 11 Speaking Award
Physics students learnt about robotics in action, and
Year 9 students delved into 3D experiences through On Tuesday 6 June, four students from
their Virtual Reality headsets. Years 8 and 9 competed in the Regional
Final of the Legacy Junior Public Speaking
Mazenod-Avila Production of Mary Poppins Competition.
Have you booked your ticket yet?
Seats are now available for this year's musical The event consisted of a five minute
production of family favourite Mary Poppins. prepared speech and a slightly harder two
minute impromptu speech.
Shows will be held at the Besen Centre:
• Wednesday 19th of July at 7pm Weeks of preparation was put to the test
• Thursday 20th of July at 7pm as we delivered our prepared speeches
• Friday 21st of July at 7pm after quickly miming our speeches to
reinforce our confidence! All four speeches
• Saturday 22nd of July at 2pm were delivered with a strong message and
Don't miss out!
We then were served lunch which gave us
Family Accounts Update - BPay the opportunity to meet new people and
We have recently changed to a new billing and catch up with those we’ve met from previous
database system and wish to confirm that whilst competitions.
your Family Account Code has changed, your BPay
Reference number will remain the same. Nerves were brewing in the room as the time
Please Note: When making future BPay payments, for the impromptu speech drew closer. All
please refer to the BPay section on the bottom 12 competitors sat in a board room as one
of your statement of account for BPay payment by one we were given the impromptu topic:
details. “The Garage Sale”.

It was interesting to see how some people
explored the deeper implications of
the phrase, whereas others looked at it
humorously and delivered a speech that was
fun to watch.

Congratulations go to Alicia Roy for finishing
as the winner; progressing to the Preliminary
Final in September.

Good luck Alicia!

Emma Johnston
Year 8



Yr 7 Studley Park & Southbank Field Trip


Yr 8 French - NGV - Vincent Van Gough Exhibition




Open Days and Future Directions

Ms Jenny Dunn Have you organised your diary yet? Careers Newsletter
Have you entered the Open Days you
Pathways Co-ordinator hope to visit on the family calendar? Items in the current Careers
[email protected] Newsletter include:
Open Days 2017
Mrs Geraldine McKenna The Foundation for Young Australians • Dates to Diarise in Term 3
(FYA) has published the following
Careers advice on: • Bachelor of Business
[email protected] How To Talk To Young People About Administration at Monash
The Future Of Work University
The rapidly evolving future of work
can be a daunting subject for young • Study Abroad & Exchange
people. Here are a few tips on how to Programs at Victorian Universities
talk about some of the changes and
what to expect.. • CAVAL Libraries
Please go to the link below to read
the full document. • Adelaide Approved at the University of Adelaide
• Career Ready Advantage Program
at La Trobe University

• NYU Abu Dhabi

• The University of Melbourne -
Quick Facts

• Career as a Civil Engineer

• Career in Electrical Engineering

All Careers Newsletters are available
on the Careers Guidance tab on

See you in the Careers Hub,

Jenny Dunn
Pathways Coordinator

Geraldine McKenna
Careers Counsellor


Inspiring today for tomorrow

Twilight Tours

Thursday 22 June

Meet the Principal
and tour the Avila campus
Limited places available for small
information sessions and tours.

Register online at
or call 9831 9600 for more details.

Discover, explore and be inspired by
an Avila College education for girls.


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